Christina Aguilera's 'Star-Spangled' flub: It's time to forgive

By now, the whole world has chimed in with their opinions about Christina Aguilera’s flub while singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before last night’s record-breaking Super […] Read the full post.

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  • ef

    Amends to that!

    see how easy that was…
    (“amen”…thanks Brick)

  • laura

    ok … I forgive her.

  • Scott

    I’ll go a step further. I don’t understand why we need to solute our country to play a game. I’m not anti-American but it’s really a horrible song and I don’t get weepy about national pride just because I’m about to watch a ball get passed around.

    But if we must talk about Christina, then I’ll say that her R&B delivery is so off putting that I had to tune her out anyway.

    • Sarah

      We don’t solute our country. We salute it and it’s not to just play a game. Among other things it’s meant as a reminder to all of us of the freedoms we enjoy just by living here and the tremendous price that was paid to earn and secure that freedom. You should get weepy when you’re reminded of all the lives that were lost and are still being lost so that you can complain freely about anything you want. That said, I agree with your assessment of Christina’s performance.

      • cheese

        I really don’t like the fact that people expect me to do something a certain way. That I’m somehow inferior if I don’t do things the way that they do them. Don’t hold me to your standards, you’re a nobody, just let me do my own thing. I’ve always thought that the national anthem was a waste of time at all the sporting events I’ve been to.

  • Ivannabite2

    I Agree with the reporter. GIVE HER A BREAK! I would like to see any of you get up and sing the national anthem with out music to guide you and the massive amount of viewers. I get a feeling a lot of us would forget the lyrics that we all know so well. So move on.

    • whatevs

      That’s why we wouldn’t do it. So the person who does do it should obviously not look like an amateur.

    • Kevin

      However, if I were in front of such a large crowd and being paid millions of dollars to sing it, I would make sure I got the words right. It is not the end of the world that she messed up, and fine, she has apologized, but she is a horrible person and in the past has made horribly insulting comments about Brittney Spears, Pink, Lady Gaga, and a number of other artists. Ironically, each of these artists are doing much better than she is right now.

      • Kevin

        Not ironically actually, except in the case of Brittney who has no talent, but fittingly.

      • Flip

        Britney’s certainly more talented than your mom.

      • Green Bay Defensive Line

        No, Kevin’s mom is pretty talented. At least she was last night.

      • Zowar1363

        At what?! Farting?!! She certainly cannot sing!

  • scorpio9094

    It’s our nations song and she screwed it up. There is no excuse for that. She should have known it inside and out.

  • anne

    For me the wording flub was not as bad as the actual rendition of the National Anthem. It was written with certain notes and to be sung without elaboration. I’m totally sick of singers giving it their “interpretation” Please–it’s OUR anthem not yours–pleas just sing it the way it was written..

    • J. Baker

      With all due respect, Marvin Gaye’s “interpretation” of the national anthem at the 1983 NBA All-Star game was distinctly his, and yet it’s probably the greatest version ever. Look for it online and you’ll see what I mean.

      • Leesa

        That true, but he found a way to make it connect to the audience and himself, by puting his own spin to it, yet communicating the…”soul” of the song. She sang the Anthem like she was belting out any of her pop hits. All (sorta) style, no substance.

      • Cheers

        His version was awful.

  • ccAudi

    So she forgot a word or two, it’s the performance that I really thought was awful. I that’s the best her generation can do, they are hurting for a decent female soloist.

  • Sir Blackfinger

    Hey…she done good! Her heart was in the right place, I think. Can you do better? Volunteer next time

  • Brent

    Wow, even on a page titled “it’s time to forgive” people just can’t help themselves. Come on people, really?

  • Bill Hudson

    I didn’t hear the woman’s fumble, because I stopped listening after the first couple of lines. This person cannot sing and should not have been chosen to massacre, oops,I mean sing, our national anthem. This happens much too often at large events such as the Super Bowl. If those who choose the singers have no more respect for the anthem than that, it would be better that it not be sung at all.

  • Bud Casey

    Not only did she forget the words, she also forgot the melody. All the scooping and crooning was absolutely terrible.

  • Tabi07

    So many haters! I’m not even her fan,but I honestly believe this was more a play with words ‘what so proudly we watched’..watched what?the super bowl? Well,hell yes!! All Americans are proud of having the super bowl! She must have been very excote and switched the words…There’s a lot of pressure and she messed up,but so have other well-known singers.

    I heard and laughed at her flub,but not mockingly. It actually makes sense. Think about it.

  • tod jarrett


  • hanabal

    yeah I forgive her, never was really all that upset with her. But come on, one of the countrys most important songs and she screws it up that badly. I don’t buy into the whole live performance jitters B.S. She has been doing live performances for a better half of her life.

  • Susan

    Killed it —more like MASSACRED the national anthem to shreds–that you can not even discern the original soul, lyrics and melody that Francis Scott Key purposed it to be…truly pathetic!
    As long as these over-rated, ego-centric divas focus their performance on themselves and NOT on the meaning of the songs they are singing–these disastrous performances will always happen again and again!
    Here is the PERFECT US National Anthem rendition by Glee artist Charice–
    Youtube Search:
    Charice Pempengco sings the National Anthem at Dodgers Opening Day 2009!

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