The Egypt revolution: Celebs respond via Twitter

Hosni-MubarakImage Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images; Emilio Morenatti/AP ImagesAs the citizens of Egypt take to the streets to celebrate the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak, Hollywood is taking to Twitter to mark the historic event. Here are some highlights:

Ryan Seacrest: “We have had the news from egypt on all morning here…cheers erupted earlier. Incredible to see unfold live!!”

Keith Olbermann: “There is a great truth today that even transcends Egypt. Consider Poland, West Germany, India, today: Repression is ultimately unsustainable. (He later noted he meant East Germany.)”

Patton Oswalt: Just received 100,000 “Mubarak 4Ever” custom drink coasters. Had ‘em special made — very pricey, but…oh F—! #Jan25

Omar Epps: “Salute to the people of Egypt for standing together as one & reclaiming their freedom from tyranny!”

Rob Lowe: “Breaking news: Mubarak steps down; will join ‘GLEE.'” “Mubarak was the President of Egypt and he just stepped down today…historic. Also: Let’s pray for egypt and also pray for the USA let’s focus on our own hurdles and problems. Jobs, education, and political division. Fix it”

Steve Martin: “Dancin’ by the Nile. Also: Mubarak’s dancin’ wear: dress socks, sandals, bag over head.”

Kevin Smith: “Via @FredericKane “mubarak has quit” Let the Egyptians know if they need a motivated new leader, I’m retiring after HIT SOMEBODY. #PresiKevy”

Andy Cohen: “I wanna go to that party in Egypt”

Kate Walsh: “Wow: Egypt, incredible. I am speechless. Saying prayers for a smooth, safe transition of power.”

Eddie Izzard: “Congratulations to Egypt! Well done for staying the course and good luck with your democratic future”

MC Hammer: “Egypt !!! The People are Victorious !!!”

Anthony Rapp: “Congratulations to the successful peaceful revolutionaries in Egypt. May they encourage others in the region to exercise such restraint.”

Marlee Matlin: “The power of people and social networks to make NOISE. Welcome a new #Egypt. Move forward in peace and prosperity!”

Michael Ian Black: “Now if we can just get those Egyptians to do something about Kanye.”

Donald Glover: “Wow. Egypt did that s—.”

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  • LOL

    Fox News: We Distort You Comply

    • The Truth

      Talk about distorting, there is nothing in this article about Fox. How about instead of living in your little fantasy land you watch and read the news from all sources and then make an informed opinion all by yourself. You know like a big boy/girl does.

    • D

      LOL: still filled with vile, hateful rhetoric.

      • LOL

        GOP fears truth. GOP fears MSNBC.

      • LMAO@LOLuAHole

        LOL…GOP only fears that MSNBC finally shrinks to zero viewers and goes off the air, depriving them of some great entertainment (and some real LOL). MSNBC is like watching the old sci-fi show “Sliders” – tune in and you are transported to a strange alternate universe.

  • Color Me Impressed

    Wonderful news! I was actually in Egypt for the entire month of January on a college band trip, and I was actually in Cairo for a few days of the protesting; we actually witnessed one of the marches right outside our hotel window. It is great to see the people of Egypt rising up and attempting to lift themselves out of the repressed economic rut that they clearly have been in. I met some truly wonderful people there and I’m praying for a swift, peaceful and ultimately fufilling exchange of power.

  • panda

    Twitter isn’t really conducive to political talk, but it’s good that people know what’s going on.

    • sam

      but the diversity in what has been posted shows the stars don’t really know what is going on any more than anyone else.

  • Ginny

    @TimRothLieToMe has been a powerful voice for Egypt to all of his followers for weeks now. Love him dearly!

    • Ginny

      His tweet, five minutes after the announcement: @timrothlietome: MUBARAK STEPS DOWN!!!!! spread the word… Love to #Egypt RT this

  • Whisperia

    Well, I know I didn’t know what to think until the celebrities weighed in. Thank heavens for Twitter.

    • Yo Yo

      Thank you. I wonder how many could actually locate Egypt on a map.

    • J

      Yeah… it would have been so much better if they just ignored it so that you wouldn’t have had to read their opinions.

  • outside agitator

    couldn’t care less about Egypt. at least not after weeks of seeing the same shot of a mob in Cairo. everyone will be celebrating until the new guy gets in power and is basically the same. saturation media coverage of a topic no one will care about in 6 months. I guess it beats hearing more about Lindsay Lohan. barely.

  • DresdenGrl

    Those who forget History yadda yadda yadda… Think I’ll go get in line for gas now and beat the rush.

  • Danny

    2010 – Haiti
    2011 – Egypt

    Who gives a rat’s a** what Hollywood thinks …

    • LOL

      You do.

  • Tracy Murray

    Hollywood did not respond to what was going on in Egypt , it was EVERYBODY !!! Actors , musicians , film directors , laborers , news reporters , politicians , homemakers , students , business people , and the unemployed , the citizens of the world !

  • Nona

    Hollywoods response to the fall of a repressive regime…seriously? Who should play the role of Hosni Mubarak in the upcoming film “18 Days in Egypt” would be more fitting.

  • V

    What’s happening in Egypt is bigger than we can comprend. This is huge. We just can’t see the full picture yet.

    • Nona

      I know it’s huge… Berlin Wall huge… But I fear for the Egyptian People. They are so jubilant. The have such high expectations after coming out from a lifetime of oppession. The transformation they are seeking (jobs, a new constitution, democratic gov’t, stable economy) will take time. Who will the new leaders be? What will be their agenda? Anyone may be better than Mubarak but better still may not equal good. I wish the Egyptians well and hope that other countries including the US will aid them .
      country to be run by the military

      • Yo Yo

        Agreed, I worry it’ll be a case of the devil you know…

  • Teri =)

    Misha Collin’s was my favorite:
    “Mubarak resigned! The military asked me to serve as interim president, but I’d miss the end of snowboarding season, so I had to decline.

  • zoekat

    Patton Oswalt’s tweet is hilarious!

  • Manny

    You are all dupes, I will check back in with Hollywood once Egypt degenerates into the next Iran (with US weapons), lets see what they say then.

  • Jen

    Misha Collins’ tweet should be up there.

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