'American Idol': Was Chris Medina's audition the most touching 'Idol' moment ever, or the most exploitative?

We are used to American Idol pulling our heartstrings during the audition round, and in last night’s stop in Milwaukee (fittingly, the home of Danny […] Read the full post.

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  • louise kahle

    it’s life
    there are talented people out there
    with real stories
    it is what makes this guy WHO he is.
    i thought it was touching.

  • Lee

    OMG I cried. Steven Tyler was so incredibly sensitive. What a touching moment.

  • es

    i’m sorry for what you are going through, but you are being self-centered. just like the need you feel to share your struggle with your dad, maybe he has a need too. he’s human. if they exploited this, they could’ve made it a LOT worse. but they shared the facts and emotion of what he’s going through. appreciate it for what it is, maybe you can learn something thru his situation or be thankful that you still have some final moments with your father. not everyone gets that. don’t take this guy’s personal tragedy and be cynical b/c you are going thru something tough. if your attitude is like this, then you’ll never see the good in anything in your life…you’ll always be miserable. one remarkable thing is that he CHOSE to be with her when i’m sure her parents would’ve blessed him to move on with his life. yeah, you can’t choose whether to help your father or not b/c he’s your dad, but i’m sure he’d be there caring for you if you were sick. look at the good in all things and you’ll be happier. hope you and your dad have some deep. life-changing, peace-filling moments together!

    • The English Language

      The “shift” key is located on either side of your keyboard.

      • SaraS

        LOL… @ your name, at the comment. hehehehe. Even though I did like es’ comment.

  • T.C.

    I agree with Karikata–it was both touching and exploitative. I hope CM is cognizant of the latter fact and tones it waaay down from now on. I’ll give him a pass for the audition rounds because hey, if he’s caring for a sick fiancee then maybe he deserves for that to give him an edge in the competition. It’s just important that he not take it too far. I expect and of course support that she’ll be in the audience cheering him on, but if he starts holding up pictures of her to the cameras after singing cheesy inspirational stuff, he’s going to lose a large part of the audience.

  • Jina

    This journalist, Mandi Bierly is ridiculous. People like you make this world a horrible place. Can you not find the beauty in precious moments or are you so involved with your life that others do not matter. This man and the producers did an amazing thing, every contestant has a back story or maybe you forgot to write about them.

    • Lola

      I’m not sure why people always have to attack the bloggers on this site. It just seems so mean-spirited. It amazes me the mean things people will say when they have the power of anonymity. I bet you would never tell her she was a horrible person if you saw her in person.

    • T.C.

      The fact that you are so absorbed in your own opinion that you cannot even understand or tolerate another’s point of view without shaming them suggests some ridiculousness on your end, my friend.

    • whatevs

      People like Mandi don’t make this world a horrible place. People in general make this world a horrible place, including those who accuse a writer of believing others do not matter.

      Get a life.

  • Angie

    I got teary, but I also didn’t think the guy had a great voice. However, this season is also about potential and mentoring; so, we’ll wait and see if he makes it past Hollywood week or not. Not too many profiled auditioners actually make it to the competition.

  • DB

    I must say were not being fair to Medina. The producers put that on cause they need ratings and I dont want it to backlash on him.

  • Allen

    It was touching and exploitive, both. All of it. But I do think the cynics jumped on this a little too soon with their rolling eyes and sarcasm. It’s not like it’s fiction or made up. It was truly touching. Did Idol take it too far? Probably. But when have they EVER shown restraint on anything. If you don’t want sob stories or cheese, what the heck are you doing watching this show?

  • Jeff

    Steven Tyler was incredibly caring. His constant screams are annoying but his ability to sympathize with people is amazing.

  • ericalina

    i remember feeling something like sympathy for danny gokey during the auditions. that quickly turned to something much more creepy and manipulative. hoping that doesn’t happen here but i wouldn’t be surprised, sadly.

  • ST

    I admit, when I first saw the promos for that part of the show, I did think it was being exploited similar to what they did with Gokey. I’m a huge Gokey fan, don’t get me wrong and I don’t think that was his main objective, nor do I think it’s Chris’ but the producers definitely know what sells. That being said, when I actually saw it and got the background to their story, I teared up. It is heartbreaking. I respect Chris for his decision to stick by his fiance during this obviously very difficult life she will lead. In some ways, I think that might be harder than what Gokey went through b/c he at least is able to somewhat move on. Chris, if he remains with his fiance, will have to be her caregiver likely for the rest of her life. That’s quite the commitment (to say the least). Were we manipulated by Idol? Yes, to some degree. But I also think that Chris’ story, regardless of whether he wins, should be heard. In this day and age, it’s rare you’ll see a spouse stick by their vows, much less someone who didn’t even get the opportunity to make the vow. Personally, I think it’s a good reminder that not everyone bails when life gets messy and hard.

    • Snsetblaze

      Your comment summed up most of my thoughts – I did find it both exploitive and touching like many others on here. I do wonder at what point in the audition process do they findout about the backstories? Is it at the first cattle call audition before production assistants(sans producers and judges)? Do auditioners have to fill out paperwork before auditioning even then and is there a spot for background information. If not, then Medina got at least part of the way on his own voice (as did Gokey).

    • MaryJaneWatson

      So true. I know in the blogosphere sarcasm and snarkiness is the usual order of the day, but no person can possibly believe that Chris would choose this situation for him and his fiance just to be on Idol. These are the cards they were dealt and he is doing what he can to provide her the best life possible. The fact that he is still able to smile and sing is beautiful. Many, many people when dealt a crushing blow in life become bitter, mean and resentful.

  • Mary Paris

    I think it is wonderful he is staying by her side. I have never met a man that loyal and kind. I dated someone for two years, was put in the hospital for a lung infection and almost died. He never called, came to see me, nothing. He vanished. So to me Chris is an awesome individual.


    I feel sorry for you, Carrie….you have a lot to learn in this life about compassion and empathy.

  • Rachel Arro

    I thought it was a very sweet story. In these times, it’s nice to hear about someone doing the right thing. In terms of “worrying about him being eliminated,” solve the problem by turning the channel and spending the time with your dad.

  • Mary Paris

    I think that Chris is an awesome individual. I dont know any man that would stay with a person after that happening to her. I dated a man for two years, and was put in the hospital for a lung infection and almost died. He vanished. Chris is a great and kind hearted person.

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