Howard Stern calls Jay Leno 'horrible' on Letterman

Howard Stern was on The Late Show last night, talking smack about Jay Leno and gushing about how much he loves David Letterman. “Jay is horrible, right?” he said, to loud cheers from the audience. He called Leno talentless and teased Paul Shaffer about being “complacent.” Yipes!

Finger on the pulse, Howard Stern. It’s almost too timely.

Look, I like to slag on Jay Leno as much as anyone, but Letterman hasn’t been competitive ratings-wise with Leno in years. But Dave is not in danger of being canceled, so it just seems like a weird thing for Howard Stern to still be focused on.

But maybe you’re still fired up about a Leno/Letterman stand-off, PopWatchers. Did Stern go a little too far in this interview?

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  • Did Stern go a little too far in this interview?


    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      Jay is absolutely terrible. A comic for morons and rednecks.

      • crystalburger

        totally agree! not funny just dumb…

      • stickittotheman

        Um, didn’t Stern say EXACTLY the same thing on the Piers Morgan show like weeks ago?? Old “news” EW.

      • misha

        Ok we get it Stern and Letterman hate Leno. So what… time to stop beating a dead horse and maybe just maybe come up with something new, interesting and funny.

      • Psac

        I saw Jay Leno in Vegas, and it was the worst show I’ve ever seen. Total waste of $100 per ticket.

      • oogha

        I guess that why you never miss an episode

      • guest

        Don’t forget more than half of our country is made up of morons and dumb people. Exactly the same people that are listening to Stern.

      • Ken

        Leno has a great format &
        show ! Dave is boring and
        Stern is a dirty nasty and
        drugged out hippy !!!

      • Stern is Liberal FIlth

        Jay Leno represents all that is pure and wholesome in a once great Republican nation. Stern represents all that is vile and criminal of a certain One Term fiend from Illinois.

      • HAHAHA!

        ^^ ooh, you must be talking either about Nixon or Bush Sr. I thought ur comment was geared to W. Bush until I saw the one term thing. But you got the origin thing wrong, neither of them were from Illinois. P.S. Palin, Limbaugh and you are the antichrist.

      • Bob

        As opposed to the recently departed two-term fiend from Texas/Conn.???

        Jay Leno pure and wholesome?? Guess you never read those stories about his love life before marriage.

      • Frank

        You do realize this once great Republican nation (funny Republicans never made up more than half the nation; not sure how the whole nation could ever be termed Republican) was screwed up by Republicans and why a Republican wasn’t voted in.

      • Mike

        Actually, far far far more than half the country are morons and idiots, and some of them watch Leno and some of them listen to Stern.

        Only a few of us smart, elite, non-idiots watch and listen to who you all should be watching and listening to every night: The Situation!

      • deedee

        Jay is a real hack

      • Travis

        Fri 02/04/11 1:22 PMOk we get it Stern and Letterman hate Leno. So what… time to stop beating a dead horse and maybe just maybe come up with something new, interesting and funny.

        Leno first.

      • Jonathan

        I disagree. I don’t see the big appeal with Conan. He seems so mediocre and his antics are annoying.
        And yes I’m under 40.

      • TampaMel

        I don’t like Leno. Has never been funny but Rednecks? Where did you get that from?

      • nick

        stern has said numerous times how much he dislikes leno. i was hoping he had something new to say about it…. buuuuut he didnt. not that i dont agree with him but im just saying its not like he hasn’t said this before

      • Charlie

        Leno has always been positioned as the family-friendly, middle-America host, but if you watch his interviews with female guests, he’ll often resort to making tacky, creepy comments which to me works completely against this positioning. It’s like being forced to sit with a creepy uncle, somebody that people supposedly trust, but his true side reveals itself. His monologue is filled with low-hanging fruit, hack material and he steals bits from other shows. He even took former Stern show member John Melendez.

      • Wayne

        I am a redneck, and find not only Leno, but the rest of these guys to be fairly moronic.

        The rest seem to be typical Zionist, liberal democratic clap trap.

        What do you expect from North American humourists.

      • Lisar

        Oh my this got cracked out fast.

      • Sandi

        Stern stole all his bits from drunk angery frat boys.. its just one big pitty party for people who assume the are REALLY Brilliant who are not. Jay gets ratings that makes him a success.. Letterman can get reatings unless he is attacking someone that makes him a failure by comparision.. ditto for Stern and Morgan… three men who have been over for years and are to imature to know it.

    • Colleen

      Jay is horrible – his jokes are for old people!!! I live in Minneapolis and a casino here is advertising that Leno is appearing there. You’d never see Letterman or Conan, or any other late-nighters appearing at a casino!!! Does Leno need extra cash??

      • Tim

        Jay Leno is a stand-up comic & has never stopped doing that. He got his tv gigs because he was a stand-up. In the 70s & 80s he was considered one of the best.

    • Torok

      Stern and Letterman – that’s a lot of vile in one location. That’s like misogyny squared. The combined “talent” of those two jackholes wouldn’t fill a bedpan.

      • nick antoniolli

        howard stern has no talent what so ever , i dont know how he ever got to be where he is now

      • Ringo

        Torok – Get your head out of your bedpan. And get your hands out of youranus

      • ramrod

        Actually Stern’s talent alone would fill a bedpan; that is where it belongs.

      • who cares

        all of you who talk crap about stern – how many of you have actually listened to his show, not clips here and there, but actually an entire show from start to finish? he’s not all boobs and fart jokes.

      • miked

        Stern has no talent? Maybe you should listen to his show. Numerous celebrities have stated that he is the BEST interviewer in the business. Not that he is good but that he is the BEST. He can get you to admit things that you never thought you would. There is a reason why he has more followers than Jay, Letterman and Conan COMBINED. He IS the King of all Media.

      • Bob

        Agreed. Stern is a moron. He just happens to be given a microphone so other morons like him can revel in the fact that there is someone out there who thinks like they do. More to the point though, why is Stern STILL going on about Leno? It seems every chance he gets, he knocks the guy around. I don’t care about Leno one way or the other but it sure looks like Stern’s having difficulty finding new material for his rants.

      • joeNYC

        Hey Stern haters. Let me know when you have your own nationally syndicated radio show – since 1988. Lack of talent, my a55. The man is a genius. You may not like the rough delivery and the dirty jokes and skits…fair enough, everyone has their preferences. But if you ever **listen** to his show you’d get his insight and intelligence. He tells it like it is, in a way that makes one actually think.

        From someone who’s been listening since his WNBC days – and I wish I was around to hear him and Robin in DC.

      • joeNYC

        BA BA Booey.

        And Howard – Grandpa Al said some really, really nice things about you back in the day at Grandpa’s Comedy Club on SI.

        I’d asked him what you were really like, and he almost teared up when he said what a gentleman and nice guy you are. Not the first time I’d heard that… nor the last.

      • Peace

        Haahahaaaaa…….LoL !! Apt way to put it TOROK !
        Able to fill a Bedpan with their talent is like complimenting them….Howard Stern is an IDIOT and Letterman just knows how to laugh at his own dud jokes… they both stink..

      • JAM

        Ramrod nailed it, Stern is crap. I didn’t know he was even still around. How’s his exwife and kids doing

    • Matt

      Stern is allowed to say whatever he wants to say. Stern has never said anything unless there is a reason. First, he is so self absorbed that he cannot stand that his ratings are plumetting while Leno steps away and is now back bigger than before. MY words to Stern “How much money doe you have from XM? That’s right, take it and retire.”

      • Seraphim0

        Back and bigger than before? What show, precisely, are you watching? The “Best of” clips from his first run?

      • MOI

        that’s funny. I think you got it the wrong way, Leno should retire.

      • Rhino

        Stern works for Sirius Radio. Yes XM and Sirius merged but when Stern switched to Sirius Radio the subscribers sky rocketed.

      • Robert A. Booey

        Matt…Stern is on Satellite, there are no ratings retard.

      • marianne

        Stern’s ratings numbers are higher that Jay’s & Letterman’s combined…
        Jays rating are LOWER than Conan’s before he was fired. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but your numbers are way off.

    • Eric Swan

      I love two unfunny guys talking about how somebody else isn’t funny. I don’t think Letterman or Stern has said anything funny in the last 15 years. It’s kind of like Gabourey Sidibe and Mo’Nique talking about how fat Aretha Franklin is.

      • jenn


      • D

        That was the funniest and spot on statement I’ve read all day!

      • SoTrue

        Spot on.

      • Jared

        Lol, finally someone posted a true statement!

      • Bob

        Well done, Eric. Couldn’t have put it better.

      • Mike

        How is this comment spot on? If they haven’t said anything funny in the past 15 years how do they still have comedy shows? I’m guessing you are a republican, which makes your comment even more confusing becuase you’re supposed to be the capitalist. Again, if you believe in capiltalism how in the world does two comedy shows stay on the air if they don’t say funny things…. uh, you re-tards-publicans, I don’t get it.

      • Just Because

        Mike – The last I checked you didn’t need to be a affiliated with a political party in order to like or dislike an entertainer. I thought Eric’s comment was spot on as well. And I’m a Democrat. (not that it matters.)

      • ruth

        mike – wth? honestly…i’m a dem, and your stereotypical comment made me embarrassed for democrats.

      • chelsey

        Howard is a moron. I HAVE listened to a full show, my brother plays stern and bubba all day…. they are TERRIBLE. narcassistic ass… yes, probsbly spelled wrong but oh well.

      • captain obvious

        im not a big Stern fan, but Letterman is miles better than Jay. Jay is to latenight tv as oatmeal is to cuisine.

    • David Wall

      Howard Stern is such a horse’s peptunia, who would give a rodent’s posterior about whatever he said?

      • stephanie

        What’s a peptunia? Idiot.

      • joeNYC

        @stephanie. I think that David is fantasizing about being endowed like a horse, when in fact he is more of a rodent in nature.

        Ba Ba Booey.

    • jad31

      I’m not a Leno fan but Howard Stern is the biggest moron out there. He’s a huge No Talent who isn’t worthy of kissing Leno’s shoes.

      • Pete

        I could not agree more. How does Howard Stern even have a career?

      • miked

        Isn’t worthy of kissing Leno’s shoes? Are you serious? Leno has hired people from Stern’s show and stolen ideas from Stern’s show. How does Stern have a career? BECAUSE EVEN ON SATTELITE RADIO HE HAS MORE VIEWERS/LISTENERS THAN LENO AND LETTERMAN.

      • Chris Johnston

        Agree with jad31.
        I’ve been listening to Mark & Brian for the past 23 years: They’re the greatest, most talented people on radio, but they don’t get to be on TV talk shows because they aren’t controversial like this hack Stern.
        He’s famous simply because he’s loud-mouthed.

    • burgess

      Letterman used to be funny and cutting edge

    • Jim Frei

      Howard Stern ceased being relevant when he joined Sirius Radio…and he was never funny, just puerile. Who is his audience? 13 yo boys.

      • Jesus


      • miked

        13 year old boys? Try again. How about listening to the show before you spout off and show how ignorant you are. Irrelevant because he is on sattelite? You realize new vehicles come with XM/Sirius right.

      • bob

        Hardly 13 yr old boys – his audience is 18-20 million people who willing pay to listen to him. Like him or not, there is NOBODY else who could attract that audience.

      • marianne

        Actually, I’m a registered Republican, College graduate with a four year degree. I’m female, over 50, and have three children. My husband of 28 years signed me up for Sirius Radio as a gift, and I love it. I think Howard is hysterical.

      • Jenna

        I’M in his audience; and I’m a 55-year-old woman. And trust me, I’m certainly not alone.

    • Joe Michels

      Stern didn’t go too far — he went entirely in the wrong direction. Leno creams Letterman in the ratings because he is funnier and more entertaining. Stern just doesn’t get it.



      • joeNYC

        And you’ve accomplished /what/ with your life ?

      • Mike

        Wait, wait… what’s a “LOW CLASS USER BOTTOM FEEDER”. Is that like a “toothless bug hole in the wall”? It just doesn’t make sense.

    • Rush

      Stern owes a lot to Letterman for his national popularity due to his appearances on his old Late Night show in the 1980s. He will forever be in his debt.

    • Brad S

      It’s pretty obvious from your Stern commentary above that you pay absolutely zero attention to pop culture.

      Stern’s rants on Letterman have nothing to do with a Letterman/Leno feud, but stem from Leno stealing his signature ideas (“Jaywalking”, for one)directly from Stern.

      Leno also hired Stuttering John out from underneath Stern, without asking Stern first, yet Jay bitched and complained when Rosie O’Donnell did the same thing to him years earlier.

      Critics of Stern don’t listen to him. Their opinions just stm from things overheard on thew street.

      Just read Ken’s commentary for prime example.

    • Megan Ann Davis

      I, personally, think that Stern is a very spiteful person, full of hate and anger, ditto for Letterman, who just hides his narcissism and cold-heartedness better. I don’t find Letterman remotely funny, he bores me. Jay Leno, on the other hand, gives me the impression of a person who genuinely likes his audience, and has an excellent rapport with them. I take Jay anyday over Letterman. Stern I’ve never listened to, but his looks turn me off. Mean, nasty-minded, and spiteful.

      • mike

        I recommend you try listening. Stern’s intelligence is underrated. He’s a smart man regardless if you like his sense of humor or not.

      • bob

        you realize that your comment negates itself when you say Stern is spiteful, full of hate and anger…but you’ve never listened to him. Opinions and comments are one thing, but have at least a frame of reference before you make them. How could you say that about any entertainer if you haven’t heard or seen their performance? I hope you don’t vote with the same narrow-mindedness that you shared here.

    • Maj_J

      Letterman is always has his “I am smarter than you are” face on and is a bore. Stern made $ being on the edge of censorship by saying things on radio (prior to XM/sirrus)that most broadcast companies would not allow. He is also a bore… his stuff gets old quickly. They pick on leno simply because he leads in the ratings and mainstream America likes him better…

    • Alan Stanwyck

      Stern is great and right! He should promoting Wingman Pheromones as well.

    • jane

      Stern is hateful. What good is that?

    • Jeremy Joystick

      He’s right.

    • rs

      Jee, Leno doesn’t have to resort to sleeze to entertain.

      Is there anything to Stern besides sleeze??? What is this, a cry for media attention?

      • mars

        Stern does great bits and stunts deconstructing popular entertainment. Frinstance a recent tape of Jlo singing badly. Meanwhile she judges a singing contest. His beef with Leno is well worn, to be sure, but conflict is compelling and he is an entertainer after all.

      • chelsey

        For instance, …. you have proved our points about sterns listeners. Thank you.

  • Brit

    He has serious obsessive issues to be focused on Leno this much. Get over it dude.

    • Anno

      You’re so right. He often seems to take his dislike of people to an extreme and winds up becoming boring and repetitive.

      • Bryon

        Just like Leno.

      • Anno

        I’ve never heard Leno dwell on someone he doesn’t like. I’m not a fan of Leno as I don’t think he’s funny but at least he’s not as arrogant as Letterman.

    • Anna

      Agreed. He’s like a dog with a bone.

    • Big Walt

      You mean Stern is being repetitive, predictable, and boring? I’m shocked!

    • ®ustymustdie

      jay’s best bits were swiped from stern…Jaywalking his most famous was a bit done by stern years before.

      • Bob

        And Steve Allen decades before that…

      • Bob387

        Ummm WRONG! Steve Allen’s bit was a scripted bit that only spoke with actors. Howard’s bit is unscripted and talks with regular people. So Leno did steal this from Howard. How about the chicken football betting bit. Jay SUCKS!

      • Dan

        Sounds like Stern tweaked Steve Allen’s bit. Did Steve Allen ever complain about Stern stealing his bits?

    • TJ

      fading medium, and they all better enjoy what they have while they can.

    • Bebe

      I think Howard’s in love with Dave. They’d make a cute couple!



      • oogha

        and YOU are the biggest idiot here…….. :)

    • allie

      agreed. as soon as I saw he was going to be on Letterman I switched to Conan. I’m not a huge Leno fan but I so soooo bored with Stern’s Leno bashing. It’s old. Move on.

  • Zakry

    No, Margaret, he did not. You see, when you have an opinion about something, that is your opinion. Howard thinks Jay’s role in what happened with NBC and Conan was despicable. We all agreed to that at the time. Why is it different because Howard STILL feels that way now? Because he’s Howard?

  • tony finelli

    so what I Leno has beaten Dave in the ratings. That’s like saying the Jersey Shore is better than most network shows because “it” has higher ratings. The fact that Jay beats Dave just goes to show you how many more stupid rubes and hayseads there are in this country, as opposed to open-minded, ironic, and sarcastic viewers who don’t follow the jones’s.

    • DGH

      Yeah thats it Tony if you watch Leno your dumb if you watch Letterman your just so smart when actually your both lame. Trying to figure out which group sucks the most is the real challange!

      • Mallory

        Wow, your real challenge is spelling…

      • jp

        Nice one, Mallory! :D

      • Taboo

        Pat, I’d like to buy an apostrophe for $100

      • Media Magnate


    • MCB

      I dont watch either show. But that doesnt mean I think the people who like Leno are stupid. If you like Letterman, than great. But do you really have to act superior to people with different tastes than you?

      • googie

        I don’t watch them either. I didn’t even watch the video. If you don’t like don’t watch, if you do like watch. so what! I don’t understand what all the anger is about!

    • SpankinElroy

      You nailed it Tony – When the country is paying Bristol Palin 20K to speak on abstinence and how ‘tough’ being a parent is, we’re officially PHurk’d

    • steve

      hey dude,
      if you’re going to call someone a Hayseed….it’s a bit better if you can spell it. really dumb discussion. Leno ia a mainstream comic that real people find funny. Stern and Letterman are narrow audience guys, skewing younger/male and not all that funny.

      • Terry

        Before crowning yourself Spelling Fuhrer of the Intrawebs you might want to at least run a spell check boss. Go DIAF please!

      • James

        If you`re going to correct somebody’s spelling, at least use proper punctuation. BTW mainstream=hayseed.

  • Paulette B

    No Way. I was in the audience – Howard is right. Leno is a HACK. TOTALLY unoriginal. Plus, isnt it Howards JOB to “go to far”?

    • Cass

      You’re absolutely right. Howard recognizes that the world is perspective and he’s just actively exercising his own. Which may be “too far” for some, but we all know that everyone is really thinking the same things…

  • Bostonian

    Once upon a time I used to watch Howard Stern. I found him funny in his distaste for phonies like Kathy Lee Gifford and such. I stopped watching when he went too far and was making fun of Selena’s death with a barrage of gunfire over her music. He seems to me to be just mean-spirited, egotistical and possible jealous of Leno’s success. I don’t particularly care for any late night host more than any other, but move on, it’s really getting tired and smacks of desperation. I think he feels the need to be in the spotlight. WTF?

  • Jean

    Leno just has a better show than Dave. I think Letterman is getting senile and Howard is a PIG. A snobby attitude is expected from losers.

    • Brett

      How old are you, 90? Because Leno is for old people. He puts them to sleep.

      • Laurie

        I like Leno better, too.

      • oogha

        I am 37 – dikhed – and i like leno.

    • jp

      “A snobby attitude is expected from losers.” That makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Mary

      Jay steals Dave’s routines all the time. (And has done so for years.) And Jay was a total jerk to Conan.

      • FEAH

        I don’t understand the ” Jay steals Dave’s jokes” statement. If Dave said the joke why don’t people like it until Jay tells the joke??

      • phillyz

        If you bag on Howard then you’ve probably never heard a single show he’s done in the past few years. Why do people hate him so much? Is it because he’s crude and disgusting? Well, sure, he can go over the top. But the porn and crude over the top behavior is only (maybe) 10-15% of the show. This is something you would know if you weren’t like the majority of the population who form their opinion by what other people say and by listening to the comments that are said by the mainstream media. Look, lets be truthful, Howard isn’t for everybody. But if you like listening to interviews with stars, he’s the best. Billy Joel, Steven Tyler, Kelsey Grammer’s chick, David Arquette, and Ron Howard are just a few who have been on in the past couple to three weeks. You can’t get these interviews anywhere else because these other networks have no talent hacks who have no idea how to interview or ask questions people actually want to hear. Let’s be truthful again, Piers Morgan (who really knows how Piers is going to be since he’s so new at the talk show game) wants to battle with Stern now, which you would again know by actually listening to these shows in order to form your own opinion, in order to probably boost ratings. I don’t blame him! Who else is better to use to boost ratings than Howard? Leno, Conan, Letterman all used (at one point) Howard to boost ratings. And actually, Conan has it in contract that he can’t use Howard to boost ratings on his show. You would also know this by listening to these shows. Look, all I’m saying is that I’m reading all of these posts from people who say Howard sucks, and he’s not talented. Give me a break. Where did you form the opinion? Don’t tell me you did so by actually listening to the show. Even people who I know that don’t like him have at least listened to one of his broadcasts and formed an opinion at least a little more educated than that. I bet you don’t even know why the Leno battle happened in the first place do you? Well, Leno brought him on to do an interview in order to boost ratings (they used to be buddy-buddy going on eachothers shows). The other guests were Siskel and Ebert. When Stern came on he brought two chicks with him and Leno made a big deal about it and walked off the show. What did he think Stern was going to do? But that show was one of the biggest rated shows in Leno’s talk show history. So now when Leno went after Conan like he did of course Stern is going to say something about it. All I’m saying, form an educated opinion and jump off the bandwagon of people making uneducated and ignorant opinions supported by mainstream media and other people.

    • Brian

      Your sense of humor just sucks.

      • FEAH

        still doesn’t the question.

    • Jim

      Leno is very boring. Tired old jokes that aren’t even his.

    • joeNYC

      Lots of guys are pigs. And so are a lot of gals. So what?

      Are you any better? Perfect perhaps?

      Ba Ba Booey!

  • DGH

    I think they both are lame and wouldn’t watch either of them. I just wish I new which one Howard has a bigger crush on Leno or Letterman?

    • Genie

      bad spellers are lame



    • DGH

      I haven’t listened to Howard in years but don’t you think that joke is played out a little much?

      • Richard Christy

        ERNIE CAPSLOCK is muh favorite.



      • Psac

        Yeah it was funny.

    • jzo

      you beat me to it! Nice!

    • Heywood

      Easy Ernie, he get’s it. Look at his name…

    • joeNYC

      Fla Fla Flunky!!!!

      Is that better??

      • Jenna

        I like “Ma Ma Monkey.”

  • Beepo

    Who is Howard Stern?

    • RM

      Who is Jay Leno? Really, who is Jay Leno?

    • JD

      I heard of a guy named howardsomething back in the 90s.

      • Mike

        Yeah, before he went to satelite you would have.

  • Clio

    I find it strange that you’re pinning this on Dave, when (1) Howard has ALWAYS hated Jay and (2) so does most of the comedy community. It might seem like old news because hey, ratings, but it really isn’t because hey, he’s still a hack. And that isn’t about Conan, and it isn’t even really about the whole Dave-and-Jay thing. It’s about what the Tonight Show was when Carson was on, not as a cultural touchstone because it could never be that now, but as a launching pad for young comics, and what it is now, which is pretty much the opposite of that.

    Just because someone said something two years ago doesn’t mean they shouldn’t say it again if it’s still true.

  • Shelby

    Opie and Anthony and Lil’ Jimmy Norton are waaaaay better than Stern.

    • Mike

      O&A better than Stern? Are you crazy?? They got fired from 14 stations because their ratings tanked.XM tried to charge $1 extra just for them years ago and it didn’t work. No one jumped. So what did XM do??? They raised everyone package price and added the Virus. You have no idea what your talking about Stern is way better than those two wanna be’s.

      • Steven

        regarding the $1 additional fee to get O&A when they 1st went to XM – Noone, including O&A knew how it was going to work and XM thought it was a bit of a risk considering the 2 year hiatus and the circumstances of their firing from CBS/Infinity. So, they charged the $1, gave them a target number of subscribers and when they hit the target, the $1 was taken away (took them less than a year). Considering they have been re signed multiple times since, you can’t say the show is a failure.

    • Jim

      O&A are just ok. Amusing but they just talk all over each other when I listened. No one is even in the same league as Stern. 25+ years of making people laugh.

  • RayT

    What about Dave saying in this interview that he’s leaving in two years? I’m not ready for him to go!

  • Daniel

    It is *impossible* to take Jay Leno-bashing too far.

    • oogha

      sure it is danny. only losers like yourself wallow in the sty of envy for years.

    • M&M

      Jay Leno is the single luckiest bad comedian ever to walk the face of the earth. How a talentless hack like him managed to weasel his way onto the Tonight Show forever tarnishing the legacy Carson built (yeah, yeah I know…. Steve Allen and Jack Parr were first) is mind-boggling. Stand-up comedians have been accusing him of stealing material for decades. He hasn’t earned a single thing he has except his rep as a material and tv show thief.

  • Al

    Howard used to be friends with Leno and would praise him. That all ended when Suttering John joined the Tonight Show. From then on, Stern has been on a rampage against Leno. It’s a personal thing.

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