Howard Stern joins Twitter. What took him so long?

Howard-SternImage Credit: Jennifer Graylock/AP ImagesFor someone who considers himself The King of All Media, it’s taken Howard Stern an awfully long time to take Twitter seriously. The satellite-radio funnyman only just began tweeting on Feb. 3, if tentatively: “@JohnStamos John…I have no idea how to work twitter…help. I’m feeling very out of it” he tweeted on Friday. By Saturday, though, he seemed more confident: “What I wouldn’t do for a booger right now. Let’s all go to boogerville.” That is how you tweet, Fart Man.

He later promised his minions that if he accumulated 100,000 followers by cocktail hour, he’ll get his wife, Beth, drunk and post a picture of her in her thong. Alas, they came up 6,581 short. But Stern posted several provocative shots of Beth anyway, though she seemed sober. During the Super Bowl, he commented on the commercials: “A talking facebook car? can’t wait to hear a message from a girl who wouldn’t bang me in high school as I crash into a wall,” and by Monday, he seemed sold on the Twit: “I’m liking twitter. Just filed the papers to divorce my face book.”

Stern’s baby steps in the Twitterverse has the potential to be one of the technology’s most important developments in years. The technology is tailor-made for his irreverent declarations, his feud potential just went up 1000 percent, and there’s bound to be an avalanche of bizarre Stern-related photographs, which will serve as a reminder to the terrestrial-radio-based folk that Stern still has his fastball. Or is it his screwball?

Are you following Stern on Twitter already? Should Baba Booey be fired for not making this happen sooner?

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  • jessica

    yey!!!! love me some howard. he is the best. so happy he resigned. i believe that those that dislike him are the ones that don’t listen to him. he isn’t the monster the media makes him out to be. he is acutally a very nice, romantic mush. and very entertaining. my mornings would b lost without him.

    • Diane

      I completely agree with Jessica! People who condemn him, don’t know him.

    • Chris

      I think you mean re-signed, just in case anyone isn’t aware that he hasn’t retired.

    • stu

      yuk. this is y i hate twitter. another way a loser like howie gets to spew his sh!t.

    • Tom

      This washed up throwback to 1995 needs to get lost and retire already. You aren’t funny anymore, and just because you say you like Lady Gaga doesn’t fool anybody. You are so out of touch with mainstream society – you make Jay Leno look enjoyable again.

    • Diane

      Nobody finds midgets and pornstars funny anymore Howard.. You were something special back in the 90s I guess, with your shock jock B S. Now, you are just old hat. Retire already man.

      • etm

        You don’t think Beetlejuice is funny?!?

      • Tim

        Pornstars & Strippers on the air is boring radio. Its radio Howard, we can’t see it & no one subscribes to your PPV channel.

    • Tim

      There was a time where his kind of entertainment was alright. Today it’s very dated, and he should have retired gracefully.

    • joe

      twitter is for loser twits! Why do people follow other people on twitter? Because they are losers who have no life! Get a life…

    • sally

      he has to go on twitter cos no one is listening to his radio station, and has to go on tv talk shows to blurt out whats on his mind,,, he lost his listeners…he want us to pay to listen to him so he can curse…

  • Jay

    Am I the only one that sees Twitter as totally irrelivent in a world where Facebook exists?

    I haven’t logged onto my Twitter in over a year and I dont miss it.
    …I still need to visit Facebook everyday

    • Mike

      funny…seems the opposite to me lol (although, I still check my facebook too, just not as often as twitter)

    • Mavis Beacon

      Facebook is going the way of myspace. Viva Twitter.

      • Jay

        Twitter cant do any of the things I do on Facebook, so even if Twitter is all the rage, it cannot make Facebook obsolete

    • DaDude

      You dont NEED facebook

      • JAM

        you don’t need any of it really. We don’t need computers or the internet, cell phones, pda’s, MP3 players, facebook, twitter, iPhones, PS3, Xbox, Wii, cable, Dish. You don’t ‘need’ any of it. Youre just addicted to Tech

    • yankee_girl

      Facebook is for high schoolers, step up to twitter.

    • Bob

      When does this glue horse get a job in Las Vegas with his own comedy act and retire?? Come on Howard. Be reasonable.

      • Chummer

        because he keeps up with the times and is STILL funny, he STILL has millions of listeners, as well he makes more money than everyone who posts on here combined

  • BLM

    I love Howard, but even he can’t make me join Twitter. It just seems like a giant waste of time.

    • Mike

      I used to think like you, even when I signed up. Slowly but surely, you can’t remember what life was like without it! Real-Time updates on anything you’re interested in. Can’t beat it!

    • rerun

      Try it BLM. It’s not just people saying what they had for breakfast. I get most of my news from links on Twitter. Depends who you follow.

    • Steven

      The guy should have gracefully retired like Neil Diamond. Or go to vegas and do it there with his own lounge routine

  • Frank

    I find myself looking at twitter more than facebook lately. Facebook seems to be slowing down. Most of my friends dont post anything, or anything interesting. I seem to find more interesting posts on Twitter

    • Tommy

      Howard just isn’t funny anymore. He has gotten too old, and he should have retired by now. Howard, we love you, but you aren’t funny anymore. When you say things like you love Lady Gaga we know you are full of it.

      • Winston5

        Tommy, we heard you already, or “tom” or whatever. Relax man.

  • Ryan

    Howard is the MAN! I recently joined twitter…still sort of confused by it, so I’m sticking with facebook. Remember when MySpace existed??

    • Robin

      He is pretending to be hip and current by saying things like he enjoys Lady Gaga.

  • DaDude

    follow @ImMr143!

  • keylargo

    I think Stern should trying sky diving, without a parachute!

  • Mrdysgo

    The “What took him so long?” part of the title of this article should be asked of the writer.

  • Me

    I guess I just don’t get it. It’s not like he’s going to have a conversation with anybody. Twitter seems like it’s filled with nothing more than celebrity stalkers these days.

    • TS

      I like twitter and read it frequently. But I agree with you. And there’s nothing more obnoxious than celebs retweeting hundreds of their followers pleas to be retweeted. “If you really care about your fans you’ll retweet this!” “It’s my birthday! Please retweet this and make me the happiest person on earth.” Wish I could block those.

  • Dougie1

    Another oldie trying to remain relevant and then the young just moves on. Howard sold out years ago, knows it, and would love to keep the joke on us alive. Ever read what Howard says about anything anymore? He gets a big old man’s check and dyes his hair, that all.

  • jim pitts

    how about HOWARD just do a full show ,five days a week for the subscribers and leave TWITER to the TWITS like BIEBER.

    • Howard

      He is so dated and out of style

  • dsteinle

    Is there anyone more disguisting than Howard Stern? I think not!!

    • BLM

      Yes. Just to name a few: Rush Limbaugh (drug and prostitute addict), Larry King (married 8 times), and Imus (racist). You never hear about Howard’s personal life because he’s actually an upstanding citizen. What he does and says on the air is for entertainment purposes and doesn’t mean he a “disgusting” human being.

      • etm

        Damn right, BLM!

  • Bill

    Who cares? Does anyone still give a crap what Howard thinks?

    • NjN

      Seems like a lot of people on Twitter do.

  • steve c


    • Winston5

      Who & who?!

  • Moose

    Stern looks more and more like Hefner — they both look like lizards! Seriously, not sure which one is more lizard-looking than the other. Disgusting humans, both of them.

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