Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: Tom Bergeron? Michael Keaton? Jared Padalecki? Vote!

Underappreciated-Entertainers-4AImage Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW; Alan Zenuk/USA Network; Jiro Schneider; Lilja BirgisdottirHere at PopWatch, we’re big on celebrating the unsung heroes of entertainment. (Exhibit A: We are the worldwide headquarters of the Jeremy Northam fanclub.) And it is in the spirit of our love of the always-a-bridesmaid, never-a-bride geniuses who always seem slightly in the shadow of their gargantuan bretheren in the biz that we launched our first annual Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year single elimination bracket game. That means that even though we’re as in love with EW.com blogger and Survivor host Jeff Probst as any other warm-blooded human, today is about giving it up for Dancing With the Stars emcee Tom Bergeron and his ability to use that charming, self-aware sense of humor to keep us all from drowning in the raging sea of DWTS insanity. And sure, Jensen Ackles is as dreamy as Inception, but here we aim our lusty, open-mouthed panting toward his Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki. And while initially it might have seemed like something almost akin to ironic stunt-casting to have Michael Keaton appearing in major movies in 2010, his hip-to-be-square Ken doll voice in Toy Story 3 and scene-stealing role as the police chief in The Other Guys have us wishing more people were screaming “comeback” for Mr. Mom.

We know you understand, PopWatchers. All year long we talk about the under-appreciated gems filling our DVD players, DVR boxes, and iTunes queues. Well, now’s your chance to step up and get behind the 2010 star you want to see wearing the Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year crown. Today, in the TV category, it’s Padalecki trying to Psych out James Roday; in reality TV, Bergeron is looking to make trainer Bob Harper The Biggest Loser; for movies, it’s Keaton taking on the always-great Stanley Tucci (Easy A); and in music, we have the brilliant, young, and eccentric Janelle Monáe ready to Go with Iceland’s second-most famous musician, Jónsi (originally of Sigur Rós fame). So click here to check out our entire bracket of 64 competitors, then submit your round 1, day 4 vote after the jump and help propel one of these  stars to the top of the heap … [sigh] if only for a day.

Underappreciated-Entertainers-4BImage Credit: Macall Polay; Adam Taylor; Adam Larkey/ABC; Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

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  • tracy bluth

    It was so hard, but I had to go with Michael Keaton over Stanley Tucci. So glad Keaton’s having a comeback!

    • Em

      Is he?

      • Tico

        I believe that Keaton has always only worked as much as he needed/wanted to for whatever reason. He has been offered much more work than he accepted.

    • Brett

      I don’t think people are getting the thrust of this vote. Tucci gets rave reviews in everything he does. Keaton has slipped under the radar of late, though he appeared in “Toy Story 3″ and that movie where he played a hit man.

      • llevinso

        I agree. Stanley Tucci IS NOT under-appreciated. He’s very appreciated. He was nominated for an Oscar this year! Michael Keaton on the other hand is definitely under-appreciated.

      • Sue1

        I agree. Keaton has always been under-appreciated, I feel. His strong comedic skills are matched by great dramatic sensibilities, I hope to see him working more soon.

      • Zach

        Agree so much! Keaton was brilliant in Beetlejuice and did well as Batman, but he doesn’t get ANY praise anymore.

      • Brie

        Co-sign. Tucci recieves praise for his work, and he deserves it. But he is not by any means under-appreciated. My vote is for Keaton.

    • Jensen Ackles FAn

      I’m a big Supernatural fan, but Jared Padalecki is the worst actor I have ever seen. He is not under appreciated, he is purposely snubbed, and he rightfully deserves to be. Jensen Ackles, is under appreciated, and deserves to win every single award.

      • Templar

        Agreed. Padalecki , while likable, is a one trick pony.

      • Kyelinn

        You’re in a very very very small minority of people who feel this way. Truly sad you can’t see real talent when it’s staring you right in the face.

      • pamher2009

        wow!!! so harsh!! i totally believe that jared is sooo under appreciated!!! i rewatched the episode, “no rest for the wicked” just recently, and the way he portrayed the desperation of losing dean was just stellar! and his performance, this season? fuhgetaboutit! i do agree that jensen ackles is a fantastic actor, but jared padalecki is also awesome!!!

      • Christine

        You need to watch more things if you think Jared is the worst actor you have ever seen.
        While Jensen is clearly MUCH better, Jared is a competent enough actor. He’s not bad, but not brilliant either.

      • Kady

        JensenAcklesFan and Templar…you two are so completely wrong. Jared is a fine and very talented actor. Maybe he’s not quite as good as Jensen, but Jensen’s been in the business just a bit longer too. This is just another version of the Sam vs. Dean war, isn’t it? Everyone has their favorite and that’s fine. There’s just no need to be nasty about it.

      • Melody

        I agree that Jensen is an amazing actor, but Jared does a fantastic job as well. He creeped me out so much as Lucifer and then I can turn around and see him as the softy. This season I think he’s been a bit off, but imagine if someone asked you to play a character without a soul?!?!

      • Joseph K

        People like you make me feel ill. I watch the show for Jared but I always appreciate Jensen as well how you can come here and wail on Jared just because your precious Jensen wasn’t nominated is beyond me. He gets psychotic love from you crazies.

        Jared’s been the reason I watched Supernatural from start to finish and I prefer his acting any day over Jensens. He’s so much more subtle and less Batman voiced.

        I would never dare to come to a site where Jensen was nominated for something and harsh on him just because Jared wasn’t, shame the same respect can’t be shown the other way around. People like you make me very sad to be alongside as a fan because you aren’t a true fan if you can’t appreciate both. You should be seriously ashamed of yourself for this.

        Go Jared, seriously under-appreciated and has to put up with the level of crazy from the comment above me, he well and truly deserves this.

      • Ruby

        I vote Jared Padalecki’s hair is the most under appreciated entertainer. That is some genuine A-grade acting.

      • Obi

        LOL, purposely snubbed. I’m sorry, but you don’t get to work with Peter O’Toole if you’re “purposely snubbed” by people who actually mean anything in the acting world. Director Michael Campus wouldn’t have said, about Jared, “This is a movie star. This is Jimmy Stewart meet Tom Hanks with a little Brad Pitt sex appeal. This young man is a star.”

        God, why come here to tear someone down like that? I can understand if you have some kind of phobia when it comes to huge penises, but Jared can’t HELP being as well hung as he seems to be. Don’t hate, appreciate.

      • Barbara

        Well I think both Samn and Dean are great actors. Especially together. They interact perfectly. Very funny.

      • Kady

        Obi, your comment cracked me up! I agree that Jared can’t be a terrible actor if someone of Peter O’Toole’s caliber sees the young man’s talent and admires him. Jared’s gonna go far, given the chance.

      • Ruby

        Four for you, Obi. The Padacock is always relevant.

        Though, seriously, it was a Hallmark movie.

      • Alli

        I agree with Christine. Jared Padalecki is a “competent enough” actor and he gets exactly the amount of appreciation that a “competent enough” actor deserves.

      • Kayla Nissen

        Yes, Jensen Ackles is a very talented actor but Jared is just as talented! Huzzah Obi! I applaud your comment! Jared is a terrific actor who deserves much more credit then he is given! He’s been a huge inspiration to me.

      • stravu9

        If Jared can take the DROSS provided by Supernaturals writing team and still come off as a likeable character then he is a FINE actor.
        Ackles is written as a pretty boy hero,and has a male ad female follwing of swooning worshipers!
        He also get most of the dialog and funny lines. Jared has to play straight man, a very difficult role indeed.
        Such mean spirited comments can oly come from Ackles drooling fanbase.

      • Sunny

        Jensen Ackles is a great actor. Jared Padalecki is a great actor. The both of them TOGETHER make the show what it is. The both of them TOGETHER have been with the show from the beginning.

        I’m pretty sure that if Jared was as bad an actor as some of you guys think, or if he was that far below Jensen as more of you seem to think, that something would have been done about it.

        I think all this hate on Sam and Jared in general lately has been really unwarranted. Lay off. He wouldn’t have acted in so many different roles if he was a bad actor.

      • Kris

        Everyone is entitled their opinion, but I totally disagree with your statement. I think Jared is a superb actor. He is brilliant in every role he portrays. I actually think he’s a better actor than Jensen in many respects. ♥

      • Damons Darling

        Jared has a boat load of talent. He and Jensen play very well off of each other for Supernatural. I have also seen him in other roles and he is an amazing actor. It is sad that you don’t see him for the true talent he is!


        me kustan ambos and not miss supernarural at all love you guys soooo mch

      • Lyn

        aww, Jared isnt a bad actor, I agree that Jensen is an awesome actor, but I also think the 2 of them are great together. I really dont think the show would be what it is without the team they have now. I cant see anyone else playing Sam. I love the chemistry between the two of them and I think they work well together.

      • Mia

        LOL! Christmas Cottage was an embarrassingly bad vanity project that went directly to video. I wonder how much money Thomas Kinkade threw at Peter O’Toole and Marcia Gay Harden to get them to act in this dreck.

        I think Jared Padalecki is a fine young actor but this movie is not going to win him any accolades.

      • Jeri K

        Don’t you people get it? Jared is the emotional one and Dean is the standoffish one, that is why they interact so well.

      • Sheila

        I totally agree with Sunny’s statement. Both Jarod and Jensen were made for the parts they play, they are great together. They both are great actors and hopefully will complete the entire series together. I’m sure Jensen isn’t badmouthing Jarod just because he was nominated for whatever.

      • Sheila

        to Mia — i take it you’re not big on family style movies or just don’t understand them. I personally liked Christmas Cottage and thought he did quite well in it. Thomas Kinkade has done many fine things in his life and is especially appreciative of family values.

      • Malaya

        You are kidding right? Jared has always been a talented actor, and he’s improved immensely over the years. He has totally nailed all the changes they keep throwing at him with Sam, and has keep-up-with and even matched Jensen’s acting! I’m a Jensen fan myself, but I can still recognize how great Jared at what he does. He IS unappreciated! He has done an amazing job with Sam. Both he and Jensen have given life to characters we have grown to love and care for despite of how different they are from them. You wouldn’t be able to truly connect with the characters/their relationship and be a fan if they weren’t amazing at what they do.

      • Gwen

        I agree 1000%. Jensen, who is always ignored, has a ton of talent and acts circles around Jared and many others!

      • Spring

        Jared as Sam is really good at portraying a more emotional personality while Jensen as Dean plays the stern tough guy on the show. Both are great at portraying the personality of their characters and I think that both are way under appreciated for the great job that they do.

      • Cherokee

        Are you SURE you’re a Supernatural fan? Are you watching the same show that the rest of us are?! I’ve watched Jared grow over 5 seasons. Even back in season 1 he was still a great actor. Those tears he cries? Those are REAL. Not a lot of actors can think of something so terrible that they can cry real tears for a scene. Did you see this man as a demon? As Lucifer? He’s so good evil that it’s down right scary. His voice can give you chills when he’s evil. Those puppy dog looks that he gives makes you want to cry. When he’s upset, you’re upset. When he’s laughing, you’re laughing. He truly makes you FEEL every single emotion that he has to play on screen. That’s talent right there.

        So I don’t know what show you’re watching but it’s not the same show that I am.

        I do agree that Jensen is also under appreciated. But have you ever heard any of his interviews where he talks about Jared? He compliments Jared all the time. He says he could never have played Lucifer like Jared did. Also when Matt Cohen had to play John possessed by Micheal, Jensen told him to go talk to Jared.

        I am beyond angry right now and that’s crazy because I don’t even know this man in real life. But I will protect any of the Supernatural cast with every fiber of my being.

      • Carly

        Jared and Jensen are both extraordinarily under appreciated actors. All you have to do is realize how different their own personalities are from the characters they portray to see it. We see Jensen first because he plays a character who lights up the room, but for Jared to tone his own exuberance and brightness down is just as amazing to see. And if you’ve watched him since Gilmore Girls, you’ll see how much he’s grown, how much he’s improved and how much respect he deserves. Jared is an actor with talent and dignity. He’s the one up in this poll. If you’re any kind of fan, you’d vote for him, just like you’d vote for Jensen in he was up. This isn’t about choosing favorites or griping about who has and hasn’t been recognized. This is about your dedication to these two men, who share their talent and compassion with us everyday.

      • frankie

        This has nothing to do with Jensen….even though i love him dearly. We were asked to vote between Jared and James. So do what the poll asked of us and vote not bash. I love Supernatural!!!!!

      • HKline

        LoVe Supernatural and think both boys are INCREDIBLE actors…Who cares if Padalecki can act or not…He is HOT!!! :)

      • jai

        why would u think that. jared acting is getting way better and by ur name jensen ackles fan i think u only watch it for jensen if that is how it is then why are u watching this show so go away

      • mari

        Amen to that! ;)

      • Morena

        I believe that Jensen, who is an amazing actor/director, is always ignored. I’m a Jensen fan myself, but I can still recognize how great Jared is at what he does. He´s also very talent, not as good as Jensen, but he has done an amazing job with Sam. Both are awesome at portraying the personality of their characters, and I feel that both are way under appreciated for the great job that they do in Supernatural. Jared and Jensen are both extraordinarily under appreciated actors, mostly Jensen.

      • Kady

        I don’t think Jared’s the worst actor. I’d rank him as middling. He’s outmanned though – he isn’t even in the ballpark of Jensen. I think he’d come over as better if Jensen wasn’t wiping the floor with him every week.

      • Tanya

        I am a huge Supernatural fan I never miss a show. I think that Jared is a great actor as well as Jensen and I am not going to diss either one of them… but yes I voted for Jared because personally I have never seen the other guy before(at least not yet anyway) and I have alot of respect for both Jared and Jensen if it wasn’t for them working so good together we wouldn’t have an awesome show to watch every friday night now would we.

      • dollybird

        you only have to watch the first episodes of supernatural and then watch series 6 to see how much he has grown as an actor, you’re talking tosh saying he’s no good, he’s just as good as Jensen, they make a great team

      • SamanthaW

        To be honest, I like Jared. I like his looks, but his acting is really good. Im not an actor, I have no acting ability and unless im mistaken possibly niether do you. I like Jensen, he is an amazing guy and actor. But no one looks past the looks of both of them at the fact that they are paid to get behind a camra and act. weither we like them to the point of stalkerish intent, is the last thing on their minds. So put all of your fandom aside and look at the true talent of all of them.
        On a side note James is awesome too.

      • SamanthaW

        To be honest, I like Jared. I like his looks, but his acting is really good. Im not an actor, I have no acting ability and unless im mistaken possibly niether do you. I like Jensen, he is an amazing guy and actor. But no one looks past the looks of both of them at the fact that they are paid to get behind a camra and act. weither we like them to the point of stalkerish intent, is the last thing on their minds. So put all of your fandom aside and look at the true talent of all of them.
        On a side note James is awesome too.

      • Beth

        I love the ‘fans’ who have come here to rip apart Jared only then to turn around and compliment Jensen. Do you really think that Jensen would appreciate you acting that way? I’m sure he’d roll his eyes to infinity and tell Jared to let the hater comments roll off his back. He’s great friends with Jared and would not be amused by the rude and ugly things being said about him here by so called ‘fans’.

      • Danneel

        Jared is AWESOME!! He deserves this award. I hope that JensenAcklesFan and her haters don’t take it away from him due to spitefulness. Jensen would not be amused.

      • Samanator

        Get a life you stupid evil witch. Jared is an amazing actor and if you can’t see that then your as dumb as Kletis. You know Jared is a great actor but your one of those spiteful, crazy obessed Jensen fanatics that likes causing trouble…again get a life or be happy.

      • Kat

        Jensen Ackles fan – you are an idiot…….. thats it and thats all. Your nasty mouth will get you nowhere in life, that was seriously uncalled for!

      • Isolda

        It amazes me that some fans of Dean are so hateful and nasty about Sam, and it amazes me even more that some people extend this hatefulness to the Jared Padalecki. The first two or three seasons Ackles was the better actor, which is not surprising since he is older. However, Padalecki has steadily improved his game and was pretty much equal to Ackles by season 4. If you’ve watched the show at all recently you know that Padalecki has been knocking it out of the park this season. Why the jealousy? Why not be happy that Padalecki has been nominated for something?

      • Sunny

        Sorry, I feel the need to add something else.

        Sometimes, it feels like the entire fandom is rooting for Dean/Jensen only. For some reason, everyone seems to view Sam/Jared as lesser or something because of what’s going on in the current season. Yes, Jensen is an amazing actor, and he’s been able to portray the many emotions of Dean Winchester beautifully. But don’t you think that Jared’s done the same? I mean, with all the sh!t that Sam has been through, Jared’s acted it all wonderfully. It often feels like Dean/Jensen is the fandom favorite and Sam/Jared are ridiculously under-appreciated.

        He’s a great actor. Has been for a while, in case you didn’t notice. And I think that he’s going to continue improving and doing his roles justice because he always does.

      • henninggirl

        yes, because playing “tortured puppy dog” for three years hasn’t gotten tired in the least. Jared Padalecki has the harder job of emoting everything on the show.

      • kathg

        Your ignorance makes me laugh.
        I love Jensen, but he’s not part of this poll. And I can’t believe you, as a “fan” of Supernatural would try to drag drama and stupidity over whether you like Jensen more into something he’s not even a part of.
        This is Jared v.s. James.
        And Jared won. So obviously enough people disagree with you to make your point invalid anyways.
        Have fun voting for someone NOT on this poll.
        Thanks for your time…

      • Linda Smith

        I disagree. While I think they are both very talented, Jared has really pulled off the nice Sam/evil Sam brilliantly. He really scared me in some of those episodes!

      • angie

        Jared Padalecki is one of the best actors of this generation. Ever since season 2 or 3 of SPN he doesn’t get anything to make him seem cooler ’cause apparently everyone thinks Jensen is better-looking but I disagree. They are both GREAT actors and are both big fans of each other. You obviously are the Alpha Assbutt right ?

      • Kristen

        Jared Padalecki is more known then jensen ackles, just saying, and i met more sam/jared fan then dean/jensen fan. And clearly if i were you, i wouldn’t say anything, cause some people like him, so keep it to yourself!

      • Sharon

        Jensen & Jared are great togeather as you can tell but I fear there may come a day that one gets a big head a ruins the show….. for example Lavern & Shirley….. once ones gone the show is not the same….. and please dont ever get a second Sam or Dean like the Darrens in Bewitch.

    • C. Sizemore

      Oh man so am I! The man is a dead ringer for my father which blows, but Michael is a great actor and it’s great to see him getting back into the game!

    • Erin

      I know right? I found it really hard to pick between both Michael and Stanley, they’re both superb and both are rather neglected.

      However I chose Michael because the man was Beetlejuice AND I’m fairly certain Stanley received a nom last year for an Oscar and/or Golden Globe for Lovely Bones.

    • Russ Burlingame

      Tucci is a truly great actor, but whether or not he gets the money and the awards, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know it. Meanwhile, Keaton has had a really great career that’s so defined by a few crazed, over-the-top performances that most people can’t get past him being Beetlejuice.

  • Dave

    So hard to choose between Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci, they’re both so great!
    On another note, how exactly is Tom Bergeron under-appreciated? Dancing with the Stars is the highest rated show on TV. Bergeron has been nominated for hosting the show for a few years now. Plus, in my opinion, he isn’t funny, even though he tries so hard to be. And everyone still laughs at his “jokes” and gives him so much credit. If anything, he is over-appreciated.

    • PrincessPJ

      Dave – get a sense of humor. Tom Bergeron is funny, smart, irreverent and able to keep DWTS on track. He is nominated every year as are several other hosts and every year the awards go to Jeff Probst, who is (IMO) not as entertaining a host as Tom.

      • Dave

        I have a pretty good sense of humor. Seems like you like a big ol’ helping of cheese with yours.
        Whether you like him or not, Tom Bergeron is not under-appreciated just because he lost the Emmy to Jeff Probst.

      • what I don’t get…

        I can’t understand why Tom Bergeron doesn’t get credit come Emmy time for being funny with quick, timely one-liners on LIVE TV. Probst, is good, too, but he’s not on live TV until a finale. I also think people have a hard time liking Brooke Burke and (previously) Samantha Harris because Bergeron is SO much better than they are. They just pale in comparison.

  • Katja

    Psych returns tomorrow night at 10, and I am SO EXCITED! James Roday is effing hilarious, and …[SPOILER ALERT??? Is it really a spoiler if it’s in the little episode tease on USA’s site?] I believe Cary Elwes will be making another appearance. Those two together = too much charm for one hour of television.

  • Woot

    I think your missing the poll for Janelle Monae vs. Jonsi. Also Janelle Monae is so under-appreciated. Her album The ArchAndroid is one of the best albums I’ve listened to in recent memory.

    • Suze


    • Devin

      Saw Janelle Monae on the ESPY Awards. Couldn’t understand anything she was singing. And she was off key. Don’t know who Jonsi is. Didn’t vote for either.

  • Uh_huh

    I just hope my man Christopher Nolan would consider casting Keaton in the next Dark Knight in a tounge-in-cheek cameo role. Ultra epic would be casting George Clooney in an ironic and funny cameo scene.

  • Sue

    omg. Janelle Monae is the BEST NEW TALENT IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW!!! I can talk about this girl for days and still go on. “ArchAndroid” is AMAZING, FLAWLESS! All the critics LOVE it! I LOVE IT! It’s amazing! Do yourself a favor and check it out. I promise you will thank me later!

  • ger

    I’m almost glad the Monae/Jonsi poll is missing – I love them both so much. Jonsi in concert was the more beautiful shows I’ve seen in years, and I’m old.

  • Rebecca

    James Roday needs to win the whole thing. Psych is very under-appreciated.

    • AN


      • Sue1

        Also agree. Roday should win this, with Keaton an honourable mention.

      • Marie-Eve

        Agreed! Psych is awesome and I’m a little bummed that there seems to be such a small following. It’s one of the truly unique shows out there and always guarantees a laugh!

      • Bill

        James is the original, and by for the best, “fake Psychic” on TV. I can’t believe the network put that ginger idiot on and touted his show as an original idea…. Not to mention Psych is a great show, funny, and with, in addition to Roday, and under appreciated cast that works so well together!!!
        Many more seasons to watch- and I can’t wait for the new season’s premier tonight!!!!

    • aleksa

      Agreed. One of my favorites, and so reliably funny.

    • Melody

      He is so freakin’ funny!! I’m so glad it is back tonight!

    • Kotos

      I hear that(see,it’s even effected my word use!). He’s the only one I’m bothering to vote for. Supernaturals ok,and the guys average,but Psyche is amazing and deserves a lot more credit then it’s had. Good to see others appreciate it.

    • missy

      i sooooooooooo agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • diana

        totally agreed!! I like Jared a lot, but James is just AWESOME! he’s a great actor, in the funniest show currently airing (and ever). It’s a shame that he is so underprecciated by all, jus like Psych… I just don’t get it… I really think he deserves this and many more wins!

    • jenny

      Agreed!! It took me a couple of seasons to discover Psych. Now I can’t get enough! Can’t wait for the premiere tonight. I’ve got my kettle corn ready

    • Vixela

      Roday for the win. I wish I will have a chance to vote for Dule Hill too! They are a very effective and chemistry-laden comedic duo. It’s sad that they never get any attention — even on entertainment sites like EW.

      • Donna

        Dule Hill is one of the best comedic actors I’ve seen in ages. I hope they do another of these polls and give us Dule/Gus fans a chance to vote for him!

  • Andrew

    For me, choosing between Keaton & Tucci was easy. The question isn’t “Who is better?” but rather “Who is more under-appreciated?” To answer that, all you gotta do is look at their filmographies. Check out all the work Tucci has been getting over the last decade and then compare it with Keaton, and it’s no contest. Keaton is WAY more under-appreciated.

    • llevinso

      Thank you! I don’t think people really understand these polls.

    • Catherine

      Yes! I also voted for Keaton for this reason. Tucci is excellent and always gets praise for his work. Keaton has been much farther under the radar, but also very excellent.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I love Stanley Tucci more than anyone who is not living with/married to/having an affair with him should, but I went with Michael Keaton because Tucci is finally getting the acclaim he deserves and Keaton’s work has been overlooked for decades.

      • Dave

        Yeah, Michael Keaton was pretty great in Jack Frost, and he was totally overlooked for an Oscar that year.

  • kate

    James Roday all the way. Psych as a whole is so under appreciated, but in particular Roday as an actor. The chemistry he has with Dule Hill is amazing!

    • Tenney

      I agree. Psych doesn’t seem to get the recognition it deserves. The whole show is really underappreciated, including Dule Hill. Shawn and Gus are my favorite duo on TV. Comedically, I think they have the best chemisty on TV.

      • Sara

        Amen to that. You are SO right. They are brilliant together!!!

      • roadchick

        It’s a crying shame that The Mentalist does so well in the ratings. It’s a straight ripoff of Psych, and James Roday is much more charismatic than Simon Baker. Roday FTW!!

    • Lisa Simpson

      Totally agree. Roday’s comic timing and chemistry with Hill are amazing, and he still manages to be sexy.

    • missy

      again soooooooooooooooooooooo agree you’re soooo right:):):)

    • Tanya

      Sooooo true!

    • Sam

      I totally agree!! Psych is amazing and Roday is just awesome! It’s one of my favorite shows and new episodes come back tonight at 10pm on USA!! I’m so excited!!! James Roday definitely deserves to win this!! :)

    • Abbie

      You are the awesomest person on here!!

  • Heather

    Curse you for putting James Roday and Jared Padalecki against one another in such an early round! They are both completely under-appreciated and it was so hard to choose. They both deserve the title and some recognition! Also Jensen Ackles needs to be thrown in this as well!!

    • Chris

      Jensen isn’t here because he isn’t UNDER-appreciated. He’s gotten a lot of critical praise over the years and won the EWWY for actor who should have been nominated for an Emmy.

    • ani

      agreed. it is cruel to put roday against padalecki. both shows are underappreciated as are both actors. as much as i am obsessed with supernatural, i had to vote for roday. shawn and gus are just too awesome.

    • GimplyGump ☺

      I agree. Jared and James are hard to choose between. :’-(

      • Kotos

        Not even close. James FTW-so much so he’s the only one i’m voting for on this list.

  • Lola

    Don’t get me wrong, I think that Tom Bergeron is a wonderful host, but is he really underappreciated? I would have gone with Cat Deeley for underappreciated seeing as she never gets any Emmy love.

  • Will

    Tom Bergeron is so cheesy it’s hard for me to watch.

    • Chelsea

      i cannot STAND tom bergeron. uggghhhh. i love america’s funniest home videos but his hosting RUINS it! I can’t even watch when he talks! so ridiculously corny.

      • Jackie

        You should watch the ‘Castle’ episode where Tom Bergeron plays a late-night host who’s convinced that someone’s trying to kill him, which of course is what ends up happening.

      • SwingJazzRebel

        I’m not so sure we can blame him for the terrible writing. lol

    • LW6776

      Yeah I agree, he’s terrible.

  • Linda

    Jared Padalecki

    • Tajah

      Finally, some love for him.

    • Sasha

      I was reading down the comments and got a little lost! For a moment there, I thought that Roday had been replaced by Ackles… the way everyone was comparing those two!
      Don’t get me wrong.. I’m a Supernatural girl all the way and voted for Jared.. but guys.. shouldn’t we keep the Jared and Jensen comparison’s down at least until this is over?

    • Linda Smith

      Me too!!!

  • Corran

    Wow Michael Keaton looks 100 in this picture.

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