This Week's Cover: When Angelina Jolie Met Johnny Depp for 'The Tourist'

EW-1129-COVER-DEPP-JOLIEAngelina Jolie. Johnny Depp. They’re two of the biggest stars on the planet and, believe it or not, they’d never met before making The Tourist. Now, in this week’s Holiday Movie Preview issue, the two A-listers talk exclusively to EW about their new Venice-set romantic thriller (a throwback to glamorous Euro capers like To Catch a Thief and Charade), the struggles they faced getting the pricey movie to the screen, and, of course, a blow-by-blow account of when they finally got together for the first time.

How was it possible that these two stars, who have made 70 films between them and live within an hour of one another in the south of France, had never met? “We’re both not that social,” Jolie tells EW. “I don’t think either one of us goes out of our house, especially in France. We’re both locked away.” Depp admits that he’d always wanted to work with Jolie and was a fan, but wasn’t prepared for the woman he actually encountered. “So much has been written about Angie and Brad [Pitt]. They’re sort of the Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of our era. I knew she was a big star, but I didn’t know what to expect…”

For the full story of how Angelina met Johnny and their upcoming film The Tourist, check out this week’s Holiday Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Nov. 12.

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  • LOL

    When did Johnny Depp join Pearl Jam?

    • json

      oh…around 1990

      • Seddie Forever!!!!!!!!!

        He is a guy who can look good in any style. I will never understand the appeal of Angelina Jolie – she is an average actress (and comparing their relationship to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton is a bit of a stretch)

    • dipshat

      Woo-hoo! Early Oscar predictions!

      • mazie beth

        absolutely, and I have several movies pinned for Oscar. let’s see if they agree with the Queen Bee…aka me.

    • Lee

      He’s been an honorary Pogue for years.

    • Elizabeth the second

      LOL. I keep calling Johnny “Eddie” when I look at him as this character.

      Angelina an “average” actress? Oooh, somebody’s jealous :P

  • Iliana

    Damn, that’s a gorgeous picture!

    • gigi


    • Jamie

      Sorry, it looks like their wax figures down on Hollywood Blvd. – photoshop much?

      • Steph


      • Lin

        Don’t be ridiculous! It is exactly how both of them look…they do not look like wax figures and most certainly they do not look photoshopped.

    • wino

      photoshop or not, they are still two good looking people. damn gina, thats all i have to say :)

    • Lizzie

      Gorgeous is right! Smokin!!

  • Jesus

    Hope the movie flops

    • justin

      It won’t

      • LOL

        you have a crystal ball?

      • Iliana

        I agree. It might underperform in relation to its budget and the expectations put on the two A-listers, but all-out flop? No way.

      • amit

        it will…. did you watch the trailer?>

    • KW

      Why would you wish such negativity? I’m not a big Jolie fan, but I really like Depp, and Jolie is a great actress. I hope the movie goes well.

      • yeah

        You tell ‘em KW!

      • Eric THIGPEN

        I agree! Just jealousy spewing

      • BG 17

        I do hope that it does well, as it seems that big stars don’t team up in movies often enough (other than the Ocean’s films and Valentine’s Day). But I have a hard time imagining the chemistry between these two. It will be interesting to see how it turns out…

    • Paul

      shut up Loser.
      Will help someone and well better

      • Eric THIGPEN

        What? Time to take some English classes. No Comprendo Je ne comprend pas

  • justin

    Double Yummy..

    • Eric THIGPEN


  • MJ

    I love how they had to put those elbow-length gloves on her to hide her scary skinny Skeletor arms.

    • K

      She has gotten weirdly skinny. Not sure why she did that. She had such a lovely look before.

    • Ke

      Um…That’s what her character wears.

    • Igor

      I noticed that too – very unfortunate styling…

    • mary q contrary

      Was thinking the same thing. I know they’ll have ready-made excuse for it, but I don’t believe a word of them. Her body genuinely freaks me out. How can this woman seriously have carried three children, look that malnourished, and not have some form of eating disorder? Obviously some just don’t want to believe it, lord knows why, but the b*tch has some serious issues with food, plain and simple.

      • Ana170

        She’s not alone in Hollywood if she does have issues with food. Not sure why that makes her a b*tch.

      • Ms P

        You people really like to talk about her but let me tell you something: I have aunts and cousins and uncles that are from 75 to 40 that are just as small if not smaller than her and can eat you out of a house and home and they have been that size since there younger years so it not always about food my grandfather was around 6 feet and he was skinny all of his life some people are just skinny were you can see there veins but that does not mean that they don’t eat some people like me smell food and gain 5 pounds so why is this such a big issue

      • Lin

        Obviously you have not seen the new pictures of her out in Vogue…she is NOT scary skinny, and no matter how skinny she is anyway, it does not change the FACT that she is beautiful!

    • Nebakeroneus

      Her hands are so wizened and creepy, like the Cryptkeeper. Beautiful woman, creepy hands.

      • Eric THIGPEN

        Dumbass she’s wearing gloves!

      • Charleston

        Eric, you can’t really be that stupid. Obviously, this was in response to MJ’s original post, offered as an opinion/theory as to why she’s wearing full-length gloves. Equally obviously, you’re instigating. Or maybe you really are that simple, and it’s a waste of time to even try to communicate with you at all.

    • MJ

      I just want to shove a burger in her mouth.

      • Pclai85

        Why because you insist on shoving multiple burgers in your mouth? Why is it okay to be a big blob of fat, but a crime to be thin? Its her body whether its big or small its hers and not yours. She has a right to eat or not as do you and I.

      • MJ

        I’m not saying it’s a crime to be thin in a healthy manner, but Angelina isn’t healthy looking. She looks malnurished. There is a difference.

    • Paul

      The gloves are of movie ,Oh my GOD another dumb

      • MJ

        Thank you, Paul. I’m not a moron, though my opinion of you is questionable due to your poor use of grammar. I know they’re for the movie, but it is also true that her arms are unattractively skinny. Perhaps the costume designer on set thought the same and decided to give her gloves to hide them in the movie as well… ponder that.

  • CouchCritic

    The “entertainment” business is mighty kind to Johnny Depp for being anti-american.

    • Kevin

      You’re a fool.

    • Tarc

      Being critical of one’s country is not unAmerican… it’s quintessentially American. Idiot. Too many people bury their heads in the flag and fail their nation by not only questioning their leaders, but their culture and perceptions of the world.

      • Reba

        Here here!

    • Charleston

      Didn’t get very far with that one, didja CouchCritic? Bravo, posters, for not taking this nitwit’s bait.

  • sorella

    I’m exciting to see Johnny Depp play a regular guy and not an over the top character, seems like he hasn’t done that in ages, after taking Pirates and Tim Burton route for so long. I love these 2, looking forward to this movie.

    • whatevs

      IMO, that’s the only thing to look forward to in this movie. I miss Johnny acting as a normal, charming guy.

      • Ana170

        When has Johnny ever played a normal guy? His specialty has always been weirdos, with a couple of drug dealers thrown in.

    • Dave

      He was in Public Enemies last year. He played John Dillinger, who may not have been a normal guy, but essentially not an over-the-top character.

  • Teri

    Did she have a nose job recently or is it the angle? I don’t remember it being that thin

    • Kitty

      It’s probably the angle + photoshop but hm. she’s had nose job[s] before, might of had one recently – looking a little too thin

      • Jessica


        It takes slightly less than a year to heal from a nose job… And anyway, her nose appears to be thinner because its edges ave been darkened with either make up or photosop…. Check er out in the premeire of Takign lives and Beowulf and notice how the sides of her nose and the two groves above the nostrills appear to b dark… Make up can do miracles….And of course hr nose has thinned out with age…plus the make makes it look kinda slim…. It’s as simple as that…..

    • Kitty

      Jessica – Uhm, who’s the dumbass? yes, it may be because of ‘make up’ but it’s very obvious from earlier films and pictures that she’s had a nosejob or three and possible other surgerys, so no it’s not just “make up” and I know it’s possible to do that and make your features smaller or bigger with help from shadowing/make up contouring

      NO; Noses do NOT thin out as you age – they get bigger just like your ears, they don’t really stop growing. After the ‘baby fat’ has gone and you grow into your features it probably looks smaller/bigger depending on your nose but when you get older and older it gets BIGGER just like your ears do. thinner – no friggin way unless you have surgery [and I’m not saying she’s had surgery RECENTLY, but she has and her nose always looks thin]

      • Jessica

        “might of had one recently – looking a little too thin”

        That’s what you wrote stupid.

        And noses do thin out after or while your in your late teens, depending upon your nose shape. However when we cross 40 or 45 or even 50 in some people, the facial tissues start becoming “loose” and the nose becomes slightly bigger. She’s only 35 and the nose doesn’t DRASTICALLY become humongous. Only when it’s already big. She’s always had a thin nose, which thinned out slightly with age and make up made it even thinner. The so called “before and after” pics are either photoshopped or taken from different angles/lighting.

  • KC

    Depp looks….presidential somehow.

    • Elizabeth

      Let’s remake 1776!

    • K

      Like a younger, sexier, thinner Chester A. Arthur.

      • Kevin

        The Mormon Johnny Depp fans in Utah will not like that comparison… “Damn you Chester A. Arthur and your damn Edmunds Act!”

  • nasra

    Gorgeous!! Johnny and Angie’s tourist is gonna be out of this world. Love you Angie!

  • Brett

    I thought the movie starred Johnny Depp? Why have they Photoshopped Heath Ledger into this cover?

  • Tiger

    I never miss any of Jonny Depp’s movies, he is a great actor! But I will not be seeing this one, I can’t stand Angelina Jolie,as a person or an actress!

    • L

      Yeah, she’s a real horrible person with all of the good works she does. What a dumb comment.

      • Barry

        She’s a POS.

      • tmitch

        Her humanitarianism is an egotistic attempt to make herself feel better about her previous sins…she has a lot of skeletons and she’s honestly a deeply disturbed human being.

    • Marie

      You never miss any of Depp’s movies but you won’t be watching this one just because of Jolie? That is sort of a dumb reason. If you never miss any of Depp’s movies then you won’t be missing this one either!!

    • LaWanda

      and I bet if she met you she would hate you just as much. Idiot!

    • Barry

      I agree with you. The last time we were at a dinner party I coulnd’t stand the way she….oh wait, I’ve never been to dinner with her, in fact I don’t know her. Ummm, neither do you. STFU.

      • shurly

        LMAO, you made my day Barry !!

      • wino

        LOL Barry, thank you for bringing some sanity to this comment section.

      • Cris

        Well put! Why people hate over a person they actually have never met is beyond me.Just plain stupid!

      • Valley Girl

        Thanks for the chuckle, Barry. ;)

    • Lin

      Your loss…what a ridiculous reason to not watch a movie…and obviously you are one of those people who believe every lie written about Jolie…the majority of which is NOT true!

  • Alicia

    Their spouses better watch out. Have the rumors about an on-set romance started yet? It is a gorgeous cover picture, but that doesn’t mean the movie will be any good.

    • Lisa

      She has a habit of taking other people’s men. Just ask Laura Dern (Billy Bob Thornton) and Jennifer Aniston (Brad Pitt)

      • Anonymous

        1. Laura Dern had an affair with Billy Bob Thornton when he was still married to his fourth wife.

        2. Then Dern met and started an affair with Ben Harper who was married with a child and another one on the way. A few months into the affair, Dern was pregnant.

        So stop painting Dern like an angel when she homewrecked two of her relationships.

      • Cas

        I don’t get why she takes all the blame for that, when (a) that marriage was clearly in trouble already, and (b) SHE’s not the one who did the leaving. Why is it always “the other woman” who gets blamed when a man leaves his wife and not the man himself? Doesn’t he deserve an equal share?

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s okay to get involved with a married man, because it’s NOT. Obviously. I just always catch a whiff of sexism whenever the term “homewrecker” is thrown around about a woman while the man she’s with comes out smelling like roses.

      • wino

        you can’t ‘take’ another person from a relationship, they simply choose to walk away. and yes, women always get the bad rep in these type of scandals, while the men are painted as “victims”. (insert eye roll)

      • Lin

        Billy Bob Thornton came out publicly a few years ago and said gthat he and Laura Dern were OVER when he took up with Jolie and that Dern is lying when she says they were not. As for Pitt, he wanted children, something the selfish Aniston did not…she chose her ridiculous career over her husband. Pitt was on tv on several shows just before Friends ended talking about wanting children and we all know how that turned out. Aniston wrecked her marriage all by her little ol’ self! Anyway, no one can steal someone else. Pitt walked because he WANTED to walk and would have even if he had never met Jolie.

    • Annie

      Alicia, I remember one of the Oscar ceremonies Johnny attended – either for Pirates or Neverland – and Angelina Jolie was presenting an award and the camera panned to Johnny in the audience and he just had this look of “I want some of that.” And I always thought if they ever worked together, something would go on. But I seriously hope Johnny wouldn’t now. Except for Winona, I don’t remember Johnny hooking up – god, I hate that expression – with the female lead of any of his movies. So I hope it doesn’t happen here.

      • Lin

        You people are being so foolish! NOTHING happened between Angelina and Depp. He did NOT have that look…what is the matter with you!? I watched that ceremony too…he is very much in love with the mother of his children, and Angelina is totally in love with Brad Pitt. Why you people continue to spread rumors and falsehoods is beyond me!

  • StewyFan


  • Marie

    So excited about this movie partially for Depp and mostly for Timothy Dalton!! I really hope he has a big enough part in the movie!!!

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