Anderson Cooper rips journalist who scoffed at Lara Logan's assault

Have you ever seen a public execution? Me neither. But I did watch Oprah bludgeon James Frey and Jon Stewart eviscerate Jim Cramer. A televised flagellation can be be both necessary and gruesome, especially when the offender offers up no real defense for his transgressions. Take Nir Rosen, the freelance journalist who went before Anderson Cooper last night after he’d tweeted insensitive and irresponsible posts following the sexual assault of CBS News correspondent Lara Logan. Cooper was relentless, prodding Rosen for some explanation. “There’s no defense,” said Rosen. “No matter what I say … I look like a jerk.” Yes. Yes, you do.

Cooper, who had also been slighted by Rosen’s callous tweets, was incredulous that Rosen refused to budge from his ignorance defense, and continued to hammer Rosen with the disgraced journalist’s own words. It wasn’t pretty, but it was fair. Take a look.

Did you watch their exchange? Do you give Rosen any points for taking his beating so publicly or are you offended that he gets an ounce of publicity out of his offensive remarks?

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  • Kaelyn

    I was so disgusted yesterday with all the ridiculous and offensive things people were saying about poor Lara Logan. When I saw Cooper rip into this guy I thought thank god someone is taking this on and talking frankly about the underlying issues.

    • Lucinda

      Yes, agreed. Nice job, Anderson.

      • utu

        Please, Anderson Cooper is using this to boost his own ratings, this mock outrage taking on this reporter is fodder for ratings only. Further proving this is a not a news network, but an entertainment network. If you want to watch real journalism watch the NewsHour on PBS or BBC world news

      • allie

        I totally agree with utu. Lord Almighty. The dude made a mistake and apologized for it. Publically. Without “making a statement” from the confines of his home. Enough already!

      • Sydney

        I agree with Lucinda. Bravo, Anderson Cooper.

    • Dyan

      Anderson love you and send my family’s best wishes to Lara and family hold tight !!!

  • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

    Good. Now can we set Anderson on Debbie Schlussel?

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Debbie Schlussel’s comments weren’t nearly as bad as Nir’s.

      • Casey

        Umm, yes they were. She basically said Lara Logan got what she deserved for going to Egypt. How is that not as bad, or worse than what Rosen said? No person, especially a female, should EVER revel in the fact that someone was raped.

      • Billie

        Debbie Schlussel’s comments were WORSE than Nir Rosen’s. She may look like a drag queen but she speaks like a member of the Westboro Baptist Church.

      • Geoff

        If anything, they were even more swarmy and gleeful. Debbie Schlussel should be forced to tweet with Nir Rosen for all eternrity.

    • Rev. O.J. Flow

      EXACTLY what I was thinking, Prunella.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Nir Rosen got what was coming to him.


      Yes he did Nerwen. Trolls will be dealt will.

  • Shellibelli

    Anderson Cooper did a good thing. He called the man on his awful comments, while sticking up for a fellow reporter,woman and rape victim.

    • Robert

      She is not a rape victim. She wasn’t raped. She was beaten and groped.

      • Esther

        She was raped. The nature of the attack is described as sexual–it was a sexual assault. She was sexually assaulted.
        Nir Rosen admitted to Anderson Cooper that later when he read the CBS news statement he realized she was sexually assaulted and then knew he’d gotten himself in trouble. But again, he could be just lying that he didn’t know so he got less blame. Anyway, he did say on AC360 that he knew it was a sexual assault but at the time didn’t know because he just ‘retweeted’ CBS but didn’t read the statement. He doesn’t even read, does he? Not thoughtless, but a dumbass as well. I don’t know how he got the job or why in the world NYU would offer him a job in the first place!!

  • sbwm

    Nir Rosen doesn’t even deserve that amount of airtime since he clearly knew about the assault and now is trying to lie his way out of it. Disgusting.

  • millie

    2 things. First, I think some people are saying offensive things because they haven’t been getting truth from these so-called journalists for a long time. They keep reporting about these wonderful freedom fighters, when the rest of us can see with our own eyes they behave like savages. Like CNN showing me the wonderful peaceful Muslims around the world on 9/11, cheering and partying celebrating over 3,000 dead. Second, Anderson Cooper is just mad because unlike “Hurricane Katrina brought to you by the great ANDERSON COOPER” the Egypt story isn’t all about Anderson Cooper getting punched. Lara Logan stole his headline and he’s muscling in on it anyway he can. What a lowlife.

    • Ktct

      Nir, is that you?

    • Tobey

      Don’t speak for the rest of us, you bigoted Islamophobe. You’re a small-minded imbecile who lumps all groups together, is that it?

      You’re the lowlife.

    • dlauthor

      You stay classy, Millie.

    • Laura

      I’ve got to stop reading the comments on articles that reference rape or sexual assault, or minorities for that matter. There’s always one of these to ruin my day.

    • commentor

      Sarah Palin, is that you? “Lame Stream Media.” Keep your pathetic RACIST commentary to yourself.

      • artdogs

        Examples, please, of racist or misogynistic comments from Sarah Palin?

        Can’t come up with any? That’s because there haven’t been any. Ever. I see that you hate Palin, and that’s fine, but in a forum dedicated to keeping to the facts and not impugning others with innuendo, it’s rich that you chose to smear Palin without any factual basis.

      • dlauthor

        Examples, please, of commentator calling Sarah Palin misogynist?

      • Alex

        Not to feed the trolls, but in December 2009, Palin’s father — according to The New Republic — said she left a Hawaii university because, and I quote, “the presence of so many Asians and Pacific Islanders made her uncomfortable: ‘They were a minority type thing and it wasn’t glamorous, so she came home.'”

    • Luddite

      Yeah. Because no one ever gets beaten or raped in America by Americans. Sexual assault is committed by people of all races and religions.

    • Katie

      There is something wrong with you. You need to seek medical attention. There is no way that anyone with intelligence, insight, and human emotions can summarize things quite like you just did.

  • Jane

    Should he get points for owning up to his mistake? Yes, it takes character to do admit a wrong, but he also knew that what he did was indefensible and the best way to finish the conversation is to cry mea culpa. My problem with him is that he only seems to be sorry not because he regrets saying hurtful things, but because he’s trying to save a career.

  • Anne

    So part of this guy’s excuse was that he forgot that he wasn’t just talking to his friends, but making his statements public?? So in other words, he says these kinds of awful things to his friends all the time, and he’s only apologizing for his words because he got caught. UN-REAL. And seriously, this guy is a REPORTER, yet he claims that he was linking to and commenting on a story that he didn’t even read??? What a joke!

  • Wanda

    I agree what was said was wrong and cruel… but when are we going to stop packing up and running overseas to record these uprisings? It’s been proven again and again that IT’S NOT SAFE!!!! The latest with Anderson should have been a sure sign for everyone to stay put and not venture the streets! I’m sorry Lara got hurt and I’m sorry for Miguel Marquez with ABC who just got attacked but damnnn people it’s time someone got a clue!!!!

    • TQB

      I never like to see journalists who have obviously put themselves in danger. That goes double for the Weather Channel folks standing around outside in hurricanes. It’s not worth your safety people – report from a safe distance.
      It would be nice to see a reasonable discussion about this that does not devolve into blaming the victims.

      • Wanda

        I’m not blaming victims… I’m just saying as a female living near DC, if i put myself in a bad situation, there is a good chance something bad will happen. It’s all sad and unnecessary!

      • Wanda

        Side Note: I’m blaming those idiots at CBS who put her there and DIDN’T protect her! Those are the ones I wanna slap upside the head!!!!

      • K

        It’s not safe, but there’s an argument that it can be necessary. If we don’t send our own media in, how do we know if the information coming out of a situation like that is correct? Without all the global media in Egypt, Mubarak would have simply used state-paid “reporters” to spread the news that it was some violent terrible uprising by evil people with an evil agenda. Thanks to the free press from around the world, we were able to see the true situation and it made more of an impact on our lives. That is the point of sending journalists into dangerous situations like this. The crews know the risk, and I think they are some of the bravest people around for willingly putting themselves into the midst of chaos in order to report the truth as they see it. Ideally, the press should not be harmed and I’m terribly sad that so many news teams were injured…but it could be seen as a necessary risk.

      • TQB

        Wanda, sorry – I did not mean to imply you were blaming the victims – just saying every discussion I’ve heard on the topic seems to go there instead of keeping the focus on what young reporters will do for a Big Story, and how to keep them safe.

      • TQB

        K, where is the line? Did they have to be out in the street? Could they have reported from a safe distance, such as a hotel balcony, or another city in Egypt? I agree that they are brave but I worry we, as viewers, demand too much immediate reality. Why can’t we be satisfied with “close to the story” instead of “inside and part of the action” anymore?

      • Rebekah

        Speaking as a journalist, you couldn’t keep me out of there. If we don’t have dedicated people trying to get to the bottom of these stories, the only voices the rest of the world hears are of the government or other ruling parties. The internet has brought us a long way in terms of being globally informed, but, as Egypt shows, it can’t be relied upon. Not to mention the fact that, with literally billions of voices on the internet, it’s hard to find someone responsible to trust.

        But I agree with you on the weather channel stuff. No one needs to stand outside in a tornado to get the story. They just want to look cool.

      • Rebekah

        TQB- You can do the live feed from a hotel balcony or a nearby city, but you can’t really know what’s happening unless you’re in there, talking to people and seeing it for yourself. So whether or not they’re on air when it happens, they have to go into the dangerous parts to find out what’s truly happening. Otherwise, they might as well be on a Daily Show green screen.

      • Shania

        TQB: The first reporter that died was shot on his balcony as he was taking photos of the protests. (He lived near the protest site). He was also Egyptian, so his murder cannot be blamed on anti-Americanism. K and Rebekah actually explain it much better than I did.

    • Shania

      If reporters DON’T take risks to actually get into the midst of the story they are covering, then they end up repeating the official story a la “embedded stories” and repeat the lies of the government – i.e. the mainstream news media parroting the Bush regime’s lies about weapons of mass destruction. By all accounts, most of the physical attacks on citizens and journalists was committed by pro-government forces. I don’t know the actual identities of the men that attacked Ms. Logan, but if it was pro-government protesters, then we are letting fear overrule the journalistic credo of afflicting the comfortable, while comforting the afflicted. Too many reporters are actually just PR flacks, the ones that really take a risk to tell the truth should be thanked for their honesty, not condemned for it.

  • Mal

    What a jerk! Anderson did a good job holding Rosen’s nose to the fire and trying to get him to give an honest statement rather than trying to cover his ass and save a bit of his credibility. Rosen is right- no matter what he says, he’ll sound like a jerk, because he is one.

  • Mellissa

    I love Anderson Cooper.

    • palinluv

      I would be sarah palin’s misogynist!!!

      • Mellissa

        Great. I still have a crush on Anderson Cooper.

  • vicki

    no matter how you look at this sad event, it’s disgusting. Nir Rosen is a creep and a thoughtless journalist (if he still has a career). Just look at his name origin, that in itself should give a clue to the personality and reasoning behind his excuses for acting like a bully. He makes me ill, what’s worse is that his apology is a big fat LIE! who the heck is employing this animal. He has no talent–certainly not as a reporter.

    • Dee

      “Just look at his name origin…” W.T.F. Stay classy, vicki.

    • Whaaa?

      Name origin? Really? It’s good to see that bigotry is alive and well.

  • Reader1050

    Wait a minute…didn’t Nir say (about a minute into above clip), discussing the too-bad-it-didn’t-happen-to-Anderson tweet, “Had I known it was sexual assault, which is no laughing matter, especially for a man…”? WTF?! It’s less serious for women? He just keeps making his comments worse!

    • vicki

      he’s sick beyond belief or comprehension!

    • K

      Yeah that comment was totally WTF-worthy. Unbelievable.

    • TQB

      See, when you try to lie your way out of your hateful comments, it becomes confusing. He still doesn’t know why what he said was wrong.

    • Mitch Logan

      I took it to mean that it’s worse for a man to laugh about it.

    • chalky

      Yeah, that was pretty awful.

    • Billie

      Nir needs to stop talking.

  • Jenna

    Thank goodness Anderson Cooper brought more importance to this topic. If this situation were reversed (as in an Egyptian assaulted by Americas), we wouldn’t hear the end of it. We would be torn to shreds in the media internationally. This is nothing against Egypt as a whole, but I think it’s disgrace that this situation is not being taken more seriously. No one deserves this.

  • Ann

    I love you Anderson Cooper. Can’t believe Rosen tries to stand by his “I didn’t know it was a sexual assault”. And just how would that have made his tweets even slightly less offensive?

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