Howard Stern calls Prince an 'arrogant a-hole' for thinking Kim Kardashian should know to dance? Really?

stern-prince-kimImage Credit: Janet Mayer/Photorazzi/PR Photos; Randee St. Nicholas; Keadrick D. Washington/PR PhotosWe all know Prince is a little… let’s call it eccentric. But I don’t think he deserves the flogging Howard Stern gave him on the radio yesterday for telling Kim Kardashian to “get off the stage” at Madison Square Garden Monday night when she was invited up during a jam and just awkwardly stood there. As Stern described it: “Prince is such an arrogant a–hole…. So she walks up on the stage…evidently you’re supposed to know what to do when Prince calls you up on the stage, you are supposed to dance like a stripper. She’s not clued in on this. So she is standing there stunned….she’s on stage at Madison Square Garden, and evidently she didn’t…read Prince’s f—ing mind, so he humiliated her in front of the audience and said…’get off the stage’….he called her up on stage to do something she wasn’t supposed to do…She didn’t know what to do.”

Now if you watch this video on YouTube (before it’s taken down), you see that at least one woman had already danced with Prince before Kardashian was led up the steps. You also hear Prince tell that woman to “get off the stage” when it was time for her to go. Looking for another dance partner, Prince pointed to Kardashian and said, “She might be too sexy.” She walked up and just stood there, nervously laughing, as Prince danced and said “Come on.”

Maybe standing and clapping one step above a golf clap was all Kardashian could handle in her tight dress and heels (Kardashian tweeted that she later redeemed herself), but I think if you’ve got amazing seats at a Prince concert, and he invites you on stage, and he asks you to dance … you dance! Stern would disagree: “Look, everyone likes to see Kim Kardashian booed, because she doesn’t really do anything … but just because Prince asks you to dance doesn’t mean you have to hop to — those slave days are over,” he said.

Whether or not you have to, how do you not when you’ve got that beat? Whose side are you on here? Really, I think Stern just wanted to take a shot at Prince for a private concert Stern attended. “He turned out the lights so you couldn’t see him. F— off… I laughed, I am not going to buy into that bulls—. Don’t go up on stage for everyone to see and then turn out the lights for the entire time,” he said. A rep for Prince said he would not be commenting.

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  • B

    Honestly, I’m with Stern on this one. I mean, There isn’t anything to say that just because the first girl danced when she got on stage that it is required.
    If Springsteen pulls you up on stage, you know to dance like Courtney Cox. That’s been documented. There are just too many variables where Prince is involved.

    • Genghis

      That prince invites people to dance (dance well or poorly)is also well documented especially for those who follow prince.

  • fancypants

    WTF is Howard Stern even talking about? He’s making something out of a whole lotta nothing. Prince is great.

    • LOL

      Prince fears Stern.

      • fancypants

        I doubt it. You’d have to be a fool to fear Stern.

      • Todd

        Stern has always liked Prince. One time he went to a pricate concert of his though and Prince had the lights turned off and no one could see anything, so Stern got pissed and left. But he’s always talked about how great Prince’s music is and how talented he is.

    • ully

      Howard is quick to jump down his throat over acts of arrogance because prince has a history of it- things far more arrogant really but who in the media is going to say prince is arrogant? Odds are he could use the grounding with the army of sycophants that follow him.

  • FromChicago

    According to Whoopi Goldberg who was there, Prince told all the women to get off the stage after he was through dancing with them. The viral video made too much out of it, but once again Kim K gets promo’d.

    • JoAnna G.

      You’re absolutely right. He told all the women, “Get off the stage,” in his sassy little tone. It was his gag for the evening as it is for all his concerts. Stern is out of his league with this one. He should get out more.

    • annonymous

      the differance is between all the women he called up to dance and kim is that all the women ACTUALLY DANCED and kim just stood there to get her picture taken and more publicity

    • bnyc

      I was there too and that is exactly what happened.. This whole story is just ridiculous.. Crazy to be at a concert and see what happens when the media gets a hold of something little and makes a huge untrue deal of it..

  • el chango

    People don’t like Kim K. because she’s famous for no freaking reason. She’s making millions by being famous because she’s…. famous. No talent.

    • BlackIrish4094

      No but hot as hell.

    • Kris

      She’s a model, lots of hot girls make money for being models. I dont hear lots of people saying “That Cindy Crawford is just famous for being famous”

      • annonymous

        cindy crawford is a SUPERMODEL kim is not you cannot compare a model like cindy or any other supermodel for that matter to someone like kim and if you dont know the differance between a supermodel to a ‘glamour model'(is what they call models like kim) i suggest you look it up(ps- glamour models are what pamela anderson, carmen electra, kim and any other playboy models are supermodels are what cindy, naomi, tyra, gisele, ect are… DO U SEE THE DIFFERANCE???)

      • Wow

        I see the difference: Syphillis!!

      • BlackIrish4094

        The difference is: who cares? Both “types” of models are equally vacuous.

  • kaydevo

    Howard Stern must not be getting enough attention this week. For him to be all outraged about anything is hilarious. The no-talent criticizes the huge talent for, um, nothing. I guess he succeeded, cause EW put his name in bold at the top of the column. Brilliant, EW. (And if Prince asks you up on stage, it’s not that hard to at least pretend to dance.)

    • Robert Redford


    • BLM

      Howard does a show for FOUR HOURS! He has to talk about something. I heard it–he wasn’t enraged, he was just stating his opinion. Howard likes Prince’s music, but thinks Prince is a wack job, which is probably pretty accurate. Aren’t all great artists a little bit nutty? And Howard is not a “no-talent”. He’s hosted his own successful radio show for over 20 years, had a #1 movie and book, and got millions of people to pay to listen to radio. He’s a genius.

    • UGH


  • James Howlett

    As usual, what Howard says is either taken out of context or blown out of proportion. He does his show for 4 hours a day and talks about everything from world news to pop culture-in between great interviews-not only porn stars, which don’t placate to his guests like most talk show hosts. This ‘incident” came up and Howard gave his opinion. I don’t believe he freaked out, lost any sleep or told his listeners to not like Prince. He gave his opinion.

  • ben

    It takes one to know one. Granted, no one is bigger than anyone, but who is Howard Stern to call out Prince, who is a music legend, for doing what he wants to do? And Kim is not that special. What has she done to get protection from a hack like Howard Stern? Screw Howard and Kim.

  • mells

    Um what’s the big deal. She looked nervous. Who cares?

  • Sean


  • DZ

    Alls I’m saying is, if the legendary Prince pulled me on stage and asked me to dance, I’d dance my patooty off!!!

    Besides, I know she was booted off early, but didn’t she learn a few moves from Dancing With the Stars?

    • Hugh jass

      Lose some weight because you would break the stage. Lardos like you should find a new hobby other than eating all the time

  • Al

    Considering how Howard treats women on his show, I think he’s being a little hypocritical.

    • motherlarisa

      True that!!

      • Sue1

        Double true that.

    • Vickie Ashton

      I agree 100%. Howard Stern talks out of both sides of his mouth. On his show he is a complete pig. Woman appear to be nothing but a sex toy to him. He has no right to judge anyone. It appeared like Prince was just having fun- Mr Stearn should analyze himself a little more and keep his sarcastic mouth closed

    • Hugh jass

      The women that come on his show are there to promote what they are doing. Howard asks questions about why they are doing it. Maybe he should be more like Oprah and make every interview boring. Funny how people comment but don’t listen to his show

    • Moonbeam

      Yeah, all Prince wanted Kim to do was dance — not play butt-bongo!

  • mark

    Team Prince

  • Sweetly

    Whatever, Prince has every right to be arrogant…if he called me on the stage, I would start dancing without him having to say a word. Why else would you get on stage?

    • Hugh jass

      You have no self worth

  • robert

    everybody wins. EW gets to fill their blog space, howard stern gets to be “controversial”, and kardashian gets us talking. it’s a perfect storm of bullsh*t.

    • Le HIROSHI says PRINCE was just kidding.

      LOL “with” ROBERT. This much is true.

      – –

      First of all, kudostorm to PRINCE! After all these years, he still rock n roll and dances like it’s 1999. Hands down forever and a day!

      – –

      PRINCE IS A GENIUS who always made great music in 80s and 90s.

      – –

      MANDI wrote, “. . .but I think if you’ve got amazing seats at a Prince concert, and he invites you on stage, and he asks you to dance … you dance!. . .”

      – –

      MANDI, thanks for the link. I did watch the VDO clip. While Kardashian has proven she can’t dance, she seems to have been enjoying a great deal the onstage experience with HRH : ) without having to show it otherwise through her dancing. And I’m quite sure PRINCE knew it. Perhaps, if any, they both of them may have talked it over on the phone, etc. I don’t believe this has been blown out of proportion as the media might want it to be.

      – –

      “Get off the stage : ) . . . Welcome to America : ) . . . [audience laughing]. . .” IMO, PRINCE was just kidding.

      – –

      I agree with Robert – basically, it’s all a perfect storm of elephantine Taurus-shXt.

  • Ally

    It’s Prince- you dance. Bottom line.

    • Terrie

      True dat!

    • Hugh jass

      Unless you believe in Jesus because prince doesn’t

      • Moonbeam

        Yes, Prince does believe in Jesus. Jehovah’s Witnesses are Christian and believe unequivocally that Jesus is the Messiah.

    • Hugh jass

      I bet you ‘dance’ and swallow for a dollar

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