This week's cover: How 'Glee' is leading TV's gay-teen revolution

ew-cover-1139Gay teens are suddenly popping up in major roles all over television, with Glee’s popular pairing of Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) leading the way. How did gay teens go from marginalized outcasts and goofy sidekicks to some of the highest profile — and most beloved — characters on the likes of 90210, Pretty Little Liars, and Skins? And more importantly, how is this affecting real-life teens still facing the daily high-school realities of bullying, discrimination, and ignorance? The new issue of Entertainment Weekly investigates the history of gay teens on TV — from the angsty Rickie on My So-Called Life to sensitive-soul Jack on Dawson’s Creek to the slew of groundbreaking characters on Degrassi. We talk to the producers who fought for such progress, the actors who held the career-defining roles, and the activists who cheer recent advances — but are still pushing for more. Among them:

* Colfer, on his wildly flirtatious version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with Criss, which became the most downloaded track off the Glee Christmas album: “That was by far the gayest thing that has ever been on TV, period,” Colfer says. “Forget AbFab, forget Beautiful People and Will & Grace.” Adds creator/exec producer Ryan Murphy: “I was proud of that. I think it pushed the envelope a bit.”

* My So-Called Life creator Winnie Holzman, on ABC’s reaction to Rickie as a character when the show premiered in 1994: “The thing I got the most pushback about was in the pilot, when he puts eyeliner on in the girls’ bathroom. I remember I mentioned The Crying Game, which had just come out, and Michael Jackson wearing eyeliner [to convince the network]. So they went with it.”

* The O.C. (and Gossip Girl) exec producer Stephanie Savage on the short-lived romance between Marissa (Mischa Barton) and girlfriend Alex (Olivia Wilde) in 2005, during the height of network censorship fears (after the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident): “We could’ve had more support in terms of making that a long-term story line. There were definitely some questions about how long we were doing
this story. And we did have to do some editing to make kisses shorter and pull back on some physicality of the characters.”

See exclusive footage from our cover shoot with Colfer and Criss:

And for more on our look into the history of gay teens on TV, and how a new generation of characters are making a difference in real kids’ lives, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, Jan. 21.

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  • Rolo Tomasi

    Give it a rest already. For people who want to be treated like everybody else, they sure do like the attention that their sexuality brings. Make up your minds.

    • reason

      they do want to be treated like everybody else, that is why the recognition they are getting now is important. It isn’t about attention, its about acknowledgement.

      • rita

        Reason you are 100% correct. What is important is that finally a gay teen can pick up a mainstream magazine and feel recognition the same way a heterosexual couple can..

      • chad

        Damn straight for so Kong gays like blacks were surpressed our oppinions didn’t matter our views shunned and our ways of life spat on when all we wanted were normality same sex marriage equal rights nothing to over the top and now we get it its pertinant foe it to be publicized so that future generations don’t regress and do what current generations have fought to abolish…

    • Connie

      Continue to miss the point. Everyone else gets photo shoots and cover stories, so if they want to be treated like everyone else, they should, too.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        So give them a photo shoot for their characters, what does their sexuality have anything to do with it?

      • Connie

        Rolo, almost every photo shoot has to do with ROMANCE. That’s what sells. People want to see their favorite characters get together. So, yeah, it’s time for gay characters to be highlighted that way, since you seem intent on them being treated like everyone else. Why should we hide that Kurt and Blaine are on their way to becoming a couple?

      • Rolo Tomasi

        I didn’t say they should hide it, I’m saying why do we need it pointed out to us. I think we can come to that conclusion ourselves just like we do when we see a heterosexual couple.

      • Karate Pants

        Well, is the article about this particular couple, or is it about gay teens on TV? Seems like the latter.

      • S

        Ok, give some of the other shows the cover, it always seems to be about Glee.

      • levelheaded

        @Rolo – The reason why their sexuality matters, is because general society makes it matter.

        If it didn’t matter if someone was gay, we wouldn’t have events like Matthew Shepard’s horrible murder.

        Coorporations would insure gay couples.

        Gay couples would have just as many rights as a married hetero couple.

        And no one would need to ‘come out’because no one would just assume everyone was straight and no one would care.

        So yes, it needs to be pointed out. Until our general society affords us all the same rights, we need to push for acceptance and acknowledgement.

        I’m sure I made a typo in there, but I hope people see my point first.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Why come out. If you want to be with a man/woman then be with that person and people can make their own judgment. When it’s made into a big media event, then you are following into the trap that you are different.

      • Bethany

        @S It’s about Glee right now because that’s what’s current. Glee will sell them magazines. Putting Will from Will and Grace or Rickie from My So Called Life or Jackie from Dawson’s Creek on the cover will not sell magazines. That is, primarily, their purpose. To sell magazines.

      • Joe

        Sodomy…. Perfect. Like in the days of Noah.

    • Duh

      so it’s okay for straights to flaunt their sexuality but not gays?

      • Rolo Tomasi

        What does flaunting have anything to do with it. Last weeks cover, did it mention the sexuality of the person on the front?

      • Rolo Tomasi

        When they have a guy and gal on the cover, do they have to point out that they are heterosexual? Why do we need to be told when they show same sex people together that they are gay.

      • Jean

        They aren’t FLAUNTING anything. They are just being themselves.

      • Jean

        They don’t have to point out they are heterosexual because that is the norm. It’s assumed and known.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Exactly Jean. That’s the point I was getting out. They are being themselves, I thought it was condescending that we need to always point out the gay couples

      • Katja

        Okay, Rolo, I think I’m kind of understanding where you’re coming from here, and I think you’re talking about an ideal that doesn’t yet exist. Sure, it’d be great if we didn’t have to make a big deal about who’s gay and all that, but the truth is that at this point in time, we do. There are a lot of people out there who hate gay people without knowing them, and a lot of gay people who feel only hate and don’t feel like part of society. By “flaunting” the gayness of characters or celebrities or whoever, things like magazine articles help normalize the idea of gay people being good and valuable people. Sadly, we still need that kind of reinforcement. Maybe not you specifically, but our society as a whole does. So no one’s trying to give/get attention for the sake of their vanity – there’s a larger purpose behind it. I also wish we didn’t need to do it, but I think that for the foreseeable future, it’s still necessary and useful. Maybe 15 years from now, we won’t need to make a big deal about it.

      • Katherine

        Katja, you are 100 % correct. The commenting should have ended here.

    • minmin

      Ok, I think EW migt have over done it with the title, if that’s what you mean.

      Yeah we didn’t need it spelled out.

      But that’s EW’s fault not the LGBT community’s

      • Ryan

        I think some of you must have been hiding under a rock for the last 10, 20, 50 years. The fact that any characters – let alone young teens – can be portrayed openly gay with little question and without resistance IS a huge deal, a big story, and as EW’s cover calls it, a ‘Special Report.’ This IS news, this IS important. In an age of gay bullying around the country, the fact that these characters can be role models for some or open the eyes of others is newsworthy and in many ways groundbreaking. Walk into a high school where a gay student might be cowering with fear afraid to be true to himself or a home where a young woman is afraid to tell her parents she’s a lesbian, and the fact that kids around the world like them (and there are hundreds of thousands like them) have finally an immense amount of representation on television… Well, geez, that’s a big frickin’ deal! This is bigger than just Entertainment news, it’s sociological, psychological, political. And darn entertaining, too!

      • syelan

        ..And that up there, dear all, was Mr Murphy himself.

    • JB

      Those moronic girls from that teen mom show are all over magazine covers for no other discernable reason that they’re sexuality. I would rather see this any day.

      Is EW’s job to cover watershed moments in the entertainment industry? I definitely think almost EVERY teen show having an open gay character is a big deal and has social implications.

    • Lily

      Compare this EW-cover with the GQ sexy cover of “Glee gone wild” with 2 female members (Lea and Dianna) around 1 male member (Cory)of the Glee ensemble…

    • Strepsi

      @ ROLO TOMASI – because the point is not “the people on the cover”, it is that we have GAY TEENS ON TV. In a country where gay kids commit suicide because they feel so outcast and alone, having any representation can literally SAVE LIVES. This is the point. Kurt and Blaine are just adorable icing.

      • Bonnie

        Agreed. This is totally about gay teens on tv, as in gay characters. While Chris Colfer IS gay, Darren Criss is not, but they play gay teens and that’s what the story is about. The revolution of gay teens not just being accepted, but being popular on tv. I LOVED Chris Colfer’s Globes speech and hope that the environment is getting safer and more tolerable for kids who feel like outcasts for any reason.

    • ML

      People’s sexual practices are NONE of your business! And to be honest, straight people have very imaginative sex practices also… but it still remains NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! Grow up.

      • Schmuck

        Lots of skill stuff today. OHS went well with the 45# bar and was able to get full ROM with one leg and the other for balance. My one leg 300m row is down to :56 which I think might be btteer than my previous time with two legs! Was able to do some handstand push ups and muscle up which was surprisingly easy. Feels good to be getting back into it!

    • Mike

      to Rollo Tomasi…you just don’t get it…look at what’s been going on with gay teen suicides and bullying in the last year…and that’s only the ones we’ve heard about. They just want to be able to be themselves without fear…and these shows are helping people to see that it’s okay to be whomever you are…and just maybe you won’t get beat up or killed for it.

    • Keith

      That is an ignorant statement.

    • John

      You say they like all gay people are one person. You’re a bigot!

    • Gregv

      Rolo: it will be great if a few years from now, there are full equal rights and the orientation of a character will be as inconsequential as mentioning how tall he is. As it stands, real life Kurts and Blaines in the US face discrimination at school and hateful groups demonizing them with tactics like Prop H8.
      Back inthe days of Star Trek, it was a milestone moment when Uhura kissed Kirk on Star Trek. In fact, it was evena big deal that Uhura was portrayed as an intelligent character in a powerful position rather than playing a servant.
      It wasn’t until the 1990s that most Americans stopped looking down on interracial couples.
      I look forward to the day when we all have equal rights, but on the way to that day, something as seemingly small as Kurt having someone to hold hands with is still a notable milestone.

      • M.M.

        Ironic considering that interracial relationships on tv along with biracial characters are rare or are still treated as taboo and even though there are more racially diverse casts on tv, the white actors get all the publicity-gay or straight.

    • Victor

      You need to give it a rest. You ignorant bigot.

    • Amy

      My fear is that being “Gay” is what’s hot for the moment and that’s why it’s on the cover. We are talking about real people here, not just tv characters. Awareness is a start(thanks, EW), but we all must be vigilant to end hatred & discrimination.

    • Damion

      They do want to be treated like everyone else…and grace covers of magazines…geesh. YAY EW! Can’t wait to read this!

    • Tom

      @Rolo – your comments reveal a deep misunderstanding about what it means to be gay. What it means to never see your relationships, your struggles, your hopes and dreams depicted in the media. Shows like Glee, and yes magazine covers like this one, show young (and older) gays and lesbians that it is ok to tell people the truth about themselves. The truth that straight people never have to tell, because it is assumed and expected.

    • Chris P.

      I’m gay and I agree with Rolo. It shouldn’t be a big deal whether they are gay or not. EW is using the fact that they’re gay as a way to sell magazines. You all say that, “Well it’s good that you think it should be a non-issue but that just isn’t how the world is right now…there are gay teen suicides and so they have to show a good role model.” If you all think like that, being gay will never become the “norm”. If you constantly lather praise on a character or show simply because they show gay people in a positive light then being gay will continue to be a novelty in the eyes of the heterosexual community and thus will never become truly accepted. What really sucks is that when some people who “support” gays find out you’re gay all they ever want to talk about with you are things that have to do with gay people or things people normally associate with gay people. What gay people really want is to be treated the same as heterosexuals.
      We DON’T want special treatment.
      We AREN’T defined by our sexuality. Just because we are romantically involved with someone of our same gender doesn’t mean we’re any different than straight people. On one hand we don’t want to be treated like trash, but we also don’t want to be some sort of novelty that’s looked at with awe and wonder. Also, I find Kurt to be a very bad model for the gay community. Most gays don’t act like the stereotypical gay man. In fact you have probably seen many gay people and you haven’t noticed them because they don’t act like a flamer. For once I would like to see a gay male character on TV that doesn’t prance around like a girl and actually does guy things, like playing video games or having a paintball game with his friends. As long as all you people continue to look at gay people as a novelty or a group of people that is there for fashion and hair advice we will NEVER become accepted in American culture.

      • kaye

        Wow, you sound like a good friend of mine that recently came out. He plays all these sports and likes to do very “guy” things, and everyone was stunned to find out he was gay. I don’t know why people assume that because you do typically “masculine” things, you can’t be gay. I know what you’re saying about Kurt, too; he does appear to be the stereotypical gay guy. Which is unfortunate, because he is such a mainstream tv character.

      • Lex

        Chris, I agree about Kurt. If you want to see gay characters who aren’t so stereotypically gay, you should watch Modern Family–Cam is kind of flamboyant, but Mitch isn’t as much so. Plus it’s hilarious.

    • steverino

      Boy i wish heteros would give it a rest, every day i get their sex lives pushed in my face and i am so sick of their militancy !

      • Andie

        Well, there ARE more straight people in the world. So yes, their heterosexuality WOULD be more prevalent. :P

    • JeremiahA

      There’s a saying, “He who holds the microphone holds the power.” So same sex marriage activists, etc., cannot force their views on everyone else unless they take the microphone and keep everyone away from it. It’s an act of intolerance in the name of tolerance.

    • JeremiahA

      Instead of promoting sexual experimentation and ignorance, EW should be more responsible and relate information on gay teens and their disproportionate risk for STIs, STDs, multiple substance abuse, victimization, and suicide. Schools keep parents in the dark about their children until it is too late for the parents to take action.

      But, as always, personal agendas and money win out over responsible writing.

  • A.

    I can’t stand Glee anymore, simply because it’s become the Kurt Hummel Sob Story Hour. His storyline is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever watched, and I can’t believe people think it’s an accurate and good portrayal of a gay person. Ridiculous.

    • Dave

      I’m not at the “can’t stand” point yet – but I’m definitely over all the “Kurt Hummel Sob Story” episodes. There are other far more interesting characters to explore and develop.

      • reason

        I would like to see more of Jayma Mays

    • Antonio of Gilead

      I know someone who is just like Kurt. So i have to disagree and say that it is a good portrayal of at least 1 gay person. Not all gays are like him but like I said , it is a portrayal of at least 1 gay person.

      • A.

        All of the gay people that I know and love are hardly like Kurt. Obviously a show isn’t going to get all aspects of the gay community down pat, but I feel like his character is just adding to the well-known stereotype of – “Oh, look, he likes flashy pop stars and fashion. Obviously he’s gay.”

      • Jean

        You know every gay person in the world, apparently?

        There’s a lot more to Kurt than fashion. He’s probably the most three-dimensional character on the show, and he’s a lot more than just a stereotype. The point is to show that someone like Kurt can be more than just comedic relief, and that is what Glee is showing and I applaud them for it.

      • Julian

        A…. Yes he is a stereotype, but if you’re going to put a gay character on TV and you focus on that character’s sexuality, it’s most likely going to be a stereotype. Unless of course your point is to break the stereotype. For example, you wouldn’t put someone on Jersey Shore that doesn’t like to work out, tan, fight, drink and party. You wouldn’t cast a nerdy character and have him dress well, get all the girls, and have tons of popular friends.

        Majority rules, my friend, and whether you like it or not, when someone says gay, they think “flashy pop stars and fashion.”

      • Mathilde

        It seems like you’ve failed to notice that Glee’s all about stereotypes. I mean, please. One-dimensional jocks, brainless cheerleaders, the “Asian” (Asian couple), the Black, etc. That’s what’s good with this show. Yes, it starts out with a bunch of stereotypes (and Kurt is only one amongst many) and it explores them to make them interesting three-dimensonial clever characters, wheter it works or not (and sometimes it doesn’t). Obviously not every gay person is like Kurt, and obviously not all jocks are like Puck. But the characters grow to become touching and develop sides we can understand and relate to. That’s what good in this show. It’s all about exaggeration, and outgrowing it. It’s very ironic when you think about it : an ironic and tender, bittersweet, funny portrayal of the modern american youth.
        If you take everything at the first level, obviously it can’t work. You have to read between the lines.
        And of course there are bad sides to Glee, of course sometimes it’s inaccurate and the writers do bad or money-oriented choices, and the songs can be bad (think about Rachel and her mom’s Poker Face, which I didn’t even recognized as it’d been butchered to the point of massacre). There are bad sides to every shows, and noone will ever be satisfied with what comes out on television. I mean, Queer As Folk was wildly criticized, as was The L Word and every other portrayal of gay characters on television. I think that it’s important to focus on the fact that we are on television, that we get to be seen and heard and that Chris and Darren help thousands of young gay teens not to jump off a cliff (and I’m also speaking for myself, as a sixteen-years-old lesbian). I think that’s what’s important. And that we all enjoy Darren and Criss’ excellent portrayal of a sweet young couple that has all the rights to exist, to be happy, and to say “Screw you” to all the bullies.
        PS : Did you actually ask your friend if he couldn’t relate to the characters or did you just assume he wasn’t? Even if he/she doesn’t like “flashy pop stars and fashion” doesn’t mean that seeing Kurt being shoved in a locker or needing someone to talk to or having a straight crush doesn’t mean anything to him/her.
        Also, Blaine is not the typical gay guy, is he? So your point is kind of irrelevant.

        Please forgive all spelling and syntax mistakes, I’m French.

      • Corey

        @A. I agree on your description of Kurt as a stereotypical gay, maybe. But what about Blaine? Blaine is gay, and he is nothing like the stereotypical gay. Glee has show both aspects of it here, and very damn well, too. I think they are doing a VERY good job of portraying all sorts of types of gays.

    • T

      That’s funny, because Kurt, and now Blaine, are the only things that are keeping me tuned into Glee. Everyone else’s storylines are irrelevant.

      • Carolyn

        I have to agree with you there. I find the other stories far less compelling than Kurt’s. I don’t know if it is the writing, acting, or what. Rachel is a tragic figure but I just don’t feel anything for her. Not pity nor sympathy. I can’t explain it.

      • Sarah


      • Jane

        I have to agree.

      • MIchaela

        Agreed! That’s honestly why I tune in every week.

      • Kim

        The writing on the show this year has been so poor, though. I’m afraid that Blaine and Kurt are nothing more than this year’s Rachel and Jessie. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Blaine was just using Kurt to beat New Directions, and that he’s been secretly dating Karovsky (sp?) all along.

      • Nikki


    • Matt

      Being gay, I’ve met many gay people like Kurt. And yes, he’s exaggerated. It’s a TV show and a comedy. But many gay people tend to exaggerate their own gayness when they’re trying to come to terms with it.

      • Woot

        Thank you for pointing that out! When people are trying to come to terms/ come out about their sexuality, they often exaggerate it/ bring it up all the time.

      • liz

        Exactly! when my friend was coming out to everyone…he was wearing shorts that were too short, a bandana, and hiking boots! he overdid and overexplained, but it helped him get it all out in the open..Yea for him!!! and I support Kurt Hummell///and Chris Colfer!

    • Bethany

      First of all, I agree with Matt and T. Second of all, he’s a lot more three-dimensional than people seem to think. Yes, he loves fashion and pop stars and the cliche gay stuff, but as far as I and a lot of other Kurt fans believe, he also helps his dad out at the auto shop. He knows how to cook. Etc.

      Also, his storyline is extremely accurate. I know gay people who go through exactly what he goes through at McKinley every day and plenty of gay men who adore fashion and pop stars. Yes, it’s exaggerated, but so is everyone else’s personality. Rachel? Tina’s style? The way Mercedes acts and talks? Cliche cheerleader routine? The people in glee are all exaggerated personas of one type of outcast or one type of popular. Puck anyone? Sue’s horrible teacher routine? They are all exaggerations. Not to mention that it’s TV. Besides, even if Kurt personifies a stereotype, stereotypes are derived from truth. That’s why their stereotypes. Because they are so COMMON. It’s a generalization, sure, but there is a reason people equate gay men with fashion and high voices.

      Also, Glee is trying to push the envelope by having a main storyline be about a gay character, but if they push it too much, audiences will stop being comfortable with it. The cliche gay man on TV is comfortable. That’s why everybody loved Jack on Will and Grace. Maybe they are playing it safe with Kurt’s character and making him cliche for a reason. To keep audiences comfortable. There’s only so much envelope-pushing America is ready for.

      • MIchaela

        That was an incredibly long comment, but i completely agree with you.

      • Kimmie

        THIS! Lol, I was about to post a long rant but you said it for me. I get peoples issue with the whole stereotype thing but did they forget what show they were watching? Since when is Glee a political commentary? in fact compared to other shows Glee can come off really ridiculous because its characters are so incredibly exaggerated. I always thought (or hoped anyway) that the stereotypes and the exaggeration of them were intentional, that the show was a sort of satirical comedy. Kurt’s character fits in perfectly with the whole over the top couldn’t be more generalized if our names were all John Smith and Jane Doe New Directions crew. I think their decision to break away from their usual style and actually develop Kurt’s character and comment on the all too relevant issue of bullying gay teens, was not only a brave move but made the show better! All the over the top antics were charming at first but rapidly becoming too much. Exactly the way they would in real life. The show needed some substance, some small touch of reality to balance off its bizarre you know?

    • Fantastic

      Disagreeable. It’s become mainly about Kurt because it hasn’t really been that much about Kurt before. Each character gets their own time to shine, especially with important issues like homophobic bullying. When Quinn was pregnant, she got tons of screentime just for that and nobody really complained about how it had been turned into “Quinn’s Show”.

    • Annoyed

      I completely agree with the fact that the show is nothing but a whiny gay complaining about his life. No one cares! We wouldn’t care if it was a straight guy complaining the whole time too.

      • Jaz

        You should try actually watching the show sometime before trying to describe it.

      • al

        We did too care about the show where the heterosexual was complaining the whole time. It was called Seinfeld. No wait, it was called House. Oops, no, I think it was called Entourage. On second thought, maybe it was called Cheers, or All in the Family or something like that. I can’t remember.

    • Damion

      Anyone who doesn’t know what it’s like to be gay (or confused) in high school should just shut up. Kurt’s storyline is absosmurfly magnifiscent…and if any major nation in the world needs to be educated on acceptance and living up to “Land of the Free,” it’s the United States of America.

      • RobertInAustria

        You are absolutely right, Damion. I grew up gay in small-town Ohio but live in Europe now for 18 years. The US is definitely NOT the “Land of the Free” for gays and lesbians.

      • Andie

        Why don’t YOU shut up? Don’t speak for all of us. I don’t like Kurt’s storyline. It’s just full of Gayngsting all the time. Glee used to be such a lighthearted show that didn’t take itself so seriously, and now… ugh.

    • Rob

      From a storytelling point of view… Glee has become boring. It is trying to send a message soooo strong that it’s killing an interesting story. As a believe in Christ, I am well aware of filmmakers that have a message that they desperately want to tell, but then kill it by trying too hard (see the last 20 years of anything called a ‘Christian’ film). Just tell a compelling story. The people who write for Glee want to send a message so desperately that the show pretty much sucks now. And is far from fun when it’s about Kurt.

    • Anth

      This. Kurt shouldn’t be ostracized and mistreated because he’s gay–he should be ostracized and mistreated because he’s totally irritating, unlikable, selfish, arrogant……

  • minmin

    I love them as a couple. i hope they become involved romantically.

    • Anne

      Same here!

    • MsSuniDaze

      Me too. Very cute couple…and I love that picture.

    • Logan

      But they have no chemistry. Their scenes are so bland together.

      • minmin

        Logan…? is that a reference to that Dalton fic? or are you supporting another ship. Kurt/Logan or Kurt/Sam, or Kurt/blonds in general?

      • Jay G


      • Lily

        Agree with you Logan… maybe that is one reason why they prolong the courtship between Kurt and Blaine to make it more interesting and increase the tension… Another reason why the courtship may be is prolonged is because Kurt is still traumatized by his “first locker room kiss”… and Blaine know about this kiss and does not want to push it.

      • Colby

        If Blaine really is playing Kurt like another Rachel/Jesse, Kurt better find out and go back to McKinley where his true friends are, stand up to Karofsky… and then get some TLC from Sam. After Quinn’s dumped him for making her his big gay beard, of course. Hevans NEEDS to happen. ^_^

  • Tiera Berry

    EW, i love your support and coverage of Starkid, Darren, Chris and Glee. and now a special Gay Teen issue?

    …and you guys are obviously Klaine shippers. XD

    don’t stop being awesome EW! you’re my favorite mag right now!

    • Ae


    • Brit

      I think it’s obvious that all the EW are either gay or female.

      • Kevin

        Haha. What a stupid comment.

    • Briana

      Team Starkid!

  • Tiera Berry

    <<<<<<<< haters to the left.

  • STOP




    • minmin

      It is a widely watched show. Like it or not…

      It must have an audience. And audience who will pay to buy the magazine.

      Think about it.

    • Fridge

      Seriously, get over it. I hated LOST and got sick of all the coverage they did on it. Not a huge fan of American Idol either. However, I don’t go onto all the message boards and sit there and complain about the article I clicked on about that show. It’s a fad and eventually something will replace. Yeesh.

      • Candacetx

        you hate Glee, you hated Lost, you dont like American Idol… (lollipops and rainbows tain’t yer thang neither) what DO you actually like?

    • STOP

      Except I don’t think they’re covering the subject they calim to cover because they’re just basically doing yet another glee article

      • J

        Have you READ the article? What I’ve seen of it has nothing to do with Glee.

    • Bethany

      It is a magazine. It’s not just about the content. It’s about revenue. Glee makes money. End of story.

    • Teacher

      The least you could do is learn how to spell “ENOUGH” right. Jesus Christ.

      • Melissa

        Since you’re pointing our grammatical errors, your sentence should be “The least you could do is learn how to spell “ENOUGH” correctly.” You’re welcome.

      • Fantastic

        Actually, if you’re quoting someone, you put a comma before the beginning quotation.
        And there’s nothing wrong with using the word ‘right’ instead of ‘correctly’. I don’t know where you got that idea, Melissa.

    • Hannah

      What’s an enoguh? It sounds gross.

      • MIchaela


  • gah

    adorable cover. i don’t think that was the gayest thing on tv ever, though.

    • Carrie #2

      Agreed. Kurt’s cover of the Victor/Victoria might have been, though. XD

      • Carrie #2

        *Victor/Victoria song

  • minmin


  • Stefanie

    Thanks for featuring Chris and Darren on your cover, EW! I was thrilled when Chris Colfer won the Golden Globe on Sunday, and he deserves nothing but praise for his portrayal of Kurt. He really brings something special to the show, and I’m glad he continues to be recognized for it.

  • Jenna

    Love this cover story, love love love Kurt and Blaine on Glee. Cannot wait to see them get together. Thank you so much for this story and this focus on Gay teens, EW. As a straight ally, I appreciate it immensely.

  • Angel

    Well Done to Darren but especially to the fantastic Actor Chris Colfer for his amazing and at times heart wrenching proformance as Kurt.Glee for me thanks to these two Actors constent fantastic hard work on the show and flawless acting has proved to many I hope that it is time we all showed respect and accepted others for who they are.Chris and Darren keep up the sensational work your storyline has been inspiring and moving and captivating well done.

  • Lindsey

    This is the cutest and smweetest thing i have seen in a while. I love Darren and Chris!

  • Teri

    I hope you managed to squeeze an article about The Game somewhere in this week’s edition…

  • Ianne

    The hate in this article means that the world is still as ignorant as it is.

    Keep proving the article’s point, people. Hate away!

    • Rolo Tomasi

      I see more positive comments than negative.

  • da

    Thank you EW for this ADORABLE cover!! Can’t wait to get the magazine. I absolutely love Kurt and Chris Colfer. What I’m tired of is all the haters that post after a Glee article. Seriously, if you don’t like the show, why are you wasting your and my time posting about it? Try talking about something you like; I think it will make you happier. That’s why I talk about Glee so much; the show makes me very happy.

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