'Harry Potter' poll: So about Harry and Hermione...

hermione-harrySPOILER ALERT: Before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1, we did a poll asking readers what they thought of reports that Harry and Hermione share a dance in the tent after Ron leaves them, and have a moment when it looks as though he contemplates becoming more than best friends (which is how Emma Watson says she and Daniel Radcliffe played the scene). Nearly 10,000 readers responded, 69 percent of which said without having seen the scene (not in the book) it sounded realistic. Harry and Hermione have always been close, and he’s always been one to hug her or hold her hand when she needed comforting or was in danger. They’ve never felt more alone than at that moment. Thirty-one percent said the scene sounded unnecessary — the beauty of the Harry-Hermione friendship is that it was never remotely romantic. We said we’d do another poll after the film’s release, to see if the results differ. Here’s your choice to weigh in again:

My vote remains the same: I think it’s realistic that Harry would, for a moment, think about taking comfort in Hermione’s arms. After all they’d been through up to that point, to finally be laughing again had to feel amazing. That’s what life as a 17-year-old is supposed to be — light. For a second, he had that again, and Hermione was the one who gave it to him. She was the only one there, the only one he could count on. In truth, I think Harry’s pregnant pause was so brief, some moviegoers may have missed the connotation and thought that Hermione walked away because she’d simply thought about Ron again and snapped back to reality, where there was nothing to laugh about. Being someone who always sort of wanted Harry and Hermione together, part of me wishes that moment had been longer and more tension-filled, but by keeping it that short, we can believe that Harry and Hermione could go back to the way things were, with her interrupting him and making a joke about his hair when he tried to bring up the moment later by saying “Hermione” (which would have no doubt been followed by “About what happened…”). She, and we, understood that Harry started out trying to comfort her with some silly dancing, and then ended up comforting himself when it felt good to hold someone and be held.

I would also like to note that after seeing the movie, that piece of me that had still thought Harry and Hermione would’ve made the better pair is gone. I know Ron and Hermione have had their moments before, but watching him describe how he knew that the light that went through his chest would lead him to her, and then later charge at Bellatrix as she was torturing Hermione, I finally felt how much Ron cared for her and, more importantly, that he was worthy of her.

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  • Vivian

    I actually teared up a bit.

    • Alicia

      I teared up a bit, too, but that scene was one bad-decision-kiss away from an “accidental” one night stand.

      Didn’t belong. But it was a nice idea.

      • Liz Lemon

        It did belong. They miss their best friend. They have no idea what to do next. Harry just wanted to lighten the tension and just forget for a couple of minutes and it worked. That moment was definitely needed not just for the characters, but for the audience. It provided a brief moment of happiness during that long stretch of bleakness and depression.

      • Lea

        I agree with Alicia, it was cute, but it wasn’t very appropriate for the time, they could have found a different way of comforting themselves and eachother . Secondly, I believe ther was far too much physical contact between Hermione and Harry i.e.Hermione placing her head on his shoulder a couple of times and taking him by the arm. But maybe that is the point.

      • JFWilder

        How appropriate your comment was followed by a one-night-stand spam by some lonely loser.

      • Ian

        She did the same thing in Half Blood Prince, and I didn’t mind it then either. It was what best friends would do in that situation.

      • Holly

        I agree that it was a little “too much”. In the book, the period of time that Ron was gone, it became cinched how close Harry and Hermione are. But it was just a little too romantic for me. I felt like Harry was betraying Ron just a tiny bit. At the same time, I can see how they would both need some sort of physical comfort. In the book, when Harry’s wand is destroyed in Godrick’s Hollow, Hermione touches the top of Harry’s head, and his eyes close at her touch. I think that said enough. They could have found a less romantic way for Harry to break Hermione’s depression. But the scene didn’t bother me.

    • ISpeakTheTruth

      How come there was no black people in the tent with Harry and Hermione? How come there was no black people in the movie? Why no Arabs? No Asians? Why only white dominate Aryan people?
      Racism is dominant throughout the WHOLE movie. I heard one black girl in Iowa bleached and burned her skin so she can look white. Then colored her eyes blue using a permanent marker because she wanted to look like Hermione. Thanks a lot Harry Potter.

      • Nikki

        Did you not see the beginning part at all? Wow…cause Kingsley Shackelbolt is really as white as the driven snow… You have never seen another HP movie have you?

      • Monkey

        Aside from Kingsly Shacklebolt, there’s also Cho Chang, Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordan, Padma & Parvati Patil, Dean Thomas, and Blaise Zabini. Considering that the story takes place in the UK, which is 90% white, are you that surprised?

      • Tokki

        Yeah, and Cho Chang was in no way Asian at all! *gasp* You might be onto something here!

        Watch the other movies. Or even better, read the books.

      • anita adkins

        Have you read the books? Did you see any other movies. Harry’s first kiss was with an Asian girl. One of the twins took a black girl to the Yule Ball. Also Dean a student in Gryffindor dated Genni, and Did you miss the dates Harry and Ron? They went with girls who were obviously from India. Pay attention to the crowds and stories. You will see a great deal of diversity.

      • Drfiasco

        There were no trolls though… I’ll bet that’s why he’s upset about.

      • BFD

        I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t include the part of the book where Dean and “outlaws” host the pirate radio show. That was great.

      • Professor Quirrell


        Just thought you ought to know…

      • Serenity

        Racism… sure, whatever… such a ridiculous comment & a very boring analysis on your part… you are just uncomfortable in your OWN skin probably… the charachters are what they are, so DEAL WITH IT!!! The rest of us love Harry Potter & the movie JUST AS IT IS… perfect in every way… no changes needed… Peace!

      • anonymous

        You do realize that the book takes place in England? Mostly white people live there.

      • Barb

        Err… you do know that white people come from Europe, England is part of Europe, and HP takes place in England, right? Like, if you do a movie about the Chinese Imperial Court in the 1500s, it’s gonna be almost all Chinese People.

        I’m sorry that girl was so upset about how she looked, but there are a lot of beautiful actresses of African descent in many starring roles nowadays, including films like Star Trek (Uhura has always been played by a gorgeous black woman) and Avatar (same actress). But Former Miss America Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry (too many roles to name)…

      • Allon

        Although she’s not in this movie, Fred’s girlfriend Angelina is black. She may be at the end of the second part. Bite it troll.

      • sarah

        yeah, hi, big mouth. america is a very diverse place. ENGLAND IS NOT SO MUCH. you can’t represent what you don’t have.

      • James D

        well there’s a troll on this board and his name is ISpeakTheTruth. it’s easy to throw the race card in any situation.

      • Potter Fan 1013

        TO: I speak the truth. I have always been told if I do not know what I am talking about SHUT THE F@%* UP! How can you even make that comment that there are no other races in the Potter films. WOW some people are complete idiots.

      • jury’s out

        Fred marries Angelina in the end. Maybe that’s in pt. 2. Anyway, J.K. Rowling has a lot of diversity in her books, and the discrimination against the mudbloods by the purebloods is an obvious parallel to modern white supremacy and the Nazi Party with Voldemort being a mixture of Satan and Adolph Hitler. In fact, I have never seen a fantasy children’s series as diverse as this one.

      • deeannek

        If you watch any BBCA AT ALL you would find that they repersent all races. And having actually read Harry Potter You would find it is not as lily white as you claim.

      • Diane

        stop feeding the troll, please…let them roam elsewhere for stimulation.

      • Rocket To Pigfarts

        That’s alright. I’m Cho Chang, y’all.

      • jordan

        LOL at Prof Quirrell. Job well done.

      • Rpse

        omg SHUT UP…Kingsley is black, Dean is black (first 5 movies)the announcer at the Quidditch game is black… A lot of Indian students, Cho is Asian… Harry flirted with a black girl in the last movie…. Get a damn life!!!!!!! SMDH…. BTW I’m black…

      • Rpse

        oh and Fred’s girl is black….

      • Oz

        Hey dude!! The goblin and elf population were very fairly represented. You can’t get all the minorities at once but the way that Harry Potter stands up for the elf and goblin races makes me proud to say that I’m an HP fan!!!

      • Serenity

        Oh yes, he is upset about the missing Trolls! That is a good one, Drfiasco & Professor Quirrell you are spot on! ;D

      • Antoinette

        Why would there be black people in the tent? lolololololol

      • Joe

        Minorities are owed nothing.
        Write your own stories and see if the whites complain.
        Live your lives and let us live ours.

      • k

        LOl!! that’s not even possible. colored her eyes blue with a marker. You need more knowledge and less hype. You also need to read the books and see the movies if you’re going to make that kind of remark. Because it’s not true.

      • Callum Dia

        Just read the book dude before to say something! You are embarrassing every blacks with your ignorance and your stupidity ! I’m black and the HP are my favorites books ! There is a lot of diversity and no racism that all! So please, Shup up !

      • Rex

        Why so few Blacks?
        For the same reason there are so few whites in movies about the Hutus and Tutsis
        Because during the time frame of the movie there were few blacks living in those areas.

      • Drea

        You are a moron.

      • Coco

        The problem with ignorant comments is that they breed more of the like. England has been a racially diverse country since the 1950’s when they experienced large waves of immigration. This has been captured in both J.K Rowlings novels and the films. What is more irritating is that ISPEAKTHETRUTH, probably posted his initial comments hoping to illicit these very responses.

      • MarineMayhem

        Are you an idiot? Racism in Harry Potter?! Please! Let’s see… In every movie there’s at least 1 African American, and if I remember right, one of them holds office directly under the Minister of Magic. A midget (excuse the terms please) is a Professor, the Headmaster is gay, and Harry is an Orphan!!! Where the freakin A do you get racism out of that!?!? The ones you need to be yelling at are the ones who say Harry Potter promotes “Devil Worshipping”. Now that’s bigotry!

      • loto

        The race card? Really? That’s so last decade – get with the times. Racism is ignorant – no matter who it’s coming from or the color of their skin. Let it go so we can all move on – together!!!

      • Camielle

        Um, wtf are you talking about? As previously mentioned, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Angelina Johnson, Dean Thomas, Blaise Zabini and Lee Jordan are all black. And you are an idiot.

        Oh yeah, and in the 6th movie, the girl that Harry almost hooks up with in the beginning of the movie is Black too.

      • Natty

        England is 90% White? Nice to know you’ve all done your homework! England is a bigger ‘melting pot’ than the US! Our communities are truly interracial. There are some areas where it is predominantly one race or another, but particularly in cities, everyone lives together.

        London is one of the MOST multi-cultural cities in the World. So for everyone defending the HP books against that retard, please use arguments like “Read the book douchebag, and you will see an abundance of non-european characters.” Rather than “England is all white, didn’t you know that?”

      • Ry

        I actually TOTALLY agree. That tent scene would have been much better with a few black people in the tent as well… actually that’s exactly what I turned to my friend and said during that scene in the theater. She said that was exactly what she was thinking too!!

      • Liz Lemon

        The entire reason the wizarding world is at war is due to racism and prejudice, so it definitely played a role. Everyone on the good side is trying to fight for the freedom of the oppressed.

      • Ellen

        You must not have seen the movie….there was a black man protecting Harry.
        Get a Life!!

      • Trent

        Get over yourself.

      • Michael

        troll it up -.-

      • mary

        There are no lots of black people because it was a british women who wrote the story, If she had been chinese there would have been only chinese people, I think you are over reacting, there is nothing against black people.
        When I was young I wanted to be black, so I don’t see how that is different of the little girl wanting to look like hermione.
        It’s no big deal.

      • Justi

        You do realize the only reason racism still exists is because minorities keep saying that whites are racist. It’s not racist. I’m sorry, but nobody cares anymore. Oh, and who black could be in the tent? Honestly!

      • whatitis

        im sure this was just put on here to get people riled up. it worked.

      • Lisa

        spoiler alert you guys are mixing fred and george up george is the one who gets married fred dies if you read the book you would know when and how fred dies

      • Cindy

        Obviously your weren’t paying attention and too busy worrying about blacks, there were blacks in the movie and so what if there weren’t. There are plenty black movies I think you would enjoy much more with your kind in it.

      • Gail Callicott

        Racism should not be brought in to this, at all, my dear. If it is too “racist” for you, then please, refrain from watching the movies….
        I do encourage you, though, to read the books….and no so many tabloids. That story, about the girl in Iowa: It was a rumor, and did not, in fact, happen.

      • Margo

        You do realize that one of Harry Potter’s love interests in this series is Cho Chang (Asian). Yes, racism and bigotry are a big part of this movie…showing that they are wrong.

      • mary

        BTW Ry’s comment was so funny! I couldn´t stop laughing xDD
        black people in the tent xD now it turns out that there can´t be a movie without having people from all the world in the same scene.

      • Pandaaa

        This is probably the most diverse children’s series in the world. Also, England is not as diverse as america. Cho is Asian, Dean Thomas is Black, Kingsley is Black, and just because theres no one black in the tent at the moment isn’t trying to offend anyone, it just so happens that neither Harry nor Hermione are black, and they’re alone at the time.

      • actuallyreadthebooks

        ummm…not sure who said it but someone mentioned that fred marries angelina…not sure if you read(or had it spoiled) but FRED DIES!! according to the book he does not marry angelina before the…at least not in the book..JK Rowling might have released something else that says they did, but to my knowledge that never happened!

        okay ive said my piece :)
        and talk about inclusion their is a whole family of gingers!! when in movies are their ever gingers??

      • denise

        r u sure she didn’t want to look like michael jackson? hahahaha i’m laughing because ur so ignorant there r 1000’s of girls out there trying to make them selfs look like black girls and i bet that bothers u too.

      • stephanie

        wtf !
        no black people in the tent ? are you serious ? what did you want a whole party in there ? in case you didn’t notice they are on the run and they are ALONE . read the books before you make a complete fool of yourself.

      • denise

        ohh and yeah there are no african americans in the movies or books not even 1 could it be because they are african english lol

      • Lisa

        What are you talking about????!!!! Clearly you have not watched the movies or you might want to go back and re-watch the movies over again. And while you are at it, note that whole theme of the story is about tolerance and the negative effects of prejudice, racism and oppression.
        Dean Thomas, Padma & Pavati Patil, Cho Chang, (in other films) Lupin (the Werewolf), Hagrid (the half Giant), Kingsley, Hermione (muggle born)….to name a few.
        Besides, not everything in the world is about “blank and white” and race. Comments like these are what started their war in the first place.

      • Nicole

        @Jurys out.. did you read the 7th book? Fred dies in the end of the book. Kind of hard to get married. But also.. that was a very ignorant comment in the beginning.

      • Jessica

        huh, I don’t remember reading any questions about racism on this page… T_T
        There were so many people of different races in this book that I don’t even know where you came up with this rant, unless the only part of Harry Potter you saw WAS the tent scene. And you can’t blame Emma Wattson being white for some girl doing that to herself; her eyes are brown, anyways, so the color isn’t right.
        If you want to troll, go somewhere else and get your facts straight.

      • elyse

        This isn’t a racist movie… You just have to find another way to impart racism in some way. Your the one who is being racist by adding these comments, thinking that just because there isn’t another race in the movie that its racist. Did you not notice that in the other movies there were many denominations. What if this movie only had black people? I bet you wouldn’t be complaining…would you? So stop trying to get attention…because frankly no one, including me, really cares.

      • Karolina

        God! You are totally blind Kingsley Shackelbolt is a black guy and Cho Chang is Asian. Patil sisters are arab or something…

      • Laura

        Really? That’s where you want to go? With this kind of nonsense? Why are there no white people in “Soul Food”? Or “How Stella Got Her Groove Back “?If you want to see a movie about black wizards then why don’t you write one?

      • Melissa

        … Because their British, and I dunno if you noticed, but there’s not an awful lot of black people in British land, much like there’s not a whole lot of white people in Africa. Also.. Harry Potter DOES have black people, just none of them are main characters…. WHY ARE THEIR NO WHITE-MAIN CHARACTERS IN THE BOONDOCKS?? HUH? HUH?

      • Gustavo

        There is a black man an auror if you haven’t notice, the whole movie is about how racism poisen our hearts don’t you see?

      • Kim

        Cho Chang, Dean Thomas, the Patil twins, Kingsley etc…..

      • Adriana

        hermione’s eyes aren’t even blue! they’re brown!

      • YouDontSpeakTheTruth

        Wow. With idiots like you, it’s no wonder she wanted to belong to a different group.

      • vaishnavi

        U r so out of line!!
        I m an indian and do not feel that the movies or even the books are racist.. they support diversity..
        harry and ron both went ti yule ball with parvati and padma patil who btw are indian girls…
        nd they are loads of people from different parts of the world in books as well as movies..

      • vaishnavi

        oh nd btw u cant blame emma watson or even the harry ptter series for what the girl from Iowa did to herself!!

      • Hedwig

        Kingsley is black and he is in the movie. And we have Cho Chang who is Asian. The Patil twins who is Arabs. And Dean tomas who is dark skinned. And another guy who is dark skinned but wich name i’ve forgotten.

      • PapaRazi

        Speak wasn’t being serious, guys. Haha. I have been crying from laughter since reading his comment and all of you probably brought plenty of laughter to his night as well. This “thread” is epic.

      • lin

        Kingsley is black, and one of the coolest characters in the series, I think. Cho Chang is Asian, and Harry was in love i=with her. There aren’t many, I agree…but then a lot of the white characters are jerks, like the Malfoys.

      • shisakura

        @ISpeakTheTruth: I totally agree with Nikki..
        What is your problem? If one girl wants to change herself ’cause she’s so driven by Hermione, that’s her problem. I don’t see why you have to come running to her rescue.
        Emma Watson didn’t advertise “OOh Look Like Me ‘Cause I’m Fair”
        You have got some serious issues my friend.

      • shisakura

        @Hedwig: Um, the Patil twins are NOT Arabs! They are Indian.

      • JFWilder

        How come there were no retarded posters from forums showing up? Huh? Come on? How come R&B Hip Hoppers only sing about gang crap? How come we don’t see white people in Harlem? Cripes you’re an idiot.

      • Kylie the Black Girl



        Are you kididing.

        HAve you read the book they are filled with people of color throughout the books. George marries Angelonina in J.K. epilogue and Dean plays prominent in the 7th book. But movies are not books and this movie cut a lot of people out equally.

        It is just about the two… for most of the movie.

        This reallyg breaks my heart to make racial issues. As an African American woman I face things deeply and in ways people can not imagine but this is not that fight.

        This is a beautiful multiracial peace of work–that shows humanity in every form.

        Where were you when my tiny little Honda got pulled over 5 times on a 4 hour drive home from college during the holidays? You weren’t but making racial issues when/where there are none trivializes real issues.

      • what ever

        He’s just trying to start something. As long as you bought a ticket to see the movie you did your part for all blacks and represented all blacks in the movie industry. Feel proud your comment and ticket purchase made a difference.

      • Scarlett-Red

        Oh, seriously…
        ISpeakTheTruth, you really need to get a life- I bet you just posted that crap to get a reaction and if if you didn’t then go see a psychologist, because maaan you’ve got a problem…
        BTW: Cho Chang (Asian), Dean Thomas (Black), Lee Jordan (Black), Angelina Johnson (Black), Pavarti & Padma Patil (Indian), Kingsley Shacklebolt (Black) etc etc…

      • ashley

        if you actually watched the movie you would know that ther is a black guy near the start

      • Rashy

        Bloody bollocks, begging for change, eat a bag b&^ch boy, you love to hate on the most inconsequential and irrelevent topics, troll up!

      • Cho Chang

        Seeing as there are many minorities that go to Hogwarts, and the fact that Voldemort and the “Mudblood issue” have a million “Hitler and the Jews” undertones, i would say that you should really pay more attention to the things you freak out about, because obviously, your argument was not well researched (have you even read the books or seen the movies?).

        p.s. I’m black and Asian.

      • Christine

        Are you serious?? Dean Thomas is black, Cho Chang is Asian, and what about the Patil sisters?? There are lots of different races in the Harry Potter series!! As for the girl that wanted to look like Hermione, she did that on her own accord do not blame Harry Potter for someones insecurities!!

      • HarryPotter Friend

        i think you should shutup cause there was 5 or more balck people in the movie and that girl that boruned her skin is none of your business if you dont know her and harry potter is not rasic or however you say it but you need to get your act together and if you dont like harry potter DONT FREKIN WATCH IT OR POST CRAP ABOUT IT WHO IS WITH ME! CAUSE IF YOUR A BOYS OR GIRL YOU NEED TO SHUTUP

      • Troll Hunter

        Congratulations ISpeakTheTruth! That is the most successful troll I’ve ever seen. 78 Replies and counting!

      • drayche

        not to mention what a complete idiot you are for saying HP is not diverse where in the world did you hear this story about an Iowa girl? I live in Iowa and I have never heard that one. Congrats you have pi$$ed iff more people with one statement than I have ever seen on ew.com

      • Ilikerealists

        Wait!! I’m confused! There are black people in Iowa?? If some girl actually did what you “heard” then she has some really serious mental issues that have nothing to do with this movie, or the fact she is black.I swear, you can give a black person a million dollars and you’d be a racist because you didn’t give him 2 million.

      • Lindsay

        “Because their British, and I dunno if you noticed, but there’s not an awful lot of black people in British land, much like there’s not a whole lot of white people in Africa.”

        LOL. Jesus. So much fail.

      • paul

        wow u are seriously loosing it ..there are alot of different races in the show

      • Karma

        @ I SPeak The Truth,Uh,Angela ,she is black and one of the Weasley twins asked her to the ball in movie 4.Patil twins East Indian,Black guy in Slytherin house,not remember his name,Announcer at the Quidditch,black,Kingsley Shacklebolt,black,Cho Chang,Asian,And,we cannot even know of others on there,they could be half breeds or hispanic,to you name it.And Hermoine has brown eyes,she does not have blue eyes,just so you know.Harry has blue eyes.I seen various people in there,maybe next we will find out that there are real giants and real goblins who feel slighted too?Why no female goblins?And some girl burns her skin and colors her eyes with a perm marker and this is a movie’s fault ? How old are you ? Grow up.

    • Serenity

      Kudos to jury’s out – you ROCK! Oh, and good call James D, and you too Oz… quite a remarkable analysis there! As for the story about the girl who coloured her eyes blue with a permanent marker: not sure if that is a TRUE account, in fact, I highly doubt it is, but even if so, I don’t think she did it to look like Hermione… Emma Watson, who portrays Hermione in the films, well, she has BROWN eyes… kinda defeats the purpose of the black girl making hers “blue,” don’t ya think? If it really happened, it sounds like this girl suffers from some kind of mental illness & she needs to get help… just like ISpeakTheTruth…

      • jj6

        not to be a buzzkill there Jury’s out but Fred doesn’t marry Angelina. He won’t be marrying anybody, because he dies at the end. Just a thought.

      • Bea

        way to write ***SPOILER ALERT*** for those who haven’t read the book jj6…
        I have, but if I didn’t I’d be pretty pissed cause that’s a pretty big shocker.

    • BEth

      I strongly believe that this did not belong! I am always greatly disapointed when things are changed from JK Rowlings Views in the books after all the Harry Potter series does coem from her mind… this scene was not really part of Harry or Hermionies lifes in the real harry Potter story kinda makes the movie be a litte like a slightly alternate reality.

      • nadiyah

        actually it kinda was. it’s very subtle in the book…how harry & hermione were towards each other after ron left and before he came back. but it was there..more eluded to than anything. those charged and tender moments and what not. it was just fleshed out in the movie. which was nice..one of the few times they got portraying the implied and worked out detail correctly.

      • Robin

        actually after ron left Hermoine was pretty distant from Harry. I didn’t like this part at all and I agree that the movie was just not close enough to the book.

    • Will S

      I groaned when I saw it. I thought it was a terrible scene that didn’t need to be there. Sure, they’re close, but that doesn’t mean you have to do a stupid dance to comfort a friend. And it really did feel like they were just about to kiss, which would’ve been even worse.

    • Cindy

      The scene was great, Harry is a very sexy man now and Hermione was a very lucky girl, would have given anything to be in her shoes.

    • Ellice

      i dont think it belonged there because Ron was meant for Hermione not Harry, it just doesnt work no matter how close their friendship is, it’s just not fair for Ron. Plus it makes Hermione look a little easy as she doesn’t care who it is but just wants comfort, which shes not suppose to be.

      • Mer

        I kinda think you missed the point. All the things you’ve said about Ron and Hermione are true… Which is why it almost happened and doesn’t actually happen. Harry and Hermione are close friends, left alone for months on end in a very tense and horrible situation. The fact that they comforted each other seems not only normal, but also expected. The fact that that comfort didn’t become sexual is a testament to the fact that Hermione really does have feelings for Ron, not Harry, and Harry’s mind is one Ginny.

        The fact that nothing happens means that Hermione is NOT easy. Comfort among friends is normal. That comfort turning into sex would have been a betrayal of the characters, but the fact they thought about it just made them human. People have sex with friends all the time when they’re in bad places. I guarantee that even more people have at least considered the possibility. If this wasn’t a Harry Potter movie, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had done it. The fact that they considered it does add a layer of depth. The fact that they didn’t makes them Harry and Hermione.

      • Amy

        Well said, Mer. You very eloquently and clearly explained why that scene was so beautiful and deep in exploring realistic emotions, while remaining true to the characters.

    • Arlene

      This seen was so up lifting and about time, they come together.

    • mackenzie

      me to

  • scatx

    That last paragraph made me literally say out loud, “Awwwww” as I remembered those two scenes.

    • Liz

      I don’t understand why it took Mandi so long to get there. Ron always loved Hermione from the very early days. I love that we are finally getting to the pay off of a decade of movies building to their first kiss. I remember when I read the 7th book for the first time I really thought that Ron and Hermione weren’t going to make it as a couple. I thought they would just never get there. Then they kissed during the battle of Hogwarts and I literally stood up shrieking “It’s about time RON WEASLEY!” I was a little unsure how I felt about the dancing scene between Harry and Hermione but once I saw it I realized that it could very well have happened!

      • ellen

        Word (to Liz)

        It was always Ron and Hermione. I never understood the hate for Ron that would have people prefer her with Harry. Ron was an actually character, so he had flaws. Harry was a little flat (even though I love him!!) It’s not fair to hate on Ron for having the insecurities of any teen. He and Hermione always had that great tension.

      • tracy bluth

        Word, Liz!

      • Jen

        I saw the romance in that scene but thought it was well done, quite subtle. However, Ron’s naked fantasy scene WAS a little over the top.

      • Viet

        I guess it’s sort of like they liked each other but was afraid to step over the line because it may destroy the friendship and the trio. That’s why it’s so beautiful though :) (At least in my opinion)

      • Heather

        Um, Jen, you do realize it was Voldemort’s piece of soul that created that whole Harry/Hermione Horcrux scene, right? But, yes, it was a little weird they were naked; I just kept thinking I’m pretty sure they were CLOTHED in the book!!

      • Bea

        Thank you! I never got why some people didn’t see Hermione and Ron getting together (especially in the books, it was quite obvious that they had a thing for each other – even Harry noticed it.)

        @Heather – during the locket Horcrux smashing, no I don’t think they were clothed or at least it never described clothes… just shimmering bodies snaking around each other.

      • mary

        I always knew Ron and hermione would end up together, they are so perfect!! I love how they spent years and years flirting and being jealous

      • francisca

        i can’t wait to see ron and hermione’s kiss. that is the kiss from Deathly Hallows. but have to wait until july. the dancing scene, in the begining of the scene i thought harry wanted something else. i don’t remember that from the book and i read it twice. was it there? in which chapter? which page? i loved the whole movie, every scene.

      • Liaden

        I’ve been rooting for Ron and Hermione the whole time; I think Harry and Ginny make a better couple. In the books it’s so obvious that Ron and Hermione are meant to be, anyways.
        As for the dancing scene, I thought that it was pretty nice. Harry’s lack of dancing skills let the two relax after so much bad tension. I don’t think it would have turned into anything more because they were both in love: Hermione with Ron and Harry with Ginny. It was something cute and funny that I quite enjoyed.
        Also, the Horcrux thing, in the books it doesn’t say anything about them naked or clothed. However, it does say that they were saying things to Ron then Horcrux Hermione kissed Horcrux Harry. There was nothing about them suddenly being naked and making-out.

    • Hannah

      I awwed during the entire scene. It made my heart melt =)

  • Traci

    I thought it was a beautiful scene between two friends. It did not seem romantic but more Harry trying to cheer Hermione up after Ron’s betrayal.

    • erintopia

      I agree! I didn’t take it romantically at all. Harry and Hermione always shared everthing including how they felt about other people. I think he was simply trying to cheer her up, as any good friend would do.

    • This

      I agree. I saw it as more of a friendly moment.

    • melissa

      Yep, I agree as well.

    • Tyla

      I just came back from the movie and I have to agree. I didn’t see any romantic undertones. They get each other really well, especially having both been more immersed in the Muggle world than Ron, and because they get each other, I think they kind of wish they felt romantic towards each other, because it might be easier. But, the heart wants what the heart wants, Ron has alway set Hermione off, and Harry is strangely drawn to Ginny.

      • Stephanie

        That was extremely well put! I absolutely agree with you Tyla: It would be so easy for Hermione and Harry are to fall into that kind of relationship, but relationships are never meant to be easy, are they?

      • chris

        Harry is drawn to Ginny because she is different from other girls. Ginny in the books is a powerful witch, can stand up to six older brothers and can understand Harry on a level others can’t. It just took Harry awhile to see, of course.

      • M!zz JT

        I super agree with Tyla. When I watched the movie i took it as Harry trying to lighten the mood. No more. No less. In times of trouble Harry & Hermoine were always their to help hold each other up.

      • Bea

        Harry is drawn to Ginny for many reasons – but JK Rowling seemed to be mirroring James and Lily with their pairing…

      • MissA

        I completely agree. And I felt that Hermione echoed this later in the Forest of Dean scene when she said, “I don’t know, maybe we should just grow old here.”

        Harry & Hermione are amazing companions(which during those months must have been a comfort), but they just don’t feel *that* way about each other. Their love is affectionate and strong and intimate and deep but ultimately platonic. Such a brilliant choice by JKR to write a friendship like that.

    • KelJo

      Have to agree with Traci. It did not seem romantic to me, knowing they’ve only ever been the best of friends, that Hermione does care for Ron, and that Harry has Ginny. Having read the books, I also had in the back of my head the moments when Harry comforts himself by watching Ginny on the Marauder’s Map, which I thought was sweet.

      • Lillian

        I was really disappointed they didn’t add the scenes where Harry always looks at Ginny on the map! They made it seem like he’d forgotten her! =(

      • Melissa

        I agree. I wish they had added him looking for her on the map too. It would have been easy to do since he was watching Snape.

    • Kiwi

      I don’t know… in my interpretation, I saw Harry look a bit disappointed when Hermione walked away. I felt awkwardness between them after they were done dancing. *shrug* and then did you see Hermione hesitate to put her head on Harry’s shoulder at the graveyard as if she was afraid to lead him on?

      • Bobby

        She hesitated bc she wasn’t sure if that what comfort him…he was standing over his parent’s grave. I saw nothing romantic bw them at all in either scene, just incredibly close friends being there for each other.

      • Camielle

        I saw it. Actually, the whole theater saw it when I went. There was this collective gasp because it looked for a second like the two might kiss, and then just that quickly, the moment was over. I think it’s perfectly logical and understandable. They were both upset, scared, and lonely, but even with all that, it just wasn’t right, they both wanted other people.

    • AAR

      Once they started dancing I didn’t see anything romantic. The very beginning of it though- when Harry takes the locket off her- for some reason that struck me as very sensual and sexy.

      • Kisha

        Me too!

      • Sydney

        Glad I’m not the only one. I was preparing myself to get all irritated, but it wound up being very cute.

      • Liz Lemon

        Yeah. The way Harry is looking at her before he asks her to dance is kind of sexual. lol.
        But the dance itself is quite sweet and very platonic. However, when I saw the movie the second time, I was worried they were going to kiss at the end when they just look at each (even though I had already seen it and knew they didn’t). So, the scene plays both ways.

    • Jay


    • jj

      yeah! its like a brother comforting his sister. a very sweet gesture.

    • Melissa

      Totally agree. I’m so sick of all these critics (and its not just EW) talking about the love triangle or hints of a possible romance with Harry & Hermione. It’s two friends trying to comfort each other. I saw nothing romantic. (I still can’t believe the critic who thought the nightmare/fantasy that came out of the locket was actually a real beginning of a triangle).
      Let’s remember something “critics” just because its the new thing in YA books to do a love triangle does not mean its happening here. Harry Potter doesn’t need a damn love triangle to capture the hearts of millions.

      • Bea


      • Hannah

        YES! It has always bugged me when people focus on the relationships in Harry Potter and not what’s actually going on

    • whatitis

      you could tell it was friendly buy the way Harry first started dancing. :P it was kinda bad but funny.

    • Kayleigh

      Traci, I absolutely agree. I think people are reading *way* too much into this scene, and all it’s meant to be is a little moment between two best friends; Hermione grieving, Harry making an attempt to lighten her spirits.

      Like Melissa said: NO LOVE TRIANGLES HERE KTHXBI <3

    • Pandaaa

      AGREED!!!!!! @Kayleigh

    • Me

      I completely agree, at first it shocked me a little as it was too out-of-the-plot-written-by-JK, but then I thought of it as a way to cheer her up and I thought it was so utterly cute ! :D I love their brother-sister relationship, and I think they put that scene as so not to make so obvious that Ron and Hermione are sticking together at the end (:
      It bothers me a little though that they make people who haven’t read the books think that Harry and Hermione have a shot :/

      • hp_hermione fan

        originally JK Rowling had decided to have harry and hermione end up together (that’s why the first four books are ambiguous one who she liked) but her daugher recommended she change it.

    • Tallulah

      Well, exactly.

      It basically comes down to, what would you do? I dunno about you people, but I probably would get up and start doing a gawky dance just to make my depressed friend smile. It was incredibly sweet.

    • Courtney

      Agreed. It was dance of friendship…not romance.

  • Erika

    There was a small part of me that kind of wanted Harry with Luna but, I never really saw him with Hermoine because they seemed like siblings from the start. Whereas Ron and Hermoine liked each other from the start. The way they picked on each other it just seemed right. Also, Harry had to end up with Ginny it was the best way to give him what he needed most a family.

    • Liz

      I’ve always assumed that Luna and Dean ended up together. After the whole Malfoy manor/Shell Cottage time the two of them spent together In my mind they ended up together. It made me happy for Luna as she is one of my favorite characters.

      • Stacy

        i totally agree about dean and luna

      • Tyla

        I thought Luna and Neville, actually.

      • Shannon

        I, too, thought it was Luna and Neville. They’re both the awkward outcasts who end up having vast amounts of courage when the pressure is on.

      • Jenna

        If you’re interested in knowing, Rowling gave specific info about who ended up with who that she didn’t include in DH. You can find it online.

      • Cheri

        I always thought Luna and Neville until DH, then I thought the way Dean kind of followed Luna in a bemused way was cute. But as Jenna says, you can find on the HP wiki who ends up with whom.

      • Bea

        Luna ended up marrying a guy named Rolf.

      • Gazza

        No, Neville *SPOILER ALERT* ends up with Hannah Abbott who in turn becomes the landlady of the Leaky Cauldron, while Luna marries Rolf Schamander, great-grandson of Newt Schamander, author of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”. I’m glad that JK didn’t pair the spares- though I did like Luna-Dean, especially in the battle of Hogwarts, when Dean takes her with him.

    • Jen

      Ginny’s boring.

      • chris

        ginny is boring in the movies – not the books. in the books. ginny is awesome.

      • Mandy

        Yes, Ginny is an incredible witch in the books. I have always been a bit dissapointed with the excahngrs between Ginny and Harry jn the movies. The kiss scene they shared in this movie did not at all drive home their love for one another. In the books you can truly understand not only Harrys love for Ginny but also his admiration. There is a part in the deathly hallows (the book) where Harry says that Ginny wasn’t crying as most girls would in the situation at hand, and that was one of the things he loved most about her. Yet he loves her so much that he cuts her loose in fear of voldemort attacking her again. And yes Ginny is a baddass. JK Rowling revealed that when the group grows up Ginny becomes the captain of the all-witch quidditch tream the holly harpies as the best chaser in the game… Before retiring to raise a family with Harry! Awesome!!!

      • k

        Agreed. I think more people would have liked to see Ginny and Harry if they weren’t so akward together in the films. In the books they have a lot of chemistry. In the movies though Radcliffe and Watson have some sizzly chemistry. I think that’s why there was that Harry, Hermione movement.

      • kimmy

        agreed. ginny in the movies is completely boring, but in the books she’s much much more interesting. harry and ginny don’t have the same chemistry as they do in the books and that whole scene w/ harry zipping up ginny’s dress just didn’t fit for me. its like they were trying to add some sizzle, but it was out of character for both.

      • Liz

        @kimmy. I agree completely. The way Ginny and Harry get together in the HBP book is fabulous… the movie, not so much. And, Ginny kissing Harry at the Burrow in the book was great. But… why on earth was Ginny in the kitchen asking for Harry to zip her dress??? Really? (Also didn’t like Harry at the cafe trying to pick up a girl in HBP the movie… again, out of character!)

      • Liz

        Just realized there is another Liz. These comments @kimmy are not from the first Liz! :)

      • kickingitaround

        @Liz But why on earth was Ginny in the kitchen asking for Harry to zip her dress?

        Obviously, the were dressing after spending a glorious night together after the Silver Lining Kiss which all occurred off-screen.

        The movies leave A LOT to the imagination as far as Harry and Ginny are concerned.

      • Lillian

        it makes me sad how boring they make Ginny in the movies. Bonnie Wright doesn’t do her character any justice. =(

      • Lindsay

        LOL NO.
        ‘Plus, Rowling always said she was a Hermione who married a Ron and it didn’t work out; she later married a Harry and it’s all good. The big picture view is that Hermione and Ron are more likely to break up because of their differences.’

        I don’t even care for ‘pairings’ and I think this comment is ridiculous. Newsflash, just because J.K ended up with a ‘Harry’ doesn’t mean a thing. J.K exists in real life, Harry Potter is just a book. What works in one relationship might not work in another.

  • Michelle

    I’ve always shipped Harry and Hermione, more so because I’ve never liked Ginny in the books nor the movies and, Harry and Hermione in the movies have more chemistry. Plus, Rowling always said she was a Hermione who married a Ron and it didn’t work out; she later married a Harry and it’s all good. The big picture view is that Hermione and Ron are more likely to break up because of their differences.

    As for the dance scene in the movie, I think it undermines Harry’s relationship with Ginny enough to make her wholly absent from his heart, whereas in the book Ginny was part of what kept him going. The dance scene is adorable and proof that Emma Watson and Dan Radcliffe have a much stronger bond in real life than Rupert Grint has with Watson; it was very touching, though somewhat out of place in the film in terms of tone. For me at least.

    • Vero

      Yes, I agree. In the books, Ron and Hermione have the chemistry, and there is nothing romantic between Hermione and Harry, at any point in time. But in the movies, Harry and Hermione seem to make more sense. I think a big part of that is the chemistry between the actors: Emma and Daniel go together better than Emma and Rupert.

    • Meg

      Uh, where did you read that? Because in her interview with Pottercast in December of 2007 she actually said the relationship she had with her current husband was much more similar to what she imagined Ron and Hermione’s marriage would be like.

    • Dove

      Haha I don’t know where you think you read that but it’s 100% bull.

    • GS

      I totally disagree. I thought the chemistry b/w Ron and Hermione was palpable in this one. I thought the dance scene was totally pointless and forced. They totally forgot how in the books Harry’s love for Ginny is what gets him through.

    • Miranda

      Completely agree. Ginny and Harry is the most forced aspect in the books (she’s ALWAYS been interested in his fame) and that translates to the screen. She’s also said that she is a Hermione and that the character Ron is based on her childhood best friend – her platonic friend. Ron’s never been able to treat her with as much respect as Harry throughout the series.

      I’ll never abandon my Harry and Hermione fantasies, but I did like the way they did the Ron and Hermione relationship better in the movie than in the book. Consider the fact that they had to beef up the Ron/Hermione thing in the movies to make it believable on screen. The light speech was new!

      • Gazza

        It’s true that Harry’s fame was probably partly why Ginny had such a huge crush on him at first, but what really brought them together was, among others, the fact that both have been possessed by Voldemort (though in different ways), and she gets what it’s like for Harry. Like with everyone else, once she got to spend more time with him, the fame aspect no longer registered.

  • Faye

    I was hooked on her with Ron at the piano scene

    • Lauren

      I agree, that scene was adorable!

      • Liz

        I agree. I’ve always had complaints about the added scenes in the movie but I feel like the added scenes in DH were amazing. They were scenes that I could see actually happening. Also, this morning it hit me that Teddy Lupin is probably not going to be born in the movies.

      • Jeannie

        Liz – I think Teddy will be born in DH pt 2. Right before everyone drinks the polyjuice potion, Tonks starts to say that she and Lupin have good news to share and then gets cut off. I don’t think that line would have been there if they weren’t planning on the baby in the movies.

      • kimmy

        yeah, i noticed that too liz. mad eye cut her off when she was saying she had news. i think there will be the harry/lupin confrontation in part 2.

  • Valeen

    Loved that scene so much<3
    It was obvious from book one, at least for me, that Ron and Hermione would end up together… but I always wanted SOMETHING to happen between her and Harry(:
    And even if it was not much I was happy to see that in the movie(:

  • Stess

    As a book purist usually, I really liked the scene in the tent, because it DID feel so realistic to those two in that moment. I really liked how they handled that friendship, and they managed to make Ron explaining the deluminator thing a little less silly than it sounded in the book, honestly.

    • jes1

      I agree Rupert Grint really played the deluminator explanation scene well. It could have been cheesy but it was better than the scene from the book. I also liked Harry’s comment about how hermione would forgive Ron soon enough as long as he kept talking about the ball of light going right to his heart when he heard her say his name. Its not in the book but it was cute.

      • mscisluv

        Honestly, it was still pretty cheesy.

      • Ashtrash

        …which is why Harry saying that made it pretty funny. Pretty sure he thought it was cheesy too!

      • Lisa

        But Ron is pretty cheesy, especially when it comes to the female sex. I think it was right in character and put everything back in line – and Harry’s comment was perfect. And I liked the dance scene – it felt a little awkward because the whole situation they found themselves in was awkward and lonely and scarey and . . . two teenagers dancing and then for just a flicker of a moment wanting to find more comfort and then snapping back to reality is extremely realistic. Also, in re the whole silver topless kiss, it’s played even more erotic in the book with smokey bodies entwining. It’s Ron’s nightmare after all, so of course the sexiness was overinflated because that was always his biggest fear.

  • Annie

    I have read all books and seen other films (Seeing Harry tomorrow!!!), always thought Emma Watson had stronger romantic chemistry with Daniel Radcliffe.

  • Ivy

    I thought it was a beautiful scene of friends needing each other. Harry was trying to cheer her up, that’s all. They must have been very lonely out there. I cried so many times during the movie. I’ve seen it twice and can’t wait to go again.

  • Cami

    I loved that scene, it made you love Harry all the more because he was trying to cheer Hermione up. I didn’t really think that Harry and Hermione as characters could have been anything more than friends (J.K. Rowling wrote them that way and that’s the way it should stay. Besides, Ron’s devotion to Hermione in the movie is sweet, if awkward). The “look” might have been just Daniel Radcliffe and his chemistry with Emma Watson. On a side note I don’t understand why people don’t like Rupert Grint more, I thought he gave an excellent performance.

    • Cami

      I don’t mean “awkward” in a bad way btw.

    • Stacy

      i agree about rupert’s performance particularly in this last movie. it was fantastic. he did an excellent job throughout.

    • samantha

      I agree that the lack of build-up to the Harry/Ginny romance is frustrating, but I felt the tent scene was fine. I think it really boils down to no character development for Ginny in the movies, no chemistry between Dan and Bonnie, and let’s face it-awful acting from Bonnie

      • Bea

        I second that!
        She’s the only person I wish they had recast before her role got bigger (I’d say for Order of the Pheonix)

  • ellenbrook

    that movie should be ban they are making million of dollars i never watch those movie then never will please take a life you peoples hes a brain wash movie

    • oldude


    • tm

      Did you even gets an edumacation??
      wow, ignorance.

    • Natty

      Why were you even on this site? Why did you bother to read this comment thread? Why did you bother to comment when you haven’t learned to read or write properly?

      • Ilikerealists

        Wow! that was one of the most horribly constructed sentences I have ever read.Did you even read the books? Scratch that last question. Can you even read? That is more appropriate.

  • RaivynSkye

    Harry already has a “light”: Jenny. The fact that they need to change his relationship with Hermione just points out how badly they depicted the Harry/Jenny relationship.

    • Liz

      You mean Ginny?

    • Mary

      Epic fail, dude. Pick up the book sometime.

      • Shauna

        Or any book, really.

    • Luna


  • Justin

    It could have gone romantic but it was totally not. And I thought that was one of the best scenes in the entire movie. It gave a break from all the doom and gloom, and it felt like such a tender moment, one I would have never thought to come from an HP movie. That to me elevated the series to another level and made it into a full grown, adult movie (much like Harry) that scene alone has me touting HP7 for a Best Pic nom. I know, dare to dream but it could happen!

    • TC

      Definitely. I’m getting chills just thinking about that scene. It was so well done.

    • Jen

      Interesting point — will this or the next one finally get nominated for Best Picture? They’re certainly not “kids’ movies” any more.

    • Mike

      It was easily one of the best scenes. My favorite moment of the whole thing was when Hermione finally smiled for the first time. All of a sudden, it felt like things were going to be okay. Then once they were done, both of them, especially Hermione came back to reality.

  • Joslyn

    The poll is interesting because to me, the scene was realistic but still totally unnecessary. I feel like the movies (6 and now 7.1) undermine both Ginny as a character, and how Harry’s love for her helps fuel him. Maybe Dan and Bonnie Wright just have no chemistry on-screen, but it’s been so frustrating the way they have altered and diminished the H/G scenes in the movies. I don’t have a problem with the dancing scene per se, but in the scheme of the of the movies, it feels like part of a larger effort to make more of a romantic undertone to the Harry/Hermione relationship than there is in the books.

    • Stess

      I think part of the problem is how much they minimized the character of Ginny in HBP. The scene where they hide the potions book was so wrong for those characters, especially Ginny. It does seem like they haven’t given H/G the attention it deserves.

      • Bea

        I agree fully!!! They were soooo awkward (in a bad way) – tying his shoelace? feeding him cookies? weird attempts at flirting.

        AND how is Harry supposed to find the tiara if Ginny’s the one who hid the book?????????????

        sorry this has bothered me since I saw HBP

    • Stacy

      i agree they have short-shrifted the Harry/ Ginny relationship in the movies. which bothers me because it was one of my favorite parts of the last two books. Harry’s feelings for Ginny are so important in the book, to only handle it with two short kissing scenes is bothersome. (though i did love the scene with george)

      • Liz

        YES! George was fantastic. It made me love him slightly more. He and Fred were always two of my favorites.

      • Emma

        Yeah-they’ve degraded the relationship so much that not only do we not see how firey and strong Ginny is-which makes her more of a match for Harry than Hermione’s quieter, more intellectual courage-but they take out the fact that Harry and Ginny actually have a relationship for a couple months or so near the end of Harry’s sixth year!

    • Jerri

      @ Josyln

      I totally agree that Harry & Ginny are diminished in the films. They seem so awkward together.

      I’ve never really liked Hermione and Ron together, because I always thought Hermione was annoying. But a lot of fans love them together so it’s great they finally are a couple.

    • TC

      <<Maybe Dan and Bonnie Wright just have no chemistry on-screen

      I absolutely agree, and I'm glad I'm not the only who sees that. I'm not a fan of Bonnie in the role as Ginny, and their chemistry is pretty terrible.

      I absolutely loved the dancing scene. It was so … nice, and definitely representative of their wonderful friendship. Mandi's line sums it up well:

      "She, and we, understood that Harry started out trying to comfort her with some silly dancing, and then ended up comforting himself when it felt good to hold someone and be held."

      • sam

        i think harry and hermione should be together screw ron!

      • Samantha

        Go back to writing fanfic, Sam. JKR wrote the book, and it’s Ron and Hermione, full stop.

      • Pauline

        So what? Just because the author wrote that way? We have our own mind, thank you very much. We perceive things differently. It’s just a different point of view.

    • Nelly

      I think Bonnie is fantastic as Ginny. And it’s really annoying they always diminish her role, specially in movies 5, 6 & 7.

      • Luna

        she is an AWFUL Ginny! She’s so dull and boring. Book Ginny is independent, funny, and energetic. The movies did nothing to make her seem attractive to us. Plus, I agree with others. She and Dan have zero chemistry. The fact that she’s taller than he is doesn’t help either… It makes a difference, people!

      • @Luna

        She can’t fix the script. The script is awful concerning her character. Really, feeding him mince pies? That’s not Bonnie’s issue.

        I thought she was great in DH. A little off in HBP, but great in DH.

      • Samantha

        Well considering that the main writer for the movies is a Harry/Hermione shipper, of course Ginny’s role is going to be diminished as he did with Ron. I’m actually shocked that Kloves didn’t try to sneak in more “Harry/Hermione moments” and make Ron seem like the wife beater the more insane members of the fandom seem to think he is. That he gave Ron his moments in the sun surprised me.

      • Natty

        Bonnie isn’t responsible for the scripts she’s given or the way her scenes are edited. I’ve loved *her* as Ginny in every scene she’s been in, but the lines she’s been given, and the lack of screen time her character has had, have turned her into pretty much a slightly elevated extra, where she is actually a central character. Those who don’t really like Ginny must only be watching the films. She kicks ass in the books.

      • kickingitaround

        I think Bonnie has done well with what she has been given. Her yelling “Shut it” during Quidditch tryouts doesn’t give us much to base her character on. One or two scenes from the books in each film starting with OotP (seeing as you don’t know anyone else whose been possessed by Voldermort or the Easter eggs in the library scene) would have made a huge difference in how Ginny is perceived. I think the screen writer and director fell in love with Emma at about movie three and that was it.

      • Lisa

        Bonnie hasn’t been given much to work with. I think the only time the movie gives us a palpable connection with these two is when she comforts Harry beside the fallen Dumbledore.

    • paula

      @Joslyn. I totally agree with you. It was a realistic scene for the movie, but not necessary. Harry in the book is really down because Ron is gone and has no clue how to make Hermione feel better. And Ginny from the movies is so dull, I really dislike the way the they portray her in the movies.

      • Gazza

        Harry and Hermione’s listlessness in the book when they are alone really drives home the importance of Ron in the trio.

    • Laura

      I agree and was going to comment the same thing–can’t it be both? I also found it realistic, but unnecessary.

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