Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Episode 14

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We’ve been through this season after season.  I love the “loved ones” visit.  I fight to have it in the show every season because it always pays off.  Plus, Sprint loves it and Sprint is a major sponsor so if they like it, we really like it.

It’s almost always emotional and on the rare occasions that it’s uncomfortable due to an odd family dynamic, you always learn something new about the Survivors.  This season was pure emotion. Let’s review, shall we?

HOLLY – I think it’s clear that Holly and Charlie have a great love affair.  He was a very nice guy and so happy for Holly’s adventure.  Married for 25 years and obviously still going strong.  In fact, if given the chance, I think he would have stayed for the rest of the show just to be with Holly.

JANE – This was the first time her daughter Ashley had been on a plane.  She was feisty just like her mom.  She’s clearly a young woman who carries a lot of responsibility.  She was a bit nervous at the prospect of being on television, but I have a feeling that once she was back home she was bragging about her trip to Nicaragua!

CHASE – Yeah, sure he’s a big football playin, country music singing, good ‘ole boy… but bring a boy a hug from his Mom and he’s reduced to tears.  Connie was a delight to have out in Nicaragua and I think the loved one visit really connected Chase with his mom in a new way.

FABIO – I really liked Fabio’s mom, Anne.  She has an amazing sense of calm about her and clearly loves her son.  She was smiling the entire time she was there, she had nothing but positive things to say and it made me look at Fabio, aka Judson in a different light.

SASH – Leigh was so excited to see her son, Sash. I loved hearing Sash talk about what it was like growing up with not much money but a lot of love.  I think Sash needed that comfort.  He doesn’t have a lot of friends in the game right now.

DAN – My personal highlight.  You don’t see men share affection enough, especially father/son affection.  I was truly moved watching Matthew kiss his father so openly and so often.  There was no embarrassment, only love.  If you were watching in HD you could probably see that I was tearing up myself.  The entire crew thought it was pretty fantastic.  For a moment I considered not giving Dan a hard time anymore.  But only for a moment.

It’s hard to criticize Chase’s decision of who to take with him on the reward.  He certainly bought some goodwill with Sash and Holly.  And just as important, by not taking Fabio, he kept Fabio from putting food in his belly.  It was a smart move as it could have made a difference in the next Immunity Challenge. Turns out it didn’t, but strategically it made sense.

When Chase came back from the reward, I really respected how honest Fabio was about how he was feeling.  He was trying so hard to be “fair” about his frustration but he knew he needed to share that frustration with Chase.  Fabio grew on me a lot with that exchange.  I didn’t sense any game play, just a guy trying to get something off his chest and then go kick some ass in the next challenge, which he did.

These types of memory challenges are already difficult but add 30 days of no food and no sleep and they become extremely challenging.  You are trying to remember symbols and placement. Fabio came through big and it seems clear that without immunity he was next to go.  He’s too big of a threat to leave in the game.

After the immunity challenge, the gang goes back to camp and now has to decide who to send home.

The moment of Chase, Sash, Holly standing in a circle as Jane approaches was riveting.  It was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  The other three knew they were going to “kill” Jane but didn’t know how to tell her.

Then… Jane starts to figure it out.

Jane: “So, is it me….?”

Cue the scary music…

Holly:  “This is not easy.”


Jane:  “So you all been conniving this whole time?”

Cue ominous bells…

Chase: “Yes, there has been discussion…”

Jane gives a not so subtle flip of the middle finger to the group.

Then tears.

Jane: “My alliance have turned on me.”

Then anger.

Jane: “ They’re liars. They’re cheats.  They’re backstabbers.  I’m most disappointed in my Carolina homeboy, Chase.  If I was Chase I wouldn’t show my ass back in North Carolina.”

Then the rage.

Jane grabs a bucket of water and violently dumps it on the fire.

Jane:  “By God I started it and I’ll put it out!”

And with that moment I think Jane solidified her spot as the most “root worthy” person on this season of Survivor.

I LOVED this moment.  Let’s pass out some recognition to the folks that made it happen:

Kudos to the team who shot this out in the field.  Great coverage of this scene.  Remember, there are no second takes.  What you see is happening in real time.  If we don’t get the shots, we don’t have it.  We got it.  All of it.

Don’t forget the audio.  Our sound team has to make sure they get every whisper without ever getting in the way of the shot.  When you’re shooting in a circle with four people, that is much easier said than done.

This was excellent work by the Survivor editing team.  This scene is brilliantly cut.  It’s cut so well you don’t even realize it’s cut.  Quentin Tarrantino would be proud.

Fantastic choice of music, which guided our emotions so seamlessly.

And finally, a huge nod to our producing team who oversee all of this.  This scene is yet another great example of why Survivor still shines above all the other shows in our genre.  We have the best of breed in every single department.

Whoa! Jane tore it up.  She broke it wide open.  Wow.  Fabio just got a huge wake up call.  Dan just got a huge wake up call.  Did either of them hear it?

At Tribal Council I always try to ask the questions I imagine you are asking at home.  Or in this case, the questions that I imagine my mom is asking at home.

When you looked at the scenario it was painfully obvious.  There are six people left.  Three of them — Chase, Sash and Holly — were hung out to dry by Jane when she exposed their alliance.  That leaves three others — Jane, Fabio and Dan.  Classic Survivor.  You wait for this moment because the game can change on a dime.  But did it?  Nope.

Even after discussing it, nobody changed their mind or their vote.  Now Dan and Fabio must win every challenge or they are gone.   That means one of them is gone next….

Unless of course something changes… ah, but that never happens on Survivor, right?

Okay – here’s where we sit.  Our final 5:

Holly – Could win.  She has made a dramatic comeback and seems well-liked.  A jury might respond to the underdog story.

Chase – Could win.  Especially if he dominates the last few challenges and takes the right people to the end with him.

Sash –A  long shot, would need to take the right people with him and do an amazing job at the final Tribal.

Dan – I just don’t see any way Dan can win, which is why I will be amazed if they vote him out.  Dan should be in the final.

Fabio – Could win but he will have to win every challenge because at this point if he loses, they’ll take him out.

Sunday is our two-hour finale followed by the Live Reunion show from CBS in Los Angeles.  I think it’s going to be a good one.

In addition to crowning a winner, I’m so looking forward to having Coach Jimmy Johnson back to chat.  Rumor has it he’s bringing a special guest with him. I’m very curious as to who will win the Sprint Award voted on by you guys.

And I can’t wait to talk to Naonka!  Yes I’m going to talk to her!  You’re crazy if you think I’d pass up that gold, especially during a “live” show!  Who knows what she might say or do?  I’ll be sure to have security close by in case she tries to take me out.

Finally, we have a big announcement regarding the next season of Survivor that I think you’re going to want to check out!  It’s.. EPIC.

I hope you enjoy Sunday’s finale!!

Check out Jeff when he guests on Friday’s edition of the TV Insiders podcast to preview the Survivor: Nicaragua finale. In the meantime, enjoy an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode below, as well as Dalton Ross’ pre-game interview with Jane. And make sure to check out Dalton’s Survivor: Nicaragua recap right here.

This week, Dalton Ross, Annie Barrett, and Mandi Bierly debate the sexiest scene in Vampire Diaries‘ season finale, then call executive producers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec to break down the episode. Plus: Michael Slezak calls in from vacation for a look ahead to the final two episodes of Survivor: Nicaragua, and the Insiders reveal their secret shames — cheesy and horrible TV shows that are downright embarrassing to enjoy. To join in all the fun, just click on the audio player below. And in the best news of all, we‚re now on iTunes! You can subscribe for free right here and take the TV Insiders with you on the go. And to send a question to the TV Insiders or learn about upcoming editions, follow us on Twitter @TVInsiders!


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  • Rose

    Ding Dong the Witch is gone!

    My first time posting here. I had to – Jane is gone….yayyyyy!

    • shelby345

      They’re all witches.
      My bad. Spelling mistake.

      • Probst4Ever

        It seems to me that Holly has been successfully brainwashed into thinking that her best chance is with Sash/Chase rather than Fabio/Dan. It reminds me of Todd in China convincing his alliance that the jury would never vote for him. Sash has gotten to coast a lot this season, but successfully manipulating your own alliance is a feat. I’m not sure that Holly will figure it out in time.
        Dan might get taken to the end, though. The shelter has accomplished more than Dan this season.
        I liked Jeff’s common-sense strategy session with Jane at tribal council. Between that and rooting for her at challenges he’s been her strongest alliance. My respect for her grew a bit in the last few episodes; it’s better to be a fighter than a quitter.

    • Winnie

      Jane had that “a woman scorned” thing down with the fire. I was disappointed that she went in on Sash’s Mom like she did Marty’s family. I was constantly in awe of her immunity challenge feats and was almost rooting for her, yet it’s funny that she didn’t have as much of a problem with the shoes thing (Holly) when her alliance was set. Chase should stop making reward challenge promises, but it made for an entertaining “previously on” (which I usually fast-forward through). Right now, I’m rooting for Fabio and Sash.

      • vern m

        have to agree with rose. While Jane earned a lot of respect in how she took on the challenges, her seething rage at anyone who she thinks did her wrong was ugly to watch.

        her and marty have something in common. Its a game, someone has to get voted off. be a good loser.

      • Skyler

        @Winnie: Thank you for articulating my thoughts exactly. Jane was a great competitor, however she was a little TOO emotionally involved and was so full of rage against Marty and her alliance. It’s just an odd response, considering Survivor is about backstabbing always…. As for Chase, he really does need to stop making promises. He’s already seen as wishy-washy and he just continues to ruin his reputation around camp. He’s going to have a hard time getting jury votes at this point if he’s going to make it to the end.

      • susela

        Yes! I’ve been rooting for Jane—and I LOVED the moment she put out the fire!—but an ugly side of her came out that made me glad she won’t win. Check out the video of her checking into the Ponderosa: she’s mean and vindictive. Not pretty.

      • Snsetblaze

        At the beginning, I rooted for Jane and I do still admire her challenge ability, but her numerous examples of childish behavior (that seems to be a theme this time with some of the contestants) has put me off. I’m rooting for Fabio b/c he’s really the underdog. Plus, other than at tribal council, Jane really did go down without a fight. Why didn’t she make the new alliance suggestion to Dan and Fabio beforehand instead of at tribal? Take out Holly and force the tie? Jane might have won the firebuilding competition and then would have been in the new majority alliance.

      • starbbycat

        Jane can only blame herself for this. She came off way too strong way too soon in the game. They would have been fools to keep her.

      • musica1

        From the moment Jane started her little vendetta against Marty, I couldn’t stand her anymore. I didn’t even like him, but the Marty-Farty bit and all her pouting were just too childish and ugly for a woman her age. I’m so glad she’s out.

      • Dexter

        I just get annoyed when people like Jane blame other people for stabbing them in the back when it’s clearly their best strategic move. It’s your responsibility to plan ahead and and craft situations where people’s best option is to go with you. Promises and trust mean nothing in a game with a single winner. The only alliance worth having is one where everyone’s interests are aligned. It’s your responsibility to forecast ahead.

        Chase should not win because he irreparably burnt bridges with brenda and jane and has generally made a series of moves which he later regretted. Sash probably can’t win because he is not well liked. Holly is well liked as a mother figure, and can play up her inspirational story arc of never giving up. Fabio is hilarious, and a genuinely nice person. He is guaranteed to win if he makes the finals. Dan could only ever win a vote from Marty or default votes from other unlikeable players.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      I believe Jeff should win this season. He was the only one that came up with the brilliant strategy. Or was it his mom’s idea? Who else is routing for Jeff’s mom to win?

      • Nebraska Fan

        LOL! Jeff should totally win this season. How cool would it be to have a the next EPIC Survivor season be a bunch of reality show hosts take each other on? We could let Boston Rob host and watch Jeff dominate contestants (with his shirt off of course)!

      • sockigal

        Jeff is going a little too far at tribal council and each week he seems to nudge the Survivors even further. You can’t blame him for trying to get these people to play the game a little more and speak up, but he is saying too much to them! They need to figure out what is going on themselves. And I don’t think Jane actions were really much to root about. It is always baffling when these people are such huge sore losers! Everybody in the game, except one person is going to be voted out at some point. Of course they didn’t want Jane to go to the finals. She should have just said “Well played game, and wish I would have made it all the way. I lasted 30 days, and that is really great. I wish the rest of the players the best.” It’s a game. Period. The game involves lots of double play and trying to skirt around.

      • rose

        I agree with all you say sokigal.

      • Adam B.

        Was not brilliant at all: in a 3-3 tie, it’s purple rock of death. The two receiving votes can’t be eliminated, the three with Immunity Idols can’t be eliminated, so Dan goes home.

      • Boon

        Exactly. For Jeff to act like it was his idea at Tribal Council for the three to ally together to vote out Holly was totally bogus. Shame on you, Jeff! We aren’t all idiots.

        You have to know that when Jane figured out her alliance turned on her, she immediately went to Fabio and Dan to discuss voting together against Holly. Then either collectively, or Fabio and Dan by themselves played the entire scenario out, immunity idols and all, and realized the ONLY possible outcome would be Dan’s leaving. Their only real option was to keep to the plan to vote out Jane. Just because the editors chose to leave it out doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, Jeff!

      • Mark

        @sockigal, I couldn’t agree more. I don’t care what Jeff says, he DOES influence votes at Tribal, and he’s going further with it every week.

        He says “I just ask what the people at home are asking.” Well, the people at home know the secrets that the players are keeping from each other, and we know what they’re thinking *usually.) The reason the jury isn’t allowed to speak at Tribal is to keep them from spilling those same secrets. So, no, Jeff should not be asking the questions we want to ask.

        What’s he going to do next season? Tell them flat out how to vote?

      • Juneau

        Totally agree. This group of “Survivors” is so weak strategically that Jeff had to tell Jane, Dan and Fabio what to do and then they STILL didn’t do it. What a bunch of Maroons (as Bugs would say). I don’t ever recall Jeff having to give specific strategies to players before.

      • musica1

        I don’t blame Dan and Fabio for not trying to get something going with Jane. They’ll have a better chance with any of the other three, and they can still get something going with one of them. Nothing is ever set in survivor.

      • Bridget

        How come we never see him nag Sash?I hate him and he never seems to be bothered at tribal

    • Jim

      Good job Jeff continuing “product placement” in your blog. Why don’t they just name it “Sprint Tribal Council” or at the next “Sprint Immunity Challenge”. Oy. Boring season, ain’t tuning in on Sunday, even for the “epic” announcement. YAWN!

      • Wahh


        You’re not going to watch!??!? What is CBS going to do without you tuning in!? Stop threatening a blog comment box!

      • D

        Even worse, Dalton did the same.

      • musica1

        They should name it Sprint tribal council. I mean, the Chargers play at Qualcomm Stadium, and I go to concerts at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater. Product placement is here to stay. Get over it.

    • Horton Hears

      OMG… that is precisely the exact sentence running thru my head as soon as she was sent packin’! Too funny!!!

      • Horton Hears

        (I am referring to the “Ding Dong With Gone” line)…

    • Couchtime With Jill

      I agree. Jane played with very little strategy. Her performances in the challenges were admirable, but I found her childish, entitled and vindictive the entire game. I’m glad she’s gone. Here’s hoping Fabio wins a couple more immunity challenges!

      • captain obvious

        thank god she is gone indeed. I miss Marty- atleast he seemed capable of something resembling strategy.

      • starbbycat

        I actually liked Jane in part, though was surprised she is in her 50’s she looks 70.

      • Pat

        Unfortunately, Jane’s strategy was to latch on to Chase and he stabbed her in the back. I really am disappointed in him – he’s not the person I (or Jane) thought he was. I hope he’s proud of himself. When Jane watches, she will probably be embarrassed by some of the things she said. I could feel her pain at being betrayed by Chase and I cried too. Jane, you did well and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Lori R

      Hello Jane? You’re playing a game. It’s called Survivor…have you heard of it? That was ridiculous behavior coming from such a high and mighty person. I’m so glad she’s gone. She is not a nice person at all. GO FABIO!

      • CaptainStimpy

        Exactly Lori!
        Ever seen Survivor before? Your would be lucky not to be sent packing w/o a knife in your back! At least they told her out front. What were they thinking when they told her she was gone? Stupid, stupid, stupid.
        What an ugly woman. The personal attacks & attacks on family members are uncalled-for.
        Yes, GO FABIO. A Fabio win will do alot to redeem this ugly season full of ugly people!

      • James Matty

        “The personal attacks & attacks on family members are uncalled for” and than calls everyone ugly, NICE!

      • musica1

        Yep! Go Fabio! I so want him to win.

      • jay

        fabio’s totally gonna win

    • Tom

      I don’t get Jeff’s love affair with Jane this season. She’s been pretty horrible to people who haven’t been awful to her and she’s been the biggest hypocrite out there. “I don’t align with villains” and then she’s with NaOnka. It speaks volumes that they get along. She turns on Brenda… basically in Jane’s mind if you’re playing with her you’re “good,” if you’re not you’re “evil.” Thrilled she’s gone.

      • Heidi

        Jane has been focused on the million the whole time. She’s clearly had a rough life, working harder than most of us to basically just get by. She’s not a happy person and for her this million was hers with no one else coming close to deserving it. The way she prepared for the show was admirable; she truly gave it everything she had and probably felt it was finally ‘her chance’ to have the life she had never dared hope for. So, the bitterness was to be expected, but for her sake I do hope she can let it go.

    • Redriding

      The Witch is gone indeed…hahaha! It was the best episode, Iv been waiting for this horrible horrible woman to leave. She was totally killing the season for me with her holier than thou attitude, especially with all the mean things she’s said and done to people since day 1.

      I dont understand why Jeff Probst loves her so much, I mean if marty had put out the fire like this or eaten fish by himself, Jeff wldve gone on and on about what an idiot he was. With Jane of course he finds it charming. Like hello Jeff, have you seen this wench play these last few weeks!

      She was so mean, calling Sash’s mom a horrible parent. Gosh Im so going to stoop to her level and wonder what on earth her kids are being raised as – vindictive, childish little brats!?!
      She shld take a chill pill, its not like its world war three…Jane its a freaking game. Also if you were so worried about spending time with your bratty daughther, you wldve chosen to stay with her at home ‘for her last summer’ rather than come and play a game in a galaxy far far away!

      • Barb

        I don’t see where you are any different than Jane. How do you know that Jane’s daughter is bratty? I think that is “the pot calling the kettle black”. I’m glad Jane did what she did. I think the reason she got so upset was because of Chase.

      • MeLoveJane

        To Redriding…bratty daughter? You’re calling Jane’s daughter a bratty daughter. You know nothing of Jane’s daughter and you’re being mean, which is exactly what you accuse Jane of doing.


      • Bijou

        @MeLoveJane. Yes, and Jane knew nothing of Sash’s mother, and yet she chose to slander her. Jane is a mean, vile, vindictive b!tch and I’m glad she’s finally gone. Fabio FTW.

      • Skyler

        @Bijou: I agree completely. Jane’s comments about Sash’s mother were uncalled for, as were her comments about Marty’s parenting skills. Totally bitter and not classy.

      • Lt. Dan

        Well…like HELLO Redriding, you are like so totaly freaking revealing the system..I’m so totaling going to tell you, like take a chill pill. READ A BOOK.

    • Pat

      Jane was the best player and the guys with the gang mentatlity were afraid of her. I am voting for her for fan fav. None of the players left deserve to win, and they deserve to have someone like useless Dan to win it all. I would laugh so hard if I actually watched the finale.

  • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

    We are dealing with players that do not know how to think, so Jeff is doing it for them. Jeff, you are a great host but sometimes you talk too much an can change the outcome of the game. These players are too dumb to strategize but it is not your place to do that for them. Your strategy (which was way to obvious) should have changed the game if we were dealing with normal players. Even though this strategy was obvious, Dan, Fabio and even Jane did not realize it (but Jeff’s mom did). Sorry, Jeff you went overboard. I love you dearly, but that was not fair! I can’t get over the fact that Chase is revealing plans at tribal and trying to get Holly and Sash to agree. Sash and Holly are the only two that deserve the million bucks over the rest of the idiots. Chase, Sash and Holly told Dan and Fabio that they are next and yet they still voted out Jane. And Jane, instead of being a cry baby and sore loser, should have strategized.THIS IS WHAT THE BEST PLAYER TO NEVER PLAY WOULD HAVE DONE IF I WERE JANE: If I were Jane, I would have been able to make it to the end. I would have gone over to Fabio and Dan, and told them that they are next. Do you want final 5 or best final 4? Or do you want to go with me and we can be final 2 or 3? If she used that argument she would have gotten Dan and Fabio to side with her. Then I would tell Dan and Fabio to make sure you tell everyone that you guys are voting me out. Then you have a 3-3 tie so I would still have a good shot. But I don’t like to leave things up to chance. So I would then go to Chase (since he likes me and he was hesitant about the idea of voting me out) and say ” I would have expected this from Holly and Sash but not from you”. I would also say” your vote won’t make a difference regardless because everyone else is voting me out. So I would like to see what kind of character you really have. After all we have been through, I would like you to keep to your word and vote for Dan. Let me go out tonight seeing that you are truly a good person.” I believe that would have worked and Holly would have been gone.

  • Victor Aldridge

    Jeff – I have to say I’m disappointed. You’ve been rather involved with the Survivors vocally this season. Flip, snarky, overall more of a pissed-off fan than a neutral host; but last night you all but came out and told 3 people how they should vote. It crossed a line I’ve never noticed you cross before.

    We know you’re a fan. That’s why I read this blog – to see that other side of you – but there’s a certain level of impartiality expected from a host. You’re not one of the competitors, and it’s not right for you to so blatantly take sides.

    That aside, I’m stunned the other 3 didn’t vote for no-idol Holly. It would have been hilarious if they had, and if Sash had given his idol to her (Chase would have never thought of it).

  • JenR

    I really enjoyed tribal council. People are going to give Jeff grief about giving Jane, Dan and Fabio a strategy idea, but it sure made for riveting TV!

    • darclyte

      They didn’t follow it though, so no harm no foul. I get why Dan & Fabio voted out Jane, but why did Jane write down Sash? You’d think she’d write down Holly and hope that the 2 guys would as well.

      • dartwoman63

        I was wondering why Jane voted for Sash also, even if she had gotten Dan & Fabio to vote for Holly she would still be gone, I thought what a strange move on her part.

      • Caitie F

        Probably because she was not that smart.

      • JCCE

        Jane knew which way the wind was blowing – they must have edited out something from the end of tribal. She voted Sash because she knew she was cooked but she wanted to say who she thought the snake was. Good on you, Jane.

      • sara

        Jane voted Sash because she is an idiot. And more than a little nuts.

      • Hold On

        I read a rumor on Dalton’s comments but I have no idea if it’s true — obviously if this is true then CBS edited it all out. The rumor was that Jane called out Sash during Tribal (remember she said she ‘had something to say about everybody’ but we only saw her comments about Holly) by saying Sash offered to pay her mortgage off if she’d vote for him for the million. He then called her a liar, and she called him a liar back, and supposedly they had to call a time-out at Tribal and ‘The Powers That Be’ had to debate whether or not there was enough evidence to disqualify Sash. I have no idea if this is true, but it would explain the panicked look on Sash’s face during Tribal, and it would also explain why they each called the other liars in voting confessional. And frankly, Sash is so slimy that I would not put it past him at all. But who knows.

      • Cyberkim

        TC lasts for one hour, then is edited down to the 7 or 8 mins we see. My guess is that after Holly, Jane also reamed Sash, and tried to make out as the bigger threat.

      • Skyler

        @HoldOn: It seems like a credible rumor to me. (a) The TC footage was edited oddly. Jane is going to tell off everyone and then they cut it at Holly. (b) Watch the full vote footage on CBS (or YouTube). Again, Jane and Sash are cut off very oddly. Jane calls Sash a “liar” and Sash is very upset, saying that what Jane did at camp and at tribal was “disgusting.” This is a strange reaction compared to what we saw at tribal, where Jane appeared to be most pissed at Chase. (c) This explains why Jane voted for Sash instead of Holly like she suggested. (d) This would explain why Chase was “so confused,” because what we saw was not terribly confusing (even by Chase’s standards). (e) This would explain the reason why the jury members all looked so shocked. (f) While I don’t usually believe rumors, I think there’s a lot of circumstantial evidence to support this one…. Apparently the cast was told they cannot discuss the issue at any future TC or at the reunion. But if the reunion is live, will they have a delay? I feel that’s something pretty crazy that’s demanding to boil to the surface. I wish it was included in the show and I wish that Jeff addressed it on his blog.

      • Tom

        Well, I don’t get why there was even discussion. Ties before the final four are still purple rock pulls. So after the vote you have Fabio who is immune, and Sash and Chase who are immune due to hidden immunity idols. Then Holly and Jane become immune as they are the ones with the tie vote. Honestly, Fabio and Dan made the right call because there really was no choice. Either Dan goes home or Jane does.

      • Sylvia

        yes, this is bothering me. i can see that she wanted to express rage and hatred for sash but what if dan and fabio voted holly? she must have been told and we didn’t see that … they must have said sorry … it looked kind suicidal of them really … the whole game is outlined for them . . . maybe they think they can get holly against sash … now the idols are gone . . . i see by reaing that lots didn’t like jane . . . i really did and maybe starving and freezing and getting bug bites will bring out the child in us … you think?

      • TJ

        Does the Purple Rock of Death respect the immunity idols? Remember, they were played before the vote, meaning that no one had them to use afterwards. Jeff only says that any votes cast against those who used immunity idols do not count- not that they are immune from the Purple Rock of Death…Jeff, feel free to use this idea if the situation ever comes up again…

      • CJones

        I think everyone has the tie wrong. the three with immunity are still eliminated from BEING voted out but all are still able to vote. Only the tied votes are able to be voted on again so dan would be safe. Which would leave jane and sash or holly whichever the other three voted on. Then if it is still tied they go to the rocks. Am I right? My guess why jane didn’t try to make a new alliance is that she was SO angry, it never even occurred to her. GO for the win, Fabio!

    • JCCE

      I don’t think people would be upset at Jeff, he’s a huge part of the game – he makes the game more accessible to us. Survivor isn’t Survivor without Mostly Benevolent but also Slightly Menacing Jeff. He’s always pinning-down and enticing people. Myself included! Woo hoo! ;D

    • sockigal

      It was in all the players best interest to vote Jane out. As long as they are still there, even Fabio and Dan, they still have a chance. You never know what is going to happen. The three man alliance is a pretty newly formed alliance, who knows if it will hold. Yes, Jeff shouldn’t butt into the strategy so much and actually give the players advice on what they should do. Obviously Jane is a favorite of Jeffs, because he had helped her out a couple of times this season. You are suppose to not take sides, just report the news Jeff! No favoritism.

    • rodcrusoe

      Yes! I was howling, slapping my knees in disbelief watching that moment and they still, still decided to vote Jane out. Unanimous verdict!!!!! How pathetic is that???!??!?!?!? I can’t wait for Sunday, I hope Jeff grills some of them, asking them their reasoning for some pretty stupid decisions this year. I mean Naonka is a given but I hope he blasts some of them, this was a really bad group of players, hardly any deep thinkers.

      • sockigal

        Fabio and Dan would have been in the same situation if they would have voted for Holly instead of Jane. They wouldn’t want to go to the finals with Jane either. So voting with Jane wasn’t a good strategy for either set of people. The odds of Jane winning the million if going any farther were just too great for anybody to take her to the finals.

      • Skyler

        Especially Chase. I hope Jeff calls out Chase for his bone-head moves this season. He’s been incredibly lucky to have made it this far.

      • Boon

        How pathetic is that? If you had thought about it just one little bit you would have realized it was the smartest and only play that Fabio and Dan had. If they had teamed up with Jane, then the only result would be Dan going home, because of the HII’s and the PRoD.

        And the initial choice of S/C/H choosing to keep Dan over Jane also makes perfect sense. Since Dan has no realistic chance of winning (he already has money, a non-competitor in challenges, and no strategic play other than UTR)whoever wins the F4 challenge would want to vote with Dan against one of the other two. If that vote succeeds, you are only effectively up against one other player. If Dan loses in the making fire overtime, then no harm done. Dan is the most valuable player left so many ways, and everyone wants to keep him around.

      • rodcrusoe

        @Boon, I have thought about it one little bit and as I’m only familiar with the fire making tiebreaker, I figure Jane would beat Holly in that contest thereby sending Holly home. You can be a putz but no need to broadcast it.

  • Heidi’s Luvin Survivor

    Jeff….I sure will miss reading your Blogs for a month or so. Great show last night! It took awhile for a lot of people to warm up to these contestants. Family reunions tug at my heart strings EVERY time! Looking forward to Sunday, but then it’s over :( what to do, what to do? Dumb move…tribal…i was yelling at you Jeff. Esp. if I was sitting there( & if I was Holly) If there was a tie & you made them make a fire. Holly would be home, not Jane!
    But, this is Survivor!! Love U!! H :)

  • darclyte

    If Jeff ever sees this, I’d love to know why they reused the Survivor:Borneo theme and not changed it up like all the other seasons. Don’t worry about Jane, she’ll win the Viewer’s Pick money easily. Out of the remaining people, I’d like to see Fabio win it as he seems like a really good dude, and to the best of what we’ve seen, hasn’t tried to double cross anyone. He’d probably have to win out to make it, or at least win enough to where at worst it’d be a tie vote. Fabio’s Mom is pretty hot! I’ve been seeing Dan making the Final 3 for a looong time as everyone knows he can’t win so why not take him to the end. Sash has probably done the most out of anyone left to “deserve” to win, but I’d hate to see him win the money. As for the special announcement about the next “epic” Survivor, there have been rumors about 2 former players returning. For one, it’d be the 3rd time, and the other the 4th time. Not sure if I’m excited about that. I think Survivor will make them “Captains” of each tribe and given immunity for a couple of votes perhaps. I think it’d be more fun to see them work together. We’ll see.

    • Al

      Saw your name and knew you’d mention the theme music. I guess there has to be someone who cares about that….

      • darclyte

        I’m not the first nor the only one who has mentioned this. I just find it interesting why they didn’t make it fit the location like all the others did.

      • Juneau

        I a HUGE fan and couldn’t care less about the theme music. I FFWD through it, anyway. I imagine it’s another way to save money. They are doing back to back seasons in the same locations to save money, too. This is a tough economy or hadn’t you noticed?

    • Skyler

      Sash is a strategist, but he’s slimy. There’s so un-genuine about him that it makes me uncomfortable to watch him. I’ve really disliked him from the beginning because he’s confessionals have been so gag-inducing. Fabio really is a solid dude. Fabio FTW!

      • Sylvia

        I so agree. Sash gives me the creeps with his fake soulful sincerity and arrogance and he and Brenda were a pair. She thought he’d give her his idol. Oops.

      • tweetybird

        Totally agree- if he says “i’ve got your back” once more I’ll scream- and it’s always with the kind of smile a snake might give before it bites!

    • Heidi

      I’m wondering if next year is the final season?

      • Aaron

        No, survivor was renewed for at least season 23 and 24

    • CJones

      wow. that could mean Russell returns!!! cant wait! BUt remember Russ, they have to like you to vote for you ! learn the lesson!


    No way is it appropriate or ethical for Probst to offer advice on voting strategy to the players during tribal council. The only reason this season isn’t now totally tainted is that Fabio, Dan and Jane were too stupid to actually follow Probst’s suggestion.

    • shelby345

      Oh please, it’s a TV show. The host can say and do whatever they please.

      • WHAT THE HELL????

        Next week Probst will admit he was wrong; and when he does, you can take your condescending “oh please” and shove in right up your a$$.

      • hahaha

        probst is a little dirt bag for interfering and you know it. don’t support it gaylord.

    • Aimee

      Jeff has always influenced the game which is what makes him more interesting than other hosts of more boring reality shows. Just by the nature of his questions during Tribal and his comments during challenges, he is practically the participant we see come back every season (and is really the reason we watch the show.) I was thinking the same question that he asked, so thank you Jeff!

      • Ashtrash

        Me too – I love ya, Probst!!

      • Love Jeff

        Agree!! Probst is THE best reality host. And Survivor has the best background music too.

    • anson

      I agree, Probst is ruining the show for me. I’ve always enjoyed his pointed questions at council but he’s gone way over the line this season. How is it appropriate to give strategy ideas to the other players? Isn’t the whole point of Survivor that they’re supposed to discover their own strategies? If he’d done this crap in season 1 (“Hey everyone, Richard is making alliances. Why aren’t the rest of you doing that?”) this show would have been cancelled already. If the host/producer is going to manipulate the game this way then he has no business climbing on his high horse because a couple of the players quit.

      • SLB

        I agree. I like Probst, but i don’t like the manipulating the cast. This is for money. Asking them questions on stuff they bring up is fine, but offering suggestions and commenting on alliances that people don’t know about is bullsh*t. It’s like he’s a puppetmaster. I don’t like it. I just want him to comment and question on what the contestants already know.

      • Hold On

        What do you mean, “IF” he’d done this ‘crap’ in Season One? Don’t you remember him at the final Immunity Challenge, pointing out to Rudy that Hatch just essentially hung him out to dry by leaving all the responsibility for their ‘alliance’ on Rudy’s shoulder’s — leaving Rudy to try to defeat Kelly while Hatch stepped down and relaxed? If that wasn’t on the same par as what happened last night then I don’t know what is. Jeff does just what he said in his blog — he asks questions and points things out that he thinks we viewers at home are wondering about. He’s the host, and what he does at Tribal is part of the game and always has been.

      • teresa

        Jeff can do whatever he wants. He sees it all, hears it all. He stirs the pot just right. They didn’t do what he suggested so why are people freaking out?? Jesus, Jane didn’t even vote for Holly, she voted for Sash!! I think Jeff knows the mental capacity of this cast.

      • Bijou

        Because Jane was Jeff’s favorite, he wanted to keep her in the game. Remember the challenge when Jane wanted to quit and Jeff wouldn’t let her? At TC he not only suggested a strategy, but instructed them how to go about it. Whether they did or didn’t follow his suggestion is not the point. Jeff was still out of line either way.

      • musica1

        I kind of felt that way when Chase had convinced Jane to drop out of that challenge, and then Jeff said, “No, don’t you dare give up.” so she stayed in. I think if a player convinces another player to give up, it should happen. Jeff, shouldn’t have stepped in there and basically changed the outcome of the challenge (which Jane won by Chase’s disqualification AFTER she was ready to give up.)

      • Adele

        Yes, Jeff isn’t as objective as he used to be. He gets too involved in coaching and giving them suggestions on what to do. And he shows too much favoritism. I was also disappointed to learn that next season they are doing retreads again. Ugg! All of this is just more evidence that Survivor has jumped the shark and is in decline. It was fun while it lasted. (I’ll miss your dimple though, Jeff.)

      • Sassafras

        Jeff is a good host but he has become too interfering during challenge times.. Sometimes I turn the volume off so I won’t be annoyed by his commentary. I agree with musica1 about the Jane vs Chase challenge. So not fair!

    • Laura

      Probst is the best reality show host on the planet and Survivor would not be the same without him. However, I think he crossed a line last night. Survivor is supposed to be about the survivors and how they play the game, not how Probst suggests to them that they play the game. It’s one thing to stir the pot, another to give strategy and try to save a player.

      • Jim

        So I guess Jeff shouldn’t tell players during challenges “You better pick it up! You are WAY behind.” Or “Careful, Others can hear the secret phrase you are yelling out!”

        The 3 vs 3 strategy was blatently obvious. He was just “reporting the news.”

      • CJones


    • Matt


    • JCCE

      Ethical!? Hahaha! You’re a hoot – I’d love to see you mad about something real.

    • Andre

      I agree that it was inappropriate for Jeff to suggest strategy that the players themselves were too dense to see. If they had acted on Jeff’s suggestion, Jeff, who is supposed to be external, would have significantly changed the rest of the game.

      Fortunately, Fabio and Dan were too dense to take the idea and run with it. Astounding how stupid these two players were.

    • Ashley

      Although I’ve had problems with Jeff getting over-involved in the past, in this case it seemed like that whole scene could have been avoided with a more strategic responses from Chase and the others.

      • Skyler

        Agreed. I think Jeff’s suggestion was an appropriate response in light of the fact that the other three “colluded” on camera.

      • Bijou

        @Skyler. The other 3 are players in the game. Jeff is not.

      • Skyler

        @Bijou: This is true. However, there is so much footage edited out of Survivor, and I guarantee that Jane spoke to Fabio & Dan about voting out Holly before TC. As many other people here have pointed out, if there were two tie-breakers then Dan would end up getting voted off. They probably considered all this beforehand (though perhaps I am giving them too much credit LOL).

    • KPW

      Love Probst but i have to agree….he stepped over the line last night wth practically giving straegy to the clueless Dan and Fabio. Probing questions is one thing. Outright trying to get thos ethree into an alliance is wrong. Let them play it out their way Jeff!

    • Boon

      Oh, please. It’s almost guaranteed that Jane went to Dan and Fabio after learning her alliance had turned on her. When discussing how to vote, they then realised that the end result of a tie vote, because of HII’s and the PRoD, would be Dan’s leaving.

      Production certainly knew this and chose to edit it out simply to heighten the tension. Probst’s questions and suggestions for a new alliance were most likely scripted ahead of time by Jeff and/or production. And look! It worked!

      • CJones

        nope. jane was SO angry she didn’t think of a new strategy. she just simmered and stewed instead

    • Juneau

      LOL – I think the “tainted” ship sailed when they let two quitters on the jury. What Jeff says or doesn’t say at TC is miniscule in comparison.

    • EC

      Probst was merely stating the obvious. Just like he was stating the obvious about the 3 voting out Dan & Fabio next. He’s not trying to sway the voting. He is asking a question that each of the Survivors have thought of and trying to elicit a response, whether it is an eye roll or the wonderfully squirmy deflection that Chase did not once but twice this episode.
      Probst is one of the best parts of the show (especially this season) and won’t apologize for anything since he’s done nothing wrong.

  • MCS

    If the big announcement reveals that the Russell Hantz/Boston Rob rumors are true, then you will have lost one lifetime Survivor viewer.

    • dusen

      Unfortunately it is true. Google “true dork times” for all the spoilers.

      • Yow

        If the rumor is true, then there we go. Survivor is now imitating Real World/Road Rules Challenges from MTV by bringing the same ass people in every challenges.

      • Blah

        If they’re back, I’m not. At least for the season of re-runs. The whole point/ enjoyment of Survivor for me is seeing these people evolve. Boston Rob and Hantz? Been there done that.

    • wipeout

      If it’s the Rob/Russell show, I’m out too. Both are egomaniacs. Russell has shown himself to be the worst sport in history. And will there be a Parvati/Sue show next?

      • bmc9999

        I am with you on that. Having to listen to Russell 3 times in 4 seasons is not something I will waste my time doing.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      I am a huge Russell fan, but to see him back so quickly, come on! Get new players on. The whole beauty of Survivor is that nobody knows each other. It is interesting to have an all-star every 5 years or so. But that’s it. And throwing in Celebrities like Jimmy Johnson, Russell, or Boston Rob, messes with the game.

      • Skyler

        I think Jimmy Johnson being on there was a good thing actually. Disappointed he didn’t go very far. I agree that I enjoy watching Rob & Russell but Russel was JUST one for TWO SEASONS IN A ROW before this one. Is Survivor running out of people to cast? I doubt that, based on the comments I see here….

      • Cyberkim

        To soon if true.

      • marisa

        I’m a Russell fan, but hate when they keep bringing people back. I like when it’s new faces. If it is Boston Rob/Russell teams, I’m also out.

      • teresa

        Boston Rob and Russell are celebrities?? I don’t think so.

      • Juneau

        Have players back that actually think strategically about the game will be a breath of fresh air after this waste of a season. I’d watch Rob and Russell every season if the alternative is people like Chase and Shambo who can’t think their way out of a paper bag.

      • musica1

        I love seeing the good players come back, but Russell has never been a good player, and that’s why he’s lost twice. He could’ve won each time if he understood the social game of survivor even a little bit. Seeing someone so inept at the social game play to the end is watching Dan trying to compete in the physical challenges. It’s painful and uncomfortable.

    • Malaika

      Thanks for spoiler, jerk.

      • Malaika

        Thanks for THE spoiler, jerk.

      • MCS

        I hardly think repeating a rumor that no one knows is true is a spoiler. That’s like saying the gossip magazines are full of spoilers.

    • sockigal

      I think it is a great idea to have Russell and Rob back. They are great players and it is so much fun watching them play the game like a big chess set. They are the best strategists the game has had (Parvarti is also really great). Maybe this time Russell will have learned to also keep some people happy.

    • sara

      Sadly, the rumour is true, and this viewer definitely will not be watching. I haven’t missed a season of Survivor yet but there is no way I will watch what they are about to shove down our throats next season.

    • John Berggren

      I too think it would be way too soon. The only reason I could see them bringing these 2 back is to see what would happen if they allied rather than fought. I’d rather new casts – then another “best of” edition in a few years.

    • Tom

      I know. They keep bringing people back and why? Boston Rob and Russell? I don’t need to see either of them again. One guy has played three times and missed the Jury phase twice, the other has no concept of how to play the game.

      • Boon

        The word is that Rob and Russell, because of the challenge issued bact in All-Stars, are both made captains of their respective tribes, and are immune from being voted out until after the merger.

      • texangal

        It’s so funny seeing all these people say they won’t watch if Russel & Rob are on again. You know EVERY SINGLE PERSON HERE will be watching, no matter what they’re saying now. And me? I love Rob & hate Russell, if Jeff ever decides to leave, Rob should be the next host.

      • Ashtrash


        Well said! Every one of these whiners will be back – Survivor is addictive. I hate Russell with a passion (his tv persona anyway, maybe he’s a great guy in person, who knows?) and I so completely love Boston Rob. I’ll watch, and cheer for Rob and I’ll be so sad I didn’t apply to be on that season!!

        And Boston Rob would be an awesome host, but hopefully Jeff never decides to leave us. He’s the best!!

      • changesurvivor?

        I’ve read a few dozen comments about people ultimately complaining about how boring this season is (ie. how inept these players are in thinking strategically or even in engaging with it as though it were… um, say… a game!), and then another few dozen comments with people complaining how they wouldn’t watch if two of the most strategic (not necessarily “best”) players returned for next season. So what is it you guys want!? Or is this a have your cake and eat it too kind of thing… not that I really know what the cake and eating it would actually consist of. I watched this season, because, well it’s just habit now, but I would say its been the least interesting season yet. I was expecting a let down after a phenomenal season 20, but this was was more than a let down… who’s left – someone who can barely walk, a guy who gets a look of confusion on his face every time any one even mentions the word strategy, a woman who checked out after day 5 and has coasted since. Which leaves fabio, who we all just hoped would get it together to show that his whole surfer-dude persona was a huge hoax, but then he revealed this last episode that maybe it wasn’t. And Sash, who bothers me the least since at least he’s tried to put some moves on. Okay, so people will say, but what about Brenda!? What about what’s his name… Marty? I say, it’s kinda like playing poker. You get some good players in with a few mediocre players, chances are the good players will do well. You throw a good player in with a group of people who have no clue what their doing, then its anybody’s game. There’s just no accounting for random stupidity. I mean two players quit for crying out loud!! After both Marty and Brenda go dumped…!??!?! As for Jeff’s leading questions in TC. I just gotta say it was nice to see someone doing some strategic thinking, even if it was just the host. And yet… well, we all saw what happened…

    • CJones

      maybe Richard from season one and Russell will battle it out!(both are out of jail I believe :)

  • Yow

    Benry’s expression when Chase asked his allies, “Would you agree with that?” was priceless. Benry, I vote for Fan Favorite!

    • Skyler

      What Chase did last night seemed very out of character for him. I was shocked to see him do that! I voted Fabio & Marty for fan favorite…. I’m boring LOL

      • bri1980

        you’re kidding right? That was completely in keeping with Chase’s character, that guy is a complete idiot and Jeff is wrong, its Chase that has no chance of winning, Sash probably does have a chance since people don’t seem to have as a close a relationship with the people he backstabs, hence less sting

      • Skyler

        No, I wasn’t kidding. I agree that Chase is consistently a bonehead, however he’s usually pretty good about keeping his head down. He never ran off his mouth, etc. I guess his power position in the game is changing his attitude a bit? I have no doubt he’ll make it to the F3 (unfortunately).

  • Corgigirl

    Could not believe that even after Jeff basically told Dan, Fabio, and Jane how they could stay in the game, they were still too stupid to do it. And even after Jane said to vote for Holly because Chase & Sash had immunity idols, she voted for Sash! Amazing! I’ve been rooting for Jane all along, but she deserved to go home after such a dumb move.

    • mojomom

      my question was, why didn’t Jane immediately try to gather Dan and Fabio from the second she found out she was going?

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        Because she does not know how to strategize, along with everyone else this entire season(excluding Sash and Holly)

      • BarkingSpider

        As soon as Jane flipped the bird to her old alliance, I had to figure that she would try to ally with Fabio and Dan. I have no idea why that didn’t happen.

      • Monte

        I’m thinking it did happen, but they didn’t show it.

      • Boon

        It certainly did happen, and TPTB chose not to show it to keep up the suspense. The problem was that when Dan and Fabio played out the vote once allied with Jane, they then knew the ONLY result would be Dan’s leaving, due to the HII’s and the tie vote procedure. The only real play Dan and Fabio had was to vote out Jane. Jane voted for Sash only to make a point, because she already knew the Holly vote wasn’t going to happen, and because of other Jane induced TC shenanigans that TPTB chose not to show.

      • CJones

        she was too angry to think of it!!!

      • changesurvivor?

        I agree with BestPlayer2NeverPlay. I think everyone wondering if there was something more complicated going on behind the cameras is kidding themselves. a) because why wouldn’t they show it!? – more complicated = better ratings, and more importantly b) cuz these players (regardless of who they are outside TV-land) have consistently shown us how incapable they are of anticipating other people’s moves and acting accordingly. I mean, c’mon people! This is coming right after a season in which we saw players move the freaking earth itself to ensure they wouldn’t get voted off; who were planning twenty steps ahead, but would get beat because someone was planning twenty one. Jane was given the strategy straight up, and she could’ve said right then and there – let’s do it (regardless of what Dan and Fabio had planned). This was her only out. She needed to push it hard as hell. And yet, Jeff nearly had to stand in her mouth and go “Yes, let’s put this strategy together.” Still, nothing. You know what they should do… instead of the best players of survivor, take all the worst – not the one’s voted off first; but the one’s who lasted long enough to show that they really had no idea what was going on. I bet a good number of those players would be from this season.

    • bri1980

      I don’ think any of them were that stupid when you really understand how the game works. You have two people with Hii’s either of them could pass it off, its not like Jane, Dan and Fabio can huddle, so it would take an act of almost miraculous luck for the 3 of them to vote collectively for the same person without communicating about it. The reality is that by the time TC rolls around its too late. Further I think when Holly and Sash were hesitant to respond to Chase’s unbelievably stupid comment I thin that gave Dan and Fabio hope that the other 3 weren’t that tight. And besides it doesn’t hurt Dan and Fabs to lose Jane

  • Yow

    One more thing.the EPIC thing Probst said to describe the next season, if it involves Evil Russell, I will pass next season.

    • EPIC

      I thought it meant the entire season would take place on the new Norwegian Epic cruise ship…talk about product placement! woooo!

    • bri1980

      I’d still watch it but I hopes it not just ‘the 2 guys (you know who I’m talking about it’ and 18 other people there as lawn ornaments

    • PurpleOnka

      Survivor has been gradually been turning into a freakshow. One or maybe 2 delusional people is enough per show.
      Boston Rob is only slightly less delusional than Russell. These 2 already turned their 15 minutes into 2 hours.
      A whole show based around 2 delusional people that cannot win is pretty retarded.
      What’s next? Survivor23 : The Hills vs Jersey Shore?

      • changesurvivor?

        First rule of TV land – it doesn’t matter what kind of attention you get as long as you get the attention. The fact that people are commenting so much about the mere rumor that Rob and Russell will be back, shows its a good idea. Tell me you wouldn’t be just a little curious about what those two would get up to if pitted against each other.

  • Jen

    Jane knew that there was no way they were going to take her to the Final 3. She acted like a big ole baby.

    • MeLoveJane

      HI Jen,

      I think Jane was really hurt emotionally and fought back the only way she knew how. She was emotionally invested in Chase especially. Compare her to Brenda. Brenda never got emotionally involved with anyone on the show so it was easier for her to forgive.

  • Dave

    Gotta agree with Rose – Jane is hella annoying and she came across as pretty vindictive, to me at any rate. If the bland Chase can go next, I’ll be very happy.

    It feels like Holly’s on her way to the win, but I’m still hoping that Jud can go on a immunity win streak and triumph in the end.

  • Jackie

    This episode just blew me away. I
    hated that Jane was voted off, and I don’t blame her for drowning the
    fire or all of her comments at Tribal. I would have been alot more
    vocal at tribal, and shamed every one of em… Of all the people this season Jane is the most deserving to win it all. And there is no sympathy vote here, she
    is one of the most likable, hard working and intellegent woman I’ve ever seen in all seasons of survivor. I don’t understand how Dan and Fabio could vote Jane out after all that they’ve seen out there. The time for a big move was at the voting booth, and they
    both wimped out.. Such a shame…
    As it stands now, the only ones I’d
    like to see win are Hollie or Fabio. Chase is too immature, Sash
    is a snake, and Dan is a useless fool.

    • Horton Hears

      Jane = Likeable? Did we watch the same episode??? It’s Survivor; people lie. People get voted out. It’s a game. Ge tover it. Jane is a vile ole’ bat who needs to get a clue and stop playing the “poor me”…

      • Arnie


      • the minister

        Jane is a heinous, bitter, and most of all HYPOCRITICAL crone.

        I question the judgement (and possibly the moral character) of anyone who finds her root-worthy… including Probst.

      • CaptainStimpy

        Yes Jackie, you are in the minority here in regards to Jane. She was a disgusting person on this show. Sad that you looked up to her. Going after family members is lowest of the low, pure & simple.

    • Jar Jar Binks

      The time for a big move was at the voting booth…yeah that would include your “intelligent” Jane who voted for Sash (o% chance)and not for the off chance shot to get Holly. Yeah she is deserving of a Darwin Award. You also forgot vindictive, spiteful, and IMMATURE to describe her.

    • bri1980

      If Dan goes to the end with Holly, Sash or Chase he wins, (and he probably will)

    • Barb

      Jackie, you took the words right out of my mouth. I agree with everything you said. Minister, I hope you are not a real minister. Terrible words from a man of GOD.

    • Sylvia

      hey Jackie, I see it like you see it.

  • Jon

    Russell better have nothing to do with next season.

    • shelby345

      Or what?

      • Yow

        or we won’t watch

    • Jar Jar Binks

      All the people that feign going on strike if Russell is on next season are full of crap. I’ve known tons of people say this when their favorite players get voted off each season yet still tune in. I would rather watch some good drama and chess like strategy than this season’s dimwitted checkers…no make that go fish like strategy of a season.

      • PurpleOnka

        Not every1 is full of crap, Russell vs Rob will be boycotted by countless people. Unfortunately, it’ll also draw enough viewers for a positive net result. This is pretty much whats wrong with the world we live in

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