'Superman': Clark Kent's been cast. Who should play Lois Lane?

kidder-durance_lois-laneImage Credit: Everett Collection; Sergei Bachlakov/The CWNow that Henry Cavill has been cast as Superman, the creators of the Superman reboot have an even bigger challenge: Who will play Lois Lane, Supes’ hard-driving love interest/competitor? One of the first great SSOs (Superhero Significant Other), Lois provides a crucial dose of humanity in Superman’s fantastical world. She’s funny, she’s sexy, she works too hard and she’ll do anything for a story, but she’s also a deeply moral person battling society’s corrupting influences (i.e., Lex Luthor.) In the last thirty years, some talented actresses have put their own stamp on the character. By taking a close look at their performances, we can maybe come up with some decent possibilities for the new movie. I’ve come up with a handy scientific method for describing the various Lois Lanes: Call it The Kidder-Durance Scale of Lois Lane-dom.

Margot Kidder played Lois Lane opposite Christopher Reeve in four Superman films in the ’70s and ’80s. Her performance emphasized Lois’ workaholic personality and her slightly unhinged, chain-smoking tenacity. Viewed from this perspective, Lois should be played by someone like Rachel McAdams, who gave a dynamite performance as a yuppie workaholic in the otherwise-bland Morning Glory. At the far end of the scale sits Erica Durance, who’s been playing Lois on Smallville for several years. Durance’s Lois is more glamorous, more obviously heroic, and more overtly sexy — you wouldn’t have seen Kidder’s Lois go undercover as a stripper. She’s almost more an action heroine, really. (That’s very much in line with the present-day comic book Lois, who was raised as an army brat.) A Lois Lane in the Durance spectrum could be played by someone like Jessica Biel or Durance-lookalike Michelle Monaghan.

I’d say that Teri Hatcher’s Lois Lane in Lois & Clark exists at the perfect midpoint of the Kidder-Durance Scale: She’s a rom-com heroine, but also an adventurer, and she’s sexy, but in a lighthearted Howard Hawks way. The obvious Hatcher-esque choice would be Anne Hathaway, who’s unfortunately already starring in a movie with that other DC icon. So I’d personally propose a slightly outside-of-the-box choice: Sarah Polley. Polley hasn’t worked very often in big Hollywood movies, with one big exception: the Dawn of the Dead remake. She anchored that movie with a perfect Lois Lane-esque mixture of brave desperation — it’s one of the best action-heroine performances this side of Sigourney Weaver. And since Dawn of the Dead was helmed by new Superman director Zack Snyder, it’s not a complete outside chance.

Who do you think should play Lois Lane, PopWatchers? Should they cast another Brit alongside Cavill, like Keira Knightley, just to make this the most English Superman ever? Let’s start throwing names around, people.

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  • Dony

    Michelle Monaghan would be perfect. As is Henry Cavill for Superman.

    • CJ


      • Brandon IS Superman


        Brandon Routh should be Superman

        Bridget Reagan should be Lois Lane
        OR Kerri Russell

      • ann

        I don’t agree about Brandon, but I could totally dig Bridget as LL.

      • Jason

        Bridget Reagan or Jessica Pare would both be great choices. Whoever plays her shouldn’t look like she’s fresh out of college.

      • ERIC

        I am going to throw a totally different direction out there and say Eva Mendes. She can play sexy/sultry and she already has the workaholic reporter down from playing that character in Hitch.

      • Iris

        Zoe Saldana and Claire Danes would be great Kidder-esque Lois candidates.

      • KC

        Lea Michelle will win this role by a nose.

      • Arthur Burris

        My Daughter Jasnet Nell Papson should play Lois Lane.
        Janet Papson Enumclaw , Washington

      • Matt

        Arthur, you’re smoking crack if you think they’re hiring your daughter.

      • i think

        matt bomer should have been superman

      • BigBOO

        “Brandon IS Superman”


        BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!!! Funny!!

      • harry

        Brandon Should be Superman. but Henry Cavill was my second choice. either way I win!!!

      • i think

        theres a reason we havent heard from brandon routh since superman returns….

    • Josh

      I have to agree. I think she’ll be great for the role.

      • Jessica

        Couldn’t agree more about Bridget. That girl needs work, she’s so brilliant.

      • Alexis

        Bridget would be pretty great, or maybe Eva Green if we’re suggesting fellow Brits although she’s more what I pictured for Catwoman

    • kramer

      Michelle is too thin- she’s almost like an anorexic. I really hate seeing her on screen in anything.

    • Heidi

      Sarah Polley WOULD BE AMAZING. A TOTALLY under-appreciated actress.

      • jeannieb62

        Right on. Sarah also brings credibility to anything she does. Since Superman is already being criticized for happening too soon and too much…Sarah might be the remedy

      • Craig

        Sarah is an interesting consideration and would be perfect. Now I can only see her in the role.

      • amara

        I don’t think Sarah would be ideal for this role. She’s too blonde.

    • simon

      Clair Foy – british actress. Awesome. Brilliant in Little Dorrit. Fiesty actress

      • Maggie

        She was great in Little Dorrit! Good choice!

      • jury’s out

        I loved her in Little Dorrit.

    • Sean

      Michelle would be great, but I also want to throw Evangeline Lilly into the mix. She’s played spunky/stubborn/kick-a** as Kate on Lost. Not to mention the balance of independent and vulnerable. And look no further than the last season’s “side-ways” episodes to see she can pull off the hot business look!

      • solange

        I could see Evangeline Lilly as a LL

      • UGH

        Her name was rumored during “Superman Returns” but probably her obligations to Lost at the time hindered her from taking the job. I think she would be perfect but she’s semi-retired from acting. She wants to be a childrens’ book author or something along those lines.

      • SXiPPY

        Sean, I like your choice and agree completely. I could also see Sophia Bush as Lois Lane and Lord knows she needs work to get her out of typecast central. I’d like to see a less “big name” star tackle Lois. If you can ruin Batman by tossing in Katie Holmes’ mopey acting self, why not take a chance and see how another TV star may fair? Somebody has to make amends for Kate Bosworth’s worthless performance.

      • i think

        sopia bush? are you crazy? not only is she not that talented, but i can’t stand her husky voice. the first time i heard her on OTH i thought she must’ve just had a cold or something. but after seeing the show a few times i realized there’s just something wrong with the girls voice. does she have nodules on her vocal chords or something?

    • Lovesthebj

      Sarah Polley is a talented actress, but when I see her on screen I don’t want to nail her. So, she’s out. Can I have Jennifer Connelly 15 years ago?

      • sam

        Rebecca Hall

      • RorySparrow

        Yes., I think Rebeca Hall is the perfect choice

    • darclyte

      They should have cast Kate Beckinsale as Selina Kyle/Catwoman since she’s (a) sexier and (b) closer to Mr. Bale’s age than Anne Hathaway, and then they could have cast Anne as Lois Lane. I’m guessing that like Cavill, they’ll go with a relative unknown.

      • Jade

        agree. I can’t see Anne Hathaway as a wild catwoman.

      • Justin

        ok, as far as Anne as Selena/Catwoman…I had my doubts about Heathe playing the Joker but damn it worked. So I’m giving Anne a shot.

    • sarCC

      Monaghan would be good. My heart says either Lizzy Caplan or Anna Kendrick.

      • alan of Montreal

        Lizzy Caplan would be perfect! I think Anna Kendrick is too young. I was thinking of another Anna–Friel, though she may be too old. Rashida Jones might work, or maybe Mila Kunis?

      • A-K87

        Iv been liking the idea of Rashida Jones. I find her truly mesmerising. She did well in The Social Network and showed warmth in I Love You Man.

      • Reny

        Rashida Jones, YES!!!

    • Clark Kent

      Katee Sackhoff would be an awesome LL personality wise, she can do sexy…quirky…and fierce. She has the chops to be a movie star as well.

      • Clark Kent

        Also, and this is just me riffing, Jason Statham would be an ideal lex luther. No clues about the plot or villain, but most modern versions of Luther have a more physically imposing presence. He is supposed to be the pinnacle of humanity – intelligence, power, politically savvy, and strength. It’s partly why he hates superman, b/c for all of his attributes he pales. Jason Stathem could rock as LL

      • pastafarian

        but can he do an American accent (or would we even want that from Statham)? Or is Lex British now?

      • UGH

        Please no more Lex Luthor.

      • Emilio

        I can see Luthor as a secondary character. In the background, with 5 lines, one of them meaningful to the plot. And then disappear. Ah, and no green suit please. Not even in the comics I like it.

    • Bluto

      Why do they keep remaking this movie? Jesus‚ move on to something else for God’s sake.

      • Tarc

        Ha! No chnace of that… they’ll be reamking the superhero movies until there are no longer humans to watch them.

      • Rachel

        They’ll keep doing it until they’ve got it right.
        That said, there needs to be a Lex, because he’s just as much a part of Superman’s supporting cast as Lois or Jimmy Olsen or the Kents, but he doesn’t need to be the primary villain.

    • Rick

      If a new Lois Lane is cast in another Superman reboot, and no one watches the movies, does it matter who is cast?

    • Rush

      Ellen Paige.

    • lori wise

      The most interesting and charming new face to be Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman starring Henry Cavill is Hillary Beulah. She is a fresh face, hard core public relations background, stage and film presence. People would love her. Give her an audition with Henry and see how well this combination works. I have been a lover of Superman films all of my life; I hope you give my suggestion much serious thought.

  • Mr. Holloway

    Emily Blunt.

    • Cricketgrl

      That could work. Blunt has a tougher exterior that is needed for this character.

      • Mr. Holloway

        …and that was COMPLETELY missing from Bosworth’s weak-sauce performance.

      • John B.

        I guarantee you they won’t cast two Brits as Supes and Lois. How about Mila Kunis?

      • Mr. Holloway

        @ John B.

        Why not? As I’m sure you know, there’s a Brit Superman, Batman, and Spider Man…why are you so sure that they’re going to draw the line at Lois Lane? And why should they?

        Personally, I think Blunt is better for the role, and I would never choose Kunis (or any other American actress) just because “you can’t two Brits as Supes and Lois”.)

        For the record, I like Kunis, but I think she’s a little too sex bomb-y for Lois Lane.

      • Mr. Holloway

        (“…you can’t have* two Brits…”)

      • Wha’ever

        It’s funny you don’t see them casting another brit for Lois Lane and you still think they would cast Mila Kunis who isn’t exactly your “all-American-girl” (even though she’s Caucasian)

      • dominic

        Kunis is a Russian and wasn’t born in America

      • tia

        They probably won’t have two British actors because they probably will have Superman use an American accent, which will be easier to maintain around a bunch of Americans.

      • @dominic

        Kunis is not Russian, she’s Ukrainian.

      • A-K87

        I agree with Holloway. Especially the sex bomb comment. No amount of makeup or ‘wardrobe’ can make Kunis less sex bomby. Her hotness is her curse.

    • Deb

      YEESSSS! I am so behind that choice. She’s spunky, she’s sexy, she’s confident. What more could we need in a Lois?

      • liv

        she could sooo work shes british also ha ha

    • dee

      I like her as well. All I know is that Henry Cavill can rescue me anytime, lucky girl whoever gets the part.

    • tracy bluth

      YES PLEASE. I was so p*ssed when she had to drop out of Iron Man 2, especially since Scarlett Johansson kind of sucked. I was really rooting for her to be Catwoman (though I’m happy with the choice of Anne Hathaway).

      • Heidi

        who are you referring to – Sarah Polley or Emily Blunt?

      • tracy bluth

        Emily Blunt.

      • solange

        Emily Blunt is boring and Lois has a lot of spunk

      • UGH

        Lois would have a lot of spunk if she were with Superman.

    • wino

      ohhhh i like the idea of Emily Blunt. sharp, sexy and tough. she could pull it off.

    • simon

      Blunt is too old

      • wino

        huh? blunt is 27, same age as Henry.

      • Mae

        and has man face sometimes.

      • Maggie

        Emily Blunt is 5 years YOUNGER than Erica Durance. Blunt is only 6 months older than Mila Kunis.

    • Myke25

      YES! Emily Blunt!

  • Allen

    I don’t understand why they are rebooting this AGAIN.

    • Kat


      • Galen

        Sadly thats the real answer.

    • Jay

      Superman Returns wasn’t a re-boot. It was more of a do-over sequel to Superman II, and an homage to the Reeve movies.
      Taking that into account, it has been two decades since a new Superman story got told. With Christopher Nolan involved, I’ve got high hopes for this thing

      • Emilio

        I am thrilled too, but Nolan is the reason why. I can see the studio investing in some money, but Nolan invests in art and storytelling. I only hope the director (Snider, right?) is up to the task. I think he did an awful Dr. Manhattan, and Supperman walks the same road.

      • JL

        It wasn’t a do-over to Superman II. It was to replace Superman III.

    • michelle

      Because it is both necessary and appropriate, and Warner Brothers needs to get it done before the rights revert to the heirs.

      • @michelle

        Necessary? No. Food, clothing, and shelter are necessary. This movie is just another Dollar-draw on the Superman-spigot.

    • Chaz Winterbottom

      Reboots are made of walking…err to the bank?

      • Chaz Winterbottom

        and *for* walking too.

      • J


  • Damon

    As long as it’s not Kate Boringwoth.

    • Zoe

      Ha ha–I love how EW’s Kidder-Durance-Hatcher scale doesn’t even mention the only other recent Lois! (And deservedly so.)

      • Rachel

        Man, don’t knock Dana Delaney. She did a good job all through the animated series.

    • T

      I agree about Kate- she couldn’t have been worse!

  • Jimbo

    Although Rachel McAdams would be a great Lois Lane, I believe Minka Kelly would be perfect for the role.

    • Kris

      I love Minka so much and would definitely welcome the chance to see her on the big screen again but I think Minka is too sweet and bubbly to play Lois. She’s not edgey enough.

      • Tim

        LOVE Minka Kelly. She’s not right for this.

      • Tarc

        Minka Kelly was cast in the new TV Charlie’s Angels roboot a few days ago.

    • Mae

      she has a mouse voice.

      • Eric


    • s

      Ooh Rachel McAdams! Like that one.

  • Amit!

    Warner Bros. needs to be smart about this. They need to choose an actress who can portray a strong, gutsy, determined woman. Personally, I think that’s where they went wrong when they cast Katie Holmes in Batman Begins and Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns – neither actress was convincing as a strong woman. I’m afraid that they may have gone the same route with Blake Lively as Carol Ferris as well.

    For starters, they may want to take someone who didn’t star on a WB/CW show. Sure, we’ve gotten Sarah Michelle Gellar, Keri Russell, and Kristen Bell from them, but beyond that, there haven’t been a lot of kick-butt women.

    I like the idea of Rachel McAdams, honestly. I think she’d do a great Lois. Beyond that…hmm.

    • John B.

      You say that as if Gellar and Bell were awesome actresses we got from the netlets.In fact, I would put them in the minus column. Neither Bell nor Gellar can act their way out of a paperbag.

      • Shaun

        I really beg to differ, John. SMG lead a hit show for 7 years, that’s no easy feat for someone who “can’t act.” She does great with a certain character type, there is a difference. Kristen Bell is one of the most underappreciated actresses in Hollywood, she has much more range than Geller. Proof? Watch “Not Pictured” from season 2 of “Veronica Mars.”

      • ST

        I actually was going to throw Kristen Bell’s name into the hat for Lois. I think she’d play the hard hitting but still loving (towards some) part well. I also think Rachel McAdams would be a good fit too though.

      • Diane

        SMG made me laugh, cry and root for her. I’m not sure what you think acting is-but she did a good job on Buffy and hopefully will do a good job with her new pilot. Heck I’d love to see her give LL a shot

      • Mole

        Did you actually watch either of those shows? Err, anyway, besides the normal fanboy defense, I’ll actually go a step further and say that Kristen Bell is one of the most versatile actresses in Hollywood. Compare her characters from Veronica Mars, Heroes, and Reefer Madness side by side, and then remind yourself again that it’s all the same woman.

      • s

        I’ll give you SMG, because while she suited Buffy well, I don’t think she’s a great actress in general, but Bell was superb on that show. She, sadly, chooses unfortunate movie roles, but she was incredible on VM.

    • Ford

      You made me think of Keri Russell who would make a great Lois Lane!

    • alan of Montreal

      I think Blake Lively has actually started coming into her own as a grittier actress than many would have expected of her. Another few names that came to mind: America Ferrara, Amber Tamblyn, Kate Mara

      • Emilio

        I liked it when Blake Lively was a no-no for LL.

      • i think

        no no no to amber tamblyn. i don’t know why people think she’s so great. she has some talent, but it’s nothing great to speak of. and she’s sooo awkward looking. she only should be cast in parts where the character seems awkward and not comfortable in her own skin.

    • N

      Rachel McAdams would be very good. Oh and Blake Lively is actually really good… have you seen “the town?” She’s good in it, hot, slutty, kinda crazy, a bit of a druggy… pulls it all off too. Now, for Lois… it’s such a tough one to call because I know there are many actresses that I don’t know about… Elisha Cuthbert is sexy enough, though I don’t know any movies that have shown off acting talent…Michelle Williams is good…Natalie Portman… Rachel Evan Wood…I’m thinking Michelle Williams. She’s more over the everyday girl and she’s attractive in a more approachable and realistic way. She’s been part of of some good ones recently too… really coming into her own. Might be perfect timing. Her man Heath Ledger pulled off an incredible Joker, so perhaps she pulls off a great Lois Lane?

  • Vanessa

    I like Rachel McAdam’s for Lois Lane. Two out of the four last live-action Lois Lanes have been played by Canadians: Margot Kidder and Erica Durance so why not continue that tradition.

    • Mark

      Yeah Canucks! And for that matter, Sarah Poley would continue the tradition too.

      • alan of Montreal

        Although I actually think that Sarah is too strong an actress to play anyone’s second fiddle. Anyway, she’s too busy directing her second film.

    • HollyGV

      Yes – I say continue the Canadian Lois tradition… hey if Superman’s going to be a Brit, why not?
      So, that being said, I think Evangeline Lilly would be great (I think she’s more on the Durance side of the scale)… but McAdams could probably pull it off too :)

  • postman

    zoey deschanel perfect

    • Rusty Shackelford

      What? Total opposites.

    • s

      Hmm…could be interesting. Could also be weird.

    • Solange

      No no Zoey, doesn’t fit

    • Ummm

      No no no no no no. And umm….no. Zooey Deschanel is AWFUL. Now, had you said Emily Deschanel, I could get behind that.

      • Me

        I see Emily Deschanel as Wonder Woman not LL.

      • @ Me

        then you need glasses

      • DC-KID

        I could see Emily Deschanel as Lois Lane. She can definitely pull off a sexy yet classy thing and her character Brennan on Bones is pretty much just Lois with a touch of social awkwardness. In my opinion, she just needs to grow out her hair and she’d be golden.

      • DC-KID

        And why couldn’t she be both Wonder Woman and Lois Lane. Can’t an actor/actress play two separate roles in two different comic-based movies (granted if they ever do make a Wonder Woman movie). It’s been done before.

  • Dony

    Check out Michelle Monaghan in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Gone Baby Gone… she’s perfect for the role.

  • Dave

    Rachel McAdams or Rose Byrne.

    • Rusty Shackelford

      Ugh, Rachel McAdams is horrible.

      • Solange


      • UGH

        You don’t need to tell me.
        I’m thinking in some weird way that Jenna Fischer could actually play the part.

    • Anne

      Yes on Rose Byrne.

      • simon

        Too old

      • Dave

        Rose Byrne is 31 years old. And she can pass for younger, probably as young as 25. She’d be fine, age-wise.

      • Liz

        @Dave: Ha! You made me laugh with that one. There is NO WAY Rose Byrne could pass for 25.

      • @Liz

        It’s not that hilarious. Rose Byrne essentially passes for a girl in her mid to late 20s on Damages.

      • Cindy

        I’m a fan of Damages and yes, Rose Byrne’s character Ellen Parsons is about 28, 29 years old and she plays it perfectly. So yes to Rose for Lois Lane.

      • A-K87

        I’m not a comic book cannot but is t there some golden rule about Marvel and DC worlds colliding… (Rose Byrne, X Men First Class)

      • Anne

        Oh, I had no idea that Rose Byrne is going to be in X Men First Class. Interesting.

    • s

      Either could be good

  • UGH

    Justin Bieber!

    • Rosa


    • Dominic

      LMOA. This!

    • SYLVI212

      Bieber would make a great looking girl. All he would need is a little lipstick….

  • KC

    Courtney Cox.
    Think about it.

    • UGH

      Too old.

    • Mr. Holloway

      I thought about it (maybe a lighter shade of her “Scream” character), but then I couldn’t remember any version of “Superman” where Lois Lane is almost 20 years older than Clark Kent.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Old hag, think about it…

    • Dave

      She’s too old, otherwise she could have been perfect.

    • HD

      If it weren’t for the age thing, I’d say Courtney Cox all the way!

    • Solange

      Yes! Courtney would have been perfex but like everyone said, the age is the issue

      • UGH

        You could go for the MILF angle since she popped out one of Sup’s puppies in the last one.
        Oh, yeah. This one’s a reboot. Duhr.

    • KC

      Let’s be honest. Margot Kidder was pretty haggard back in the day so there’s no problem casting an older actress such as Courtney.

    • BC

      Wow, I thought I was the only one to think of that. Of course, the thought occurred about ten years ago when Superman was in development purgatory. Too bad, because now she’s too old for the part…

  • Chandler

    I am liking the idea of Rashida Jones. She does smart really well.

    • wino

      hmm, that could also work. she’s a very beautiful actress, yet not too sexy.

      • A-K87

        100% agree. Kunis is too gloriously sexy (great actress, mind£ but Jones is classy/sophisticated sexy

    • s


    • Mark

      Funny you should mention that – at first glance of the column’s picture, I actually thought the Margot Kidder photo WAS Rashida Jones. And here’s a thought: if she got cast, then EVERY SINGLE female from “The Social Network” would be in a new blockbuster franchise series.
      …okay, that isn’t saying much.

      • Kelsey

        She’s the first actress that I came upon in the comments that I actually can consider as LL. I really love Rashida Jones’ work, and she’s beautiful, I just wonder if she can kick butt or not…

      • Maggie

        Rashida Jones is a great choice. Good actress & I like the idea of Lois being bi-racial.

      • Mole

        Can Rashida kick butt? Watch last week’s Parks and Rec breakdown for an answer to that question.

    • Iris

      I like Rashida Jones, in addition to Zoe Saldana and Claire Danes.

    • amara

      Rashida Jones looks like a young and prettier version of Margot Kidder.

  • McNulty

    Alison Brie

    • Liam

      ZOMG this would be perfection. I can’t believe I didn’t think of Alison Brie!

    • J20

      Alison Brie would be awesome! I would like Rachel McAdams too. Or me…because I’d love to be Henry Cavill’s love interest!

    • LOL

      Brie magic!

    • Inertiaman

      No, no, no. Way too cutesy.

      • Mole

        But you’ve seen her on Mad Men, right? She can be intense!

      • s

        Actually Mole, I’d say she’s pretty cutesy on the Mad Men scale of intensity.

      • MattyB

        Yes, yes, yes. She’s carried off some very weighty moments on Mad Men. She does cutesy well, but she does anguished & intense just as believably.

    • MattyB

      Allison Brie is an excellent idea! I love her on Community but absolutely adore her on Mad Men. She would be a great choice!

    • Lunna

      YES! Finally someone had the same thought I did! The only problem I find with Alison is that even though she is like 26 she looks very young. But I think hair, makeup and wardrobe can always change that.

  • Jo Ann

    Mila Kunis or Megan Fox.

    • BB

      Yes to Mila. I definitely think she could pull it off well. Better than Bosworth at the very least.

      Megan Fox? Let’s get someone who can act.

      • tia


    • Caroline

      No and Double NO!

    • Dave

      Absolutely NO on Megan Fox.

      • Inertiaman

        Oh good God, no to Megan Fox.

      • Maggie

        Megan Fox can’t act. And she looks like she’s in her 40s. (Yeah, I know she’s only 24, but she looks old.)

    • Luis

      mila kunis… could be alright… but megan fox?? Wut tha F*** r u on??? lol..

      • neelam

        I think Olivia Wilde would be great. She was good in Tron and I loved her on House

    • tipsy

      How do you put Kunis and Fox ion the same sentence? Acting isn`t only about looking hot.

      Anyway, big props to Kunis.

    • T

      NOOOO Megan Fox… please no

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