'The Simpsons' takes another jab at Fox News

The Simpsons took another jab at the Fox News last night, completing a trifecta of teasing that started a few weeks ago. On Nov. 21, a slogan on a Fox News helicopter on the show read “Not racist, but #1 with racists,” and a week later, the slogan read “Unsuitable for viewers under 75.” This week’s dig was “Merry Christmas from Fox News… But no other holidays.” Oh, snap!

Except, you know, not really, because when The Simpsons wants to go after Fox News, it does. Like it did on the episode from season 14 where Krusty ran for Congress, and a Fox News host said “Welcome to Fox News, your voice for evil.” That has a little more bite! How about “You Kent Always Say What You Want,” which was basically an entire episode about the conflicting politics of the conservative news source and its often provocative network brethren? That was a bit more aggressive, too. In fact, The Simpsons has a long legacy of going after its parent company, and it’s hardly the only show to do so: How often does David Letterman make fun of CBS? (Often.) Or Jon Stewart make jokes about Comedy Central? Again, a lot. And it’s great, because that is their job, as comedians and commentators.

If you’re going to bite the hand that feeds you, at least make it worth it and really chomp down. Right, PopWatchers?

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  • tracy bluth

    “Happy Holidays…is what terrorists say.”

    • LOL

      Fox News: Where the Truth Goes to Die

    • Kari

      Americans say Merry Christmas. I love 30 Rock.

      • Carol

        Real Americans recognize that not everyone is a christian and respect that. Religious zealots insist everyone conform to their beliefs.

    • MsLucky

      What a silly statement!!! What are you 12 years old?? Hanukkah is just as important to those that observe it as X-mas is to Christians. Grow up and Happy Holidays!!

  • Jane

    I hate Fox News, but actually the whole ‘Happy Holidays’ thing is a load of BS. Whatever your religion it’s still Christmas and it’s why there’s a holiday in the first place.

    • Peter

      Actually, the pagan solstice holiday pre-dates Christmas. The church at the time appropriated the date as a PR move.

      • sarah d

        Jesus was born in the Spring. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. That doesn’t stop me from baking too many cookies and putting up too many lights for a sane person to enjoy. I love the Holiday Season even though I know it’s kind of a lie.

      • Jason

        And, uh, Channukah came before Christmas. Are you saying, Jane, that you don’t tolerate there being other religions that don’t celebrate Christmas? Are you saying that because I’m Jewish I need to bow to Christmas rather than the inclusive Happy Holidays? What a sad world you live in.

      • Robert

        True that Dec. 25 is probably not the true date for thebirth of Jesus, but to say it was a PR move is no where near accurate. It was a decision by a Roman Emperor who was Christian, who wanted to tie in the pagan solstice celebration of the “return of the sun” to the birth of the “light of the world.” The relation between science, as observed in ancient times, and religion, as an expression of faith, is a common practice in most religions. It is only the popularity of religious persecution these days that fuels the twisting of facts to fit anti-religious agendas. Give it a rest, and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukuh, Joyous Kwanzaa, or a Prosperous New year… whatever way you choose. But by all means, celebrate, and enjoy the season!

      • MsLucky

        Thank you to all that tried to educated Jane re: Happy Holidays. It is a sad world that you live in when you can not open your heart and mind to be able to see that not every one talks like you, walks like you, thinks like you (thank goodness) and are as limited in their thinking. It IS the HOLIDAY SEASON and that is what I will be referring to it as, that is unless I know for certain that someone observes Hanukkah or X-mas, or Kwanzaa or what ever their choice is. If you want to live in a close minded way maybe you should stay in your house!!

    • kaydevo

      Your comment “Whatever your religion it’s still Christmas and it’s why there’s a holiday in the first place,” is one of the unintentionally funniest (yet saddest) things I’ve ever read!

      • MsLucky

        Ditto on your statement!!! Happy Holidays!!!

      • cathy

        You can celebrate the way you want. I celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. I say Merry Christmas!

    • Katja

      But there are other holidays happening as well during “the Christmas season” (including the secular New Year’s Eve) so why restrict your “good will towards men” to just Christmas-celebraters? And why do many of the people who feel like we should all say Merry Christmas make their point SO obnoxiously by claiming there is some sort of war on Christmas, just because not everyone wants to join in and celebrate a Christian holiday? I’ve been Catholic my entire life, and I can’t stand it when people get up in arms because their bagger at the grocery store said “Happy Holidays” to them. COME ON. People like that need to either get a life, or get some Christmas spirit and love their fellow man. I’m pretty sure Jesus didn’t say we could only love and respect other Christians. And really, Christians adopted the pagan solstice celebration as a way of enticing/pacifying people who might otherwise have been a bit touchy about people trying to convert them. There’s all KINDS of things about Christianity that are completely non-Christian in origin, simply because the church was willing to make concessions/additions in order to make more converts.

  • Jeremy DC

    None of those things The Simpsons said about Fox News are even funny. Now the show just seems to be desperate to try and stay relevant and no, I am not a republican.

    • eli

      Like commenters!

    • Brian

      I laughed.

    • A-rod

      Yes you are.

    • Coco

      I laughed too.

  • kaydevo

    All these jokes towards FOX News are pretty darn funny.

    • Robert

      Personally, I love it when institutions can take a humorous shot at themselves.

  • SL

    So the whole point of this post is to point out a very tiny thing that The Simpsons did to make fun of Fox News, but didn’t do it very well? Maybe I’ll start watching Two and a Half Men so I can write an entire post for EW about how unfunny something is too.

    • Abe Froman

      Hey, you leave 2 1/2 Men alone! It’s funnier than the Simpsons has been in years.

      • Jeff

        Colon cancer is funnier than the Simpsons.

  • Krusty

    The Simpsons stopped being funny or cool in 1995. WHY IS IT STILL ON???????

    • Rory T

      If you were watching the Simpsons in 1995 you probably SHOULD NOT find it funny any more. Its target audience stays the same, we grow up. It would be like complaining that Kool-Aid sucks. Didn’t think so when I was ten but at 25…
      Welcome to getting old!

      • Jason

        That’s almost as ignorant as those who complain about “Happy Holidays.” The Simpsons is STILL funny (I’m 33). Yes, it’s uneven, but geez, the show’s had over 500 episodes already. If even 300 of them are good, if even 100 are GREAT – that’s WAY more than the record of any show on TV.

        “Welcome to getting old”? Dude, you’re 25 — don’t know about you, but I’m not old at 33. I feel sorry for you if you’re feeling old at 25!

      • Rory T

        This is a reply to Jason, not to myself. Obvious misunderstanding between you and I. My point to Krusty was that if he doesn’t find the show funny anymore it may be because he has changed, not the show. I am in no way saying that the Simpsons is no longer funny or that people over a certain age may not find it funny. I could have quoted Benedick from Much Ado About Nothing “A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age”, but I made up my own Kool Aid example to bring it to the level of the poster I replied to. I will chalk it up to trying to write a response quickly, resulting in it being unclear.

        For the record I have five years on you and still find the Simpsons very funny.

  • Harry Goldfarb

    Seeing as how it reads at the bottom of this page, “in partnership with CNN”, it’s not so strange how every writer on this staff gets an orgasm every time someone slams Fox News. Since Fox is just as biased to the right as MSNBC is to the left, I wonder why EW never goes after them? I’m sure CNN beating MSNBC in the ratings while they get killed by Fox has nothing to do with it.

    • Sabrina

      Well, that and the the fact that Fox News tends to embarrass themselves all the time. MSNBC may be partisan, but at least they have a sense of humor and don’t pretend to be the only news source that’s “telling the truth.”

  • Richard

    I grew up on The Simpsons (I’m 31). I also enjoy Fox News. I have no problem w/ The Simpsons taking jabs like that. Frankly, I think it’s funny. And for any other loyal Fox News viewers out there that take exception to The Simpsons jabs, I say, LIGHTEN UP!!!

    • garrett Philipinio

      I agree! It is all in a fun sence, I just can not believe anyone would make a forum about 2 seconds of telivision that some people are taking to seriousley!!!

  • Barb

    The best bites are on The Soup with the constant cracks about he lame E! shows.

  • Paul

    With religion out of the way, the poor become depenent on govt handouts
    that’s how the Dems get votes now a days

  • Preston

    Why don’t we just do this like the dems want and do everything PCorrect? We will do away with all celebrations, no matter what religion or observance and exchange it with the generic Holiday. NO more 4th of July, No more Memorial Day, No more Martin Luther King Day, No more Cinco de Mayo, No more Easter, No more Jewish celebrations, no nothing….just have your Holiday. That would make it “Fair” all around, except I would be very upset as I’m sure you would be whatever religion or no religion you follow.

    • Jason

      Only a Republican could so completely miss the point of tolerance towards all people.

      • MsLucky

        Oh Jason, that is so sad to hear that. I’m a Republican and I just thanked you for agreeing that Happy Holidays IS an appropriate way to address the Holidays unless you know for sure what that person observes. It does upset me when people assume that I celebrate X-mas because I am Jewish, yet I don’t make a big deal out of it. I guess only a Democrat could be so arrogant to ASSUME that only a Republican could so completely miss the point of tolerance towards all people. By your statement, aren’t you doing basically the same thing when you say that – I’d say you can’t tolerate Republicans.

      • Caitie F

        No, my guess is that he just can’t tolerate morons.

  • Sharinlite

    Pathetic….is that all? Kinda like a gnat buzzing around…dismiss…smack it down…move along nothing new here except for Simpson stupidity and hate!

  • Sharinlite

    Jason, you have no idea what our are talking about….typical hatred from the likes of you. That’s all! Juvenile.

    • Jason

      No hatred at all. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m all for tolerance for ALL people. “Happy Holidays” is inclusive. “Merry Christmas” isn’t. Plain and simple.

      • Preston

        Happy Holidays isn’t inclusive, it excludes me.

    • Sabrina

      You can’t be serious, Sharinlite. What exactly is your problem with “Happy Holidays”? You don’t want to include people who don’t celebrate Christmas? I’m trying really hard to understand where you’re coming from but…I just can’t. You make no sense.

      • Preston

        Sabrina, you asked Sharinlite, “You don’t want to include people who don’t celebrate Christmas?” Well, that’s fine if they don’t want to celebrate, that’s their choice, but my choice is to celebrate and hopefully keep hearing Merry Christmas since after all CHRISTmas is what is being celebrated. The birth of Jesus Christ. Not just another generic holiday. If they don’t want to celebrate fine but I want to hear Merry Christmas. Thank you.

      • Jason

        Preston – you just said Happy Holidays excludes you and then you post this? Way to make a point…what it is I have NO idea…

  • Dicazi

    If you have to repeatedly point out that you are fair and balanced………you are NOT!

  • murphy

    The Simpsons have been making fun of Fox since they have been on the air. They knew where it was going. This show is one of the best shows ever on Fox.

    • Preston

      Back to the subject here… I’m through ranting…lolol…I agree with you on that point murphy. I remember watching The Simpsons from their first episode, they have always made fun of Fox and anyone else. I always wondered why Fox let them get away with making fun of them ….. but I guess you don’t mess with the money maker….lol

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