What is Melissa Leo asking us to 'Consider...'?

We may never know. Some guesses:

…how much makeup I am wearing
…the power of faux-fur
…me for a leading role in the Dynasty movie, or as a doll model. “If you want a rematch, just whistle! If you can!”
….gilded swimming pools and indoor columns: hot for 2011
…mah humps mah humps mah humps
…the benefits of a healthy diet. (Why else would she be doubled over in gastrointestinal pain like that?)
…my Oscar chances now a liiiiiiittle shaky

Melissa Leo, who’s already won the Critics Choice, Golden Globe, and SAG awards for her role as the decidedly un-glam Alice Ward in The Fighter, offered herself up for consideration in a bizarre, personally funded Oscar campaign that was surprisingly not a joke! [Deadline]

Any better guesses, PopWatchers? (Larger images after the break.)

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  • MediaObsessed

    I think little Hailee Steinfeld broke into her room at night, put on some subliminal messages in the place of her itunes library and took matters into her own hands.

    She’s tiny, she’s fierce and she actually has a chance now.

    • LOL

      Leo caused Annie to waste our time by reading this.

    • D.B.

      I’m sorry people, if you think that Steinfeld is going to win you’re sadly mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, Steinfeld did an amazing job but, Leo has already been nominated once for an Oscar and she has fuc*ing cleaned house at every awards show so far. There are three guarantee’s on Oscar night: Leo, Bale, & Portman.

      • Tim

        Firth is a lock, dummy.

      • Willa

        Um…Leo wasn’t even nominated.

      • fireflystare221

        D.B. was referring to Melissa Leo no DiCaprio.

      • JP

        lol too funny. . . Firth is a lock and so is Bale. As much I so want Portman to take Best Actress, Bening is still very much on her tail. Supporting Actress may have just gotten interesting, but this could be something to throw everyone off since there are more sure things this year than ever before. . . *cue the X-Files theme song lol

      • Ellen M

        WOW. You were very right!

  • Mr. Holloway

    Consider…Amy Adams and Hailee Steinfeld serious contenders now because Melissa Leo just might be slightly insane.

    I mean, what’s she doing?! Somebody has to have told her that she’s already a strong favorite. This looks like she’s trying to sell us perfume.

    • Annie Barrett

      Totally! Consider perfume.

    • Fran V

      I think this was an (obviously misguided) attempt to draw a contrast with her appearance in the movie. At least, that’s my best guess.

  • Julia

    Good for her. I read the article and in my opinion, she was simply asking people to take a look at her work; give her a shot to do different kinds of roles (thus, the fake furs and glam). I remember when Sally Kirkland did this years ago and I thought “why not” then.

    Hollywood does not like to see actors or actresses who want it that badly. It makes them uncomfortable. They make fun of them all the while doing self promotion themselves.

    Sally Field was mocked for expressing how much it all meant to her in her Oscar acceptance speech. They’ve never let her forget.

    To that, I say, go Sally Kirkland, go Sally Field, and go amazingly talented Melissa Leo. Hope you win.

    • Steve

      Yeah, it did wonders for Sally Kirkland’s career.

      • RyanK


      • DFSF

        Anyone ever heard of Sean Young? Bet she would’ve made a great Catwoman…

      • amie

        @DFSF, best comment of the day! lol

  • Karate Pants

    Consider old, desperate cleavage? Consider wearing fur in the pool? Come on. It doesn’t make any sense. A computer generated pic of Melissa Leo sitting in that little beater car with Alice Ward and her cigarette…or all of the Ward sisters asking us to consider her…I don’t know, but this could have been a fun campaign.

    • Mr. Holloway

      Your ideas sound fun, especially the one with the Ward sisters (seeing as how Leo gave them a shout-out in her SAG speech).

      This is just…weird.

  • tracy bluth

    Yeah, I’m confused. Maybe she’s trying to say “Consider…the fact that I am only ten years older than Mark Wahlberg!”
    I’m surprised she’s the type to campaign like this. I actually had a Mark Wahlberg in The Happening “What? No!” reaction to this.

    • Sarah O

      She mentioned in her Golden Globe acceptance speech that she originally told the director that she was too young for the part. Her other Oscar nom was also for a decidedly un-glam part. Maybe she is insecure about her attractiveness in a town that seems to value that above all else.

  • orville

    “Hey! I don’t really look like my character! And I’m not poor like her either.”

    She wants to model for Andriana Furs shops?

    The subliminal Dynasty audition suggestion is a good one.

  • Brian

    This doesn’t mean that this will tarnish her Oscar chances, at least I hope not.

    • Prasetyo

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  • Captain Canuck

    Really bad idea and tacky! It also contradicts all of her humble I can’t believe little old me is winning awards. Pluse she made a big eal about not being old enough to play the role and now she’s playing up being old. A little humility goes along way.

  • fiona

    Though I agree this is kind of tacky, let’s be real about it: Every single one of the nominated performers is campaigning their ass off, and their motives aren’t any nobler than Melissa Leo’s. They just got better advice.

    • JG

      The studios usually pay for the campaigns and would NEVER put out something as ridiculous as this desperate spread.

  • Allen

    Do other actresses do this sort of thing? Hmm. To me, this is her saying, “Look! I’m nothing like the character I portray! See how good of an actress I am! Do you even recognize me?” To outsiders, maybe this is bonkers, but maybe it plays better in the LA area where the most of the voters live.

    She’s still my choice and favorite to win. She was amazing.

    • Lois

      I agree with you Allen.

  • lisamama

    I think she’s trying to glam up her image, because she looks so drastically different from the character she played. That being said, it’s a good idea, with um, a slightly strange execution.

  • mscisluv

    I just find it strange that she felt the need to fund her own ad instead of letting her studio handle it.

    • mscisluv

      Oh, and the end result is really…odd.

  • HIROSHI vs domimoronik & addimoronic redneck sq-[ ] CONSPIRACY

    I guess in my case it’s cultural difference (I’m Japanese). I mean I do NOT see it as a sign of being desperate AT ALL; if any, it’s none but another decent method of publicity stunt. Doubtless, it’s FAR BETTER than making an evil effort at digging up other nominees’ dark sides a la you-name-it, etc.

    – –

    These posters to moi, simply say, “Dear Academy members, please do not forget to vote FOR me. Here I am. In high life and all that glitters, too!”

    – –

    I like my girl to be a la mode – nothing to do with ice cream. So, Aunt Melissa simply rock n roll in my book.

  • D F Wallace

    Consider The Lobster

  • Davis

    She looks like Bonnie Bedelia – Die Hard IV?!

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