Larry David celebrates treasure bath that is Republican tax cuts

Larry-DavidImage Credit: Armando Gallo/Retna LtdOn Curb Your Enthusiasm, the list of things that annoy Larry David is amusingly endless. Teenaged trick-or-treaters who don’t take Halloween seriously; house tours; bald chefs who are ashamed of their baldness. But there’s one thing that is making the real David smile these days: Republican tax cuts. In an op-ed in today’s New York Times, the Seinfeld funnyman mock-celebrated the government’s decision to extend the Bush tax cuts on the extremely wealthy: “There is a God! It passed! The Bush tax cuts have been extended two years for the upper bracketeers, of which I am a proud member, thank you very much. I’m the last person in the world I’d want to be beside, but I am beside myself! This is a life changer, I tell you. A life changer! … Last month, the antenna [on my 20-inch Zenith with the rabbit ears] broke and I tried to improvise one with a metal hanger and wound up cutting myself. Every time I see that scab, I say to myself, ‘If, God willing, those Bush tax cuts are restored, I’m going to buy a new TV.’ Well, guess what? They have been! … Life was good, and now it’s even better. Thank you, Republicans. And a special thank you to President Obama and the Democrats. I didn’t know you cared.”

Clearly, David’s enthusiasm is being curbed, with tongue-in-cheek. Still, it’s tough to complain when you can lambaste a political decision, get credit for being altruistic, yet still profit from the perceived financial injustice. Give David points for trying.

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  • Tom Strong

    Nothing is stopping him from giving all his money to the US Treasury.

    • Larry David

      Larry David is a talentless loser who never has anything noteworthy to say.
      …oh, um, wait: scratch that.
      I heart you Larry David! Larry Forevah!!!

      • Larry David

        What? No one can give a brotha a laugh? You people know I’m the best damn thing about this site…

      • Betty

        To the real Larry David, that divorce settlement must have left you in the poorhouse. I mean c’mon, a tv antenna made from a clothes hanger. You are a tightwad, but you are hilarious.

    • Emil

      exactly! but that will never happen because the Hollywood elites are just a bunch script reading morons who haven’t a clue about the economy. Just like our president!

      • Rich

        Exactly right. He filibustered legislation to give treatment to 9/11 first responders until Congress approved tax cuts that will add over $500 billion to the deficit and lower the unemployment level by less than .1%.

        Oh no wait… That was EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN IN THE SENATE. Lots of clues about the economy, that bunch.

      • Anna

        When you look past the republican spin, they are basically telling us their solution to fix economy is to keep things exactly as they were before the recession. Thank you Repubs. We all know the millionaires would have suffered without their help. The 911 responders, not so much. Republicans were not willing to compromise on tax cuts. Deficit be damned. At least the tax cuts will provide their donors with more money to donate for the next elections. Republicans always serve their true masters; MONEY.

      • tarc

        Funny, the guy that enacted the plan of the best economic minds on the planet and bottomed a potential decades long Depression (as expected) suddenly doesn’t have a clue about the economy. But the 30 years of idiotic Republican policies that created the problem are the bright ones! Funny also that the very Republican Alan Greenspan, the architect of the economy for much of the last 30 years, is very publicly stating exactly what I said. Funny. NOT.

  • e4ia

    I just started watching Curb this past season and I am hooked. Love Larry David and his sense of humor. I can totally picture him saying all of that.

    • dipshat

      Totally agree!

  • dropper

    I am not a big fan of his, but this amused me.

    • LOL

      Republicans are filth.

      • donknottz

        Please don’t degrade filth by comparing republicans to it

  • Emil

    Dear Larry,

    its hows how clueless you are about economics. please stick to writing lame sitcoms and stay out of economics. besides, if u want to part with you money so bad, why don’t you get a heart and donate to people who need it. Youare a greedy heartless bastard like most other hollywood celebrities who will not pay an extra dollar in taxes unless the whole nation is made to pay taxes. Why don’t you lead by example and send all your money to Washington D.C.

    Read Destructive Politics the book and learn something!

    • Cathy

      Psh…people with horrible grammar and spelling have no business commenting on the Bush tax cuts. The republicans are a bunch of babies who are acting like children and being very vocal about it. I find it disgusting and almost wish my paycheck HAD gone up just to prove to the republicans how stupid they are being!

      • BP

        “Republican” should be capitalized since it is a proper noun.

    • Garrett

      Wow Cathy it is clear how clueless you are about the english language.

  • lostfan23

    I love Larry David, but he should simply return HIS money to the US Treasury if that is what he would like to do with it. More power to him. Or he can use his tax cut to contribute to his favorite charities. The point is that it was HIS money that he earned through his own genius in the first place, so he can use it to contribute to deficit reduction, to feed the homeless, to do whatever he wishes.

    • Rich

      Yes, the deficit will be reduced and the budget will be balanced because all the rich people will “contribute to deficit reduction.” And we will eliminate homelessness in this country because all the rich people will feed them.

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! It must be fun living in that fantasy world of yours. Can we call it “Boehner-Land” for short?

      • Mike

        The point is hypocritical millionaires who say they’re not in favor of tax breaks still end up keeping the money they make. If they really WANT to pay higher taxes, the Treasury Department does indeed take donations. They could choose to feel better about themselves and stop scolding everyone else who would like to keep more of what they earn. But they don’t. They pose. Then they buy bigger houses and Gulfstream jets.

    • Wave Mutilator

      That is what he does. He and his ex-wife have given away millions of dollars over the years. I’m sure Larry David lives well, but he’s given back. Lots of wealthy people do give back, but sadly quite a few do not.

  • Paul N Mavini

    Rich people control EVERYTHING. If they have to pay a little extra for that, then so be it.

  • D

    I would have no problem with the rich paying more in taxes if it went specifically towards deficit reduction. However history has shown us that the more taxes our government takes it just spends more. Increasing or decreasing taxes is going to have no effect on the culture of spending in Washington.

  • argo

    A 10 year old tax cut is no longer a cut. It’s the tax rate. Only in America can propaganda convince the population that a tax increase is just an end to a tax cut. (Which was a tax cut of a previous tax raise, etc etc)

    • tarc

      Actually, a 10 year old tax cut is… a 10 year old tax cut. With an expiration. And a legally maintained original rate. Moron.

  • Cream of Sum Yung Gai

    Barney Frank would be happy to use his tax cuts to patronize male escorts. Perhaps Larry can make this a plot in one of his episodes where Barney mistakenly accosts him for companionship and they both discover to their horror that they are long lost half-brothers related to Sarah Palin. Now that’s comedy gold…

  • tori

    If I had milllions I might be able to laugh at people who have less and are unemployed too, no I wouldn’t. Hey Larry why don’t you just give the money the gov. is giving you back to help the soup kitchens, or other charities and stop complaining about having money. Do some good with it.

  • Class Warfair

    Nice to see GREED & ENVY alive and well in 2010! To think that you whiners actually think taking more from the rich and handing it to our honorable, reliable government is the answer! Just shameful….

    • Coffee Break

      If everyone put the amount of effort into their work as they do writing opinions on this website, the country would be a much better place.

      I don’t understand how everything gets so heated on here, can’t we all just get along this festive season, huddle together and celebrate the birth of the preview for season 3 of the Jersey Shore?

  • thenationalrazor

    Larry David has regularly made lists of the most charitable celebrities in pure dollar amounts, and he lends his support to numerous other charity events during any given year. Anyone criticizing Larry David for being greedy and selfish knows zip about the man and is just trying to make up for his or her own insecurities and resentments.

    • Wave Mutilator

      Indeed. I’m not being sarcastic here…Larry David is a rich person we can look up to. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, T Boone Pickens…there are a lot of wealthy people who give back. I wish all would, but hey, it’s a free country.

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