O-Town band members tweet of possible reunion. Excuse me while I become 13 and scream

otownImage Credit: Everett CollectionDear Twitter Gods, thank you for providing to me this nostalgia-inducing boyband news EW’s PopWatchers are about to receive.

Earlier today, Jacob Underwood, formerly-and-apparently-current member of O-Town (the band born on ABC’s Making the Band) Tweeted the best news my inner teenage girl has heard since the announcement of NKOTBSB: “Did someone say O-town reunion?!?” 

If your fuzzy brain needs a refresher, here’s your O-Town history course. They came out of Lou Pearlman’s boyband factory (which also produced the Backstreeet Boys and ‘N Sync), had a scandal (by teen-scene standards) that ended with one of the original members being replaced*, and, most memorably, overshared about their “liquid dreams.”

Still don’t remember? Well, you never will then. As for the rest of us, watch the two videos below and celebrate the possible return of this pre-packaged serving of boyband goodness that you secretly still love.

In related news, did you know that most episodes of Making the Band are on YouTube? I learned that 2 hours ago, and here we are…

* As reader Ashley pointed out, the ousted member is pictured above. His name was Ikaika. I didn’t Google that.

Sandra on Twitter: @EWSandraG

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  • Ashley

    Speaking of replaced member, that photo is from the original line up, which is before they actually released any music. I can’t remember his name anymore, but I can remember not liking him very much.

    • Heather

      His name is Ikaika. I’m so embarrassed that I know that.

      • Yup

        Love me some O-Town. But wasn’t Making the Band originally on ABC or some other network, not MTV?

      • BP

        Yea… I remember watching it on ABC’s TGIF line-up. Not that I was sitting at home watching TV on Friday evenings or anything.

      • MattChance on Twitter

        Before Cocoa Puff got ahold of it, yeah, it was a pretty great show on ABC. Then it went to MTV to die in subsequent seasons.

      • Michael

        Huh… I was a BSB and N’SYNC fan, but I’ve definitely never heard of O-Town. And watching those videos doesn’t make me think I was missing anything.

    • jeffster

      Ikaika’s “removal” was very odd. He was from Hawaii and I remember his father said, “Ikaika has been called back to his family.” Very formal, stiff. They were also trying to get his brother a job with the band which may have rubbed the producers the wrong way and contributed to his demise. He also had a girlfriend in Hawaii and my friend and I thought maybe she got pregnant or something. I have great shame over remembering all this! But it was good TV!

      • Di

        Yeah but the guy they replaced him with, Dan, is just so dreamy.

      • Lauren

        I remember that! I liked Dan so much more anyway! I wish the pic above had Dan in it.

      • Fireflystare221

        How can they not include Dan? He quickly became my second favorite.

    • Ikaika is still HOT!

      I’m kinda embarrassed to admit that he left O-Town to join LMNT to which Matthew Morrison was a member of for a hot second with Bryan Chan and Mike Miller… Hot Hot HOT!

      • TJ. Church

        Ikaika…, right show, wrong guy. Kevin McHale, the kid in the wheelchair, is the “Glee” kid from LMNT. He said so (& showed videos) on “Leno”.

      • Tory

        No, LMNT was Ikaika, Mike, & Bryan from “Making the Band,” along with Matt Morrison, who quit quickly.

      • PN

        I remembered hearing LMNT’s only album in summer 2002. I liked their catchy songs even though they were entirely different soundwise from the rival boy bands at the time. My favorite song from the album was Hold It Down.

      • Jessica

        Correction. Kevin McHale was in nlt (not like them). get your o-town (and related )facts straight yo! jk.

    • Bluto

      I love how the tweet is of a “possible” reunion. As in: “if we get to 500 fans on our Facebook page next year we are SO going to tour!”

      That’s a big “if.”

    • stu


  • lefty


    • AliciaJo

      LOL! That is who I first thought of. Ashley Angel had the best name for a boy band member.

      • MattChance on Twitter

        Or a female pornstar.

      • Heidi

        Ashley Parker Angel! And his child’s name is Lyric
        (hides face in embarrassment) LOL

      • Shannon

        Bahahaha! I agree, Alicia and Matt.
        I remember how amused I was by that dude’s name. Never heard of a guy with the name Ashley, but I guess it can be a guy’s name as long as a guy has it…. Right? Oh sure.
        I used to joke with friends that he was
        a great role model for the 1 or 2 other boys in the world named Ashley or those with feminine-sounding names.
        Whilst getting “swirlies” in the little boysroom, these poor, head-soaked blokes could look their bullies squarely in the shins and boldly shout, “Ashley is a member of the boyband O-Town!
        What about him?!”
        Yeah, he helped a lot of tormented, wee lads, that Ashley Angel.

  • Crystal

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I went through a very, very, VERY serious boyband phase in junior high school, and with NKOTB and BSB back together and now possibly O-Town, oh be still my heart!

    • Stephanie

      Haha that’s totally me right now too!!! I used to looooovvvvveeeeeee me some O-Town… probably more so than BSB (which is saying A LOT). My inner preteen fantard is in heaven!

    • Samantha

      And unfortunately it looks like Ashley isn’t participating in the reunion… too bad, he was my favorite! http://twitter.com/ParkerAngel/status/26102134596444161

    • PN

      Maybe some people really miss that fun sound of those boy bands and are demanding to hear them again with these big stadium concert tours. When NSYNC and Backstreet Boys duked it out on the charts 10 to 11 years ago with their songs and their concert tours. Maybe too many of the dance pop records sound the same, everybody copying Lady Gaga’s hit making sound and they want the boy bands to come back in a big way. Big Time Rush, a new group, actually started this push with their new album in September, even though they have their own TV show based on them and not a freestanding group starting from scratch. Maybe that’s what led New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys to launch their summer tours.

  • Mel

    Little known fact that is known those who frequent wikipedia. After Ikaika left the group, he created another boyband with a few MTB rejects and Matthew Morrison. This is why I can’t take Matthew Morrison seriously.

    • Claire

      It’s called LMNT and there’s a song on there called Juliet that I drove my parents crazy with.

    • noam

      i went to an lmnt concert and got my picture with matthew morrison backstage. i made my parents put it on the mantel with everyone else’s graduation and prom photos. i was so proud that he hugged me. when glee first aired, my stepmom brought out that photo again, and my little sister and her friends emailed me to ask what he smelled like. oh, the second act of a career, mr morrison.

    • julie

      at least he admits it was the most embarassing thing he ever did. i think i recall him saying it was the worst time of his life.

      • TJ. Church

        Last I checked, it was a “Glee” student (not the teacher) in that group.

      • Matty

        Give it up, TJ. You’re wrong on this one.

      • julie

        yeah, tj. last time you checked you checked wrong. kevin mchale was in NLT.

  • Briana

    Now, all we need is ‘N Sync and the world will be complete!

    • JackieM

      I am so p*ssed at Justin for keeping this from happening. NSync is the only reunion I would care about.

      • bkwrm

        I’m right there with you. Seriously, I’m already putting away money for this eventuality.

      • steph

        seconded. NSync was the best boyband.

      • TJ. Church

        Justin isn’t even doing music anymore; Too busy with “Yogi” & “Social Network”, etc.

    • PN

      I don’t think NSYNC will ever reunite. They’re each on their own with their individual projects and Justin Timberlake is focusing on movies. I thought that Joey Fatone was fun competing on Dancing With the Stars, as a game show host on The Singing Bee on NBC and he’s the announcer on Family Feud now. That said, not all reunions of pop groups happen.

      • TJ. Church

        More than should… This one, for instance. (If you can call it one w/o Ashley & some of the others.)

    • Maureen

      What about 98 Degrees? I feel like I was the only girl in middle school who liked them. ;)

  • Britt

    My day just got infinitely better!!!

  • Yuri

    I believe it is Ikaika Kahoano

  • AC

    Making the Band was originally on ABC and not MTV. Seriously. EW.com give me a job because with all the boy band articles, I guarantee you — I know my stuff. And this news came out yesterday.

    • Genie

      It was an MTV production on ABC

  • P

    We Fit Together was a better song than Liquid Dreams.

    • Boop

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!

    • bkwrm

      Liquid Dreams was awful!! But “These are the Days” is there best song.

      • e4ia

        I agree! LOVE “These are the Days”

      • Duane

        These Are The Days was brilliant pop music!! OMG I haven’t thought about O town OR their music IN FOREVER! Youtubing it righhht now!

    • Tory

      O-Town did a cool song called “Love Should Be a Crime.”

      • Hali

        Yay for someone else liking that song! It was always my favorite from the first CD… really underrated song!

  • Kennedy

    Whose the new guy? Glad Jacob cut those dreads off.

    • Heidi

      who is the latin guy? He was my favorite. I thought he was way cuter than Ashley (plus Ashley was cheating on his girlfriend, remember?)

      • Heidi

        I also remember Jacob was a really good songwriter but his attitude sucked and he refused to cut the dreads for awhile.
        In the picture you chose at the top, Sandra, one of the guys looks like a young Gale Harold – I don’t remember him!

      • mary

        Eric Michael Estrada. He belonged to my best friend. Ashley belonged to me. We actually traveled to two different states to see these guys, and I am not ashamed to admit that.

  • Tom

    Wasn’t Jacob already talking about going solo before the first album was even finished? Thought he was to big to be held back by a group. Now he’s up for a reunion. What happened? Also, there was another dude who made it all the way through the competition, then mysteriously quit before the group started recording. Said he just didn’t want to do it anymore. Anybody remember him? He was way hot. What’s he doing now, trivia experts?

  • jk

    That “All or Nothing” video was my sh*t when it first came out. That summer (I think 2001?) I made a VHS tape of all of my favorite videos that aired on MTV, and this was one of them, along with that Faith Hill song that accompanied the movie “Pearl Harbor.” Everything about that sentence dates me so much. I never though I’d feel so old at 23.

    • Heidi

      I loved All or Nothing and actually I still think the song holds up better than most boyband songs.
      Did you notice that the girl from Law and Order was in the video.

    • duranmom

      It gets worse when you are 41. Trust. I’ve gone through several boy band rotations: Duran Duran in the ’80’s (yet they are still around and I still love them!), *Nsync in the ’90’s, and the Jonas Brothers in the ’00’s.

      God, I feel old!

      • Heidi

        I belonged to the Duran Duran fan club. I wanted to marry John. I still love their music!

      • PN

        I don’t feel old when listening to these boy bands’ past records. They still sound as fun and fresh as back then even though the music fit for those times and decades. Though some of New Kids on the Block’s Hangin’ Tough album of 1988 sounds dated with the squeaky, dinky high keyboard sounds of producer Maurice Starr, who did their first 4 albums. I still love and play New Edition and Duran Duran’s music sometimes, even in my early 40s as well as today’s music.

  • Just Wondering

    I seem to remember reading something about Lou Pearlman hitting on Justin Timberlake. Real skeevy stuff. Just wondering if he tried the same thing on Ikaika and he bolted back to Hawaii and told his dad…

    • Shannon

      That’s not a bad theory.
      It’s a stereotype, but I get the feeling that this man did indeed have more than just dollar signs in his eyes for these boys…

      • TJ. Church

        So did many of their fans, which should’ve gotten him (& them( on Chris Hansen specials.

  • SaraJ

    The title of this article made me laugh so hard.
    I still have “All or Nothing” on my ipod and sing it unabashedly in the car.

  • etm

    I just skimmed the article and comments, but didn’t one of the members of O-Town die a few years ago?

    • lauram

      maybe you’re thinking of LFO? Rich Cronin from LFO died last year.

      • etm

        Thanks lauram. It’s not Rich – I know who he is and I’m not thinking of the singer for Boyzone either. I just remember watching MTV a while back and I could have sworn they dedicated an episode of Making the Band to a blonde haired boy who was in O-Town. I couldn’t find anything when I googled it.

        You know what? Maybe he was just a boy who tried out for the band, but didn’t make it. I’ll google that…

      • etm

        OK, P (on the next page) saved me a night of googling! The band I am thinking of was 2gether. Thanks guys!

      • TJ. Church

        I think you might be thinking of a kid from “2gether”, MTV’s fake band.

      • Fireflystare221

        You are thinking of Michael Cuccione from 2ge+her. So sad. RIP QT. I loved 2ge+her and OTown and Nsync so much it’s sad and embarassing.

      • BLM

        Holy crap, I LOVED 2ge+her, with Chris Farley’s brother and Evan Farmer. It’s so sad that QT died. I thought that show was hilarious!

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