The Best TV Character Deaths of 2010

2010-deathsImage Credit: Michael Courtney/FoxOn TV, death is a good thing. Death shakes up the status quo. Death eliminates annoying characters, and it sends off beloved characters with an emotionally-explosive bang. The threat of main-character death has hovered over some of the greatest TV shows of the last ten years. Some shows, like 24, practically made a game out of their gleeful employment of the Death Twist, an out-of-nowhere elimination of an apparently central character. (Be honest: you had a couple bets going on who would die in the Lost finale, right?) Killing off a main character can be just a cheap gimmick, but when it’s done well, it can be incredibly moving. It can even revitalize a show. (See: Grey’s Anatomy, post-bloodbath.)

For our round-up of the best character expirations on TV this year, we focused exclusively on characters that were, if not series regulars, at least important parts of an ensemble — our (perhaps arbitrary) cut-off was that the character must have appeared on at least four episodes before expiring. By nature, this list skews towards drama, but it’s not all dour. On TV at least, death can be pretty funny. As you might expect, this post is SPOILER ALERT central, so if you’re worried, just click down to the comments right now and tell us your favorite deaths from 2010. Otherwise, check out the list after the jump…

10. Dana Walsh, 24

You could argue that Katee Sackhoff’s much-despised Dana never really had a chance. The umpteenth variation on the old “CTU Agent/Terrorist Mole!” character, Dana’s subplot may as well have been written via Mad Libs. But all the audience frustration proved to be the perfect set-up for a brilliant death scene. A vengeful Jack corners Dana. She begs for her life … and a stone-faced Jack shoots her right in the heart. Then he stands over her body, and shoots her again. It’s arguably the worst thing Jack Bauer ever did (she was surrendering!) and it’s the last truly great moment in one of the most brutal series to ever air on network television.

9. Fat Tony, The Simpsons

There are many reasons to complain about the last couple hundred episodes of The Simpsons. But the most depressing thing about the show is that, with extremely rare exceptions, there haven’t been any great new additions to the sprawling supporting cast in almost ten years. (Seriously, they haven’t even come up with someone more interesting than the Yes Guy.) Instead, we’ve seen ever-more-broad storylines focusing on the show’s peripheral characters: an endless array of Milhouse episodes, and Moe episodes, and Sideshow Bob episodes, etc, etc. So give the writers some credit for doing something different: In the middle of an otherwise straightforward mob-themed episode, they actually went ahead and killed off Fat Tony — a character who was first introduced almost twenty years ago. Admittedly, the writers replaced him by the end of the episode with his soundalike/lookalike cousin, Fit Tony. And Fit Tony quickly became fat. So actually, maybe don’t give the writers any credit after all.

8. Amy, The Walking Dead

It’s impossible to imagine just how many zombies have been killed onscreen since Night of the Living Dead established the genre in 1968. So one of the real pleasures of the first season of The Walking Dead was how the show consistently managed to make slaying the undead feel new again. The high-water mark came in episode 5, with Andrea cradling the dead (but soon-to-be-risen) body of her sister, Amy. Besides playing out with unbearable tension — just shoot the darn thing, already! – the scene proved that Dead was offering its own unique take on the Zombie genre: humane, painful, and emotional. And also twisted — it was Amy’s birthday, after all.

7. Dr. Cat Black, Childrens Hospital

When the Meredith Grey-esque protagonist of Hospital gets impregnated by a six-year-old boy with advanced aging disease, hilarious (and incredibly NSFW) hijinks ensue. Suffice it to say that this was definitely the second-craziest death on a hospital show this year. As for the craziest…

6. The Grey’s Anatomy Death Orgy

Sometimes, new characters just don’t click. Maybe the actor is miscast. Maybe the character doesn’t gel with the rest of the ensemble. Or maybe said ensemble has just gotten too darn big. Such was the case with Grey’s Anatomy, which had an overstuffed cast list after season 6’s Mercy West merger. The solution: Mass murder! In an emotionally wrenching season finale, a vengeful shooter took the lives of Mercy Westers Reed and Percy, and indirectly claimed the life of Meredith’s unborn child when the stress caused her to miscarry. It was a bold narrative choice for the show, and it initiated Grey’s Anatomy‘s creative rebirth.

5. The Lost Death Orgy

Lost never skimped on the fatalities: Cast members probably suffered panic attacks whenever they got a new script, wondering if this would be their final hour. We can all have a good long argument about which death was the saddest, the most shocking, or even funniest. (I go with Eko, Ana Lucia, and Nikki/Paolo, respectively.) But if we’re playing a pure numbers game, nothing compares to the ol’ bomb in the submarine, which singlehandedly claimed the lives of three of the show’s hallmark characters. Besides leaving us with a momentously chilling line — “There is no Sayid!” — the sequence featured one of Lost‘s most indelible images: Jin and Sun’s hands, letting each other go one last time.

4. Agent Sebso, Boardwalk Empire

For most of Boardwalk Empire‘s first season, Agent Sebso was just Nelson Van Alden’s trusted partner. Then, twist! He was actually gangster Nucky Thompson’s man inside the anti-Prohibition force. Sebso offed a witness, and it looked like he’d get away with it. But Van Alden was suspicious. On a normal TV show, that suspicion would’ve probably led to an interrogation. But this is Boardwalk Empire, so instead, Van Alden took Sebso to a Christian service, insisted that he step into a river to be baptized … and then drowned him. Dark, twisted, funny, totally insane, and one of the most out-of-nowhere death scenes in recent memory. Good job, HBO!

3. Gale, Breaking Bad

In the twisted moral calculus of Breaking Bad, Gale was an innocent man. Sure, he cooked meth, but unlike Walt or Jesse, he wasn’t just in it for the money. Proudly libertarian and deeply philosophical, Gale believed that what he was doing was right, not just profitable. And especially compared to Jesse, Gale was the portrait of intellectual pleasantry – the kind of guy who sings along to Italian opera while he cooks vegetarian dinners. But Gale’s dedication to the job made him a liability for Walt, and in the soul-searing final moments of the season, Jesse had to point a gun at this more-or-less good man and pull the trigger. (Aside: I realize that there is some ambiguity around Gale’s death, so if it turns out he’s alive, I will eat Werner Herzog’s shoe.)

Honorable Mention That Would Be #3 If You Consider It A Legitimate “Death” Scene:  The Tenth Doctor, Doctor Who

David Tennant’s swan song as the Doctor was incredibly moving, right down to his desperate last lines: “I don’t want to go!” Still, it’s hard to rationalize putting this on a “Death” list when the Doctor was immediately resurrected.

2. Miss Blankenship, Mad Men

In the words of Bert Cooper: “She was born in 1898 in a barn. She died on the 37th floor of a skyscraper. She was an astronaut.” RIP, Miss Blankenship: the one secretary Don didn’t snog this season.

1. Jack, Lost

Lost had one of the biggest body counts in TV history. (Heck, if you think about it, the entire cast died.) But no death cut to the bone more than the last one. Having rescued the Island/the world from the machinations of the Man in Black, Jack wakes up in a stream. Beaten, bloodied, dying, he stumbles through the forest, and finally collapses … back in the same bamboo grove where he first awoke on the Island. The plane carrying his friends to safety ascends into the sky. And then, the kitchen-sink moment: Vincent the Fricking Dog runs out and lays down next to Jack. Because nobody should ever have to die alone.

PopWatchers, what were your top death scenes of 2010? Any characters you’re hoping will get killed off in 2011?

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  • mia

    I agree about Jack being number one and if I wasn’t crying hard enough before they brought in Vincent I was fairly sobbing harder after that. I even teared up just reading your paragraph.

    • Annie

      I agree, I thought Jin and Sun’s deaths made me sob like a baby, but nothing prepared me to seeing Vincent laying next to Jack so that he would not have to die alone. I could not take it anymore!!!!

      • sila

        You are a parasite go find another host body

      • Uncle Festivus

        tyuj…your post is invalidated by your spam. We don’t want to see your fat bloated photos.

      • JD

        Gee, almost fooled us there with the copy-paste of someone else’s post at the end. But this crap must work otherwise you guys wouldn’t still be polluting the comment boards with it.

      • Joni

        Vincent laying down next to the dying Jack had me crying so hard that I ended up with a headache.
        Beautiful in its simplicity.

        Tearing up now just remembering it.

      • GB

        mia and annie….i totally agree with u both. i cried so hard….i was watching the finale with just me and my chocolate lab next to me….when i seen vincent the dog lay down next to jack….i lost it hard!!!!!! cried like a little whimp! lol

      • matty

        LYING down.

      • niamh

        i totally agree about jack…when i read this post i had to go watch it again and my face is actually swollen from crying…absolute disgrace lost is getting ignored by the golden globes, i thought matthew fox was outstanding last series :(

      • CJones

        I had tears forming as he wandered back to the final resting place. The plane and then vincent made it the best death scene ever.
        But I would move Dr Who up to #2. His death scene was much longer and meaningful, and it was the first time we got to see a Dr Who know his death was coming. We learned through the acting and writing that while he may regenerate, it’s not really going to be him. It will be someone with his memories, but he will die. Very well told. And what he does with his last hour on earth was as meaningful as Jacks death. But jacks death was simpler so I’ll keep it #1. All you lost fans should check out DR Who. Like Lost, it has season and series long themes, great characters, great acting and great music (they have had concerts with the music from the show) and movie quality visuals! It’s not the same show it used to be in the 60’s-80’s. It is the best comparable show to lost I can think of. Especially with David Tennant as the Doctor. If you want more lost, Give Dr Who a chance!

      • eddieVroom

        Do people still PAY for pr0n on the internets?

    • nunnya

      I’m still crying about the scene with Jack and Vincent.

      • tim

        I’m with you. However, the Sun/Jin moment was really devastating stuff.

      • anya

        I think both of those death scenes were so sad and powerful. Just thinking about Sun and Jin’s hands letting go of each other for the final time is enough to nearly make me start crying over it again.

      • Cristin

        Ditto. Just reading #1 on the list above made me tear up again!

      • MsSuniDaze

        Jack’s death scene was so well done and powerful it felt as though I lost a friend. Everything about that scene was amazing…the music, watching him stagger, laying down where it all began, and Vincent. By the time his eyes closed I was a mess. Heartbreaking.

      • Ali

        I just need to hear the music and I tear up.

      • babysloth

        I’m at work and just read this list and started to tear up at #1. I think I’m going to spend the holidays rewatching the finale of Lost and have myself a good cry! Love you Jack & Vincent!

      • KLB

        agree about the jack scene, but theone that sticks with me is Juliete

      • carlynn

        I still crying with you.

      • Ember

        I cry whenever I see the photo of Jack & Vincent…but didn’t realize just READING about it would have the same effect. Sniff.

      • sarah

        oh god…me too. that an charlie’s death were the most emotional ones for me. they were like loosing friends.
        and like ali said already, all i have to do is listen to the music!

    • tracy bluth

      I’m crying my eyes out right now after just reading that paragraph. My poor dog- every time I think of that scene I practically smother him with hugs.

    • mahovolich

      I still get choked up thinking or reading about the scene. Vincent’s appearance put me over the edge.

    • Stef

      I teared up too! Just thinking about Vincent and Jack in that scene gets me all worked up again. Very brilliantly done, I for one will never forget that TV death.

    • I agree

      I loved, loved, loved the Jack and Vincent scene at the end. No show ending has been so beautiful and poignant. It nearly made me cry reading it at number one on your list!

    • InTheDale

      Amen! Me too!

    • lizzie

      i had stopped watching Lost awhile back but i did watch this scene and bawled my eyes out…

    • Kim

      Download the track “Moving On” (music from the final minutes of Lost) from iTunes. I challenge anyone to listen to it without choking up. Happens nearly every time I listen to it.

      • Nicole

        ohhhh my goodness, same same same
        if i ever have a baby boy someday his name will be jack :)

    • dan

      I am not a crier at all, but I cried in the final scene of Lost, the muisic, the fade in and outs of all our favs reuniting, and finally vincent lying down next to Jack…still get goosebumps and tear up thinking about it

      • sarah

        yes…i think every other scene i was crying. particularly when sawyer and juliet reunited.

      • Joe

        Same here Dan. When the dog sat next to Jack I lost it.

      • Lost forever

        Michael Giacchino is a genius! I have been listening to the Lost soundtracks over and over. There has never been a TV show with music as good or even as close to his on Lost.

      • darclyte

        Agreed. That final scene made it all worthwhile, and Vincent laying down next to Jack forgave any omissions of “reveals.” I saw the scene recently on YouTube when I read the “final scene revisted” article here on, and I got pretty choked up again. Brilliant scene.

    • ben

      Ben Linus killing Charles Widmore was classic. Out of the blue, “He doesn’t get to save his daughter!”

      • noelbelle

        I totally forgot about that. I couldn’t help laughing when he did that. Oh, Ben.

    • Meredith

      Yeah, Vincent was the tipping point for me!

    • noelbelle

      Jack and Vincent was definitely the best…when I saw Lost earlier in the list, I was like “Where the hell is Jack.” That scene made me hug my dog while I was fighting back tears. She wasn’t too thrilled about it.

    • eric

      I know this didnt hapen in 2010 but the most climatic death had to be Charlie (lost)after informing Desmond that it is not Penny’s boat.

      • ALM

        Agreed. I would replace Charlie’s death with Eko’s (Eko? Really?) as Lost’s “saddest” death.

      • AB

        ALM, you are so right on there! I balled my eyes out when Charlie died. That one will always stay with me as one of the best deaths on TV.

      • Meli

        Oh totally. Charlie’s death actually made me stop watching Lost for awhile, because I didn’t want to attach myself to another character only to watch them die, too.

      • kimmy

        agreed! i sobbed and sobbed and sobbed when charlie died. saddest Lost deaths: jack, charlie, jin/sun. juliette is up there too.

      • amj

        ALM you are right on there! Charlie’s was the saddest on the show especially when you felt it didn’t have to happen at all. And to see it all over again in the finale arc was awesome! Made me cry, gasp and jump out of my chair all at the same time.

      • gf120581

        Indeed. Eko’s death was more of a “holy s__t” death like Anna-Lucia’s demise. Charlie’s death, on the other hand, was one of the watershed moments of the series and pretty much broke the hearts of all “Lost” fans. I presonally was on the verge of throwing my remote at the T.V. It was for that reason the reunion of Charlie and Claire and Aaron in the finale was the one that brought me to tears. I NEEDED that one after Charlie’s death.

      • Snsetblaze

        I’d put Charlie as the saddest death but also put Daniel Farraday and Juliete way above Eko on sad deaths (Ana Lucia and Michael would make the list before Eko).

    • Dori

      I know…I got goosebumps reading that. That was perfect for number one. Top notch acting on that brilliant show!

    • islandermarine

      I just got on the comment page to say that I got choked up just reading that paragraph about Jack!

    • nicnic

      I’m about to cry reading about Lost in the past tense…I miss that damn show!

    • lucy2

      I feel the same way. All of the deaths on Lost were hard, but man, Jack at the end, with Vincent next to him, just did me in.

    • Mark

      is that my daughter, Mia? I know you were a big fan

    • Kiki

      Yeah, me too. You know it’s well crafted when 6+ months later, just reading about it still makes you cry!

    • Bluidshay

      To say that Jack’s death on lost affected me is such an understatement. I agree with many of your readers about tearing up just reading about his dying with the dog there. I can’t even talk about the Lost finale to this day. I literally have to leave the room when it comes up.

    • alicia

      Omg I started tearing up just reading that paragraph about Jack and Vincent.Almost 8 months later and it seems like yesterday!

    • amj

      Agreed! And was very glad to see LOST on here as two different entries. Brilliant scenes

    • Melissa

      I agree with everything in this comment. Must resist tearing up at work as I write this!

      • Sara

        Jack and Vincent was beautiful, but the loss of Jin and Sun was utterly devastating. I wept like a baby and wept like a baby every time I thought about it afterward. And after they floundered with Sayid’s character for so long, the reverse-suicide-bomber idea–running with a bomb to take it away and save the lives of others–was beautiful.

  • K8

    What about Stahl from Sons of Anarchy? Or Jimmy?

    • Calgary

      I totally agree! Stahl should be on this list!

      • Adrienne

        Agreed too! I expected it to be on the list. Opie taking her out and her pleading for her life was beautifully played by both actors.

    • D

      Stahl is who I thought of first. What a well deserved fitting end to the bitch.

    • Megan

      OMG I squealed with delight like a little school girl when Opie pulled the trigger. Love him, love the show, BEST season finale ever… (actually made up for a mediocre season)

      • Adam

        This should have been # 1 on the list. I laughed the same way-nothing says street justice like a MAC-11 blast to the head.

    • MCS

      I mourned for days after Stahl’s death. I hated her so much, but I loved to hate her. She was the best villain on tv, and the scene was amazing. Ally Walker owned the character from start to finish.

    • Rush

      Don’t forget Jimmy O’s death in the same scene.

      • Katie

        I have to say, after all the havoc Jimmy caused, I thought his execution was played down a little too much. Call me a sicko, but I think it would have been very cathartic to watch him suffer a little.

    • Kelly

      Thank you! I read the list assuming Stahl’s magnificent death scene would be near the top, but nothing. Really?

      • Laura

        Thank you! I cheered when Opie blew her head off!

    • Crimson Kisses

      And what about Hale? It came out of nowhere.

    • Mark

      Stahl for number one!!!! Great twist and turn for one evil biotch. They even had her grovel for her life…..Earl was right, KARMA

    • Colleen

      Aww BOOOOO, we haven’t watched the whole season up in Canada yet!! Use a spoiler alert at least!!!!

      • MCS

        You did see the spoiler alert in the main article?

  • samara

    Thomas Jerome Newton’s mercury-spewing prison cell death on Fringe was pretty memorable…

    • tracy bluth

      True. Although I was kind of distracted by yelling “NOOOOO!!!!!” when Peter and Holivia were doing it.

      • Jill

        Hopefully Holivia will have one of the best 2011 deaths. Here’s hoping…

      • RyRyNYC

        GRETCHEN! Stop trying to make “Holivia” happen… it’s never going to happen.

      • Ruby

        Agreed. Hate that smug expression on Holivia’s face. Here’s hoping she meets her death soon. And just the fact that we all hate her character but love our Olivia shows the awesomeness that is Anna Torv.

      • CJones

        Not to mention the title of the article itself is a bit of a spoiler alert! And it has been 7 months!

      • CJones

        the computer conspiracy did it to me again. I clearly responded to the note about spoilers and it wound up here! (I hope this one stick with the one it refers to ;)

  • Karate Pants

    Roman Grant, Big Love???

    • Sarah

      That was last year.

  • Karate Pants

    Oh, and I think it’s a little presumptuous to assume Don DIDN’T shag Mrs. Blankenship. ;)

  • Catherine

    I thought Sayid’s death was both perfect and disappointing. Perfect because he was a soldier a man of action and he died doing that in a relatively quiet way, staying true to the character…However, Sayid was always one of my favorite and I would have like a more poignant farewell!! And Jack, wow!!

    • cheese

      I guess I just don’t understand why he had to run away with the bomb…and not just throw it down the submarine’s hallway…

      • wearelostbeth

        It wasn’t just getting the bomb farther away from everyone, it was about buffering some of the blast with his body. Like throwing yourself on a grenade..

      • goat

        But there was still that huge explosion…its not like his action of “buffering” the blast helped…

      • wearelostbeth

        dropping on a grenade doesn’t stop it from exploding.. it does minimize the shrapnel. The bomb still put a hole in the sub & sank it but his actions helped keep the others from being knocked unconscious & drowning. or being ripped to pieces by flying debris

      • Kristen

        Plus, Sayid had to die in a heroic, self-sacrificing manner. More literally than most of the characters, Sayid’s story was one of redemption. Jack was a lousy husband and son, boo hoo. Sayid was a torturer and murderer. Requires a little more to be redeemed. May they all rest in peace (AND SYNDICATION-where are the reruns?!?!?!

      • Sara

        The reverse-suicide-bomber concept. Running away with the bomb to save people’s lives. Brilliant.

    • VickiH

      Sayid once told Jack that he doesn’t mind giving his life for them if it means something and at that point it meant something so for me it was a good way for him to die, he saved Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer.

    • Celeste

      Sayid gets his when he is reunited with his true love, Shannon. After spending all those years looking for Nadia, it was Shannon he will spend eternity with.

  • Cee

    Agree about Jack’s death–no death made me cry harder. I don’t even think it was necessarily the “saddest” death this year, but so full of meaning–he sacrificed himself for his friends…and then of course, the kicker…he didn’t have to die alone after all. I lost it when Vincent showed up.

  • Amy

    I honestly can’t think of a more poignant television death than Jack on Lost. Just like many other Lost fans, I tear up just thinking of the scene. It will take me quite some time to be able to watch it once again.

  • Reena

    I rather have seen Renee’s death from this last season of 24…the fact that Jack finally found love and it just seconds it was taken from him took his character to a whole new revenge level taking out anyone in his way…like Dana Walsh.

    • Anna

      I agree. I didn’t think that Dana’s death was all that shocking. But Renee’s was really heart breaking. I guess it made sense though, sense almost every woman Jack ever loved either ends up dead or crazy.

      • Neal

        I totally agree, i was so mad and shocked when they killed off Renee. She and jack were a perfect couple, and those rotten writers could not even let him have her in the end. What makes me sooo angry was that her death was necessary to the story, If they wanted Jack to go on a revenge rant, all they had to do was put her in a coma. But noooo, they had to kill her. What a freaking waste.

    • Jello

      oh Renee, that made me bawl poor jack his face at the end of the episode drove me to crying even harder. :'(

    • jules

      Renee’s death was definitely more shocking than Dana’s. I think as soon as Dana was outed as a mole, the audience knew she was dead. I thought Renee was in the clear when she got shot. I was more shocked by that than Dana.

    • James

      Thank you!!!!

      Renee should definitely have been on this list, and probably top 5. Dana Walsh?!? Who cares.

  • BLM

    Diane, the news-anchor on Family Guy, was a great death because she died and stayed dead after the season premier, which is always nice in a cartoon world. And, yes, just re-reading about Jack’s death gave me chills. A great/sad death.

  • Banks

    Although it wasn’t a death scene per se, when they announced that the plane carrying Col Henry Blake, from M*A*S*H, went down I got all choked up.

    • Mole

      Even though that’s far from qualifying for the 2010 list (by about 30-someodd years), that’s one for the all-time list.

    • Michelle

      That was a good one…even if the article is about 2010 character deaths

    • Ayn

      I agree. I still remember seeing that on TV. I was probably 10 or 11 years old and I cried. It was a poignant moment to lose someone who kind of felt like “family”, as much of the M*A*S*H cast did.

    • Uncle Festivus

      That’s on the top all-time list. Now if we could only kill of SpongBob somehow.

    • Uncle Festivus

      That’s on the top all-time list. Now if we could only kill of SpongeBob somehow.

      • Schmuck

        No. No. Just Patrick Star!

    • mkorki

      I was wondering when the MASH scene would get mentioned. All time best death of a true hero ever on TV. Always did the right thing. Bad luck and international hatred still got him. Tragic that he was getting out of the war when it happened to him

    • Alicia

      It was also the death of McLean Stevenson’s career.

    • tomm

      Yes, the MASH death started it all.

  • Renee

    Actually I think the 10th Doctor deserves to be on the list. As he, himself, states when he regenerates, everything he was dies, he begins anew. So the 10th Doctor really dies. And as anyone who has watched Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor knows, his Doctor is definitely nothing like David Tennant’s Doctor.

    • Stacey

      Just watched “The End of Time” Friday night- I still am not over the emotional impact of those last 20 mins. So painful to watch. I know I need to give Matt Smith a chance, but im having a hard time popping the first disc of Season 5 in…

    • Chelsea

      I completely agree. The ‘I don’t want to go’ had me teary-eyed and was a very moving moment. Ten’s death should count.

      • Stacey

        Just watched “The End of Time” Friday night- those last 20 mins were some of the most gut-wrenching tv I have ever watched. Im trying to talk myself into putting in the first disc of Season 5, but I think I am still a little emotionally scarred…BRILLIANT death.

    • AT

      The death of Tennant’s Doctor was so immensely heartbreaking, especially in comparison to Eccleston’s.

      • Kristen

        I wasn’t expecting the Ninth Doctor to regenerate so it totally floored me. I was a sporadic watcher (on PBS of course) back in the day. I watched the made for American TV version but I never actually had to go through a regeneration. I loved the Tenth Doctor’s long drawn out goodbyes but the Ninth’s “Well Rose, you won’t be seeing me again” just broke my heart.

    • Michelle

      I wholeheartedly agree. I SOBBED for the final 20 minutes of EoT. I was inconsolable. Still am when I watch it. Ten’s death counts!

      • jjmmtt

        just rewatched this episode recently. and, tennant was brilliant in it. definitely deserves to be on the list!!

    • Neal

      I love David Tennant, but he got a really , really long goodbye. Watch any other season of Dr Who, even tom Bakers season, and the Dr gets about 5 minutes to say goodbye. David got about 20 minutes. I did not like the last season at all, and like the new DR. But its sad when any of them go, and Peter Davisons death was the saddest, sacrificing himself for his companion. Very sad, but a great ending to a great doctor.

      • Kal

        I entirely agree that the Fifth Doctor’s death was the best and the saddest, and I thought EoT was ridiculous story-wise, but the actual moment of Ten’s sacrifice and his actual regeneration–after all that filler saying goodbye stuff inbetween–was also very well done.

      • Kal

        I entirely agree with No. 1, but the Tenth Doctor also absolutely deserved to make the list. It was the death of his particular regeneration. Aw, now I’m all sad again!

      • maggie

        The 10th Doctor’s death was very moving. It was the end of an era in DW, not just because of a new Doctor, but a new writer/producer for the show. I didn’t like DW this past year, because the writing lost the heart and character development it had when Russell T. Davies was writing it. Matt Smith is a good actor, but he hasn’t been given the kind of material Tennant was given.

    • Sarah

      Agreed! Ten deserves to be on this list as much as any other character–he’s separate from Eleven or Nine…every doctor death I’ve witnessed has killed me…particularly Seven. He was alone, died unnecessarily, and so…unceremoniously…
      Anyways, Tennant was very heartbreaking, for sure as the end of what was certainly a fan-favourite doctor.

      …by that I mean no barb to Matt Smith; the Doctors are all so amazing!

    • Anne

      Totally! I actually get choked up just thinking about it.

    • WeepingAngel

      I absolutely agree that the Tenth Doctor belongs on this list. As he tells another character earlier in the story, “Everything I am dies, and a new man goes sauntering away.” It was a very poignant moment in the end, all alone in the TARDIS. The Doctor is dead; long live the Doctor!

    • jules

      Since we’re on the subject of Doctor Who, what about RORY? Granted, he did come back as a plastic robot, but his death was most upsetting!

      • tyqwando

        His death scene was the only moment when I actually liked Amy Pond. I’m so glad he’s sticking around.

      • Sarah

        In the matter of Rory’s death, which of rory’s deaths do we want to go with here? :D

        But yeah, Rory is so my favorite and I was furious when he died…both times? Yes. Glad he’s full-time this series!

    • Coyote

      I tear up every time I watch the Master disappear into the Time Lock after he sacrificed himself (and sought revenge) to save the Doctor. He may have died (regenerated) also, but I’m so hoping John Simm reprises the role, at least for a brief appearance, in the next year or so.

  • PN

    Totally agree about Jack’s death as number one! I miss that show.

  • whatevs

    I never even watched Lost and I still teared up reading your last sentence.

  • Amy

    Dell dying on Private Practice and leaving Betsy an orphan. Sad. Sad. Sad.

    • Karrah

      Whoa, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched Private Practice. Didn’t even realize Dell died!

    • noelbelle

      That episode was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I stopped watching after that. Dell was the only character I liked.

      • kimmy

        me too. i loved dell….he was the least screwed up adult on that show. the fact that the writers left his daughter w/o any parents pissed me off enough to stop watching!

    • Laura

      And the fact non of the other characters could adopt her. It is hard to watch the show now. They are all so self indulgent I find myself not really liking any of them.

    • joanne

      the scene that really got me was just before Dell died – when he was snuggled in the hospital bed with Betsy, knowing that he was going to die, telling Betsy that she should never be afraid because all the horrible things that are supposed to happen to her have already happened.

      just thinking about it makes me tear up.

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