Sarah Palin, Justin Bieber, 'Jersey Shore' cast on this year's Most Fascinating People list

Barbara-Walters-fascinating-peopleImage Credit: Donna Svennevik/ABCBarbara Walters has revealed eight of the 10 people on her Most Fascinating list, and as usual, it’s a puzzling mix. The list includes:

Justin Bieber: I really hope he sings a version of “Baby” in which he replaces the word “baby” with “Barbara.” Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, oooooh! That would indeed fascinate me.
Sandra Bullock: Agree! The whole first half of 2010 was Sandra Bullock time. Also, everyone loves her.
LeBron James: Was that ESPN special “fascinating” to you?
Jennifer Lopez: Hm.
Kate Middleton: Agree. A new, real-life princess. How fascinating.
Sarah Palin: This is her third year in a row on the list. For someone who despises the “mainstream media,” she sure gets a lot of coverage.
Betty White: It might seem like ages ago that Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live, but that was technically this year!
The cast of The Jersey Shore: Oy.

Usually ABC reveals nine people before the show airs, leaving just the numero uno most fascinating person a mystery, but I guess this year they want to build extra intrigue into the Dec. 9 airing.

So who does that leave us with?

I’d be shocked if neither Barack nor Michelle Obama made the list — she won last year, he won the year before — but stranger things have happened. (For example, the cast of The Jersey Shore making it.) Lady Gaga was one of the chosen few last year, and I’m not sure that enough has changed for her to make the list again. Mark Zuckerberg seems like a solid choice, given that he’s never made the cut and interest in the Facebook CEO (bitch) has never been higher. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim Kardashian made this list, strictly based on the number of magazine covers she was on this year, though I’d rather see James Franco on the show, even if he has yet to release a Franco-branded debit card. Finally, either Ryan Murphy or the entire cast of Glee seems like a gimme.

You know the drill, PopWatchers: Who’s your most fascinating person of 2010? And what do you think of Barbara Walters’ choices so far? Who are your guesses for the other to spots on the list?

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  • Erin

    I’m sure the Chilean Miners are on the list. Their survival is pretty interesting.

    • Joanna

      Whether there’s an anti-Jersey Shore backlash or not, I can totally see why they could be considered fascinating, even if it’s just in a trainwreck kinda way. I can also see why Bieber is there, and Palin could be on that list (although Palin’s “buzz seems to have peaked and died). What truly puzzles me is Jlo’s inclusion. She hasn’t had a hit film or hit record in ages, she’s not embroiled in any scandal, high-profile romance or any kind of Oscar-Season buzz. And her AI season hasn’t even started, so we can’t even say that she’s gotten rave reviews that led to some sort of J-Lo renaissance. So why is she there? She must have an amazingly well-connected agent with lots of industry pull…

      • etm

        There is NOTHING fascinating about Sammi “Sweetheart”.

      • Darth Vader

        successful…you’re not mature.

        And a young man cannot give you the real love that a mature man can.

      • Mike


      • emma

        justin bieber is a ugly girl buttface loser

      • sexyroseseekingxc

        oh amazing , i love this ! I am a 38-year old lawyer and single at present ..and now I am seeking a woman who can love me back … So i got a username 007searching on —–Matchrich.C0M– is the first and best club for wealthy people and their admirers. D’ating CEOs, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, professional models and cheerleaders, and even Hollywood celebrities is an easy experience there…you don’t have to be rich ,but you can meet one there , lol i love it…~~~~~wow, awful judgmental on a 16 year old boy aren’t we? Mayhap you are jealous of the lil kid making a few youtube videos and becoming a pop star?

    • Sues

      Swear to God – why on earth would anyone over the age of 13 care about Bieber??? To me, the most fascinating person should be the idiot who somehow found the magic formula to make Bieber anything.

      • Judy

        Could not have said it better.

        If you like Justin Bieber’s music, fine. But Justin Bieber himself is not a fascinating person in the least…to be fascinating you have to be able to learn something new or gain a new perspective from it. There is nothing to be learned from that child.

      • jodipo

        wow, awful judgmental on a 16 year old boy aren’t we? Mayhap you are jealous of the lil kid making a few youtube videos and becoming a pop star?

      • Jill

        What’s fascinating about Justin Bieber is how he went from nothing to this crazy success basically overnight. Like him or not, he was a kid whose mommy put him on YouTube, and now he’s a multi-million dollar sensation.

      • @jodipo

        Jealous? Hardly. Bieber is not “fascinating”, simply because the teen idol thing has been done before and before and before. He’s just this year’s flavor.

      • @Sues

        That would be Usher and I doubt you would say anything to his face about it…

      • Darth Vader

        Someday, if you are lucky, some of you will realize that money is not the joyous rose that you perceive it to be.

      • Really?!?!?!?!?

        Really who would pick Justin Beaver!!!!!! Like seriously!!!!!! And why didn’t Barbara pick Julia Roberts she has been in a bunch of great movies.Like Pretty Woman, EatPrayLove, Valentines Day,…..ect!!!!!! Please Barbara, take Justin off, he is just a one hit wonder. Why did he even get to be famouse. i can make a bunch of Youtube videos and nobody from Hollywood would even look at one. So Justin Beaver must get kicked off!!!!!!!!!!

      • sarah

        Justin Bieber is a talented kid. He is also a good role model so far. He is not over saturated with sex like many pop stars today. Let him have his moment.

      • Barn door

        What’s fascinating about JB is his incredible and incredibly fast rise to fame. Be happy for him, he’s just a kid, and wouldn’t we all have loved that to happen to us.

      • king momo

        haha and that idiot was Usher
        perfect comment

      • BlfastMan

        Justin is from my home town of Stratford, Ontario, and is well known to have been a snotty little kid. He still is. What is facscinating is how the marketing gurus snatch up a cute looking little boy and turn him into a fortune making icon. Shame of the suckers (mostly 13 year olds)who buy it and shame on the snake oil salesmen who sell it.

    • BFD

      I think this program has outlived its usefulness. Either that or Barbara isn’t carrying much clout anymore and this is who she could get.

      • Elisa

        I think Barbara’s outlived her usefulness. It’s long past time her ship sailed off into a graceful retirement.

      • Dotty

        Please get off the subject of Sara Palin, all she wants is what money she can beg off the Americans, she is a deer killer, she should stay home with her children instead of trapsin all over the country begging money

    • Ann

      Boycott this show. Walters has become a total hack. The pandering she did on the View and the total dissing of Bristol the Pistol’s baby daddy so that she can just get Palin is soooooo obvious and atrocious. Also, Having Palin on the show…three years in a row is puzzling unless oh wait…Palin who abhors the “lame-stream media” actually courts so said lame-stream media. Not really interested in the last two people. As Joy Behar would say “So What! Who cares?”

      • Pam

        This is kind of a sad list for Barbara, who has done great interviews over the years. Am surprised that it is so uninspired.

    • Bosco

      Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin, Cast of Jersey Shore? Apparently ABC doesn’t perform random drug tests.


      President-Elect Sarah Palin will defeat UTTERLY defeat the criminal One-Termer from Chicago. He will be imprisoned in January of 2013 for his crimes against the Gulf Coast, our troops and our country.

      • Storm

        Are you drunk? Or just really high. First off Sarah wont be President..I can almost guarantee that. And uh…President Obama has done nothing illegal against our troops, country or the Gulf Coast. – If Bush cant go to jail for the war crimes he has committed and for bending the Constitution rights, then Obama certainly wont for nothing. He actually cares about our troops.

      • Leigh

        Yes. He cares so much that he wanted to pass legislation to make it mandatory for our troops to have to pay for their own insurance when they returned from war. If not for the Veteran Organizations around the country squashing it before it came to congress then it may have become law. That’s how much he cares. Politicians are becoming greedy and heartless and Sara Palin is leaning toward that. Obama is all ready there.

      • Storm

        Sarah is greedier than Obama I can guarantee it. The insurance laws he passed were for people who cant afford insurance-having to pay 2000 almost or even 800 every time you go to the doctor. Majority of people arnt rich. Plus he wants to bring them home from a war that was never necessary.

      • Dotty

        This person who said this stuff about our President has to be a sicko

    • PN

      Those Chilean miners are the most fascinating for their courageousness of being trapped underground for 69 days and still living and being rescued. They’re still talked about even if they’ve vanished from front page headlines. And that’s more than overhyped celebrities like the Jersey Shore cast, Sarah, Justin, anybody whose last name is Kardashian and others. Perhaps Barbara couldn’t get to the representatives of Chile to do an interview with some of all of the miners. But it should be Sandra Bullock and the Chilean miners for this year–the most inspiring as well. The others should be crossed out and canceled and put in a special for next spring!

  • Potch

    Is Barbara going senile? Jersey Shore? Bieber? J-Lo? Really? Yuck.

    • DUKE!

      Seriously… JLo has not been fascinating since the media obsession with Bennifer. Uggh. I swear that woman has the best PR reps!

      Also, why can’t Barbs just interview these people PR people because they are the ones that have created the image.

    • mscisluv

      I actually get both Jersey Shore & Justin Bieber in terms of media fascination over them this year…but Jennifer Lopez? I mean, I guess people are interested in her American Idol judging stint, but she hasn’t done anything that would warrant being on this list.

      • viddingwithkyle

        I understand why she is on the list given her AI judging duties but I think it should have been Jennifer Lopez & Steven Tyler.

    • JR

      It’s official, Barbara Walters is a douchebag. Bieber? Jersey Shore? Palin? Jennifer f@#!#*g Lopez? I guess Barbara really liked The Back-up Plan. Shame on you, Ms. Walters. Shame….on….you.

    • Ann

      Best example of the dumbing down of America….this list of fascinating people!!!

    • Princess Leia

      You forgot Palin. Really?-Caribou Barbie? Hasn’t her 15min of fame horing been over since like 2008. No wonder she gets along with Kate G. Jersey Shore?..I know its a guilty Pleasure for MTV viewers but really…this is not a list people should aspire to be(punching,drinking,tanning,sex???).

      Kate, Sandra, Betty, and Jennifer are fine. But still this program has out-done its welcome.

    • Dotty

      yuck,yuck, Palin for presidnt no no no, not enough sense in that rattle head to be president of a pig sty

  • G in PA

    I am gonna say the miners from Chile. Sarah Palin three years in a row = EPIC FAIL

    • Stevex

      To honor Mrs. Palin, I will quit watching the show halfway through her segment.

      • JT

        Like she or anyone else cares. 5 million viewers took your place

      • jodipo

        HAHAHAHA!! win!

      • henrietta

        @stevex – score! I got it, at least…(I think). ROFL!!!

      • Princess Leia

        OH PAWNED!Nice one Stevex. Yeah she cant finish a term as Gov. but people think ( and she herself thinks) she can run our whole country for 4 straight years…DONT THINK SO!( I hear Britney’s ” Circus” song playing how convenient )

    • simps

      He meant because she stopped her term as governor half way through.

    • sheppard

      The only thing ‘fascinating’ about spalin is that she has been able to make a fortune by being nothing more than a professional victim.

  • Chris

    What a weak list. Only like two or three people on that list were relevant to 2010. The other people are old news or shouldn’t even be on there.

  • nodnarb

    Has her list always been this entertainment focused?

    • Kate

      Yes, as I recall it’s always been this stupid. I usually find one or maybe two of the people “fascinating.”

      • Slick

        Good call, Kate.

      • Isembard

        Agree completely. If these are the people she finds “fascinating”, I’m thinking that she must pretty easily entranced by shiny objects. Yikes.

      • Jamie

        I watched last year for the first time in like 10 years and it was such a lame show. I can’t believe that ABC still allows her to do this “special”. It’s basically a bunch of fluff and she comes off as being completely out of touch with reality.

      • henrietta

        @kate – ITA. I mean, heck. Any of the Kardashians is FAScinating???? I mean!! Appearing on every cover of OK! Magazine does not render one fascinating by any stretch. The weirdest thing about all of the K Klan and Kim in particular is that they are just soooooooo borrrrrinnnnngggggg….*snooze*

    • john

      Exactly, which is why i’d guess Kanye as #1 on her list.

    • kevin conway

      Josef Mengela was a fascinating murderer. So what.

  • Josie

    Imagine what it must feel like to be Sandra Bullock or Kate Middleton – oh Look! I made a list with…The Cast of Jersey Shore….and Sarah Palin.

    • NancyO

      LMAO!! Great Point!!

    • Pennykins

      Good point …. I think if I were either SB or KM I’d be insulted.

    • henrietta

      @josie – excellent point!! I’d be insulted and depressed.

  • G in PA

    I agree on the miners. Sarah Palin three years in a row=EPIC FAIL

  • mdb

    i have not agreed with this list in years no different this time around – i thought she was going to stop with these stupid things

    • ttb

      nope- she stopped doing the oscar specials.

    • Jason

      I seem to remember that too – that last year was going to be the last of this list. What happened?

      I don’t care how popular they are, the Jersey Shore cast and Justin Bieber are only the most fascinating to their fans (mostly teenagers) – everyone else could care less.

      • L

        You must be kidding me only 8% of teenagers like Justin Beaver!!!!!!

  • anya

    What the heck has Jennifer Lopez even done this year?? She is going to be a new judge on American Idol, but that season hasn’t even aired yet. So basically she hasn’t done anything. Out of all of these people she is the one I get the least.

    • llevinso

      Agreed. I read her name and I was like “why?” I didn’t even remember that she was a new judge on AI (probably because the show hasn’t started yet). Most fascinating she is certainly not.

      • graeme

        She had that big hit movie “The Back-Up Plan”.

  • Sue

    Only Sandra Bullock, Betty White and Kate Middleton hold any interest for me – the rest sounds like a big snooze…

  • Sarah

    I wouldn’t be so quick to guess the Chilean Miners to be on this list. I remember last year everyone thought Captain Sully would make her list and he didn’t.

    • Karate Pants

      I agree, especially since the “most fascinating” list doesn’t generally jive with actual notable people.
      Taylor Swift is noticeably absent from the nine…maybe she’s #1 …(shudder).

      • nodnarb

        Kanye’s missing too. (further shudder)

      • Karate Pants

        This is shaping up to be a frightening run for the gold.
        You know, while I pretty much don’t care about Barbara Walters – like, at all – I would actually nominate her legs as the #1 most fascinating. She’s 81. They’re remarkably nice legs.

      • L

        OMG!!!!!! TAYLOS SWIFT SHOULD TOTALLY BE # 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE WILL ALWAYS BE MY IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        BTW I THINK TAYLOR LAUTNER SHOULD BE # 2 HE IS AWESOME (AND HOT!!!!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lepodsky

      Nor did Jessica Lynch in ’03.

  • Josh

    I’m with Sue, those are the only three people who have any interest with me.

  • reason

    the list is clearly unbiased, which should be commended. Fans of these people or not, you can’t deny their cultural impact. Lopez was at the heart of the AI media frenzy for months, so I unerstand the inclusion.

  • 2cents

    I’m not getting Jersey Shore or JLow or Palin- been there, done that. Beiber..maybe (though I have no idea why he is so popular).
    What about Potter’s last hurrah? Glee has been making news – if not only for tackling tough issues like bullying.
    The return of animation (Megamind, How To Train, Tangled, Toy Story 3 – some of the best movies this year…well, not Megamind, but you get the idea).

    How about her heart dr.?

  • jcj

    With the world to choose from, Barbara Walters’ opinion of who is fascinating is bizarre to put it mildly. Sarah Palin AGAIN?…Justin Bieber?…Jersey Shore?…JLo?…please, give me a break. Barbara used to be relevant…no more…

    • Vickif

      Totally agree.

      • Tibby

        She hasnt been relevant for years. She would be better off standing guard over the fighting on The View.

    • dude

      ditto. how ’bout a humanitarian instead of entertainers?

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