'Uncharted' exclusive: Your first look at 2011's must-play videogame 'Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception'

Uncharted-3-game-artImage Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment AmericaIf Indiana Jones or Robert Langdon is your definition of treasure-hunting action-adventure, then either you watch too many movies or read too many books — or you haven’t met Nathan Drake, the hero at the center the blockbuster videogame franchise Uncharted, exclusive to the PlayStation 3 platform. Last year, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves garnered widespread critical acclaim, bagged bunches of major videogame industry awards, and sold over 3.8 million copies worldwide. Hollywood’s a fan: A feature film from Columbia Pictures — adapted by helmer David O. Russell (Three Kings), produced by former Marvel Studios honcho Avi Arad and rumored to be starring Mark Wahlberg, the headliner of Russell’s forthcoming Oscar-baiting drama flick The Fighter – should be shooting just as the next game in the series, entitled Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, hits stores late next year. EW recently visited the Santa Monica, California offices of Uncharted’s developer, Naughty Dog, for a sneak peek at the sequel, and we returned wishing “late next year” was right damn now.

Here’s what we can tell you: First off, obviously the title is not “Uncharted 3: World of Deceit,” as has been rumored here and there on the Internet. Still: Good guessing with the “deceit” thing. According to Naughty Dog’s creative director Amy Hennig, the theme of deception plays out in multiple ways throughout the threequel, from Drake doing the deceiving to Drake being deceived to some mysterious deception about Drake’s very identity. The story focuses on the hero’s relationship with his mentor and father figure, fan fave Victor “Sully” Sullivan, and has him searching for a legendary lost city that will ultimately take him to the Arabian Peninsula and the vast wasteland of the Rub’ al Khali Desert, also known as the Empty Quarter. (Said legendary lost city has been known by various names, including “Iram of the Pillars” and the “Atlantis of the Sands”; click the link for more backstory.)

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Uncharted likes to keep one foot (or at least a toe) grounded in history (Nathan’s ancestor is the British pirate, explorer and Navy officer Sir Francis Drake) and the plot of Uncharted 3 draws more from Drake’s exploits as well as from the life of T.E. Lawrence — not from his militant days as the fabled “Lawrence of Arabia,” but rather the Brit’s early years as an archaeologist. The inspiration for the story, says Hennig, came from Naughty Dog’s desire to take on the challenge of conceiving and building out gameplay scenarios within a desert locale — “challenge,” because organic elements like water, fire and sand are technically difficult to credibly render with animation. Says Hennig: “When we first came up with the idea of sand, you see everyone’s eyes light up here and go, ‘Yeah, that’s going to be really hard — let’s do it!’” Adds Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells: “We’re a bunch of nerds. We just look for something that will be a technical, artistic challenge, and allowed us to push into an area of the world and history we’ve never tapped into before.”

Uncharted 3 — which aspires to be an “interactive cinematic experience,” says Hennig, marked with character-driven storytelling — will also make more expansive use of motion-capture filmmaking techniques (think: the way James Cameron shot Avatar) that will enhance the quality of character performance. (In fact, Naughty Dog’s new Santa Monica digs includes its own mo-cap studio.) The execs at Naughty Dog walked us through one of the game’s levels, and while we can’t tell you anything about the locale (it actually wasn’t the desert), we can tell you that it was quintessential Uncharted, marked by dynamic camera work and gameplay that requires you to jump and climb through treacherous spaces that are in an almost constant state of change — or in this case, catastrophic collapse. Innovations? Several, including enhanced backward climbing and the ability to fight multiple baddies at once. Finally, Wells stressed that much time and effort is being lavished upon expanding Uncharted’s online multiplayer and co-op capabilities, too; expect more details to come in the coming months. Doing so gives the consumer more value for their entertainment dollar — especially in a weak economy, and especially among videogame consumers more prone to buying just a few games a year. It also creates a market for additional downloadable content for purchase (Uncharted zombie maps, anyone?), and cultivates an avid community of what Wells calls “evangelists” that can help create buzz future products. “We want to take on the big boys of the multi-player genre,” says Wells, no doubt alluding to multiplayer giants Call of Duty and Halo. “It has become something here at Naughty Dog that will become an important part to all our games.”

Sony Computer Entertainment America

Naughty Dog is remaining cagey about the release date for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, but expect it to drop around the same time that the first Nathan Drake novel, Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth, hits next fall. (According to Wells, 2011 marks the beginning of Naughty Dog’s push to make Uncharted a “transmedia” entertainment brand, with high quality, mythology-managed storytelling extensions of the Uncharted universe created for various entertainment media, i.e. Star Wars.) That said, Uncharted 3’s release date could be announced in the first trailer for the game, scheduled to air during the Spike Videogame Awards on Dec. 11. But lest we leave you dangling like Uncharted so often does with its hero, here’s a teasy little glimpse of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Take a look, then sound off in the message boards below.

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  • Fireflystare221

    I think this game looks so cool. I wish I could play it but I don’t want a PS3. Oh well :(

    • Matt

      Well i`m not sure if Evan Wells either mispoke, this site quoted him wrong, or he doesn’t know that Halo is xbox only, but saying they want this to appeal to call of duty AND HALO players either means he doesn’t know what the f he’s talking about, hinting at this being a multi-platform game, or he was just using halo as an example of a multiplayer game that PS3 users would have

      • correnos

        He is using Halo as an example of a big, popular multiplayer experience, one that Uncharted 3 is meant to match in quality. I didn’t take it as hinting at a multiplatform release, but that’s just me.

      • Kevin

        He also didn’t say it would appeal to COD and Halo players, just that they want the multiplayer aspect to be big like it is in those games.

      • sexyrosessz

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      • Many

        Halo isn’t even xbox exclusive. They have the games on PC too, although released later.

      • CHapis

        IS it me or ign notice we whant to do her and we like her that they are puttnig her more on the videos than anyone and making her put less clothes i just whant her do show her tits

    • IDIOTSevrywea


  • Gabriel G

    Cannot wait. The teaser was hardly a teaser if anything at all… but just hearing from Naughty Dog directly that it IS on the way, is very exciting.

    • Nathan

      Great games like this and LBP 2 are the reason PS3’s kicking the p!$$ outta Xbox these days! PS3 = Best console going.

      • Nathan

        Sorry for my angry statement :( I can’t afford both systems so i have to convince myself that one is better than the other one.

      • Po

        Let’s not start that stupid nerd war right now. Who cares where the games are…We’re going to go there and play the, be it PS3, XBox, Wii, etc.

      • murkey

        chances are if you can play it on the xbox, it’s not worth my time.

      • Nathan

        Have both systems, but only use the PS3, for both gaming AND blu-ray. The 360 just kinda sits there like an unattrative showpiece.

    • hammer77

      only a xbox owner would say dont start a console war…..just joking

      • Po

        I actually own both. ;p I think it’s hilarious that fanboys will throw hyperbole around like confetti when talking about their personal console of choice, while people like me just play both and are far happier. ;)

      • Nathan

        XBOX 360: Half gaming system, half paperweight, pretty red death light included!

  • Jen

    my son bought the previous release in this franchise and i am shocked they are releasing another. there is so much blood and violence in these games that i demanded my local game store to remove them all. well that didn’t work so i just bought all the violent games. now no one in my community will have to suffer from these dreadful games. my book club has been very pleased with my actions as their sons too enjoy these horrible games. now we play basketball games on the pc and it is much better

    • Jeff Jensen

      You are kidding me, yes?

      • John Wilcox


      • Person Who Talks

        Doc, I completely agree…this lady has to either be kidding, or she just never took a single economics class in her life. That being said…when are we going to get that final LOST column? Please?

      • huge go reyes

        i freakin love L O S T

      • Tercia

        PatAjax89 / @bail96 you’re right! he could really be a good Drake! If read soemrhewe that they wanted Mark Wahlberg, but I think he won’t pull it off! you need someone with adventure in his blood and funny at the same time! maybe Nathan Fillion(Castle) of Michael Weatherly(NCIS)!!!

      • Antonio

        jimmymate2 / I have to admit, I haven’t played a game from start to finsih for a few years now, but a couple of weeks ago I was home from work and decided to give this a go.. 2 full afternoons gone, I was totally drawn in by the storyline. This is a must play.. now I have to go and discover multi-player

    • bob

      Jen, you are sad. There are far more gorey games out there than Uncharted.

    • Chris

      Oh, you silly little troll.

      • Chris

        Jen, if you don’t like violent games, I have the perfect game for you to try: It’s called Dead Space. There’s nothing violent about that game.

      • Bubba

        Jen — try any of the God of War games sometimes if you think this is violent. They make Uncharted look extremely tame.
        Oh, and you are a troll…

      • Bubba

        Better get the movie companies to stop releasing violent movies too. Or the networks to ban Ultimate fighting, boxing, wrestline, hockey….just about everything.
        If you don’t like it, don’t play/watch it.
        Also, as a father, I would suggest controlling what your kid plays if you’re so concerned about him getting tainted.

    • Alex

      So you ‘saved’ the children in your community…by endorsing the game such that the store would be more apt to ship in more in hopes of selling them all just as quickly? How does that make any sense? As someone who dislikes games like Call of Duty and Halo and someone who has been playing video games since the NES days, personally I think the Uncharted games are some of the best I’ve seen…and they’re a FAR CRY from being the most violent game or the game which promotes the most unethical behavior that I know of.

      I can’t wait for this 3rd installment.

    • Matt

      That’s awesome! Thank you so much for purchasing so many copies and helping to ensure that making good video games like Uncharted 2 continues to be a financially-rewarding experience for both developers and publishers. Without people like you, we wouldn’t get to play Uncharted 3. You are a hero. Next time, I think your local games store should order twice as many copies for you to purchase.

    • eric

      thats your fault as a parent for first letting your son get a way with buying that game
      there are alot moer violent/gorey games out there jen
      ALOT more
      and there are games much much much more extreme
      the lvl of blood is insignificent compared to these other games
      stop complaining

    • Samma

      You know, by buying all the games your creating a higher demand for the games which means they will be sending even more games to your store to fill that demand?

      Your the greatest mom ever!

    • Kamek

      Jen: Obvious Troll is Obvious

    • rogueface

      I smell a troll…

    • Rashy

      You are kidding right, and the government allows people like you to breed more than once? I be Antichrist is your bookclub movie of the month followed by Into the Void. I think you just posted this comment to arouse response. You must be lonely girl.

    • Jen’s Son

      First of all, I’m 35 so I don’t have to listen to my mom anymore. YOU HEAR THAT MOTHER?!??! Get stuffed! Secondly I’d like to apologize in advance for the comments Mother will be making about about recently breaking up with her boyfriend and her propensity for dating younger men. Believe me, I know it’s weird, especially when the younger men are my buddies.

    • Dave Peacock

      Better to be playing games at home than being touched up by the local priest/vicar/minister.

    • chad

      i think uncharted for kids may be violent but for teens its perfect i own both, it has the perfect blend of humor, action and story. The characters are really detailed and enviorment are epic especially in part 2, both games are worth owning. in short this game is really like a pg-13 action or a tv show like 24

    • Jeremy

      Jen must be one of those Bel Air rich people that has nothing better to do than cheat on her husband while he is away making money for her to buy up all the video games in town. I would love to send this lady to the North Korea.

    • Sean

      lol play gears of war then say something about “too much blood and violence” or play dead space where u can shoot of each limb with blood squirting out. Its a VIDEO GAME its not real life and if u cant tell the difference well idk what to tell u.

    • dan

      I’m pleased that you were not just bitching about the situation but you actually did something, I don’t agree with your opinion at all, I love this type of games, but I respect you for doing sth

    • Scipha

      Jen said, “so i just bought all the violent games. now no one in my community will have to suffer from these dreadful games.” This has to be the most idiotic logic ever! That store owners most have been so heart broken that you bought all the games when that is the reason why he sells games in the first place, to be sold. No, he just won’t ever reorder more, impossible. Your book club has to be a bunch of morons as well or they just totally had a great laugh at your ridiculousness and your a parent that’s the true tragedy! More power to gaming!

    • Nick

      Haha…awesome. But yes, I’m extremely excited to hear more about this game.

    • Nathan

      Gonna keep buying up every copy when the stores get restocked are we? Forever? Moron?

    • CTG

      How was Jen even directed to this article I must wonder?

    • John


    • Chris Lewandowski

      Did you buy out all televisions, dvd’s, and cable equipment, too???? There is a rating for a reason.

    • Mantis20

      Jen you are a dizzy airhead the game has a 15 age rating on it so OBVIOUSLY children shouldn’t be playing it but either way you buying those games just gave the company making them more money and its pretty simple for them to make more copies since you have helped make it so popular onto of the fact as you might realise games can be bought on the INTERNET so you haven’t stopped anyone being able to buy the game whatcha gonna do?Buy the internet ? well done thanks for helping suppor naughty dog by buying their game because they are brilliant you failed.

    • Kyle

      You’re probably right. Buying out all the copies means no one in the community will get to play it. No, no, you’re right, they don’t, you know, ship extra copies or anything like that. You probably bought the last ones ever produced. Nice going.

      • Nathan

        Meanwhile, Sony thanks Jen for adding to the their sales, as the next shipment truck to her community is promptly dispatched haha

    • Takezo Kensei

      haha, creative!

    • Barry

      Jen you are w\the type of person that holds this country down. its called freedom of expression and is a given right to all citizens. these games have great stories and are beautifully produced. they are the least gorey of any forst person shooter I’ve seen or played. I cant wait to play uncharted 3 as the first two were some of the best games I’ve ever played. Quit being so over-protective. Like others have said thanks for insuring this franchise will be around by purchasing so many copies. Silly woman!!!!

    • robbert


    • eric

      You might be the dumbest person in the world, you realize you made them more money you bought all their copies then they go out and order more of them, good job!

    • Kyle Golden

      are you serious Jen. you felt it wasnt approperiate for your kid, understandable you raise ur child how u see fit but then after forbidding it you had to go out and ruin it for everyone else, its people like you that make this world narrow minded its people like you that let your bias kill freedom of expression and enterprise the game created joy in alot of kids, sure its violent but that is the world we live in and just because we see it doesnt mean we become it i used video games as a way to relieve stress for many years and personally i loved those games if i had gone to the store and realized that their were none left because of you i would be very upset u had no right to do that to the child that came up empty handed that day

    • Chris

      Jen is a great name for Troll. I also got the Bible banned in my community because it had so many stories containing blood and gore. Oh and I stopped everyone from enlisting in the military.

    • hammer77

      i bought all copies of the bible in my community its a very violent book

    • joey

      My God this lady is tripping. What kind of sheltered life are you living? You and your book club are fascists.

    • jermaine


      • Jorge

        My goat is I turned 70 today only ran and biked for fsitens until 1 year ago when I discovered CFE anything that requires upper body strength is a challenge. I have to admit that, while I resisted it, that Pose has taken at least 30 sec/mile off my average running pace although I am still slowing down

    • Native Cain

      Lmaox! Jen, you are THE BEST.

    • Lollertron

      Wow, really? Do you realize how many other violent games there are? Uncharted is one of the lighter games.

    • Bob

      Because pro basketball players are such upstanding citizens for your children to admire.

    • Shaun

      you have to be joking, ik for a fact that you did NOT buy ALL of the violent games, kids will be kids, i own all call of duty and the previous releases of naughty dog including uncharted drakes fortune and uncharted 2 among thieves i will wait on line for 4 hours just like i waited for the other two, every big video game i buy on opening day/night

    • Shaun

      well, congratz to you buying the entire stock of video games, you helped out alot, i hope you realize that video game shops get shipments of new releases and games EVERY WEEK

    • kgb

      This is the reason it sold 3.8 million copies, this lady bought 3.6 million.

    • kgb

      She is the reason it sold 3.8 million copies, she bought 3.6 million of them.

    • joshuaabren

      why is everyone responding to this moron?

    • sean

      Ok Jen first off u have serious issues u have to work on before trying to make the world a better place. u went and bought every copy – nice, u go girl!!!… “ooohh i got a book club, ooohh i hate violence, ooohh peace out” oh boo hoo whatever pack ur crap and get a life, ur son is 35 for god’s sake, he should be married by now, have a family, and i hate it when ppl go “i hate violent video games” first of all video games like Uncharted are like art, they work on its for years to make it perfect and a smarta$$ like u comes along and says “ooh its too violent” i can’t even believe i spent 5 minutes of my life posting this, but now everybody knows what kind of a freak u r.

    • awesome

      please tell me ur joking thats retarded

    • Garrett

      Wow, this lady, i love how stupid people can be! There are literally mentally challenged kids at my school who can tell you the difference between games and real life. The violence you are seeing is just pixels, if you want to see real violence look over seas into iraq. If you think the game is bad, pray to God or who ever you prefer that the draft isn’t used anytime soon to send your son or any body into a war. That is real violence so get off your high horse, this game does no evil in my book. maybe thats the book you should read in your book club.

      • Sebastian

        Ich hab noch keinen Teil gesieplt da ich keine PS3 habe (nur Pc und 360).Schade eigentlich das es ein Exclusivtitel ist aber das ist auch klar bei der Grafik das es nicht auf der Xbox funktionieren wfcrde.Trotzdem immerwieder schade das viele Sachen nicht ffcr den Pc erscheinen.

    • Tyler

      you have got to be kidding me that is the stupidest thing i have ever heard in my entire life!! there are ratings on them for a reason, and its not even that violent!!

    • TY TY

      It is good for the mind to see blood and guts ECT u cant shelter ur son forever u could ruin him and make him stupid or sumtin

    • raven

      jen you depress me sheilding children make for them to not handling this new changing world we are in. but you right ever since i started playing these games iv killed people since gta i steal cars and stuff hell iv even shot cops plus since uncharted i loot treasures and shoot people and thanks to the god father game i now run an orginaized crime ring with whores and guns and drugs plus a kill even more cops i hope by knoq even with your closed mind im being sarcastic and games dont effect children ive never one in my life read a case where a child radomly car jacks and kills some one and there defense is…gta 4 you logic is sad if you dont want your kids playing then dont buy it for them hoever if your comment was a joke thaen thats funny but if not then you are really stuck in the 50’s

      • Amos

        WhyteLis21 / @BigdogWitBigdog uncharted can be possbile on the 360 but would require a rework on the hardware other wise if it was an imported over it would be down grade or not work at all. plus require 2 disc to play on the 360 bc blu ray version is already full at 25 gb disc. compressing more on 360 hd disc would even down grade the quality of the game. even now its still very hard to convert hd to blu ray bc of compressing and converting games into full 1080p not scaling up to 1080p.

  • Gabriel G

    So you bought all the violent video games and helped their sales? lol Not the best way to prevent them from being made :) No surprise that a 3rd Uncharted is on the way however… it won like 50 video game of the year awards or something. This was going to happen.

  • Mr X

    Jen, are u f@*king kidding me?

    Violence and blood?


    • dude

      XD….you all actually took that seriously…is there anyone here that has a sense of humor is old enough to spot that as an obvious troll??? lol…wow

  • nino1911

    this made my day

  • wtf

    Holycrap Jen is a retard

  • Matt


    What keeps EW from providing more video game coverage within the magazine? I mean, I’m not expecting the likes of a magazine devoted solely to video games or anything, but serious video game coverage/reviews in EW is few and far between. Is EW’s target demographic the issue?

    • BA

      This is a great question Matt!! Ew is “Entertainment” Weekly, and clearly video games a a pillar of the entertainment industry, having surpassed music sales and domestic box office in the US.

  • Ryan

    LOved the first one! Got it on Christmas 2009 and probably played through it by the 28th. I play it here and there every month on different difficulty levels. I’ve told my friends Uncharted 2 would make a good gift. I got the impression one of them will be getting it or me. Fingers crossed :)

    Then I’ll buy 3 next year. What I would like to see is a straight adventure story with no zombies. That came out of left field for me. Still liked it, but would like to try a version without it

  • Shilliam Watner

    I bought a Playstation 3 to play Uncharted 2. Best decision I’ve made in recent years! Very excited for Uncharted 3!

    • Hunor

      I rented this game and it’s tits. The peuzlzs are super addicting. It’s a puzzle game with a story and weird twists and turns with choices. No game like it. It’s a keeper and believe me this game is hard even on the easy difficulty. Damn there was times where I was like I’m just gonna finish this puzzle cause I know I can and stop. I couldn’t I just kept playing. I love games that challenge you like this and Dark Souls, totally different game but awesomely difficult too in it’s own way.

  • B. Harvest

    “According to Naughty Dog’s creative director Ann Hennig”…. you meant Amy Hennig, right?

  • Furio

    This is the best news today! Can’t wait till VGA!

  • Joel

    Jens a troll you fools. He’s probably laughing his silly ass off right about now :)~


    @ William Shatner:
    Be sure to play Uncharted 1 as well, terrific game.

    • Fishsta

      Uncharted 1 wasn’t a patch on 2. If someone started with 2, the first would be nothing more than a disappointment. I’d say save your pennies for the next installment.

      • MadPlanet

        Gotta disagree with you there Fishsta. While Uncharted definitely was not as good as Uncharted 2 it is still a GREAT game and a must-own for PS3 owners especially if they really enjoyed U2.

  • kensama

    Is anybody can tell me, what he sais on the teaser, i doesn’t understand please ?

    • Takezo Kensei

      “All men dream, but not equally”

      • David

        as stated, the troll was sooo obvious to most of us,, but also very effective, Jen got just the response she was looking for.. (Nice Troll Jen!)

      • Douglas

        RE: your times. They are good depending on who you ask. To a slow ruennr like me, they are fast; to Noah Ngeny, who holds the WR at 2:11.96, it is pedestrian. Additionally, how was your form? broken at the hips? heel striking? landing out front? Ergo, good is all relative since there’s a wide range of time comparison and unknowns with your form.

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