'The Bachelor' episode 8: Home is where the aneurysm hook is

Well, hometown date week is behind us, rose-lovers, and I don’t know about you, but I learned waaaaaaay more about the embalming process than I needed to know. The only thing more frightening about the episode were the hideous dresses the final four “ladies” wore during the rose ceremony. Seriously, ugliest frocks ever? I think so. No spoilers here (click over my full Bachelor episode 8 recap for that), though I will say I was surprised about who went home. How about you? Also surprising: the size of Chantal’s parents house. Or should I say, their compound. I’m pretty sure that place has its own zip code. So, Bachelor fans, what did you think about tonight’s episode? Gird your loins, folks, because we’re just one week away from the Fantasy Suite!

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  • Trish

    Wow Kristen I know you have been back for a while but I will still miss you and Slezak on Idolatry. Now about those dresses or frocks as you called them, they were kinda ugly, especially Chantel’s. Made her body look fat. Out of the 4 I like Shawntel’s the most. I knew she was also the one going home. Not reading any spoiler sites so I am going off that who in their right mind would do that to a man on a date as she did with Brad? I mean, um I mean really??? He told her he didn’t do good with death yet she had him lay on an embalming table? That chick is way too much into her job. Ugggggggggggh.

    • J

      I’m sure it was the producers’ idea to spend a whole day at the funeral home. I thought it was pretty cool. It takes a special kind of person to do that job.

      • Heidi

        She could not read him when he was answering her questions. He was so uncomfortable and even told her that – and even when he was getting on the table he was hoping she’d just kiss him but then she put the mask on and the tools…

        Then, the awkwardness of the at home visit put the (sorry, I know, its a pun) nail in the coffin for Brad. Her dad was devastated at this willingness for her to leave town. She didn’t even seem to notice!

      • linda

        i thought it was pretty interesting

    • etm

      Chantel looked horrible at the Rose Ceremomy.

      • etm

        LOL… ceremony.

      • linda

        agree.. her hair was terrible and she looked really fat in that dress

      • Takeo

        That’s exactly right — I was way to close to it! In fact, my best frined had read an early version of the manuscript, and she made many of the same suggestions that the paid editor later made. But I wasn’t ready at that point to make such dramatic changes to the book.

  • Energysuck

    Obviously Brad is a gold digger if he goes for Chantal !! He was blinded by that gorgeous home in Washington!! So was I!!!

    • OB

      Yup, I was mesmerized by that house too! But I actually think that they have great chemistry. Brad is being irrational about Chantal’s emotions. She’s 10 years younger than him!! If he wanted someone mature he should have gotten a pool of 30+ women!!!!

    • Elle

      I LOVE Chantal O. (I love (daddy) Mike O, too.) She is real and beautiful. Her dress did make her look a bit “big.” Still, I am rooting for her. Chawntal should have never done the “funeral” deal. There would have been more time for that. Brad is trying to get to know the women right now. He will get it right.

    • linda

      Brad has his own “gold” why would he dig for Chantals!!

  • Lola

    That’s what you get when step-daddy is a retired Seahawk who now owns multiple luxury car dealerships.

    • Elle

      Brad can do very well with him as a dad. (in law)

  • Meg

    I haven’t watched the episode yet (yay midterms?), but were there any Six Feet Under references? That’s all I can think when I watch now.

    • sterfonstuff

      Not that I saw. The Bachelor is not really into subtlety.

  • dally

    Think about the final 4 as if you had never seen Brad with them: You have Shawntel who is supposed to take over her family business, Ashley who is in dental school and needs to finish, Emily who lives with her daughter near said daughters grandparents and Chantel who works for her father, but can easily move anywhere (provided her fiance is not alergic to pets). Hmmmmm.

  • LOL

    People actually watch this garbage?

    • Moo

      Yes, we sure do!

      • sara

        I do too!!!!

    • DUH

      And, yet, here you are.

      • WTF

        What does that mean?

      • Mellissa

        I will use small words, as you seem to prefer only letters to convey your meaning, WTF. LOL commented on the fact that people watched “this garbage” (meaning, I assume the Bachelor), and DUH pointed out that LOL was here commenting on it. It’s called irony. As in, viewers of the Bachelor wast time watching “garbage,” yet LOL has so little of a life that the only thing it can do is comment here about said viewers.

    • Mellissa

      You’re a little late this week, Laughingstock. Perhaps because the show was not done airing where you live?

      • Mellissa

        And by “Laughingstock” I meant LOL, however my comment showed up way the heck down here.

      • Watson

        Good gawd. You spent all that energy answering previous posts? Who cares if they don’t like the show? You sounds like a boxed wine and cats girl.

      • Mellissa

        I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that typing three sentences took so much energy. And, no, I prefer my wine out of a bottle. The kind that you clearly can not afford.

      • Mellissa

        By the way, typing that response took less than a minute.

    • Elle

      YES, we do.

    • sam

      Brad could be in therapy the rest of his life and still not have the social skills to interact on a long term basis with anyone. He’s very rigid and phony. Did anyone catch the undertaker tone in his voice when he said to the kid. “You don’t like me if I were you I wouldn’t like me either” Brad’s missing a few integral parts in the emotions department. He may propose because he has too after what he did the last time…but it will NEVER last. I thought the end of his date with Emily was far creepier than the embalming table. Actually he looked right at home in the funeral home.!!!

      • Dotty

        I read it and loved it. So many writers won’t suimbt to the kind of good editing it sounds like you got. And we all need it. I write and edit for a magazine, but I can’t edit my own stuff. I’m too close to it.

  • squirk

    Kristen, you had issues with the embalming process? Huh? Do you never watch Nova or Frontline? Or Twilight? The Cullens drain people’s fluids, too. Seriously, it’s all okay.

  • Jaxon

    Well who went home? I fell asleep ten minutes before it was over!!!

    • sterfonstuff

      Shawntel the funeral director. She was sad because she thought that Brad himself was the one who set up the dates. So obviously, she’s dumb but young (I hope).

    • Katie

      Shawntel N. went home

  • angela

    I don’t like Chantal as much as I used to after this episode – (her mom looks like a Real Housewife and that house was ridiculous!), and I like Ashley more than before. I think Emily is his best match but wonder why we didn’t see any other family or friends, just her daughter.

    • Sunsetsnow81

      I feel that way too. Ashley improved and Chantal went down a little. I think this is because Chantal’s whiny behavior now comes across as spoiled and her family felt a little fake. Ashley, and her family, came across as genuine.

  • M~

    Michael Slezak is on TVLine! Online

  • Radzinsky

    I don’t watch this show, but I had to comment when I saw the most horrifying picture of a plastic doll on the front page. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIS FACE?!

    • Brock

      You think his face is bad radzinsky? You should see the freak try to interact with a woman! It’s painful and embarrassing…yet I can’t get enough of this garbage…

      • linda

        freak???? sounds like you’re a jelous man Brock

    • linda

      nothing!! he is perfect!! and oh what a gentleman!!

      • Bella

        I am not jealous (and a woman) and I think Brad resembles a bird.

  • Oh No

    It’s going to be the blonde mom. Final two will be the blonde mom and the Maine dentist girl (how about the serious tattooage on her sister? yikes), and my bet is on the blonde mom. She’s the only one who got a parting kiss (I think?), and she worked it to get that kiss, too. She even said she was not letting him leave without it. Knew the mortician girl was going — agree w/the poster who said that she completely was NOT reading him during the family visit. And was appalled that her father has essentially dictated her life for her! She’s 25 (+/-)! Maybe she DOESN’T want to go into the family mortician business, Dad! Maybe she wants to parlay those skills into a career as a makeup artist! (Hmmm..sitcom idea…By day, she’s a Hollywood makeup artist, by night, a mortician in her family business: title: “Dead Pretty”) Also, yes: re: ugly dresses.

    • Setu

      Dear Brad:I went to the Glema Mahr to view the art entries last week and the doors were lkoced at 1:10 that day. No one outside knew why the doors were not open and when I returned home, I tried to contact the Glema Mahr but never got a response. I called, left a message and I also e-mailed a Lynn Curtis but never got a reply. What hours are you open? I thought the hours were from 9 to 4.Thanks, Lynn M. SmithDixon, Ky.

  • Mya

    Chantel must have ate like a doggone pig while Brad was visiting the hometowns of the other ladies because she blew up like a big red balloon between the time he left her home and the time of the rose ceremony. And having her hair pulled up in that tight bun added to the unflattering picture. I think she’s definitely ate her way out of the finale. And Kristen I have to disagree with you on the little blue number Emily was wearing. She worked that one strap ruffled piece to the max!!! Besides, it seemed to put a twinkle in Brad’s eye when she walked up to receive her rose.

    • mostboringseasonever

      She sure does look like she’s been eating and drinking non-stop, doesn’t it?

  • Mya

    And I felt bad for Shawntel when she said it was the first time a man had treated her like a princess. So sad.

    • Elle

      I agree. She is such a beauty and looked so sad.

  • Farrah

    I felt bad when she said that, too. I feel bad for these women but they knew what they were getting into before they came on the show. I knew Shawntel would be the one to go as soon as Brad said he didn’t like death and didn’t know if he could be with someone who would have to talk about it frequently since it was her job. I completely understand where he’s coming from. Brad is looking forward to a bright future, talking about anything relating to death is naturally depressing. Chantel’s house was ridiculous. I agree, it was so big, it could have it’s own zip code. I like how down to earth she is despite her family’s success. I like Chantel, she and Brad have great chemistry and she seems like a nice girl. I can’t hate her for being emotional, she’s in love with a man who she has to share with other women. It sucks. However, when Chantel and Brad were alone and away from all the drama, she seemed more relaxed. That shows me she isn’t an emotional trainwreak all the time. The whole process of The Bachelor does get to you. I just hope she doesn’t fall apart when Brad picks Emily. Yep, I think Brad is head over heels in love with her. It’s clear as day. He’s totally different around her then he is with the other women. Today, at the door, when he didn’t want to kiss Emily because her daughter was upstairs, I thought that was ONE of the reasons he didn’t want to kiss her. The other one was, he knew he couldn’t stop. If you look at the scene again, he actually had to hold back. And then, later when he spoke of the kiss, at that point, after cheering for Chantel, I stopped. I knew there was no point, Brad was going to pick Emily. You’d have to be blind not to see he’s deeply in love with her. If he doesn’t get down on his knees and prosposes to Emily, I’d be shocked.

    • hillchics

      Then get ready to be shocked Farrah! You really think he’d propose to someone he can’t even kiss?!? It’ll be nice to see her all dolled up as the next Bachelorette!!

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