'Cougar Town': Happy Big Present Day

cougar-town Our favorite cul-de-sac crew returned last night to embrace their inner child (well, Jules’ inner child) with a game of Sardines in a Can. After the gang’s movie night got canceled, Travis told his wine-loving companions that a great way for adults to reduce stress levels is to embrace activities they loved as children. (If this is true, I demand a Lite-Brite be stationed at my desk from here on out.) And although I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get to see Jules feel smart and depressed about the world instead of dumb and happy like always, their game of hide-and-seek was clearly a better idea than movie night.

Meanwhile, Ellie bought herself a new (old) truck for Big Present Day. (I want Big Present Day to be a real thing, because really, who doesn’t want big presents?) Apparently, Ellie had a very strict, girly upbringing, so she went all “balls to the wall” with her tomboy kick. In honor of her new truck and wardrobe, stop and do your best trucker woo hoo! It’s OK. I’ll wait ….

Ellie, who apparently hides a lot, decided to hide for Sardines in a Can and took the opportunity to call out Jules on her bossy-pants, control-freak ways. FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! As you can imagine, Jules didn’t take the news too well.

While the rest of the gang was searching for Ellie, Bobby and Laurie bonded over steak and champagne, a.k.a. beef and bubbles. I, along with Laurie, love me some beef and bubbles both as food and potential detective names. “He’s Beef, a grizzled ex-Marine with a secret—he’s a vegetarian! She’s Bubbles, his plucky, hot partner with a secret of her own—she’s Beef’s daughter! Together, they fight crime, and each week maybe they grow a little bit closer together.” Awww. And although Beef Bobby and Bubbles Laurie didn’t do a very good job of fighting crime, they did grow a little closer when Laurie got Bobby to open up about his new girlfriend, Sam. Bobby didn’t want to bring her around because the cul-de-sac crew is too judgmental, not because Sam has pudding teeth.

At the end of the day, Bobby finally invited Sam to join him and the rest of the gang hiding in Ellie’s truck, and Jules lost their game of Sardines in a Can. Poor Jules. What a rough day! But it’s nothing a date with Big Carl won’t fix.

Other “Lost Children” highlights:

++ The Friend Test: “It’s when you call your entire friendship into question, and force them into doing something.” –Jules

++ “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a depressing exposé about the failing public school system!” –Travis on Waiting for “Superman” (I’m know I’m awful, but I wish this was the real tagline for that movie.)

++ Learning Penny Can is one part geometry, one part marksmanship, and one part core strength. And the introduction of Sissy Can and Moving Target Penny Can.

++ Jules wishing they really had mother/son rodeos.

++ “Since I’m Cuban, it’s almost a hate crime.” –Andy on Grayson tying him to the tree

++ Sam getting in the truck and laying right on top of Andy, and her uncomfortable “I don’t like this!”

++ “Her face made me want to learn how to box.” –Bubbles judging Sam, Bobby’s now-ex girlfriend

What did you think of last night’s Cougar Town? Is anyone else as sick of peeping Tom and horny Barb as I am? I just want to fast-forward every time they pop up. Do you know anyone with pudding teeth? And what childhood activity would you choose to relieve your stress? Let me know in the comments.

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  • tvgirl48

    Thank you for covering the show! I was really missing the recaps there for a while. Travis’ tagline for Waiting for Superman was great, but I also loved Bobby’s later on when he asked what was scarier than Lex Luthor. My favorite judgment was Grayson saying Bobby’s girlfriend shook hands with only her fingers (who is she, the Queen of France?)

  • tvgirl48

    Oh, and I’m a tad sick of Barb, but she’s the last connection they have to the “Cougar Town” title, so I guess that’s why they keep her. I don’t care much since she’s used so little.

    • jw

      Loved the joke about a name change.

      • Crystal

        I especially enjoyed them because for once I actually understood the double meaning.

    • Katja

      She can get overused, but my husband and I totally laughed at the meta-commentary in the Barb scene tonight: “That’s not who I am any more!” (For the record, I don’t mind Tom, probably because I just love seeing people from Scrubs showing up on Cougar Town.)

      • Mr. Holloway

        Also love seeing “Scrubs” people pop up on “Cougar Town” (maybe we can get the great John C. McGinley as Bobby’s brother or something). Hopefully, the show will be on long enough that the more “Scrubs” people can filter in the same way “Spin City” cast members showed up on “Scrubs.”

      • Katie

        Mr. Holloway you are a genius. I’m already freaking out about that idea! I miss Dr. Cox! Neil Flynn (janitor) needs to come back. I know he’s in the middle, but its the same network! Judy Reyes could totally be Andy’s sister. I just miss me some scrubs!

    • Dalia

      I really liked Barb’s scene last night but yes overall I am sick of her. I am not sick of Tom yet. I really like his desperate desire for Jules’ affection. I also liked the episode with the feet wine that he made.

      • Solo

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    • rich

      this show is awesome why dont more people see how smart and funny this show is?

    • eyeheartnyc

      Aww-I adore Carolyn Hennesey, so I love Barb! I do wish they’d evolver her from just a “crazed cougar” to something a little more relatable, but I’m sure something will happen in time.

      • Summer

        I think that as the show goes on, Barb and Tom will become part of the Crew.

        It’d be hilarious to see the two of them end up in a relationship together.

  • David

    Love cougar town! I want to be part of the cul-de-sac crew! And I’d go back to playing with my cousin with her barbie and Ken dolls

    • Kat

      One reason I really want to have at least one girl child when it comes time to procreate is so that I can play with Barbies again; specifically, my own old Barbies and their totally rad 80s clothes. Thanks to my parents for inexplicably keeping all that crap in our attic all these years…

      • Diggity

        I am pregnant with a girl and I didn’t even concider that perk yet. YAY!

  • Murph

    Consistently hilarious. I really loved that the scene between Barb and Jules was a subtle knock on the show’s title. Be afraid, because Barb feels that the “Filth is strong with you (Jules)”… lol

    • BG 17

      I laughed hardest when Andy was giving Grayson the stink eye from outside and walked into the open window! Love myself some slapstick…

  • Stephen

    I watch Cougar Town with my mother.. And in the middle of the episode she goes “Where’s their Baby?!” … It just struck me soo funny, we haven’t seen baby stan in weeks haha..

    • Katja

      When Grayson mentioned Ellie/Andy’s son, my husband (who has definitely watched a number of Cougar Town episodes with me) immediately asked with great surprise, “They have a kid???” I think it’s kind of hilarious that the show isn’t even bothering to try to include Stan any more. :)

      • googie

        I just realized that! Where IS that baby? Pudding teeth is my new favorite ‘saying’.

      • Tenney

        I am somewhat new to Cougar Town and I like it more and more after every episode I watch. I’ve only seen a handful of episodes but I had no idea that Ellie and Andy have a son. They really do keep him hidden!

      • Flip

        Well, they do have a nanny.

      • Yuuji

        Helen, yes. Nailed it. And bobette too. I’m still narky about that arltcie. Thanks for this arltcie, jb. I really think that entesticled, foolhardy smh dude needs to listen more attentively. Maybe to Helen and bobette, if he’s got such obstinate need to ignore the PM’s overdue balls on this issue. Pardon the expression.

    • Darrin

      Maybe he’s still duct-taped to the wall from season 1.

      • JLC

        The episode where the guys built the “baby cage” was a highlight of season 1. Maybe they heard Garret Dillahunt’s comment from Raising Hope about shows with babies not lasting more than a year.

    • Zelal

      Fantastic Tony … although i am sure a 1st place finsih would have tasted a lot sweeter at RR100.Was seeing on Geoff’s blog that he didnt make it to Hardrock and is looking for a repeat showdown at WS.. you gonna be there right?

  • Charlie

    I love how many times the referenced the fact that Travis should be in college- but instead comes home every weekend.

  • Dave

    Sick of Barb??? Are you crazy!?! Her quick scenes are awesome! This one was particularly great, with the not-so-subtle nod to the title of the show.
    Beef and Bubbles…god I love Laurie.
    And Grayson’s impersonation of Travis was hilarious!

    • lefty

      I agree! Grayson sounded just like Travis!

    • Mike

      I laughed SO hard at Grayson’s impersonation of Travis. In a really great episode, that was the best moment for me.

    • Anne

      Barb must stay — the randomness of her appearances makes me happy.

  • Mandy

    The Barb part led to the clever line by Jules about needing to change her name, so I can put up with her.
    I love that they make fun of Travis being there, but to be truthful, I adore him and wouldn’t love this show as much without him.
    I love Sardines in a Can!!!

    • Arwa

      The only reason peolpe think that Idina Menzel was the best was because she was the original, and that’s how peolpe know the show/role. All of them are good, otherwise they wouldn’t be on Broadway.

  • weemz

    I loved when Grayson held up the “stud” tshirt and gave his impression of Travis. hilarious!

    • Mr. Holloway

      It reminded me of Travis’ impersonation of Andy during Halloween. Love how close the cul-de-sac crew is.

    • Kwanty

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  • justin

    I loved how Travis snuck away from Jules to hide in the truck. Also, when Jules said “Gimme back my son!”, I was rolling!!! Shoutout to Ransom!!! I also liked when Jules lost it: “I will freakin burn this Cul-de-Sac to the ground!” Then that neighbor comes out of nowhere, and Jules tries to play it off. I was laughing my ass off!

    • EricH

      I love the entire shout out to Scream with Ellie and the creepy, taunting phone calls

  • JS

    Busy Phillips makes this show…Laurie is one of the best kooky sitcom sidekicks everrr. ‘Beef and Bubbles’! Spin-off, much?

    • Sara

      I am officially in love with this woman!!

      ‎”You know what’s also decaying? That one vice principal’s teeth. What does she, brush them with pudding?”

    • heej

      They could take his boat and solve mysteries up and down the coasts.

      • llevinso

        Let’s not get carried away here. First his boat would have to find a way to not sink in the water…

  • JS

    Busy Phillips makes this show. Laurie is one of the best kooky sitcom sidekicks ever. ‘Beef and Bubbles’! Spin-off, much?

    • JS

      oops sorry for the duplication.

  • dennis

    Tom: What does Grayson have that I don’t?
    Ellie: A chin.

    Hilarious, cuz it’s true :)

  • Brenda

    This is my favorite comedy! I want friends like this!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Andy tied to the tree: that is all!

    • Dalia

      Word. It was pretty much a hate crime. LOL!!!

    • Christa

      I cackled.

    • JB

      the visual of andy tied to the tree was the best. i could not stop laughing.

    • Jet

      Didn’t manage to read it this monnirg before heading out, but some folks (including Helen here) have expressed my views pretty well. Too much derp there now to bother I find the folks who are trying to say that the sort of remarks Keating used to make were the same as the unarguably sexist bullcrap people have been erupting with in public in recent years a little difficult to take. It’s like their world isn’t the same world we live in, and it’s dubious there is any common ground on which a rational discussion could take place.

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