Adam Lambert's 'E! True Hollywood Story': The 10 best quotes/moments

Last night’s premiere of E! True Hollywood Story: Adam Lambert wasn’t exactly bursting with new information about the American Idol season 8 runner-up/glittery, octave-scaling entertainer. But it did have its share of entertaining moments. My personal top 10:

10. Neil Lambert recounting that growing up, his now-famous older brother’s giant costume box meant Halloween “could happen any time of year.”
9. Footage of Adam in his Zodiac Show days, dressed in feathery regalia and sporting bright blue hair, belting “A Change Is Gonna Come.” I suspect anyone who saw that performance live and in-person wasn’t terribly surprised when Adam nailed the civil rights anthem again on the Idol stage.
8. The visual splendor of the turquoise, red, yellow, and black blouse worn during confessional interviews by Adam’s pal Scarlett Cherry. (Note how the colors were picked up by Cherry’s turquoise necklace and violet-red locks.) Fab!
7. Adam giving us too much information, but using humor to make it totally inoffensive: “I lost my virginity at 21, and it was to a man — not a woman. And it wasn’t very good.” [Laughs.] “Sometimes it takes a little while to learn how to do that correctly.” [Bigger laugh.]
6. Grade-school Adam’s Century 21 ad: Blink and you missed him!
5. Adam explaining how his bandmate Monte Pittman convinced Madonna to spend some time with the young Idol graduate. “He used the fact that I was on the cover of Rolling Stone as kind of incentive for her to meet me.”
5a. Multiple sightings of (using full Oprah voice) ALLISON IRAHETA!
4. Lynne Broyles, Adam’s first vocal coach, reduced to tears just thinking about Adam’s performance of “Mad World” during Idol‘s eighth season. (Awww.)
3. That shot of The Post Daily — which looks like a very primitive Muggle newspaper — with an all-caps front-page headline of “‘IDOL’ SHOCKER: LAMBERT PICKED AS MAN TO BEAT, BUT ALLEN PREVAILS.” I don’t know where/how/if this Post Daily (with a tagline of “the finest newspaper in the world”) actually exists, but I appreciate any paper that understands an Idol finale is on par with DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN or other major global events.
2. Adam’s dad joking that his big-voiced son, who cried “23 hours a day,” was “one of the more evil infants.” Hey, it’s all about building lung capacity!
1. High school drama club advisor Doug Smith showing a floral prop Adam made for a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “Lots of glitter. Adam loves glitter.”

Did you catch Adam Lambert’s E! True Hollywood Story? What did you think? And did I miss any of your favorite moments? Sound off below! (And for all my Idol commentary/ridiculata, follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak.)

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  • genesis colon

    I love you adam yousexy

    • Gina

      Loved the show. I hear the ratings for the AMA’s tanked big time in the 18 -49 year old market. The most lucrative market out there spending wise. They were all watching Adam.

    • Jennifer

      My favorite part was what Alisan Porter said when they were talking about Kris Allen winning, “Our initial reaction was …… what the fu*k?!!!”. That was everyone’s reaction.

    • Debra

      I liked the pics. I’d never seen the baby pics before. I liked all the people they brought in to

  • genesis colon

    call me 433-5404

  • Melissa


  • maggie

    I absolutely agree. I thoroughly enjoyed Adam’s THS, although, like you said, not much of it was new, especially to any idol loonie or Adam fan. Still, my favourite bits including his former voice coach being brought to tears by the ‘thought’ of Adam singing “Mad World”; the purple glitter prop from “A Midsummer’s Night” saved by his high school teacher; Adam’s open book policy (not having to lie being more respectful of his audience); his best friend Danielle Stori chastising Adam for his AMA performance (keeping it real!); Randy Jackson actually speaking in coherent sentences (Who knew?!?!); and ALLISON IRAHETA!!!! All in all, the evening spent watching THS was MUCH more entertaining than watching that insipid awards program on that other station…

  • Cam

    Pretty fair article Slezak, I guess… a little snark I could do without, but I’ll give you a B+ because I’m sure you weren’t too happy with the Idol section… not overly sensitive towards Mr. Allen was it? Not being snarky here, I really was suprprised it was so brutal in that regard (honest maybe? IDK). Whatevs, the thing that I really hope people tune into is Adam’s talent. The dude kills it live, in the recording studio, in a club or a 4000 set venue, always delivers, all the time. One doesn’t have to love the whole Lambert package (no pun intended) to dig what this guy’s offering musically and vocally.

    • maggie

      I agree with Cam, everyone save Adam and his family were a bit hard on Kris. But just to clarify, Adam rocks all the time, including a stadium show of 75,000 in Montreal last summer (and Allison was a big hit there too!).

      • Kate

        There was not much about Kris because this was Adam’s story. Adam was expected to win by most and he didn’t. (True). Adam has outsold Kris (True). Everything can’t be about Kris and his fans whinning.

    • Kiki

      How was it brutal? It was just truthful — most everyone did expect Lambert to win, his friends and family wanted him to win and were disappointed when he didn’t win (duh). I think they have a right to express their feelings in a show about HIM. It’s relevant that and truthful that he went on to far outsell the winner in music and merchandise sales and in touring success because it’s part of his life story.

      • Cam

        Hi Guys, it’s Cam here. I didn’t actually mean to make a controversial statement :)! I wasn’t taking my time when I commented initially, didn’t say it right I guess. I admired that the E THS edited the brief AI8 section in this way, including what they did, and yes, as I said above, simply went for honesty I suppose. The point I was making was that, I like Slezak, read him a lot, but honestly and sincerely think his fandom of Allen clouds his writing on Adam (except for the immediately post-Idol interviews between the two which were fabulous) and I was sort of wondering out loud what Slezak thought of the brutal honesty in the E THS AI8 section, as it certainly didn’t sugar coat things to appease anyone’s feelings, including the AI8 winner, which I thought was fair and appropriate. And furthermore, as far as Kris’ sales, my thought about that is, well maybe, just maybe, that’s what happens when people vote against something, instead of for something, just my POV, we all have one. (BTW, not a big Kris fan, but LOVE Alright With Me, check it out people). So, my comment was more about Slezak’s response to the E THS show than the show itself really. Most important thing is that I hope people who haven’t paid much attention to Lambert, for whatever reason, give him a look because he’s really got so much to offer.

      • Jill

        I’m not understanding how it was “brutal” either. Nothing was said that wasn’t true. Was Adam expected to win … yes. Was it a shock when Adam didn’t win … yes. Has Adam sold more albums and had more success than Kris … yes. So how is presenting the true facts equated with being “brutal”. I think maybe the KA fans were hoping that no one knew what the true facts were and now gosh darn it EHS has gone and let the cat out of the bag.

    • Beauty

      There were no “brutal” comments made by anyone in the aired feature about Kris Allen. They just spoke honestly from the heart about a situation that happened to a person, who for some, may feel closer to than family. They LOVE him and wouldn’t want to see him hurt or slighted in any way. They “have his back”. Isn’t that what friends and family are for? As for all the Kris Allen talk, I, for one, didn’t see any subtitles under the heading “E! True Hollywood Story – Adam Lambert”. I must have missed the byline, “Featuring: Kris Allen”!

      American Idol – Season 8 is OVER! They have a NEW winner and a NEW runner-up! As well as a new upcoming season with lots of new changes.

      If anyone is still caught up in the AI drama, I suggest they move on or at least help a brotha (Lee DeWyze) out! Lee could have possibly used some AI fan fury to help kickstart his new album. He’s expected to debut with about 39K copies sold.

      • Cam

        HI Guys, This is cam. I reposted yesterday, and hhhmmm, my comment is missing. I rushed the first time, and my comments didn’t come out right, so the second go ’round, I took my time, and now it’s not here (kinda pissed, don’t think it was my error). Anyway, I’m rushing again now, but, what I meant was that it was brutally honest, the whole AI8 section in Lambert’s E THS, which I loved! I loved how E THS briefly covered the AI8 porttion. What I was wondering out loud was if Slezak’s extra bit of snark in his article here was indirectly the result of his supportive fandom of Allen, something well documented, because the E THS did brutally “go there” about the AI8 results, which I admired (was sort of happily taken aback by, but admired!) I said, originally, when E THS “went there” is was about honesty. My first response was more thought out, but I have to go, but I hope that explains it better! Hopefully, this comment (which is less critical of slezak than my original response, won’t disappear. Maybe I didn’t put it through correctly, but I thought I had actually re-read it ON THE SITE HERE before I logged off yesterday, whatevs). Again, most importantly, what I hope people “tune in” to is Lambert’s unbelievable talent, vocals, rock star performance quality, and overall genius, this dude is not to be missed! And another “brutally honest” comment about AI8, in terms of the post-AI8 success of the top two… well maybe, just maybe, that’s what happens when people vote against something instead of for something.

      • Cam

        Now I see my original response comment to my very first comment above… gawd, I’m losin’ it I guess, I swear it wasn’t there a second ago… whatevs, it is what it is, all of it

    • agree w/cam

      Your reading of Slezak’s love of Kris is right on. Slezak never did get Adam, which always shocked me bca I generally love Slezak. Was really annoying to see how his Kris crush colored his reviews of Idol when it mattered. But … whatever. It’s still a matter of …Kris … who???

  • Feebs

    Saw it. Loved it. Love Lambert.

  • Mary

    Love Adam. His entire family are wonderful!! The voice teacher crying made me cry. I did cry when he sang mad world and thought that song is Adam. I like him more if that is possible!!

  • Fan

    Nice recap! I also loved the lipsynched showtunes performance! :)

  • Nina

    Even though it wasn’t anything really new, it was immensely entertaining. Although, I do wish they’d actually shown films of a tween Adam singing instead of just talking about what a phenomenal voice he had even back then.

  • Sue

    My fav: Neil saying with shock & awe, “… he’s a SEX SYMBOL!!” Like how the hell did THIS happen???

    • Deb

      That was funny…I love the humor in Adams family.

  • Mari Guerra

    This was the best thing to happen in Glamberts fandom. Gonna keep this show forever!

  • Mary

    Oh I almost forgot. Don’t change Adam, love you just the way you are!!!!

  • marenA

    adam’s face when he said his first time wasn’t very good. hahah that was SOOO funny!!! :)

  • Kiki

    Although I could have done without the factual errors and the use of photos to illustrate a scene that had nothing to do with the actual scene in question…. It was a charming hour with an interesting performer.

  • Margo

    They could’ve named Adam’s E! THS..A Star is Born! What an amazing singer and performer this man is. Anyone that hears him sing has to fall in love with his voice. Beautiful and Brilliant him.

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