Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: Thomas Gibson or Katey Sagal? Robyn? Cat? Mondo?

We’re down to the elite eight in our quest to salute the Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year. And things are really starting to heat up.

Underappreciated-Entertainers-15BImage Credit: Michael Yarish/CBS; Prashant Gupta/FX; Frank Masi; Industrial Light & Magic/Marvel

In the scripted TV bracket, we have two actors who have shed their sitcom personas and embraced more strictly dramatic roles: Thomas Gibson on Criminal Minds and Katey Sagal on Sons of Anarchy. (Though she still makes me laugh as the voice of Leela on Futurama.) On the reality side, it’s hostess with the mostess Cat Deeley taking on everyone’s favorite Runway runner-up Mondo Guerra. If they tie, can Mondo design Cat something awesome to wear on So You Think You Can Dance? Here’s hoping.Underappreciated-Entertainers-15AImage Credit: Frank Micelotta/Fox; Lifetime; Rankin; LeAnn Mueller

Over in the film bracket, it’s the battle of the snarly dudes: Sam Rockwell and Karl Urban. The both made their marks in comic book adaptations this year — Rockwell in Iron Man 2, and Urban in Red — but who was more beloved by fans? Finally, the music faceoff is down to a chanteuse-off. Will Idol alum Allison Iraheta topple top-seed Robyn? It’s up to you, PopWatchers. Click here to see the whole bracket, and then vote vote vote!

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  • Janet

    I really like Cat Deeley but she’s not under-appreciated. Why would anyone think that is beyond me.

    • Meg

      She’s labeled “under-appreciated” because SYTYCD is consistently overlooked for awards in reality series categories, including the hosting category.

    • dctoronto

      She is an amazingly talented and genuine host who is constantly overlooked both by her producers as well as the Emmy committee.

    • Strepsi

      She has never even been nominated for “Best Host” and she is clearly the best competition host on TV… and one of the best interviewers too! We LOVE Cat.

      • graeme

        Yeah, I don’t understand how Cat is never nominated for the Best Host Emmy, let alone wins it. She’s insanely charming, extremely quick-witted, moves things along well, and clearly cares for the contestants.

    • RoqueMocan

      In my limited exposure to Cat Deeley – she seems very sweet and genuine.

    • musica1

      All the other hosts get nominated for Emmy’s, but she keeps being overlooked. She is amazing at her job. She stands up for the dancers without antagonizing the judges and really pays attention to and cares about what is going in the show. In other words, she’s not just there to look good.

      • Sarah El

        Although, she usually does look good too.

      • KarlHall

        Speaking of antagonistic, how’s about that Ryan Seacrest? THAT’S overrated.

    • Sarah El

      Cat, despite being a great host on an under-appreciated reality series, has never garnered official recognition anywhere. She’s essentially a “cult favorite” – anyone who’s been exposed to her would love her, but only a select few have been – but it’s about time the general public appreciated her!

      • Brenda

        Definitely agree that after 8 seasons of hosting Sytycd, Cat is way over due a much-deserved award for her incredible hosting skills. She’s really great at keeping her audience highly enthused and entertained with her charm and bubbly personality and I love how she’s so protective of each seasons new group of dancers. Witty, intelligent & entertaining… and yes, under appreciated with no Emmy by now!

    • Sally

      I agree with the rest of the replies. Cat has been consistently overlooked for the Emmy award and until she is nominated I think the category is a joke. Since I suspect she will never be nominated, my hope is she wins this award.

  • Liz

    Mondo rules

  • Fy

    I like Sam Rockwell too but GO KARL URBAN!

    • Strepsi

      Karl Urban is a great chameleon actor, who somehow is always SMOKING hot.

      • tipsy

        Go Karl Urban! I don`t know how`s Rockwell underappreciated. Because he isn`t a boxoffice draw like Will Smith? Lol, who is? Cruise used to be, Depp is close and anyone else? Sorry, Rockwell, that doesn`t make you underappreciated. because he hasn`t been nominated for the Oscar yet? Again, too many actors can claim the same.

        Anyhoo, Urban should break out big. he`s talented, good-looking and fun to watch. These days everyone`s trying to be dark and gritty and depressing. well, this guy is what entertainment is all about. He`s fun. I hope he gets really big.

    • musica1

      YES! Go Karl Urban! Sam Rockwell is great, but critics just love him. I don’t think he’s underappreciated at all. Karl has been giving great performances forever and hardly ever gets a mention in reviews. Also, I got to meet him at Comic-con this year, and he’s so sweet! Vote Karl!

      • tipsy

        Exactley. Vote real underappreicated person not someone who has been having attention forever. Rockwell is a critic`s darling. That`s appreciation right there.

    • Sally

      This one was a difficult one for me. Sam doesn’t get near enough the recognition he deserves. And for that matter neither does Karl. I went with Karl, but would be fine with either man winning.

  • ele

    Go Thomas Gibson!

    • Tom

      no, Katey Segal! Have you ever heard a better line than “Shes a sweet girl, but she makes her living catching c** in her mouth and i sense thats a problem”

    • Debbie Jewell Grimes

      Thomas gibson is a great actor. I do not know why he was not nominated for an emmy for his work in the episode 100 on Criminal Minds.

      • Mary

        He should not have been overlooked for an Emmy Award. I agree with you that Thomas Gibson is a great actor. (He’s kinda hot, too!)

      • patricia machado

        Thomas Gibson is an amazing actor, and Criminal Minds is the best tv show.

      • nora

        We should continue supporting Thomas G. until he wins this award. Maybe then, those guys at the Emmys will stop snubbing him. Go! Go! Thomas G.

  • Strepsi

    ROBYN is phenomenal: she released THREE albums of incredible 80’s-style electro dance pop and dub this year, all of which are still on my playlists. I can’t believe it’s even close: no musician this year was more prolific or creative.

    • graeme

      I would agree if her music wasn’t so repetitive.

      • dalla

        Who’s Robyn?

    • RoqueMocan

      Robyn electro-dance? She lost me right there! Give me the trueness of Allison Iraheta’s vocals anytime!

      • Dave-O

        that doesnt even make sense. the trueness of her voice? lol

      • RoqueMocan

        Sorry (I am a non english speaker)! but anyway, hear her songs like Trouble Is, Don’t Waste the Pretty, Holiday – no words needed!

      • Rich

        Robyn doesn’t manipulate her vocals any more than Allison. And she can pull them off live. Please listen before commenting… thanks!

      • RoqueMocan

        Rich, I have been listening to Robyn for an hour now (all that benefit of the doubt). She has some nice songs, but her voice is kind of drowned by the electronica, and in some songs seems autotuned. I wouldn’t mind dancing to her music! But the poster saying that Allison is not even close seems hyperbolic if not downright false or delusional. I think I am not that much into Electro-Dance, I guess.

    • Flip

      Totally agree! It’s a joke that that bitch Allison is beating Robyn. Also, RoqueMocan is an ignorant ignoramus! “Trueness”? GMAFB. You can’t get any more honest than Robyn.

      • Classicrocker

        When there’s nothing of substance to say, the name calling begins..BTW, Who’s Robyn? Never heard of this person before…maybe because she IS doing the 80’s electro-dance stuff…and it’s QUALITY music not QUANTITY music that makes a great artist. These people can make an album each month, but it doesn’t mean a thing unless it’s work that’s deserving of attention and accolades from their peers.

    • Strepsi

      I did not say Allison is not even close to Robyn in terms of talent; I’m saying not even close in terms of Underappreciated Entertainer of the Year! Robyn has had 3 albums over the past 8 months as well as guested on Royksopp’s “The Girl And The Robot” — she has owned this genre this year (as Gaga did 2 years ago) but is not ‘mainstream’ favorite. Her pop songs are amazing.

      • RoqueMocan

        I wish there were contest for every music genre: Robyn would win in the Electro-pop thing and Allyson in the Rock-pop category… so we wouldn’t be fighting here. Rock is my thing, and it seems Electronica is yours…

  • Debra

    I don’t recognize a lot of these people. But why call the 1st 2 under appreciated? They have had all kinds of tv roles. Who is Robyn? Is that a girl or boy? I can’t tell & that name is for both sexes. Is “it” a singer?

    • Blerina

      Robyn is a Swedish pop singer, she’s amazing! SHE’S A GIRL. Listen to her latest album “Body Talk pt.3″ and you’ll see how good she is!!

    • Tiffany

      I’m not sure how under-appreciated Katey Sagal is since I think she’s gotten recent nominations in the big award shows, but Thomas is criminally and continuously overlooked by them. “100” alone should have been enough to practically just hand him the Lead Actor in a Drama Emmy last year, but he wasn’t even nominated! His only big recognition was a Golden Globe for Dharma & Greg quite a few years ago. As you said, he’s had all kinds of TV roles, and played them all exceedingly well, but he’s constantly overlooked!

      • Steff

        Very well put Tiffany, and is exactly the reason why TG should win :)

  • Renaton

    I love Robyn! I hope she wins the whole thing!

  • Renaton

    @Debra Robyn is amazing, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcNo07Xp8aQ

    Love her!

  • Alex

    Robyn all the way!!! Body Talk is my favorite album of the year. Dancing on My Own still makes me choke up after the 300th listen. She’s amazing!

    • Jackie

      Pretty sure Robyn is the most OVER-appreciated entertainer of the year. Honestly her voice is so nasally and hard to listen to. Then I was excited to see her perform at the VMA’s and she did that crazy affected dancing .. no wonder they cut to commercial.
      Go away Robyn.

  • Jesse

    Thomas Gibson definatley he is so good and i dont think that the show criminal minds doesnt get enough coverage on ew aka glee.com

  • Katie

    Allison Iraheta is extremely talented and under appreciated. Robyn is a good artist too, but she has been recognized and around for years. I’m voting Allison on this one.

    • Lyn

      Iraheta certainly is one of the most OVERappreciated people on this website: EW has always promoted the girl as if she’s Barbra Streisand, Ann Wilson and the second coming of Janis Joplin all rolled into one! Not quite.

      • RoqueMocan

        Not quite but close!

  • sam

    Robyn all the way. To put Allison in her league is an insult. Is she still even around? I heard she got dumped by her label because no one bought her record
    GO ROBYN…..!!!!!

    • RoqueMocan

      Went to YouTube to hear Robyn (In this voting, if I don’t know the artist at least I go to try listen and get to know her)… But sorry, saying Robyn is in another league is a bit presumptuous! Robyn is good for dancing in an European disco – I give you that…

      • Flip

        You’re an idiot.

      • @Flip

        You’re obviously too obnoxious to let people form their own opinions.

    • m&m

      Believe me…. Allison will be around for many many many years :) So, get use to her ;)

    • musica1

      Well, I think that means Allison is underappreciated. Robyn gets a lot of credit for what she does, which means she IS appreciated. Allison has a great voice, but gets little acknowledgement.

  • Max

    Actually Allison sold over 100,000 albums so people did buy her album. She just didn’t sell millions which is why her label unjustly dropped her. And she is still around, she is working on her next album as we speak.

    • sam

      Just a question Max, and who’s paying for it?

      • Henrique

        It’s possible to record an album without the financial help of a major label. And she’s not poor by the way. She has resources, connections in the industry and more importantly talent to come out with a great album!

      • Max

        She hasn’t started producing her album yet. What I meant is that she’s just writting songs and working with other artists. I don’t think that costs much.

      • Classicrocker

        “Just a question Max, and who’s paying for it?”

        What’s that have to do with anything? So you’re an obvious Robyn fan. Ok,cool. So, some people prefer Allison. Different strokes…So, is someone an idiot of they like hamburgers,and you like hot dogs?

      • GabeBabe

        Actually, she was dropped by Jive Records, but is still a part of 19 Entertainment……. Please do more research before making a comment like that

  • Brandon R.

    How in the world is Thomas Gibson beating Katey Sagal so badly? Maybe it’s just me, but I find his acting on “Criminal Minds” (and really, anything he’s been in) very awful. Come on, people…

    • Tom

      I’ve got nothing against Gibson, but Sagal is way, way out of his league. Or, she should be, come on, people…

  • Matt Ruys

    ROBYN is one of the most talented women on the music scene right now. Not only would I take her over Allison, I’d take her over Gaga and Rihanna too!

    • Flip

      Totally agree!!!

    • Justin


    • Sean

      Thank you! Me too!!!

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