Taylor Swift is EW's Entertainer of the Year: This week's cover

1132-EW-COVERTaylor Swift kicked off 2010 with a No. 2 single debut (“Today Was a Fairytale”), a hit movie (Valentine’s Day), and four Grammy wins, including Album of the Year. She then spent months headlining arena concerts and big-ticket awards shows. But there was one achievement — the Oct. 25 release of her third record, Speak Now — that topped everything. Buoyed by strong reviews and the radio-friendly hit “Mine,” Speak amassed a jaw-dropping 1,047,000 units in first-week sales, the highest tally for any release in five years. For all that, the confidently sweet 20-year-old who was only 2 months old when Entertainment Weekly launched in 1990 is now our youngest-ever Entertainer of the Year.

In our interview, Swift talks about all the speculation surrounding the subjects of the songs on Speak Now, understood to include ex-boyfriends Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas, and John Mayer. “Sometimes I would laugh because I would see it in print and it would say, ‘This song, which is written about her ex, so-and-so…’ And they would write about it as if it was fact. The fact is, I haven’t ever confirmed that any song is about any particular person. There’s something kind of freeing about that. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all still up in the air.” She also explains how she decided to perform her song “Innocent,” which sure seems to be about Kanye West, at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. “I had decided that I didn’t want to perform on the show. Or even go. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and I realized that I had to, and that I wanted to perform that song.”

For more with Taylor Swift and our 14 other entertainers of the year — including James Franco, Jon Hamm, and Katy Perry — pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, December 3.

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  • Are you serious?

    Wow Entertainment Weekly that has to be the best joke I’ve heard all year!

    • cyan

      so true

      • vodkahead

        Indeed, they are so full of s#!t.

      • UGH

        I just goes to show you how mediocre all of the talent was this year.
        Pretty darn bad.

      • gentle-monster

        Hmm, I don’t know why EWWWWW named her “Entertainer of The Year” but I’ve never actually listened to even one of her songs in its entirety. It’s not my cup of tea. Why would I want to listen to the lamentations of a young girl? Seriously???

        Another thing is I look at her and she looks way too skinny. To the point where I believe it might be unhealthy. She could probably use a decent meal or two.

        And finally, why is EWWWWWW so bland these days? It’s like all the men who write here have been castrated, lobotomized and brainwashed to be as kid-friendly and as overly emotional and sensitive as possible. WTF?!? Where’s your cojones gone to? Man up you sissies!

        The women, on the other hand, make for a much more enjoyable read. I usually find them to be insightful, honest, humorous and always humble.

      • nodnarb

        EW is so bland because their current managing editor was hired away from PEOPLE magazine.

      • Eric

        I’m surprised it wasn’t the cast of Glee and they decided to rename the magazine gleEW.

      • jared4ever

        This makes me want to puke.

      • hmmmm

        Wow, looking at the list of retards that have hit that, it’s a major turn-off. Yeh she’s still worthy of a good romp but damn, she’s slept with some horrible c*nts.

      • Jeff


      • @gentle-monster

        Why do you care about Taylor’s weight? Not a good argument about her choice as Entertainer of the Year.
        You might not have been entertained by her but millions are.

      • Jamie

        Barf-o-rama! Yes, it’s true that her CD’s sell, but come on – allit takes is to listen to her “sing” live for about 2 seconds and it becomes obvious that she really needs to stick to writing. She is all smoke and mirrors when it comes to singing and that’s a fact.

      • Shuler


      • Funky

        Judging by the reaction of the good people here, this just backfired big time into EW’s face or maybe it was the plan all along, so they could spike sales.

      • EDWARD 4 EVUHHH!!!!!

        Stop hatin you stupid people! Taylor Swift is one of the best music people ever!!! Shes so deep and romantic! She gets what its like to be a person in love! I bet all of you people just have not been in love! Thats the only way you could not LOVE Taylor! You old b*tches can have your John Lenin and Bob Dylan and Elvis, they ain’t got nothin on Taylorr! She is so much more talented and inteligent!!!!!! You all be stupid…Twilight fans 4evuhh!!!!!

      • Brianna

        A huge bravo for putting Ben Affleck on your list! He definitely deserved that, he has been awesome these days!!! He directed, wrote two movie scripts, and acts—very talented man!

      • Kenley

        So many negative people on EW’s posting boards. It’s like you all join in the “Let’s dump on Taylor Swift” bandwagon like it’s fashionable. I am just willing to bet that none of you complainig are even 1/1,000,000th as successful as Taylor. No successful individual goes on a blog about someone they don’t care for and complain ad infinitum about them. Successful people respect those that have already achieved their goals and making their American dream come true. Take a good look at yourselves before you pass judgment.


      • Seraphina CloudBurst

        Debbie Downers all over the place. Just because Entertainment Weekly didn’t chooose your favorite, you have to go malign Taylor unfairly. She got the title so go blow your hot air elsewhere. hehehehe :)

      • Taryn

        I guess it’s easier for some to pan someone’s accomplishments rather than to praise them. It’s a sad state of affair for the people of the US. If you can’t support your own, how can you help other nations. I’m generalizing this, so don’t attack me. I think this is all so silly. Taylor was named the best for the year by EW. It’s nice, but it’s not ground breaking. I think she appreciates her grammies, CMA, and AMA wins much more than this dubious distinction that most people never agree on every single year of the past. Get over it because it’s no big deal.

      • @jaswelk89

        yea if you’re a rich 40 year old lawyer, why do find time to pick on a 21 year old **much richer** singer. Is it because your sad because your own life isnt as fantastic as hers? Okay you cannot dubb her a bad or good singer unless you actually went to one of her concerts and heard her live. Seriously what is really to hate about her? Shes a girl with talent obviously, who worked hard to earn her title as one of the most successful artists. Also her music is one of kind that is honest, emotional, and deeply interpersonal. “Poptart” wow, you try singing and writing songs successfully. Don’t you feel the least bit sorry since shes already had verbal and social abuse from people in high school? Seriously i would think you would have more maturity than being bitter about something like this because you are older. But alas some people just never learn do they? Maybe thats a reason as to why your single? hrmm?

    • Michael

      Cancelling my subscrition as we speak. EW has fallen so far, to award this over-rated poptart who cannot even sing on key, with this title, over so many vastly more talented and deserving artists. I pity the man who actually marries her as she will sell him out for album sales by trashing him in ever song too. Poor Jake G: he is stupid to date her. He will be in next year’s album after he dumps her tonedeaf butt.

      • laura

        ME too! cancelling my subscrition!!!

      • vodkahead

        Well, if you could make a screen capture while you do that, it would be awesomely hilarious.

      • AuntSassy

        Well, we should just be REALLY glad they didn’t give it to Allison Irihita – I am sure Slezak was pushing for it during the meeting they had to decide this.

      • Caleb Jones

        ok… bye.
        BUT a million teen girls are ordering a subscription based on that cover.
        EW gets the win!

      • Amy

        I’m right behind you! She can’t carry a tune in a bucket. Yet, she only makes millions because the tweeners who folow her don’t know any better.

      • Katie

        you know millions of people actually like her…so just saying stupid stuff about her. You don’t know her. She is a much better role model than freaks like Lady Gaga or Britney Spears. No one said you had to read the magazine so just stop hating on her!

      • wuggie

        Sounds to me like the quality of EW’s readership will be improving immensely with the “loss” of all these negative people who criticize someone they don’t know anything about.
        ON THE OTHER HAND, the millions of Swift fans who totally outnumber these bullies and clowns where it matters — at the cash register — will surely replace any lost subscribers (a thousand-fold) with a positive, enthusiastic and creative following whose comments will be a joy to read.

      • @wuggie

        Yes indeed, you can all be very happy sheep in very own warm, special bubble.

      • @@wuggie

        Neither Taylor nor her fans are sheep. They aren’t the ones going along with the crowd and idolizing thugs and stupid dance lyrics that characterize women as cheap sex toys — that isn’t edgy, it just self-deprecatory.
        Swift IS the real rebel today, standing apart from everyone else, making her own rules and winning. Who walked away from the biggest record label at the age of 14 so she could control her own destiny? Who writes an entire album of her own songs, drawn from personal experiences, without even one co-writer?
        Who calls the shots on virtually every aspect of her her career?
        Who inspires young women to be independent and strong?
        Yep, Swift. Certainly not the strip queens.

      • Kenley


        Pathetic threats on “cancelling my subscription” because EW will have one of their best salesweek due to Taylor’s cover picture as Entertainer Of The Year.

      • Seraphina CloudBurst

        So much melodramatics! Looky looky I’m gonna cancel I’m cancelling right now! You all sound like Veruca Salt not getting her way. Taylor’s the flavor and she will be for a long time to come. Too bad so sad for those that don’t like her. Your loss!


      • Taryn

        Veiled threats are usually empty. People who cancel don’t forecast beforehand. They just do it.

      • Patrick

        Dang I can’t believe the idiocy on this post so far. You people act like you wanna form a lynch mob to stone Taylor for getting EW’s nod for Entertainer Of The Year. She didn’t ask for the title, EW awarded it to her. Deal with it you hating freaks.

    • jess

      a joke indeed…EW can you not send me that weeks magazine, it be waste i would just throw it away!

      • Mavis

        ha! I’m just hoping for one of the alternate covers!

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        No doubt. Alternative cover please, EW. The girl can’t even sing!

      • Seraphina CloudBurst

        Wow! For not being able to sing according to you and so many that don’t like her, she’s made even more history for the music books! Look here. The first girl in history to win all these historic awards at the youngest age without even being able to sing.

        Some people make such dumb statements when Taylor’s concerned. Taylor can sing alright, maybe not to your taste but she speaks to her millions of fans crystal clear each and every time she sings. (*-*)

    • Justin


      • Frank Anderson

        They are mostly around 20 now… and many of them are gay men. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

      • Kenley

        Your assertion is idiotic Frank. It that were the case, Lady Gaga would be named Entertainer Of The Year.


    • JAM

      I puked in my mouth a little when I saw the line on the cover “Will Smith’s kids”

      • Jamie

        SERIOUSLY!!! With all of their success it’s just shameful that they feel the need to force their kids into the entertainment arena at such young ages. I for one wont see his movies or buy her music.

      • Kiki

        I rolled my eyes so far back in my head, I’m typing with my hands behind my back now.

        Give. Me. A. Break. I cannot freaking believe how the industry is giving accolades to a 9 year old playing dress up with expensive clothes and singing with a microphone instead of a hairbrush.

      • Freddy

        caleb jones u are the only one that makes any sense> all the other girls are jealous fat ho”s

    • Nathan

      EW fails again.

      • yournightmare

        No…it is you who fails. Fails to see the reality. She had sold-out concerts everywhere, came back with blockbuster album, won several awards. So yes…you fail. At life.

      • brian

        taylor swift weeky plasce

    • Ann

      Entertainer of the year. They should just give this award to every high school girl in the world. Tina Fey, would have been a better choice.

      • AgentM

        Here! Here! This is sad.

    • Nathan

      I can’t even imagine how many johnsons Taylor must have sucked to get this honor, her jaw has to be killing her!

      • Dee

        Aww come on now Nathan. I can’t stand her either, but that sucking johnsons comment was uncalled for. She’s a good girl. A really really good girl.

      • @Dee

        Yeh, that’s if you believe her hype. She’s a teenager that’s just barely turned into an adult, with a lot of hormones and a lot of financial success to boot. You can bet your bottom dollar she’s having her choice of johnson and eating it too.

      • Erin

        You are a disgusting person for even saying that about someone you don’t even know the girl and you make such gross comments

      • @Erin

        Really? Have you heard the crap she spews? All she sings about is how all of her boyfriends f**ked the hell out of her and dumped her sorry @ss when they were done.

      • Kenley

        Getting “screwed over” and “getting screwed” are 2 differing things. You obviously don’t know the differentiation between the two. @@

    • Person Who Talks

      I know right? EW’s head music writer has truly gone off the f*cking deep end…

    • Coco

      I cannot get past how poorly she sings, does no one remember that horrifying duet with Stevie Nicks at last years grammy’s. I guess she get credit for writing her own music, but it all sounds like a thirteen year old’s diary entries to me.

      • Candice

        Oooo… That was painful to watch/listen to!

      • bootsycolumbia

        Poor Stevie. She didn’t deserve that.

      • Caleb Jones

        I saw it and while Taylor wasn’t good, neither was Nicks. And she was the legendary pro. Taylor was the new girl with little experience. Nicks might as well have phoned in her performance. On the second song, she seemed to stop singing for long parts leaving Taylor on her own during a ‘duet’. Neither did well.

      • Caleb Jones

        the duet was LAST year. it doesn’t count. Selling even more albums after that is indeed an achievement!

      • floridagirl

        During the stevie nicks duo, stevie is looking at taylor like WTF is that sound coming out of your mouth?LOL!It seems like she gives up a few times and steps back and lets taylor screech on her own!hahaha!

      • Kenley

        All of you talking smack about the Stevie/Taylor collabo have paranoid delusions. Stevie even sent Taylor a letter saying how great it was for them to sing together at the Grammys. Verify your facts before posting slander.

      • scyren

        Kenley, are you trying to say that my ears didn’t hear that awful screeching? Cause if you are I want to know what flava koolaid you are drinking. If it can make you think that she can sing, I want some. And btw, Stevie was being polite. I’m sure she immediately threw up after writing it.

      • Seraphina CloudBurst

        People are soooooooo overly melodramatic. I think all of you complaining about Taylor’s vocals sound worse than cats howling on a fence at midnight. The ones complaining are usually the ones that don’t possess the talent their complaining about anyways. Too bad unknown losers, Taylor’s making her dream come true while your life is probably a nightmare and that’s why you complain about her success. hehehehe


      • Taryn

        I enjoyed the duet with Taylor and Stevie. Glad to see the anchor of Fleetwood Mac still performing after nearly 4 decades in the music biz.

      • Robin

        HAHA i love how your basing your entire thing off one performance. YEA uh can you sing? whatsoever? everyone has their bad days. So stop being so bitter. What is it about mainstream that people so hate. And “thirteen year olds diary” yea, if you actually listen to her songs what she writes qualifies as poetry. With symbolism blending with stories. ~ ll the girls that you run dry
        with tired, lifeless eyes
        cause you burned them out
        But I took your matches before fire could catch me,
        so don’t look now:
        I’m shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town~ God atleast shes not a messed up teen like that drugee/slut miley cyrus.

    • Amy

      So happy that’s she so cute because she can’t sing live for sh*t. Bad move EW, BAD MOVE.

    • Jessica


    • cici217

      Another reason we won’t be renewing our EW subscription.

    • Pamela

      Vomit. In my mouth.

      • @Pamela

        I hope for your sake it’s your own, seeing as there’s plenty going around in here.

      • Bertha

        You keep it up now, unrdesatnd? Really good to know.

    • Liz Lemon

      WHAT?!!?! Is this some sort of joke?

      • snoopy

        That’s what she said! *zing*

    • Bernice

      I like don’t even want to get this issue. I think this cover is laughable. I hope I get someone besides her in the mail.

    • Freddy

      For all you fat slutty cows out there that continue to hate on her..hahahhahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha

      • @Freddy

        Fatties aren’t sluts, nobody wants to put their johnson in them. They just pig out endlessly.

    • Sherm

      You don’t think she’s hot?

      • @Sherm

        She looks like a tall child who’s put on too much make-up. I find it better just to not think of her in some sexual way. All I see is fairly average singer whose voice is grating, but who had the smarts to hit the right demographic to ensure success.

    • EDWARD 4 EVUHHH!!!!!

      Stop hatin you stupid people! Taylor Swift is one of the best music people ever!!! Shes so deep and romantic! She gets what its like to be a person in love! I bet all of you people just have not been in love! Thats the only way you could not LOVE Taylor! You old b*tches can have your John Lenin and Bob Dylan and Elvis, they ain’t got nothin on Taylorr! She is so much more talented and inteligent!!!!!! You all be stupid…Twilight fans 4evuhh!!!!!

      • @RETARD 4 EVUHHH!!!!!

        Twilight is one of the biggest pile of sh!t to ever come out of Hollywood.

      • Doesn’t Matter

        You are beyond dumb. You are everything I hate about this world.

    • Kiki


      I am actually disgusted that they chose an autotuned fraud as Entertainer of the Year. Gives proof of everything that is wrong with the music industry.

      • Kenley

        You’re confused. The autotuned fraud you speak of is the individual that took the mic away from her last year.


    • John

      I am like, so unsubscribing my subscription to this like, totally lame, stupid magazine that promotes the ilk of whiney tweeners. Okay, I didn’t have a subscription but if I did!

      • Kenley

        Riiiiiiiiiiight! 99% of the individuals saying they’re cancelling probably don’t have a subscription either. Fraudsters.


      • Seraphina CloudBurst

        “Melodramatic” liars at that hehehehe.


    • bringBackthe80’s

      I guess this is the best choice when you have to choose between Lady GAGa, Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. Yikes!

    • You know…the funny thing is that she’s actually really, really, really talented. She may not be your “cup of tea”, but that doesn’t make her bad.

    • Maria

      Grow up and just be happy for her!

    • scyren

      There are no words…seriously…that’s who you came up with for entertainer of the year. She can’t even sing live. I guess you don’t have to have actual talent to get the prize….who knew.

    • Robin

      Wow give the girl some credit. She has to be good if she’s won four grammys, sold over 1,000,000 copies of her new album in the first week of release, and got such amazing reviews by actual critics on Fearless and Speak Now and still starting out in her career. If her singing isnt perfect atleast actually listen to her songs and see the emotion she brings to her music. Celine Dion is a great singer technically, but is she really that good of an artist? Now stop being jealous and bitter. Or stop hating artists just because they are so “mainstream”. She brings happiness to people with her music and has been such a huge influence. I mean she’s barely 21 and has already achieved more than you could say, in your entire lifetime.

      • Lori

        Exactly! The uncalled for crude comments about this very nice young lady are disgusting! Taylor made her money the old fashioned way…she earned it! Her fans love her and she deserves all her acclaim. Why is it when a male star makes it big, they are not accused of sleeping their way to the top? The double standard is really shocking in this day and age. Taylor’s fan base is huge because she is mainstream. No talent losers like Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse are not people MAINSTREAM America wants their kids listening to and copying. The country is center right but the loud, crude and disgusting left has been calling the shots and the loudest. THEY need to be marginalized. Taylor deserves all her success and kudos. At last, a humble, talented, sweet, nice, charitable,romantic hard working, clean, sober, moral, romantic, kind star makes it and the insults start. The people who make crude insults and comments here should be ashamed. Her young fans read this stuff! The nasty posters here are the reason why parents like me can’t stand the influence of the liberals on our society and are speaking up finally.

  • LOL


    • gah

      Ditto. Terrible choice. EW should’ve watched her stevie nicks duet before they sent this to the printers. this wouldve changed their minds.

      • laura

        they did watch it!!! and yet here we are … EW sure knows how to sell itself with this no talent!

      • Justin

        hahha so true!

  • Iliana

    Oh how I long for the days when Entertainers Of The Year had actual talent. Nowadays all you have to be is popular with the kids. I’m shocked you didn’t make this a tie between Swift and Justin Bieber…

    • Kenley

      You did not watch her stints on SNL at the end of last year. I’m sure of it or else you wouldn’t make such a statement. SNL, the spot in the movie “Valentine’s Day”, highest downloads of a debut song “Today Was A FairyTale” by any artist in Soundscan history, 4 Grammy wins including Youngest Album of The Year winner in Grammy history, most Top 10 debuts in Billboard’s HOT 100 history – 6 -(more than Mariah), highest 1st week sales (over a million) of an album (SPEAK NOW) in over 5 years is more than enough to cement her as Entertainer Of The Year. Taylor totally earned this honor!

  • tt

    Who mad THIS decision? Taylor Swift, seriously? There are so MANY talented people out there who deserve this title far more than Ms Swift: How about Christopher Nolan? How about Tina Fey? How about Jeff Bridges? Matt Weiner? AMC? Deeply deeply disappointed by EW’s unexplainable decision. Nest on my to-do list: cancel my EW subcription.

    • nodnarb

      I canceled 2 years ago after the umpteenth Twilight cover. There have been a few issues I picked up at the newsstand. But mostly, no regrets.

      • KC

        Tina Fey? No, thanks.
        That would be The Most Overrated Entertainer of the Decade!

    • erf

      Speaking of Matt Weiner,the cast of Mad Men should’ve been chosen over her.

    • Urvy

      Nolan-as much he is a good filmmaker, too weird for the kiddies.

      Fey-A dork

      Bridges-Too old for the kiddies

      AMC-Too much zombies

    • Seraphina CloudBurst

      “Who mad THIS decision”?

      I think the sore losers are hehehehe

  • Kim

    Have you actually seen Taylor in concert? She opened several shows for Keith Urban last year and I got to see her at a few of them. She can’t even stay in key on her own songs. By the last show, we were waiting in the lobby until she was finished, lest she puncture my ear drums. She might be entertaining, but not for the right reasons. Stick to songwriting, Miss Swift.

    • Allen Forstman

      Taylor is the worst live vocalist in the history of music. She cannot stay on key or on pitch to save her life, yet she is “entertainer of the year”? what a joke and a disgrace. Maybe to the blinded tweens who worship her as the Miley Cyrus of country music (she is about as country as Kanye), but not to adults. Epic Fail, EW. Try picking someone who can actually sing on key as your Entertainer of the Year. How much $$$ did Taylor’s Daddy pay you to write this article??

      • reason

        Everyone on here is being extremely dramatic! Swift the worst live performer in the history of music???(!) I can name three off the top of my head who are much worse(Ashlee Simpson, Kesha, Gwen Stefani) and I’m sure there are many more.

      • @Reason

        So true. No idea why they rail on Taylor’s singing when there are so MANY other artists who don’t sing well either. “Worst live vocalist in the history of music?” Save the hyperbole and title for other horrible vocalists. Bob Dylan can’t sing a lick, but his songwriting is damn good.

      • Jamie

        Maybe there are worse performers out there but they didn’t make Ke$ha, Gwen Stefani or Ashlee Simpson the Entertainer of the Year, now did they?

      • @Jamie

        We’re responding to Allen’s statement that she is the worst live vocalist in the history of music. Nowhere in our statements did we address Taylor getting Entertainer of the Year.

      • Elizabeth

        Katy Perry can’t sing live either.

      • Harry Manklankarov

        “Epic fail” is such an annoying term. It is used way too often.

      • wuggie

        I love her singing. Apparently there’s a couple of us out there. Her total album sales the last three is kinda good. Maybe you’d like to compare Taylor’s results with one of those artists who is so much better. Go for it.

      • Kenley

        You all know Maroon 5 don’t you? You should have heard Adam Levine singing “Mine” last night on CMT honoring the 5 Top CMT stars. Taylor looked ecstatic about his performance, but if you youtube it, you will not be so harsh on Taylor. She gives her all in her performances while others obviously struggle to sing her difficult songs. Extremely wordy, drastic tonal blend changes from neutral to sharp to flat, her songs are not that easy to sing. Watch Adam Levine’s performance and you will know what I mean.

      • Seraphina CloudBurst

        Oh my god I saw the CMT show and I feel for Taylor. Those that criticise Taylor for her singing should view that 5 minutes of Maroon 5 singing Taylor’s “Mine” and they should cut her some slack from hereon out. He really butchered her song and makes all of Taylor’s performances sound as perfect. *O*

      • Wuggie

        Taylor is the most expressive, emotionally moving vocalist in the history of the universe!!! (Hey, if the wacko haters can use over-the-top hyperbole, Taylor’s fans have the same right!) Me, I can’t stand church choir singers, hitting all their so-perfect notes — and having about as much emotional connection with their audience as a plate of oatmeal. Taylor whispers when she tells a secret, giggles when she’s embarrassed, screams when she’s ticked off and sounds “wonderstuck” when gets a crush … and she tells it all to us like it’s real (because it is) and we’re her best friends (because we are).
        Her voice is warm, wonderful,and absolutely lovely. I wouldn’t trade her voice for all the sterile, soulless American Idol warblings in the world.

      • Patrick

        AI is totally a loser show now man. That so called winner Lee from last season couldn’t even muster 40k in sales the first week. The show’s going down in flames. Taylor would never appear on AI, the loser show that it is now and she never needed their sorry predictable format to succeed.

    • ericalina

      i like seeing people who can sing well when i go to concerts. so no i have not seen taylor swift.

    • yournightmare

      I saw her and she was incredible.

    • Toni

      Unlike you, who is most definately a wonderful singer.

  • Q.H.

    Last year this would have made sense. This year, it’s pretty baffling. Missed the train on this one, EW.

    • Karate Pants

      Her commercial success makes more sense this year than last year. Not that my vote would lie with her anyway.
      But what’s really baffling is that they dressed her up like a man – er, like Michigan J. Frog. Like a woman dressed like a woman couldn’t pass for an entertainer. Think outside the BOX, EW.

      • Mr. Holloway

        “Dubba, dubba, dubba, dubba, dubba, dubba, DubbaTF!”

      • Urvy

        Think Outside the Bun

  • Michele

    Are you kidding me?? 2010 couldn’t have lacked that badly did it?

  • outside agitator

    I let my subscription lapse and see no reason to re-up. EW is losing credibility faster than Dancing With the Stars. nothing against TS, she seems harmless enough…but entertainer of the year??! WTF? I guess it could’ve been a verbal pornographer with drum machines and samplers like the Grammy noms. modern music is a bottomless abyss.

  • HUH?

    This girl annoys me at levels I once thought were unimaginable.

    • Seraphina CloudBurst

      She annoys you so much that you had to look at her acccomplishment for the month? Yeah OK. If I’m annoyed by someone I don’t look at their stories. Those that don’t like Taylor sure loves reading her stories. Yes they do! hehehehe Liars! *-*

  • Caiti

    I think it’s a great pick. Better than those Grammy choices. She has released an album that is very good, as record sells show, she extended her talents by starring in a movie (albeit a bum one) and even though she’s popular with the paparazzi, she’s been able to remain -how do I say this- unlike Britney/Lindsey…and Kanye. She’s actually likable. Good for her, and good for EW.

    • tracy bluth

      I…don’t think she’s likable. I think she comes across as a spoiled 16 year old.

      • Harry Manklankarov

        I think that she comes across well. I saw her on a special. She seemed really down to earth. Why is everybody hating on her so viciously? Her songs are good!

      • Kenley

        tracy state the incidence where Taylor has come of spoiled in your opinion. Let us judge where she acted even in the least bit aloof. She has always been humble and gracious in all her acceptance speeches thanking her fans and everyone that supports her and never gave the impression that she was omnipotent and great like someone else that shall remain nameless. So? Give us the incidence of the “spoiled 16 year old” so we can indiscriminately judge that occasion.

      • Seraphina CloudBurst

        Tracy Bluth is really Veruca Salt and all the other complainers are extended family members. hehehehe


      • Patrick

        How do you figure Taylor comes across spoiled? That statement sucks.

    • Allen Forstman

      Taylor cannot even SING! And she is arrogant, annoying, over-rated, and fake. All her songs sound the same, and she trashes every boy she dates for like a week in her songs, acting as if that was a “relationship”. Grow up Taylor. you are 21, not 12. What an idiot Jake G. is to date her. He will be next year’s album fodder for self-important Swift when she trashes him for dumping her arrogant, fake, over-rated butt.

      • Kiki

        I cannot imagine why any guy would date her for fear of being pilloried in her next album. And I doubt it would take much to send her to her Lisa Frank notebook and pink pompom pen to write a ditty, so all he’d have to do is insult her dog or something and he’d get the “hater” role in her next overwrought ode to bad romance.

      • Kenley

        If you don’t dog her, she’ll return the respect in spades. Check out “Back To December” and you will see that not only is she “not arrogant”, but is an individual putting herself out there saying that she made a mistake and losing her pride. Only a person with humility to know that she is not perfect would do that. You people are so completely wrong about her it’s not even funny.

      • Dan

        Well, Mr. Forstman … in MY opinion, Taylor is the most expressive vocalist around.
        She has real humility, has a charismatic personality,and is the most authentic artist in her genre.
        SPEAK NOW is one of the most varied-sounding albums on the market (as was FEARLESS), every song sounds unique and different.

        As for your comments on her relationships, they are ridiculous rantings from a close-minded hater who doesn’t know Taylor, doesn’t know who she’s dated or how long, and apparently doesn’t know her songs or their variety of topics very well.
        But that’s okay. Really decent and talented people like Taylor always seem to magnets for people whop have nothing else to do but hate.

    • Mr. Holloway

      So, here are some of the justifications from one of the few people defending her on this board:

      -She starred in a movie. (Which you admit was a crappy movie.)
      – She released an album that is “very good, as record sales show.” (I’m sure even you’d admit quantity doesn’t equal quality.)
      – She’s managed to avoid an embarrassing incident with the paparazzi. (This is a good point, but are our expectations SO low now that “Not embarrassing yourself” is enough cause to be named Entertainer of the Year?)

      • ‘k

        I don’t really disagree with the points you make. I can sort of take her or leave her. Which does not exactly make for Entertainer of the Year material. But I do have to chuckle a tiny bit. The other day someone posted a negative statement about her. You jokingly responded that the person had better be prepared to be bombarded by Taylor Swift apologists. In reading the responses here, it looks like the ones who hate her are the ones getting over wrought with emotion.

      • nodnarb

        I seriously don’t that many people here hate her. We’re just not entertained by her.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Good point. She certainly has just as many detractors as she has supporters. (And it may seem lopsided in favor of the detractors judging by this board, but her Billboard numbers and concert ticket sales say otherwise.)

        I’m actually just like you: I can take her or leave her. Nothing really extraordinary. (And, to me, that doesn’t scream EOTY.)

      • Mr. Holloway


        There ARE some comments here that are taking it to a personal level with T-Swizzle.

        However, I agree that overall it seems like most people are angry at EW for making such a blah pick than they are at Swift.

      • nodnarb

        I noticed that! To be fair, I think those type of comments showed up after the initial discussion that was mostly reasonable.

      • wuggie

        nodnarb, there is nothing “reasonable” about a bunch of people ranting at a remarkably talented 20-year old, and doing so based on a completely superficial knowledge of her work.
        There are reasons that the nation’s most respected music critics — as well so many musicians/songwriters — have shown her so much respect.
        There are reasons why Taylor (who ISN’T a Disney or American idol -hyped creation) wins the most important Grammy or BMI Songwriter Awards (something the teen queens and idol fads NEVER do). Go read some reviews by the Rolling Stone, the New Yorker, the Village Voice — Taylor has loads of ARTISTIC MERIT,and almost every REAL music critic acknowledges that talent.
        But none of that even matters here. Entertainer of the year IS about making a splash … and, yes,it IS about NUMBERS.
        Mr Holloway’s twisted spin on the criteria can’t change these FACTS:
        FACT:Live Concerts (kind of important for an “Entertainer”, right?) — Sold out every show (including the largest arenas, even pro football stadiums). Overwhelmingly positive reviews — even for her singing –from both professionals reviewers and concert attendees. Selected as the year’s top Concert tour package by Billboard.
        FACT: Album Sales — Taylor was the top album-seller for the past two years, has a shot to do it again this year since her debut sold the most copies in its debut week of any album in 5 years. And her other albums, which have set marks for the decade in chart longevity and for length of time at #1, are STILL selling.
        FACT: Digital Sales — Taylor set the all-time record this year.
        FACT: Valentine’s Day never tried to be anything more than a fun romantic date movie, and it’s box office return on the money it cost to make was OUTSTANDING, and Taylor’s comic turn as a ditzy student — ev en in a BIT part — was largely viewed a big reason for that gate.
        TV: Taylor’s stint as musical guest/ host for SNL was praised by everyone as the best show in years. They show it over and over again.

      • Kenley

        For someone you don’t particularly care about, some of you go to extraordinary measures to discuss her in length. That really doesn’t compute. If I don’t like an artist or subject, I don’t go to their posts to discuss or rag on them. Your abnormal behavior sends the signal that Taylor influences you in a way that you cannot help but make a comment on her. That tells me you care about her in some shape or form in a manner that says that you are not indifferent about her, but that you know that she has substance (enough) to make you upset that she is getting all these deserved accolades. So sad for you people that have nothing better to do thatn print negative press on someone you don’t even like. Jeaslousy? I don’t think so. It’s much more that if you ask me. It’s a subject that needs psychological evaluation for those that continually harp on every single one of her posts.


    • Kate

      Not only was it a “bum” movie, she was AWFUL in it. Like cover-my-eyes, embarrassed-for-her AWFUL. Plus, the Grammys? They haven’t been about the best talent in the industry for decades. They’re a popularity contest, so no surprise she won there. Talent? Maybe in her songwriting (although I still find her songs pretty cliched and unoriginal – she’s not doing anything new anyway). I think this is a poor choice with all the exceptional work being done out there.

    • anonymous

      You’re using the term “talents” very loosely there.

    • Justin

      You are an idiot.

      • yournightmare

        Everything you have posted here screams idiot. Find a mirror.

    • Steve

      Record sales are not a qualifier for a good album. If it were, the Black Eyed Peas would be singing in a dump bar in Topeka.

      • David

        Black Eyed Peas make great singles, but notoriously uneven albums. Why wade through so much sub-par filler when you can just download the couple of hot singles worth having. Swift, on the other hand, makes ALBUMS — every track is a keeper.

      • Taryn

        The same goes for Katy Perry and Kesha. Seems like they excel for single releases, but their album really struggle to sell. Taylor’s albums sell very well because of the fact that you mention. There’s no throwaways in her albums and there’s always at least several songs for even the most pessimistic of critics.

  • Jose

    Really? Taylor Swift? is this an April’s Fool joke?

    • Nathan

      This, the fact that Qatar got the World Cup over England and USA and the news that you no longer need to be female to compete in the LPGA pretty much makes Dec 2 an honorary April Fool’s Day haha

      • Qatar

        We hate Nathan

  • Elizabeth

    Its not like they’ve made TSwift president, chillax haters, it will be OK. Its just a magazine. Deep breaths…

    Why not list Jaden & Willow Smith as that, instead of “Will Smith’s Kids”? You didn’t list Katy Perry as “Russell Brand’s Wife” ?

    • Matt

      Because let’s cut the crap, we know who Katy Perry is on her own (who wouldn’t know that off-pitch squeal?), but karate kid and “Whip her hair” will always known as the byproduct of Will Smith’s sperm.

      • Elizabeth

        then why are they “Entertainer of the Year” material if they can’t hang on their own? That was my point.

    • bootsycolumbia

      Because when I think of Jaden and Willow Smith (which is as infrequently as possible), I only think of them as the offspring of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Maybe when they do something COMPLETELY independently of their parents, I’ll take them seriously. Until then, no way.

    • Trotter

      T Swift for President!

  • amanda

    I can’t say I’m a huge TS fan, the comments about her poor live singing ability are spot on, but apparently A LOT of people love her. For the reasons the author points out, (bestselling albums, constant radio play, acting, tabloid headlines…) she certainly has been entertaining this year. She is interesting and talented, just not my cup of tea.

    • Brenna

      Thanks to you for being mature and not threatening to cancel your subcription like a lot of people have. Big difference it makes to EW that 2 people cancelled their subscription to a wildly popular magazine.

      • Kenley

        They’re liars. Nobody is actually cancelling anything over something as picking Entertainer Of The Year.


  • koreyo19

    I guess to be fair, at least it’s “Entertainer” of the Year, and not “Artist” of the Year…but still, I’m a little disappointed.

    • Kenley

      Taylor was ARTIST OF THE YEAR last year.

  • Val

    Again, EW, please get over this obsession you have with Taylor Swift…please….

    • yournightmare

      Skip it…whats the big deal?

    • Little Lady

      Along with Glee and Twilight while you’re at it too please. . .

      • Kalie

        You want them to stop writing about things that are popular just because you don’t like them? I don’t care for “Glee” or “Harry Potter”, but I understand that EW will have articles on them because they’re part of pop culture right now. Should EW cover things that are unpopular and won’t get attention? All of these people complaining about Taylor Swift, who is undoubtedly very popular (just look at her album sales, awards, etc.), still took the time to leave pages of comments. If no one cared, there’d be very little response.

      • Casey

        No, Kalie, we want EW to stop excessively covering those topics. Yes, they’re popular, so they’re going to get attention, but do we have to have a bajillion Glee/Twilight articles every day or a cover every few weeks? An article analyzing every single lyric of Taylor Swift’s? No. Sure, they do get a lot of hits on the site, but it’s flipping annoying. People are fed up, and they’re going to exercise their right to complain.

      • Seraphina CloudBurst

        Entertainment Weekly will post stories that online viewers want to read. Taylor’s stories are points of interest and they will post them because they grab attention. They are not going to post stories that have no interest.

    • Person Who Talks

      This magazine’s ridiculous love affair with Taylor Swift, Glee, Twilight, and Kanye West are all reasons I prolly won’t be renewing my EW subscription next year…such bullsh*t, there are so many people out there that are more talented than Taylor frickin’ Swift!

      • Kenley

        There are countless talented artists out there, but they’re not making the impact that Taylor has in the entertainment industry. Until that happens, she’s the success story of the moment. Don’t like it? It’s really simple. Don’t read her articles and complain about it.

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