Tracy Morgan has more choice words for Sarah Palin

tracy-morgan_240.jpg Image Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR PhotosTracy Morgan had a few delightful shout-outs on the red carpet for the SAG awards last night. He thanked his kidney donor and ex-girlfriend Tanisha, wished his ex-wife a happy birthday, praised the 30 Rock writers, and declared that Sarah Palin is “the hottest MILF in the world!” Not to be pedantic, but Sarah Palin is technically a grandmother.  (Morgan’s love of the ex-governor first came to national attention last week when he said on TNT’s Inside the NBA pregame show that “she’s good masturbation material.”)

If you can’t say hi to your kidney donor and talk about your celebrity fantasies, what’s the point of being famous, PopWatchers?

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  • Kate

    And the political bullsh*t starts in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2…

    • harry

      ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      • ha

        Sarah is LUCKY to be even getting this attention about HER. ugh she talks such bull!!!!!!!! lol

  • Mr. Holloway

    All things considered, some of the more flattering comments I’ve heard thrown Palin’s way.

    • harry

      I agree

  • Olorin

    Not to be pedantic, but a grandmother also is a mother. A person does not stop being a mother simply because her son or daughter also has a child. While Mr. Morgan makes many mistakes (funny as he is), this is not one of them.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Maybe Tracy Morgan thinks somebody else is a hotter G.I.L.F?

      • Jenny

        I would go for GMILF.

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        Good point.

    • Dgently

      @Orolin: THANK YOU! Also, I would like to know why the blogger refers to Palin as “technically” a grandmother. I mean, her daughter had a child. There doesn’t seem to be a technicality involved. : )

    • Elle

      Thank you for pointing that out Olorin because I was thinking the same thing.

  • Steven

    I liked when he said “doning” instead of “donating.” A personal highlight from the red carpet.

  • mr.smelly

    mr holloway, if your name is based on Josh Holloway ( sawyer from lost ) then that is quite…….gay

    • DaDude

      agreed, very gay

    • Rolo Tomasi

      What’s gay is that’s the first thing you thought of when you saw his name.

      • Everyday American

        HAHA! My thoughts exactly. A bit of projection on the part of mr.smelly if you ask me.

    • Peter

      Can people stop using the term gay in a derogatory way? Grow up kids

      • Rolo Tomasi

        It has more than one meaning. If it bothers you, pick another word to describe your sexual preference

      • Rufus

        Stop using derogatory in such a gay way. Lighten up, Peter.

      • mike

        Peter, you are gay!

      • Mike

        Yes, it has multiple meanings. But not one of them is a synonym with lame, dumb, bad, or any other negative terms. People who use it in that fashion need to grow the hell up.

      • Brayden

        Maybe we should make “Mike” synonymous with lame, bad, boring, pretentious or any other negative term instead.

      • Hill, Larry S.

        Says the guy named Brayden.

      • Mike

        Or maybe we could use the actual meanings of actual words. Or would that be too gay?

      • Monty

        I though that word referred to inconsiderate d-bag harley riders….

    • Devin

      Gay actually means “happily excited”.

  • Southernbelle

    Just think someone else with more brains and respectability could have gotten that kidney! :-(

  • MrNiceGuy

    More Hollywierd dreck coming from another nondescript “comedian” who thinks he is funny and that his opinions matter. Blah.

    • jodipo

      oh please, you know you like to whack it to Palin… or is it her husband who catches your fancy?

    • Everyday American

      What’s even funnier is reading a comment from an unfunny, unintelligent nobody on the Internet who thinks HIS opinions matter. I love seeing losers express their self-loathing over the Internet. You know your place, even if you won’t admit it to yourself.

    • Elizabeth

      Oh hey! A comment by someone who has no clue who Tracy Jordan is! Clever….realllll clever

      • Jason

        Tracy Jordan is a character.

    • erin

      did you seriously just say “Hollyweird”? (ableit misspelled, natch)
      sweet jeebus, you people are ridiculous

  • jpratm99

    shes dumb as can be but beutiful she could rule the earth a shame shes so ignorant

  • buddyboy

    Who the hell is this racist Tracy Moron, er Morgan

    • BooBoy

      And exactly WHAT about his comments are racist, might I ask? YOUR comment on the other hand…

  • MultiPass


  • Bill

    Does it seem weird that EW has daily articles on Sarah Palin?

    • erin

      heck no; she’s so damn entertaining

      • BooBoy

        Entertaining in a “we’re laughing AT her, not WITH her” sort of way.

  • Shannon S

    I thought it was so stupid when TNT made that apology for Tracy’s comments about Palin…how can you bring Tracy Morgan on live TV and not be ready for something like this? Frankly, I’m amazed that he didn’t say anything REALLY offensive.

  • Keith

    I hope he says more stuff like this. Go, Tracy – they can’t shut you up.

  • tommy O

    Hey Tracy,
    Andy Warhol called. Tick Toc…Tick toc…

    • BooBoy

      Yeah – that makes sense. NOT!

  • Rush

    At least he didn’t say anything untoward about her underage daughter, huh, David Letterman?

    • Cris

      Wow, a Letterman joke reference. Way to hit these phenomena at the height of their cultural relevance. Got any Lance Ito jokes you want to throw in while you’re at it?

      • Rush

        It’s amazing after all this time that she manages to keep her “moral outrage” culturally relevant.

    • BooBoy

      Get up to speed Rush. Bristol Palin is 20. Hardly underage, no?

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