PETA fires at Sarah Palin after she hunts caribou

sarah-palin-caribouImage Credit: Gilles Mingasson/DiscoverySarah Palin anticipated animal activists would not respond well to her going caribou hunting on last Sunday’s episode of her TLC reality show Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and she was right: PETA Vice President Dan Mathews has issued a statement saying, “Sarah seems to think that resorting to violence and blood and guts may lure people into watching her boring show, but the ratings remain as dead as the poor animals she shoots.” (As Fancast points out, that’s not exactly true: The ratings for the series have been on the rise — and should hit a high when Kate Gosselin goes camping with Palin this week.)

Sunday morning, before the episode aired, Palin posted a preemptive message on Facebook: “Tonight’s hunting episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska ‘controversial’? Really? Unless you’ve never worn leather shoes, sat upon a leather couch
or eaten a piece of meat, save your condemnation of tonight’s episode. I remain proudly intolerant of anti-hunting hypocrisy. :)” As someone who does all three, I guess I have to agree with her, even if the scene of her hunting, skinning, and quartering the caribou with her father (and quoting Ted Nugent) is excruciating to watch. (See it below, but you’ve been warned.) As shown in the cheerier promo for the episode, Palin hunts to put meat in her family’s freezer. Like she says, if you eat meat, you can’t fault her — even if you don’t want to watch her. 

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  • Mr. Holloway

    Sarah Palin vs. PETA.

    Whoever wins…we lose.

    • mario

      well said.

    • Katja

      Oh God, you’re so right.

    • Karate Pants

      So true.

    • Kebert Xela

      I’d pay to watch PETA hunt Sarah Palin.

      Why do we keep giving this lowest form of life so much free press, anyway?

      • nodnarb

        I’d pay to watch Sarah Palin go hunting with Dick Cheney.

      • Jolie

        Because the lowest forms of life love her!!!

      • Artie

        You mean PETA, right? I wonder that same thing myself.

      • Artie

        You people are as sick as PETA. You hate Sarah, you hate hunting, do you eat meat? How do you think meat becomes meat? But I’d just bet you’re all ok with abortion. What a bunch of hypocrites.

      • jpatm

        who to i write the check to?

      • Jenna

        I’d put my life savings up to watch Peta hunt Sarah.

        Artie, I’m a vegan and anti-abortion. Actually many of the “crazy animal rights people” are anti-abortion. Don’t believe me? Go check out the Animal Liberation Front’s Website–there is a article that links animal rights with the anti-abortion stance. You are simply ignorant. But no real suprise there; most of Palin’s fans have an average of a 5th grade education.

      • Terry

        Artie, I’d have been okay if your mom wanted an abortion.

      • Tom

        What the hell is a Kebert?

      • Marion

        I think anyone who called Sarah Palin the “lowest form of life’ on the planet should be picked up by PETA and shot too. 5th grade..most are way past college degree’s..You lefties are really wasted.

    • Jerry

      PETA, please don’t put me in a position to defend Sarah Pailin.

      • Michael

        SERIOUSLY! As a majorly NON-Sarah Palin fan, I must say, PETA is being totally ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with hunting, or anything about that scene of the shooting/skinning, etc.

      • Emilio

        Who do you hate more? Palin has my lowest position saved for her, yet, for PETA I save this: Vegetables a living beings and suffer as well as animals… STOP EATING THEM TOO.

    • stan

      Retard fight!

      • Paul

        Hey! Be nice! Caribou are NOT retards!

      • stan

        my mistake ;-)

    • LOL

      Filth television for Teabaggers.

    • johnnymr51

      Snuff TV for Teabaggers. Humans do not have to eat meat. They choose too.
      Humans do not have to kill other humans either – they choose too. It’s still snuff TV..for humans that eat meat and kill each other.

      • Artie

        That’s right. I belong to the Tea Party and I eat meat. I chose to eat meat. Why does that bother you so much? You people can talk the talk but you dont walk the walk. Put your money were your mouth is an go vegan.

      • Lisa

        I am vegan. It bothers me when people don’t realize how harmful factory farming (the source of ALL the animal products found in grocery stores) is to the environment. It also bothers me that most Americans die of preventable causes DIRECTLY related to diet. The issue is so much bigger than “those poor animals”.

      • sockigal

        She didn’t kill the animal for food or to keep warm with it’s skin’s, she killed the animal only for fun. I don’t believe in that, and wish that all humans didn’t kill for sport! No, I am not a member of Peta or any animal rights group. I just don’t believe humans should kill animals for fun!

    • murley

      best comment ever.

      • murley

        by that i mean mrs. holloway’s.

    • shane

      no,sara wins!!!peta will always lose.

  • Amanda Kiwinerd

    Humans eat meat. Get a life, losers.

    • AJ

      Must suck to be you.

      • Artie

        No, but it does suck to be you pathetic losers on here.

    • Nancy

      I know of many hunters, who hunt for food, Yet not one of them would ever skin and prepare their hunt in front of a TV camera for little ones to view and be frightened by.MS. Palin, I am very sorry is only about MS. Palin, and sadly she never seems to care about the effect of her actions and words when it relates to CHILDREN! And a former friend of Special Olympics, I can only pray that she spends as much time or with her Mentally Retarded/Down Syndorme child as she does in front of a camera.

    • Ali

      No, some of us choose not to take advantage of other living things when there’s no need to.

      • Anna

        That’s silly. Plants are also living things, so unless you eat only fruits that drop on the ground, you are “taking advantage of other living things”.

      • Dani

        Despite the fact there’s essential amino acids we only get from meat, I guess we just weren’t meant to eat it.

        Go suck on a carrot.

  • JAM

    Not a fan of Sarah, but I support hunting for food. She even thanks the Caribou and gives it a prayer. I’d love to see how long a vegan PETA member would survive without hunting if we didn’t have all the modern conveniences.

    • nodnarb

      I don’t mind hunting for food either. But she wasn’t hunting for food. She was hunting for entertainment purposes to film her reality show.

      • JAM

        read the article before you comment next time so you dont sound so stupid.

      • nodnarb

        Those cameras didn’t just miraculously show up during one of her hunting excursions. Next time, I recommend using your brain before you comment so you don’t sound so naive.

      • JAM

        the naive one is the one that assumes this is the only time she hunts is for a good TV shot. moron

      • nodnarb

        I didn’t assume that. Or say that. I was merely talking about this particular incident. Learn to read, you feeble-minded turd.

      • JAM

        alas, the feeble minded are the ones that lash out with assumptions that none of us really know without either being there or actually working on the show. I’m betting this nodnard person is just looking for a place to lash out at someone to make up for their insecurities. It’s ok, you can use me for that. i understand you need help so it’s cool.

      • nodnarb

        Now you’re an armchair psychiatrist? Keep trying, big guy. One day if you study real hard and learn to capitalize the start of a sentence, people won’t know that you breast-fed until you were 16.

      • coolbreeze

        I thought she made several million dollars last year alone. She can afford to go to the market, therefore I must conclude she enjoys killing and justifies it with false blanket statements about necessity as usual.

      • Nancy

        ABSOLUTELY!!!!! She does things to promote SARAH, not for the good of this country or even her own family!

      • Mac1000

        So let’s recap.
        It’s okay to eat meat, as long as you don’t have to see where it came from? Grocery store meat=good, hunting=bad.
        All she’s doing is being honest about where FOOD comes from.
        And it’s fine to be against eating meat for yourself but until you tell an African villager he’s a bad person for eating goat, when it may be the only food he gets all day, then you’re a hypocrit, too.
        Vegetarianism is for rich people. It’s a CHOICE and not a bad one, but leave others to make their own choices.

      • Sheri

        Hey, Brandon … why don’t you go crawl back under that rock? Moron.

      • nodnarb

        Hey, Sheri, why don’t you blow me? Your father keeps bragging about how good you are at it.

      • Artie

        So? Somebody ate caribou meat. It doesnt matter who.

    • Dave

      As much as I dislike Palin, this is a BS issue. She hunts, whooptie-freakin-doo. She eats the meat, so unless you’re a total vegan who avoids ANY AND ALL products made from dead animals SHUT THE HELL UP! Letting someone else do your animal-killing for you while you get high and mighty about hunting is absolutely hypocritical. And NO, I’m not a hunter, just sick of hypocracy.

      • sockigal

        She was killing the Caribou for sport only, not for the meat.

      • @ Dave

        People like you are so ignorant. You see the world in black-and-white while the rest of us see in color. How old are you? You are acting like some who is not capable of complex thought. There are many methods of killing and I can see you are not capable of understanding the ethical implications of the different mode of killings. What a simple-minded comment!

  • mel

    It’s only been in the last 75 or so years that people are now shocked by others who still hunt for their own dinner. Honestly, going out into the wild and hunting your own game is far more humane than getting your chicken from the grocery store where those poor animals live in such cramped quarters their whole lives. At least that Caribo lived a good life. Remember we ARE the top of the food chain.

    • chris

      Are her children living a good life?

    • waya

      If everyone had to hunt for their own food, there wouldn’t be any deer, caribou, buffalo, or anything else left. There are simply too many humans who have damaged nature to the point where humans would starve, which is why we raise animals for food.

      • RobNJ

        Look I’m no Palin fan, but at least she uses the carcass to feed her family and not leave it to rot. That Caribou will feed her family for a few weeks.

      • India Andrews

        My dad used to hunt deer. We would feed off of one deer carcas for a year. I don’t like hunting, but the meat had more flavor than dead cow, which we would have to eat during the years when dad didn’t find a large enough deer.

      • California

        I agree. Not a Palin fan but I have heard in multiple interviews with her and or her daughter that they use every bit of that animal. They hunt and fish and that’s what they live on. I have plenty of relatives in the midwest that live a good deal of the winter off of what they hunt is the deer season (which is something like 3 to 9 days, I can’t remember but it is a shockingly low number)

    • Amanda

      Amen Mel!

      • mel

        I personally don’t hunt or fish, but I have relatives who do, and if something really bad happens to this country and we don’t have the grocery stores to go to anymore, I want to be in the pack with the hunters. It’s not a good thing to forget where we all have come from.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m a big Sarah Palin fan, but her love to hunt is highly disturbing. I do not like hunting. Not in the least. Yes, I am a vegan. Have been my entire life.

    • Kaley

      I don’t think it’s disturbing. I’m a carnivore who hunts for food. We live in a very rural area and grocery trips are not a weekly or even monthly(in the winter) event in my life. My family hunts for our food because if we didn’t hunt we’d starve. Get over it.

      • chris

        What’s Track doing do earn his board and keep? I have a member of my family that has Down Syndrome and her parents devoted their live to her care. Palin uses her children as accessories.

      • chris

        When palin was mayor of Wasilla she encouraged the growth of the big box stores and impaired Lake Lucille. If you check what palin states against a goggle search based on facts you could learn something.

      • Helena

        Hey Chris, you said Palin encouraged the growth of big box stores and impaired Lake Lucille. I’m from Wasilla and there are no big box stores on Lake Lucille. Where are you from and why are you falsifying yourself as being from Alaska? Maybe you’re the one who should learn the facts. Wasilla as a city is developing nicely. They just got a Red Robin restaurant. You can’t stop growth. Big box stores come with growth. Wal-Mart was coming with or without Palin and Wasilla was in one of the fastest growth areas in the country when Palin was Mayor. There’s some facts for you.

    • JAM

      so no cheese, no eggs, no animal products whatsoever including shoes, gelatins, no pudding, no goose down pillows or jackets, cloth belt, pocketbook, coats. My cousing is a vegan but I found it interesting she made her fiance a leather hat, irony.

      • nodnarb

        LOL at “cousing.” You’re as retarded as Tripp.

      • JAM

        nodnard, I guess trolls like you never mistype a damn thing. go eat some sprouts and tofu

      • nodnarb

        Ahh, the last resort when you’ve been intellectually outmatched is to call someone a “troll.” And for the record, I rarely mistype anything because I’m smart enough to proofread before I hit the Post button. It’s what people with a college-level education do.

      • jp

        @nodnard, you lost me at your attack on the baby. You may be college-educated, but you just showed what an ignorant a-hole you are. And for the record, I am a vegetarian liberal who hates both PETA and Palin.

      • nodnarb

        I’m heartbroken. Truly.

    • Kevin

      A vegan Palin fan? What’s next, hipster Young Republicans? Weird, weird world we live in.

      • Tridekili

        Nodnarb? Seriously? Unless you’re researching for something with your “College-level Education” then don’t you think with your “intelligence” that you would be doing something more creative than trolling on comments?

      • nodnarb

        If you’re too stupid to use the proper reply button, do you really expect a response?

      • jose

        What insentive and cruel coment . Why are you attacking an angel like the inocent tripp. You are a monster disgusting human being.

      • nodnarb

        ::rolls eyes::

    • India Andrews

      At least you’re a vegan saying that, so I can respect your opinion. And, I do partly agree with it. I eat cow and chicken with a thought in the back of my head about how they lived and died in some horrible, impersonal, industrial way. It doesn’t seem fair, and it seems cruel compared to wandering free in the forest until a hunter finds you for his dinner.

  • Michael Sacal

    “Palin hunts to put meat in her family’s freezer”

    su·per·mar·ket noun, often attributive \-ˌmär-kət\
    Definition of SUPERMARKET
    1: a self-service retail market selling especially foods and household merchandise
    2: something resembling a supermarket especially in the variety or volume of its goods or services

    • JAM

      Hmmm, free roaming Caribou or beef from a cattle farm. Now which is more humane?
      Idiot: noun. definition: Michael Sacal

      • Michael Sacal

        Don’t be an ass.

        You know that the point is that people don’t have to hunt animals to put food on their table.

      • nodnarb

        Beef slaughtered at a cattle farm is more humane than stalking a terrified animal and shooting it with a bullet only to watch it suffer and die on the cold ground. Far, far more humane. Next stupid question, JAM?

      • JFWilder

        Hey nodarb…the animal I stalk out there isn’t “terrified” whatsoever. Also…a well-placed shot will not have the animal suffer a horrid and grusome death as you so biasedly put it. Beef may be slaughtered more humanely, but it certainly isn’t treated well along the way. That deer I shot last Saturday had a freewheeling life and died within 10 seconds or less of being shot, and the meat will be far better than the hormone-filled garbage the beef industry wants to feed you. As for the ground being cold, the deer didn’t even feel that part since that warm fur protected him well enough until it was lights-out.

      • nodnarb

        Unless you are Dr. Dolittle, I don’t think you have any way whatsoever of knowing if an animal is terrified. But as I said previously, I don’t have a problem with hunting for food, and my comments here have been reflective of Sarah Palin’s televised hunting trip for entertainment and political purposes.

      • JFWilder

        Um…nodarb…when it is walking slowly or standing still, and has no idea that I am even there, I can pretty well tell it’s not terrified. That or when it’s munching on twigs, leaves or whatever or grunting for a doe, it’s either hungry or horney…certainly not terrified. The bullet most certainly hits it before the sound even gets there, so it’s not like it got a warning.

        I don’t need to open the can of green beans either to know what they taste like.

      • nodnarb

        I am fascinated that you can read animals’ minds. That skill must be very exciting for you.

      • JC

        So nodnarb, first you said,

        “Beef slaughtered at a cattle farm is more humane than stalking a terrified animal…”,

        and then you said,

        “Unless you are Dr. Dolittle, I don’t think you have any way whatsoever of knowing if an animal is terrified.”

        I’m assuming you’re Dr. Dolittle and you similarly have the fascinating and exciting skill of reading animals’ minds? Otherwise you wouldn’t have presumed the animal was terrified in the first place. Interesting.

      • nodnarb


      • JFWilder

        Not to mention, stalking victims rarely know that they are being stalked. Isn’t that the idea?

      • nodnarb

        I’m sure you’re a very stealthy hunter, JFWilder, but that’s just anthropomorphizing. Animals are far more aware of their surroundings than humans. In any case, I’m sure we can all agree that the animals Sarah Palin hunts from helicopter know she’s chasing them.

      • Grumpster

        Telepathic animals now…and they know what helecopters are too. Pretty soon we’ll be giving them a license to drive they’re so aware. They are terrified also when that mountain lion or wolf pack is after them too…but do you complain about that? We re-established those – so they’re not natural. Was that cruel?

      • nodnarb

        This conversation has gotten beyond retarded… something about Sarah Palin inspires it. Even when people repeatedly agree that they’re fine with hunting, another douchecanoe comes along to berate you for suggesting some compassionate grounds to it… like ya know, not hunting from choppers. It just makes you as radical and wacky as the vegan fascists of PETA. Two sides of the coin. I hope you both slaughter each other.

      • F I S T

        Yep…when out of ideas, it’s on to violence. Good one nodnarb.

      • nodnarb

        Well, that explains Sarah Palin’s obsession with hunting.

    • Liza

      Not everyone has the option to go to a supermarket. There are some parts of this country where hunting is the best option for food. Not everyone is living in urban and suburban America.

  • Aprilcot26

    My dislike for Palin is stronger than my dislike for hunting. Having said that, if she hunts and uses the meat to feed her props (er, family) then I don’t see a problem with it. Just because I don’t care to hunt doesn’t mean others shouldn’t be able to do so.

    • Katja

      100% agree. I have family who love to hunt, and they eat what they hunt. I have no problem with that, particularly since it’s deer and they’re overpopulated in the area as it is. Personally, I don’t think I could hunt anything and certainly couldn’t eat something I had just bloodily butcher…but that’s because I’m a wimp, not because I’m against eating delicious animal protein. Don’t like Palin, and I wouldn’t like hunting myself, but I can’t fault her for going hunting.

    • Mocha

      I totally agree. I really don’t like Palin, and I don’t much like hunting either, but if she’s actually using the animals she kills, I don’t think PETA should be attacking her. It’s hunting for entertainment (and gunning down animals from helicopters for no purpose other than to kill them) that I strongly object to.

  • Lisa Simpson

    Hunting for food doesn’t offend me. It’s the posing for the picture with the dead creature that’s creepy. That makes it a trophy kill, not food.

    • Desmond’s constant

      Thank you Lisa. I was about to say the same thing. However, we shouldn’t be surprised at the posing. This brain-dead fame wh0re has a hard on for the cameras.

    • joesmom

      Exactly! Most hunters just want to kill something and don’t even bother to dress the kill and take the meat with them. Most hunters cut off the head as they only want the antlers to prove their manliness. Size matters, ya know. I understand hunting to survive, but most hunters don’t care and if they wound the animal they don’t bother to chase it and finish the job, they just look for another animal, leaving the injured animal to die slowly over days or even weeks – its for fun, and that’s what is so nauseating.

      • Katja

        Where are you getting “most hunters” from? Every hunter I know (and I live in West Virginia) takes it very seriously – it’s unmanly to them to just take the head and leave the meat because that’s not what real hunting is about.

      • Korben

        Where are you living!? I in 20 years of hunting have never seen hunters like you describe! Yes, we do like the big horns, that is a bonus though, horns make a very thin soup. I hunt for venison. I prefer it to store bought beef, it’s leaner, and if the deer is harvested correctly and with care, will have a better flavor. (in my opinion) And yes, I do enjoy the hunt, does that make me a monster? I think it gives me a better understanding of our primal past, and an appreciation for how far we as humans have come. I also thank the animal, but for me that’s more of a spiritual thing.

      • Elizabeth

        Joesmom, you know nothing about hunting. Most, if not all, hunters keep what they kill. I married into a family that hunts and my husband always brings back what he’s killed, even if it’s rabbit, squirrel, or deer. I will say, I don’t care for the squirrel, but deer is very lean and good for you. It doesn’t taste too bad either, especially as jerky.

      • GiGi

        That is a pretty ignorant comment. I’m going to have to assume you probably don’t even know anyone who actually hunts. *Most* hunters (I feel pretty confident I can say that, as I’m from AL) DO care, DO eat the meat and are smart enough to finish the job and kill the animal immediately if they didn’t get a clean shot. Not to mention not all hunting is all about mounting heads – bird hunting is almost always for the meat. There are laws in place to prevent overhunting. And when they DO finish the job, there are dogs for retrieving the dead animals, idiot.

      • Wym

        @joesmom – You must get all your information on “most hunters” from PETA. I’ve never seen what you describe “most hunters” do.

      • olga

        Are you on glue Joesmom? What a totally ignorant comment and it’s people like you that ruin life in general.
        I can personally tell you that 99% of the hunters I know are more conservationists and enviromentalists than any of the so called PETA people. They care about the health and well being of animals and how their enviroment is impact on the animal. They want an ethical kill and do not want the animal to suffer in any way shape or form. Oh and when I shot my buck this year I took my picture with it too because I will have the memory of this beautiful animal and how good it tasted

    • Nelson Muntz

      Um….I posed with my deer too…but then it was eaten..the trophy antlers were incidental. If you were ever hunting, you’d realize it’s not as easy as you think…and trophy sized animals are not as common as on TV.

      You must never have won anything that earned you a trophy. HA HA!!!

      • Lisa Simpson

        I’ve won trophies before. I’ve just never posed with food (expect for birthday cake, and my parents made me do that).

      • Nelson Muntz

        Yes..but you posed none-the-less at a memorable moment and snapped a photo to show your friends. Same as if you snapped that photo when you were abducted by that brainwashing cult to show for sure to people that they really existed.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Yes, Nelson, but if – as others on here have argued – hunting is the equivalent of going to the supermarket (not the equivalent of being adbucted by a cult), then I would argue that I have never posed for a picture bringing in the groceries, and then mounted parts of them on my walls. Unless of course you are abuducted by a cult of caribou, who then brainwash you into thinking that you’re a mallard.

      • Nelson Muntz

        This is just getting weird.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Ha Ha!

      • Nelson Muntz

        Aaaagh…ya got me!

      • Cheri

        Is it sad that I just enjoyed this exchange more than anything I’ve read on this site (including articles) in weeks?

    • Karate Pants

      Excellent point, Lisa. Though I don’t eat meat and certainly don’t hunt, to each their own – but posing for a picture with the animal you killed, with a big cheesy grin on your face…it just seems tasteless and disrespectful.

      • Nelson Muntz

        So is posing with your huge football trophy to gloat over the defeated other team. Totally disrespects them…then you post your picture and trophy in the case for all to see.

      • Karate Pants

        In no way is displaying a plastic football trophy with a team photo the same thing as nailing your murdered animal’s wasted carcass to your wall after you’ve posed with it in the world’s most morbid Glamour Shot. Nice try.

    • Nancy

      Agreed! I know of hunters who may post their catch to friends, but not for the world to view, especially with such a celebrity wanna be smile. Time for Palin to go home and help her children and family grow up!

      • Moo

        So now she’s not allowed to smile? You people are insane.

    • Cindy

      Oh man…stay away from my town during the week following deer season, then!! But people around here love to eat deer…deer steak, deer jerky, deer burgers, deer sausage….so they are proud of the kill, but even prouder of all the yummy meat.

  • Elizabeth

    PETA reminds me of the trolls on these blogs who post stupid comments that are just to rile everyone up – except the trolls actually accomplish what they set out to do!

  • JAM

    Man, where Ted Nugent when you need him to chime in? Hmm, probably out hunting for food.

  • E

    If one has to travel that far using multiple plane segments to hunt 1 caribou, it seems like a mighty expensive way to stock the freezer.

    • that’s 4 sure

      somebody hit it right on fake Palin’s head

  • sally

    Palin can hunt for all the food she wants to, and I can not watch. Her choice. My choice. Until she embeds herself in the White House, this is still a free nation. Why does she look for ways to make people hate her more?

  • Jay

    Not a Palin fan… in fact, I’m totally indifferent to her in every way.

    But I should go on record as saying that PETA is a bunch of fools if they have a problem with someone hunting wildlife for meat.

    Humans have lived on this Earth for millions of years doing just that, and they should accept that hunting for foor is NOT unethical in any way.

    I have to agree with Sarah here and say that its hypocritical to condemn hunters if you eat meat and/or use leather.

    • Katja

      Agreed. PETA needs to pick its battles. I simply can’t take them seriously when they pitch a fit about every. little. thing. I wish they would focus on humane treatment of animals instead of trying to turn everyone into vegans in the most annoying, self-righteous ways possible.

  • Holly

    Enough with Sarah Palin!!!!!
    I don’t understand why anyone could be against an org like PETA. PETA stands for People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals. How many of us have pets?

    • Jay

      She is not “against” PETA, you obviously missed the point.

    • Nelson Muntz

      Ignoramous…read the article. And if you can’t understand why people don’t like PETA, you are obviously not a very analytical person and probably thought Himler was a great guy.

    • Kat

      If PETA were strictly about taking good care of your pets and treating farm animals humanely, I’d donate money in a heartbeat. But they get their panties in a wad over the most natural things (like hunting and eating any kind of meat – do you remember the “sea kittens” campaign to get people to stop eating fish?) and just irritate people, which does more harm than good in the end. I appreciate that they are well-intentioned, but they make themselves almost completely useless as defenders of animals.

    • Tony

      Who gets to decide what’s “Ethical”?

    • Caitlin19

      I have a pet- a resuced pit bull from a fighting ring. PETA advocated killing pits rescued from rings. So….not so ethical, to me.

      • Karate Pants

        Oh, don’t go and bring pit bulls into this…

      • Caitlin19

        Not trying to polarize the situation even more, Karate Pants. I’m just saying PETA has their own very set agenda, and it’s not for ethical treatment of all living things. They can yell and scream about Obama killing flies and trot out as many half naked celebs as they want, but come on. Get down and dirty. If you want to contribute time or money to an animal rights org, do your research, and pick something local. These national groups don’t have animals best interests at heart. That’s all.

    • Dani

      If PETA had their way you wouldn’t have a pet. It’s unethical.

  • jeff

    People have hunted and gatherd food for thousands of years, whats the big deal now. I wonder how long it would take a PETA member to buckle and eat if they were stuck out in the wild and had to kill and eat to survive? Haveing an opinion is one thing, trying to make everyone else do what you want is dangerous.

    • Kebert Xela

      I have no issue with hunting, but let’s not act like it’s some magical return to our roots.

      She’s using a high powereed rifle with a scope. Go and hunt with a bow and arrows that you made yourself, or a homemade spear, then I might be impressed.

      This is the same thing as Bush II clearing brush at Crawford. It’s a way to fool the dimwits into think they are just like everyone else.

      Does everyone else have reality show, able to afford to have a litter of children, etc…

      Don’t fall for it America. You used to be better than that.

      • rodcrusoe

        I agree, this is a calculated ploy on her part. She knows who she wants to appeal to, she knows who she is going to piss off and she knows this will fuel the argument and gain her brownie points with her crowd. Look for her to make snarky remarks about Obama, liberals and immigrants sometime in the future.

    • mjinmd

      jeff, yes, many years ago, my father hunted–in order to feed his family. I doubt that many hunters today are in that category. They hunt because they want to–not because they have to.

      • DresdenGrl

        mjinmd- Just want to let you know, if my Husband doesn’t get a deer this year, meat around my house is going to be pretty scarce. Some of us are struggling, and hunting is a great supplement. We got a big doe last year and let me tell you, that meat got us through the winter.

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