Oprah opens up about Gayle King

The easy headline is, “Oprah Denies Being Gay,” but that’s not what was so mesmerizing about Barbara Walters’ video tease of tomorrow night’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. It was Winfrey’s sincere, heartfelt description of her relationship with close friend Gayle King. “She is … the mother I never had. She is … the sister everybody would want,” said Winfrey. “She is the friend that everybody deserves. I don’t know a better person. I don’t know a better person.”

Yes, Winfrey goes on to dismiss the old rumor that she and King are lovers, but I’m still swooning over her eloquent PDA. Tears, verklempt pauses, the whole heart-to-heart caboodle. Jeez, Oprah even gives away compliments better than anyone else!

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  • Excelda

    Gayle makes Oprah want to be a better man.

    • esquirrel


      • trish

        that was tea-spewingly funny!

    • dougla1

      Well, Excelda if you are a man, Oprah is a better “man” than you will ever be. If you are a woman, Oprah is a better “man” than you will ever be with. Hah!

      • Rocco

        doubla1…..HILARIOUS…..but probably very true….

      • Jake Latham

        What? lame.

      • Excelda

        I wasn’t actually saying Oprah has a dong, I was just poking fun at her effusiveness. It reminds me of wedding vows, which often include the cliche “you make me want to be a better man.”

        If she does have a dong, though, that’s fine. It won’t change my opinion of her show, which I find to be unwatchable pablum. I’m sure her heart is in the right place, but I just don’t find her especially talented or interesting. That is an opinion, folks. Don’t set my house on fire or behead my dogs for saying that.

    • Claire

      … and you deserve a good doctor..to became a real person…

    • Rush

      The woman said yes to a date with Roger Ebert. She must be gay.

    • Betty

      Oh puhleez, she’s gayer than Ellen.

    • Brendala

      I totally agree with you regarding Oprah being unwatchable. Have you ever noticed that when she loses weight, she preaches to everyone about how they should eat and exercise and then when she gains it back nothing is said. Now, how hard could it be to lose all that weight when you have your personal trainer and someone cooking your food for you and when you have the money to be able to afford the type of food that you should be eating. She irritates me because she acts as if she is just Holier than thow. Not sure I spelled any of that correctly, but you get my meaning.

      • Brendala

        Oh yeah and now she has her OWN tv network, gag!!!

    • Corine Clark

      There is nothing more vicious than an envious, low esteem, uneducated brainless twit like Brendala. You don’t know the value of having a very dear and close relation with a friend, male or female. Love is not synonymous with sex.

      • Brendala

        In response to my being an uneducated brainless twit, I’d like to say that had you read my comment you would have noticed that I did not mention anything about Oprah and Gayle’s friendship. I think it’s absolutely wonderful when you find that one person in which you can relate to on every level, someone to share your ups and downs with and someone who truly loves you for who and what you are. Thats priceless. I do not think Oprah is a lesbian and if she was I wouldn’t care, that doesn’t bother me. I will have to say my ignorance comes in when I put my opinion in on this particular site. This site was about opinions regarding Oprah opening up about Gayle, but to be honest with you, I am not up with the times so I did not know where or what link would have been more appropriate for my opinion. Having said that, my opinion is just one opinion in the sea of many opinions. So thank you for setting me straight. Wow, I feel so much better now, don’t you?

  • Gata

    Even if she did say it, that is not going to be good enough for the American public. Nobody in showbiz knows their lives better than the American public…

    Until I see Oprah and Gayle in a gay/lesbian compromising position, she will be heterosexual in my opinion.

    • Tom

      Until I see Oprah and Stedman in a heterosexual position, she will be gay-gay-gay-gay-gay in my opinion.

  • Joseph

    OMG! I’m in tears already! Oprah, you’re really amazing!

    • singer


    • Chris

      I thought it was beautiful too. I wish I had a friend like that.

    • Tom

      Well, gay guys do tend to cry when Oprah is gaying it up on TV…

  • WTF?

    I don’t even care that it sounds cliche: Oprah is friggin’ amazing.

    • singer


  • Jerry

    I’m not a big Oprah fan, but if she is gay, I couldn’t care less. Ellen seems to be doing OK.

    • kanyesucks

      Thank you for saying ‘couldn’t’. 99% of people say could which is WRONG.

      • Dani

        Oh, but what if they COULD care less?

      • Pedant

        You’re actually wrong, but I could care less (This form is intentional sarcasm).

      • bobby boushay

        No you’re wrong Mr Pedant!

  • Ivy

    I think the comments thus far are making my stomach upset.

    • Ivy

      Mine too.

      • wallace

        take a tums

      • Jeff

        go poop.

    • harry

      mine aswell

  • Kate

    It’s awesome to have great friends, and it is even better that she realizes how lucky she is. It upsets me that people think for two people to be that close the relationship must be sexual. I think it’s sad so many people haven’t had that type of an enduring friendship.

    • 1hyplady

      If one has been following Oprah over the years, you will remember her life as a child. She was born into poverty to a teenage sgl. mother she was raped @ 9 & pregnant @ 14. Having a wonderful trusting relationship with people that she can trust such as Gayle and Stedman is what gives the woman great joy. How many of you reading this can say the same about your life? I am blessed to have 8 sisters; most I am honored to call my best friends. Oprah is simply a woman with a great heart who is honest.

      • Pam

        God Bless you for your post. The truth as far as I care.

    • singer


      • Tom

        Agreed. Oprah is a scam.

    • reason

      It is really sad, my mom has had a best friend for my whole life, this woman was like a second mother to me, if people were to question that and try to make it something else, it would infuriate me! I think people who don’t like Oprah just refuse to admit that she actually in fact could be a good person who could keep a friendship this long.

      • CanuckJen

        I agree…I have been best friends with the same person for 31 years…we are 45 now. When we were kids and had sleep overs we (gasp!) slept in the same bed and believe it or not you skeptical people, there was absolutely nothing sexual about it.

        We love each other like sisters and have been through more with each other than anyone can imagine…marriages, divorce, children, death, etc. It is possible for two women (or men for that matter) to in an extremely close, loving relationship and have absolutely no sexual relationship.

    • phillip hammer

      I totally agree. Having a great friend is more than family, more than sexual partner. A friend that you can say anything and they will always be on your side with kindness and caring. A friend is so important in our lives.
      A friend is someone that makes our
      lives important and to be shared.

    • saywhat

      It is called loyalty and far too many today are not familiar with it, just look at divorce rates and how people talk about relationships … it is all about hooking up and being trashy. Far too many are missing the rest, what makes a real relationship last the test of time, good times and bad ones. I’m glad she has such a relationship, many of the ones she should have had abused her and put her down, were out right wrong. We should all be so lucky but too many today find out when it is too late.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else think it’s weird she says, “I’m not lesbian,” as opposed to “I’m not a lesbian.”?

    • Djse

      Nope. Lesbian can be used both as a noun and an adjective.

      • no

        yeah, you can be “a homosexual” or “homosexual.” same thing.

      • Jeff


      • readabook

        who is wrong, jeff? look it up. it’s an adjective and a noun. do you know what an adjective does and a noun is? lesbian is the same way. try looking them up before calling people wrong.

  • AH

    The insulting undertone here is that so many people/the media assume there’s no way a vital, independent wealthy woman of a certain age could possibly be fulfilled and happy – and UNMARRIED and CHILDLESS. The insinuation that she has taken on a long-term male companion for appearances’ sake, and that she must be sexually frustrated and living a lie. I guess that’s just what successful women who live life on their own terms must deal with.

    • I’m not even an Oprah fan, but

      I hate that too. I believe there were a few people who thought that I was gay in high school despite the fact that I have been totally boy-crazy since kindergarten, and I assume it was just because I was built fairly solid (not overweight, just solid) and because I had one boyfriend that lasted like a month during my entire K-12 tenure. I truly loathe the idea that people are making assumptions about anyone based on stuff like that. I have no problem with gay people or anything, so I’m not exactly *insulted* that anyone would think I’m gay…but it’s just frustrating to know who you are and try to tell everyone who you are, and they still refuse to listen to you and they decide on their own who you are. The way people “accuse” Oprah of being gay is kind of bullying. She’s a grown woman and super rich so it’s hard to feel bad for her, but I do feel bad that people keep assuming she’s lying. And seriously, a woman who leads a strong independent life without a husband or kids is not necessarily missing anything. It depends on the woman, of course – but just because I love being married and can’t imagine living life alone does NOT mean that an independent lifestyle couldn’t suit another woman.

    • Tom

      No. It’s just that she’s Soooooper Gay.

  • jaze

    Oprah is so eloquent off the cuff.

    • Tom

      And on the muff, says Gayle.

  • Hannah

    It honestly never crossed my mind that Oprah is a lesbian. After seeing Gayle King, who walks like Oprah, talks like Oprah and looks like Oprah, I can only come to one conclusion: Oprah is in love with Oprah.

    • Excelda

      “Looks like Oprah”? You mean because they’re both black? Because I don’t see how they look too much alike otherwise.

      • xgirl

        wow. you are so dumb. that is NOT WHAT SHE SAID. perhaps she was referring to the fact they dress similar or have the same haircut. newsflash: not everyone is a rascist.

      • xgirl

        sorry, i just get tired of seeing people scream “RAAAAAAAASCIST!” on these boards at the drop of a hat. :(

      • Hannah

        By “looks like Oprah,” the farthest thing from my mind was that they’re both black women. I was referring to the fact that they both have similar personal style (and often wear the same designers), carry themselves similarly in public appearances and interviews, sound so much alike they could be mistaken for one another, and have shared basically the same hairstyle for a couple decades. But by all means, Excelda, don’t let a completely inoffensive, well-reasoned opinion get in the way of a good kneejerk, finger-waggy, sanctimonious knicker twist. As you were.

      • Hannah

        Not to mention, Excelda, judging by your nasty first post, you are quite possibly the last person who should be making insinuations and assumptions about others.

      • J

        xgirl…. really. really? Do you think you might have taken that a but personal? Scream “racist?”…. really? Excelda could have been JUST saying that the only similarity she seen was that they were black and didn’t see much else…. You really just showed your true nature by assuming the nature of someone else.

        I guess everybody a little bit racist… lol.

  • Kaelyn

    This is why its annoying and offensive that people say Oprah and Gayle are secret lovers: It completely disparages all close female friendships. That obviously women can’t be that close to each other without something sexual going on.

    • Eric

      I don’t think people have assumed that she’s a lesbian just because she has a close female friend. I think it has more to do with Steadman seeming like a beard.

  • Alyssa

    Gay, straight…who cares? She’s an amazing, influential woman. That’s all anyone needs to know. The rest is just the gossip of bored people.

    • marilyn

      I love Oprah sooo much does that mean Im gay?…and by the way who ever really cares whether she is gay or not, needs a life…

      • john

        Even if you were gay, I’d be OK with it.

      • bobby boushay

        I’d be ok with you being gay too John! :D

  • sockigal

    Amazing woman, and such an inspiration for us all! After Oprah’s heart felt comments about her best friend Gayle, now we have something else to be envious of Oprah for! Smart, incredibly giving, kind, extremely successful, ect…. Amazing woman, and we are lucky to have had her on TV in our living rooms for so many years. Thanks Oprah!

    • Beth

      PUKE! Another brainwashed sheep. baaaaa

      • 1hyplady

        Beth, if you feel so about Ms. Winfrey then why even bother to read articles about her?

      • bobby boushay

        Cause she has secret fantasies with lesbian sheep

  • Justin

    She’s not an amazing woman, she’s a cult of personality. She has millions of people brainwashed to act/buy/think the way she tells them to. If you don’t believe me, you don’t know enough about Oprah’s fanbase.

    Gay or not, it’s mighty incredible to have that many people hanging off your every word, and eating up anything you have to offer.

    • AD

      Justin-you sound like a bitter dolt. You know Oprah’s fan base? Each and every one of the millions of her fans you know personally? Wow, you’re very special.

    • Brendala

      Justin, I agree with you as far as, what I would call Oprah finatics, in which there are many. They hang on every word she says. If she says don’t eat beef, then they won’t. She could actually make a company go under just by uttering anything negative about a particular company. Justin don’t worry I don’t think your a bitter dolt…lol…

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