Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year: Patricia Clarkson? Paul Wesley? A Real Housewife? Vote!

Underappreciated-Entertainers-3BImage Credit: Adam Taylor; Disney/Pixar; Adam Orchon/Everett Collection; Virginia Sherwood/Bravo; Quantrell Colbert/Bravo; Quantrell Colbert/BravoI’ve been pondering the philosophical implications of our latest Under-appreciated Entertainer of the Year bracket game, and I’m getting dizzy. Let’s just say that the divine Patricia Clarkson (Easy A, Shutter Island) edges the voice of Barbie from Toy Story 3, Jodi Benson, in Round 1 and goes on to win the entire contest. Does that make her the most Under-appreciated Entertainer of 2010, or by winning, is she no longer under-appreciated? By that argument then, isn’t the entertainer who loses the first-round popular vote by the largest margin, technically, the most underrated? And if the most underrated entertainer falls in the forest and there’s no paparazzi around to snap a picture, does the entertainer not bleed — Stop! My head hurts.

Underappreciated-Entertainers-3AImage Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW; Virginia Sherwood/NBC; Jonathan MannionLet’s keep it simple. There are so many talented performers who are routinely excellent but don’t always get the credit. This is your chance to recognize the one who makes you smile most. Clarkson or Benson? Paul Wesley of The Vampire Diaries or Jesse Plemons of Friday Night Lights? Real Housewife of N.J. Teresa Giudice or Real Housewife of Atlanta Kandi Burruss? Big Boi, whose debut solo album was big but deserved to be bigger, or saucy chanteuse VV Brown, whose ubiquitous songs pop in and out of my favorite TV shows? Vote your heart, PopWatchers. Submit your round 1, day 3 vote after the jump, and click here to check out our entire bracket of 64 competitors.We’ll figure out the existential ramifications of the results after.

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  • Josie

    I love VV Brown, and Patricia Clarkson has been criminally under-appreciated her entire career.

    • alan of montreal

      I clicked Patricia Clarkson, but not for the roles mentioned–she was in a Canadian-made film this year called Cairo Time in which she gives a quiet but powerful performance. Hope it gets an Oscar push.

    • henry

      I love VV Brown! She has one of the most unique styles, and she has great range too!

  • tracy bluth

    Who in their right mind named Teresa as an “under-appreciated entertainer”?

    • Casey

      Lol I know, right?

    • Krystal

      Why have the housewives on there at all?
      Did you guys see the Jersey episode of South Park? Hilarious.

      • David

        Kandi is actually an under-appreciated entertainer. She has been an award winning singer/songwriter long before there ever was a “real Housewives” franchise.

      • Trinity

        I truly agree with you. people need to give her a chance. Outside of RHOA she is a singer/song writer++ more.

      • ChrisG

        Kandi Is A Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter…Thats Why She’s There…Theressa Uhmmmm????

    • ChristineOH

      After this season, I hate Theresa. Yuck.

      • amy

        Christine I am so GLAD I am not the only one who feels like that. From someone who is originally from NJ I find Teresa to be a disgrace and embarassment. Kandi is down to earth and sensible and so likeable.

  • Sue1

    I agree with Josie about Patricia Clarkson. I have to ask—couldn’t EW find an picture of Jodi Benson?

    • Drew

      I think they’re saying Barbie is underappreciated in that role. Because Jodi Benson isn’t. She was the Little Mermaid. Patricia Clarkson, however, is almost always under the radar…

      • Sue1

        Well, no. Benson was Barbie as well, I imagine that’s why they added her picture.

  • Cara

    And don’t forget Patricia Clarkson was also in the lovely “Cairo Time”! (With the also underappreciated Alexander Siddig.)

    • Diggity

      She was also awesome in Pieces of April

      • jules

        And “The Station Agent.”

    • hklbry

      Cairo Time is a bit heavy on the symbolism, but man, that movie really sticks with you! She was perfectly understated (and Alexander Siddig was just plain perfect!)

  • JMaG

    Jesse Plemons over Paul Wesly anyday, can’t Stefan as a character. However, after one episode of Friday Night Lights, I already miss Landry & Crucifertorious (or however you spell that).

    • Zakry

      Amen to that. I like Paul Wesley, and I think he is underappreciated, but nothing like Jesse Plemons. His scenes with Zach Gilford on FNL were so authentic and real, it was like hearing two teenage boys talk, with their own special sense of humor and language – like we all had when we were teenagers!

      And, I too already miss Crucivictorious!

      • PMD

        I love, love, love FNL and love, love, love Vampire Diaries – but seriously Paul Wesley is in no way under appreciated. First of all, EW drools over him on a weekly basis – as do a gazillion other fans (not me though as I am a huge Damon lover!). While both Paul and Jesse are stellar actors – and in this aspect Paul is kind of underappreciated – Jesse is far more underappreciated because FNL never gets the recognition it deserves!

    • Sal

      This is ridiculous! You can’t put Paul Wesley in the same category as Jesse Plemons! That’s cheating! You clearly want Wesley to win, whereas Plemons is much more deserving. And it’s his scenes with everyone, not just Zach.

      • Dee

        I agree… Paul Wesley will win based soley on the fact that thousands of teenage girls will flock to this sight to keep him from loosing…this coming from a girl who likes both Stephan Salvatore and the Vampire Diaries.

        Jesse Plemons should win. He brings a lot of quirk and heart to Landry. Plemons and Zach Gilford together was just magic :)

      • Frank Anderson

        Of course they want Wesley to win. He is on a show on the CW, and EW is a whore for anything Warner tells them to push.

      • Michelle

        Have you even seen Paul Wesley in TVD? He’s amazing yet very underrated indeed, he deserves to be in here and be recognized.

        Don’t hate, appreciate.

      • megan

        i want pual wesley 2 win he’s the best and i dont care if any other ppl don’t understand i love him he is the best.

    • performancestudies

      Hello– even on his own show Jesse’s character was called by the wrong name! :) Much love to Lance/Landry!!

  • Zach

    Crap, I voted too quickly! I would have picked Jodi Benson if I had realized she was the nominee and not just Barbie!

  • LISA


    • Person Who Talks

      Now, I know this is actually from last year, but Julian Casablancas is one of the most under-appreciated musicians in recent history, his solo album Phrazes for the Young, was absolutely amazing!!!!! And now hes back with The Strokes…d*mn, March 14 can’t come soon enough!

  • Mag

    Jodi Benson looks like pure plastic these days. Shame she’s had so much work done. And don’t get me started on what looks like a weave.

  • Fingerlakes Dave

    Can I vote none of the eight of them and start over? Maybe with Zachary Levi…

    • Meg

      So true… He’d get my vote

      Paul Wesley isn’t necessarily under-appreciated… More overshadowed by Ian Somerhalder. If that counts as under-appreciated, then he has my vote with a bullet

      • Lemon

        I totally agree with you. That’s exactly what the situation is, and that’s why I voted! Ian’s getting all the attention but Paul is working just as hard!

      • Lemon

        *voted for him

  • Bazinga!

    Definitely Jesse Plemmons is way under appreciated. He portrays Landry Clark in such an inspiring way. I cry when he is sad, and smile when he is happy. His emotions are my emotions. Paul Wesley, on the other hand, I appreciate for a whole different set of reasons ;)

    • FallonA

      I think Paul Wesley has really come into his own this season! Since the very first episode of season 2 when he slapped Jeremy I thought his portrayal of Stefan has been so inspired.

      I really think that this is his season!

      Also, I don’t watch FNL (it’s on my list of shows to watch) so I can’t really comment on Jesse.

      • Bazinga!

        @ FallonA – well if you’re gonna talk about under appreciated TV shows, it’s FNL for the win. Clearly it’s one of the best shows on TV today. This is coming from someone who’s favorite shows are Spartacus, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and that great new show The Walking Dead (which is this season’s best new show IMO). Do yourself a favor, watch FNL sooner rather than later. You will be so glad you did. Netflix streaming is the best place to find it.

      • Erin

        Bazinga, this poll isn’t actually about under appreciated TV shows, it’s about under-appreciated actors.

    • Via

      Could not agree more! Jesse Plemons makes me feel every emotion he protrays and he’s so subtle and gifted. I’ll give Paul more credit than just being eye candy, he holds his own against serial scene stealer Ian/Damon, but his “good” doesn’t compare to Jesse’s “great”.

  • Katie

    Jay Leno

  • KarlHall

    WHY are the Housewives here?! They don’t even count as entertainers! They haven’t had careers!

    • anya

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. Reality stars shouldn’t be on here. They’re over appreciated as it is.

  • Gerry F

    Kandi is GREAT. I LOVE Her. She wins hands down…Teresa is a disturbed person imo.

    • megan

      hi paul wesly is the best vote for paul

      • Hélie

        I agree with you and I vote for Paul Wesley !!! I love The Vampire Diaries ♥♥♥

  • Tiffany

    I didn’t even bother to vote for the reality TV people. I mean come on. Really?

    • Tia

      Kandi is actually a singer and songwriter. The reality show is the latest of her ventures. SHe was with the R&B group Xscape, she has wrote hits for several artist and her cd will be in the stores Dec 15. To me the reality show is only to market her brand.

  • Saracen Riggins

    Jesse Plemons, FTW!!!!

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