'Glee': Darren Criss becoming a series regular would make all of our teenage dreams come true

darren-crissImage Credit: Rebecca SanabriaFollowing his debut last night as Dalton Academy’s smooth, openly gay student Blaine, Deadline is reporting that Darren Criss is in talks to become a series regular, a promotion that Michael Ausiello predicts will likely begin at the start of Glee‘s third season. It’s like Ryan Murphy can read our minds! Criss was originally slated as a recurring character this season, with many speculating he’d be playing Kurt’s love interest — and judging by Kurt’s new locker decor, it looks like the crush seed has already been planted. His rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” backed by fellow Dalton Academy students, was a breath of fresh air (our recapper Tim Stack gave it an A+) and his role as Kurt’s mentor and ally is definitely a welcomed addition to the show’s dynamic. Plus, those Dalton boys were pretty fierce, which could mean more diverse competition for New Directions instead of solely the big, bad, Vocal Adrenaline machine.

So tell me, PopWatchers: Based on your response to last night’s episode, the climbing iTunes numbers, and the fact that I’ve just played “Teenage Dream” four times in a row, would hiring Criss full-time be a smart move for Glee?

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  • caroline

    YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS! I am so there. I was grinning the entire time Criss was on-screen, so much that my roommate had to ask me if I was okay. But they’d have to keep him just as fresh and exciting as the minute he first appeared, because I’m already a bit bored with Sam and Finn is just…. Finn.

    • sterk

      Queens and thespians go great together.

    • D

      With bells on!

    • tickles

      They could jettison Sam and it wouldn’t bother me a bit. He is not that cute and Puck sings better.
      Puck, Mercedes and Mike all need more story lines.

      • Ali

        Yes. Yes. and Yes.

      • Strepsi

        I think he IS that cute, but since Darren Criss seems so much more able (willing) to play gay, and yes the other characters are underused, I’d second that for more Mercedes. OR — even better — dump Quinn and have Sam go for Mercedes, you know he wants some hot chocolate!

    • M

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Darren Criss should DEFINITELY become a main character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM ALREADY!

      • Emma

        isn’t he so supermegafoxyawesomehot?

    • L.Violet

      Yippee! I think that’s “Totally Awesome!” Yay!

    • Lexi

      OMG I think he would be so “totally awesome” on Glee as a regular to, and I am loving all the AVMP references!!!

      • Lexi

        Hahaha I meant AVPM.

  • Remy


    That’s all that needs to be said.

    • Rony

      Nooooooo, or at least not yet. One episode does not merit regular status yet.. Let’s see how they develop his character.. I’d much rather they spend some time on Mercedes and Tina as they’ve pretty much have been forgotten.

      • Strepsi

        OK then, how about a BLAINE / JESSIE ST. JAMES SPIN-OFF SHOW? Who’s with me????

      • JonB

        While I vote yes, I agree with you about Mercedes. While she has gotten her share of solos this season, they’ve really ignored her as a character. She’s basically just a vocalist on the show this season. I think they’ve been showing a lot of Tina this season though. She’s had a good amount of character growth.

      • Tyla

        Strepsi, I’m with you! Mad instalove for both Jesse St James and Blaine. Sam? Zzzzz……

      • ElizabethB

        Strepsi, I would adore a Blaine/Jesse St. James spin-off show. I just want to hear Darren Criss and Jonathan Groff sing together.

    • Celia

      Agreed. He’s HOT and talented and his character is interesting. This is the first episode of Glee I’ve watched in a loooong time. I haven’t been impressed much this season.

  • Anne

    While I loved the charactar and the storyline, I think recurring is enough for now. I’d rather see some more focus on the other Glee club members: Tina, Santana, Puck, etc.

    • mary q contrary

      NO MORE Santana. I can’t stand her.

      • R

        YES MORE Santana. There’s more to her than just mean and “supposedly” fake boobs (they don’t look that different to me – now if Quinn or Rachel got some, they’d definitely be noticable)

      • he is cute but…

        …I agree with the other people who have said that GLEE should focus more on its existing characters.

        I am happy to see so much of Kurt this season (yea!) and happy to see less of Rachel and Finn.


    • Namakemono

      I fear that the character is, as currently portrayed, just a little too perfect. The Glee kids work in part because each of them has pretty significant flaws which group participation helps them deal with and overcome. Darren has been presented as suave, self-confident, and able to deal with situations smoothly. For him to be a compelling addition, I think we’ll need to see some flaws and/or trials (perhaps family financial difficulties that force him from his high-priced private to the Glee kids public)?

      • wg

        Agreed. He’s a total Mary Sue. But squee he was really great!!!

      • T

        I didn’t see him as perfect. I thought admitting that he ran from his problems and took the easy way out clearly showed flaws, and showed that in spite of the easy confidence he shows, he still has issues to deal with. I think he will be an interesting character to explore.

      • Nikki

        I disagree, I think he showed a certain degree of self-loathing. He obviously hasn’t come to terms with how he handled coming out at his old school.

      • Courtney Roberts

        He’s not too perfect…he is HIV positive

      • Sean

        this last comment should get a response but it needs to be said that it’s moronic, ridiulous and unnecessary.

      • Samantha

        I agree with you. While it was refreshing for me to see a confident, sexy, and happy gay teen I felt the character was too perfect. His character seemed a bit overly preachy, which Glee has a problem with. But I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him.

      • Shannon

        Well he does have flaws. He plays off smooth but he has no courage. Courage that he is asking Kurk to display. (And note that when Kurk followed his advise it blew up in his face in that locker room) I love Darren Kriss, and i love his character but to say he is a Mary Sue, that’s wrong. He’s cowardly and runs though is being there and standing strong for Kurk, something he couldn’t do himself.

      • kel

        yah, but he works well in this capacity…this is what kurt needs right now…a suave, level-headed, secure and proudly open gay role model [and potential love interest]

      • mscisluv

        I kind of like the idea that he has to leave Dalton because of financial issues. However, all of the Glee actors look so old, Darren included; surely he’s supposed to be a senior?

      • maddiemoiselle

        i have to agree with the comments about blaine being flawed. just because he is an out and proud gay character doesn’t mean he is perfect. he was brought on for this episode to work as a mentor for kurt and to show him that he won’t always be miserable just because of his sexuality. they couldn’t put that message across if they made blaine self-conscious and uninspiring. if they were to bring darren criss onto the show more (and i hope they do), i’m sure they will develop a strong storyline for him. for now, however, it’s nice that they’re working for kurt rather than against him. the poor kid is bullied constantly and almost lost his father. he needed something to get him back to the bubbly and flamboyant kurt we know from season 1. while glee should focus on their other characters, kurt deserves a love interest and darren criss has proven himself a worthy choice.

      • ElizabethB

        I agree that at present his character seems a little to benign for a series regular, but I think his flaws will surface as he appears more often. I did feel that Glee used him as a mouthpiece rather than as an actual character, but I’m looking forward to further development and continue to hope that Darren Criss becomes a regular anyways.
        However, I would like to see some more emphasis on other regulars, especially Mercedes.

      • ashton

        I love Darren Criss and his character, and while he seems rather perfect now, I have no doubts that, should he become a series regular, we’ll get to see more flaws in his character. It’s not over yet, people (the writers are making evil plans =D )

    • steph

      Make MIKE CHANG a series regular please!!
      As well as his abs.

      • D

        He is one.

      • Dont Stop

        No he isnt. Mike is still recurring

      • anya

        Agreed, Mike Chang and his abs deserve a regular status!!

    • he is cute but…

      …I agree with the other people who have said that GLEE should focus more on its existing characters.

      I am happy to see so much of Kurt this season (yea!) and happy to see less of Rachel and Finn. BUT I WANT MORE MERCEDES AND QUINN AND ARTIE!!!!!!!

    • he is cute but…

      …I agree with the other people who have said that GLEE should focus more on its existing characters.

      I am happy to see so much of Kurt this season (yea!) and also happy to see less of Rachel and Finn.


  • mary q contrary

    I totally second, third, fourth, etc. this. Seriously. J’adore!!!!

  • Jenna

    OMG YES!!! I had no idea who Darren Criss was up until a few days ago when the Teenage Dream video started circulation the web. I’ve been hooked pretty instantly – after playing that video into the gound I’ve moved on to YouTube and found out about AVPM, which is SO good!
    So by the time I’ve watched him on Glee I was already sold, but somehow he managed to win me over even more. This is the most excited I’ve been about Glee since the promo. I would be ecstatic if he becomes a regular, simply because I want more, more more of him.
    Please let this be true!

    • Jenna

      Oops, forgive the typos, I was to excited to proof-read.
      Oh, and I meant Pilot, not promo. obviously being most excited since the “promo’ isn’t saying much, LOL.

  • caroline

    Too many characters: let the main ones breathe. But I’m totally up for a recurring role throughout the series.

    • Remy

      NY Mag made a good point that regular status doesn’t mean frequent appearances – essentially it’s just they have him on contract (ie Burt, Teri).

    • Billy

      While I agree they have too many characters which sadly the writers don’t seem to know what to do with… I’m far more excited to see where they go with Blaine than I am about Puck, Finn, Quinn, etc etc… I think they struck gold and they should capitalize on it by signing him. They should also thin the herd a bit at the same time.

    • Dont Stop

      Yeah series regulars only have to feature in 8 episodes to be classed as a ‘regular’So it wouldnt be like getting an constant overload of Crisis

    • he is cute but…

      …I agree with the other people who have said that GLEE should focus more on its existing characters.

      I am happy to see so much of Kurt this season (yea!) and happy to see less of Rachel and Finn.


  • Gabby

    He’s Harry Freakin’ Potter!

    • Lauren

      We don’t prefer Gandalf,
      Merlin, or Oz,
      He’s a whole lot hotter!

    • Katie

      it was cool, it was totally awesome.

    • mscisluv

      *Love this*

    • Liver

      Harry Potter loves Zefron!!!

      • Jo

        I know, he’s so charismatic!

  • mary q contrary

    I say they send Santana and Puck packing to make room for Blaine and Charice. Just sayin.

    • Gator

      No! I am just waiting for Mark Salling and Darren Criss to sing together, just them and their guitars. I will die a very happy person after that. :)

      • mary q contrary

        Meh. It could just be me, but every time Mark Salling sings, I hear the auto-tune more. It sounds so weirdly robotic.

  • Christine

    YES, LOVE HIM! LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM. This would be amazing.

  • Jenny

    Yes. Absolutely yes. Darren Criss is so ridiculously talented. If they chose any one recurring character from this season to become a regular, it should be Darren Criss

    • Mandi

      They need to find a way to bring Charlene Kaye in, too. (Maybe just for one episode) Darren and Charlene singing together is magical. Check them out on youtube performing “Dress & Tie”, “Skin & Bones”, or “Good Ole Moon”.

    • Cara

      He has a killer voice and I loves that version….Katy Perry said she cried when she saw it she was so happy.

  • Dory

    Yes! He is adorable.

  • silverrose

    just let me know when Glee does an episode with Meatloaf music. yes, i know he made a cameo in the Rocky Horror ep, but what about a full hour?

    • Znachki

      “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” – just sayin…

      • Cara

        One song OK, not a whole show. I like when they mix it up anyway, not one artist.

    • mary q contrary

      Surely you’re joking? Of all the artists to choose for a full hour tribute, and you want Meatloaf?

  • Tori

    He should definitely become a regular, he was absolutely adorable~!
    He is such a strong and confident gay role model that (speaking as a lesbian) the show needs to balance out Kurt’s awful experience with homophobia.

  • Meghan


  • Kevin

    I think he will be come a regular, in Season 3, as the 3rd season will be like the new year, and he will transfer to McKinley.

    • nanci

      no way ! why he can’t be a regular that studies in another school ~~~ i can’t see why all the main HAVE to study in the same school ,if he did they would love to put more drama for blaine and kurt.
      bet the writers can come up with something good with blaine at the private school.

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