Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: Katey Sagal? Tamara Taylor? Mary Elizabeth Winstead? Vote!

Underappreciated-Entertainers-5AImage Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX; Adam Taylor/Fox; Williams + HirakawaRound one of our first annual Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year single elimination bracket game continues, and Day 5 gives you the chance to vote for an EW favorite: Sons of Anarchy‘s Katey Sagal. The Emmy voters snubbed her, but you shouldn’t. Of course, she’s facing off against Bones‘ Tamara Taylor, an actress who some Bones‘ fans would argue is even under-appreciated by the show’s writers.

The decisions don’t stop there. You’ve got three more match-ups to ponder. In the music quarter of the bracket, its Killers frontman-turned-solo artist Brandon Flowers versus electronic duo Crystal Castles; in the movies field, it’s Winter’s Bone‘s Jennifer Lawrence (who EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum described as, “the movie’s blooming discovery, a mesmerizing actor with a gaze that’s the opposite of actress-coy”) vs. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who EW’s Owen Gleiberman said is “a born star… like a kewpie-doll Edie Sedgwick”); and in the reality TV competition, it’s The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan versus Wipeout‘s John Henson. (Race wins Emmys, but lord knows those jokes don’t sell themselves.)

Click here to check out our entire bracket of 64 reader-picked competitors, then cast your ballot on Round 1, Day 5’s match-ups after the jump.

Underappreciated-Entertainers-5BImage Credit: Sebastian Mlynarski; Kerry Hayes; John Paul Filo/CBS; Jeff Samaripa/ABC

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  • melissa

    Brandon Flowers!

    • zee

      totally agree!!!

      • Bonnie

        Dear Successful,
        If you want to be known for yourself and not your money, stop telling women you are rich. We think you think that’s important so, ok, we like you for it. Are you a smiler? Warm? Friendly? A lover? Good guy?

    • Iliana

      Winstead? really? FOr acting robotically monotone in a box office flop that nobody remembers or is that a “lifetime achievement” award for her extraordinary work in that Final Destination film?

      • lefty

        I really really liked Scott Pilgrim. I voted for her based on my love for the movie as a whole.

      • Kevin

        I voted for her because I think Jennifer Lawrence is going to be up for Best Actress at the Oscars (hence, NOT under-appreciated). Also, Winstead is smoking hot and was easily the best part of the (sadly) lame Scott Pilgrim.

      • JayTee

        Just because YOU didn’t like Scott Pilgrim doesn’t mean nobody else did. It only means that you have bad taste. A lot of people really liked it. I did.

      • prue81

        that doesn´t mean that you have good taste, JayTee

  • tvgirl48

    I’ve loved Mary Elizabeth Winstead for a while now. She definitely deserves more recognition, she’s awesome.

    • brandy

      Anyone else remember her as the original Jessica on Passions? …Anyone?

  • Beatrice

    Katey Sagal FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Valley Girl


  • kate

    I’m so confused by how this works. I can get behind some of the choices like Cat Deeley from So You Think You Can Dance because she is awesome and always gets overlooked for people like Seacrest or Bergeron. James Roday is also an excellent candidate given how ignored Psych is. But Tamara Taylor? Seriously? I love Bones but never once have I thought oh man I hope she gets more recognition.

    • Sunsetsnow81

      I disagree with you about Tamara Taylor. She is great on Bones. I keep hoping for a juicy storyline for her.

      • Gene

        I agree Tamara Taylor is one of the great ones. I would love to see a storyline for her.

      • Beverly

        Tamara Taylor is a GREAT actress; she was so great in last night’s “BONES”!!!

      • Sharon

        Tamara Taylor is great actress.I think too that she should have a storyline for her. Yes she was great last night.

  • MCS

    Katey Sagal Katey Sagal Katey Sagal. She is the person from this entire list who deserves the most recognition. Her perfomance is amazing, and I always look to Gemma. Her acting last seen made Sons THE most emotionally compelling story on TV.

    • K

      Agreed 100%. She makes Sons of Anarchy. Gemma is one of the greatest TV characters ever, and she has added such depth to the role. She’s amazing in every scene, adds so much emotion to the show, and is THE best thing about every episode. SOA is my fave show, so I love the other aspects of it too, and the other cast members, but she’s by far the best part of it. All the most memorable scenes of the show are hers: skateboard scene, confession scene, rape scene, the fight with her and Clay outside Cara Cara, every scene with her dad, the scene when she’s with Tara in the car about to go after Polly, the heart attack thing…everything she’s ever done has been unbelievable.

      • louise

        yes i agree katey makes sons.. this role was maade for her !!!!! love it !!!!!

      • Kellie Spielhagen

        I agree!! Gemma is my hero! Katey Sagal does the best job! She has been through it all! I especially love all the trouble she and Tara get into together! The best!

      • vickigarrett

        agreed with everything you said! She puts so much real emotion in every scene!

      • jon’s girl

        Gemma is the type of person you would want as a family memeber she kicks ass

      • Vanessa

        Katey Sagal definitely steals the show every week. Louise, the creator of the show (Kurt Sutter) is Katey’s husband.

      • Kens1grl


      • KittyKat

        Katey Sagal’s Gemma is absolutely incredible! Yes, this role was LITERALLY created for Katey by her hubby!

    • Ally

      LOVE SoA and Gemma…but on a side note the Abel thing is starting to drag, getting kinda old with her and Jax constantly saying “Where is my kid/son/grandson!!”

      • meghan

        I agree Ally. It’s been going way too long and makes the season drag.

      • Greg

        Which will make it all the more compelling when he decides (conjectural spoiler alert) to leave Abel in Ireland with Princess Leia.

      • Bren

        I agree ! Get the lame plot line OVER with !

      • Valley Girl

        Sad to say, this is true…

      • Yellow Snow

        Iwas thinking the same thing about Abel, but look at all the other things that are going on this season ! Katey Rocks and should win ! I hope this show is around for a long time.

      • Ron Olson

        Jax is going to nail Trinity, I can see that coming a mile away.

      • kelly


    • betzblue

      KATEY KICKS ASS! SOA should never be dissed by awards shows !!

      • jon’s girl

        i totally agree katey is good in SOA big fan of SOA and she should win

    • Misspriss_1

      MCS, That is what I said the first time that I watched Son’s. Katey Sagal, Katey Sagal, Katey Sagal! And even though Son’s is a must see for me, it is still Katey that has me in awe! This woman deserves an Emmy for her portrayal of the fantastic Gemma! I would follow Gemma into battle in day! And Katey, we are not worthy!!

    • piper Lopes

      I agree!!!!

    • vickigarrett

      Katey Sagal is awesome! She makes this whole show, and I love this show, can’t get enough of it or Katey! She and the show is “under-appreciated”!

    • Laura

      Yes, I agree Katey deserves it! Katey Sagal rocks. SOA is the best show on television and has a well-put-together story line. Kurt Sutter is the man!

    • grant white

      hell yes I could’t of said it better katey rocks and so does the boys

      • Tommy Gorta

        Katey is gives an amazing performance in her role as Gemma,as does the other cast members.Its the my favorate show of all times,and you forget that Katey was Peg Bundy.Special thanks to Kurt Sutter “Katey’s Husband” for creating a masterpiece.

    • Kristine E

      I toally agree! she is the bomb! I loved her in Married with Children and now even more so in Sons of Anarchy.

      • Kens1grl

        I hated married with children, but then again I’m not that big on comedy. Katey is awesome in Son’s…There’s depth, she’s raw… I love the show in general, but she is a vital part of why it is so loved and successful.

    • Maggie

      She should be recognized as the top actress! Also, one hell of a serious bitch, so convincing. She better win this one!

    • X.Edwards

      Katey deserves to recive it but so does everyone on that show but ill bet it wont happen because they are an M.C. show this wont be permitted not outlaws winning the day

      • Harley

        I agree, they won’t let an MC show win anything. It is too “bad” to acknowledge!

      • Tommy Gorta

        Thats not really true,look at the sopranos,You don’t get more violent than the Italian Mafia.Thats what makes the show so great,it focuses on a criminal enterprise,and the personal lives it affects.What’s the difference?

    • Jax forever

      right on!!!!!

    • Katey

      It says right in the paragraph that the Emmy voters snubbed Katey… That is why she is here… And she deserves to win!… I love bones but you can replace Tamara with another great actress and the show would still be great… But if you put someone else in Katey place the whole show would be ruined… That is why she has my vote and so many others too!…

    • betzblue

      KATEY SAGAL and ALL of SONS OF ANARCHY have been Underappreciated since season ONE…BEST show on TV> !!

  • the truth

    Brandon Flowers new single Only The Young is AMAZING real music!

  • Parker

    It’s in your best interest to get Brandon Flowers’ “Flamingo”. So many well written, catchy, upbeat, sometimes tragic yet humble songs on there. A must buy for ANY music fan.

  • LizT

    I don’t see how Katey Segal is underappreciated, except in not being nominated for an Emmy despite every single critic’s roundup saying she should be there. The show isn’t as popular/awarded as it should be, so maybe the show is underappreciated, but Segal’s by far the most appreciated part of it. Which makes this tough to vote.

    • MCS

      People win Oscars for less. Its criminal that she didnt get anything.

    • John

      I agree, it’s almost criminal that she doesn’t have an Emmy for THAT performance. That’s enough to count as “underappreciated” bc that’s an industry award. She doesn’t have a Golden Globe or a People’s Choice either, so that’s all the more underappreciated. And she should get more coverage…even EW has only had one article about her, and has never done a cover story on her or the show, so there you go ;-) I think she’s the most deserving person in this entire bracket game.

    • REASON

      She was amazing on Lost as well!

      • Person Who Talks

        Her performance in “The Substitute” this season was absolutely heart-warming

  • dee123

    Katey get my vote for Futurama.

  • Michelle

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead makes every movie she’s in worth watching for me. She has grace and presence and definitely meets the definition of under-aprecriated as far I can tell.

  • Mike

    Skinny jeans wearing hipsters are everything that is wrong with music today. The Killers and that no talent hack can go F@#k themselves. Worst music ever.

    On the other hand Katey Sagal is awesome. She has made me forget about Peg Bundy and will forever be Gemma Morrow.

    • Lynny

      You point out something I hadn’t thought about. How good is she that she completely makes us forget she was Peg Bundy. Definitely will now be Gemma forever.

    • Person Who Talks

      And what would you consider real music?

    • Person Who Talks

      And even though I’m sure you have dreadful taste in music (let me guess, you like rap or 80’s pop? because you can’t be a classic rock fan and dislike Brandon Flowers, because people like him are the only ones keeping the spirit of rock n’ roll alive), Katey Segal is very much “awesome”, altough she will always be Helen Norwood from LOST for me.

      • Mike

        I am absolutely a huge classic rock fan and happen to not like rap or any of the above assumptions. I just just find the Killers to be insufferable and whiney much like the modern “counter culture” hipsters who live off daddy’s AMEX card are insufferable. That being said I gave him a shot on his solo stuff and it’s pretty good actually, rather laid back. He is hardly game changer but I’ll give him Crossfire. Even if it does sound like he ripped off the Wallflowers a little bit. You ask me for underrated try Nick Cave.

  • sally

    Why is Jennifer Lawrence here? She’s going to win a ton of awards for Winter Bone. Will you still be calling her under appreciated then?

  • Anne

    Definitely Katey!!! Let me present my case. Underappreciated: she didn’t get nominated for an Emmy for a season in which she did some of the most remarkable work on TV. The Evidence: the kitchen table confession season from Season 2 (technically last year, but the DVD is coming out now), the Season 3 arch with her father, and oh, ever single scene she’s in. She’s the heart and glue of SOA, is nothing like past roles she’s played, and has created the strongest, toughest, coolest female character on TV. Oh, and she sings too — 3 times on SOA, and every single song she’s done has added heartbreaking underscoring for a crucial scene. How she hasn’t won, much less been nominated for an Emmy is beyond me. Plus, on top of her unbelieavble work on SOA, she was fantastic on LOST — great pairing with Terry O’Quinn — and on Futurama.

  • Andrew

    And in the battle of Helen vs. Susan, the award goes to…

  • jen

    Brandon Flowers is the best!


      This!!! I get to see him at the end of the month!

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