This week's cover: Johnny Depp talks exclusively about 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' and the possibility of 'Pirates 5'

EW-COVER-1138When Johnny Depp appeared at a Disney fan convention in the fall of 2009 to hype the announcement of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, it looked like fair weather-sailing for the fourth movie in the blockbuster franchise. But as the cover story of this week’s special 2011 preview issue reveals, the subsequent journey was anything but squall-free. Indeed, for a while, it looked like Depp himself was about to jump ship. “Things became a little creaky,” admits the superstar. The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced operation also had to deal with bad weather of a literal stripe while shooting in Hawaii and the pregnancy of franchise newcomer Penélope Cruz, though Depp says the blooming actress could hardly have been more game. “It was funny to see a pregnant woman f—ing sword-fighting,” he laughs.

Audiences will be able to see the end result of Depp, Bruckheimer, Cruz, and director Rob Marshall’s endeavors when On Stranger Tides opens May 20. These days, Depp says he would be happy to play Captain Jack again, and that there have already been discussions about a fifth movie. “As long as we can put all the puzzle pieces together, I would most definitely consider it,” he says.

On Stranger Tides is just one of a veritable armada of projects featured in this week’s issue. We take a look at forthcoming TV shows — including The X Factor,  albums, books, and dozens of other films from Thor to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2. You’ll also find an exclusive sneak peak at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.  If it’s hot and about-to-happen — and in the case of Tina Fey’s forthcoming book of essays, features grotesque man-arms on the cover — then we’ve covered it.

For more about On Stranger Tides, and all the rest of the stuff you’ll be watching, hearing, and reading in 2011, pick up the new 2011 Preview! issue of Entertainment Weekly, which hits stands Friday, Jan. 14.

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  • Jane

    Even Depp looks bored of the franchise in that picture. He isn’t the only one.

    • UGH

      Agreed. I’m hoping that it won’t be such a tangled-mess as the previous 2 sequels were.

      • LaurieZ

        Agreed. Although thanks to the tangled messes that were the previous two installments, I won’t be seeing this one to confirm.

      • Erica

        Oh, boy. Another Tina Fey nugget. Let me guess: she’s also on the cover of her new book rolling her eyes again?

      • Lindsey

        Hope so, but I’ll never know. I’m done with Pirates after that last one. Towards the top of my list of worst movies I’ve ever seen. Not necessarily bad acting – I love Depp – but that plot line was just ridiculous. The first movie was wonderful, but after that it just went downhill.

    • MCS

      It looks like he is thinking “Why yes, the money is the only reason Im doing it”

    • Karate Pants

      He looks AT LEAST as disappointed to be there as I am to see him there.

    • Mr. Holloway

      To be honest, I’m more disappointed by the “Pirates of the Mental Hospital” design of the cover.

      Really? A blank white background is the best we could come up with here?

      • LaurieZ

        Admittedly, a colorful background might compete too much with his “fabulous” outfit.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Fair point.

        It just seemed to me like they weren’t even trying. (Which is strangely fitting when you consider we’re talking about “Pirates 4.”)

      • LaurieZ

        Perhaps EW’s creative director has a previously undiscovered sardonic side. :)

    • C“

      Get over already people! If you don’t like the movies Johnny is in…..then go read a book! I for for one (and about a zillion other people) are gonna enjoy the Pirates 4 movie! Yay!! I can’t wait to go to it with my kids and again on girls night! Ooooh laa-laa!!

    • Liz Lemon

      I want to see it just cause it’s Pirates, but yeah…I’m kind of over it now.
      I hope they have something on Deathly Hallows Part Two in there.

  • KC

    I think with the absence of Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom’s characters will be a great benefit.

  • not good

    Are you a doctor or a lawyer? Never mind that. If you’re only 32, you probably still have a huge student loan bill. Maybe I don’t want to ride around in your Geo Prism while you are gone 110 hours a week building your practice. These ads are just not all they’re cracked up to be.

  • Jerry

    ANOTHER Johnny Cover? He was just on one, promoting that lousy Tourist film. I hope there is some news in the Issue about Spielberg’s 2 new 2011 films.

  • Andrea D

    The cover-suggesting that Pirates and Breaking Wind, I mean Dawn are two of the biggest events- could not have been more discouraging.

  • Jill

    Without Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann this movie seems even more unlikeable than it already does.

    • Dave

      Personally, the movie is even more appealing to me without Orlando Bloom.

      • Kurt

        I agree with Dave. I have more hopes for this movie without Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom. They were fine in the first film, but seemed shoehorned into the next two. I’m thinking the film may well be better when it focuses on actual pirates rather than those two.

      • Tish


    • anonymous

      Yeah really…why did they think they had to rid of kiera knightly??
      das de only reason y i watched the last two

  • Dave

    I think this Pirates film has the potential to be much better than the disappointing previous installment. New characters, new storylines…I think it could be a bit of a rejuvenation for the series. I’m looking forward to it.

  • Crystal

    Dear Johnny,
    You used to be my favorite actor. More than that, I idolized you and went to see (almost) every movie you were in. But the past five years or so I have seen my love for you fall into the sinking hole that is these damn Pirate movies. I saw the first one, liked you and Geoffrey Rush in it, but became quickly bored. AND THEN YOU MADE ANOTHER, AND ANOTHER, AND *NOW* ANOTHER . . . what happened to your ability to pick great scripts? Even if they did fail at the box office, they were invariably great movies: Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, etc. I miss enjoying you in films, rather than rolling my eyes whenever I see the next disaster you’ve chosen for yourself. Will it take a series of box office flops to get you back to your roots? If so, I hope it happens. You don’t need the money (You’ve got your own island for f***s sakes!), so stop making terrible choices. Love, Your Former Biggest fan, Crystal.

    • meme

      Depp apparently cannot have enough money and will whore himself out for the big bucks. He used to be in interesting movies; now it’s all crap.

      • Crystal

        THIS!! The last good movie I saw him in was Finding Neverland (2004). So it has been 6 years since I’ve cared to see any of the movies he has made. I would still watch Public Enemies, but it’d been so long since he’d made a good movie when that came out that I never gave it a chance. I guess I did see Sweeney Todd . . . he was good in it but it was an overall mediocre experience compared to the live play.

        But I *know* he’s a good actor, he just needs to focus on that instead of the money for a while. PLEASE!

    • Mr. Holloway

      Hey, that private island he bought for himself in the Caribbean isn’t going to pay for itself, is it?

      (And to be fair, by almost all accounts, he actually enjoys playing Jack Sparrow.)

      • Crystal

        That’s nice for him if he enjoys making crap, but not for me as part of his fan-base. So, sorry, but I don’t care what he wants :) And I also don’t care what the mainstream audiences want because I rarely agree with their choices either. I just want my Johnny back!! *sigh*

  • meme

    Depp is a complete sell-out and so overrated as an actor. Do we really need another Pirates movie? Who cares?

  • aleksa

    Forget “Pirates,” I want “Dark Shadows” news!

    • Angela


  • Jerome

    Another Johnny Depp EW cover. How original. And by original, I mean boring. Can’t wait to see him on the cover again in May.

    • Jessica

      And by May do, you mean mid-February?

  • Capn_Jack_Savvy

    Shippers! Dear William and Elizabeth storyline is over! Finished! Kaput! Even script writer Terry Rossio says it is end of story for their characters. So does Director Rob Marshall! On Stranger Tides is a new story with new characters new villians new treasure! I for one am looking forward to this highly anticipated NEW Pirates of the Caribbean “stand alone” movie. This is going to be another winner and Mr. Depp said he will continue to create more to this character as long as he feels the script is good and the fans want to see more. Well I for one am one of those fans that wants to see more. May 20th can’t come any sooner, savvy?

    • Mrs. Sparrow

      totally agreed!!!

    • Karen

      Agree with you mate, looking forward to the movie!

    • Peter

      Aye captain!

    • Ann

      I merrily agree :D

  • Lindsay

    I hope there is a Pirates 5. When I was looking at the DVD for At World’s End, it said Will and Elizabeth’s story is yet yo be told. That can only mean there’s a movie for them at some point. I’m very excited to hear their story. It was very disappointing to see how they were split up in the third movie. I’m excited to hear their story in a future movie.

  • Darby

    Darn you Disney for putting Penelope Cruz in this movie, guaranteeing that I will NEVER watch!

    • M&M

      Don’t be a hater. Cruz is the only reason I’m watching this!

  • higuy

    They all sucked. Quit lying to yourselves. They were a huge box office smash much like Star Wars. That doesn’t mean they were ever any good. Would you turn down that much money? I didn’t think so. Stop pretending your a better person.

    • Grammar Nazi

      Stop pretending you’re smart enough to know the difference between your and you’re.

      • xenia

        Oh dear
        little friendship with cap.J.S.
        will help.

        J.DEEP OR J. S…

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