Jonathan Knight 'officially' comes out (and suddenly becomes your favorite New Kid?)

Tiffany-Knight-GibsonImage Credit: Ron Galella/WireImage.comI think for most people, Jonathan Knight has always been their third or fourth favorite member of New Kids on the Block. (Always above Danny, possibly above pre-acting Donnie.) But after Tiffany accidentally “outed” him recently on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live when talking about dating him back in the day, he went to No. 1 for me with a bullet. Jonathan was always the quiet, shy one. I never knew he had such a good sense of humor until I visited his Twitter page after the “news” broke: At Sundance, he tweeted his excitement about a potential celebrity sighting: “Rumor has it Oprah is here! #carsforeveryone! #We’regooooooingtoAuuuuuustralia! #MaybethatreallywasGayle.” Returning to Boston, he lamented not enjoying the experience to its fullest: “Oprah wasn’t having it when I ran up to her and said ‘Oprah its Jon, your long lost half brother’! #thingsthatdidntgosowellatsundance.”

On Jan. 25, Knight’s publicist told EW, “Jonathan has never publicly spoken about his sexuality and doesn’t intend to start.” But today, he broke his silence on the members’ only NKOTB blog with a post titled “TO ALL MY FANS WHO HAVE EXPRESSED CONCERN.” Courtesy of a screengrab via Towleroad, we can all read it: 

“I have never been outed by anyone but myself! I did so almost twenty years ago. I never knew that I would have to do it all over again publicly just because I reunited with NKOTB! I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay! Apparently the pre requisite to being a gay public figure is to appear on the cover of a magazine with the caption ‘I am gay’. I apologize for not doing so if this is what was expected! My belief is that you live your life by example, and not by a caption on a magazine! If there ever has been any confusion about my sexuality, then you are someone that doesn’t even know me!

I love living my life being open and honest, but at this time I choose not to discuss my private life any further! My fellow band members don’t discuss their private lives with their loved ones and I don’t feel that just because I am gay, I should have to discuss mine!”

You have to respect Knight for not wanting to do some cover story now just because NKOTBSB has a tour to promote (even if the tale of how he managed to be openly gay, and yet maintain his privacy for nearly two decades, is one you’d love to hear). And man, that “If there ever has been any confusion about my sexuality, then you are someone that doesn’t even know me!” line is effective. For the record, when I contacted his publicist, it was just so I could confirm Tiffany’s statement was accurate so I could write a version of the post you’re reading now, about how he’s suddenly become more interesting and my favorite New Kid — which is saying a lot considering I have a high school yearbook full of classmates wishing me a lifetime of happiness with his brother Jordan. Has Jonathan changed position for any other New Kids fans who thought their order of favorites was cemented long ago?

P.S. Jonathan is aware he has an affinity for exclamation points. Earlier today he tweeted, “Today I was told I use the exclamation point too much. Meet my new friend —->(.)”  “Oh forget it!!!!!!!!!!! Periods are no fun anyway, right?”

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  • CPK

    He was always my favorite New Kid!

    • Jennifer Truth

      But seriously…

      How does a guy that EVERYONE ON THIS GOD GIVEN EARTH know’s is gay “come out”.
      Did he come out as straight?
      Idiot EW writers.
      Zero research as usual.

      • KFed

        How is this anything to do with “idiot EW writers”? Yes, it was no secret he was gay, this story is about him releasing a statement about it.

      • David

        And this is news why?? Next thing you know stars are going to issue press releases that they are “straight”, no one gives a hoot who is gay and who isn’t gay nowadays, so sick of news stories like this…

      • Tarc

        Jennifer is correct: Knight came out – publically – twenty years ago. Being a gay child of the 80’s, I remember reading it in several sources at that time. And I’m not referring to tabloid sources. I love that Knight said exactly the same thing – does he need a new tour, a press conference, and a magazine cover to come out every twenty years? Not that I mind, but geesh – bad, bad, bad reporting.

      • Ames

        Was their research supposed to be asking everyone on God’s green earth if they knew Jonathon was gay? I didn’t know until I read this.

      • teekay

        It’s been all over the news this past week because of Tiffany’s comment in an interview about JK being gay. He released the statement in response to that.

      • mark

        @ Jennifer Truth: for someone who is calling people idiots, you should pay more attention to your use of punctuation.

      • Alan

        First of all, calm down. Second of all, I never knew and I follow entertainment closely. It’s not just EW, it’s been posted all week around the internet, so obviously it is news even though you had a “hunch”.

    • Informantxgirl

      Mine too. Although apparently, with this news, I have a thing for gay guys…my first crush was gay too, as was my college crush. Hmmm.

      • googliezoo

        He used to be my favorite, too, though now I find Joey much sexier. My first boyfriend ended up being gay, too. Something was off with me, I think.

      • Gerry

        yes this is news because it will help somebody else come out in this world and not live with fear i just wish it would have been sooner, but because of the fean factor that most of us face i understand, to be beat up is not fun so if more of us come out the world will know us as people ,hope time will time will come when we can just be out

    • Baba Booey’s Terrible Throwing Arm

      So, because he’s gay he’s suddenly the “favorite” New Kid? Seriously? Somehow his being gay made him “better” than he was before? I thought gay people were just like anyone else? Does his being gay give him special powers? Does his being gay make him a better human being? His being gay doesn’t make him any different than he was before he came out, neither better nor worse. For Mandi to say that he’s now her favorite because he’s gay is asinine.

      • Tarc

        Not that you aren’t most right (though a comelete _sshat about it), ‘favorites’ are completely subjective. Because it’s not like you’ve ever MET the five guys of NKOTB… you’re just judging on looks and press, which is hardly any more valid than their reported sexuality. You’re splitting hairs on a… erm, donkey, here.

      • Gator

        You totally missed the whole point of this article. You might want to go back and read again. No where does she say that he is her fav b/c of him being gay. She says that she started reading his twitter b/c of the recent story of Tiffany “outing” him. And his sense of humor and personality that she never paid attention to before is what makes him her favorite. Reading an article should really go beyond the headline, especially if you are going to make a comment on it.

      • Bea

        I guess because she discovered his twitter feed, which is the best of all of them, I just stopped following Donnie and his soldiers talk, and the rest don’t even tweet that much, but Jon’s is hilarious.

      • Baba Booey’s Terrible Throwing Arm

        No, apparently more of YOU need to read better. Here is what she wrote, and I capitalized the main points for emphasis:

        “BUT AFTER TIFFANY accidentally “OUTED” HIM recently on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live when talking about dating him back in the day, HE WENT TO NO.1 FOR ME WITH A BULLET.”

        So she EXPLICITLY wrote that once he had been outed, he became her “Number 1.” So, again, she made him her favorite only BECAUSE he was outed as gay.

        I have nothing against gay people. I have worked for gay marriage and equal access to loved ones in hospitals among other “gay” causes. I have friends and relatives who are gay, and my GF and I have taken the stand to NOT get married until gay marriage is legal in our state. But to suddenly make him her favorite BECAUSE he is gay, again, is asinine.

      • Dominic

        Oh BBTTA, marry your GF and live happily ever after. Admire your conviction but don’t let the man keep you down on my behalf!

        By the way, in answer to your earlier question, yes gays have special powers. I have heat vision and I’m invulnerable to everything. Except mean words. They hurt. Although I can fry anyone who speaks harshly to me so it’s not all bad.

      • Ash

        I think you missed the point of the article, his “outing” led to the discovery of his humor and wit. I didn’t know he was so funny until catching up to his Twitter account after hearing of the outing. I think he may be my favorite KNOTB, not because he’s gay but because he’s frakkin hilarious!

    • MsSuniDaze

      He was always my favorite one too. Ironically… so was Lance Bass and Ricky Martin (Menudo). I always have a thing for the quiet shy guys.

    • GeeMoney

      Um, he came out, like a few years ago. This old news.

  • Jenny

    Jon has the funniest tweets. Good for him for not hiding it as well not making it a stunt in order to gain press for the NKOTB.

  • Jen

    He is freaking hilarious. His Twitter posts always have me rolling, and he’s quickly become my favourite (… after Joe lol). I respect the fact he doesn’t feel the need to go announce his private life all over the place like so many people in the spotlight do. He’s a class act.

  • stephen

    I could have sworn that he came out a couple of years ago. Why do I feel like this is deja vu? Regardless, good for him!

    • Jennifer Truth

      You are 100% CORRECT.

      This article is a joke.

    • Jenn

      Actually, he didn’t “come out” – ie release an official statement. Perez Hilton was trying to force him using pictures of Jon and his exbf – that’s what you’re remembering I think. Jon’s never really hidden it, he just never announced it or made it a big deal.

    • harry

      There was the rumor back in the 80’s that he was Gay.

  • karypapa

    He was and still is my favorite too! =) Can’t wait until the make it to my town! Thanks for the memories NKOTB.

  • MyMy

    He was always my second favorite after Joey. I never liked Jordon.

    • MW

      That was my order, too! I actually know a lot of girls that had John as either their first or second favorite. He always seemed like such a sweetheart.

      • MW

        Oops. I meant Jon. I am a lousy typist.

    • Ash

      Didn’t Jordan have a rat tail? I swear I remember him with one but maybe I’m imagining it.

      • Cryztal

        Yes, he did! I liked Joey first, then I started to like Jordan and then Jon.

  • Nicole

    I knew he was gay…I swear he’s been out for a while.

    • Jennifer Truth

      HE has.

      You are right.

      This writer has a TERRIBLE habit of NOT doing BASIC RESEARCH and NOT checking her sources.

      • Jo

        For a person who has truth in their name, you certainly don’t seem to know what that means…not can you tell the intent of an article. This isn’t about Knight coming out but how much more this author loves the guy for how he handled the recent increased press about it.

      • Alan

        WRONG. This story has broken all over the internet this week, not just on EW. It is a NEWS STORY that came out this week, so stop slamming EW.

  • octopus

    Fruit has finally ripened.

  • Xena W. Princess

    my favorite NKOTB was Jon
    Ricky Martin was my favorite Menudo
    Lance was my favorite member of Nsync
    How come it took ME so long to realize I was gay?

    • Simon

      Love this post Xena!
      Honestly, these are my favourites as well!
      Jonathan was always my favourite – while all my friends loved Joey, Jordan or Donnie, I loved that Jonathan was the tall, dark and silent one…LOL

  • Alia

    Love his attitude! He’s totally right about the magazine cover thing. And for the record, he is and always has been my second favorite New Kid. (Joey will always be first in my heart. I watched a whole season of Boston Public for that guy!)

    • Cindy

      Agree with your whole post (Joey is my favorite, too). I think Jon handled the Tiffany situation well. If he doesn’t want his private life in magazines, that’s his decision. I can understand why a guy who grew up in a boy band with his every move documented by Tiger Beat would want to keep his personal business out of the news as an adult.

  • Jennifer Truth

    How does a guy that EVERYONE ON THIS GOD GIVEN EARTH know’s is gay “come out”.

    Did he come out as straight?

    Idiot EW writers.

    Zero research as usual.

    • Will

      alright Jennifer calm down, your EW tirade has been received. Truth is, this is kind of old news, but EW isn’t the only one reporting it, so your task is to go to other sites and post exactly what you posted here! Yay, now you can go!

      • Jo


      • Tarc

        Twenty years old… and already well know, That’s the trouble with being so cheap… EW only pays enough for children to report there, and they neither have any research skills or care to.

    • Freakinfatone

      I thought he’d come out too, but he hadn’t. Not publicly at least. His former boyfriend outed him by releasing pics, but Jon never confirmed or denied. He’s always refused to say anything on the subject even though most people already knew. That’s why it’s a news story.

  • Jamie

    This isn’t really “Breaking News” to any of us TRUE NKOTB Supporters. I will be going on my 3rd cruise with NKOTB this May. My Mom & I have both met Jon & he is truly one of the sweetest & most genuine individuals I’ve met. I have and always will support Jon & all the members of NKOTB. I’m not sure why we are questioning whether we should love anyone more or less depending on them being gay or straight. Our society needs to focus on respecting people b/c they are good people & STOP LABELING.

    • googliezoo

      Lucky!!!! I wish I could afford to go…..they sound like such fun.

  • keith

    Aww. I was never a fan of NKOTB but I have to say I love his statement. As a gay man myself, I’ve always hated the push to force people out of the closet or insist that gay men owe more detail about their lives than straight people. I’m all for equal rights. But as an equal, gay people should also have a right to privacy if they desire it. Good for Jon. He pretty much did it his way.

  • Joline

    Glad Jon is happy!! That said, wasn’t for Tiffany to be the one to tell the public. Even though it may have been known in some circles, it wasn’t public knowledge…EW is correct. Jon would not have taken to blog to make this statement if it was. Never liked Tiffany, and especially don’t after what happened on live TV. think she was just trying to create publicity??

  • Erica

    Jon was my favorite New Kid and I was sooooo jealous of Tiffany when she was dating him. As a 12 year old girl, I had posters of Jon all over my walls and had our life all mapped out together. I am now married with two kids, Jonathan is a proud gay man, and Tiffany is still trying to hard to make anyone notice her. All is right with the world.

    • cafenitro


      • candacetx


    • drew

      Awesome lol

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