Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: The final four!

As November comes to a close, so does EW.com’s first Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year Bracket Game. We’re down to the final four, each of whom is already a winner — they’ve been voted tops in their genre. The overall title, however, is the one that comes with bragging rights, so now is when they need your votes most. Who will you push into the finals?

Underappreciated-Entertainers-16AImage Credit: LeAnn Mueller; Frank Masi; Frank Micelotta/Fox; Michael Yarish/CBSThe first semifinal matchup pits music winner Allison Iraheta against movies’ Karl Urban. Urban, who held his own opposite Bruce Willis in RED, fought his way to this round with narrow victories over the likes of Stanley Tucci (Easy A) and Sam Rockwell (Iron Man 2) — impressive. Iraheta, who took out fellow American Idol alum Elliott Yamin and Brandon Flowers on her way to the final four, finally got the respect someone who can sing like this (and this) live deserves. Too bad it didn’t come from her record label, Jive, who parted ways with her last fall as she was opening for Adam Lambert.

The second semifinal matchup finds So You Think You Can Dance‘s Cat Deeley taking on Criminal Minds’ Thomas Gibson. You may be surprised to see Gibson emerge the scripted TV victor: his fans not only outvoted those of The Vampire Diaries‘ Paul Wesley, the same ones who mobilized to help Ian Somerhalder defeat Robert Pattinson for the EW.com title of Sexiest Beast last summer, but also anyone still fuming that Sons of Anarchy‘s Katey Sagal was snubbed by Emmy voters this year. But let’s not forget that Criminal Minds is a Top 10 show, averaging 16 million viewers in its sixth season. Season-to-date, it’s the No. 1 show on Wednesday (bettering Modern Family head-to-head in total viewers). It’s also routinely among the Top 10 most DVR’d shows, which means those who watch it are loyal. The delightful Deeley earning the reality-TV title, on the other hand, isn’t a huge surprise: Each year, EW.com readers lament the fact that she still has yet to nab an Emmy nomination for reality host when she’s so deserving (she cares about the contestants, she doesn’t make the show about her or the judges, and she dresses better than Heidi Klum).

Vote below! Click here to see the whole bracket. 

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  • Jon

    It hurts that Gibson’s character Special Agent Broodyson beat Katey Sagal, but he still beats a host . . . er . . . presenter.

    • Jason Sedakis

      This is literally THE WORST TOP 4 of ANY LIST…EVER!!!

      • Josh

        HAHA so true.

      • Boo Radley

        No kidding. I didn’t vote for any of them.

      • B-

        Any “Underappreciated” list that doesn’t have Robyn in the top 4 is a mess. Really? A cast off from American Idol? I’m going to have to go with Karl Urban then.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Yeah, what a bunch of yawners.

      • anya

        Haha agreed.

      • Jamie

        Other than Kat (who is under-appreciated and so deserves some Emmy love), I agree. Sorry, but Allison’s CD didn’t deserve to succeed and I don’t even know who these other two peeps are other than the one that used to be Greg of Dharma & Greg and I thought he sucked on that show.

      • Tasmin

        Karl Urban doesn’t belong with these three; Urban brought the sexy to Xena, Star Trek, Bourne and Lord of the Rings. That is one sexy hombre.

      • Nick

        HAHAHAA I agree! Worth Final 4 list in the history of final 4 lists.

      • christine

        seriously the the worst, they had a billion choices to choose from and this is what america chooses. how weird

      • yawn

        This is one of the worst reporting fails ever. Elliot Yamin wasn’t even on the same season as Allison Iraheta. I don’t recall ever seeing Brandon Flowers competing on American Idol.

      • @Yawn

        Get your facts straight before you criticize other people. She beat out Elliot Yamin and Brandon Flowers to get to the final 4 of the “Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year” poll. It states that clearly in the article.

      • Sam

        I totally agree. I’m looking at this list wonder who the hell these people are.

      • laylagalise


      • nora

        Awwww!!!! How sour are the grapes today! C’mon guys, Thomas G. won it fair and square! And we will make sure, he emerges the final winner. See you around…LOSERS!

      • Tracey D. Sims

        Ha! It is.

      • Marianne

        Agreed, this list sucks, with the exception of Thomas Gibson (and that’s only because I like Criminal Minds).
        Plus, how can Cat Deeley be “underappreciated” when she’s won a BAFTA?!?!

      • XSE Drake

        So what you’re saying is… you under-appreciate them?

      • robert

        I absolutely agree!

      • Kayla

        OMG. Seriously. This is just terrible.

      • SuperTrooper

        This is a really strong final four. So strong I couldn’t care less about any of them.

      • jen


      • Erikka

        NO Way, Gibson is the best!!!

      • Michelle

        I AGREE. Paul Wesley should’ve won this thing.

    • Anna

      Agree, hate that some fan collusion resulted in something that doesn’t maye sense. I mean Gibson is good, but he’s not better than KS in any shape way or form.

      • cathaign

        KS fans didn’t vote then. Gibson won by a landslide.

      • Natalie

        Some crazy fans definitely hijacked this one. Note to EW…these polls aren’t working when obsessed fans can vote 100 times a day!

      • Melissa

        You can vote as many times as you want, but your vote only counts once.

      • Carolyn Osborne

        Obviously – you people don’t watch Criminal Minds. Thomas Gibson is so far past his Darma & Grey acting. He has really created and interesting character out of Hotchner on the show. Watch it before you shoot your mouth off.

    • Mickey

      I like Cat Deeley but she needs to find a better designer–she wears some really really wierd outfits

      • RK

        I just want to vote against that crooked nose.

    • Linda H

      Usually I would agree with you, but Cat Deeley is special. Her warmth and connection with both the dancers and the audience is an important part of the show. SYTYCD is my favorite TV show and it wouldn’t be nearly as good without her.

      • john marsh

        I agree, Cat’s supportive and her natural grace shows. She’s the best. And SYTYCD is by far my favorite show of the year too. I wish they would do even more with the past performer coming onto the show. Have a big reunion show!

      • Bruno G.

        So true… She is simple the best host (with Tom Bergeron) on TV. I’m in Canada, and our host for SYTYCD is so annoying, I just can’t watch it. Cat is great !

      • RK

        She’s awful. She tries to become too much of the show, and I’m sick of having to have a Brit in every reality show.

    • Ulysses

      ” UNDER-APPRECIATED ” it says, NOT who we like and are doing alright but could be doing better. “Under-appreciated.” Maybe all of us misunderstand the the concept. However, in mind of resaon, ALLISON IRAHETA IS deserves SSO much more recognition. Karl Urban is NOT underappreciated-at least for me. He is doing WELL. Allisons record had AT LEAST 3 to 4 songs that should have been number one hits, and a few more top ten worthy. The girl CAN SING. Rock and Roll is dying(whether pop-rock or anytype), and u ppl who like Rock keep fighting all the connections. Grow up.

  • AK

    How is Cat Deeley losing right now? Come on!

    • alex

      EXACTLY what I was thinking? How is Cat losing?

      • SMH

        Second. Who the hell is voting for the guy on the Mental CSI show?

      • bruno

        wt csi mental f? chant it. deel-ey! deel-ey! deel-ey!

      • Maddie

        I voted for Thomas…….I am a woman…….THAT IS HOW HE IS WINNING…..And he is on Crimnal Minds Thank you!

      • @ Maddie

        What has being a woman got to do with anything? I’m a woman and I voted for Cat!!! (BTW: Criminal Minds is the most ridiculous show)

      • Aprilcot26

        I like Gibson, and I watch Criminal Minds BECAUSE it’s a ridiculous show. But I totally voted for Cat. How that little leprechaun Seacrest gets more love than her is baffling.

      • Wheezer

        Umm it is Criminal Minds NOT CSI. Also, I have not missed an episode of So You Think You Can Dance since it started, but if you watched Criminal Minds too you would understand how Thomas Gibson is the glue that makes the show truly GREAT!

      • Luddite

        Yeah, I’m a woman and I still voted for Cat.

      • @@Maddie

        Criminal Minds is one of the best shows on TV, along with NCIS, Castle ans Bones. reality shows (SYTYCD) are for dumb people who do not have enough intelligence to understand this kind of TV Shows’ (the criminal series kind) scripts. That said, you are all very stupid (except the ones who voted, or will vote, for CM’s TG). Thomas Gibson deserved an Emmy Nomination this year for all the excellent work he did on the series 5th season, specilly episodes 1, 8, 9, and 10.

      • Kate

        @@maddie, as a forensic psychologist (you know, someone who actually works with criminal minds), I can tell you Criminal Minds is FAR stupider than SYTYCD and can only be enjoyed if you are “too dumb” (your own words) to know how false everything (but especially the psychology) on that show is. I can watch brainless reality, but I can’t watch brainless scripted shows. You want to see smart? Check out the Wire. Breaking Bad.

      • @ Maddie again

        No it’s because I have TOO much intelligence to even be able to suspend belief at the stuff that goes on on this show. Just one example: some serial killer is after some kid and members of the team have to drive like a bat out of hell to reach this kid instead of just calling local law enforcement to go and protect the family. Why are they always the ones who have to lead searches even though they don’t know the area? I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that Criminal Minds is by far the most inane of the procedural shows. And I enjoy procedural shows.

      • Excuse Me Maddie?

        It’s because I have TOO much intelligence to even be able to suspend belief at the stuff that goes on on this show. Just one example: some serial killer is after some kid and members of the team have to drive like a bat out of hell to reach this kid instead of just calling local law enforcement to go and protect the family. Why are they always the ones who have to lead searches even though they don’t know the area? I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that Criminal Minds is by far the most inane of the procedural shows. And I enjoy procedural shows.

      • Maddie

        I only said one comment and all I get all that crap for it??? THAT is your choices if someone likes SYTYCD, I happen to like Criminal Minds. It is NOT stupid. But then again that is my opinion. I have not called one person on here a name for what choice they like so DON’T CALL ME ONE.

      • Anna P

        @ Kate – Really? You have that much education under your belt and you actually say things like “is FAR stupider”? Serious waste of education.

      • Jo

        Your words from earlier post. Read them carefully and then think about your 3:14pm post.

        “Reality shows (SYTYCD) are for dumb people who do not have enough intelligence to understand this kind of TV Shows’ (the criminal series kind) scripts. That said, you are all very stupid (except the ones who voted, or will vote, for CM’s TG).”

      • Jo

        Forgot to say that the first post was for Maddie.

      • Maddie

        @Jo, well your first post should NOT have been for me. The only comment I made about that was this:

        Maddie Mon 11/29/10 2:26 AMI voted for Thomas…….I am a woman…….THAT IS HOW HE IS WINNING…..And he is on Crimnal Minds Thank you!

        So whoever you were directed your comments on they shouldn’t have been to ME! I didn’t say what you wrote in your comment. That must have been someone else. Come on people READ before you reply to someone that didn’t EVEN say what you wrote about.

      • Maddie

        Jo I love Criminal Minds. I never said: ““Reality shows (SYTYCD) are for dumb people who do not have enough intelligence to understand this kind of TV Shows’. I never said that…….

    • Nick T

      I can’t believe Cat Deely’s losing to some random unattractive man.

      • allie

        Just like in real life redognition scenarios (ie- the Emmys) Cat can’t get no respect… shame on you EW voters!!!

      • ele

        Unattractive??????Are you kidding? He is too hot! And a wonderful actor who can do drama as well as comedy!!! TG rocks!

      • Hi

        Um, TG is HOTT! Not unattractive in even the smallest way…and his character is even hotter. I don’t miss an epi of either SYTYCD or CM and I ADORE Cat, but between the 2, I gotta go w/ TG!

      • Liza

        In case you didn’t read the article where it explains just how many people watch Criminal Minds, Thomas Gibson isn’t random. That being said, I’m a huge fan of both shows and both Cat and TG. They both do fantastic work.

      • Chelle

        @ Maddie – I agree with u 100% about Criminal Minds, its the best show. And the person who claims they do the same for a living, should know how to write. The exact words spoke was: As a Foresic Psychologist, Criminal Minds is far stupider? Well a “Professional Forensic Psychologist” would know how stupider isn’t a word. It would be far more stupid, to be used correctly. lol. But Maddie don’t let people act like u don’t know what your talking about because I also love Criminal Minds since day 1… Take care. :)

      • Janet

        Unattractive? You have got to be kidding! He is the main reason I watch the series! Second reason is its a very good series!

    • brandy

      Seriously! C’MON CAT!

    • Al

      Come on Cat!!!!

    • Kvivik

      Just for this, I’m going to log on to every work computer I have access to and voting for Thomas Gibson. Any of the other three finalists have more talent in their little toes than that tv host chick.

      • Wheezer

        Now..now ..now. I think Cat Deely is great too, but TG got my vote. To like one does not mean you can not appreciate the other. I just wish they had not been paired until the final!!!!

    • Katie

      Thomas Gibson fans unite that is why they are losing. Thomas has a very strong fan base and anyone will be hard pressed beating him.

      • Jennifer

        I agree. Maybe one of these days the Emmys will actually listen to the fans and put someone like Thomas on the ballot. My sister hated him on Dharma & Greg but can’t get enough of him on CM.
        I also have no idea who those women are. I’ve heard of Karl Urban but to tell you the truth when I first read his name I thought it said Keith Urban but Thomas Gibson gets all my votes anyway.

      • lesliemd

        I don’t watch Criminal Minds on a regular basis, but I did like Thomas Gibson when he appeared in Chicago Hope.

        REALLY loved him when he played Beauchamp Day in Tales of th City. Incredibly hot wrapped in a towel. Yum!

      • Susie

        Finally, someone I can relate to, Katie and a few others out there. Love, love, love TG. Watch CM all the time….even watch SYTYCD which I also like. But seriously, you can’t think CD can beat TG can you??? He’s and actor, she just talks….go CM!!!

    • Liz

      I’m going to answer your question. The reason Cat Delee is loosing is because she sucks. She is freaking annoying as hell and has no tallent.

    • Sarah El

      My thoughts exactly. Cat should take the crown!

  • LDR

    Allison FTW!
    Allison is a great talent and I still don’t get how she got no respect. Her album is decent and, I think, has lots of radio-friendly awesome tunes. As all albums, there are some duds there. Too bad some of the duds were chosen by her label as singles.
    Anyone with doubts should check out her AOL sessions of Trouble Is and Holiday.

    • Zach

      Friday I’ll B Over U was very good though. You can’t blame Allison that her record label won’t give her a chance. Talent that young takes time to nurture, and no pageanty talent show can substitute for that. Fox is embarrassing itself. Fox and Idol should require that Jive Records at least wait 2 years before dropping an Idol alum due to low sales of the first album. You don’t have to promise a 2nd album, but you should give her time to find a new label before dumping her. It only makes Jive and Fox and Idol all look bad.

      • Sarah

        “Friday I’ll B Over U” is an amazing song. The people who criticize it obviously are incredibly pretentious and think they can’t like anything fun.

    • hen

      but compare her to robyn! robyn is way better than allison. its just that simple. musically and in terms of diversity robyn holds her own against almost any performer i can think of. i like allison but come on… i just dont know how she won.

      • WTF?

        She won because American Idol fans are the most rabid out there. They have millitary precision when it comes to voting for their favorite contestants in polls.

      • scrutinizer

        Allison can outsing most of the so called “superstars” out there! Just check out the you tube videos of the live performances on the American Music Awards last week and you’ll see what I mean. There were soooo many performances on that show that were pitchy at best, and remember that Allison sang week after week on Idol… LIVE WITH NO AUTO TUNE (unlike some singers)and delivered impassioned pitch perfect vocals every time. She is without a doubt the most underrated artist of these four….that’s why she gets my vote!

      • RoqueMocan

        I would say Allison has a lot of mainstream fans, and of all ages, at that. She is liked by youngsters for her spunk and aw-shucks manner and also because many of the songs on her CD speak to them directly (“Scars” go check how many covers by younguns are there in YouTube). And she is liked by older people that remember good music from the rock and pop/rock era too.

  • Mindy

    I voted for Cat Deeley!

  • Zach

    Cat FTW!!

    • nora

      Thomas Gibson fans and friends, THIS IS THE MOMENT OF TRUTH! LET’S ALL VOTE FOR THOMAS GIBSON and show those Emmy guys there’s no point snubbing one of the brightest names in TV land today!

      • Maddie

        I did!!!!!!!!

      • Fran

        Just because someone wins a popularity contest doesn’t mean they should win an acting award.

      • Ruthie

        Good point, Fran.

      • Kate

        Thank you Fran. That’s how William Shatner won over James Gandolfini.

      • Jennifer

        Fran: I agree, unfortunately that seems to be the way the Emmys work. Just because a show/actor is popular doesn’t mean they know how to act. The shows that I tend to watch tend to get overlooked which is why to this day it still shocks me that 24 was ever nominated for anything. Ironically, most of the shows that get nominated are ones I can’t sit through, I’ve actually fallen asleep trying to watch Grey’s Anatomy.

      • Mar

        DEFINITELY! C’MON! VOTE FOR THOmAS! He’s the best! I love him as Thomas Gibson. He’s an amazing actor and he deserves to win this.

      • diyosaph

        Those who say Thomas cannot act should watch the episode where he was in the car driving fast to try to save his wife while on the phone with her and the killer. His reaction alone when he heard the shots should get him all the awards there are for tv roles.

      • Susie

        Nora, I love you!!! Finally, TG gets some credit. He’s been working very hard for us to bring us a good show week after week, and he was never appreciated, until now. Go TG!!!

  • therealdbuck

    Allison all the way! :)

    • scrutinizer

      Looks like we’re in a minority, but still glad some of us recognize REAL talent!

      • RoqueMocan

        Agree, Allison is all talent, and, to me, her first CD still has mileage in it – it is just that more people get to know it. I know because after Monster High premiered, a lot of people were searching for her songs even though they didn’t know her…

      • Maddie

        I love Allison but you need to direct your anger at Jive for dropping such a talented girl!

  • I wish EW would lock these polls to where it’s one vote per computer. It’s too easy to game the system here. I know, this isn’t serious/something to get upset over and it drives up page views, but still.

  • Casey

    How is it that Thomas Gibson beat both John Noble and Katey Sagal?

    • Ruthie

      I have no idea. I was wondering that myself. I LOVE John Noble.

    • fg

      Thomas Gibson beat John Noble!!!!! Sorry I haven’t been following this but that is ridiculous! I’ve tried to watch Criminal Minds but one of the reasons I can’t is because Thomas Gibson always looks so pale and depressed. I know his job is hard but he needs to take a vacation, get some sun, eat a few cheeseburgers and buy a new suit and things will start to look up and maybe he can smile occasionaly.

      • Decidius

        How you would you act if your job was taking a toll on your marriage or if some maniac killed your wife while you were on the phone with her whilst driving as fast as you can so you can save her in time? This being the same maniac who also stabbed you seven times.

      • Shweetie79

        Are you kidding me??? Thomas Gibson is AWESOME!!! He makes that show! His portrayal of Aaron Hotchner is one of the BEST on tv right now. So many of the new tv shows on now are just plain old stupid.Criminal Minds is good stuff!!

  • hader fan

    Julie Chen > cat deely

    • Aprilcot26

      HELL no.

  • JessieD

    I love Cat, but Gibson is the perfect example of someone undervalued. He is crazy talented and never gets even an honorable mention.

  • ?????

    FINALLY Cat Deeley is seriously annoying EW. Please stop jamming her so far down our throats.

    • Kat

      Blasphemy! :) Cat Deeley is an absolute treasure; I was surprised to see her losing. She and Tom Bergeron are simply the best, and she’s proved that she’s just as perfect on live TV. I will never understand how Heidi Klum keeps getting Emmy nominations for robotically pseudo-hosting a show using the same phrases week after week, year after year…and Cat gets zilch. Aaaanyways, of course not everybody likes the same people so I can’t really fault you for not liking Cat – but EW isn’t jamming her down anyone’s throats. The readers have kept her in the contest, so…I think that suggests she’s pretty popular. And it’s not like EW has gone full-Glee on the Cat Deeley coverage. She’s really not mentioned that often.

      • Bridget

        I’m a professional performer and I deal with many entertainers. I cannot believe that Cat Deeley is even in the running. She is such a no talent and boring as hell. Her wardrobe is trashy looking, she has no pizazz or wit and if it wasn’t for the cue cards she wouldn’t know what to say. She tries to be cute and funny and she is so not funny. It’s no wonder she’s losing by a landslide.

      • Mocha

        I love Cat! I think she’s adorable, and you can tell she really cares about the dancers. I mean, can you imagine Ryan Seacrest hugging contestants when they’re all sweaty or inviting a bunch of them to a July 4th barbecue? I can’t, and to me, he’s a million times more annoying than Cat.

      • Tim

        Cat Deeley is not attractive! She stands up there and speaks. How much talent do you need for that? I have to say this (Wife demanded it) that who ever styles Cat needs to go back to school. (Ok Wife you happy?)

    • Garry

      Oh, go jam something else down your throat.

  • EC

    Yes! C’mon Allison! She deserves to win this and much more! She’s such an amazing talent!

  • KD

    Cat Deeley neeeeeeeeeeeeeds to win!!! And also Allison! I love her!

  • sarCC

    No Robyn or Sam Rockwell? This site is useless.

    • Cara

      I want Sam Rockwell!!!

      • ger

        And I want Robyn

  • Bren

    I like the little red rocker, but I’ve been a Karl Urban for ages. She’s been underrated for a year, he’s been underrated for a decade.

    • Bren

      …I meant Karl Urban “fan”…oops…I blame the cold meds.

      • tipsy

        C`mon, Urban fans, vote for Karl! It`s a photofinish between him and Iraheta. I guess all teens will give her the vote, though.

    • Tajah

      Its about time Karl Urban got some love. Vote for him!!!

    • azn

      ahaha I’m only voting for Karl Urban because of LOTR. all my faves were knocked out =(

    • Strepsi

      Seriously, URBAN FTW. Never mind his movies this year, he got NO press for Star Trek and his Bones was the best acting in it. A perfect balance of impersonation and new blood, you could totally believe he;d turn into old Forest DeKelley. URBAN.

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