This Week's Cover: The new 'Superman' speaks! An exclusive interview with Henry Cavill. PLUS: Previewing Hollywood's new crop of superhero franchises

feb252011_1143For fans of superhero movies, the next two years could bring the biggest and broadest array of films the genre has ever produced — and hopefully the very best, as well. Call it The Spandex Singularity — an unprecedented concentration of super-star superhero properties, resulting from the intensifying geek takeover of pop culture. This year gives Fox’s X-Men: First Class, a reboot (in prequel form) of the franchise that helped launch the modern era of superhero cinema back in 2000. Then come three new properties that will try to expand the category’s horizons: Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, both from Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures, and Warner Bros.’ Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds. Next year: The heavyweights. The Wolverine. The Amazing Spider-Man. The Avengers. The Dark Knight Rises. And then, capping the year, an as-yet-untitled movie that will try to restore the king of all the superheroes to his pop glory: Superman.

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly previews the onslaught of box office super-friends about to descend upon us — and it also brings you the first interview with British actor Henry Cavill (The Tudors) since director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) and producer Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) tapped him to become Hollywood’s newest Man of Steel. Among the topics of discussion: Cavill’s audition, which included shooting a screen test wearing a replica of Christopher Reeve’s once impressive, now dated Superman suit. “If you can put on that suit and pull it off,” says Snyder, ‘that’s an awesome achievement.” Cavill was feeling less than super in the moment, at least about his ability to fill out the costume: He had just finished shooting a film with Bruce Willis called The Cold Light Of Day, and the part required to him to shed the impressive abs of steel and muscle tone he had put on for the movie he made right before that, the forthcoming mythic fantasy Immortals. As an assistant helped to him put on the Super-suit, Cavill recalls: “All I could think was: Oh, god. They’re going to look at me and go ‘He’s not Superman. Not a chance.’ The actor inside me was going: You’re not ready! You’re not ready!” Snyder saw something — or rather someone — different. “He walked out, and no one laughed,” says the director. “Other actors put that suit on, and it’s a joke, even if they’re great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go ‘Wow.’ Okay: This was Superman.’”

You can find out more about the new Superman movie and its star — and get scoop on the slew of upcoming superhero movies — in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on sale now.

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  • harry


    • Floopa Bambers

      He’s too old.

      • JenH

        I hope you’re not saying that at 27, Henry Cavill is too old for the role!
        Yeesh. I must be an old-timer since I’m 28.

      • bob

        He’s only 27

      • dntbstpd1

        you are a dumba$$

      • lefty

        He honestly does look way too old in that picture…ew it doesn’t look like the Henry I know.

      • Mr. Underhill

        He’s too HOFF!!!

      • Charles

        @Floopa Bambers; How is 27 years old being too old? I guess you want a Superman 12 years old to play the part?

        Please take a time out and go sit in a corner.

      • jk

        Cavil is the Sh!t! Maybe a touch short, but he’ll do.

      • Cindy

        Wow the new Superman is hot.

      • nelly

        Brandon looked more manly. This one looks like he is always about to cry.

      • Kt

        Well at least definitely an improvement from the last Superman. I can’t remember his name.

      • rj

        He looks like a sensitive pusssy. Bad choice..

      • Betsy

        Not old enough. It should have been Jon Hamm.

      • Cassie

        He’s great in the Tudors. He’s awesome!

      • Lee

        I hope this movie is all action top to bottom. Please, no more romantic crap that we’ve seen over and over in a Superman movie.

      • Jane

        I don’t think 27 is too old, but that photo makes him look like he’s 40, and that’s too old.

      • Liz Lemon

        He’s younger than Tom Welling who plays Superman on Smallville. He’s not too old.
        What he is…is SEXY. Dayum!

      • KAT

        In case u did not know he`s only 27 !! what are u 12 ?? Maybe he looks a bit older because of the weight he lost recently ..but he`s in perfect age to do whatever he likes!

      • Le HIROSHI

        (@ Floopa Bambers, I don’t think he’s too old.)

        – –

        Thanks Jeff, for the up. If I’m not mistaken, EW usually arrived in Asia a few days or more following the US release date; so, I’ll check it out on Monday (Asia Pacific time; I’m in your future.)

        – –

        As for CAVILL, he looks relatively “skinny” here; the idea of SUPERMAN to me is someone MORE MUSCULAR with the European handsome, classic and more or less Anglo-Saxon look a la the late CHRISTOPHER REEVE; so, doubts remain. By the way, Cavill looks a bit Indo-European to me (I’m not dissin’ any Indo-Europeans.).

      • JDub

        Of course you’d think 27 it too old… when you’re only ten yourself.

      • penang

        Hmmmm, I love what I’m seeing with this cover!

      • Tim

        Too old?! Something tells me you’d prefer “Beiberman!”

        Cavill is an excellent actor, brilliant in Tudors. I hope it does well for him.

      • Hayley Morris

        Anyone who has read the proper superman comic or been watching smallville knows that caville is Not Too Old. Clark is not a prepubescent teen or a 20 something. Besides if super has to stop ageing somewhere, why not in his 30s. I think caville will do nicely.
        I love brandon routh, however, the film they did last time was more like a rehash of the plot of the first film, which made it silly.

      • ric

        It’s “superman” not superboy..grow up.

      • BurcuT

        r u serious? 27 is not too old. actually he is so young…

      • RAGGEDT

        I maybe wrong, but I think Floopa is being tongue-in-cheek. During the early round of casting, Jon Hamm’s name was floated and some unnamed studio exec said, “too old.” So, the “too old” line has become something of a joke with respect to Superman casting. Anyway, I HOPE that’s what Floopa was talking about!

      • lee

        No. He is not too old. He just looks like a MAN sweetie. The Taylor Lautners, and R Patts of the world please take notice. This is what a MAN looks like.

      • elle

        Well it’s called SuperMAN, not SuperBOY! Geez, this man is fire!!! I think I just wet my panties.

      • Rita

        This guy is weird looking and scrawny. Jimmy Olsen material maybe.

      • Rita

        This guy is weird looking and scrawny. Jimmy Olsen material, maybe.

      • Leila

        Yum, the new Superman is hottt!!

      • EricLr

        I can’t wait for this new emo Superman. I just pray they cast a really angsty Lois for him to brood over. Wouldn’t hurt if they showed him cutting himself, and crying, too.

    • Brandon Routh IS Superman


      Brandon Routh IS Superman in my book, he did a wonderful job and the movie going public is not so dumb to realize that the same actor could be used in a different storyline/universe. This guy does not look like Superman at all, epic fail

      • Cris

        Only if you like your Superman awful.

      • Le HIROSHI

        @Brandon Routh IS Superman,

        – –

        As Superman, BRANDON fails to impress me in ACTING department, with that being his fault OR not. . . But he’s SURE got the look (more or less) – so, you’re not alone in this department.

      • brandon routh is NOT superman

        Brandon Routh was as Chris Reeve doppleganger. that’s why he got the part. he was never Super(man). he did not have the presence nor the aura of Superman.

      • Rashiid Amul

        Brandon Routh was awesome. There isn’t any need to change him out.

      • sugee

        Brandon does not look like Superman. The casting director decided to pick someone who looked like Christopher Reeve, who in my opinion doesn’t really look like Superman anyway. Besides looks, Brandon Routh is a horrible actor. He made Superman look like he was constipated and one-dimensional throughout the entire movie. I think they made the right choice with Henry Cavill.

      • kyhillbilly

        I agree with those who wanted Brandon Routh. He looks like the Superman out of the comics and since I am 62 and loved those comics, I ought to know. Brandon did a great job and the last thing I want is another slam bam movie from beginning to end!

      • Yoyo

        Brandon Routh is a bad actor unfortunately. He’s a soap actor. There’s a reason why no one wants to hire him. No one even remembers him after the movie. That really says a lot.

      • Many

        I love Brandon, couldn’t agree more. I have no desire to watch this superman with this sissy looking man in it.

      • viggolover1

        I agree with you…I thought Brandon did a great job. He look the part. It wasn’t his fault that the script was not good enough. They should had kept him. Now we have most of our super heroes play by British actors.

      • Jane

        Brandon who? Is that the guy in Smallville? That’s a TV show for crying out loud. I believe this is a movie, so obviously they need a new one.

      • Lana

        @Yoyo – so was Chris Reeve.

      • har

        Please. Insulting Brandon to praise Cavill, is like insulting oatmeal to praise white bread.

      • patch101

        I agree with you. I actually didn’t like SR at first but the more you watch it the better it gets. Oh well, guess we gotta get used to this guy.

      • zzz

        Brandon Routh did well in the Scott Pilgrim.. right build and age, good acting in that one. Pretty bad in SR.. since was too young in that one (the movie was more than 5yrs ago)

      • daryl

        Brandon Ruth sucked, that movie sucked, terrible acting, very stiff, no character, many of the scenes were computer animated, so terribly fake looking. Ruth just made the movie worse. He only got the part case cause his appearance is a shadow of Christopher Reeve.

    • pickle t1ts

      He has the looks, lets hope he has that extra thing that will take him past the lackluster supermen since Christopher Reeve.

    • rj

      He looks like a sensitive pusssy. Bad choice.

      • wino

        lol, what makes him look “sensitive”? his longer hair? or his handsome face? do tell. puhleeze, for those who have seen Hentry in the Tudors, trust me, the guy has the IT quality needed for this role.

      • Victor

        So Superman is supposed to look like an insensitive boor?

      • Liz Lemon

        Clearly you’ve never see him act.

      • Argie

        That’s yummy. I’d tap that.

      • yep

        Face of a sensitive pusssy. Yep.

    • Elias

      He’s so hot and gorgeous!


        He’s hot is so gorgeous. Please learn how to write!

      • Oz

        He looks like a Gorgon is what she is trying to say. Learn how to read!


        Comment stands.
        Advantage=THE BEST COMMENTOR

      • alejandra

        Anybody besides robert pattison is cute to me.

      • Pene

        Wow, what a beauty. sign

    • DD

      He’s got an awesome look. He’s the guy in the Dunhill commercials.

      • KAT

        yup !! don`t u think he looked better back then with a little more weight on ?? Hope he`s gonna get more beef for the part cuz superman in the comics are more or less like the ROCK was when he was wrestling !!

      • willros

        No way, he looks weird!

    • appropriate

      So Cavill is the new Wonder Woman then?

      • Jane


      • Mr. Underhill


      • Alina

        No, that’s Adrianne Palicki. Superman and Wonder Woman should actually go and make us some babies that will have the superpower to erase stupid comments.

      • Le HIROSHI


        – –

        Thanks for making my day.

      • Dean

        Perfect comment. Exactly. First these idiots want to laud him for looking sensitive, then they get mad when someone points it out. Bad casting choice.

      • KalebScott

        Lmfao clutching my stomach. It should have been obvious one brit running the show would defile our flag.

    • PK

      I’m so psyched that Henry Cavill is the next Superman. Looking back on his work in The Tudors, he totally had that aura about him. Calm but powerful. Can’t wait!!

    • Natalie

      Is this his “I’m about to piss my pants” look?

      • Brett

        That would be Batman if Kevin Smith was writing the script.


      Levi Johnston, making it to the big time!!! Nice my brother!

      • Ray


    • Franchise is Dead Already

      Never heard of him. He’s not a pure Republican American. Therefore, this will fail horribly. Maybe they can stave off the release until after the criminal One-Termer is imprisoned for his crimes against America.

      • Alina

        Yeah, he might not be able to pull out the fighting for the American way line with a straight face. A lot of liberals couldn’t, so why should a British miss the irony?

      • Anglophile

        What’s the obsession with the Brits? How about an American in the red and blue?

      • nyphy

        Because Brits have more appeal than the americans

      • jo

        He’s not supposed to be American, moron. He’s from Krypton. How dare they not get someone from Krypton!!!!!

      • del

        @jo LOL!

      • bob testino

        thats cause hes british.

      • Smallville_fan

        If they’re going to cast a Bloody British to play Clark Kent, then maybe they should get a Russian to play Lex Luther! This new guy cheeks are sucked in like a vampire. When I first saw Henry Cavill’s picture on the cover of EW, I immediately thought of the Twilight movie and that this must be an ad for the upcoming movie. This is a Superman movie not a Twilight suquel. This guy is smaller and weaker looking than Tom Welling from Smallville. Superman was a superhero invented for Americans during WWII. After following Smallville since it inception, I learned a whole lot about Clark Kent and Superman in general. First, Clark was raised by mid-western Americans, not brits. Second, Smallville and its creators have gotten a stamp of approval from “Terrence Stamp”, from the Superman movies, and from “Superman” himself, Christopher Reeves. Third, the people that cast at Smallville knows a thing or two about casting. Smallville has stood the test of time and two of the shows former stars have went on to star in their own shows, Supernatural and Being Human. And now, the star of Smallville for ten years, Tom Welling, aka Smallville and aka Clark Kent, has been overlooked for the second time. NOBODY is mored qualified than he is for the role of SUPERMAN, after all, he is SUPERMAN to very large following of Smallville and Superman fans. Everyone knows Tom Welling as Clark Kent, aka The (Red-Blue) Blur. He has paid his dues, layed the ground work for the recent and future Superman movies. To not cast him for the new Superman movies is a slap in the face to all Smallville and Superman fans. Tallyho!

    • me, Baby, ME

      I swear I thought that was Bill Hader when I first glanced at the cover.

    • M


      • that



    • Nerdist

      Yeah, I loved Brandon Routh but I’m excited for this! He looks very Superman-y! Can’t wait!

    • Charles

      Timothy Olyphant would make a good Superman or Boris Kojoe.

      They both are masculine and attractive in shape men that could play the role of Superman. Although, I don’t think society is ready for a black man to be Superman because the white media have us all portrayed daily on the evening news as thugs and “savages”/

      • John

        They already made a black Superman-like movie with Shaq. It was called Steel and it was horrible…I suppose Bizzaro Superman could be black…

      • Abigail

        Superman is white…the creator made him that way in the comics!

    • alejandra

      What about Neo from the Matrix?

    • Clark Kent

      Lois Lane – Katee Sackoff
      Lex Luthor – Jason Statham
      Perry White – Gene Hackman
      Jimmy Olson – Penn Badgley

    • chris

      He’s so MEH!

      • meh

        My thoughts exactly.

    • Red Kim

      NO to Shrimpy Brit Superman!
      What a disatah.

      • Liza

        whad’ya think now???

    • rinto

      Henry Calvin will be cool for Batman role. But he doesn’t look like Superman at all.


    I think Adrianne Palicki is ideal for the role. She was a beth of fresh air on the show Par Le Soir Vendredi la Lumière. My daughter really looks up to her!

  • therealeverton

    Look I really do get the fact that he’s been around forever and all that but Superman is not the King of all super heroes and hasn’t been for decades, with the odd exception of a month here or there.

    Bah and Humbug!

    • Michael Sacal

      Superman’s problem is that DC allowed the fanboys turned writers to have their way with him like he was a two-bit hooker.

      They’ve been raping him left and right with their nostalgia.

      You have the writers who can’t let go of the 60s and the writers who can’t let go of the 70s, both of whom have a hard-on for the Silver Age and Bronze Age and a grudge against the 80s and 90s.

      Instead of hiring writers who care for the character and the concept, they hire writers who are beholden to specific eras, and, as a result of that, Superman is now a 35 year old man who wears clothes that 12 year old children wore on Krypton.

      He may be Super but he’s hardly a man anymore.

      • therealeverton

        Yeah there’s been a far too much retcon and reinvention etc ith the character, that ironically has never paid enough attention to the actual character and what he needs to be interesting as a person and what informs him as a hero.

        If they need to start over then just do a Marvel (DC & Marvel have ripped each other off / paid homage to each other endlessly) and have Ultimate Superman start from day one; then you can have the “classic” Superman do what eveer it was that made him popular for a time.

      • Michael Sacal


        Bendis and Quesada compared Ultimate Spider-Man to John Byrne’s Man of Steel so, if anything, it is the Ultimate line that “homages” the Man of Steel reboot.

      • therealeverton

        Yeah, but that themeaticaly, and Byrne did an amazing job trying to make Superman relevent again.

        But I mean actually make a new line, completely seperate from the DC Universe like Marvel’s Ultimate series.

      • Michael Sacal


        DC is doing that in a series of hardcovers called “Earth One”. They released the first one a couple of months ago.

        It’s fairly similar to Man of Steel but it’s also beholden to certain outdated aspects of the 60s.

      • therealeverton

        @ Michael Sacal

        You see, I’m so powerfull Dc sent their writers back in time to implement my idea!

      • Trisha

        What is wrong with Cavill’s nose? I hope that is bad lighting.

      • Ron

        How is a cuddy jacket and wadded up T-shirt supposed to tell me anything about how he’ll look as Superman? FAIL.

      • Bheki Latha

        One of the best and most intelligent and informed opinions I’ve heard anyone say about Superman (or anything – especially among these comments) in a LONG time. I absolutely feel the same way. If I could give you a medal or build a statue honoring you right now, Mr Sacal, I would.

    • Leithen

      Interesting that that’s the bone you pick with the article.

      I’d say as far as iconic status goes, then yes, he is. If you’re talking about sales, that’s a different conversation. Wolverine and the X-Men are probably on top of the sales heap for the last couple of decades, but as far as being iconic, if you’re going Marvel, then you have to go with Spider-Man or Captain America, neither of which I think rise to the level of Batman or Superman in the American zeitgeist.

      Who’d be your choice?

      • therealeverton

        Iconic American super heroes. The top 3 would have to be Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. Hulk was up there in the 20th, as far as instantly recognisable to a significant number of people around the world, but he’s slipped back a bit; ditto wonder Woman. Captain America isn’t at the level of the big 3, I don’t think even in America, let alone anywhere else.

        Sales are up and down but over the course of a few decades Sider-Man and Batman have the edge over Superman. The X-men comic books were the kings of the 80s and 90s, often taking up most of the to 10 places in monthly sales charts, but neither that nor the popularity of the 1990s cartoon translated into any kind of wider public recognition, as the relatively low key and low budget X-Men showed.

        People will recognise the characters or their iconic symbols, SPider’s mask, The big S or Batman’s chest graphic. But the level of success and interest in the Spider-Man movies compared to the Superman movies and even the Batman films shows that it is Spider-Man who is the globall champ. With 6 Bat films, 5 Superman films and 3 Spider-Man movies it’s SPider-Man who comes out on top (even adjusted). Whilst The Dark Knight and Superman I both make it into the top 5 there’s a long way between the gross f the “lowest” grosssing Spidey flick(Spider-Man 2)and the 2nd best Superman and Batman movies.

    • Ron

      I agree Cavill’s expression is odd, but it may be the pursed lips.

  • Michael Sacal

    I see Superman, but I don’t see the mild mannered Clark Kent, which is a GREAT thing.

    I’m really hoping that they won’t make him act like a retard and will allow Clark to be the real person and not a mask.

    • therealeverton

      That’s one of the reasons that Superman is such a boring character. Too much of his existence, his powers etc are un-relatable / believable; and I mean within the context of his fiction. That nobody gets that Clark is Superman is laughable, but you accept it only when Clark acts in such a way that you suspend disbelief; you believe that he makes himself so physically and viscerally un-Superman like that people buy it, and we buy it. Only Christopher Reeve ever pulled it off and it doesn’t work if Clark acts anything like Superman.

      One of the few interesting points about Superman is the “Clark is a disguise”; Clark is his Spidey Suit, his mask.

      • Michael Sacal

        Clark is only a disguise when Superman comes before Clark, and that only happens in the 1960s when Kal-El flies out of the ship and the first thing the Kents do is dress him as Superbaby and then he dresses as Superboy, and, finally, becomes Superman.

        Clark is the man that the Kents raised, and without Clark there can’t be a Superman. It is Clark who makes the decision to wear a spandex suit with a bright symbol and long cape, it’s not Superman who decides to wear a pair of glasses and act like a Stooge.

        Jor-El didn’t sent Kal-El to Earth to become Christ and save humanity dressed as a brightly-colored superhero, he sent him to Earth for the specific purpose of escaping Krypton’s destruction.

        That’s the concept Siegel and Shuster came up with. Had they wanted Superman to be a Messianic figure they wouldn’t have destroyed the planet, they would have made Jor-El a God-like being that sends his children out into the universe like they were angels to save other civilizations for themselves… but that is not what they did.

        The writers have to be honest to the concept.

        If anyone is a mask, that’s Bruce Wayne. Bruce is the mask that Batman wears to hide himself, while Batman is the man who the boy that saw his parents gunned down in front him grew up to be.

      • A-K87

        I think the whole Clark I’d the mask I’d a theme which is also seen in Nolan’s Batman.

        I don’t hate Superman but I find the character so morally unambiguous that I find it hard to empathise with him. My thoughts are that a modern view of the character will go down the Clark Kent is his disguise route.

      • A-K87

        *** I mean that I think the whole ‘Clark Is The Mask’ theme which is similar to themes seen in Nolan’s Batman is a big part of what makes that series so succesful.

      • sigh

        Well, after thinking at it for awhile, I really don’t like Cavill at all.

      • alejandra

        @ lethain. I’m pretty sure that batman doesn’t beat up his mom. Unless that was smebody else. I forget names.

      • Tha Last Son

        My opinion on the `Clark Kent is a mask`…when he`s:

        Superman – he stands taller, talks deeper, and is more of a leader

        Clark Kent, reporter – slouches, is goofier, stumbling, etc.

        Clark Kent at home – this is the real CK. He`s somewhere in between CK the reporter and Superman.

        That`s how I`ve always looked at it, anyway.

    • Tyler

      Clark Kent IS Superman’s mask. That’s the difference between Superman and all other heroes. Bruce Wayne puts on the suit to become Batman, Peter Parker puts on the tights to become Spiderman. Superman puts on glasses and a tie to become Clark, not the other way around.

      • Michael Sacal

        Batman outs on the Armani to become Bruce.

      • Michael Sacal

        How can Superman be considered real and Clark a mask?

        What’s Superman’s favorite book?

        Clark’s is To Kill A Mockingbird.

        What’s Superman’s favorite movie?

        I think Clark’s is the adaptation of Mockingbird.

        What’s Superman’s favorite food?

        Clark’s is Beef Iforgethowtospellthename.

        “I think, therefore I am”.

        What was Superman’s first thought, the one that made him real?

      • Leithen

        Have you read Batman for the last thirty years? Batman is Bruce Wayne’s personality. The Bruce Wayne most people see is an act. He’s Batman with or without the suit.

      • Clark Kent

        You are right, but there is a difference. Bruce wasn’t born Batman…his identity is a matter of nurture. Superman was born Kal-El…his identity is a matter of nature.

      • Michael Sacal

        @Clark Kent

        Kal-El and Clark Kent are far more real than Superman would be.

        Superman is a suit that Clark puts on to allow Kal-El to be real, the same way that Clark is a pair of glasses that Kal-El puts on to allow Clark to be real.

        One way to look at it is that Superman is the mask that Clark wears to become Kal, and the glasses are the mask Kal wears to become Clark… HOWEVER, this is flawed in that Kal never quite developed as an individual.

        Just like Superman lacks that first thought that makes him real, so does Kal… yet, as I type this, I conceed that the argument could be made that the character is neither Clark NOR Superman, but Kal-El, who was raised by the Kents to think of himself as Clark Kent, who then created the Superman identity.

        Think of it as you would Tarzan being raised by the apes.

        Tarzan was Lord Greystoke, but he grew up thinking of himself as an ape, just like Kal-El was from Krypton and grew up thinking of himself as Clark Kent, a human.

        Just as Tarzan chose FOR Lord Greystoke to turn his back on the civilized world and remain Lord of the Apes, Clark chose FOR Kal-El to turn his back on Krypton and embrace his humanity.

      • Clark Kent

        That is an interesting way to look at it. A trinity of sorts…Superman is hard to pull off b/c it’s far more fantastical. But it has a lot more to work with. Superman can be as dark as you want it to be. But batman can never be hopeful. There is more of human nature to play with in Superman…so I argue it has the potential to be more compelling. It’s all about creating the identity…how you paint the picture.

      • Michael Sacal

        @Clark Kent.

        Batman CAN be hopeful, as we saw in the Adam West TV show and Shumaker’s movies… the problem is that making him hopeful ruins the core of the character.

        Batman is a character of darkness, not light.

        Superman can be both because he was primarily created to be a vigilante that tossed criminals into airplane turbines and off buildings and later become a more heroic character.

      • Clark Kent

        Well that is my point…making batman hopeful ruins batman. There is more to play with in Superman. I think it comes down to the villains and other characters. Movies like this, the lead is the canvas and everyone else is the paint


        Hhmmm. Me thinks I smell Tarantino fanboys in here…smells like,…

      • darth maul

        After seeing how impressive the Marvel actors look, I’m highly disappointing with this pick. He’s supposed to look like Superman for crying out loud! Forget Wolverine, Cyclops could take down this pretender!

      • Michael Sacal


        Not me. Kill Bill got it wrong.

      • Alia

        Gotta say, this little thread is the best use of a comment board I’ve seen in a while. No snarking, no politics, just honest, in-depth discussion. Thanks, y’all. :-)

      • tom late poster

        I’m probably too late to add to this conversation, but in case any one checks in….
        It’s not a matter of who is real and who is the disguise. It’s a matter of heart and soul. Clark’s/Super’s/Kal’s…. reason for existing is to save and protect the innocent and fight and defeat evil. That’s Superman. So his essence is Superman and subsequently that is his identity. His disguise, his cover, is Clark. He wasn’t sent to Earth to sit at a desk and publish articles. His destiny, his journey.. everything leads to him fully embracing his true identity. Superman


      Kal-El is a MYTH!!!!!
      Kal-El is a MYTH!!!!!
      Kal-El is a MYTH!!!!!
      Kal-El is a MYTH!!!!!

      • Bobby

        So is “Immanu-el”

      • Damiana

        @Bobby: ROFLMAO!!!!!

    • Jamie

      Cavill looks like he is going bald up front, but wigs are really good these days. Brendan Fraser has great natural looking wigs and you’d never know he wears one.

    • Bebop

      Joe Manganiello could snap this guy like a twig and Armie Hammer is a much better actor. So, it’s lose-lose all the way around.

    • WTH


    • JDub

      Can all of you be any dorkier? Listen to what you’re saying… about a comic book character? LIghten up and enjoy the flick when it comes out.

  • Jerry

    I hope Henry is fine in the part. I think it’s ironic that The perfect Lois Lane, Anne Hathaway, is now Catwoman.

    • therealeverton

      I doubt they would do it, with Nolan being in charge of both movies, but seeing as Warners are not having Nolan’s Batman and this Superman share the same universe she could get cast as both?

      I think Anna Torv would be an excellent Lois Lane. (Yes I know don’t like Superman but I still hope it’s a good movie. I’m not an AICN type who hates everything ever made and thinks all movies ever made will suck.

    • paula

      I pray that this magazine has badly photoshopped his forehead and nose.

  • Fridge

    Oooh, can’t wait till Friday now so I can read the issue! I’m really excited to see him as Superman, but I’m also pumped that Henry has a couple of other movies coming out soon. Can’t wait to read the full interview.

  • ^..^

    I didn’t know they hired Hayden Christensen to play Superman.

    • Mr. Underhill

      Actually, they hired David Hasselhoff from Knight Rider! This is gonna bomb!!!

  • UGH

    Terrible picture as always, EW. It looks like you stopped him on the street on the way to Starbucks.
    Couldn’t you get the guy to at least straighten out his t-shirt?

    • Mike

      because he would have been wearing a superman t-shirt on his way to starbucks?

  • Clark Kent

    If they write a great villain the hero part will work. Superman has the most iconic love/romance, and the most contrasting separation between identity. His abilities are just the afterthought…which only matters in the fight sequences. That is the fluff stuff anyways. Great movies are made b/c all the rest of the complexities. But superman allows for epic battles given the right villain/ set of circumstances. The last movie just gave away the best parts of the romance, and gave away the feel and need of Luthor’s hatred as just accepted. Sidebar: Jason Statham as Lex would rock

  • Brett

    Just one thing: Reeve’s original suit is not “dated.”

  • D-Man

    There are a lot of haters on this site Henry Cavill is gonna be great as superman for a start Nolan and snyder are doing the film and have already said this Superman is going to be a more physical Superman and going by the scenes in 300 and batman begins and Dark knight I’m guessing were not going to be let down with this film.

  • Disappointed

    Ugh, I was really hoping this new movie would put a nail in the coffin for the whole underwear on the outside superman costume. But it sounds like they are keeping that ridiculous artifact around.

  • Michael Sacal

    I’ll say this about Clark vs Superman.

    Clark is the man that the Kents raised, while Superman is the man that Kal-El grew to become.

    When people ask Superman what his name is, he answers Kal-El, not Clark Kent. Is he lying? No, not really, because it is Kal-El who gets his superpowers under the light of the sun, and it is Kal-El who comes from the doomed planet Krypton.

    Clark Kent doesn’t get superpowers from the sun – as far as common folk know -, and he comes from Smallville, KS.

    When Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are in a room together, Batman has been known to call Superman Clark and Wonder Woman calls him Kal, which is indicative of how they perceive him, which is as an equal.

    When Batman sees Superman, he sees Clark Kent, the man from Kansas. When Wonder Woman sees Superman, she sees Kal-El, her equal in power.

    • therealeverton

      That’s funny because I always perceive that as Wonder Woman calling him who he really is, a powerful “alien”, like her (in a way), using an assumed name, she likes to be who she is , Diana and treats him the same way. Batman / Bruce has to have everyone on edge he has to know that he’s the toughest person in the room. It’s why he doesn’t like daytime as Batman an one of his main “Weapons” as a hero with no actual powers facing opponents with all manner of weapons and often with super powers. Superman is just Clark, a guy from Kansas who The Batman could take down in seconds if he really needed to. Respect is there for sure but remember, I’m the daddy here.

      The joy of multiple interpretations. :)

    • Man of Steel

      Sorry, but Wonder Woman is not equal in his power. Superman is way more powerful.

  • Michael

    The issue is everyone want all their heros to be like Batman

  • mariana

    “He exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go ‘Wow’”

    That’s exactly what I feel! :o)

    • rocky

      Having grown up in the Superman generation;I wish to express my sincere desire to see the boy who became the Man,Tom Whelling is absolutely THE perfect choice for the next Superman movie.A great actor great phisical ambiance AND he’s been groomed to BE Superman !

      • Steven Oliver

        I’m not sure if he is the perfect person for the part. Really does not fit character stats. But one thing is for sure this movie will bomb if they do the same thing again. FANS don’t want to see the same thing over again. the FANS want DOOMSDAY!!! Superman is the ultimate superhero. why waste him on fighting old men. No matter if the old men are criminals or superpowered-they are old men. Hollywood do you want a smash hit with Superman? DOOMSDAY!!! you’ll be WINNING!!!..hehe.

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