Jeff Probst blogs 'Survivor: Nicaragua': Episode 13

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Like a small town thief running from the local sheriff, this episode started with Sash on the run. Until last week, he had a great game going, but losing Brenda, Purple Kelly and Naonka put him in a deep, deep, deep hole.

I would have never believed that Sash would be able to get himself out of this mess and get back in the game, but he did. I continue to have to eat the words that I said to Sash at the beginning of the game, “Sash, you’ll be the first person voted out.”

Sash is not the most likable guy on the show and I’m not sure exactly why that is, but he is certainly one of the best strategists. More on that later…

Chase continues to be a threat to win his way to the end. It doesn’t mean he’ll win the game, but with Benry gone, his odds of immunity challenges and making it to the end just got a whole lot better.

He absolutely dominated the reward challenge. I said it during the challenge, “It’s like he’d done the challenge before.” It was crazy to watch. It was almost a perfect performance.


Chase may have made one mistake at the reward challenge and it may be a costly one. In choosing Jane and Holly to accompany him on the reward he really drew a line in the sand. He pissed off Sash, who thought he would be going on reward, and he left the four other guys behind to wallow in their unhappiness and possibly come together to form an alliance against Chase. Which it appears they did.

I’ve said this many times in these blogs, but winning a reward is sometimes a double-edged sword. On the one hand you usually get to eat some food and that’s very important on day 30 of Survivor. But the downside is you often have to choose someone to go with you and that means leaving others behind.

The distinction with Chase is that he didn’t seem to realize he was making a bad decision until hours later. It’s another reason why Chase needs to win challenges to get to the end because I’m not sure he’s got enough Survivor smarts to get there otherwise.

Yet another reason I love this show. The humanity! Jane was so honestly upset at the loss of the chicken that she had a funeral service for the little fella. We all have such different triggers. Some of you probably laughed at Jane for crying over the dead chicken while others probably cried along with her. It doesn’t matter to me who cries so long as somebody is crying.

We’ve been giving chickens as rewards for years and it almost always yields a similar result. A few people want to kill the chicken while at least one person thinks they should keep it as a pet. Either way it prompts discussion and creates conflict.  Two good elements for Survivor.

The chicken scene is also an example of the kinds of things that take place on the beach that I am not aware of while we’re shooting. I was actually surprised when I saw this moment. I figured Jane was the type of woman who killed chickens on a daily basis.

From here to the end the paranoia level will be 100%. Nobody left in the game can trust anybody else left in the game. There is just no way to anticipate who is going to stay true because everybody appears ready to turn on a dime.

Sash took advantage of this paranoia by trying to corner Chase…

He cornered Chase and made him promise on his mom. He even went so far as to try to get Chase to promise on his deceased father. Again, there will be many different feelings about this strategic approach. Some  of you will feel it was a slick and worthy move, while others may think it was taking advantage of a very sensitive topic for Chase. Either way, Sash got a result. Chase swore on his mom and now the question is will he keep his word? If I had to guess, I’d say yes. Despite his wishy-washy ways, I’d be wiling to wager that Chase keeps his word on this one.

That was one of the toughest puzzles we’ve ever done. It was extremely difficult to figure out how the stacks of coins fit together.

I’ll give you an example of how difficult it was. My dad was visiting location when we were testing this challenge and so we had him do it to see how long it would take him. It took him 23 minutes and this from a guy who had a full belly of food, a good nights sleep and an 40-year engineering background. While I don’t remember the exact time it took the Survivors, it was a lot longer than 23 minutes. In fact, I was worried that they may never finish…and then out of nowhere Sash figured it out.

The comeback is complete. Sash earned the gold star of the week. It was a masterful display of Survivor prowess. After going to tribal council with immunity around his neck, the hidden immunity idol in his pocket and being the swing vote, he was once again in control of the game.

He may be slightly socially uncomfortable at times but Sash knows his way around Survivor strategy. I think Sash is doing one thing very well and it’s a key to his success: Sash is doing a good job of consistently making his best move based on the assumption that everybody else is going to make their best move.  It’s a simple concept but a very good way to play Survivor.

It doesn’t always work.  Many times players are too stupid to make their best move, so instead they just…oh, quit for example or make an otherwise ridiculous move.  When they do that it screws up the game for somebody who is playing with a decent strategy. But it’s still the best way to play the game. In fact, it’s the only way to play the game. You have to assume that everybody is going to make their best move and then you have to make your move based on that assumed move. Did I just repeat myself?  Then it must be important.

My biggest surprise at this point in the game is that nobody is trying to flush the idol from Sash. It’s such a powerful weapon and he’s had it for so long. Then again, even with all this going for him, Sash will have a hard time winning the game because at the end of the day it’s about likability and as discussed earlier, I’m not yet convinced Sash has earned enough good will to pull it out.

Taking Benry over Fabio was a big vote. I think Sash made a good move to back the guys.

Jane is now in trouble.

Holly is in trouble.

Fabio is in big trouble.

See ya next week!

To see an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode, as well as Dalton Ross’ pre-game interview with Benry, click on the video player below, and check out the TV Insiders podcast below that.

Yes, folks, this week Dalton Ross, Annie Barrett, and Michael Slezak dish another crazy week on Survivor: Nicaragua, welcome EW zombie correspondent Clark Collis to talk about AMC’s The Walking Dead finale, and get the scoop on 16 Christmas-themed movies from Dan Snierson, who watched ‘em all! Plus, Dalton has a truly insane interview with Survivor castoff NaOnka Mixon. To join in all the fun, just click on the audio player below. And in the best news of all, we’re now on iTunes! You can subscribe for free right here and take the TV Insiders with you on the go. And to send a question to the TV Insiders, follow us on Twitter @TVInsiders. Enjoy!


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  • stephen

    i got the sofa…yeh…
    please get back the 16 people version,18 also ok.20 are just to many people to remember!

    • Winnie

      When they do All-Stars/special editions, I like when they include more players, and would support the “bloated” number of contestants. But on regular editions, I think I might agree that 16 works just fine (although I do like that for all of the fans/potential contestants who want to play, there would be more slots available, making someone’s dream come true.

      • Mike

        They have the extra players to make sure they have enough for a full season in case some people quit or are taken out due to injury.

      • Nick

        When you have 16 players, and TWO of them quit…that’s a HUGE problem.

      • Winnie

        I think Jeff Probst should call Osten, “Johnny Fairplay”, Janu, Naonka and Purple Kelly up, and invite them somewhere (they’d have to expend time and energy to get to) under the guise of burying the hatchet or giving them the chance to redeem themselves (not that Naonka thinks she needs to). When they arrive, the setting should be an empty room, where someone casually walks in and states, “Jeff changed his mind and decided to quit this idea”.

        On the other side, I’d love if they really did a second chance/what if season like Jeff brought up with former players like Michael Skupin, Andrew Savage, etc…

      • Probst4ever

        I was thinking that Sash did have a difficult choice to make with his alliance. He’s most likely to get jury votes against Benry/Dan/Fabio, but he would have to make it to the final four with them and let the immunity idol carry him to the final three. Going forward, I think Sash will have in mind that a finale between him, Chase and Jane would be a close call, so he might try to keep Fabio and Dan.

      • Yay!

        Someone PLEASE explain to me why Nay-on-quitter and Purple Quitter are allowed to continue their participation on the show? They should have been sent home pronto!!!

      • Jeff M.

        If you let Jane get to the end she will WIN. That is one tough lady and at her age to be beating up on the young guys she is going to win if she makes it to the end mark my words..OLD LADY AT THE END= WINNER you can count on it

      • TV_Pete

        People would never quit survivor… :-)

    • dally

      Jeff has stated that they CAN’T do 18 since it would be an unequal number of male and female on each team. And they can’t do 16 (which I’d also prefer) since their schedule is screwed if someone quits…. so we are stuck with 20.

      • MattyWillWinSeason23

        In Guatemala they started with 18 people and i believe the team with 5 girls/4 guys won the 1st immunity challenge? nothing wrong with that setup, i think 18 is a great number. they did 19 once in fiji, which was awful

      • scooter

        why can’t 18 be 9 men and 9 women?

      • lynda


        ( men, o women. But put them on two teams and each team has an unequal amount of men and women

      • lynda

        Correct post

        9 men, 9 women. But put them on two teams and each team has an unequal amount of men and women

      • John

        18 only works if the teams are all-men vs all-women. Otherwise, there’s no way to start out with a team of 9 with an equal gender mix. As for Fiji, in the very beginning of the first episode, Jeff says “one surivior quit just moments before being set adrift.” She never appeared on the show.

    • ally

      Why is no one saying anything about Dan??? Is everyone planning to bring him at the end to assure the winning vote?

      • Sue

        I don’t know why. If we somehow would win it would be the worst thing. The guy DOES NOTHING!No one even mentions his name, I would assume everyone thinks when the time comes – anyone could just take him out. He is so useless it is sad that there is not someone else to watch with more personality. Thank goodness for the rest of them. Sash too – he has shifty eyes and he just does not look trustworthy and I think that is why people don’t like him.Plus it appears he is not sociable.

      • JCCE

        I agree! He irritates me to no end. He has proven that you don’t need to be a physical or mental competitor and you can still make it to the end. I think Sash is a snake! His creepy and disingenuous “You’re my second mom” crap he tried to pull on Jane (who didn’t buy it for a minute), how weird was that? Also, my Lord that Chase is a big piece of man, isn’t he?

      • SL

        If Dan makes it to the end, I would vote for him TO WIN! That would teach them not to just string someone along because they are weak and “beatable”. Dan should’ve been voted off when they were still split into teams, but due to an early alliance managed to survive. Give him the win for doing nothing- it worked for the girl who beat Russel the first time he played.

      • wtf

        Dan seems a pretty good choice to take to the end now. Even tho he doesnt have enemies, its probably hard to give a million to someone who slept his way thru.
        Latching on to the villain has been a viable strategy for years. Thats not the same as someone like Dan who is just there

      • Christine

        If I recall correctly, Dan is pretty well off, and the others know it.

        Who better to take to the end than someone who is already wealthy and not a challenge threat?

      • Winnie

        @SL – I’ve been saying the same thing. I think if anyone lets Dan get to the end, it would be hilarious if he won to “punish” people for assuming they can take someone along like that with no consequences. As much as Marty talks about “stupid people” and people not playing the game/utilizing real strategy, I would think if Dan got to the end, he’d vote for him. I could be wrong.

      • Kate

        Why in the world is Dan even on the show to begin with? All he does is lay down when others are working, he has no strategy whatsoever, and he doesn’t even seem to appreciate the experience. When he went on the award challenge where they went down that zip line through the trees, he said something about it being “alright.” I have never heard such a less-than-enthusiastic comment from a survivor during a reward challenge! He can barely participate in some challenges too! I’m glad the challenges are getting more physical, though. I really hope he doesn’t win. He already has a alot of money-he supposedly talks about his expensive cars and all. Plus, he doesn’t deserve it. Chase is likeable, but an idiot at the same time for thinking he can trust Sash. I wanted to throw up when he was talking to Jane about mother figures and good people like them. They are nothing alike and Jane knows that. He is a shifty-eyed deceptive snake.

      • Vern M

        When they went on the zipline, Dan looked scared to death. He spent all his time trying to slow himself down.

      • bruno

        marty would totally vote for dan. if it’s sash and dan at the end brenda would vote for him dan too, so would holly and jane depending on how screwed they get…sash vs dan equals dan for the win.

    • Fabio’s BFF

      Jeff, a chicken is not “a little fella.”

      • Snsetblaze

        I caught that too.

      • Soap On A Rope

        To be correct, it was a “little gal” since it was a hen. So Jeff was half correct.

      • lilymax

        Hens and roosters are chickens. It’s like men and women are human beings. Jeff was correct.

      • Esme

        lily, what the hell are you talking about? The discussion is that the chicken was a female (hence “little gal” vs. “little fellow”). Sheesh.

    • Kelly-Nay

      Opening scene: Chase, Jane, Holly and Sash discuss strategy

      Tribal council vote: Chase, Jane, Holly and Sash vote out Benry

      In Between: 50 minutes of filler, edited to elicit drama that doesn’t exist.

      • Nay-sayer

        Spot on, Kelly-Nay ! As soon as they started to showcase Fabio, you KNEW he was safe. It’s certainly a formula that works, but c’mon Survivor…. mix it up a bit puhlease??

      • Rosie

        Totally agree, there was more going on than what was shown. Sash was not upset at all about not going on the reward. It was played up to be a poor strategic move by Chase but there must have been a bigger plan already in place.

      • Zach

        I agree! I’ve never seen so much filler on the show before! EVERY episode I imagine the survivors scramble and go back and forth on their targets, but it was ridiculous the extent to which they showcased it here. Bottom line: Sash regained control, and regardless of whether he’s sticking with the right people, he’s clearly sticking with them…for now at least.

    • I hate Jane

      I didnt find that scene with the chicken likeable at all. You know why Probst. Its because your right, Jane not only kills chickens on a daily basis, she hunts! with a gun! Yes check her bio dude – seriosly. Also stop trying to promote her for fan favourite.

      She is such a despicable old woman. She has been pulling this crap for such a long time nw. The weepy whiny angel with a love for everything good! Pls…she and you cbs chaps need to get over it. She has studied the game as she mentions time and again and she clearly knows what works with the foolish public!

      Also she clearly wasn’t very popular at camp, ppl voted off have all said so in their exit interviews.

      So all you foolish people dont fall for it!

      • Leonard

        I agree I can’t stand Jane’s phony attitude that she is good and the others are evil cuz they want to take her out. Its called “other people want to win too” you deluded wench.

        I have hated Sash since his racist minority alliance idea. I would rather Jane win over this insincere snake.

      • dmarie

        So what if she hunts with a gun, wtf difference does that make? Do you think people who hunt don’t form attachments to animals? Shows how much you don’t know and how prejudiced you are against hunters.

        Jane is only 56? WOW my MIL is 72 and Jane looks far older.

      • Skyler

        @dmarie: VERY true. People need to quit the hunter prejudice. Also, there are hunters who have dogs to help them mark and retrieve prey. So, uh, does that mean hunters don’t like dogs? :P

    • Lane

      I like the show with 20 people. It’s more thrilling to see how’s going to be eliminated. Also, the puzzle becomes more difficult and a little more interesting to watch. A 16 person cast is easy to remember, but at the same time the game seems shorter.

    • Jeff M.

      If you let Jane get to the end she will WIN. That is one tough lady and at her age to be beating up on the young guys she is going to win if she makes it to the end mark my words..OLD LADY AT THE END= WINNER

      • Kathy M

        Jane’s 56, that’s not an “old lady.” She looks a lot older but that’s middle-aged.

      • PurpleOnka

        56 is middle age?
        that seems optomistic to me

      • Skyler

        To Jane’s credit, she’s younger than both my parents (and they’re both in good shape too). They may look younger than she does, however I get the impression that Jane has worked outdoors a lot in her life which could be why she looks older than she is. PurpleOnka, in this day and age, 56 is middle-aged still. Is it not the case that people aren’t “senior citizens” until they’re 65? Though in Florida you can order from the seniors menu when you’re 55! LOL

      • LiLa

        In many restaurants, anyone can order from the senior menu and do if they prefer smaller portions. Not that this is off topic or anything! :-)

      • Lane

        It’s relative. Jane is old in comparison to Kelly P, but considering average life-span she is still middle aged.
        40-60 is middle-aged. Seniors are 65 and older. Then to be considered very old you have to be at least 75-80.

      • Bridget

        My Aunt is 56 and she looks years younger than Jane.Plus she plays soccer and runs half marathons.
        56 is old but not senoir citizen old-yet.

    • James

      Why does everyone think that Jane is such a big threat? I don’t think that if Dan and Fabio are on the jury they would vote for her, nor would Marty and Benry. I would take Dan and Sash to the end to ensure a good shot at winning.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      Someone here is playing games. Sorry

    • Surv1vr

      someone must be hacking into this site and playing games. Some comments disappear and reappear. Did anyone else notice that?

      • Skyler

        Haven’t noticed it yet. Could be admins rather than a hacker. Or it could be the Ghost of Christmas Future deleting spoilers (I hope)!

  • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

    I prepared what I wanted to write before I even looked at Jeff’s Bolg = results in 1st comment YES!

    • rmsrmsrms

      They must have deleted it because the first comment this week is by Stephen!!!

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      @rmsrmsrms -check the time of the posts

  • MCS

    Sash is so thoroughly unlikable. I also cant pinpoint what it is, but from Day 1 through to now I can honestly say he hasnt done a single thing to make me think he is a nice person to be around.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      He and Holly are the only strategic players. Ive been saying from the beginning that he is the only 1 that knows how to play. Even when ever1 was getting on Brenda’s bandwagon I did not.

      • MCS


      • Aaron

        There are no spoilers in either Redriding, or trinas comment.

      • Lane

        Sash knows how to play? I don’t think so. Sash is a bold player, that’s all. What gives him advantage is others inability to perceive his deceptiveness. Somehow he knows how to influence people, and they make deals with him that are not in their best interest. People show you who they are, you just have to trust them. Sash has shown everyone who he is from the beginning. Even during his negotiation with two teams (ep.13) he has shown who he is. Even he’s inteligent-less negotiation with Marty (the episode where he asked Marty for his immunity idol) has shown that he’s not very intelligent (at least his proposal was not intelligent, and Marty wasn’t intelligent enough to catch Sash’s stupid deal. So in my opinion Sash is not smarter or a better player. He’s just bold enough to negotiate with everyone even when the deal doesn’t make sense.
        If others were a lot smarter, both teams would backdoor him right when he got the idol from Marty.
        I’m not saying that the players are not smart, I think they are, but at the same time it’s easy to deceive them.

      • Lane

        sorry for bad writing and the mistakes

      • Skyler

        @Lane: By the same token, the other people at camp have made comments regarding Sash’s un-trustworthiness based on his voting out Marty and Brenda. So who knows if he’s deceiving people as well as he thinks he is. At this point, the fact that he’s a flip vote who can make an alliance into a majority vote is keeping him in the game. Who knows how it will play out the last several days, especially since there will be an even number of people next episode.

    • redriding

      Sash is brilliant and strategic! There is nothing unlovable about him. Dont let Jeff sway you with his comments and CBS sway you with his shifty eyes edit. They have got thr reasons to make you think Sash cant win (check out to know more. there’s this dude called missyae with some inside scoop..hahaha). Im not into spoiling!

      • Skyler

        I agree, Sash could be a “villain” based on editing. However his little testimonies are so arrogant. Drives me nuts.

      • PurpleOnka

        Its possible Sash could win, unlikely, but possible.
        Nothing unlovable about him? He makes my skin crawl. From what I read here, Im not the only one

      • Rack

        You know why Sash is unlovable to me? If you placed him right next to my ex, you’d swear they were twins. Possibly identical, but at least close fraternal, like Mary-Kate and Ashley. It took me a couple episodes, but I finally figured out just why I can’t like him even a little bit.

    • Trina

      Sash is brilliant and strategic! There is nothing unlovable about him. Dont let Jeff sway you with his comments and CBS sway you with his shifty eyes edit. They have got thr reasons to make you think Sash cant win (check out to know more. there’s this dude called missyae with some inside scoop..hahaha). Im not into spoiling!

    • GS

      I can’t stand him and I’m getting really grossed out looking at him. He is starting to look like Skeletor and that’s not a good thing. People are always going off about fat people but I’d rather see meat covering someone than be able to count their bones. YUCK!

    • JBD

      I hate Sash. I actually think his moves are dumb. Even if he makes it to the final, I doubt he’ll win. Benry won’t vote for him for sure. There was no point in tricking Fabio and Dan along. That’s just going to build more animosity against him. He’s not playing for votes, that’s for sure.

      • Skyler

        Exactly. Sash seems slimy and no body really trusts him. I think he would have a hard time getting jury votes!

      • Zach

        Sash seemed really fake the way he kissed up to Jane. But then the fact that he stuck with Chase, Holly, and Jane, the three most likable people out there, either says something about Sash’s own integrity or reflects that he simply feels like he has a better shot of making the final 3 with them, regardless of the win (I guess the latter). That said, even with Jane and Holly in the finals up against him, I think Sash would definitely deserve a win based on his gameplay. But you wouldn’t be able to deny those two women the vote, especially Jane.

      • Chris

        See, and his logic last week seemed rather flawless to me, particularly before he secured the immunity challenge. He knew both alliances were solid, and he knew he wasn’t part of either of them. Plus he didn’t want to have his idol flushed out any earlier than it had to be just to stay in the game, so he talks to both sides, he gives both of them hope in talking the numbers and the advantage he presented them, then he made the best choice for him based on what he heard and saw. That’s crafty Survivor play.

        Reminds me of Sandra when she had to scramble after her alliance got blown up last season. She tried with all of her might to get Russell gone, since he was the main person who had it out for her, but when she saw the other side of the numbers was too wishy washy, she threw in with Russell and got one of the sheep off the show, surviving to fight another day. It’s not the sexiest strategy, but it’s very smart.

      • Skyler

        @Chris: What you say makes perfect sense, however was it necessary for Sash to lie as he did? I guess he did it to cause static between Dan & Fabio?

    • Meeghan

      SPOILER BELOW Skip the comment from Trina.

      • Carla

        Thank you for the heads up

  • BestPlayer2NeverPlay


    • anonymous

      Yes. Definitely, keep them to yourself.

    • Skyler

      So why would you give them away at all? This comment doesn’t make sense.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      Skyler- I thought these were great ideas that I wanted to show that nobody thinks of. However, I have also some other unbelievsble stategies that I have never seen used. I will not share those.

      • rodcrusoe

        It would be my bet that you’d be the first or second member voted off the island. Your annoying personality comes thru so strong on this forum it’s hard to imagine you could hide it from people in real life.

      • Sylvia

        right on, if you are talking to bestplayer2 . . . survivor’s pretty easy with frig nearby, internet, phone, pizza, beer . . . everybody’s great at survivor who never went there . . .

  • MeLoveJane

    I also cried along with Jane. She is tender and soft inside and tough outside. She’s human and a beautiful soul.

    Some have wondered why I admire her so much. She cares about animals, she has a wonderful work ethic and she takes charge of her life.

    I hope she wins it all. It’s a real compliment for the other contestants to want her out because she is a threat to win. When ever in the history of Survivor has the “old lady” contestant been treated with this deference. So refreshing. Thanks, casting, or whoever chose her, for this beautiful choice.

    • anonymous

      Fish have feelings too ! Jane reminds me of Willie Nelson’s long lost sister.

      • MeLoveJane

        You’re right. They do kind of look alike. Fish do have feelings too and some people bond with their pet fish, just depends on the person. The point about Jane is she has a tender heart and cares about others…like her dogs she is always alluding to. She misses them and is likely lonely without them. Her husband recently passed. It’s common for people to feel that way. Look at George Clooney and his pig.

      • Soap On A Rope

        If Jane misses her dogs, why dosen’t she befriend one of the howler monkeys or one of the many shell crabs walking around the camp? The opportunity is there, she could give them all names.

    • Soap On A Rope

      I wonder about her carring about animals. If I remember from her bio., she forces dogs to appear and participate in dog shows. Transporting animals long distances in cages causes them to suffer. Not to mention all the baths and painfull toenail clipping they must endure. All for the chance to win a ribbon. Shame on you Jane.

      • AJ

        Really baths and toenail clippings? My dog loves her weekly bath and shes never yelped or hid once when I file or clip her nails and she does not mind a cage either to travel.You evidently know nothing about dogs.

      • MeLoveJane

        I agree with AJ, Soap. Jane doesn’t have show dogs, she has agility dogs. They run courses such as obstacle courses. Jane’s dogs are 80 pound dogs, the working dog category such as a German Shepard, which are bred to and genuinely enjoy the agility competition and courses.

        Jane doesn’t do the Westminster type show dog competitions.

      • kacee

        I don’t know what experiences you or your dog may have had, but my dog loves being in her cage – whether it is at home, or in the car. Also she adores her baths – she loves being lathered up and scrubbed. As for toenail clipping that is a necessity for dogs, just as it is for humans.

      • Claire

        I agree with AJ…you know nothing about dogs. Jane does drive me crazy and I don’t really like her, but she’s a great player, that I cannot deny!!

      • Soap On A Rope

        @MeLoveJane. You are incorrect about Jane. She ownes Shadow Hill Shelties. They breed and show dogs. Her sheltie named Champion Shadow Hill’s Star Chaser won Best of Breed at the 20140 Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The dog does not weigh 80 lbs.

      • Soap On A Rope

        Make that the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

      • Skyler

        I know somebody who knows Jane and she says that she’s an agility dog trainer. Agility dogs basically run through obstacles and generally have a fun time doing it. Anyway, I’m supposed to be rooting for Jane because of this, but honestly while I respect her I don’t like her very much.

      • PurpleOnka

        Those dogs live for what they do. Soap on a rope has obviously never tried to force a dog to do something it didnt want to do. hard enough to give some a bath, let alone run an obstacle course

    • Nick

      I AGREE! I love Jane. She’s a remarkable woman.

    • Please

      I have never had a bigger eye rolling moment. this woman lives on the farm and I am sure has seen the killing of animals for food. These people are starving. Jane’s move seemed so phony to me.

      • rodcrusoe

        Your comment reminded me of something I’ve been wondering about including last night. They’ve shown snakes frequently in opening shots. If these people have a machete then why hasn’t anyone thought to catch and kill a few snakes for food? That’s what I’d do when food got low or I got tired of fish and crabs. Jeff, if you’re reading this, is there a reason they don’t hunt snakes? Are they prohibited? You can eat a poisonous snake if you discard the venom ducts, can’t you? Is there a reason other than it just hasn’t occurred to the players to do it? Wouldn’t surprise me cuz these guys aren’t too bright.

      • Trina

        Totally. She is anything but animal lover and that bit was nothing but phony. She knows what the ppl want. Shes trying to cry her way into americas heart. Stupid Jane!

      • Ember

        How would crying her way into America’s heart help her win the game? She’s probably just going crazy after being out there for 30 days!

      • MeLoveJane

        To Please…social workers also frequently see abused children and so do cops. They still have emotions when they see it. So even though Jane has seen a chicken killed, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect her emotionally. I lived on a farm and we had beef cattle and dairy cows. I did cry when Dad killed the dairy cow. It’s a natural human phenomenon.

      • Soap On A Rope

        Did you ever forgive him for killing your cow?

      • Skyler

        Agree with Ember. Maybe it would not have impacted Jane as strongly if she hadn’t been starving in the jungle for 30 days.

      • Please

        Setting up the whole grave near camp is a way oof showing the other tribe members that she is so “caring”. It is complete bull. She is a complete phony with this “I am a good person” BS. Marty, despite being a douche was right about her. She’s manipulative and has a huge ego based on her showing off at challenges.

      • George Pringle

        Come on Ember! Remember the viewer’s best player vote, she could be playing that specific bit to help her in that.

    • meHateJane

      How lame is Jane! hahahahahahahha! She’s a freaking fake bitch if I ever saw one. Hahahaha!

      I so so so so so hope she is next off my TV screen. Im tired of barfing ever wed night after looking at her. uuugggh! She has been nothing but a deceptive person all season. Not only is she deceptive to the ppl playing the game, she is deceptive to the viewers over the her silly crying over the chicken. Hello america – have you seen her dance when she kills a fish! Also the woman trains dogs for a living! Skank alert!

      • I Hate Jane Too!

        hahaha! totally man…she is anything but an animal lover! Also might I add a very bad actress! Jane if you are going to pretend to cry and be upset about things atleast practice…you know what I mean right, you were lame enough to practise catching fish, a dance and lighting a fire, you shouldve had a better go at practising crying too.
        Lets hope spoiler Moose was right about what happens to her!

      • Adele

        @I Hate Jane Too!: Regarding your last sentence, I wish Moose, you, and everyone else who love to spill and beans about what will happen ought to go soak your heads in a can of tar. Why doesn’t the admin delete these kinds of comments in here. Grrrr

      • MeLoveJane

        Why is it “lame” to practice catching a fish and making a fire, two essential skills in Survivor. She also worked out, ran for endurance and starved in preparation…
        So why is it lame to you to prepare for a game in which you might win a million dollars? Why is that lame?

      • Soap On A Rope

        How do you know that she starved herself. Sounds like more of an eating disorder to me.

      • MeLoveJane

        To Soap,
        She said so. She ate very little in prepartion. She also sat in a sweat lodge type device to try to get accustomed to the heat.

        So, if the hundred or so bloggers are in a royal hissy fit over quitters, it seems that those would be the same bloggers who would embrace Jane because is the antithesis of quit. She strives. She impresses. She earns. She is trying so hard and succeeding…yet gets little respect. It’s puzzling. I think it is likely all the anti-Jane is simply ageism and sexism. If Marty had made that kind of effort I think people would likely be holding him up as some sort of God, yet when an older, small woman prepares and succeeds, she is mostly mocked and hated.

        It’s the humanity, as Jeff says, that makes this show fascinating. All the hate for Jane and hate for the quitters is disturbing yet interesting.

        I admire Jane. She never quits. Compare her to Dan. Compare her to Nay and Purple Kelly.

      • Tarzan

        I am anti Jane because I find her down home schtick to be phony and grating. It is way over the top. Bob in Gabon is one of my favorite players ever and I am rooting for Holly this season. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with ageism or sexism but nice try. Jane is just a complete phony and is highly irritating. I will give her a good social game, but strategic? I think not. Jane=====PHONY

      • Skyler

        YES, Bob from Gabon was awesome. Faking the immunity idols was priceless!

      • Pat

        Bob was amazing. But he would not have made it to the end without Sugar.

      • MeLoveJane

        I agree wit you, Skyler. Bob was awesome. The fake immunity idol was almost priceless. Another very successful older player who was interesting to watch….and isn’t it interesting that he was many of the same qualities as Jane yet he was never hated on the blogs…..

      • Skyler

        @MeLoveJane: I agree that it’s strange Bob didn’t get as much heat as Jane does on these blogs. Personally, I found him to be very endearing. A high school physics teacher with a little bowtie in the jungle. One thing I agree with you about is that I think Jane is getting a lot of flack because of her accent. Maybe to some posters that sounds ridiculous, but the fact of the matter is is that a lot of people have VERY negative views of Southern culture which are totally unfounded. As a northerner who lived in the south for a few years, I can say that Jane isn’t “faking” her accent, down-homeiness, or Southern hospitality. It’s who she is. Believe it or not, I’m in a sociology class right now (in New York City) where we had a unit about Southern culture and I had to spend a lot of time trying to convince my classmates that their liberal idealism and Northern swagger is incredibly insular, misguided, and ignorant! So three cheers to you for exposing people’s bias and ignorance. I don’t understand where people get this idea that it’s okay to think “the South is dumb.” Do I like Jane? No, not really, but it has nothing to do with her being from North Carolina. Anyway, I wish people wouldn’t give YOU (MeLoveJane) flack on this blog. You’re obviously a big fan, you have insightful comments, and I enjoy reading your posts (even if we disagree sometimes). ;)

      • Juneau

        Bob was intelligent, articulate, sophisticated and he didn’t come off as a weirdo. Jane is a redneck who is playing on emotion and can be annoying. Even though I like her, that’s the reason for all the hate. Plain and simple. I don’t see her making a calcualted move like making a fake HII to save her life.

      • dansRoots.MeLoveJane

        To Junea…what is weirdo about jane? Her accent may be different from your accent but it is very similar to other Southerners like JT, who won. So let me add “discrimination” t the list of reasons. She’d an older woman and a Southerner. Even JT said about his accent that he may talk like a redneck but he isn’t stupid…just so you know…the way New Yorker’s speak really gets on the nerves of some Southerners and they sound “weird and unintelligent…” but that’s just a stereotype. Most of us are mature enough to understand the difference.

      • MeLoveJane

        To Tarzan…
        YOu need to get out of the jungle more. Jane’s accent and down home dialect is real. North Carolinians really talk like that. It’s not a schtick. SOme country people really love their dogs, their guns, God and country. I think it sounds “phony” to you because you’ve seen a stereotype of silly country folks that do stupid things and have an accent like Jane’s. So please come down South and experience it for yourself. The Southern hospitality and kind ways are very real.

      • sandy

        Yes you are right … we really do talk like that …

      • sandy

        Her down home schtick is far from phony .. she lives in the same county as I , I have never met her … but from others , she is 100% true … no fakey Jane .. she’s the real thing .. to many of you are just jealous …

      • ROY P.


      • Pat

        I can answer that for you – Jane is not physicaly beautiful with the fake boobs. However, she is a beautiful human being who was genuinely upset over losing her pet chicken. Many people don’t like strong, independent successful women. I don’t understand why the women who post on here dislike her so much. I have a feeling that they are imature and insecure types. I like her but I don’t think she has a snowball’s chance in hell of making it to the final three because the “strong” guys are threatened by her.

      • Pat

        This was in reply to MeLoveJane

      • MeLoveJane

        To Pat, very interesting comment.

      • Skyler

        @Pat: As a woman who dislikes Jane, I feel like I need to defend myself against accusations that I am “immature and insecure.” I RESPECT Jane, but I don’t LIKE Jane. I respect the fact that she prepared for the show, that she’s a force to be reckoned with in challenges, and that she has made it so far in the game. However, I didn’t like her crazy anti-Marty sentiments and there’s something about her that puts me off. I don’t think that people who dislike Jane are automatically threatened by her. There’s a world of difference between respecting someone and liking them. And as a strong, independent, and intelligent woman who has had to deal with flack from ignorant people who were threatened by me, I understand where your sentiments are coming from. However, just pointing out that other women on this blog could be coming from the same place where I’m coming from: just because they don’t like Jane doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate her gameplay.

      • LuckyDuck4U

        Jane has been my favorite since the first episode – tough as nails, self-reliant and friendly. Her only weakness may be her lack of scheming, which, while admirable, is an important component to making it to the end. Holly seems to be better at that and could win if they are both in the finals, based on her bonding with the jury members. But Jane is who I’d want on my side if we were truly in survival mode in the wilderness.

      • Skyler

        Agreed. It’s not lame at all for Jane to prepare for the game!

      • Skyler

        @DanRoots: From experience as a New Yorker living in the south for a period of time, I can state from experience that YES I got some flack for my accent! People automatically figured that I would be rude, patronizing, extremely liberal, and walk really fast. The bias definitely goes both ways!

      • Soap On A Rope

        @MeLoveJane. For your information, a sweat lodge is used by native americans such as myself to purify oneself and is a very sacred experience. It should never be used to prepare yourself to handle the heat while in the jungle. The whiteman has taken our lands from us and are now attempting to take our ceremonies and religion also. Now is the time for it to stop.

    • SodaPop

      Cares about animals? She shoots them!! That wailing over the chicken was just a stupid act–hate Jane. And she’s not all that old anyhow–Christie Brinkley is 56, for pete’s sake.

      • MeLoveJane

        To Soap on a Rope,
        This is MeLoveJane. Please don’t assume things. My ancestors are Cherokee. I clearly said “a sweat-lodge TYPE” of device, not a sweat lodge. I think it says a lot about you that you assume everyone else but you is evolved and aware.

      • Skyler

        @MeLoveJane: I think he was being sarcastic, as a “sweat-lodge type of device” could also be a SUANA, which tons of people do all the time.

      • Soap On A Rope

        @MeLoveJane. I can not understand why after insulting an entire race of people, you will not just admit it. My ancestors are Saponi.

  • MeLoveJane

    I feel the same way about Sash. I can see he is a good strategist but I don’t like him. He reminds me of a bar rat. There’s one on every college campus. YOu know the one, he skulks around all the bars hitting on all the brand new freshman girls who don’t yet know his reputation.

    He’s like the snake in the Jungle Book, coiling his oily scales around the Jungle Boy.

    I think he has no empathy for anyone, no sympathy. It’s just all about him. Whereas others have formed real bonds, he makes only superficial, temporary relationships based on strategy only.

    to live 39 days in very close quarters with others (actually sleeping in bed with them) it’s almost impossible to form a real bond with someone.

    Sash is that exception. He doesn’t bond, doesn’t want to get to know anyone, he is immune to emotion. Like him? Not at all.

    • lala

      You just described many serial killers. He kinda does have that Ted Bundy smile.

    • jrs

      Agree with your comments, mostly. Can’t stand the dude. I’ve waned him out since day 1…can’t stand watching him, listening to him, etc. But, there is NO way he’s hitting on the girls! Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      • Soap On A Rope

        Sash does remind you of someone who would be peeping thru a key hole to spy. He did seem to enjoy the killing of the chicken a little to much for me.

    • JCCE

      MeLoveJane – Hahaha!

    • Jackieoooo

      I agree. I don’t know why you guys think he’s a great strategist,
      all I see him doing is manipulating
      the weak players around him. Nobody likes or trusts him, and yet they play right into his manipulative ways by kissing up to him because he’s the “swing vote”.
      I wanna puke every time he does an
      interview. The old “I’m in control
      of this game” stuff of his really gets on my nerves. The guy is almost as delusional as Troll Russell was. I’ve totally disliked
      him from day 1. I wish the other players would think about what he did to Brenda (his co-conspirator)
      and get rid of the Snake..

      • Skyler

        Sash is definitely more delusional than Hantz. To Hantz’s credit, at least he did seem to have some semblance of control. I feel like Sash is over-stating his power in the game, as I think he’s somebody easy to vote off in the current environment (like Dan is). I keep hoping that he gets voted off and has his bubble burst.

      • George Pringle

        He was in control with the Idol and winning immunity. He has forever in Survivor time. And since he got Dan idiot to vote against Fabio he has caused the chaos to bring him to the final.
        This has been a weird season for me as I haven’t had one who I was really rooting for.

    • Skyler

      @MeLoveJane: Your description of Sash as a “bar rat” cracked me up. Spot on!

  • ifindthebestplayer2neverplayreallystupid

    bestplayer2neverplay, you will never play on this show. i personally laughed when jane cried, they are out in heat and rain, eating just rice and water, and she acts like she expected them to not eat the chicken. haha. great stuff.

    • MeLoveJane

      To ifindthebest…

      For you to laugh at Jane’s pain says a lot more about you than it does about Jane.

      Jane expected them to eat the chicken. She knew it was coming. It just still hurt her because she bonded with it as another would bond with a dog.
      For Jane, the chicken was a pet. I was devastated when my dog died. I cried for two weeks. I understand her emotions and so do other pet owners.

      For you to laugh at Jane’s pain says a lot more about you than it does about Jane.

      • Ian

        You’re an idiot. She wasn’t in pain. It was a chicken. If she cared so much about the chicken, why did she have no problem with eating fish? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. That’s like crying about dolphins caught in tuna nets……what about the tuna? Get over yourself. The chicken was food, the fish are food, and Jane is infuriatingly annoying, especially with that idiotic laugh that she seems to unleash after every 3 word sentence…

      • No Name

        That doesn’t make any sense. i eat burgers but I was still devastated when my dog died. Are you saying because she didn’t bond with the fish the way she did with the chicken makes her not normal because there are many meat-eating pet owners who would disagree with that!

      • I Hate Jane

        Anyone for the win but Jane. I am so sick of listening to her annoying voice every wednesday. Makes this season even more unbearable. come on ppl even fabio finds her unbearable.

        Also what is up with Jeff Probst and the Jane love. Seriously he needs to see a doctor about this. She fake cried over a chicken man…She trains dogs for shows, dances while brutally murdering a fish n hunts wild animals. far frm being animal friendly is jane. She’s playin u jeffy boy. Get with the programmeAnyone for the win but Jane. I am so sick of listening to her annoying voice every wednesday. Makes this season even more unbearable. come on ppl even fabio finds her unbearable.

        Also what is up with Jeff Probst and the Jane love. Seriously he needs to see a doctor about this. She fake cried over a chicken man…She trains dogs for shows, dances while brutally murdering a fish n hunts wild animals. far frm being animal friendly is jane. She’s playin u jeffy boy. Get with the programme

      • ian

        “Are you saying because she didn’t bond with the fish the way she did with the chicken makes her not normal” — No, I’m saying that bonding with a chicken on a show where you’re somewhat starved, and it’s called Survivior, is idiotic. If she was going to be irrational enough to get upset that starving people would eat a chicken on the show, than she also should have been upset about people eating fish. She even managed to keep that idiotic laugh after every sentence even when recalling her fond affection for the chicken. It’s also a dumb move on her part. If I were in the game and she even hinted at trying to guilt-trip me over eating the chicken because it was her pet, I’d want her gone, and at the least she wouldn’t get my vote in the final for it if I were on the jury. Just a stupid move in every sense.

      • James

        I can’t stand Jane. I never liked her from day 1. She looks and sounds stupid.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      @ifindthebest- I did not find Jane’s crying funny, I found it pathetic. Just like your comments!

      • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

        The only thing I was crying about (okay I was not really crying) was how pathetic everyone is and that I am actually watching this. The only reason I still am watching this is because I am a super fan and have never missed a minute of this show.

      • Judge

        I find you pathetic. I hope you are the best player to never play, I am sure you would end up the most hated player ever.

      • Jerri

        doubt you are a super fan…

      • Jeff Probst

        There are 2 rules to NOT being a dork…1.) NEVER call yourself a superfan. It sounds idiotic, and should never be uttered by anyone over the age of 11. and 2.)Never perform amateurish magic tricks. Even the 11 year-old knows how lame that is…..How many of those rules have you broken?

      • wtf

        Agreed. The person who first watched the magic trick would have thrown your beta-max tape in the trash.
        EDIT: failed magic trick

      • Jeff Probst

        Here I am once again pretending to be Jeff. Please -Best do not make any comments. I told all of you that I’m 40 years old and still living with my mom. It helps me to pretend that I am someone famous. Best I was just kidding about your video, good luck on making a new one, I hope you win.

  • Heidi’s Luvin Survivor

    Hate when I heard Jeff say ONLY 2 more episodes left…NO!!! If Sash makes it to final 2 or 3, he might just win it. You have Nay, Kelley, he kept his word to Marty on day one, Brenda might switch. We”ll see. Poor Chase…Always thinking with his….Mind!(Gotcha) Did all they get was Watermelon for the award? Never saw any real food!
    Glad Benry is gone. I rathere see Fabio at the end. :)

    • Skyler

      However, Sash didn’t keep his promise to Sash that he would give him the immunity idol if he was in trouble. So that may have soured Marty’s opinion of him.

  • darclyte

    I liked the part at the reward challenge when the 2 guys advanced to the final stage. They both congratulated each other, and that’s pretty rare to take place during the challenge (as opposed to once it’s over.) I still think that Pathetic Dan will be in the Final 3 because it is assured that NOBODY will vote for him. They continue to make dumb moves though as the “smart vote” would have been to vote off Jane. EVERYONE keeps saying how NOBODY could beat her at the end. Sash and the alliance of 3 guys could have taken her out but didn’t. Benry was a threat to win challenges, but not as much of a threat to win the money as Jane.

  • 24yanks

    I’m not sure that I agree about Sash being a great strategist. He could have just straight out “aligned” with Jane/Holly/Chase and voted out Benry instead of lying to Benry, Fabio and Dan. The outcome would have been the same but in this case, he is alienating three potential jurors for no reason.

    • Skyler

      Thanks for this insight. His lying to Benry, Fabio, and Dan will likely upset them and they will trust him even less. I think Sash’s lying will shake things up next episode. His tribemates already think he’s not trustworthy and he isn’t doing anything to help his case.

    • D

      I think that not straight out aligning gives him a further option to flip in the future…

  • sockigal

    Jeff- I don’t quite understand why you think Sash made an alliance with the three men alliance. He didn’t vote with them! Chase ended up not making such a big mistake after all and he got to enjoy the reward with people he liked. Sash voted with Chase, Holly and Jane: they had already picked Benry to go home! Holly seems to have a lot of control over the game at this point and Chase also has an idol! Not sure why idols haven’t been used this season. They have been around forever and not used once. Seems like a waste. These Survivors are the most unlikable lot of people. Sash= very unlikable. Not sure if I really even care who wins at this point. Just get it over so we can start another season. Hope the next season is much funner to watch!

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      The only reason it turned out not to be a big mistake is because he is playing with other idiots! Otherwise it was a huge mistake.

    • Hammy

      I was wondering the same thing. jeff said he backed the guys, but he voted with chase and the gals.

      • Nick

        Jeff made a boo boo

    • KWise

      I’m with you Sockigal. I also was confused by Probt’s conclusion that Sash sided with the men. The way I see it, he did NOT side with them. He fooled Dan and Benry into voting out their friend, Fabio. He got rid of one of the men, Benry. And he clearly seems to be aligning with Case/Jane/Holly. I’m confused by what Probst said now…

      • mary mac

        I agree. He didn’t side with the men, he USED them. Unlikeable or not, you’ve got to admire his strategy.

      • Skyler

        @Mary Mac: It’s strategic in the sense that he potentially caused static between Fabio & Dan. I’m pretty sure they know each other’s handwriting by now and perhaps Fabio will be upset that Dan put his name down. This could either lead to Dan going next or Sash going next (if people realize he’s lying).

    • 190

      Problem this season- no development of a hero.

      • Skyler

        I think Jane was supposed to have the hero role to some extent. However she ruined it for me with her odd campaign against Marty. I still don’t like that she insulted his parenting skills. By the same token, I haven’t really liked Benry since the “dirt squirrel” comment. I think it IS possible to play Survivor without insulting and degrading the other players. Of course people won’t get along and there will be friction, but they can still be classy. Plenty of past players have done it before, people are doing it this season, and people will do it again.

      • MeLoveJane

        To 190….very insightful. Hadn’t thought of that. No clear cut hero…and the “villain” is off the show and on the jury. In order for there to be a hero, there must be a villain. So holly’s sacrifice is somewhat “heroic'” although, truthfully, she has the most to gain from her sacrifice and real heros don’t gain anything from their sacrifice. Jane’s providing fish for others — is somewhat heroic, although she gains personally from that as well. No clear hero and no clear villain. Very very interesting comment. Thanks for sharing.

    • sockigal

      I actually think Sash would have been better off going to the finals (and possibly winning) with Dan and Benry in the finals. His smartest move would have been to side with the boys at the last tribal, and then vote all the more likable players out. If Sash is in the finals with Chase, Holly, Jane or Fabio, he loses! If he went against Benry and Dan, he would win most of the votes. So I think he made the wrong strategic play at this point. After a certain time the idols are also not usable anymore, so he should try to sway people with the idol (maybe gaining support of another player by sharing the idol). I don’t think anybody is playing a very good game!

  • Samantha

    i think bestplayertonever play and i findthebestplayer to both be rather silly.

    • @Samantha

      I find YOU rather moronic.

  • Carol

    I just want to know WHY? would you let the 2 ladies that quit be on the jury? I think they should not be allowed to sit on there, you should go back to the ones that did try and got voted off be able to have the chance to sit on the jury not them 2 ladies???????

    • sim

      That was last weeks blog. Some lame excuse about having let one other quitter on the jury in previous seasons.

      • George Pringle

        But Jeff could have put them in funny little chairs behind the jury and made them wear big hats with “I’m a stinky quitter” written on it.
        And if they complained told them it would get worse next time.

    • MeLoveJane

      TO Carol….because controversy equals bigger ratings and bigger ratings equals more oney for the network. Casting directors literally go looking for what they consider wild big mouthed contestants who will argue and fight with other contestants…that’s why Jerry Springer has been successful. Many Americans enjoy watching a fight such as many race fans go to see the wrecks…So to bring back Nay and Kelly will bring back controversy, emotion, and that means more money. IT’s not about fairness. That’s just a gimmick.

  • Vern M

    Dan seems to be the invisible man, riding on everyone’s coattails. He’ll probably make it to the final two or three. Nobody would ever vote for him.

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      You’d be surprised especially when you have players who have no clue

      • Vern M

        If he actually won, it would be the most disappointing finale ever.

    • Chris

      In a normal season, I’d say yes…but what about the way this season has been played has been normal so far?

  • Samantha

    yeah i’m sure your odds of being on the show are at least a couple billion to one, good luck. you planning on hitting the lottery too?

    • BestPlayer2NeverPlay

      My odds are better than the lottery. It will probably be around 2 – 3 thousand to one to win the contest not a couple of billion. I am not giving up, on the other hand I am not quitting my day job.

      • Jerri

        wait, you have a day job? commenting on boards in survivor threads dosnt count

      • Aaron

        Since season 22 is the last season of survivor… period, and it has already been filmed… that means you will NEVER, EVER, EVER, be on the show. Too bad, so sad.

    • MeLoveJane

      Samantha, BestPlayer2NEer is a superfan. If you’ve followed the blogs, you’ll hvae seen his posts for many seasons…and the Jeff Probst entry is not really Jeff Probst just a blogger. Let’s not go hatinig on one another here please. We’re all just fans and all of us could be called names for doing things like blogging about a TV show. Be nice please.

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