Have you ever played the 'Lost' numbers? You should have last night.

the-numbersAs someone tweeted me last night: It pays to watch TV. At least $150. The January 4 Mega Millions winning numbers shared four in common with those that Hurley played on Lost. His numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. The Mega Millions numbers: 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, and 42. According to the Mega Millions website, which has received “unprecedented traffic,” 41,763 people matched four of those numbers and earned $150. Of course, we can’t tell if they were all playing the Lost numbers, but you know some of them were. Another 390 people matched five of the numbers (taking home $10,000 or $250,000, depending on which ones), while a lucky two matched all six (and will split an estimated jackpot of $355,000,000).

So, time to confess: Have you ever used the Lost numbers, whether it be for the lotto or something else? If not, have you used any other numbers with pop culture associations? (We all promise not to steal them.)

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  • Kara

    I have been playing them on and off for about two years and it finally paid off and I won the $150. Damon Lindelof put on his twitter that 9,078 people played the lost numbers and won the 150, and then I got out the calculator and if all of Hurley’s numbers came out each of us wouldve only won about 39 grand, not 355 million!

    • Flyer

      Thanks so much for posting this info, Kara. (I’m behind on reading Damon’s tweets.) So more than 1-in-5 people who got 4 of the numbers right did so using Hurley’s numbers. Which I think just confirms Lost’s impact on US culture.

      • nic

        Actually…each person would have won around $13,000 if all the LOST numbers hit! The mega millions jackpot is split by 50% and then 63% is split between the Mega Millions winners and the rest divided amongst the additional prize winners. 2nd place would have been more beneficial!

  • stella

    heard them saying these numbers on the radio last night and thought they were saying the Lost numbers and then they changed and I was wondering what it was for. pretty cool. I remember when the Numbers episode of Lost first aired and that next week like half a million people in the U.S. used them to try and win.

  • Jane Baker

    What a ridiculous story. Is a DVD for “LOST” coming out or something? Four of the six numbers. Wow. That’s in the neighborhood of $150-$250. OMG, that can NOT be a coincidence. Now I need to go to Vegas.

    • Flyer

      What a freakin’ ray of sunshine you are. I hope you’re just having a bad day, because otherwise, it must really suck to be you (or know you).

    • Travis

      Seriously, you’re this pissed over a story on EW.com? Get a life.

    • Marc

      I’ve gotta agree with the others, Jane (heh heh, “others”…no LOST pun intended). Why would anyone complain about a fun little article about a pop culture phenom on EW.COM? It’s perfectly appropriate, whether or not you happen to be a fan of the show. Me, I’d pay good money never to see another headline about Justin Beiber, but I deal with it. Maybe you should resolve not to be such a Debbie Downer in 2011. [Oh wait, I just made an SNL reference…how dare I?!]

      • Jane Baker

        The fact that all of you are so bent out of shape regarding what was otherwise a fleeting thought I had while reading the news proves my point. I need to get a life? It was only four out of six numbers, people. And it has this much traction? All six numbers, ok…that’s a story. The only lesson I learned here today is that I should stick to the WSJ and the Washington Post. It’s no wonder the government thinks we’re all so gullible. Look where we put our energy.

      • Tom

        I poop on Jane Baker

      • Jan

        Thanks, Tom.
        Memo to Jane: maybe don’t post fleeting thoughts if you’re going to get bent out of shape regarding people’s reactions.

    • To Jane Baker

      It’s interesting because the only reason all these people played those numbers is because of Lost. Any other combination of numbers probably doesn’t get played quite as often as these ones do! And obviously you’re not a Lost fan, so why are you even reading the article?

  • kjm

    Never played it but when I first heard the winning numbers today on the radio my first thought was those were the Lost numbers!

    • Heather

      Me too!!


        Not me, I thought about how I love fish sticks.

  • tracy bluth

    Let’s just hope none of them have an imaginary friend named Dave, crash on a mysterious island, fall in love with a woman who gets shot, etc etc.

  • skip blackmon


  • JesseJerome

    I only play lotto when it’s huge, and usually do quickpick, but also decided to pay homage and try LOST #s = I’m $150 richer and sooo in right now LOL #LOSTlotto

  • CJ

    and $150 is almost exactly how much money you need to buy the lost box set! Coincidence?!…yeah, probably haha pretty cool though

  • Katja

    We bought a ticket last night for fun, and my husband told me this morning that he almost suggested using the Lost numbers…oh well. :) Congrats to everyone who’s a little richer today because of their geeky fandom!

  • Mike

    Are there any other movies or TV shows which list lotto numbers?! We should play them!!

  • Jimmy Linus

    What I’ve learned is that you shouldn’t use the Lost numbers in the lottery because you’ll end up getting much less by sharing your prize money with a bunch of other geeks who also aren’t good at math.

  • Dicazi

    I’m sure my neighbors wonered why I was laughing so hard last night. I saw the 42, then I looked at the rest of them and “lost” it.

  • Zach

    The Minnesota State Lottery had 4 of the 6 in the Gopher 5 lotto a few months ago (I posted on Facebook about how shocked I was will have to go back and find the date) the Gopher 5 only uses five numbers so they all couldn’t show up but my kids were freaking out when four of them showed-up!

    • Alex

      Cool, I’m from Minnesota but I didn’t hear about that. I don’t play lotto games very often, but when I do, I usually play “the numbers”. it’s not like the odds are any worse!

      • Ben

        The odds of winning aren’t worse, but the pot is split more ways if you win. Play random numbers and win, and you win millions. Play the Lost numbers and win, and you win thousands. Makes sense to try to pick numbers that no one else picks.

  • daninstl

    Say someone played the Hurley numbers regularly since about when Lost started. Say they played them in a State lottery and either Powerball or MegaMillions twice a week, then when states started selling both multi-state games, adding the other one. That works out to be spending upwards of $1500 & finally getting back $150 (though admittedly there likely would have been several additional small winnings like $3 or $7s over the years).

  • Anna

    That is so awesome! I thought that it would be cool to play the numbers last night. Too bad I didn’t! I read Damon’s tweet and was so mad at myself! This must be a little tribute to LOST. ;)

    • Mindy

      Me too! I never play. But, a friend and I joked on Sunday that we should play the LOST numbers in the Mega Millions. Even though, mathematically, we wouldn’t get as much since everyone else would play the same numbers. Still, it would be fun and funny to actually win money playing Hurley’s numbers.

      • Anna

        Haha! We really should have. It would have been fun to play those numbers and anyway and even cooler since we would have won some money!

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