Cee-Lo Green swaps 'Fox News' for 'F-k You' on 'Colbert'

From lady killer to media killer: Cee-Lo Green appeared on The Colbert Report last night to tout his new album, The Lady Killer, and host Stephen Colbert found a way to make the musician’s infectious “F–k You” even more catchy for his Nation. Since the Report is “a family show” — why wouldn’t it be, what with its focus on incredibly petrifying cuddly bears? — Colbert recommended a replacement phrase for the song’s title: Fox News. (Sorry, little guy, Beef Stew was ultimately rejected for this more “positive” phrase.) Though Green did eventually sing the real lyrics to his hit later in the show, he appeased the host for one verse, singing: “Saw you driving ’round town with the girl I love on Fox News / Didn’t see one politician that wasn’t corrupt on the Fox News, and I get the blues / The poor get poorer, the rich get richer / Ain’t that some s— / I’m having pains in my chest because I’m so stressed over Fox News.” (See the video embedded after the jump.) Alright, Fox News interviewee/sometimes singer John Ashcroft — it’s high time for a song battle, no?

And play the video below for Green’s actual performance. Will “F–k You” ever get old?

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  • Mikey

    Such a great song. Love it.

  • Melanie


  • Lynn

    No. “F—- You” will never get old.

  • BC

    I love Cee-Lo. But I wish he would give the audience more music for their buck. First time I saw him (solo before Gnarls Barkley), he played for about a half hour. Then with Gnarls Barkley – 45 minutes. Come on already!

  • Karen

    I think it’s pretty awesome that the entire backing band is made of ladies.

    • Fatima

      I know! Him and Beyonce both do this and it’s always a treat to see.

  • Parents Television Council


  • Janeanne Garafolo

    Wow. Take that, Fox News. I’m sure they’re still picking themselves off the floor following this latest rapier sharp attack. Maybe someday someone will actually watch Fox News before they rip it instead of taking their cues from Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow.

    • dlauthor

      Something tells me this isn’t really Janeane. Perhaps it’s the general tone of “snivel, snivel, whine.”

      • Meier

        Or perhaps the misspelled name.

      • DGH

        Actually Janeane does plenty of whining so it just might be her!!!!

    • LOL

      Fox News: Where the Truth Goes to Die

    • erin

      oh, shut up JG. I don’t need to watch MSNBC to know that FoxNews is the perfect replacement for F— You. Because, you know, that’s what they’re always saying to facts.

    • candacetx

      the change was suggested by Colbert (who, I have the sneaky suspicion, DOES watch Fox. I know you people like to re-write history… but it wasnt Cee-Lo’s idea…

      • Sugar

        Well, duh, of course he watches Fox, how else would he know what they are talking about? Good grief, your sneaking suspicion is really slow on the uptake.

    • maggie

      I do sometines watch Fox News. I like to get their crazy take on some of the news stories. They are so out of whack with reality, that it’s almost funny. Almost, because, sadly, many people believe them.

    • elizalee

      if you want proof, i mean actually proof, of how off-kilter fox is about important news, look at the lead stories on their website. i can tell you right now, 3pm nov 11, fox’s lead story is “Special Report: The Radicals Who Pray in Our Capitol” which headline in itself instantly seeks to connect the Islamic faith with terrorism. Now compare this to CNN, MSNBC, and BBC news who all at this exact same time have as their lead story a terrorist attack that occurred at a police station in Pakistan that has killed at least 20. This story only appears towards the bottom of Fox’s site in the world news section. And if radicalism in the capitol is such an important story, why dont we see it on these other news site? Fox can barely be described as ‘fair and balanced’ but to be so far removed from what most news outlets consider news, I dont know how you can even find Fox credible

      • Chandler02

        Well said.

    • Chandler02

      I have watched Fox News, and yes, they deserve all the criticism they get. They repeatedly misquote people and they focus on tabloid stories instead of important issues. I have never seen a network try so hard to create controversy where their is none…they wasted HOURS on the 6 members of the “new black panthers”. Completely shameful they way they race bait and misinform.

      • Don’t Hate Cuz IT’s True

        My favorite Faux news screwup was about a year ago, when an anchor was interviewing a Democrat Representative, she was pwning him, he interupted her to goto “Breaking News” from Shark week ^_^ that’s comedy gold!

      • Jales

        Oh please. Most of the “news” channels/shows/etc are nothing but fluff and idiocy. It’s pretty bad when I’m looking to Jon Steward for news instead of the supposedly “real” news, which on ANY channel is so devoid of ethics, fact checks, or “journalism” it’s essentially useless. Like Fox News is the only crappy news out there….

  • DGH

    Wonder how much money Cee-Lo(do these people make up their own dumb a$$ names)gives back to his ghetto my guess would be ZERO!!!

    • Amy

      lol! Wow, generalize much? I think he’s actually from atlanta… …and he’s been around for a while. In fact I think he wrote the pussy cat doll’s ‘dontcha’.

    • erin

      by “these people” I assume that you’re talking about black people; you know, since you’re post is completely racist and all.

    • i think so too

      you must be the child of two very disappointed people.

      • candacetx


      • Kate

        This is the best comment I have ever read on EW.com.

    • candacetx

      I am sure he ‘gives back’ the same amount as Ke$ha does…

  • Damon

    Wow that’s original. What’s next calling people poo poo caca heads?

  • POW!

    I love how when Fox News has to defend themselves
    it’s not fighting against reputable politicians
    it’s always Hollywood types like Jennifer Aniston and now Cee-Lo Green
    that really proves how Fox News is just noise

    • Kanye West

      Cee-Lo stole my song. It was actually called “Fox Rules.” Which is totally true, especially compared to PMSNBC/MessNBC. Shazam!!!

      • you are so smart

        why do people like you think that making idiotic names up about other channels lends you any credibility? you only sound low brow and unintelligent. which only makes it seem like the average fox news watcher is low brow and unintelligent. I am not asserting this. You are asserting it by voicing your support in such a manner instead of through rational discourse. you disprove your own point which is pretty sad really…

      • Kanye West

        To “you are so smart” aka y.a.s.s aka y’ass: you sir/ma’am are true to your name. You should demand a refund from the college you went to since your supreme intelligence and wisdom surpasses us mere mortals. I’m sure you can buy a lot with $20. You said I had a point. Please do tell. Do you mean like Libs/Dems constantly saying lowbrow things such as “Faux News?” FoxNews’ towering ratings, like my record sales, stand on its own and it needs no explaining, especially to otherworldly intellectuals such as yourself. Have a good day, get your head out y’ass and please don’t choke on the “fish sticks.”

      • Kanye West

        Another thing, y’ass… Shazam!!!

      • Chandler02

        “Kanye”, you should know that ratings reflect nothing about quality. Jersey Shore gets huge ratings too, and it panders to the lowest of human instincts…just like Fox! Now it all makes sense!

      • Chandler01

        Kanye’s a musician, not a TV Programming Executive. Besides, your argument doesn’t make any sense without a compelling argument or metrics. Are you saying that MSNBC’s “quality” news anchors and programming compensates for their gutter rankings? I think not! Guess that’s why you’re #2 and I’m #1. What say you, C02?

      • Chandler02

        Since I clearly have to spell it out for you, read slowly…Ratings do NOT equal quality. I am not a fan of everything that MSNBC puts out, but Rachel Maddow does focus on fact vs. rumor. Something that the folks at Fox News could learn a lot from.

      • Jigga

        Yo, imma let you finish but Jon Stewarts “F*ck off” song was one of the best F*ck You songs of all time.

    • jodipo

      after saying “reputable politicians” you lost any credibility you ever could have had. Of course, defending Fox News also puts you into the moron douchebag category so its moot anyway.

      • ger

        reading comprehension …

  • Kim

    Anyone tired of this song already?

    • darclyte


    • Just Me

      Not even a little bit…..

  • Bunter

    I’ve always wondered why Entertainment Weekly always has something disparaging to say about Fox News at least weekly if not more….until I scrolled to the bottom of the page and saw ‘In Partnership with CNN.’ Talk about your Fair and Balanced.

    • anakinjmt

      Huh. Never noticed that. Good point. Definitely conflict of interest there.

    • Buffy Freak

      Probably the same way that the FOX-owned New York Post or Wall Street Journal are always disparaging NBC and GE…

      • maggie

        Bill O’Reilly & the NY Post are always saying things about MSNBC. They act like they have inside info, but really it’s just slamming the competition with lies and gossip.

      • Kanye West

        MesS-NBC, CaNNot, and Head(up the @$$)lies News are not competitors with FoxNews. They’re not even in the same class. Just small fries continually enjoying the ratings beatdown, week by week. Wanna see a bunch of teenagers gossip? Check out PMSNBC clips of their lily-white news team during the 2 Nov elections. Pure journalistic patheticness that even Liberal blogs/magazines/newssites disparaged it. Chris Matthews even asked the question “Are you hypnotized?” WTF?

      • Ian

        “MesS-NBC, CaNNot, and Head(up the @$$)lies News” — Wow. I’ve never seen anyone stretch THAT far, and still come up with a Zero in the funny column. It’s stretching even further when you take the name of a mediocre “musician” (and I use that term lightly) to do so.

      • Kanye West

        Ian, no comedy intended, but it’s actually funny that you see it that way. Just the truth, my brother, since Fox is subject to the same abuse. I’m actually impressed that you took the time to repeat what I wrote (or cut and paste if you’re that lazy). The only zero I see is in Obama’s failed promises to the people. He’s stil got a chance but his time’s short. Oh by the way, E-N, here’s my response about your issue with my name: “If you see Kay, why owe you, bee eye tee see age.”

      • Ian

        And again a huge stretch that results in zero wit. It probably took you an hour (or more likely you got it from some other dumbass who is actually smarter than you are) to come up with a not-so-clever way of writing “Phuck you bitch.” If that last post is the best you can come up with as a response, I’ll move on to arguing with 5 year-olds about whether Wall*E is better than Shrek. At least they’re intelligent enough to produce more interesting conversation than you are. I’d expect no less from a Kanye West fan who won’t even use his/her own name, lol. Oh, and why even mention Obama? What the hell does he have to do with Stephen Colbert or Cee-Lo? Next time trying being relevant or at the very least, less dumb.

    • Kristine

      Fox News are the only ones who claimed to be Fair and Balanced. EW.com did not. Neither did CNN, actually.

      • Bunter

        You’re right, Kristine. EW.com nor CNN claim to be Fair and Balanced. No point there is there!

    • LoveBug

      EW.com is an entertainment site…Fox News is an entertainment channel. EW.com to the best of my knowledge is not a mandatory site that all american’s must visit nor is there a law that says if you are on the site you must read, consider, and comment on every story. You know I think Taylor Swift is a terrible artist, so you know what I did when I came here tonight? I ignored the story about her. OMG – what a novel idea.

  • Andy K.

    You know, I really can’t see how ANYONE can defend Fox News. Those dudes are CRAZY – oh wait, isn’t that a CeeLo Green song?

    • Meier


  • me

    CNN maybe can’t get away with it, but this is an ENTERTAINMENT website.

  • Mikey

    I prefer this version much more than “Forget You” that they play on the radio.

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