Lampooning Fox News? 'Simpsons' did it!

The Simpsons might air on Fox, but that doesn’t mean the network’s satellite news channel, Fox News, is immune to parody. After spoofing another big dog during its couch gag — Avatar Simpsons took a stab at the channel that brings us Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly last night: The episode began with an image of a Fox News helicopter adorned with the slogan, “Not racist, but No. 1 with racists.” (So I suppose the news channel’s viewers aren’t immune either.) And the animated series lampooned the network’s real slogan when the helicopter began to crash — yelled the pilot, “Gah! We’re unbalanced! It’s not fair!”

Of course, since The Simpsons is an equal opportunity offender, the show poked fun at another network as well. As media titans gathered in the crown of the Statue of Liberty to plan their next “phony crisis,” Jeff Zucker’s ideas were immediately turned down: “NBC, you are here to listen and not speak.”

Catch the episode, PopWatchers?

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  • Melanie

    in the words of Mr. Burns, “High-lirious!”

    But so true. Fox News may not consider themselves racist but racists just love them.

    • Nashty

      Yeah? Talk to a lot of racists, do you? You hang out with racists enough to know their TV watching habits? How about this, I disagree with you Melanie, so I think you’re a racist. I know I don’t know you, but since I disagree with you, you must be one. Grow up.

      • Hen

        Someone’s a bit touchy!

      • John

        My brother in law is an admitted racist and watches Fox News. He taught his 2yo daughter how to say the N word and thinks Rush should run for president. He screams right on at the television when the morons get red in the face about Obama’s potential foreign status. He’s not my brother in law any longer, but I can put you in touch with him as soon as he gets back from his hunting trip. Let me know. I’m being serious. All repubs are not racists, but I’ll bet all racists align themselves with the repub party.

      • Jesse

        Well, Nashty. Just by your comments, I disagree with you, so therefore Ibelieve that you’re a wee bit touchy, most likely irrational and the very reason why this country is in for a heap of trouble. Am I right or wrong? Hmmm, maybe making assumptions about people from a few words is not cool, is it? Just an observation, lady. Have a nice day, Summer’s Eve…

      • D

        See that’s interesting John because I really can’t imagine a new black panther voting for a whitey republican. See this is what happens when you say ignorant things like “All blah blah do this.”

    • Jenn C.

      Nashty is 100% correct. The eveil racist boogie-man is nothing but a straw man built up by the liberal Democrats to try and take the heat away from their failed administration(s). Fox News (the most popular news channel on TV) reports the news, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR..etc…etc report with a severe liberal bias. The liberal loons in Hollywood can’t stand the fact that one network won’t fall in lockstep with their agenda so they attack it ad nauseum and call everyone who watches it a racist. It is sad and transparent to anyone with half a clue, which obviously does not apply to most people on this board.

  • Lisa Simpson

    I thought the Avatar opening was a bit stale (I wish they could cut down their lead time so that they could be more topical), but the rest of the show was terrific.

    • Mr. Holloway

      At least that new “Avatar” DVD just came out this past week, which is better than nothing…but yeah, I see what you’re saying.

      • Misha Lauenstein

        And the movie is airing next week, so the dome gag is topical.

  • Christian

    They’ve taken shots at Fox News before. When Krusty ran for Congress his debate was on Fox News … comrade.

  • deedee

    social satire at its best

  • yawn

    Family did it already, they’ve mocked Fox News countless times. But this was good too.

    • yawn

      *Family guy. whoops :)

    • Trent

      Family Guy is a rip-off of the Simpsons.

      • AC


    • RyRyNYC

      Simpsons ripped FOX NEWS years ago… right after the Bush residential win. A fox news truck was passing through th streets of Springfield and it said FOX NEWS proud winners of the US Presidency… or something like that. Wish I could remember the episode and exact copy of the truck, but… Simpsons did it first. lol

    • Misha Lauenstein

      Was it Kristy McNichol or Leif Garret?

  • PoliticallyIncorrect

    It’s too bad they didn’t have an MSNBC or NPR vehicle labeled,”Not Hypocritical A$$holes, but No. 1 With Hypocritical A$$holes.”

    • Muffy

      The American media is very hypocritical and racist. But some love to pretend otherwise.

    • Katie

      I don’t think that MSNBC or NPR are as big of hypocrites as the network labeling itself Fair and Balanced when they are anything but. That is the epitome of hypocrisy.

      • p

        it’s a funny joke — but it won’t happen, because liberals, by and large, can’t laugh at themselves.

  • Nashty

    This “entertainment” site sure seems obessed with trashing Fox News a lot. Wouldn’t have anything to do with “In partnership with CNN” that you see at the bottom of this site, would it? And all you Libs that love bashing Conservatives for being racists, who do you think sends money, doctors, and missionaries to 3rd world countries and inner cities, to help people of all races who have been held back by over-bearing governments and failed liberal policies (ie. Detroit, Cleveland, New Orleans) Where are the liberal or atheist charitable organizations that do good the way the Salvation Army does? Put down the Kool-Aid, you look ridiculous to people that can think for themselves and don’t need the government or some website telling them how to. Typical liberal mindset, if someone doesn’t agree with you, just call them a racist.

    • Learn About the World

      CNN and EW are owned by the same parent company. That’s common knowledge and hardly a conspiracy. The article was pointing out something that was done on a TV show last night, which is what this site does.

      Several non-religious organizations are involved in work in unpriviledged areas of the world. They just don’t prosthelitize or expect a ‘great reward’ for doing it. They do it because it is right.

    • AC

      way to get worked up into a mouth foaming frenzy over a cartoon. I would hate to see your rage level when its actual people critizing your sacred cow of “news” reporting.

      • Nashty

        It’s not about the cartoon. It’s about you mindless liberals that call people racists just beacuse they disagree with you politically, and the obvious joy people like you and Lisa Ward get over seeing Fox and their millions of viewers “lampooned” and called racists. Also, when will you people learn the difference between news reporting and commmentary. MSNBC and Fox both do fair NEWS reporting, but their commentary is obviously slanted. So what’s the problem with having 2 opposing views on TV? Oh yeah, and you’re a racist too.

      • Learn About the World

        First of all, Nasty, er Nashty, it’s KATE Ward, not Lisa. Second, calling everyone a racist without justification just makes you look stupid. I don’t know any liberal who calls someone a racist just because they disagree with their political views. Third, calling liberals “mindless” is drinking the conservative mindset Kool-Aid. Fourth, learn what satire is.

      • @nashty

        We don’t call people racists because they disagree with us politically, we call them racists because they ARE. Sorry to keep you, you’re probably late to hold a picture of Obama dressed in Muslim garb at a Tea Party rally.

        Anyone who automatically jumps to, “you name call because I disagree with you” is in SERIOUS denial.

      • @Nashty

        I see your point.. Just like Glenn Beck called President Obama a racist on Fox news, just because he disagrees with him..

    • Will

      Typical conservative mindset…fight supposed hate with hate and insults.

      • Nashty

        Where’s the “hate” or insults in what I said? Again, you libs don’t like an opposing point of view and it’s racism or “hate speech”.

      • Learn About the World

        Your entire post was insulting. Telling someone to put down the Koo-Aid and that they look ridiculous are insults. “Typical liberal mindset” is just shorthand for not knowing really what they other side believes in.

    • John

      Let me guess, Nashty, you have black friends. Hence, you can list failing cities that have a large black population as justification that you’re not racist. Michael Steele is head of the RNC just so racists can play the black friend card.

      • Nashty

        No you jerk. Not that it’s any of your business, but I have a native American daughter. And just beacause you’re a liberal you’re not a racist? Just because you’re in love with Obama doesn’t mean you can play the black friend card.

      • Learn About the World

        Granted it’s just a small sample of the American population, but the only people I know who watch Fox News are racists, and rather unapologetically so.

      • John

        Don’t get me started about Native Americans. Actually, I have polio and therefore can make fun of anyone I want. And I’m not a liberal. I’m very conservative, but anytime a party makes insurance companies the victims and uses God as a defense after the fact as opposed to letting their relationship with God drive sound decisions, then I don’t want anything to do with it. The Tea Party Express has been through three leadership changes due to race issues. It’s not Beautiful Mind stuff to figure out.

    • Breckster82

      Funny you should mention Salvation Army. They’re doing a whole lot of good threatening to close soup kitchens in NYC if they have to offer health benefits to gays.

    • Louis

      “who do you think sends money, doctors, and missionaries to 3rd world countries and inner cities, to help people of all races”
      The same ones who closes down factories here, sending American communities into economic ruin, while shipping those jobs to third-world countries so they take advantage of their poverty and pay them under twenty bucks a day on 16 hour shifts. BTY, there are atheist charitable organizations, and most of which don’t force-feed an agenda in exchange for food.

      • Maria

        Well said.

  • zimzyma

    People should be more upset that the Fox News joke was the only funny part of the whole episode.

    • Karl

      Did you not see the Bravo and Logo guys making out?

  • July

    The should have added moronic racists!

    • Nashty

      You’re a racist.

      • luke

        It’s sad when someone stays on a site so long just to keep checking what folks are saying about him, so he can continue to repeat the same tired insults- ad nauseum. Time to get outside and get some fresh air “Nashty”…

  • Nashty

    It’s ironic that all the Libs here are fine stereotyping all Republicans and people who watch Fox News as racists. You are obviously the ones who are bigots against anyone who disagrees with you politically. Your hypocrisy apparently knows no bounds. there are lunatics on the left too, just like the Birthers on the Right, and for you to write off a group of people based on the actions of the nuts is like grouping the Humane Society in with the wackos at PETA. But if you want to keep displaying your ignorance for all to see, go for it.

    • Liberal

      Oh, we know there are lunatics on the left. We just don’t put them in charge of the party.

    • wendeeloo

      Wow Nashty – Is this site your part-time job? Do you have anything else to do today, like get a life?

    • John

      Most Republicans are simple minded dolts who find it easier to hear that they’ve been wronged by Mexicans, gays, blacks, Jews and colleges and Barbra Streisand. It’s easier than learning something. And don’t get mad at me for saying this, I have Republican friends.

      • Don

        Sounds to me like you don’t know any Republicans at all. It’s weird, at the office I work in most people are Republicans, give to charity, treat everyone equally, and are generally well educated, nice people. When I worked my way through college I spent summers doing construction with a bunch of blue collared laborers who were ALL Democrats…never in my life did I hear so much usage of the N word, gay bashing, and general racism…Didn’t the Democrats just celebrate the life of Robert Byrd too? Former Grand Wizard or whatever of the Ku Klux Klan? I guess when you have a generation that believes everything Hollywood tells them you will be stuck with people who believe all this garbage.

  • David Duke

    I love Fox News!

    • Carl Paladino

      David! Long time, buddy. Let’s watch Fox News and go through coins at black people. If we get in trouble, we can say we were trying to help them!

      • erin


      • D

        How exactly do you go “through” coins?

    • Robert Byrd

      I love MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS…everything except Fox News.

      Now excuse me I have a Klan Rally to go to.

  • alex

    Nashty, you seem to have an awful lot of time in your hands to answer every single post. You may not be racist, but you certainly are lazy. Speaking of which, you want to talk ignorance? Just listen to the GOP candidates or the tea party loons. The degree of lunacy doesn’t compare.

    • Don

      You want lunacy Alex? Try listening to Keith Olberman, or that Maddow woman, or Obama asking for another trillion dollars while blasting Bush for his spending…that is lunacy.

  • A

    I laughed pretty hard when the dudes from Bravo and Logo were making out!

    • kim in kentucky

      that was great!

    • Karl

      HAHA YESS!! (You know it’s so true in real life)

  • dee123

    The NBC joke is a classic.

  • Annette

    It’s up to this generation to stop hatred among different races and cultures of America and start living like we care about each other as a whole! If not other nations win and we will still be an easy target to be made fun of and bombed! Yes everyone has a right to what they want to say so Republicans I give you the right to make fun of liberals! Liberals are really annoying when Reps make fun of them but we should just understand instead of going on about who’s more self righteous.

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