Chris Harrison blogs 'The Bachelor' episode 6

chris-bachelor-padThe viewers have spoken and the women’s ages are back. This should let you know that we do try to listen to our fans and when we can give them what they want. The ladies were extremely excited to head to Costa Rica even though most of them had no idea exactly where it was, and most thought it was an island. That changed on the long plane ride south as all the girls read up on the country and quickly became experts on all things Costa Rica. We stayed at the beautiful exclusive Spring Resort deep in the Arenal region of the country. It was a long two to three hour ride inland from the airport. As you saw it was literally at the foot of an active volcano. Not sure what our fascination is with volcanoes the last couple seasons, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. When I say this volcano is active I mean very active. It actually erupted several times while we were there. You can hear rocks falling down the mountain and if you’re lucky at night you can see lava shooting and spilling out. The resort was completely shut down for us much to the dismay of several tourists. One day a couple of us were on a tour bus returning from a zip line trip with a few other American tourists. When we pulled up to the Spring Resort the tourists wondered how we could be staying here when they were told it was closed for the week. I sat in the back of the bus with my hat and shades on, they had no idea who we were or why we were there. The girls loved the resort and the suite but were quickly sent into a tailspin when the first date card was delivered for Chantal.

The girls pretty much expected the first date to go to Alli or Britt who had not had a one-on-one yet. They pretended not to care, but of course they did. Chantal’s connection with Brad really leaped forward and she became the first of the women to tell Brad that she loves him. Notice I said the first…  I love how the sudden rainstorm surprised Brad and Chantal. There’s a reason they call it a rain forest. The zip line tour they took is a once in a lifetime adventure. The particular tour we all got to do had seven total zip lines through the canopy of the rain forest — the last being a half-mile long, the longest zip line in the world, or so we were told. I know there seems to be quite a bit of animosity between Michelle and the other ladies and to a certain degree there is, but she was very helpful to the other ladies in Costa Rica. Being a hairstylist and seeing as how we were in a hot humid forest, she had her work cut out for her. She was flat-ironing, styling, and braiding all week. Back at the suite Alli was having a little bug problem. Chantal was just trying to help the poor bug outside but Alli freaked out so bad when Chantal came close she threw that full glass of Coke at her. The glass shattered everywhere. No humans or bugs were hurt in the shooting of that scene. I can’t say so much for the ones unlucky enough to end up in my room.

Because of the bug issue Alli and Chantal decided to play a little prank on the other ladies and put twigs in their beds so they would think it was bugs when they climbed in. This was a colossal failure as a gag, but it was still kind of funny. As fantastic as the zip line date was my favorite adventure while we were in Costa Rica was the rappelling. You only got to see the first big rappel on this date but there’s actually a series of about seven rappels down different waterfalls and then a short hike out of the rain forest. It was unlike anything we have ever done before. If you’re ever in the neighborhood I highly recommend doing both the zip line and rappelling adventures. Let’s deal a little bit with Michelle. She is easily the most talked about woman this season and the woman I get asked the most about. Up to this point she has been very careful about how she’s been playing Brad, but this week he started to see through that. For the first time, Brad seemed less intrigued and turned on by her and more confused and even a little frustrated. As for her late night visit, Michelle waited until all the other girls had gone to sleep before she quietly snuck out. Again the entire property was ours so it wasn’t difficult for her to find his place, which was just above their suite.

The cocktail party started off with a very strange vibe. The other girls felt like something was not right. It was interesting listening to them as they tried to put this puzzle together. Shawntel and Chantal wouldn’t let it go and were determined to figure this out. They pretty much knew but didn’t want to call Michelle out as the one who gave Brad grief for not handing out a date rose. Well as you saw, they finally flushed her out and she admitted to sneaking up to see him. The two women who were sent home this week pretty much fell into the same category: “friends.” As Brad explained on his date, Alli is a great woman but Brad just knew there just wasn’t that spark or that deep connection that he already has with some of the other women. Jackie also fell victim to this. The further this goes and the more serious it gets, the more you can see the changes in Brad. The way he called Michelle on her B.S. or the conversation with Emily is a good example of how he now confronts situations head on. This is a much improved man with a clear vision of what he now wants and it was good to see this side of him because it gets much, much tougher from here on out.

As confused as some of the women were about Costa Rica, Brad really threw them for a loop when he told them we were going to Anguilla. They were extremely excited, but then really wanted to know where it was. I’m sure many of you are also going to have to check the atlas. The easiest way to find it is to find St. Martin and then find the small island right next door. That’s her, and that’s where we set up camp next week for what turns out to be a very pivotal episode. I think you can see how things are coming to a head with many of the ladies. Something about a little sunshine and salt water forces things to a boiling point. Check out the map and I’ll see you on the island next week. As always, leave your comments below — hey, you never know what else you might change on our show. For more, be sure to check out keyword Bachelor, and you can always find me on twitter @chrisbharrison.

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  • LOL

    No one cares about this crap.

    • Cupcake

      You apparently do sweet potato because you took the time to write…just sayin’.

      • Bella

        You tell ‘em, Cupcake! :-)

      • cmaan

        totally agree, what purpose did you serve by writing your opinion that you don’t care?

      • Elle

        Obviously lots of people care or we would not be blogging about the show right now. I LOVE it!

      • Rupert

        sadly he served his purpose – to hack of people that do care – total troll

      • Lauri

        LMAO…Cupcake, for the WIN!

    • Joe

      It’s not like I go on NBC’s site and tell them I don’t care about The Event. Yet you’re here telling people you don’t care about this show. You care.

      • Get a Grip

        Get on with the comments already. about the show. All I’v been reading is, whom likes and dislikes the show. Errrrrrrrrr

    • Katharine

      For someone that doesn’t ‘care’ about this show you seem to be up quite late to write your comment!

    • Meli

      And not only did you reply to it, you were the FIRST to reply! Now what does that say?

    • DeeDee

      Michelle is a snake, Chantal is desperate. Emily should be the ONE

      • @Dee

        but it’s not her…it’s creepy Chantal. And JEERS to the producers for letting this secret get out. What point is there in watching???? Think he wouldn’t be spotted at her place over T’giving???? Really?????

      • Mel

        Thanks alot for ruining it for those of us who were trying not to find out. You wanna write stuff like that preface it with *SPOILER*.

      • kahuna

        Why should Emily be the one? Just because YOU like her? There is zero chemistry between her and Brad. She told him this week that she is beginning to “like” him.

  • Cupcake

    Costa Rica looks amazing! Great show. Poor Brad! He has great girls left (with the exception of psycho Michelle). I really like Emily but it seems like all of their time together is centered around him taking care of her and he doesn’t seem to get to relax. That is not her fault it is just how their dynamic looks so far. Chantal brings out the best in Brad and I like who he is when he is with her. In my opinion Chantal is the best fit and I was really proud of her for saying she loved him and for being vulnerable. It was a very sweet moment. I am sooo excited for next week and I really hope Brad’s thoughts about Michelle solidify for him so he cuts her loose. She may have helped with hair but that doesn’t make up for all of the game playing she does. Way too much drama with that one! Thanks Chris!

    • jen camel

      now see, i kind of disagree with you. Chantel comes across to me as very desperate. I think she was determined to fall in love regardless of who the bachelor was. She comes across (to me at least) very insecure and rather immature. I guess we’ll see how it plays out!

      • Spins22

        I agree with you Jen Camel…they do seem to have a connection but the airtime we see of her screams insecurities and immature in relation to Brad. His age and her age definitely come through on this show. I just can’t stand her crying anymore and pleading to Brad that he should send her home if he doesn’t care about her.

      • JR

        I agree that Chantel comes across as desperate … but I think they all come across as desperate and somewhat pathetic. These ridiculous dates, for example, not only do they all go along with the faux-therapy activities (whatever you’re most afraid of, that’s your date), but they all give the company line afterwards: it was good for me to conquer my fear. What a bunch of BS.

      • dave

        Look, Chantal is on the rebound. She just got divorced, was with a guy from 16 to 26 or 27, not used to being alone, she is not used to being without a guy and she sounds desperate. This relationship will not last.

      • anna

        Chantal is desperate and insecure and at her core, she knows it. otherwise, why would she have gotten emotional and pointed out his extra attention to emily (more than once). she should spend less time professing her “love” (which i think is manufactured) for brad, and more time just being herself. actions speak louder than words and being desperate rarely clinches the guy in the end.

    • Justathought

      AGREE with JR; If you are a contestant, you better not put down your true “fear” on that questionnaire or you will find yourself on a “date” with that Fear. Getting B-O-R-R-IN-N-G. As for Chantel, nice lady, but she is “in Love” with Brad after only two alone dates?? She is kidding herself and Brad, poor dear. Regarding Michelle, RUN BRAD, RUN. Unless you would like to be lead around by the nose for the rest of your life; bossed, belittled, and manipulated with pouting cold shoulders, etc,…..

      • Jenna

        If I were on this show, I would totally write down that I am deathly afraid of shopping and diamonds. And that expensive perfume makes my skin crawl and oh how I hate lying out on a tropical beach or snorkeling with dolphins.

      • MG

        About Michelle – She could easily be cast in a remake of Fatal Attraction, and always has me worried about any and all rabbit’s health!

    • Whitney

      I agree with Justathought’s assessment of Michelle.

      Futhermore, I would like to encourage the producers to let participants know that they will be going home immediately if they try to see a bachelor(ette) at an unscheduled time. I know you think it is good for ratings, but it is so unfair to the other people involved.

      It is interesting to note that no one who has ever done that (and it seems to happen every season), has ended up with the final rose. In fact, it seems to always hasten their departure.

      • Ashlee

        I suppose Vienna did sneak into Jake’s room on their season and she ended up with the final rose. Although, look how good it turned out for her!

      • Jenna

        Are you kidding? The producers totally set up those “unscheduled” visits. They TOLD Justin Rego (Rated R from Ali’s season) to go visit her.

        Its not unfair. Its not a game. Give me a break.

      • Megan

        I definitely believe they are set up by the producers! Michelle even said “If I’m given the opportunity to see Brad I’m going to take it.” Why else would she talk about it in that way?

    • Sailor

      Emily will be the next Bachelorette. Mark my words. She said in an article that she is ready to move on from her deceased fiancee and find love. *Hint Hint* She’s available if ABC comes knockin’. The reason I’m saying this is because the tone of her responses and also the way Brad answered some questions in a radio interview gave the vibe that they didn’t end up together. Even though Emily is C&H Sugary sweet, its obviously they don’t have much chemistry. It’s like watching two people make small talk at an office party. Brad lights up around Chantal. That girl rocks his world. Besides, Brad is so dull, he needs someone with some edge to their personality. Michelle has way too much edge (to the degree of being kooky). Chantal is just right for our male Goldilocks.

      • petite fleur

        if i was a guy i would want Chantal by fun, beautiful, sexy, funny and yep flawed with insecurity and a way the ‘not so perfect’ but PERFECT woman, the best girl this ridiculous reality show the Bachelor ever had..and she certainly doesn’t need to find and compete with girls for a man on tv !

  • Jujubee

    Ugh, I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to waste time talking about Michelle, but she is so overshadowing the rest of the show for me. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked anyone more in all the seasons I’ve seen. Please, for the love of God, just quit showing her so much. You said you try to give the fans what they want, right? :) Well… please? I’m asking nicely. So who’s with me people?? Help me change the show!

    • Sue

      I am so with you. To much Michelle!!!

      • Ruthie

        I agree…ratings or not, Michelle gets waaaay too much air time. We didn’t even get to see Britt except for the glimpses on the group date and rose ceremony. Too much Michele!

      • joro

        Michelle is getting the “air” time she wants. Her plan is bigger than Brad I think….


      Michelle is an actress and is playing her part to the hilt. She is acting like the show is a soap opera. Maybe she is around so much because she is the only one with the ability to be controverial. Better for Ratings.

      • Macy

        Diana, you got it exactly right. Michelle is an actress and as a friend of a friend, I know she is loving all the attention. She loves that she is the most talked about girl this season. It’s great for her career. (She has a movie coming out in May). She had to go to several “castings” to be on the Bachelor. I think maybe the producers keep her on for ratings but I think she is a train wreck!

      • JS

        Michelle IS an actress and she has played her part perfectly. I can’t believe people watching the show believe her “act”.

      • Jujubee

        Exactly – it’s an act and it’s so obvious that she wants the airtime. So why do the producers allow it and encourage it?? Is it really that much better for ratings to have someone on that repels viewers like this? I don’t get it. I guess that’s why I don’t work in TV. And next I’m sure she’ll end up on the Bachelor Pad and subject us to her ‘act’ yet again. Ick.

      • Jewel

        I don’t know Michelle and I don’t know anyone who knows her but it is so obvious that she is an actress and not a real contestant! So obvious that it’s not even fun watching this season. And Brad is annoying… all the girls are soooooo wonderful !

    • Michelle

      Agreed. I watch on the DVR so I can fast forward through commercials….and Michelle.

    • saraj

      This week I started seeing her as a funny addition to the show, not as a serious threat to win Brad’s heart. I don’t think she means anything she says, she’s just joking. Now I find her hilarious instead of being frustrated. Don’t take her seriously and you’ll enjoy her crazy interviews!

      • Heidi

        I don’t feel that annoyed by her either. She’s not truly ‘evil’, just loving to play with Brad and get him all hot and bothered. Its obvious she has no serious thoughts towards being with him and doesn’t wish any of the other contestants ill (otherwise she’d be glorying in the humidity and how messed up the girls’ hair was instead of doing everyone’s hair for them).

      • Julie

        This is exactly how I feel. I actually like her time because she makes me laugh. And because she’s not a ‘mean girl’ like Ali was on Jake’s season. Now that, I didn’t like!

      • Sailor

        Brad had stated in a blog of his that Michelle is actually just being a ham and all her antics aren’t to be taken seriously.

      • petite fleur

        Michelle is fun and yep she is an actress like she is on a soap boring show like the Bachelor need ‘crazy’ girls like her, Brad and her are friends now, he knows her game and finds her funny that’ s all, with Chantal they were the fun in this season although Brad was into Chantal..

    • Devon

      I agree. Michelle gets way too much airtime in comparison to the other ladies. But then, that’s her goal, isn’t it?

    • Shelley

      I just wonder if Michelle is a plant from the producers. She is so over the top and the show should renamed “The Michelle Show”. If she’s for real, she’s a psycho and if she’s not for real, it makes me mad that they would play with Brad’s feelings like that. Unless, of course, he’s in on it. But at the end of the day, I’m sick of her. More Britt. More Emily. More Chantel.

    • Jenna

      Hey I love Michelle. She’s hilarious and makes for great television. More please!

  • Jujubee

    Now that my complaining is off my chest, I want to say the Costa Rica dates all looked really cool. It looks like an amazing place and you are really lucky to experience all that stuff. Though I probably would have reacted similarly to Alli when faced with the bugs. Not a fan. When do we get to see some of your deliberations with Brad??

  • Satan

    Love your work, CH, don’t change a thing. This show is pure fun.

  • Stacie

    How is Britt still on the show? I was dissapointed that 3 people didn’t go home because Britt has had barely a few minutes screen time with Brad, and only got the rose that one time because Ashley freaked Brad out. I agree that Jackie also wasn’t the one, but at this point Brad has made deep connections with Michelle, Chantel, Emily & in a very distant fourth Shawntel. Should be an interesting couple weeks. Based on screen time and number of scenes together I feel the finale will be Chantel and Emily. But if Vienna could be as viled on the show and actually get to the end, then maybe Michelle can also.

    • jenkay

      Britt is still there because Michelle told him she was next to go, so to prove her wrong the next predictable move was Jackie. I see Emily as being 2nd and Shawntel (sp?) as the winner. Chantal as the next bachelorette and Michelle will be crazy 3rd or 4th. I think she’s entertaining just as she’s there to be.

      • Dubiaku

        Agree. I think Shawntel is poised to win and most don’t see it coming. She relaxes him.

    • Heidi

      He did have a pretty fantastic kiss with Britt and I guess from a romantic perspective, he feels more for her than with Jackie and Alli.

      • Marilyn

        I suggest NONE of you check out Reality Steve. He has called every episode perfectly – including who goes home — so yes, he states who the winner is as well. Not someone I think he should be with – but maybe that’s why they pick who they pick – so they don’t have to end up together. That’s all I’ll say. But yes, definitely staged. Very sad to know this…

      • debi

        agree marilyn- i’ve known for a couple of weeks who he picks & who is the next bachelorette…surprised so few here do?

  • jessica

    it is so interesting as time goes on how invested we all get with the different relationships. I love his relationship with Chantal. It is so natural and easy. That is what is so important about relationships….you want to be around those who make you happy and allow you to be yourself. I think that is what Chantal does for Brad. I really think Emily is sweet and beautiful, but I don’t see a really good fit for the two of them. Beautiful images of Costa Rica!

    • SLB

      Don’t get his attraction to Chantal at all. She’s a spoiled daddy’s girl. She’s the least attractive of the girls left (with the exception of Michelle).

      • Mike

        Get used to it… he picks her

      • DIANA

        They obviously have a strong connection. Not much mystery here.It’s not hard to figure out who Brad picks. When she said I love you to Brad, I could tell Brad was holding back his feelings for her and expressing them. Otherwise the show would be over. It might as well be, but the scenery is worth watching the next several episodes.

      • natashad83

        Jealous Much?? Chantal O is one of the prettiest girls on the show…get over it..

      • Jenna

        I disagree. I think Chantal is the most beautiful of all the girls.

      • Erin

        Love the relationship with Brad and Chantal. They have wicked chemistry and look great together. They can really tease each other.

      • petite fleur

        Chantal is the most attractive girl BY FAR FAR FAR

    • SLB

      I know he does Mike. I read the internet too. I still don’t like her and don’t think it’s going to last.

  • Billy Jean

    Is Brad not allowed to say “I love you” back or at least say “I’m falling for you too”?

    Can’t recall if I’ve ever seen a Bach/ette say those things. Is it to keep us from knowing or figuring out who he’s going to choose?

    • Reerun5

      They try not to so as not to lead anyone one – later on, they will say “I can see myself falling for you” or “I have true feelings for you” or (my favorite) “I’m falling for several people here.” If I remember correctly, Alex told Trista in Season 1 he was in love with her and let her believe (according to her) that she was going to be Last Woman Standing… She was… in Season 1 of the Bachelorette! and look at that hot firefighter she ended up with – getting dumped by Alex was awesome for her!

    • dally

      They contractually can’t tell anyone those words back.

      They have to keep up the suspense, right until the end.

      • Traci Clancy

        Can they also contractually not say, “I don’t want you to interrupt us right now or steal me away, I’m in the middle of a conversation, or this person hasn’t had any time with me OR you already have a rose!”?

      • RK

        The producers are the gatekeepers — they choose when to allow that to happen.

      • tennisfan

        I’m curious exactly how the contract works… I remember Andy (the military doctor) told both his final two that he loved them, so I’ve always wondered if the contract is something like, if the Bachelor(ette) is going to say “I love you” it has to be to everyone still left?

      • Jenna

        Not true. Some of the bachelors have said I love you to more than one woman. Andy Baldwin springs to mind.

  • cc

    Thanks Chris! This is the first blog I’ve read of yours and I can see that I’ve been missing out! Nice additional insight!

    • Lynn

      Chantal and Michelle both have to go, they are both crazy. I’m embarassed that Michelle is even from the same state I am.

    • dd

      Michelle is a very big snake in the grass, if Brad could hear her comments, wishing the others, death, or as pissed as she was with Brad.. got to get rid of her. I do agree that Ali had no chemistry, but Jackie was a lot more promising than Michelle and all her drama.. Brad’s kind of stupid. These dates, exotic locations dwell on the fantasy level,in real life nope, no Costa Rica, or huge shopping sprees.. Let’s see next episode???

      • natashad83

        I really dont get why he rejected Jackie, She showed a maturity through out her stay that Michelle and even Shantal did’nt seem to have..She would have been perfect, I hope she finds a nice man..Brad seems to be attracted to complicated women ie, Shantal and Michelle..

  • Billy Jean

    Love Chantel O. Real women do get emotional and giddy over a guy they’re falling for. Just hope Brad can handle that and she is the one for him in the end because she is the most real with the most to offer him. I loved how she explained why she knew she was in love with him. So sweet!

    • Elle

      I LOVE Chantal O also. She is so hot and they seem to really have a connection. PLEASE SEND MICHELLE HOME!!

  • sherimoonzombie

    Well, that explains those damn bang braids everywhere this episode. Ugh. I’m really liking Shawntel, but there’s no denying the chemistry with Chantal. I’m a straight woman and I thought she was undeniably hot in that white shirt and tousled hair. Biggest complaint – not enough Chris Harrison this season! Good lord, let’s see some male bonding before it’s all over.

    • Victor

      I’m a gay man and I couldn’t take my eyes off her! Seriously, I was looking at her much more than I was looking at Brad. That woman is sizzling.

    • Carrie

      sherimoonzombie: I know what you mean! I think Chantal is absolutely beautiful–and I’m a straight woman, too. She is a knockout! Victor: very funny!

    • Vickie

      Yea, why so little of Mr. Harrison? Always,liked his chats w/ the “show’s Star”!

  • Lillith

    At least we didn’t see any therapy calls tonight. I agree that we need more interaction between Brad & Chris H and less screen time for Michelle.

    • Jenna

      Definitely want to see more interaction between the bachelor and Chris. I know shooting is already done for this season but maybe you guys will keep that in mind for next season!

    • Jackson Five

      The should have the therapist visit Michelle…..

  • KK

    Firstly, the show is fantastic! Love seeing all the beautiful places. Chris, your blog is always fun to read. Now, my opinion on what’s going on with the girls.. Michelle’s definitely a bit cuckoo. Thank God Brad’s able to catch on to her crazy antics. Emily is by far my favorite. I think she’s a sweetheart who does deserve to have a chance at love again. She deserves to step out of the shadows of her past and start a new life with a new love. I would love it if she and Brad worked it out. It seems that she likes him, but isn’t entirely the type of girl who throws herself forward as the other girls do. I hope that things work out for her regardless of Brad. She and Chris L. from Ali’s season seem like 2 of the most genuine people who have ever been on the show. As for Chantal, ya, she does seem to like Brad… don’t believe that she loves him as she claims that she does. Her confession seemed fake to me. To me it seems that it’s still a competition for her. Can’t really say that I feel that I’m convinced that her feelings for Brad out weigh the notoriety of what the show brings… don’t know. Chemistry is essential in a relationship.. but let’s not forget that Jake and Vienna were also the couple who brought out all the chemistry.. can’t forget what happened to them! Final note– love watching the show.. just wish there was a way to stop all the spoilers from being leaked. Isn’t there a way that ABC or the producers of the show can stop that from happening. It ruins it for a lot of us who want to keep guessing.

    • Carla in Houston

      @KK – I was also thinking that Emily is to this season what Chris L. was to Ally’s season. Both are sweet, actually too sweet for this show, and I think she will go home empty handed just like Chris L. did. I think Brad admires Emily tremendously, but I don’t think he has the hots for her. It’s going to be Chantel for sure.

  • jumpy

    Emily almost seems like a ringer to me. I dunno. She certainly has Star Quality. Not to mention being incredibly likeable.

    It’s almost as if this season is merely the prequel to her inevitable Bachelorette ‘journey’.

    • Liz

      I think Emily was selected when they thought Chris L. was going to be the Bachelor. She’s more his style than Brad’s. Rumor has it that she’ll be the next Bachelorette.

      • Katharine

        I think Emily and Chris should get together. I don’t think it would be Emily’s style to make out with all of the guys as the next Bachelorette…. Doesn’t seem her style. But I could be wrong.

      • Katharine

        Forget the Bachelorette, I think Chris should knock on Emily’s door, if Brad doesn’t choose her.

      • Kelly

        I made the same comment on last week’s blog. Chris Lampton and Emily would be a perfect couple. Unfortunately, he is dating Payton from Bachelor Pad. Still think it would be a true match if the two of them met…

      • NYC

        I agree that It would not be emily’s style to kiss guys and send them home. I think Chris has a girlfriend now, but if that does not work out, and they can get over the geography, they could be kindred souls…. Would LOVE that. Best Bachelor happy ending ever, keeping every bit of their courtship off the air….

    • Sugar

      What is it about Emily that is incredibly likeable? I don’t like her ( I don’t dis-like her either, I just find her boring). She has a tragic back story – that’s it. Aside from that, how is she interesting?

      • Halle

        I agree, Sugar. Don’t like or dislike her, but she is boring.

      • deb

        I agree. She seems like a nice enough girl but seems to have too many issues about commiting. I don’t think she’s ready. I think she needs some counseling to deal with her grief.

      • kahuna

        Agree. She’s very pretty. But she’s kind of a priss too. In the personality department she’s rather bland.

      • petite fleur

        Yep she is boring and pretty in a bleach blond valley girl way..BORINGGGGGGGGGGGG
        Chantal has fire and even physically she is far more beautiful with an edge..poor Emily she doesn’t compete face to spitefire Chantal imo… I would be a man, i chose Chantal any ANY ANY day..i don’t even watch at boring sugary sweet Emily..

    • Katharine

      Emily’s sweetness reminds me of Stephanie, from Jason’s episode, who also lost her husband in a plane crash and has a daughter. Stephanie and Emily’s innocence, sweetness amazes me they even took part in the show. Also hard to believe they cannot find true love without The Bachelor. They’re beautiful women.

      • T2

        Then maybe Emily and Stephanie should get together, because they have so much in common.

      • petite fleur

        Because they are BORING, it is the ultimate deal breaker..believe the end of day, you are bored and you will watch anywhere else…

    • CATHY


  • Brandi

    Will there ever be another Ryan & Trista? I know they are from the Bachelorette, but still…

    • duranmom

      Jason and Molly? Yeah, it got a little messy after the show wrapped but they finally made it down the aisle. Not as sweet and wrapped up like Trista and Ryan but still, they’re married.

      • duranmom

        *wrapped up with a bow* not just wrapped up.

        This is what I get when I respond before coffee… :)

      • Energysuck

        Except they seem kind of skeezy. i give it 2 years!

    • RK

      No, because the show is too scripted now.

      • ShelleyK

        I’m sure he is seeing Brit, but it is edited out for lack of drama!
        As far as Michelle helping out with hair, did she not have time for her own? her hair always looks dirty and her roots are getting wider!

    • Jenna

      How about Ali and Roberto?

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