'Sons of Anarchy' season finale: The Rat Prince

When I think back to the season 3 finale of Sons of Anarchy, I’ll remember three things: 1. Read the full post.

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  • Ted

    It is still puzzling to me that Opie places all the blame on Stahl when it was Tig and Clay who directly killed his wife. Much like “The Shield,” this is a show with no good guys. The only good guy died (Deputy Hale). It’s a great show, but it always leaves me yearning for someone to find a legitimate moral compass, anyone.

    • Alisha

      But Stahl put that whole thing in motion. Stahl was ultimately responsible. If she hadn’t framed him as a rat his wife would be alive.

    • Olive

      And John. John Tellar is one of the good guys even though he’s dead. Opie would have done the same as Tig if Clay ordered him to kill the rat in the club. Tig is responsible for not making sure Opie was in the car.

    • Tungue 2 Death

      Ted, you TOTALLY miss what this show is about. Club first! It is the way it is in real life. That’s why it is a good show. It doesn’t sweeten the taste of reality.

  • angel3971

    ok…am I crazy…or did anyone else read the message on maureen’s letters that said “Jackson, the truth about your father is in these letters, you should know your father liked d**k.” Then in the letter that tara is reading..we hear john tellers voice say “Atleast my dear sweet thomas doesn’t have to suffer my life. I miss him so much.” Was John Teller having a relationship with a man? And isn’t Thomas the priest from Belfast’s name???

    • tamsy

      Thomas is John & Gemma’s youngest son that died from a heart defect when he was little. They show Jax visiting his grave in Season 1.

    • Sherry


      I rewound and watched a few times to get it right last night because I missed it the first time as well.

    • SOA = Best show on TV

      The letter read “The truth about your father is in these letters, you should know John like I did”

      I had to pause it to read it cause her hand writing was too close together but thats what it said.

    • Debra Teixeira

      Did you pay attention to the show at all??? Thomas was Jaxs’ younger brother. Thomas died as a baby from the same heart defect that runs in Gemmas’ family. He was saying that his younger son will never now this life, and hoped that Jax will not go into the life. Not an exact quote, but close.

  • nita

    I was very glad to see Stahl go. Her plastic face was killing me!

    • Olive

      Ally Walker did a great job as playing the villian.

  • Bob

    Sonny Barger in the finale…I wonder how many know who he is? great show; great finale.

    • Leigh

      Sonny wasn’t looking too hot at all…
      People have been wondering for awhile if he’s a consultant for the show.

    • lolabean30

      I agree, I thought that was awesome! This is by far the best show on TV. Kurt Sutter is a genius. I cannot wait for season 4!

    • JodiMarie

      My husband pointed out who he was. I thought it was cool he would do a show.

    • lala

      sonny barger is 74, so he is no spring chicken. add to that a lot of years of hard living. surprised he looks as good as he does, or is even alive for that matter.

    • Debra Texeira

      lots of people!!!

  • angel3971

    So Thomas was actually jax’s younger brother, I got that now. But I swear the bottom of maureens letters said “you should know john liked d**k” Somebody please look for a screenshot of the episode and tell me if you see the same thing?? It’s driving me crazy!!

    • Andrea

      I believe it said, You should know him like I did…but your version made me laugh!

      • angel3971

        Andrea….thank you so much for clearing that up for me!! I feel much better now!

  • David

    One question: Why is this show consistently ignored by the Emmies? Kate Segal is unparalleled. The writing is brilliant with complex storylines that make sense. Why isn’t this show seen as on par with Mad Men, Breaking Bad. FX and AMC rock.

    • lolabean30

      I completely agree!

    • Derek

      I absolutely agree……having said that, I thought they gave her a much better storyline last year. Not that I didn’t enjoy this year’s as well. I did. Just much more emotional last year. Id I were her, I’d submit Episode 5, the one where she’s in the hospital and confronts Tara about being pregnant and has that great scene with Stahl.

    • Olive

      I feel the same way about SOA and the Wire. Both shows have excellent writing and acting but are always ignored. SOA is the best show on television right now hands down.

  • Lady R

    The finale was great-I watched it twice! AWESOME!

  • joy

    I love this show. I loved the finale. When Jax smiled in the paddy wagon, it blew my mind.

  • Sharon

    Sthal got what was coming her way. She deserved it. She has been trouble from the start. Cant wait to see what happens in Season 4!

  • joyce chandler

    I love this show. I loved the finale. Jax smiling in the paddy wagon blew my MIND.

  • Joe

    Great final episode. The cameo by Sunny Barger was awesome!

  • karen

    UNFREAKINGBELIEVABLE! I had to watch it twice and I may go home and watch it again tonight. How am I suppose to wait a year for SAMCRO?

  • Al

    Excellent stuff! Bravo to Sutter et al. I felt certain ALL loose ends would be wrapped up but then realized Hale was let off the hook when Jax offed Salazar. Maybe Season 4 will kick off with SAMCRO’s release from prison coinciding with Hale’s taking office. and then let the fun begin!

  • A. Rae

    I can’t stop smiling today about how beautifully everything played out… I feel like Kurt Sutter just gave me the best Xmas present I’m likely to get this year. Thinking back to all the scenes that seemed a little off, and reflecting on that new knowledge that all the guys probably knew about the deal all along (before they went to Belfast, in my opinion), makes up for everything that wasn’t perfect about this season. Now if they would only release the DVD before next Labor Day, so we can go back and check for clues!

  • SOA = Best show on TV

    I loved it. At the beginning of this season I was not feeling it, I liked Half Sack and when he died last year I thought he should of gotten more screen time in the first episode of this season and instead it was a bout the drive by and I didnt like that. But I got over it and once they hit Ireland I loved it. Most of my friends didnt really like teh Irish story arc but I liked it. I was sad when they killed McGee even if he was a turn coat. I liked all of it. The look on Jax face when he walked into that hostage situation last week was a real look like he didnt really think Tara was in trouble till he saw her. Great stuff.

    But this last episode was just too good for TV. HBO type stuff IMO.

    Opie sitting in the back seat about to shoot Stahl…was one of the best moments of the show. He looked both happy to get his vengence and sad he had to do it all at the same time.

    Chibbs slashing Jimmy O’s face and stabbing him was also one of teh best moments for SOA. Loved it.

    Such a good end to such a good season and Im sure it will get no look at the emmys but I dont care, like Lost I dont need the emmys to tell me this show is the best.

    Now with all that said I look forward to season 4, some jail time is sure to bring back Zoebell from season 2 since he controls the drugs in prison. I look forward to seeing the SOA get its payback on the man who had Gemma raped. And thats just the jail time stuff, Jax is going to flip if he finds out Clay killed his father. Great season!

    • ksoze

      I wonder…Jax is more like Clay than like John. He may see John as a betrayer of the club as Clay and Gemma did.

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