Lady Gaga reveals what she prefers to be called in bed

Lady-Gaga-interviewIt’s a question we didn’t know we needed answered until Lady Gaga brought it up. In a tease of her sit-down with Anderson Cooper airing Sunday on CBS’ 60 Minutes before the Grammys, Cooper asks her what he should call her. “Gaga,” she says. Some people call her Stefani, her given name, she admits. “Especially in bed,” she says. “I prefer Stefani in bed.” Watch the clip here. I like how soft and (almost) natural she looks for their chat. My hope is that in addition to more revealing patter, she gets him to giggle like Kathy Griffin did on New Year’s Eve. The man deserves a laugh.

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  • LOL

    It’s a Gaga world.


      Very good looking, for a man.

      • KarlHall

        Oh snap.

    • Brett

      I always figured she’d prefer to be called “Bob.”

  • Jason

    She looks almost normal. I prefer her like this.

    • SaraJ

      I love her both ways. But I agree the most shocking thing she could do at this point would be to come out in a white t-shirt and jeans.
      But Christina used to do that at the end of her Stripped concert; come out in a plain white tee and jeans, barefoot, hair down. Then she sang Beautiful a cappella. Amazing how just her voice filled the stadium.

      • TDay305

        Yes, AMAZING how microphones and speakers work!

  • Npkuips

    If Lady Gaga were in my bed I wouldn’t be calling her Stefani, I’d be calling police….ewww!

  • superhonkey

    No wonder she REALLY needs to wear meat dresses and 14 pounds of makeup. IT’S A MAAAN BABY!!!

    • Terry

      Maybe, but at least she’s not pulling out seriously outmoded movie quotes.

  • superhonkey

    what man would look at her twice if she didn’t drape herself in beef?

  • MCS

    It looks like her hair has quit on her. Too much changing color has killed it.

    • anya

      Yes it’s definitely dead. And it looks kind of sad, like it didn’t want to be fried.

  • SXiPPY

    I hope that mangled nest on her head is another nappy wig donated to her by the “Rupaul’s Drag Race” Hand-Me-Down Collection, and not her real hair. If so, stick with wigs Honey! And seriously, ease up on the man jokes, they are super played and make you look so 2008.

  • HN

    Yes, everybody craves information about her sex life. What a shallow, self absorbed narcissist.

  • Steph

    Woah….she looks…almost…normal. She speaks rather timidly (well not really, considering she thinks the world what’s know how her sex life). Perhaps the silver fox got to her nerves. Ha.

    But yeah, that hair is not working.

    • Ian

      “considering she thinks the world what’s know how her sex life” — Is this English?

  • gonzo

    So many comments posted before mine include an incredibly rude insult directed towards Lady Gaga. This absolutely blows my mind! I can almost guarantee that none of you have, or ever will meet this woman in your lifetime. In other words, you’re smack-talking someone YOU WILL NEVER EVEN KNOW!

    Insulting one’s looks, especially while hiding your own, is one of the most pathetic & cowardly pass times one could take part in. You don’t have to like Lady Gaga as a musician or entertainer. Trust me, she will not suffer from the loss of your support.

    If you’re not a fan, however, admit to yourself that you’re still interested in & intrigued by her. Otherwise, you would never click on a headline that includes her name, read the full story, & then comment on it afterwards.

    Gaga is a 24 year old woman who brings release, passion, happiness, & entertainment to millions of people around the world. You, on the other hand, entertain yourself by insulting strangers ON THE INTERNET.

    This Friday, Lady Gaga will release a song that will impact millions who feel unaccepted, alone, & hated in this world. For some, it will be an anthem that will change their lives. For others, it’ll simply bring a smile to their face or lead them straight to the dance floor.

    Two days later, Lady Gaga will win & perform at the 2011 Grammy Awards. What exactly will YOU be doing this weekend??? Oh yah…posting comments on the internet about how you swear you saw a bulge in her pants during her performance. Have fun with that guys….

    • caryn

      GREAT post. It baffles me when people are so mean about someone they claim they don’t care about.

    • dipshat

      Your really right!

      • ARLT

        I don’t really have strong feelings about Lady Ga Ga one way or the other, but our lives so empty that we have to know every detail of the sex lives of celebrities? No wonder the rest of the world hates us.

      • Jay

        Wow….the Interscope Records interns are hard at work putting up fake posts about what a great person Lady Gaga is. Now…do you guys get to write your own stuff as you go along, or does Perez Hilton tell you what to write?

    • Jay

      “She will release a song that will impact millions who feel unaccepted…” Uh huh. Right. Except for the Latinas who she insults by calling “Cholas.” Seriously, how did she even come up with that? Did she hear someone say “Chola” one day and say to herself, “Oh, that must be what those people who clean my hotel room call themselves…I’ll put it in a song, and they’ll buy my album…the same way those gullible gays do! Bwa-haa-haa! Bwa-haa-haa-haa!”

      Oh, I forgot–gays are the ONLY group of people who have ever been discriminated against. That’s why it’s okay if they use words like “Chola” against us, whereas we can’t say ANYTHING that might offend the gays. And if we Latinos don’t like it, they can just go back to their own country, right gays? Right?

      • Eric

        You’re assuming that she knows she’s being offensive. We can hope that one day, she’ll stop using language that offends, even if by accident.

        Until then, chill out. You Latinos act like you’re the only people who have ever been discriminated against.

      • Eric

        BTW, using the phrase “the gays” is something I find offensive. Just thought you should know.

      • Terry

        Jay, you are an IDIOT and you are not funny. I am sure the 8 million Twitter Followers and however million Facebook followers of Lady Gaga are all Interscope Interns too right??? Just like the millions and millions who have bought Lady Gaga’s music. This woman is a WORLDWIDE PHENOMENA…not just here in the U.S. Your stupid opinion and my brilliant opinion won’t matter to anyone. You are just a useless dingleberry like everyone else.

    • Jeff

      She’s another limited talent pop star who’s claim to fame is attempting to be outrageous/shocking. Big whoop…

    • Brett

      I admit it, gonzo. I’m fascinated. Fascinated with the public interest in this shrieking harpy. And I feel neither shame nor remorse about saying that, nor should anyone who posts on this board or any other board. You can try to impose guilt all you like. I choose not to accept it.

    • ani

      gonzo..I think you overestimate the effect Lady Gaga has on people. Perhaps the target audience you speak of consists of gay men and women. I don’t think her music is uplifting in ANY way. And given that her entire career is based on her looks and performances (she has always had a great voice, much prior to gaining fame), I think it is fair game when people notice that she is a VERY unattractive woman.

    • Linney17

      Oh, shut up. You’ll never meet her either so stop kissing her ass and acting offended for someone you don’t know.

    • Terry

      Gonzo, you are absolutely right about everything you said. The bottom line here is: Gaga is only 24 years old. GIVE HER A FREAKIN’ BREAK. She is an inspriration and the emotional connection between her and her fans is something that others will NEVER understand. And I, and millions will continue to WORSHIP AND KISS GAGAS ASS FOR AS LONG AS SHE LIVES. The stupid, negative comments will do nothing to change that.


        AMEN GONZO!!!
        AMEN ANGEL!!!
        AMEN TERRY!!!
        RAAAAH, RAAH, AH, AH, AAAHH!!!

    • Sue h

      Yes, Amen Gonzo!! Well said!!

  • Shannon

    But, that’s her name. That’s actually, dare I say it…normal.

    • Woot


      • Shannon

        Wow, I haven’t heard that exclamation in a while. I was craving an “Egad”, actually. Thank you for that.

  • Jerry

    I would call her Bella Tush, because She has a great Italian booty.

  • angeljake

    Longtime fan but her hair couldve used some work…:)

  • tvaddict


  • Gator Bite

    The LADY needs to keep her private life in the bedroom where it belongs. Who cares?

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