Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: The Finals!

Underappreciated-Entertainers-FinalImage Credit: Vivian Zink/CBS
It’s been a long, momentous November, but the day has come: The EW.com Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year bracket game finals are upon us. It’s down to red-headed siren Allison Iraheta, who JUST eked out a 52 percent to 48 percent final-four victory over the chameleon-like Karl Urban (Red), and Thomas Gibson, whose legions of Criminal Minds fans hit our polls hard and pushed him to a commanding 71 percent to 29 percent semifinals victory over So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley. (Click here to see the whole bracket.) Who will join the ranks of Entertainment Weekly‘s other Entertainers of the Year when our annual EotY issue hits stands on Friday, and who will join the Still Under-appreciated masses in the elimination pool? Your vote decides it. The poll closes at 4 p.m. ET Thursday, Dec. 2, so make your pick now and then come back on Friday for EW’s annual Entertainers of the Year celebration and find out who your winner is.

Also: The entire Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year bracket game

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  • Kim

    They are both really hot! If they want to increase their exposure, I suggest doing a sex-tape together.

    • Marcus

      Yeah, I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

      • Pede

        Best response ever!

    • Mari

      Is it wrong that I find this hilarious? What a great reply.

    • KarlHall

      LOL Kim!!

    • peggers

      lmao good one – Thanks I needed that

    • Dar

      You are funny, you should be a comedian LOL

    • Bob

      Iraheta naked???I rather have a Pitch fork shoved up my arse :)

  • Kaoru

    GO ALLISON!!!!!!!

    • Strepsi

      I wonder how many of these voters and commenters are really Michael Slezak?

      • psc

        my thoughts exactly! great point!

      • Max

        And I wonder who are the people rigging this poll and voting for Thomas multiple times. It’s ridiculous. I wish EW would have made it harder for people to cheat and power vote. If people couldn’t power vote I’m pretty certain the results would be the complete opposite right now.

      • anonymous

        Slezak just needs to pull a Ken Tucker and say that one judge can throw in a ridiculously disproportionate vote in the finals. *wonders if anyone besides Ken Tucker will get that – who is still trying to make up with the Community fans*

      • RoqueMocan

        I am Slezak! (in the spirit of I am Spartacus)

      • Kaoru

        I swear I am not Slezak, but I am a Slezak fan. :)

      • brandinb

        Umm you can’t cheat on this poll. If you refresh your screen and vote again you will notice that a message pops up saying “Thank you. We have already counted your vote.” You can only vote more than once when using different computers. I doubt that many people are going around hunting computers to log on to so they can vote again.

      • Max

        Yeah you can if you delete your cookies you can vote as many times as you want

  • Josh

    ALLISON IRAHETA!!! She was dropped from her label (for some strange reason). Thomas Gibson is still on a television show. This shouldn’t even be a contest.

    • VA

      Do you even understand the point of this article or the poll? It isn’t who got fired or lost a label or anything like that. This is fan based, not business based. The fans didn’t tell the label to drop her. Under-appreciated means that they work that they do on a daily basis is generally over looked when the accolades and awards are given out.

      • Mari

        Then Allison certainly qualifies. She’s been working non stop and gets no appreciation, kind of like your comment.

      • whatevs

        She’s been working? Could’ve fooled me.

      • EC

        Ok I’m sorry but that’s it. You can say whatever you want about Allison but to say that she hasn’t been working is bull! First of all you’re obviously not a fan so you don’t know her and you don’t know what she has or has not been doing. And second of all for your information she has been working her ass off ever since she was little to be able to achieve her dream which is to sing. Even before she was on idol she was signing at different locations as a kid. She was on a spanish singing competition when she was 15 which she won. Then a year later she went on idol and had to go through that long process. Then she went on the Idol tour while she worked on her album. Then she worked her butt off promoting her album. Them she went on tour again with Adam. And now she is working on her next album. So you can say whatever you want but don’t you dare say that she hasn’t been working.

      • Ern

        I DEFINENTLY agree with Mari and EC!
        @Whatevs – while you’ve been out here bashing her and what not, she’s been working her butt off to keep her fans happy no matter what YOU think about her. What you said above about her NOT working…yea she would’ve laughed at that like I am now. Seriously, you’ve got a lot of nerve coming on here like you know what you’re talking about when you obviously don’t. I mean really…get a clue…

    • Who Knew

      Correct!!! Allison Who?

      • RoqueMocan

        Time to get to know her (no matter for whom you voted, or who wins the poll – which is hard as it is in different genres)

    • ash

      this shouldn’t be a contest because this is the WORST final 2 ever! no one even knows who Alison is!

      • Blah

        And that should tell you who the true under-appreciated person is.

      • Huh?

        It just means that she’s not well-known, not that she’s “under-appreciated”.

      • b

        … Which is why she qualifies as under-appreciated.

      • Dar

        That’s funny, I don’t know who the hell the guy is!

      • Alliholic

        ok, that was a really stupid thing to say, no one knows who ur either and the piont of the votes are to make the winner a little bit more known, duuh

    • db murray

      How can allison and Thomas be in the same category. THomas GIbsonis wonderful on Criminal minds and She is a singer.

      • Alliholic

        omg , ur right ! xD

    • Bob

      because she sucksssss

  • Erika

    Well this is it the final round. May the best girl or guy win. Whatever happens, Allison has come a long way and she is a winner in my eyes. I will always be her fan for life no matter what!

    • RoqueMocan

      If only American Idol 8 had ended the same way, Allison in the top two (as it should have been)

  • Nathan

    I can’t vote for anyone who has ties to Dharma and Greg, I hated that show so much.

    • SarahW

      I can’t vote for anyone who was on American Idol. I’m sure she can sing and all, but under appreciated? I would kind of think that all the other people on this list who worked for years at their profession should beat out some kid who got to skip over all the hard work and get famous on a reality competition show. I’m rather disappointed she made it this far. Which is not a comment on her specifically, I’m sure she can sing. I don’t think any reality contestant should have make it this far. Blech.

      • Lyn

        Exactly. Don’t hate her, but feel that thanks to AI, she’s already been showered with fame, praise and opportunity at least equal to — and probably way more than — what her limited talents deserve.

      • RoqueMocan

        @SarahW and @Lyn – Allison has been paying her dues, singing in supermarkets (!), community events, even bars where she couldn’t even enter as a patron… Just take a couple of minutes in YouTube and see her singing when she was 12, or 14… She is something special, take the time to know her and her CD (and not just the first song that Jive released – which isn’t a representative song for her album)

      • SarahW

        I’m not saying she isn’t special or a good singer. That’s not my point. I’m saying she isn’t under appreciated. To me, under appreciated indicates someone who has been working for years and has never really gotten the attention they deserve. Maybe in 10 years if she still isn’t winning awards and selling albums, she’ll belong on this list. As it stands, not so much.

      • Dr.Suess.xD






      • AnotherAlliholic

        I get what you’re saying but if you saw what the contestants actually do, it’s just as difficult as other stars. And now compare Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta or even Kris Allen. They both have multiple songs on the radio which automatically gives them more fans. Plus Kris won the show. Look at Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. Don’t think they worked hard? Allison has to promote different functions she’s with, promote her album, write songs, and worry about tours. And actually, she doesn’t care if she has 10 fans or 10 million. No matter what show she was on doesn’t mean she’s more appreciated than that other guy. And Most of the people I talk to have never even hears of her.

    • Jennifer

      The man was hust doing a job. My sister couldn’t stand Thomas Gibson on Dharma & Greg and swore she would never watch him in anything again. All it took was one episode of Criminal Minds and she is completely hooked on the guy.

  • Kay

    BOO. Karl Urban was ROBBED.

    He’ll remain the real winner in my eyes.

    • f

      I agree.

      • Maddie


    • Tajah

      I second this!

    • Olive

      So was Katay Segal

      • Petunia

        So was Cat Deeley!

    • Vicky

      So was Robyn!


      So was Billy Joel

      • Ashley

        Let’s just make a long list of people who were robbed, and Billy Joel can chant them.

      • Katja

        LOL @ Ashley.

    • Meg

      Karl won 100% to 0% as far as I care. There is no contest compared to him in this poll.

  • unohav_1

    With all the manufactured pop stars out there it’s CRIMINAL Allison isn’t a bigger star. I had the chance to see her perform live this summer and she was an absolute firecracker!

    • Jessica

      Personally, I feel like Marina & the Diamonds should have beat Allison. Marina has so much talent as a singer, writer, and performer.

  • SMH

    Really. How is Greg winning? Criminal Minds (aka Mental CSI)is a show that a LOT of people watch. How is that underappreciated?

    • Brit

      4 Words. Crazy Fans Mass Voting

    • Two words. American. Idol.

      • maki

        Two more words…..SO WHAT?

    • Erin

      Explain to me one thing: how can a show that has so many viewers never get any awards? That, my friend, is the definition of underappreciated. Furthermore, Gibson has been in the business for years without being justly recognized.

      • CriMiBird

        Totally correct there Erin. multi-national fanbase, top shows, NO AWARDS = truly over-looked and under-appreciated actor.

      • Alan of Montreal

        I don’t know–he’s managed to get regular work on hit shows (Dharma and Greg, Chicago Hope and Criminal Minds). Just because you don’t win awards doesn’t mean you’re an underdog.

  • B

    I like Allison Iraheta, although I wasn’t exactly rooting for her to win this whole thing (I would have much rather seen John Noble or Katey Sagal or Cat Deeley or Busy Phillips make it this far). But I still voted for her since she’s up against a dude from a lame CBS procedural.

    • davey

      I love Allison and voted for her (who is voting for Gibson anyway)…but you’re right, John Noble, Cat Deeley, Katey Segal or Busy Phillips (my fave) SHOULD have been in the finals

  • Dani C

    Ok, i’m sorry but thomas gibson? seriously, i enjoy criminal minds from time to time, but thomas over allison? Over Cat D and Karl Urban? I feel like i’m in an alternate universe.

    • GS

      Thomas Gibson IS Criminal Minds. The last couple of seasons he has done AMAZING work with the storylines he’s been given and the show in general gets no respect. Has tons of fans but never gets recognized. That is the definition of underappreciated in my book. And for all the idiots who don’t give him a chance b/c of Dharma and Greg, get over it. I hated his character and that show but I am intelligent enough to know that he’s playing two totally different characters. I like Allison too but Thomas wins this in my book.

      • davey

        I think the point is that he is on a CBS procedural that gets HUGE ratings! Allison is a fourth place finisher from AI two years ago whose record label just dropped her….now who’s under-appreciated?

  • 3 left feet

    It’s a shame people with such differing areas of work went up against each other. Choosing between Mondo and Cat Deeley? It was torture.

    • mary q contrary

      Agreed. Any polls on EW are a joke, anyway. Criminal Minds trolls are out in full force, I see.

      • Rachael

        Also out: trolls named Mary who need to look up the definition of words like “troll.”

      • mary q contrary

        Also out: Forever Alones named Rachael who are most likely missing both chromosomes and the ability to understand simple concepts, like the evolution of internet slang terms/memes.

      • Gerneen

        Hello Rachael fellow “troll” lol and proud of it I may say although maybe I’m a leprachaun as I’m Irish, yes TG is loved here too TG for the win

      • Erin

        @Gerneen better be careful. Mentioning that you’re Irish, they may say next that we are cheating because of the international vote. Hmmm. perhaps that’s why TG is winning, I bet someone from “American Idol” doesn’t have half the international fans. Jus sayin’.

      • cathaign

        @Gerneen Have I mentioned that I love you? I guess if being a loyal and devoted fan to an excellent actor is being a troll, then I missed the memo on the definition change, and therefore fall into that category. I think I want to be one of those awesome wish trolls with the dayglow hair and the jewel belly buttons.

      • Rachael

        @ Mary. I’m utterly aware of what the word troll indicates on the internet, considering I live on the internet. ;) What I’m saying is that the word troll, by any definition, does not belong here.

    • Wheezer

      Exactly what I was thinking. I really like Allison and TG, I still remember when she sang Papa was a Rolling Stone on AI Brillant and she was robbed of the final 3 from the screech man, but beening a die hard fan of Criminal Minds and knowing that TG is Criminal Minds I could NEVER vote against him.

      • RoqueMocan

        No matter how you voted, I hope you bought Allison’s CD. It is very good (and for me, one of the reasons why Allison should be a finalist here!)

      • cathaign

        @RoqueMocan I love your comment! You are truly a loyal fan to your star- Kudos! Do you have any song recommendations by AI? I heard Friday I’ll be Over You on the radio, and I didn’t enjoy it. Do you have suggestions that might introduce me to her music? I’d like to understand why her fans love her so much. If she made it this far, she’s has to have some talent.

      • RoqueMocan

        @cathaign Allison CD has tons of good songs, ALL different to “Friday I’ll be Over You” (well, maybe 2 or 3 are poppy like “Friday”). It is best to get the whole CD as some songs grow on you with time. I really like “Trouble Is”, “Scars”, “Don’t Waste the Pretty” and “Holiday” … Other standout songs: Pieces, Still Breathing, You Don’t Know Me. Songs that other people like more than me (but I still love these a bit): D is For Dangerous, Robot Love, Beat Me Up…

  • kramer

    John Noble

    • amj

      Agreed, was surprised he didn’t last longer!

    • DeeDee

      I wholeheartedly agree. If ever anyone was under appreciated, it’s John Noble, the whole cast for that matter, and the show Fringe. I love it. Great sci-fi. People don’t know what they are missing. Also, Ed O’Neill on Modern Family. I don’t know what people are watching or thinking. The Middle is actually much funnier than most of Modern Family. The best part of Modern Family is Ed O’Neill. He makes that show. Yet he is the only one who gets no mention when it comes time for awards. There is no justice.

      • Lucy

        Glad I’ve finally found somiehtng I agree with!

    • Casey

      Yup. He is just brilliant. And I agree with DeeDee, the whole show is so underrated. Sometimes I wish I could tie down my family and friends and make them watch and see how amazing the show is.

  • Lilly

    After the horror of Dharma and Greg, I can never support Thomas Gibson in anything.

  • Ann

    Um neither. I was really excited about this poll when it started but have to say it’s gotten a lot less interesting as it has progressed. I was coming to vote for the criminally overlooked Cat Deeley (I mean seriously how does seacrest get nominated over and over when he has no control over that show and is a horrific interviewer!) and instead found the finals include two people I care not a thing about!

    • azn

      same same same!!! This list has been whittled down to 2 unknowns. Seriously, I’ve never heard of either of them. What an awful final 2.

      • b

        Again, you may have just hit on why they qualify as “under-appreciated.”

        I’m not sure why that’s such a hard concept… The person with the biggest fanbase is probably NOT underappreciated.

  • psb1962

    i do not know, or do i care to know who either one of these people are!!!

    • Obviously you care enough to click on the story when the picture should have let you know all of this. Plus the descriptions are in the text, so learn to read, pal.

    • Big Walt

      Was William Fichtner in the original list? He should have been and should have won. That guy’s awesome at everything.

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