'Breaking Dawn' photo: And with this, Bill Condon proves he's our people

Breaking-Dawn-photoIn case you missed Bill Condon’s Thanksgiving present to Twilight fans on Twitter, behold the first non-paparazzi photo from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1. Condon posted it on the film’s official Twitter page Nov. 25. He’s a classy Oscar winner, so he didn’t go with the accompanying text I would have: SEX! SEX! SEX! But still, more than 64,000 people have viewed the honeymoon shot. (In the book, Edward bites a pillow, or two, instead of Bella’s neck during their first night together, hence the feathers.) I love that this is the first photo he chose to reveal. He’s letting us know we’ll get our romance, and even if we won’t be seeing things that would garner the film an R rating, it’ll still get us excited.

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  • jordan

    yes…. ever so classy…

    • Jesus Christ

      Hey everyone, Jesus here.
      Can someone explain to me what Twilight is? I’m an old man but I try to keep up with pop culture. I’ve heard of Harry Potter, Jersey Shore, The Hills, Narnia, Teen Mom, etc. But I’ve never heard of Twilight. Is it a big thing? I guess not because then I would have heard about it. Also, judging by the story, I can see why its not that big and famous. The story sounds awful and is degrading for women. Did the people who made this thing that women would stand for this? A girl being commanded, dominated, and controlled by vampire is not inspiring at all.
      A girl who is independent and does not give up everything for a man, now thats a WOMAN that ladies can support. Very sexist if you ask me.

      • TLG

        Not that big and famous?!?! It beats out Harry Potter and star wars in movie ticket sales….

      • StewyFan

        Hmmm …. the last time I checked, Jesus is it … Bella saves everyone’s a$$ in three out of the four books. Just thought you should know. Oh sh*t, did I just say “a$$.” I’m sorry.

      • Iliana

        You never heard of Twilight, yet you talk all this stuff about female degradation, a girl controlled by a vampire, etc.
        Make up your mind about having heard of it or not.

      • Tha Phoenix


        Last time I checked, none of the Twilight movies have grossed more than any of the Harry Potter movies.

        Just saying.


      • ShannonW

        Yeah, you seem to have a lot of insight for someone who hasn’t read it. Anyway, I thought of all people, YOU would approve. A couple waiting until marriage to have sex? Isn’t that what you teach in the Bible and no one does anymore for some crazy reason, and therefore Bella and Edward should be commended for showing some restraint?

      • MCS

        I cant believe you people all believed this troll. That makes you more foolish than he is.

      • TGS

        P.S. It does not beat out Harry Potter and Star Wars in ticket sales, TLG. You suck.

      • Meredith

        Dude. You’re a moron, and pretending to be Jesus Christ is like… a cardinal sin.

      • Duncan

        Man, that chicken must have been the best f@#k that chick probably ever had

      • Yeah

        Yeah dude you’re like a mormon!.. I mean moron.

      • SaraJ

        So obviously Jesus Christ is kidding, but I have to be honest that I felt kind of bothered by the fact Bella was so willing to give up life and after-life in Heaven so quickly for some guy who she barely knew in her teens. Pretty immature (and frustrating to read — an unjustified storyline! But I guess what else is knew in Twilight?)

      • jodipo

        TLG, ummmm,no

      • LoveBug

        Why so angry? Is it because a human and a vampire represent “opposite marriage”? I’ve read your book “the bible” and its not exactly screaming women’s lib. Just saying…

      • Josh

        Okay not getting into a debate, I was just going to make a comment about how everyone better prepare for Twilight/Glee mania on EW(just wait until summer, Twilight/Glee/Harry Potter, oh dear) but umm..

        TLG Harry Potter is on it’s way(and actually might have already) surpassed the last Twilight’s world wide box office total in just two weeks. So I don’t think it’s made more ticket sales.

        And Star Wars(are we talking about the series) makes Twilight look like a speck…

        But I think you’re joking…I think..

      • Paul

        I think your teenage self should actually look up ticket sales for those movies. Twilight saga will never meet the cumulative total those movies have.

      • Mother Nature

        The way I see it, Bella hit the friggin lottery!! Other than death, what did she give up?? And what she gained from her decision far outweighs what she “gave-up”.

      • Leah

        @Mother Nature: I agree. What did she give up? Getting old? Getting sick? Dying? She got the man, she had a kid, she got to keep her family. Oh, and she saved everybody’s a** in the last 3 books. Yeah, immortality sounds like a real bitch :-p

      • Kenneth E. Bunkport III

        Duncan, you big silly. Those are CLEARLY goose feathers.

      • Twi-mom

        What I love about this story is the way it makes you remember how you felt as a girl in love at 17. How you want to be with that person so bad, but there are things in the way of your love for each other that it makes it dangerous to be together. They both fight to be with each other and that is how I felt at 17. So I can relate to some parts of the movie. They just made it with a twist…vampires an werewolves..

      • carlita

        Come on people, let’s not feed the troll.

      • Person Who Talks

        @TLG: You are a moron. Even if Twilight did beat Star Wars and HP at the box office (which it didn’t), the quantity of giggly, pre-teen girls and their sex-deprived mothers, does not equal quality or legacy of a film (or novel). Twilight, along with Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and all this other junk is just a fad. Pretty soon, Stephanie Myers will be just as famous and relevant as Frankie Goes to Hollywood.


        I think Jersey Shore is way worse than Twilight.

      • things that make you go hmmmm

        The book is not about a woman being dominated or commanded. She does most of the actual saving. She’s the one that saves them all in the end. If you really read the book, you will see that she did make her own choices despite what everyone else wanted for her.

      • Kanne

        TLGMon 11/29/10 7:17 PM
        Not that big and famous?!?! It beats out Harry Potter and star wars in movie ticket sales….

        Actually this isn’t true… The Twilight series outsell Harry Potter on opening night ticket sales. However, overall every Harry Potter movie has grossed more than any Twilight movie. Just sayin.

      • Lisap

        Dear Lord (no pun intended) thank you for pointing out the uncomfortable dynamic between Edward and Bella. There is something so off about their relationship. Not romantic at all.

        And StewyFan, all of their trouble was because of Bella. Then when they tried to get the poor breakable human out of the way to deal with the problems she caused, she puts herself and everyone else in trouble again by insisting she be able to save everyone/prove herself/take responsibility for a problem she caused/etc.

        I was never going to like Bella, but I could have been OK with the books if someone, ANYone had just edited them so that the world would not have been inflicted with that literary insult.

      • Lisap

        LVJELLYFISH I disagree for one reason: JS is aware of how ridiculous it is (the people on it not so much, but the people ho produce/watch it are) and that is part of the entertainment value. Twilight thinks it’s legit and it’s not. It’s a laughing at vs laughing with type of situation.

      • lame

        Where is the creativity? Why would any of you respond to this obvious troll?

      • Kat

        oh please!

      • asmith

        Jesus…are you a mormon? What are your thoughts about Sister Wives? LOL

      • Natasha

        I agree completely. You’ve summed up my thoughts.
        Twilight blows.

      • Kemi

        How blasphemous of you to claim that you are Jesus Christ; This is unbelievable.
        If you don’t like the Twilight Saga and have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything.
        The Twilight Saga is definitely not about domination.
        Have you read you Bible, lately? I think you should, especially the part where wives have to be submissive to their husbands and all that.
        Obviously, the Bible cannot be compared to any other book but the way women are treated in it — some men/kings marrying more than 1 wife etc — is not necessarily the way that women today want to be treated and certainly does not scream women liberation!!! The way Edward treats Bella — minus the scary obsession, in the beginning, and the vampire part– is definitely more like it!!!

      • Dean

        @ Twi-Mom-

        If you are okay with teen sex in the movies, I guess you are okay with becoming a grandma when your kids are 17. You should be ashamed of yourself. Do society a favor, if you haven’t had kids yet, don’t? We are tired of people like you falling for the lust thing, when you should be worrying about having a life outside of some boy!

      • elsie

        yo Jesus Christ(that’s very disrespectful to a lot of people, your username) you are crazy and quite frankly stupid because if you didn’t know what this story was about you wouldn’t just have gave a brief summery of your opinion of the book and its characters, in this article it never talks about degrading women, so you obviously are just an ass who has nothing better to do than ridicule what people like whether it has a good background or not just like harry potter- good story but possibly one of the most demonic, including vampires of course- but to each our own. domeass freak

      • arabiata

        hey Jesus!it’s a story! You mean you want to change Bella to shape the story line according to your belief? If you read the book Bella is strong and independent, in fact Edward would always end up giving her everything she wanted. Being a vampire is Bella’s choice not Edwards! and yes its triple the fame of the movies you’ve mentioned. Wait for the showing of the Breaking Dawn and hopefully Midnight Sun, it will surely rake millions even billions of ticket sales!!!

      • Jehova

        You will all have to excuse my son. He’s just not been the same since the crucifixion.

      • Selena

        I didn’t read your post – way too long :p but i just LOLED at her you are Jesus Christ. Nice touch.

      • Someone

        Oh and before I forget, I hate I mean I HATE WITH A PASSION, when someone decides to act like God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. I CAN’T STAND IT! So whoever that was grow the f**k up because you are really quite literally irritating!

      • Kathleen

        1)how do you not know what Twilight
        2) its a book about vampires and werewolves
        3) and it was turned in to a movie
        Also I think your username was hilraous

      • kat

        You obviously have NOT read the book–Edward (the vampire) is a gentleman, and does not in any way dominate Bella or any other female.

      • Rusty

        I am not normally one to comment on here but I do have to say something about this.

        “A girl who is independent and does not give up everything for a man, now thats a WOMAN that ladies can support. Very sexist if you ask me”

        I am a wife and mother and I CHOOSE that. I can go to school, I do work, I can travel. I CAN do whatever I want. I love what I have and I don’t consider it giving up. I think that it is sexist that you think a woman can DECIDE to do those things. She must just be an idiot.

      • Linda

        JESUS CHRIST ??? Come on now ! Now who’s feeding fiction ???

      • M Anderson

        Hmmm… seems like all the independent want is all the same benefits of being a man… but not the burdens. Oh yes, women demand the same pay but still want men to pay for the dinner, movies and gifts? Puh-lease… wake up.

    • Genniferjuniper

      A woman wrote the story. Nuff said.

  • pat

    Is Twilight the one where the kids go to that school and play with owls and wizards?

    • Erika

      sorry pat, that’s Harry Potter = best series of all time

      • MCS

        Sorry Erika, Pat was making a joke, and you missed it.

      • Lilo

        Sorry MCS, Erika got the joke.

      • Samson

        If she got the joke why did she reply at all?

      • Lisap

        Cuz she felt like it. Same reason everyone else replies,

    • Jerry

      No, that’s The Star Wars: Revenge of the Fallen Moon.

      • iella

        *ROFL* thank you, Jerry

  • Tom Strong

    Crappiest movie series ever.

    • TLG

      good thing you’re wasting your time commenting on it, then.

      • TGS

        TLG, The Loser Girl, go back and hide under your Twitard rock!

      • Karate Pants

        Sigh…honestly, is THIS the best you can do???
        EW posts one very fine tidbit of hater-bait, and in predictable fashion the Harry Potter fans come running with their wands waving, making sure they’re the first to compare their series to Twilight, declaring theirs “better” in the most ridiculous example of apples and oranges ever. THEN come the witless wonders. The trolls, chiming in to announce Twilight fans to be retarded children who are unaware of other literary works.
        Save for the one borderline attempt at linking Bella to a chicken or something, this is SO BORING!
        It’s like you guys aren’t even trying anymore! If anything in this series was worthy of your mockery, it’s the cover to cover content in Breaking Dawn! Step up your game, haters! At this rate, come next November, the message boards will be a sloppy mess of drool and dead brain cells where hilarity COULD HAVE BEEN!

      • miss k

        @Karate Pants: Hahaha!!!! As a fan of both HP and Twilight, you’ve said it! I can’t agree more! And to the trolls, I just roll my eyes at them (especially that Jesus Christ one from above) Thanks for that fresh breath of air!

      • Kate

        @Karate Pants ans miss k, I agree with you both. I am a fan of both, and find when people compare them incredibly annoying. Do you people realize that Twilight is JUST a book(movie)? If you find the fan craze annoying that is one thing, and I see how that could be annoying. But chill please. Did it personally offend you or something?

      • Faithful Reader

        @TLG: pls die!

    • iella

      then you are soo lucky you weren’t able to waste your money on the last 2 movies (yet).

    • Lisap

      I don’t care people like it (or the books) but just admit it is a damn guilty pleasure. Stop insisting it’s good. I know it’s not, you know it’s not, time will prove it’s not. I would have so much more respect for the fans if they could just admit they know K Stewart can’t act, she just mumbles and there is no chemistry between the 2 leads (or any of the couples for that matter). Look, I love Jersey Shore but I’m not gonna sit here and tell you it’s any good.

  • BFD

    Well you have to do something to make the really crap story look more interesting.

    • Princess Leia

      ha ha nice. Yes this certainly makes it look ” more interesting”.

  • Sam J

    He’s a “Pillow Biter”. That explains everything perfectly.

    • Andy Barker


      • iella

        can’t get the picture of him spitting feathers out of my head…

      • Faithful Reader


    • Rebekah

      I’m a Twilight fan, but even I enjoyed that joke. Too funny! I knew it would come eventually. lol.

    • RK


  • LOL

    If I fork over $8, I better see K-Stew gettin’ busy.

    • Meredith

      based on the picture… you will!

      • Kristina

        Doesn’t Edward end up beating Bella to a bloody pulp after their “love making?” So romantic…… *sigh*

      • Leah

        Yeah, Kristina. Cause I can see that you’ve read the book and know what you’re talking about. Uh, no. Beaten to a bloody pulp? You’re joking, right? Why do you people bother commenting if you don’t know what you’re talking about?

      • mtnlaurel

        Kristina WTH is wrong with you?! Nobody beats Bella to a pulp, like most nonfans you have no idea what you are talking about. Can’t you people go comment on something you like or know something about?

      • liz

        Bella doesn’t get “beaten to a pulp”, but she is pretty bruised up, all over, if memory serves.

      • Leah

        @liz: And your point is? Bruised is not beaten to a bloody pulp, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some pretty enthusiastic sex in my life, and if a few bruises were the result, I never complained. Either way, vastly over-exaggerating the details of the book is silly and doesn’t make their case, since there are enough of us here who know what the book actually did say, and are ready to correct the misinformation.

      • Kristina

        Maybe I was being overdramatic, but he does end up hurting her. Which was my point. I wasn’t trying to be negative, I was just asking a question. Damn, Twilight fans are just as bitchy as those Pokemon fans.

      • Faithful Reader

        @Leah: chill baby.. chill..

      • Heather P

        @Kristina. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. SM describes her entire body as being covered in bruises. And for some reason Bella wants more. What a great message to send young readers that being hurt by your lover is okay because she’s “SO in love”. My mom’s second husband would beat her up constantly and she stuck with that a$$wipe for two years because she “loved him”. She’d always be covered in bruise and usually had a few broken bones. She’d have been killed if she stayed with him. It was a horrible thing for my 9 year old self to hear happening in the house. (I’m not 9 now, I’m 34) To watch it on screen will be unbearable. I hated reading it in the book too.

    • Nan

      Gross. If someone were to “get busy” in this movie, I’d hope it would at least be the attractive ones, not K-Stew and R-Pattz. Not to mention, that would be like internet sex tape type voyeurism, so major pass on that.

      I love the books, and moderately like the movies, just for the record.

  • Bruce

    harry potter ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Erika

      if i could like this i would

  • Princess Leia

    WOW….this is the most exciting photo i have ever seen. OH wait. I have broken my pillow open so no- I have seen this in my own room. BORING…you twilight girls must be out of your minds.

    • TLG

      good thing you’re wasting your time here.

      • TGS

        Good thing you’re wasting your time pointing out how other people are wasting their time. Get a life, Twi-tard!

      • josef

        same goes for you, TGS!!! (and me)

    • Someone


      • Alice

        Thank u

  • StewyFan

    Thank you, Mandi. This is a beautiful picture. I am having more faith in BC as the days progress.
    Yep, I love Twilight, so all of you can bite me.

    • TLG

      They can bite me too. Twilight for life :)

    • Leah

      lmao…I agree! And they can bite me, too :-P

    • Nan

      It’s got a weird artistic feel to it. As a photo it’s nice, as a promo to a movie, it’s lacking.

    • Issy

      Someone bite me! Hahaha :) I love Twilight but I think that everyone should just understand that we all have our own opinions and that throwing virtual knives at each other really isn’t going to work :L

  • Iliana

    Wow. People who claim to hate Twilight are the first ones to salivate and hyperventilate. How shocking.

    • TLG

      bahaha. I wish I could “Like” this comment.

      • TGS

        BAHAHAHA. I wish I could make you go away, Twi-Tard.

      • Leah

        TGS…I find it amusing that you’re such a hypocrite. So it’s ok to comment all day long ABOUT Twilight as long as you claim to “hate” it, is that it? Why don’t you go back to your Mom’s basement and play World of Warcraft?

    • Emma

      This picture is fantastic. Rob and Kristen are going to be amazing in Breaking Dawn. I love them so much.

  • olivia


    • jenna


    • Kim

      Such an abuse of the Caps lock.

    • sassyfras

      Aw, it’s hard to be twelve, isn’t it.

      • Stephanie

        sassyfras, ftw!

      • Mellissa

        Praise you sassyfras!

      • the other Anne

        The hormones run rampant at that age.

      • Alice

        Twelve yrs is the best age ever so don’t u dare criticize twelve yr olds.
        I don’t think it had anything 2 do with twiligh so make ur point!!!

    • A

      The best and most romantic movies ever lmfaooo! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!
      Oh Olivia, please have mercy on me! I don’t want any more milk squirting out of my nose! Enough with the comedy routine. You are seriously too funny! I can’t take anymore!

      • jenna

        oh yeah, it’s so romantic, the weakest female character I’ve ever read falls hopelessly “in love” with a stalker vampire after knowing him for about 8 seconds. When he then leaves, she basically tries to kill herself just to hear his voice. (that’s just the first two books. Does is strike you as fucked up yet or should I keep going?)

    • yikes

      seriously it’s just Twilight. calm the hell down.

      • TBH

        out of all the comments on this page i like yours the best lol. i am a twilight fan but i also have a life. and agreed these people really need to calm the crap down. its just a teen series that will be replaced in a few years with something else to go nuts over

    • MCS

      Your overuse of Caps Lock has dramatically increased the importance of your statement.

    • Caps Lock

      Ouch, you crazy bitch! Could you please take your sweaty angry finger off of me now? Thanks.

    • Beans

      I guess you haven’t seen many movies if you’re declaring Twilight to be the most romantic ever… try watching (or reading) ‘The Notebook’ sometime

      • Samantha

        The notebook is tripe. Nicolas whatever the hell his name is is one of the worst writers ever. bleh!

    • azn

      haaaaa im pretty sure you’re being sarcastic? i hope? please?

      • Mellissa

        Well, or she’s a tween. And then again, I think the Princess Bride is the most romantic movie ever.

      • Nirveeze

        Or Casablanca, or The Apartment (god, I love that movie), Gone With The Wind, Say Anything (I’ll take Lloyd Dobbler over Edward Cullen or Jacob Black any day of the week), When Harry Met Sally (easily one of the greatest RomComs ever).

        Point is, see more movies, older ones that aren’t quite as popular with your group. Expand your horizon, and I doubt you’d be making such immature comments.

    • Nan

      Chillax Olivia. No need to go all spastic.

  • jose

    i’ve never seen any of the movies but i read spoilers about the ending of the final book cause i heard it was pretty damn insane crazy and ill def. check it out if they put about 90 percent of whatever they have in the book in the movie

  • alek

    This would have been a far more interesting photo with a bruise on her arm or his hand coming into frame.

    • jennifer

      Yeah, that would’ve been hot.

  • mheyize

    I like Twilight and the photo, but OLIVIA, your reaction is what’s creepy.

  • dee123

    The Harry Potter films have made the most money of any movie series, more than the 6 Star Wars, over 20 Bond films & MORE than this pathetic childish nonsense know as Twilight.

    • Liz Lemon

      Deathly Hallows just made 609 million in just 10 days…the last twilight movie barely crossed the 600 million mark and it took it 5 months.

      • Ashley G.

        I was just about to include that fact, ty Liz Lemon!

      • Leah

        Oh, and by the way, Eclipse made almost $700 million and it only took FOUR months, not five. I could produce stats all day if you want. Let me know when you’ve had enough :-)

        (Oh, and I didn’t say I don’t like HP, I just said Eclipse made more money)

      • Lisap

        Oh Leah, if that was sarcasm it’s awesome. If you are serious, congratulations on pointing out that Eclipse did slightly less than nowhere near what the HP franchise will make when all is said and done.

      • Leah

        Eclipse was only one movie. You’re comparing a total of 8 HP movies to only a total of 5 Twilight movies. And don’t forget that each Twilight movie has done better than the one before it. The new HP will not make as much as previous HP movies. BD parts 1 and 2 will prolly do at least as much as the first 3 combined if not more, and that’s still 3 less movies than the HP franchise. All in all, if the 5 Twilight movies do as well as the first 5 HP movies did, they’ll have done pretty damn good. As someone else here said, if the Twilight movies were released on as many screens (plus 3D and Imax) then Twilight would have made more than HP. As it is, I expect the Twilight franchise to outpace the first 5 HP movies by a comfortable margin. So tell us, do u have a point? Or was misguided sarcasm your only point?

      • Dave

        Leah, just to be clear, what exactly did Eclipse make more money than? Deathly Hallows? But Deathly Hallows hasn’t even finished it’s theatrical run, so you can’t make that claim. Eclipse made 690 million, and Deathly Hallows is currently at about 610 million. If you think Deathly Hallows won’t make another 80 million, then I’d have to say you’re a bit delusional. It will certainly end up making more than 700 million, if not much more.
        Putting Deathly Hallows aside (since it is still in its theatrical run), the HP movie with the LOWEST box office gross was the third movie, Prisoner of Azkaban, which grossed about 795 million. In contrast, the HIGHEST grossing Twilight film was New Moon, which grossed about 710 million. The lowest grossing HP film still made more money than the highest grossing Twilight film. I don’t know how I can make it any clearer.
        Look, I have nothing against Twilight, but there are a lot of flaws in your arguments. And you can’t make claims like “if Twilight was released in IMAX and on as many screens, then it would have made more money than Harry Potter.” There’s no justification for that. Besides, the first two HP movies weren’t released in IMAX or 3D or anything like that, and they both grossed well over 800 million. And by the way, Eclipse was released in IMAX. And if I’m not mistaken, Eclipse had the widest release of all time, more than any other movie, including the HP films. I think it was released on almost 4,500 screens.
        So yeah, like I said, way too many flaws in your arguments. If you want to be taken seriously, don’t make things up.

      • @Leah

        Just… stop talking. Seriously. You’re embarrassing twilight fans.

      • Leah

        @Dave: HP has NOT made $610 million. Whwere do you get that from? As of this weekend, it had made $190 million. Don’t forget it was only released ONE week ago. And I don’t make up numbers, or recycle someone else’s phoney info. I got the numbers from Box Office Mojo.

      • Ali

        @Leah: You’re quoting domestic numbers only. According to your very own source Box Office Mojo, HP has grossed $604,395,291 to date WORLDWIDE.

      • Leah

        @Ali – When I originally posted that number yesterday morning, the overseas numbers for HP had not been posted yet. All i had to go on was the domestic numbers. And all of this is beside the point. I like both series, and I don’t think anyone should have to defend their choice to like the Twilight movies. I said it before, and I will say it again: I dont give a sh** what anyone else likes. Why the hell do so many people care what I (or anyone else) like? This whole argument/discussion is ridiculous. You don’t like Twilight (or maybe you do, I don’t know)and that is your business. I DO like it, and that is MY business, so why don’t we ALL just agree to disagree and shut the hell up?

    • Alice

      Ok… maybe that might be true bt if u look at the amount of fans and ’Best at stuff’ awards… I think twilight might take e trophy.
      Eg. Twilight beat all the films on box office, 3/4 of the books are in #5 bestselling books and Newmoon was no.1 bestselling book!
      Now if u take ur rotty, dirty, f****ing comment I will chill -_-

      • katlyn

        *round of Applause* !!

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