'The Sing-Off' recap: Embrace the cheese, please!

the-sing-offImage Credit: Harper Smith/NBCSit down, boys and girls. It’s time for a lesson from a cappella legend Jerry Lawson, who offered up the wisest words on last night’s episode of The Sing-Off: “We had fun, and that’s what it’s about. We’re supposed to have fun.”  THANK YOU, Jerry! There were times during last night’s episode when I wondered whether the contestants had all forgotten that THEY SING A CAPPELLA, the most inherently cheesy form of music known to mankind. Sure, it can be a powerful format, but I can’t really get behind Ben Folds’ request for the groups to prove their “artistry” while singing cover tunes on TV. Isn’t the downright goofiness of The Sing-Off part of its appeal? Some people may call it their secret shame, but I call it my very public love! Bring on the cheese!

Unfortunately, things took a while to get going last night. Nick Lachey wasn’t immediately punning(!), and the weirdly Backbeats-focused opener, “21 Guns” by Green Day, didn’t pack the gleeful punch of other episode intros. Fortunately, by the end of the night, the energy had picked back up, thanks in large part to the irresistible fun of On The Rocks, and I was left smiling. This time around, each vocal group was asked to sing two songs: First a rock song, and then a “guilty pleasure” tune. At the end of the night, the judges would send one group home. We’ve got quite a few performances to count down, so without further ado, let’s get to the grading!

The Backbeats — “You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi
It was nice that the Backbeats finally gave us a soloist other than JoAnna, but if I’m being honest, I kind of missed her. The new soloist sounded fine, but I didn’t hear any real grit in her voice, and the accompaniment’s overwhelming amount of high harmonies made the song sound more annoying than angry. Nicole astutely pointed out that slowing down the tempo a bit would have added fullness to the arrangement. C+

Street Corner Symphony — “Creep” by Radiohead
See where artistry gets us, Ben? Sure, Jeremy sounded pretty great on the lead part, but there was no dancing, no pizazz! That being said, if you insist on stripping back a song, this is the way to do it. Just stand there and sing. The long accompanying tones weren’t my favorite, as the absence of syllables made things sort of boring. B

Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town — “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones
Are you all falling for the charms of Jerry Lawson every week, like I am? When he said, “The judges’ words make me feel important. It makes me feel acknowledged,” I got a little teary. But the veteran soul singers aren’t just charity cases — they taught the youngsters a thing or two about how to give a fun performance last night. With tempo shifts, hip shakes, leather jackets, constant smiles, and one beautifully growled high note, Jerry and his crew earned praise from all the judges, especially Shawn, who was happy that they took an upbeat approach to the challenge. A-

On The Rocks — “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard
Wow. In my mind, these guys just get a cappella right. They sound terrific, they move all over the stage, and they don’t take themselves too seriously! I didn’t know what the judges were talking about when they said that Jonah hadn’t committed to the solo. Did they see him groping his chest? Did they see him rolling around on the floor? Did they see what Ben called “the posterior hump maneuver?” On The Rocks has put on a true show with every performance, and I love the commitment to their shtick. A

Groove for Thought — “Changes” by David Bowie
Amanda’s voice sounded buttery and smooth during the first half of this disappointingly safe arrangement, but when she fumbled her words near the end of the song, things started to fall apart. Following OTR’s very camp performance, this muted entry felt like a letdown. Shawn commented, “I was wondering if you could flip it and make some changes — no pun intended!” Yeah right, Shawn. B-

Committed — “Every Breath You Take” by The Police
I was disappointed that Committed chose an adult contemporary snoozer instead of a real rock n’ roll song, but their singing was great, as usual. The lack of choreography frustrated me, and I wish that Committed’s body language and facial expressions were as energetic as their vocals. “I hate to say it,” said Ben, “but you guys just don’t make very convincing thugs. The judges want to rock!” B

The Backbeats — “Love Shack” by The B-52’s
Looking more colorful than a rainbow sherbet explosion, the Backbeats took to the stage to prove that they could be goofy and high-energy, too! It was so nice to see them smile, but the arrangement felt too top and bottom heavy, and the wacked-out dancing made it seem like they were trying too hard. The judges never seem to find any fault with them, though. Side note: have we all noticed how often the camera focuses on Courtney, the constantly dewey-eyed beatboxer? B

Street Corner Symphony — “Come On, Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners
Though their performance was a little frenetic and featured some sloppy choreography (let’s not do a kickline ever again, guys), Street Corner Symphony continues to prove that they can blend their voices better than any other group in the competition. I just wish they came across as more rehearsed. Amazing song choice, though. B+

Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town — “Easy” by The Commodores
It’s all in the eyes for Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town. They may not have the dancing dexterity of their younger competitors, but they can communicate all the flirtatious romance they want through their smiling faces. They connect to their songs in a way that only seasoned professionals can. On this tune, both Jerry Lawson and tenor Carlton sounded smooth and exciting, and it was sweet to see how flattered Carlton was to be compared to his idol, Eddie Kendricks. Nicole, in one of her many genuinely funny moments last night, gave a succinct review of the song: “Ladies, can I get a (sensually) mmmmmm?” A-

Groove for Thought — “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall and Oates
Everything about this performance was better than Groove for Thought’s first song. They looked cooler, they sounded cooler, and they performed like they were having way more fun. Peter’s solo sounded wonderful, as did Amanda’s inflected vocal flourishes, but it was the surprise beatbox/dancing section that really won me over. They were easily the most fun of any of the non-student groups. A-

On The Rocks — “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister
The drums and bass of driving 1980s pop/rock songs translate well to vocal arrangements, and the round block chords of “Kyrie,” sounded incredible. Now, if you’re savvy to the a cappella world, you know that On The Rocks pulled out all the standard stops to make this a perfect “serious” performance. They had three lead-part harmonizers standing in front of the group, a dramatic key change midway through the song, and even customary knee-bobs scattered throughout. The choreography added so much energy into the performance, and I was thrilled to see the judges embrace every second of the cheese — Shawn’s speech about sprouting wings and soaring through a canyon was hilarious. A-

Committed — “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys
The gospel singers were wise to pick this crowd-pleasing BSB classic, and their harmonies and occasional dirty dancing were pretty enjoyable. Still, I think Committed was off this week in terms of energy — there was just not much whimsy in their performances. I guess it’s time to get lessons from Uncle Jerry! At the end of their performance, Nick Lachey had a refreshingly off-the-cuff line: “You had the wrong boy band — 98 Degrees! What do I gotta do?” B+

When it came time for the elimination, I felt pretty certain that the Backbeats would be the group headed home. For the first time in this season of The Sing Off, though, I didn’t agree with the judges’ choice for elimination, as they sent Groove for Thought out of the competition. Perhaps their decision was an effort to keep as many girls in the competition as possible, or maybe they just couldn’t bare to imagine opening number performances without JoAnna’s wail, but for whatever reason, the Backbeats stuck around. Groove for Thought, meanwhile, sang “That’s Life” as they left the stage, and it was pretty touching to see how genuinely sad all the other groups felt while watching them go.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

PunWatch with Nick Lachey!

“Let’s see if that rocked the judges.” (After the Backbeats’ Bon Jovi performance)

“Shawn, are you satisfied?” (Following Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town’s performance of “Satisfaction”)

“Nicole, was it sweet?” (After On The Rocks’ performance of “Pour Some Sugar On Me”)

“Aiming to strike heavenly harmonies…” (Before On The Rocks’ performance of “Kyrie”)

“For one group, the music ends here.” (During the elimination ceremony)

What did you think about tonight’s episode of The Sing-Off? Do you agree that the festivities could have used an energy boost, or do you like the more subdued performances? And who are you hoping advances to the finals in this Wednesday’s episode?

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  • nurse chode

    I love te diversity of groups and styles on the show

    • Templar

      Was anyone other than myself bothered by the fact that the lyrics for “You Give Love A Bad Name” are clearly written for a male lead? The tempo sucked and a girl singing lead made the entire number a travesty.

  • Pam

    I LOVE that show.Imagine singers that really can sing.

    • Brina

      Not only do they have talent, they all seem to enjoy themselves! I love that each of the groups watch an cheer for the other performances; it’s such a welcome change from other competition shows.

      • Matty

        The music director told them all before the show, “Look around you. This is not your competition. The remote control is your competition.” And he’s absolutely right. The a cappella community really stands by each each other, and I love how apparent it is in this show. So great.

      • Bill

        YES! I love how much the groups all enjoy and support each others’ performances. You certainly don’t see that in any other performance show…

    • kim

      Yeah, I love this show too. Its great entertainment and, the groups can do some serious singing.

  • SD Tim

    I agree – Groove for Thought was robbed! But I really liked the Backbeats “Love Shack.” IMO they deserved to stay. I actually thought that Jerry/Talk of the Town’s version of Easy was the worst performance of the night. It sounded out of tune for the first half of the song.

    • Lisa

      Groove’s missed some lyrics in their first song, prob why they went home. Love that the Backbeats are so versatile. They do well with all different genres!Loved The Love Shack!

    • Maggie May

      The Backbeats Love Shack is the first song I have really liked from them. (and I am sick of Courtney’s close-ups)

      • Elli

        I also enjoyed the Backbeats’ version of Love Shack, but overall they really have been the weakest. Time for them to go.

  • Carrie #2

    Bad elimination choice on the judges’ part. Groove for Thought had an excellent second song and I honestly disagree about On the Rocks’ second performance being good- I hated it. But that’s just me. I personally love Committed and they’re the only ones I really want to be in the finale, maybe followed by Talk of the Town.

    • Maggie

      you should take a listen to OTR’s actual recording of “Kyrie” from their album, Full Coverage. It’s on Itunes, and it’s one of the most fabulous solos and arrangements I’ve ever heard. As a proud Oregonian, I’m so happy to see these guys on the show representing our state. I got to see them sing in Berkeley and I have a friend who is a new member of the group and they’re really great guys. UO!!

      • Matty

        That recording is fabulous, Maggie. It’s also on the compilation album ‘Sing 2′, if anyone’s interested…

      • Tarc

        Yeah, I’ve heard about a dozen a capella versions of Kyrie – and most of them much better.

    • Dave

      I think Groove for Thought was the right choice for elimination. Not just the flubs in the first performance, but they just never ever strayed from their jazz roots. To win this competition a group HAS to prove they can handle different genres and styles. Groove for Thought proved to be pertty one-note (hey Nick, you can use that one!)

      • Hank Moody

        Ha – tell that to Jerry Lawson!

      • lyz

        I don’t know ANYTHING about jazz and maybe that’s why I found GFT annoying. I thought all of their songs sounded the same. Same tricks, just different tunes.

      • jones

        If Groove for Thought was one-note, then so is Jerry Lawson and his group. They sing every song in the same style.

      • JB

        J. Lawson and Talk of the Town are going to have to learn this lesson, or they are the next to go. Legends, and excellent at their craft, but they have to show they can be creative beyond their game.

      • Elli

        The other groups are also one-note by that criteria, especially Talk of the Town and Backbeats (with the exception of Love Shack)

  • Mr. Holloway

    Would someone mind explaining to me how “Easy” by The Commodores qualifies as a “guilty pleasure”?

    At the risk of sounding like a young whipper-snapper who doesn’t respect my elders, I think the judges (who are already pretty nice) are too lenient on Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town. I mean, have they said anything even vaguely critical of them yet? For example, when they criticized Groove for Thought after their first performance for not stepping out of their comfort zone, I thought the same could’ve been said for Jerry Lawson and Co.

    • nurse chode

      I thought that they, as a group on the show, had run their course. however, I was really moved by the effortless flow of “Easy”, which in my opinion earned them another week. I’m thinking that they are gone next week though (unless they rap and start pulling out splits and acrabatics)

      • Mr. Holloway

        Yes, but how is “Easy” a guilty pleasure.

        To me, them being allowed to sing that song is kind of a loophole so they didn’t have to stray outside their comfort zone.

      • Annie

        I totally agree, Mr. Holloway. I think that both of their songs last night were loopholes – and it annoyed me that the judges had a double standard about it since they called out Groove for Thought for not going outside of their comfort zone.

      • Matty

        (I think my comment disappeared, so here it is again.) I totally agree Mr. Holloway…the judges’ double standard is annoying. They get on Groove for Thought’s case about not going outside of their comfort zone, but don’t say one negative word to Jerry Lawson after TWO “loophole” performances? Pssh.

      • adff

        I think a song flip would have been wise. Imagine Jerry Lawson trying to sing some B52s or Backstreet Boys. That would have been a high risk but high rewards move.

    • adff

      But you have to admit that Groove did collapse during the end of that first song.

      • Mr. Holloway

        I’m not saying that the judges sending “Groove” home was a travesty (they DID go off the rails at the end of that first performance).

        I’m just saying Groove got criticized for something the judges seem to be afraid to say to Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town. And that’s my point – I don’t know if they’re just being too reverent, but they seem to be scared to say anything bad about them.

    • jen

      I agree on all counts!

      • ajmalzx

        Yep, i wish they could gather some cajones and criticize talk of the town, they never seem to do that. I understand they are the (self proclaimed) “godfathers”, but for a group with that much experience and age overall, they just not that good.

    • Peter

      No question Jerry and TotT are incredible. But the point last night was to show off the groups’ diversity, and several, including TotT, failed. All due respect, but if they’re still in it for the finale, I’ll cry “fix”.

    • Fluffy

      I agree about Talk of the Town. They’re great, but their time is over. I really thought Groove made a critical error in having the youngster sing lead on their first song. Love her in the high harmony stuff, but her voice is just too immature for my taste. But I think that the judges have appropriately honored Jerry Lawson and they need to go next.

      • Pumpkin Pies

        I totally agree. Mr. Lawson and TOTT are great at what they do- but to go further they need to change it up a bit…If not they need to go.

    • fizzy

      I think the judges are in a pickle with Jerry & Talk of the Town. They praised them so heavily in the beginning. How do you kick someone off that you’ve already basically declared a legend?

    • Warren B.

      Earlier, Nick Lachey described “guilty pleasures” as “those memorable songs you might not want to admit you love.” “You Make My Dreams Come True” I can understand keeping under your hat, but why would someone _not_ admit to loving “Easy”?

  • mscisluv

    I was pretty cold on the Backbeats, but they won me over a bit with their second performance. I actually agree with sending home Groove for Thought, since they messed up noticeably in the first performance and really haven’t proven any diversity. I was disappointed in Committed but have high hopes for them and really like how they (and On the Rocks) spread around the solos. Also, I totally don’t get the love for Talk of the Town…sorry!

    • Lisa

      Backbeats keep proving their depth and diversity. They have done fun and serious and have had several vocal leads step forward. I give them “ups” for that!!!

      • Ana

        Too bad none of the Backbeats’ vocal leads have been good … Singing should be number one in the competition, and they just don’t make the cut

    • Sara

      I agree. that was the first Backbeats performance I actually liked.

  • Annie

    Wow, we are watching different shows! I feel like Jerry Lawson has long overstayed his welcome – I mean…sure, historical respect is due where it’s due, but they’re so boring! Plus, this is a competition to win a recording contract IN 2011. Their music is just not relevant the way it needs to be. Plus, the music they’re singing is, like, 8th grade “My First A Cappella.” Putting that next to what Groove for Thought was pulling off…it’s not even the same competition! I love the show, but your recap totally threw me for a loop – it’s the opposite of how my friends feel, that’s for sure. I could care less about the choreography – that’s the icing, not the cake. I need solid singing, first and foremost.

    • adff

      NBC wants to attract the older audience. Jerry L. has great appeal to this audience and I can understand why NBC wants them in the finals. NBC is more interested in TV ratings than in ITUNES sales or recording contracts.

      • Annie

        Maybe? But my parents, aunts and uncles all agree with me – and I’d say that they’re his exact target demographic. I just don’t think they’re that great. That music had a solid place at one point in time, and they were definitely pioneers in the a cappella world, but right now the rest of the groups are singing circles around them.

    • Ray

      So you want solid singing, yet you don’t like Jerry Lawson, who along with Talk of the Town are the most solid singers, along with Groove for Thought? Since when is great singing “not relevant”? I could not disagree with your comments more!

      • Annie

        Whoa…I’d say that Talk of the Town is anything but solid singing. They’re singing by far the easiest arrangements and yet have the most tuning problems of anyone on the show. They’re a far cry from solid!

      • Tarc

        Their arrangements are vastly simpler, theus vastly easier to execute, and though they do a *passable* job at the easy stuff, they really aren’t in the league with any of the other groups. Sorry, historical relevance (in this case, very minor) shouldn’t be a criteria for overlooking dull arrangements and dull singing. Hekc, their take on ‘easy’ was totally unrecognizable – and the worst cover the show has done.

      • Achappy11

        I agree that their arrangements are ridiculously simple. I thought “Satisfaction” was the first time I ever got anything out of Jerry’s Kids but I do think that they are a little too out of touch to sell any albums. NBC is interested in ratings but it sure would help next years ratings to have the next supergroup emerge from “The Sing Off”. Personally, my favorite is Streetcorner Symphony and their fun and rockstar ways. They (and possibly Committed) are the only two groups with marketability. I could see Committed being the next great gospel/R&B group and/or Streetcorner creating some fun arrangements, working in some instruments (gasp!), and becoming real rockstars. All IMO…

    • Ray

      “Satisfaction” was not only one of the best performances last night, it was one of the best this season. “Easy” was also a very fine performance, and was easily recognized. (pun intended) I would much rather hear a simpler arrangement sung brilliantly, as Jerry does, as I, like you, am looking for solid singing. We will just have to disagree on the definition of solid singing. I would happily pay to see Jerry or Groove for Thought in concert, but would not walk across the street to hear The Backbeats or On The Rocks if it was free.

      • Annie

        Ha – yeah, I couldn’t disagree with that more. You couldn’t pay me to go see Jerry Lawson in concert (though I think their vocal struggles lie more with Talk of the Town, not so much him). And I would never, ever use the word “brilliant” to describe any of their performances. Simple, predictable, and weak? Sure. I guess we’ll indeed have to agree to disagree!

    • Bill

      I think an 8th grade group could hit the notes, but never get close to the feel of delivery. “Simple” is actually harder to pull off (as a moving musical performance) than complex arrangements. I think that’s being taken into account by the judges as well.

      • Annie

        Nah, I disagree. I’m all for simpler and more solid than complicated and flubbed, but the difference in difficulty levels on this show is just astounding. The stuff that Lawson is doing is beyond simple to the point of ridiculousness. Which, to me, makes for an incredibly boring performance. It’s the stuff that every singer sightreads on Day 1 of a cappella. Add to that that they’re singing this painfully simple stuff and still not nailing it? They need to go home. Now.

      • Ray

        Even if I agreed that Jerry & Talk of the Town’s arrangements are simpler, which, for the record, I don’t, they still put more heart and soul into their singing than any other group. I will take slightly imperfect singing done with real heart and soul over technically correct, but heartless singing any day. And for the record, Annie, while your Phd trumps my Master degree, and I am only a part-time professional singer, it does not invalidate my opinion in any way. As they say, taste cannot be taught, and my ears are working just fine!

      • Annie

        Ray, you’re totally right – music education has nothing to do with ears. But…considering that you’re one of maybe three people I’ve read that actually support Jerry Lawson, and the entire rest of the internet is calling shenanigans on the judges, I’d say that yeah, they’re out of their league at this point. And I think it’s hilarious that you would say that the other groups aren’t singing with heart and soul. Seriously? All I know is that Jerry Lawson makes me want to fast-forward out of boredom. The other groups don’t. To me, that speaks for itself. (And not for nothing, but I find it very hard to believe that you have a music masters and are a part-time pro and yet can’t tell that their arrangements are much simpler than anything else on the show. Just saying.)

      • Ray

        Annie, I think you, and most others are confusing lack of beat-box with being simple. I love the harmonies Jerry and his group achieve, and am grateful for the lack of beat-box. For me, a little beat-box goes a long way, and many groups use it and zany choreography to mask the lack of real singing. Give me solid harmonies, like Jerry has, any time. Combine these solid harmonies with the real passion and soul that comes from Jerry and his pals, and it makes magic. If that bores you, perhaps the institution that awarded you a degree should consider revoking it.

  • Matty

    I’ll say it – I can’t stand Committed. I don’t think they’re horrible by any means, but I think they’re way overpraised. All of those runs make them sound sloppy. Maybe it sounds different in the live studio…who knows. But they’re definitely not my favorite.

    • Dave

      I loved Committed until last night; both performances fell pretty flat for me. Technically good, but not fun at all.

      • Anna L

        I’m with you, Dave. I thought Committed’s first performance was bad enough to get them eliminated. And then the second
        one was just okay, nothing particularly original. Maybe because BSB performed this song recently on some show I watched (my mind is escaping me at the moment)and Committed’s version wasn’t better or even as good. I feel like they’re lucky to get to move on. Hopefully they can win me back over as a fan Wednesday.

    • JackieB

      I loved Committed the first two nights, and hated them last night. Seriously “I Want It That Way” is a great, soaring song, and they just sang the notes. Note note note. Although they had some cool harmonies, the chords didn’t mesh well in either song. Uh-oh Committed…

  • julie

    when nicole said that the harmony or whatever it was on creep sounded better by street corner symphony than radiohead, it re-enforced my belief that she knows nothing about music and shouldn’t be talking about it or judging it.

    • Angela

      THANK YOU. I said the same exact thing to my roommate.

      • julie

        right? she’s ridiculous and really adds nothing to the show. i wanted to reach through my tv and smack her when i heard that.

    • Ugh…

      I agree. I bet if you held your ear up against her’s, you could probably hear the ocean….

      • chattypatra

        @Ugh: LOL. I thought she gave better input last year, and that’s saying a lot. Every time I hear her say things like “That was Yummy” and “I had a musical climax”, I want to puke.

      • julie

        or crickets

  • Brigid

    Oh, it was so time for Groove for Thought to go. I completely agree with that choice.
    I think that the camera constantly focuses on Courtney from Backbeat due to her startling resemblance to Kristin Wiig (seriously, someone from SNL is missing a great opportunity here).

    • Angela

      I think it’s also because she’s the only female VP and they want to show that it can be done – very successfully, in her case!

    • Lisa

      Courney is a winning female percussionist. She is awesome thus the camera time.Go Backbeats!

  • April

    I loved both of the Backbeats performances. I wasn’t a big fan of Groove for Thought or Street Corner Symphony… lovin’ some Backbeats, OTR, & Committed!

  • BruceMpls

    I don’t know anything about this type of music but it seems there are two distinct types performing. Jerry Lawson whose group reminds of a Barbershop Quartet type of music where with the exception of a little bass makes no attempt to recreate any instruments, just sings the song. And then you have the rest of them who all incorporate the sounds of instruments and percussion into their songs. Again, not knowing anything about this type of music and if there is a right or wrong way to perform, it’s almost like two separate contests. It’s pretty obvious that Lawson is the sentimental favorite of the judges.

  • Chelsea

    Wow, we clearly have completely different tastes. I respect the fact that Jerry Lawson is a legend in the field and his group is certainly very put together and sings well but they’re beginning to bore me and I was hoping they’d be sent home tonight. I much prefer the fun (but also great vocals) of On The Rocks and Street Corner Symphony.

    • Brenda Barrett

      For me, SCS and OTR are miles ahead of all of the other groups. The Backbeats and Jerry Lawson and Co. both need to do!

  • jessica

    YAY! On the Rocks is great and they’re from my school.

    • JackieB

      Congratulations!! And I’ms serious, not being snarky. If I had had a boys acapella group like that performing every Friday on campus, I’d be there every week.
      Also I’m a teacher and I have a lot of male singers who want to go to Oregon now to be in OTR.

    • Ana

      sorry about your school!

  • cass

    I, too, an flummoxed by all the love for Jerry Lawson. Groove for Thought did have that very noticeable flub in their first number, but I don’t think they deserved elimination. Backbeat’s first number did not move me, as I thought the lead vocalist did not nail a “rock” sound. Still am rooting for Committed, but they did not move me last night as much as they did the previous nights. Song side note: I was hoping one of the rock songs chosen would have been “Renegade” by Styx. That song starts off a capella; I would love to hear what a group would do in taking the whole song in that direction. Also: anyone else notice that 5 of the 6 “guilty pleasure” songs were from the 80s? The last great decade for music, IMO. Just what were they saying? Hmm….

    • Penolpe

      I still don’t understand how EASY is a guilty pleasure song…

      • Peter

        When Faith No More covered it, yes, but not a soul group.

    • ali427

      80s music is the BEST!! Was hoping to hear some Pat Benatar, like “Shadows of the Night” or “We Belong.”

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