It's official: The Beatles are on iTunes

beatles-itunesImage Credit: David Redfern/Redferns/Getty ImagesIt’s official: The Beatles catalog is now finally available on iTunes, as rumored yesterday. “It has been a long and winding road to get here,” Steve Jobs said in a statement. Oh, that Steve Jobs! He’s a hoot.

The Beatles’ 13 studio albums are available individually for $12.99 (and $19.99 for double albums), or in a $149 “box set” that includes Past Masters and the concert film from the Washington Coliseum in 1964. If you just want to watch the movie, though, Apple is streaming it free through the end of the year.

On the one hand, yay! Finally! On the other … er, does this still matter? Haven’t most Beatles fans figured out other ways to get the music in a digital format? I have plenty of Beatles songs on my iPod — because I had Beatles CDs once upon a time.

Is your guitar gently weeping, PopWatchers, or are you thrilled that the Fab Four have finally come to iTunes?

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Apple finally gets rights to Beatles catalog

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  • Chichi

    WOOT! For album art! I already had the CDs but no matter great the pics look that I pull from online, Apple’s look just a bit better.

    • murkey

      who cares the beatles are just a blink-182 ripoff and a bad one at that.

      • Joe

        I smell a troll.

      • murkey

        The lovesick, the betrayed, and the jealous all smell alike.

      • Rooney


      • Jay

        how are the beatles a blink-182 ripoff when the beatles broke up 2 years before blink’s eldest member was born?

      • Rock Golf

        Jay: Don’t feed the troll.

      • Kyle

        Really doesn’t make sense considering the Beatles were active musicians more than thirty years before blink 182.

      • HC

        ok, clearly you people have no eyes for sarcasm font! why so serious?

      • Jonathan

        That’s pretty rude but I’m not a fan of the Beatles anyway.

      • Duane

        Wow how many no1 have blink -182 have even Glee have more the blink-182 not that anything but do not trash them if the Beatles never made it they be no blink-182 etc so next time think a little and stop sit on your brain lol

      • @ Duane, Kyle, Jay

        OMG!I can’t believe people were actually making the argument that the Beatles are not Blink-182 ripoff. You must be so proud of yourselves. Way to show us how smart you are. Murkle is an idiot troll but if you guys can’t see that he is not serious, then you are dumber than he is.

      • Michael

        Boy, comparing The Beatles to Blink 182 is pathetic. Compare The Beatles to somone like The Rolling Stonces instead.

      • boocat

        Get real, moron.

    • Rock Golf

      The main reason the Beatles went on iTunes? In the UK, copyright on recording is only 50 years. After that, they are public domain.
      That means, right now you could go to England and legally create and sell pre-1960 recordings of Elvis, Sinatra or anyone else.
      And in about 2 years, the first of the Beatles recording will fall into the same category.

      Rules are different in the States, mostly because Disney couldn’t bear Mickey Mouse becoming public domain, but if you’re under 30, Mickey, Superman, Batman and others should become public domain in your lifetime.

      • boocat

        I guarantee you McCartney will own all of it pretty damn soon. The hell with Michael Jackson (he was a parasite anyway).

  • Klyph

    This isn’t for the people who care, who have numerous Beatles CD’s and vinyl. This is for average joe consumer who doesn’t know anything about torrents, about p2p, about ripping CD’s etc. People tend to forget that the majority of the buying public DON’T frequent blogs and entertainment sites and they AREN’T tech-savy geeks.

    • Kevin

      But that’s the thing… the average Joe consumer already owns the CDs. And if someone doesn’t know how to burn CDs into iTunes, then that person probably doesn’t even own a computer, making the availability of the songs on iTunes irrelevant. Lamest. Apple Announcement. Ever.

      • Klyph

        No….the average Beatles fan already owns the CD’s. I know plenty of average consumers who don’t own a single Beatles album but do like a Beatles song here and there. Now they can buy these songs. I know plenty of people who make impulse buys on their iPhones just because they can.
        Hell, I even know plenty of people who know how to download from iTunes but don’t know how to burn a CD in iTunes! Don’t under-estimate the buying power of the stupid and the simple.

      • Klyph

        Also, just take Michael Jackson’s death as an example. By your logic all those millions of people that bought his albums after he died should have already had them. right? Well,I guess if they did they bought them again. And I know nostalgia and hype played a part in the sales but the same can apply here.

      • Pete

        Do you.suffer.from.asthma?

  • blair

    That was it? wow.

    • Art

      I can hear “Octopus’s Garden” on demand! This is a day I will never forget! Thanks Apple.

  • Joe

    I already have The Beatles on my iPod. A bigger announcement would be that the iPhone is now available at Verizon.

    • Mike

      You may get that one in about 2 months lol

    • Chris Alderson Ⓥ

      They’ve already got the Ipad. It’s possible.

  • Dustin

    Pirates Bay has had all the beatles for awhile. and alot cheaper. like…free. Woo

    • Klyph

      Most consumers have no idea what a torrent is.

      • Kevin

        “Consumers” BUY things. “Crooks” steal things off of torrents.

  • nodnarb

    At the start of every single school year, a whole bunch of college freshmen discover The Beatles. This is really for them.

    • Klyph

      EXACTLY! Hell, I didn’t really get into the Beatles until about 5 years ago and I’m 32. There’s always new people discovering old music. Apple is going to make some serious money of this, whether the announcement was a “yawn” for most of us or not.

    • argyle

      Absolutely correct, Apple is planning on being in this for the long haul, so their target consumer is not so much the person who already owns the catalog, but future buyers. And since there is no other music format on the horizon, it is definitely a huge deal for them to have it on iTunes (in terms of profit).

      • LOL


    • Mindy

      This is probably true. I knew about the Beatles before college. But, my college roommate was a big fan. She is the one who sparked my interest. Hopefully this can happen for younger people a little easier now.



  • Sam

    Considering the Beatles is the music catalogue that Apple has received received the most requests for, I’d say there is a market. I’m pleased with the announcement because I don’t own any Beatles CDs, and while I am aware that there are other methods of obtaining the music, I like to see that the artists who create the music get their fair due.

  • Greg Chenoweth

    I’m glad I waited to get the Red & Blue albums. I downloaded both and they sound terrific. They should also put out “1” for digital download; the biggest selling album of this decade.

  • Cool

    I’d say this is important, since The Beatles were and always will be the greatest artists of all time. iTunes would not be complete without their works.

    • Jonathan

      Idk, I think that’s a matter of opinion. There are a lot of other bands that I’d rather listen to, and The Beatles have gotten a bit overrated over the years.

      • Andrew M

        Yeah, because that’s their/their music’s fault.

      • boocat

        You’re out of your mind!

  • nodnarb

    Wow, I just opened iTunes, and I sure hope no one else is putting out a new album today!

    • Dan

      Rihanna is, and if you ask me, its downright unfair of iTunes to give artists promotion every week for their new albums, but this week they give it all to the Beatles, god forbid they wait for a day that wasn’t Tuesday- not cool at all.

    • Mindy

      Ooh, I didn’t even think about that. I had thought that it was awfully nice for Apple to be giving the Beatles so much publicity. But, yes, it is a Tuesday. Maybe they should have waiting until…. Friday, maybe?

  • Blwurcul

    I would say this is cool, and fun and I’ll be downloading my copy of Abby Road by weeks’ end.

    However, it certainly was an anticlimactic revelation relevant to the weight Apple gave the announcement yesterday. I was expecting ‘epic’ and it turned out to be ‘nice’.

  • gv

    this is a very positive thing. I know that lots of young people want to buy Beatles music (cuz their parents told them about this old band)and previously iTunes only had covers of the music and those people bought that thinking it was the real thing and then getting disappointed (obviously they did not read the titles right) and wrote in to complain that they though they were buying the real thing and now they can – so the music lives on to a new generation

    • Andre

      Yes, because young, computer-savvy people on the internet pay for their music.

      • Mindy

        I pay for my music. Not paying is stealing. I believe artists deserve to be compensated for their work.

  • Tom Walter

    Hmmm, you know, there are some bands/musicians out there who . . . well, you just have to own the CD’s (while they’re still available). You have to have that actual album, that actual hard copy. You have to be able to touch it, to display it. Not just some digital recording on your computer/phone/electronic playing device. You have to have it physically. The Beatles is one such band.

  • moviemanstan


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