Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 7

chris-bachelor-padWe packed our bags, left the rain forest in Costa Rica for the beautiful CuisinArt resort on the island of Anguilla (pronounced like vanilla). Once the girls figured out where this island was they were extremely excited. I flew in on the same flight with the ladies and it didn’t take long for our cover to be blown. Tourists were quickly snapping pictures of the ladies in the St. Martin airport. Anguilla is a short boat ride away from St. Martin, and the women loved the speedboat cruise across the crystal blue ocean to our island getaway. Like in Costa Rica, we once again had the entire resort to ourselves. It makes it so much easier when the cast and crew don’t have to worry about who’s watching what we’re up to. Once the ladies got settled in their private villa, the first one-on-one date was set between Brad and Emily. There are not a lot of helicopters around this island so we had to bring one in from a different island which also means a different country. Apparently it got held up in customs, so the date was delayed. That bit where Brad and Emily sat on the bench and had a glass of champagne wasn’t planned. It was quickly improvised once we realized their transportation wasn’t coming any time soon.

Once the chopper arrived it took the couple to the private little place called Sandy Island. Was it just me or did anybody else catch the humorous irony that the island was very much in the shape of a male… well let’s say manhood? If you didn’t catch that I’ll give you a minute to go back and check it out before we continue. I wasn’t kidding. Couple things stood out to me about this date, other than the shape of the island. First of all it was important to Brad that he make a good impression on Emily and get permission to meet her daughter. This was the first time I can remember anybody telling someone they would definitely be getting a rose prior to a rose ceremony. Brad did this to make sure Emily knew just how he felt and that he was very serious about wanting to meet Emily’s little girl. Speaking of Brad it was good to see him in a good mood in Anguilla. He had a rough week in Costa Rica and was having a tough time with everything. By the time he got to Anguilla he was in a much better state of mind. I got to spend a lot of time with Brad on the island. We had breakfast together just about every morning we were there. It was kind of like our morning deliberations. I should say, he was in a better mood until the group date from hell.

Shawntel got the next one-on-one date. The street date was a blast for them. Shawntel didn’t know much about dominoes but quickly learned and really got into it. The older woman they met and talked to, Auntie Bea, was really sweet but turns out she was a little like Dr. Ruth. She ended up giving Brad and Shawntel sex advice. That night they got to experience one of the coolest things I’ve seen in the history of this show. There was a little shack hanging over the ocean just a few hundred yards down from the CuisinArt resort. It’s called the Dune Preserve and its home to Bankie Banx, one of the most famous and talented reggae singers in all the Caribbean. The crowd you saw was a few locals and folks from the tourism board. The great thing is once Brad and Shawntel left, the party continued. We sat around listening to Bankie, and when he took a break his daughter, who sounded just like Alicia Keys, took over. Amazing to see so much talent on such a small island.

Britt got the third and final one-on-one date this week. We all woke up that day to find the ridiculously huge yacht parked just off shore. Considering how fantastic Brad’s previous two dates were and how close he feels towards Emily and Shawntel, it didn’t take long to realize he just didn’t have that with Britt. As you saw, Britt’s exit was very different than any we’ve ever had before. Instead of just leaving you got to see Britt go back to the ladies villa and tell the other women she was packing up and going home. Nobody saw this coming and the women were shocked and upset. Once again this move proved to the women that Brad was very serious about finding his wife.

Unfortunately because of all the drama the women didn’t go to bed until about one o’clock in the morning. Brad had interviews to do when he got back to his room, so he never got to sleep that night, because he had to be back at the women’s villa at about 2:30 for the wake up call for the group date. So the girls had been asleep for about an hour when Brad snuck into the villa and woke them up. Ashley H was a little freaked out and thought there was an intruder. Let me just say that over the years we have done some pretty cool things but being a part of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition might just take the cake. This is such an iconic magazine and issue; it’s a real honor for us to be apart of it. I got up early that morning to meet the SI crew and watch them work. I have to give the women credit. Most women would have absolutely freaked out if you surprised them with something like this. This is something most women would probably like a little heads up on. Michelle, Ashley and Chantal took it all in stride and really stepped up to the challenge. They all looked like they had been modeling for years.

The other thing I quickly noticed while talking to the women was that the claws were coming out, and I knew this was going to turn out to be a long day for Brad. As bad as I thought the date might go for him, it actually went worse. At this point the novelty of hanging out together and even living together has completely worn off. These women now just want to date Brad alone. As you saw, the date went from bad to worse and there was nothing Brad could do to put out this fire. One important thing I should point out is the green frozen drinks they were enjoying on this date were frozen mojitos. This is a specialty at the CuisinArt resort and they are fantastic. Other than a bad group date, they are guaranteed to make your life better.

The rose ceremony was at a beautiful private house about ten minutes away called Le Bleu. If you have the coin, you can rent this house, which comes with a chef and butler service. This place was incredible. The little beach cove where we held the rose ceremony was like it was made for us. I have to once again give major props to our lighting and art department for dressing it up and making it look that fantastic. Dennis and Ange, you guys are the best. By the time Brad arrived for the cocktail party he was done and he was especially done with Michelle. I know many of you have been dying for this day to come and it finally did. Brad’s patience quickly wore thin with Michelle and their relationship really fell apart over the last two weeks. On a personal note, I will miss her narration of the show. She has a wicked sense of humor and was fun to have around. Come on — you have to admit she made you laugh a few times with her comments.

One last note about St. Martin/Anguilla before we pack up and head back home: If you ever get a chance to go you have to stop by the famous sunset bar. Its one of those things you have to check off of your bucket list. The bar is literally at the end of the runway at St. Martin’s Princess Juliana airport that backs up to the beach. The novelty of it is the planes landing come right over your head. When planes are landing or taking off all the patrons file out of the bar and walk out on the road. Go to YouTube and look up planes landing at sunset bar and you’ll see what I’m talking about. A few of us got up early the day we were leaving and went to check it out and we were blown away, literally. From the Caribbean we head back to the states for hometown dates next week. As you can imagine these are both emotional and extremely entertaining. Wait until you see Shawntel show Brad exactly what she does for a living. Until then, thank you for watching the show and thanks to those that watched me host the Grammy red carpet show for TV Guide Network Sunday. For more on the show head to Twitter and follow @chrisbharrison and  @thebachelortv, or go to keyword Bachelor.

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  • Cupcake

    Dingdong the witch is dead. I think the way Michelle left (refusing to communicate in any way) actually spoke volumes. She is a pouter and way too intense about things needing to be her way. Bless Brad’s heart for not thinking with Brad Jr. and for recognizing that a relationship with a woman like that would not last. Maybe he learned from Jake’s mistake.

    Chantal is still my favorite. I think the way the show works that it builds some desperation into everything. All of the girls have been panicked about time with Brad and how he seems around other girls and risking being heart broken. Chantal wears her heart on he sleeve and I think that makes her all the more real, relatable, and better to be around. When Brad and Chantal are together they are very genuine and I hope he sees what a great woman she is. She is clear and outspoken without being a shrew. Very sweet. I also thought it was great to have a woman on the beach posing for pictures and looking beautiful who was not a stick figure with bolt –ons. You go girl!

    Chris – this just may be my favorite season ever. Thanks for guiding the viewers through a super season! As always – I can’t wait for next Monday night!

  • Kim

    This was an episode which, in my mind, completely changed the game.

    The girls I thought were the most confident, fell apart completely. The ones I felt were more to themselves and/or holding back, I realized they simply had a better balance within themselves. A better perspective of the situation. Or so it seemed.

    It will be interesting to see what happens from here on out with Michelle out of the equation. As for Michelle, thank God she was on the show. She made things lively, for better or worse! And this always makes great TV.

    • Stacie

      So true about Michelle. At first I thought she was psycho, but then I started to appreciate some of the crazy and definetly the commentary on the other girls. You could see he was becoming less and less interested and he started to see the real manipulative side. When there are 15 or even 10 girls it’s tough to see, but when you get down to 5 or 6 and you spend more time you are able to focus better and see who they really are. The relationships he has with the remaining 4 women are definetly more real. I still don’t get the Shawntel N thing, I don’t really see it. I feel it will come down to Emily and Chantel and Ashley in 3. I guess it could changed based on home town dates. Just a guess. No spoiler here, I don’t like them in this case.

    • Carla in Houston

      Michelle made things lively, for sure, but I’m still glad to see her go. I don’t really buy that these people are falling in love on TV. I think the best you can hope for is finding someone you think you can eventually fall in love with. But for crying out loud, the bachelors should at least attempt to zero in on the loonies and weed them out right away. I’m reading everywhere that Michelle is an actress – OK, so I guess she’s good at it, because she acted her way to the “top 5″. Or maybe Brad’s “looney radar” needs some major work. Either way, glad to see the back of her.

      • Jan

        I was thinking of seeing a movie she is in. It will be hard to believe her character after hearing “When I see Brad take off his shirt, *****.”

    • saraj

      I root for the girls I like to get sent home because I think they’re better off not being with Brad in a fake relationship. By the end, I loved Michelle because she was hilarious. I wish she stayed to the end.

  • tj

    i’m glad michelle got voted off…her attitude was too “high and mighty” so full of herself and not warm, sincere and fun like the other girls.

    • Ellen

      I was very relieved that Michelle left! I found her language crude, her attitude catty, and her whole demeanor was self-important. Plus, there was this vibe that she was kind of violent the way she was always hitting Brad and talking about pounding somebody. She is SOO not right for Brad. I am rooting for Emily, but the other girls seem sweet, especially Shawntel. Good luck and God bless you to make the right decision, Brad. You deserve the chance to happy in a solid relationship! Thanks for allowing me to express my two cents’ worth. :)

      • Jennis

        Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it wlisey.

    • RK

      Voted off? This isn’t Bachelorette Idol.

      • Penny

        It’s Bachelorette Survivor!

  • Sky

    Chris i think that your awesome and the show is okay i enjoy it but it would be very kool if you came out alot more than you do after like 9 years of hosting this show i think you should get something more important other than coming out for the rose ceremony just saying but you will always be the best and i will keep watching for you no matter if its like 5sec

    • appleguevarra

      OMG! I am still in shock that he did not send Emily home! What did she see with Emily? FAKE TEETH AND ALL???? Can Brad tell the difference of the real teeth versus the biggest fake teeth ever in television??? Someone should tell Brad about Emily’s fake teeth and all???

      • Leslie

        What? What did SHE see in Emily? – What are you talking about – last time I checked, Brad looked like a guy to me – and about the teeth – get over it – lots of people have caps, or maybe she just has really good hygiene or does teeth whitening – but whatever, get over it. Michelle and Brit were the right girls to send home – Michelle was a psycho and Brit was boring!

      • appleguevarra

        correction!! WHAT DID HE SEE IN EMILY??? haha, lots of people have caps? only people who lost their teeth who need caps! Whitening? No my dear, they are porcelain, no need to whiten because they are already too white…

      • Katie

        Caps are actually quite common and I believe Emily has been on tv or has done some camera stuff in the race car world so it isn’t terribly surprising that she has them. But seriously, how can you hate a woman because she has white teeth…?

      • Tom

        Emily is a beautiful person inside and out..with a clean heart…..whomever you are, you are just jealous

      • Louise

        They’re called veneers … and loads of celebs have them. I personally don’t think they EVER look natural, but having them is certainly no reason for Brad to not pick her. I think she’s sweet. I just hope she opens up and allows him to meet her little girl. If not, she’s out after next week.

      • Get a GRip

        Emily is beautiful…jealous much?

      • Mellissa

        A friend of mine was in a horrible car accident and ended up breaking teeth, and even loosing some teeth as a result. He now has veneers, as otherwise, he was toothless. Yes, they are brilliantly white, and don’t look all that real, but having fake teeth is better than none. How do we know that something similar didn’t happen to Emily?

      • Zakry

        Seriously? That’s the best you can come up with? Props to Emily that the only way some moron can slag her is that her teeth are too white! How will she ever find a man with those white teeth?

      • Shania

        Emily is so incredibly boring. I think Britt was much more interesting, if Brad had only taken the time to get to know her. I think the fact that she was small-breasted was the big turnoff. Emily is in no way more interesting and even her small talk is sleep-inducing.

    • SLB

      No, we really don’t need to see more of Harrison on this show.

      • Enough of CH

        I totally agree.

      • Jenna

        Yes we do. Bring on more Chris Harrison!

        And SLB, if you hate Chris so much why do you read his blog every week?

  • duh

    Boy did Britt really get the short end of the stick. Multiple women had already received multiple one-on-one dates with Brad before she even got her first. So she was basically starting from the point where some of them were weeks ago. With hometown dates next, their date would have had to gone at light speed for her to have had a shot. I feel bad for her and the hand she was dealt in this.

    • Stacie

      It’s true. If Brad stepped it up, he should have gotten rid of Britt last week with Jackie. Britt was just an extra person, they barely had any time together, and the one time they did kiss and he gave her the rose was when Ashley freaked out and he was kind of left with Britt. It should have been just Michelle tonight, but either way it worked out.

    • etm

      I agree, duh. 2 girls were already in love with Brad and she was still getting to know him.

    • Sugar

      I felt so embarressed for Britt when she was pressing for more time – obviously there was no more time to give.

      • Zakry

        Yeah. Awk-ward!

    • Carla in Houston

      @Sugar: agreed. The poor woman should have known she had no chance, with the little “face time” she has had compared to the other “ladies”. I think I would rather have gone home without my bags than to have to go back and tell the other “ladies” I got the boot!

    • jones

      Agreed. Chantal already professed her love and had 2 one-on-one dates. I hardly think a one-on-one with Brad at that point was even necessary.

    • Julie

      I agree. I feel it was pretty crappy of him (or the producers) to allow Chantal a second 1:1 date before Britt even got her first. The poor girl didn’t even have a chance and she seemed so sweet.

  • Phantom

    In this case, it’s “a part” not “apart.”

  • sherimoonzombie

    Never before? I seem to recall a previous bachelor promising a certain bachelorette that she had nothing to worry about at the next rose ceremony, that it would be a very good day for her. Let’s see, I think it was…..yeah, Brad talking to DeAnna the night before the final rose ceremony.

  • Broadcastic

    Shocking ending to the Bachelor season. Because Brad did not choose anyone last time, this time Chris Harrison will allow Brad to pick not one but two brides! Shawntel & Chantal!
    Trio will live happily ever after in Utah!

    • Ashtrash

      Wow! A Polygamy joke about Utah. Because that never gets old….

      • Jenna

        lol I thought it was funny.

  • Heidi

    I think when Chantal let go of his hand and walked away, he realized that he loved her. It was just a look on his face, he was dying to say something but couldn’t and wanted to go after her but held himself back. Interesting that both of them study body language and Chantal realized he was tense and had a wall up for everyone on their date. I felt for her when she did not get the rose. She had just told him she loved him (again)and was not getting anything back, and that she needed him to step up to the plate and swing for the fences…and then he gives the rose to Ashley. I don’t see the attraction there! She said she felt like the little sister and that’s what I felt as well. Maybe her outright fear of being sent home like Britt made him tip the scale in her favour.
    As for Britt, I thought telling her right then that there wasn’t chemistry or whatever was good of him – BUT he should have gone on the boat with her and walked her to the room. I think she was totally humiliated by that long walk. He meant well but it was actually pretty horrible.
    And Michelle, what can I say…I loved that she refused to talk to him OR the people in the limo. That’s a first I think! She was mad as a hornet but refused to share her thoughts. That was hilarious to me.
    I think Emily would be such a great match for him but he has to feel worthy and equal to her. If he doesn’t it will never work. Looking forward to the hometown dates :)

  • doug

    This show, which I’ve watched from the beginning, is not fun to watch anymore. It is cruel and it is so hard to watch people basically suffer. Congrats to producers lining up advertisers to spend big bucks, but in my book, not worth the human suffering.

  • doug


  • Pam

    Chris – I think there should be A LOT LESS ALCOHOL in future Bachelor or Bachelorette shows. One of the remaining young women who was pretty svelte when the show began is downright dumpy looking now. Already know who the last two women will be. Notice Emily’s daughter rejects Brad – is it any wonder. She gets to be with her mother for the first time in weeks and along comes this rather awkward looking guy who is encroaching on her time with her mom. Bet the doll I’m sure was in the box was beautiful but don’t blame the child for being upset.

    • SLB

      Exactly. First of all it was important to “the producers” that Brad make a good impression on Emily and get permission to meet her daughter, so it’ll make good tv, even though he dumps her. And Chantal has got to be the porkiest woman i’ve ever seen on this show.

      • appleguevarra

        and Emily is the fake biggest whitest teeth I’ve ever seen on this show.

      • Ru

        Seriously? Are you a tooth fetishist or something? Who cares, you raging loon. Get over the teeth.

      • Kudos

        I agree, get over the teeth. And as far as Chantal looking porky . . . she looks NORMAL. She’s a gorgeous, curvy woman. All the more power to her. But jeez, are her boobs real?

      • Cat

        Chantal is porky? that is ridiculous…she is a very sexy and voluptuous woman. As far as Emily goes, she has to be some sort of an opportunist for even going on the show at all, and then she drops her principles in the end and lets Brad meet her daughter anyway after all the supposed hesitation. I don’t see an ounce of chemistry between Emily and Brad…I think he is completely smitten and intimidated, and she is just bored with him. So what’s in it for her, and why did she leave her daughter for so long if she was never planning to introduce the two of them? Is she trying to get “discovered” for her pretty face? She isn’t into Brad at all…..

      • Jenna

        Chantal is gorgeous. She is far from porky. Shes curvy and voluptuous and I think she looks like a woman, not a stick.

        Your attitude makes me sick.

      • Zakry

        From what I saw in the bikini, not porky at all.

      • SCDANCER

        Was wondering when someone was going to bring up Chantal’s weight. She is beautiful and a real woman, not a stick like the other girls. I thought she looked great!

    • tennisfan

      I seriously think it’s less the meeting the guy part that’s going to make the kid act weird, and more the CAMERA CREW. I know for a fact my young children would not act themselves, at least for a little while, after first encountering a camera crew that follows them around — would be pretty strange for a young child that can’t completely understand what’s going on…

      • Shania

        Guess he should date Kate Gosselin then! Those kids would love him, since he’s bringing an extra camera crew.

    • Tom

      I noticed that…she was so fat in the bathing suit shoot..It was not a pretty site

      • RWBB

        She was sort of sticking her stomach out and swaying her back in the bathing suit shots, that was why she looked chubby – don’t know WHY she would do that though. It was pretty awkward looking.

      • Juneau

        Yeah – he back was really arched when she stood up. When she was lying down it didn’t happen and she looked great.

      • Brian

        I don’t think she is necessarily fat. She has a high belly. That is she can’t control the DNA that promotes muscle density in her upper abdominal area.

    • Sylvia

      Exactly . . Brad and the show should have listened to Emily. On top of having the awkward man, she’s got camera man following her as she runs upstairs to hide. This was insensitive of Brad. I think it is a mistake for Shawntel to show Brad her workshop . . . honest tho

  • Pam

    Poor Chantal! I really felt sorry for her. What a terrible date for her! That date was terrible! How can you tell a guy you love him and watch him do that photo shoot with Michelle. No way, worse date ever. Poor Britt having to face the girls. I don’t ever remember a girl having to walk in like she did and tell people that she has to leave. Not good… awkward show this week. UGH! Glad group dates are over!

    • Tom

      Chantal I liked in the beginning, but she has fallen apart in looks (gotten fat) and a weak personality and really needy……It is getting pathetic with her…..clingy—

      • Cat

        That is SO harsh…she is a beautiful and sexy woman. As far as being weak or needy, there aren’t many people who wouldn’t be upset watching all that nonsense on the beach with Michele licking Brad’s face and slithering allover him like a snake. Chantal is only human and emotions are running high for everyone at this point. The comments that she has gotten fat are ABSURD…she is a normal weight and size people!

      • Shellie

        Can you stop with the fat comments already? I don’t care if you don’t like her personality but seriously, she’s skinnier than 75% of Americans and I doubt you’re the standard of male beauty.

    • Mellissa

      How can Chantal “love” Brad when she’s known him for three weeks, had two dates with him, and watched him date other women? If that’s love, I’m glad that I’m not in it.

      • WJW

        I dated my husband for 4 weeks, got engaged and we’ve been married 33 years. It can happen!

      • Mellissa

        But in those 4 weeks, did you only go on two dates with him and he was dating multiple other women at the same time?

      • Ahmad

        Epic I found your blog on google liookng for something completely unrelated- and now I’m gonna need to go back and go the old material XD So much for my free time this morning, but this was a awesome find

    • Chantel

      Well get ready because he chooses Chantel.

      • Lana

        Stop Spoiling!!

    • Get a GRip

      @Tom…If he picks Chantal, its b/c he likes needy women.
      Her photo op, with her stomach looking 5 months preg nant…was gross.

      • hiho

        @Get a GRip – Tom, stop responding to your own posts!

      • MJ

        And I am sure that you are perfect looking. STFU.

      • Micheal

        And I was just wondirneg about that too!

    • Shania

      That looked like the longest walk ever! I liked Britt, but in that loose dress and with her skinny legs, she looked like a fairy floating (slowly) down the pier, up the path,…I’m sure they could have better filled the time with some last snark from Michelle. (Going to miss those camera interviews!)

  • alioops

    Yes, Michelle did bring us a few laughs throughout, but that seething anger always lying below the surface… scary! About time he finally figured it out. And I LOVED her silent departure. He deserved that! I just can’t imagine him with any of those girls who are left. Even tho Chantel felt like a “Fat Lard” (I got a good laugh out of that) she sure did a sexy photo shoot. And so did Ashley with the conch shells. Michelle’s shoot was just like Michelle, tasteles, manipulative AND ferocious. Ugg. Britt didn’t stand a chance with those other women. And Emily – why in heck does she want him????

    • Sugar

      I honestly don’t think Emily does want him. It’s the competition among women thing going on here.

      • Michal

        Jordan; what a testimony on paper. The road that God has you wiknalg along has had many changes in such a short time. I can only imagine how you would be curious as to where God has you going next. You are truly an amazing man; you have an amazing wife and God is bringing a wonderful family into your journey very quickly. Your role as a husband; father and Pastor will all be worked out with the power of the Holy Spirit in you. You will be amazed at the excellence that God is going to be using you to bring to the Gateway family.Your life has a purpose; stay focused on God and He will be sure to work it all out in His own perfect way.Change can be very healthy for each of us; God doesn’t want us to be too comfortable each day of our lives. You will discover that as your family grows. Just when you think your children are at the perfect age; and you could just squeeze them. They change!! Then you have to get use to the current season; to prepare for the next one coming. It is something that happens and we can only trust God that He will help us through it.Just remember; your a child of God with a purpose. To advance His kingdom; do it with excellence and all for His glory!God Bless you and your familyJacky

    • SLB

      Yeah, Chantal’s back fat was real sexy.

      • wow

        a bit of fat is better than skin and bones, how is that attractive?

      • Fluffy

        Hey now, yes she has gained some weight, but is also the bravest woman ever for posing in SI in a swimsuit. I say go girl, rock those giant boobs, which I believe are real cause the kinda hang to the side, (where Michelles veiny nasties stay up and front). Love ya Chantal.

      • Wick

        Chantal is NOT FAT!!! She is curvy, volupuous & REAL! You can’t tell me you prefer Britt with the anorexic body, the bathing suit & mentality of a 13yo girl and clothes that hang off her???

      • Jenna

        Hey SLB post us a pic of you, then we’ll decide if you have the right to call anyone out for being less than perfect.

      • Shania

        What do you mean Britt has the mentality of a 13-year-old? She was easily the most intelligent woman on the show, with the largest vocabulary. (Big boobs<Big vocabulary).

      • Katherine

        Chantal is gorgeous and not fat. I think she is so much more attractive than the anorexic food writer (Britt). Am I the only one who noticed that?

    • DThorn

      The only laugh I think Michelle should get is a nervous laugh! That woman was waaaaaaay creepy!! I really think Michelle was there only to see how far she could go & how much crap she could stir up. The sigh of relief in the limo tells it all.

      • Sylvia

        agree . . . i feared she was the new vienna

    • Rini

      im lost i dont understand how to get the parts? I made a log in but i didnt use my fbeoacok info, should i have. and it says sign in with fbeoacok id to the right of this page but i dont see that either

  • Jenna

    I completely agree about Britt – she totally got the shaft. And who knows, maybe it was on purpose. Maybe he didn’t feel it from the beginning and therefore never chose her before for a one-on-one date, but it’s still crazy. She was starting from square one with him and never had a chance. It seemed like his mind was made up before their date even began. Meanwhile, I can’t decide if I felt relief that we didn’t have to hear Michelle talk anymore in the limo, or if I feel robbed of the major meltdown/ furious wrath we all expected.

    • DThorn

      Never understood why she’s was there as long as she was cause it seemed liked Brad didn’t even know her. Sad for Britt but I have a feeling she’s gonna do OK

    • Get a GRip

      Why didn’t Brad let Britt go earlier on…obvious, that he wasn’t into her.

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