Sarah Palin tells Barbara Walters that she can beat Obama in 2012

Sarah Palin tells Barbara Walters that she thinks she can beat Barack Obama in 2012 on this year’s 10 Most Fascinating People special, which is set to air December 9. This will be Palin’s third year in a row on the list. How very fascinating! Palin’s second book comes out November 23, her TLC show has seven more episodes, and she’s on the cover of the New York Times Magazine this weekend in an article that sums up the situation thusly: “Sarah Palin’s withering regard for the media co-exists with the fact that Sarah Palin is a media sensation.” No kidding. Oh, and don’t forget about “refudiate” being the word of the year.

To the shock of no one, Palin tells Walters that she’s seriously considering running for president, and the upcoming profile in the NYT says the same thing. Whether that campaign comes to pass or not, we’re still looking at several more years — at least? — of Palin’s non-stop media presence. Perhaps Willow or Piper will also dance with the stars?

No one blends pop and politics quite like Palin, especially now that she’s technically not a politician. But is that genre-blurring a good thing? Does it help her political stature, or is she so deeply ensconced in media and pop culture at this point that it’s hard to imagine her holding office again?

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  • Faith

    Heaven forbid!
    If she does, I’ll have to start looking for a place in Canada.

    • Al

      Canada also has a coinservative government. Plus, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be accepted. Why not move to Cuba or Venezuela.

      • @Al

        Is it “Three Stooges Accent Day”?

      • Alex

        A conservative Canadian government is much more liberal than a conservative American government.

      • Katja

        Who cares about whether a conservative is president? When it comes to the possibility of a Palin campaign, it’s about much more than that. She’s simply not a serious politician any more and hasn’t been for a long time. I don’t trust her at ALL to know what she’s doing as President. She’s done very well at positioning her self as a pop culture/media figure, but the idea of someone like that running the country terrifies me. I am utterly disgusted by what this article termed her “genre-blurring”. I’d take almost any other conservative as my president over Palin. A president needs more than folksy charm and a victim complex…

      • Anne

        I second that suggestion.

      • JAM

        NO WAY, I just don’t think she’d be putting the country first, it would be her image first always.

      • Bill

        The only thing lamer than the controversy over Sarah Palin is the idiots saying they’ll move to [insert country of choice here] if [insert politician of choice here] is elected.

        They said it when Clinton was elected. Twice. No one left. They said it when Bush was elected. Twice. No one left. They said it when Obama was elected. No one left.

      • wino

        Al, this is not about having a conservative government. This is about the worry that an idiotic, small minded, uneducated person could be in charge. She makes Dan Quayle look like a Rhode scholar.

    • Mike

      The ‘ol I will move to Canada statement… Since you really won’t do it, just shut up.

      • Mel Gibson

        Mike knows everything… watch out!

      • magic charmer

        Mike, How do you know what we will and will not do? Why dont YOU shut up, Palin lover!

      • Anne

        true dat :)

      • JAM

        Maybe it’s not knowing what you’ll do but Mike is being realistic. I’ve heard people say things like they’d move to Canada beofre. My response, “So when can I look forward to seeing that happen?” and now I pose it to you, when can i look forward to your unamerican butt getting out of my country?

      • JAM

        OH! and tell me magic charmer how does he become a Palin lover for pointing out that people say things they won’t follow through on?

      • Eddiehaskell

        Um, My whole family lives in Canada. I wish I could live there. Both my parents came here, and I could kick there A$$!

      • Kathy

        @JAM…I LOVE my country, that’s why I can’t imagine an idiot like Palin in charge. I’m no more unAmerican than Faith. We just know that Palin would be a horrible leader.

    • sem

      Sarah is a moron with delusions of grandeur, she won’t even get the flippin’ republican nomination!

    • GeeMoney

      Two words – Yeah right. Obama would crush her, just like he did in 08.

    • Rush

      Y’know, doggone it, I hope she wins. At least it’ll mean 4 to 8 years of constant lulz.

    • mac

      A conservative Canadian government, is actually still more liberal than the American Democrats!

  • Larry

    I fail to understand why the media continually finds it necessary to cover her every move. She has proven how gullible the American people are, because all too often she outright “refudiates” the truth and people buy it, as the media doesn’t call her on her lies.

    • Adam

      Amen! If the media would stop covering her every single day of every single hour, then she would have faded away long ago. No more Palin! I can’t take it anymore!

    • Anne

      what lies ?

      • Hometown Buffet

        here’s just one but there are plenty

        Democrats are poised now to cause this largest tax increase in U.S. history.

    • LC

      The public is so easily swayed by press coverage. We are obsessed with celebrity! If the media keeps this up, we’re in trouble. I’m personally rooting for a Spencer/Heidi ticket in 2012!

      • Granny Annie

        If we’d stop buying, or watching, anything Palin related the media would stop.

        Give it a try, it will work.

  • Terry

    I don’t think the public is stupid enough to vote this woman into any office. As far as the White House, really, would you want a bunch of Lohan wannabees there? Palin smells money so she’s prostituting her fanily out as much as she can(even though she tells the media her family is off limits). Meanwhile her horrid kids are using homophobic slurs and putting down people who don’t have as much money(success) as they. Complete trash, at this point I’d vote for the Situation and Snookie over Palin.

    • Terry

      Of course, our last president wasn’t the brightest bulb either, but he comes off like a mensa candidate next to Palin. Oddly enough, for two people that seem to have no regard for “book learnin” they both have books out or coming out.

  • Karate Pants

    Republican party, PLEASE do nominate this woman. It will be the best material Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will ever have.
    And the debates…oh, Lordy…

    • nodnarb

      Not to mention SNL could become relevant again.

      • Karate Pants

        (crossing fingers)

    • RCharles

      Palin as a candidate would guarantee President Obama’s re-election. He would only need minimal campaigning, mostly to remind the voters of Palin’s complete incompetence. And the Dems could save lots of money usually spent on campaigning.

      And, as someone said, her nomination will be a huge gift to the comedy circuit.


  • Liz

    Which country do I move to if that woman gets anywhere near the White House

    • Cindi

      When you figure it out, let me know because I’m going too. I hear the weather is nice in Australia.

      • LoveBug68

        New Zealand is where I’m heading. I’ll set up a commune of American refugee’s running from the theocracy the tea party is desperate to create!

      • Kathy

        Hey LoveBug….New Zealand is where I was heading to, because that theocracy will be the worst thing to happen to this country EVER!

      • U.R.Wh.

        I hear your pain….she’s a scary individual. Plus a major a-hole.

    • ALM

      I have dual citizenship–my UK passport is up-to-date just in case.

    • Ms. Dipesto

      I’ll find the highest mountain in Switzerland and climb to the top to get away from that nutbar.

  • Vicky

    Shouldn’t this post be under the EW category of “Things that make me die inside.”

    • Susan

      That literally made me laugh out loud.

      • Jenna

        Me too! I actually snickered.

    • Chelsea


    • Justagirl

      Or “Things that make me throw up in my mouth a little.”

  • Josh

    You know, if you look past the fact that she is a media sensation(which Obama is too) or the fact that she seeks the media attention like crazy, to the point of having a reality show, the thing which makes her unfit for being president is the fact that she quit her freaking job as Governor of Alaska. Forget all the things she said in the past or even her politic views, I could never on good faith vote for her because of that. And because she also said she was quitting to spend time with family….I didn’t know cameras and the media were her family?

    But w.e, the Republicans will never back Palin.

    • magic charmer

      Josh, Her family is her book and the $18 million dollars she made on it. Its the media like Rush and Beck that keep her in the limelight and they are nut cases!

    • the girl

      I agree – how could we allow her to be President when she couldn’t even handle being Governor? This is a woman who said that she preferred fishing over being in a “stuffy old political office.” I have no problem with her preference on a personal level, but on a sociopolitical level, I don’t want a person who feels like that running our country.

      • Katja

        Agree agree agree!

    • ALM

      Exactly. For her, it’s not about leadership or doing what’s good/best for the country, it’s all about the competition and the popularity contest (I can beat those pesky Dems). I don’t think she really wants to be President, anyway–she wouldn’t be able to make the money she’s making now, her personal activities would be hobbled, and she’d have to do some actual work. She’s having much more fun running around shooting her mouth off about things she knows nothing about and stirring the pot.

    • Hometown Buffet

      Obama is President you fool and legitimate not a media sensation

  • John Blackburn

    Your stupid , condescending , and arrogant remarks about Sara Palin are only building her reputation , stature , popularity , and support . Please keep it up . We need someone who can fumigate the Whitehouse , and she’s the one .

    • Jess

      awwww, someone made the teabagger lugnut upset.

    • Madonna

      I find your comment racist, “fumigate”, really? You and Sara both have a unique command of the english language.I am a republican who will never vote for her. If she runs it wil be handing Obama the election, unless in the primaries someone who is actually qualified wins. Oh, and I already have property in Roatan Honduras if she wins because then this country has surely lost its mind.

    • sharon

      Hoe will she fumigate the White House? What background does she have to run? Anyone who uses their children for political exposure lost my vote. This is the best the Republican can do

    • towsonstudent

      Clearly he is demonstrating how incompetent teabaggers are because he can’t even spell Sarah Palin’s name right. How can you know she’s the one or anything about her if you can’t even get that one right..

    • jmckee

      Fumigate? I’m sure there will be plenty of fumes because she stinks as a politician.

  • Alex

    Palin thinks she can beat Obama, but Republican leaders think the President would mop the floor with her. And if Palin did win, I think we’d all expect her to resign halfway through.

    • teddy1890

      What do you mean halfway, how about the first week. What a laugh isn’t this fun.

  • J. Davis

    Reagan 2?

    • Wendy

      No, I would have voted for Reagan . . .

  • cameobrooch

    I love that the media complain about Palin’s media presence, when the media are to blame for it.

  • julian

    Unfortunately the running punchline that is Sarah Palin will keep her (albeit very good looking) face in the public eye.

    She may be popular and have some support from a very vocal fringe but her reputation isn’t one I would want in the White House.

    Sorry Sarah, you can’t just pack up your stuff and quit being president in the middle of term like you did your governorship.

    • Terry

      And I don’t think she’s very good looking either. She’s okay but I wouldn’t consider her hot. She’s in my age bracket and I see much more attractive women than her everyday.

      • pat

        her eyes are creepy

    • magic charmer

      Julian, shame on you! She is ugly, cant speak intelligently, and is a parasite you cant get rid of. And you would vote for a woman if she is attractive? God help us!

      • Ms. Dipesto

        Not to mention that voice. I’d rather listen to Ma on Ma’s Roadhouse give a speech to the nation that this nitwit.

  • Bobby

    PLEASE!!! Let her run. It will assure Obama’s reelection.

    • Dave

      Obama could dump Biden, take Pelosi as his running mate, and beat Palin within an hour of the polls closing. In the privacy of the voting booth she couldn’t get Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh’s vote!

      • catrocky

        Boy you’re smokin the good stuff!!!

  • Steven

    @John Blackburn Are you serious? Are you freaking serious? None of what we say here or what the media for that matter, OR what SHE is saying, is helping her reputation, stature, popularity, or support.

    The fact that she hordes the limelight like a moth to flame is enough to show this woman is not what we need as a president. Screw her, screw you, and screw anyone who actually thinks that her as president is a god idea. It’s like a bad disney movie.

  • I’m a Republican

    Palin is an embarassment to our party….here in upstate New York, we’d called her a stunad, or a stupid person, whereas, we’d all be stunad if she was ever elected to a position higher than dog catcher, given the fact that she quit her governorship and abandoned her constituents. Imagine if she were elected POTUS, she’d resign if she could be host of Romper Room, or be the Dancing Bear on the remake of Captain Kangaroo

    • Ditto

      I feel the same way. I’m a Republican, and I will die if this woman is nominated to represent our party. I really don’t think that will happen. We need someone who is not a huge embarrassment if we want to beat Obama. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to anyone who has actually been pro-Palin.

      • Karate Pants

        It’s refreshing to hear that there are Republicans that see Palin as the embarassing mess that she is.

      • Anne

        then why is Bristol still on DWTS ?

      • Stef

        ITA. I’m Republican too, although these days I’m really just about the “best” person for the job. If Palin was the Republican choice, I’d definitely vote Democratic. Everything that comes out of her mouth is an embarassment! I just want her to stop talking!!

      • Sherry A, Indianapolis

        I am encouraged as well!! We may be on opposite sides on the fence on many issues, but it is good to know that there are thoughtful Republicans still who want more than a down-home “TV STAR” representing them and the country….YAY!!!

    • mark in nyc

      I agree, but I think it is dangerous to underestimate her. I think she will run for president so that she can be nominated for VP again. That would be a huge boost to anyone she ran with who does not ahve teh conservative credentials (Mitt Romey) then in 8 years she can boast about having experience and make a run for president then.
      Just my thought…i don’ actually support her.

      • Kat

        I agree that she’s probably smart enough to realize that the Republican Party will almost definitely not nominate her because they know Obama would crush her by taking the independents and the reasonable Republicans…so I bet you’re right, she’s positioning herself to be the VP. That still scares me, though. I don’t want that woman anywhere near DC.

      • @mark

        She wouldn’t last eight (or even four) years as Veep, even if the GOP candidate were shortsighted enough to nominate her, so I think we’re saved. She wouldn’t have the patience to do the work or the humility to take second place.

      • Lloyd

        Gross. And you’re probably right.

      • Lloyd

        And if Mittens is elected President, he’d better watch it. This is a woman who was OK with shooting wolves from a helicopter.

    • khm

      Ugh, she’s also overall just an embarrassment to women. I just want her to GO AWAY already.

      • Irene

        Totally agree.

    • erf

      LMAO at your last sentence!

    • chattypatra

      Let me join the “I would vote for the Democrats if she wins the nomination” group. I still have not forgiven her for ruining McCain’s campaign with her “Look at me!” shtick. The woman is an embarrassment to anyone who is serious about solving the problems that we face. Can you imagine her meeting with world leaders, representing our interests? They would laugh in her face! She lacks the academic background, the experience, the intelligence and the wisdom needed to be President. Wake up, America!

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