Randy Quaid tells 'Early Show' that 'star whackers' are out to get him

The Randy and Evi Quaid saga just gets weirder and weirder. And the Oscar-nominated-actor-turned-fugitive-turned-conspiracy theorist isn’t exactly helping his case. In an interview with CBS’ Early Show this morning, Quaid, who has been on the run from authorities on felony trespassing and vandalism charges along with his wife Evi, said that he was being targeted by “star whackers.”

The Quaids say they are convinced that unnamed nefarious people are singling out celebrities to either steal their fortunes or kill them. They claim that David Carradine, who was found hanged in a Bangkok hotel room, and Heath Ledger, who died of an accidental drug overdose, were victims of the same conspiracy. Quaid has called this cabal: “star whackers.” The couple says they are currently seeking asylum and protection in Canada. Check out the entire interview below.

Quaid denied the charges against him and his wife (basically that they were illegally squatting in a Santa Barbara home they’d previously sold) and provided CBS with a photo of their key in the front door as proof that they still own it. During the Early Show interview, Quaid told co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez from Vancouver that he had missed a recent court appearance because, technically, he did not have to appear.

When Rodriguez asked the actor about his concerns for his safety, Quaid responded, “I have … I have a fear … that fear because there, for the last three years and really the last 20 years, there … I’ve been racketeered on. My finances have been decimated by a group of people, such as my ex-attorney, my ex-business manager, and an estate planner, specifically. And they have conspired together to … to co-opt my corporations, put in trustees without my knowledge.”

Rodriguez then asked if they were trying to kill him.

Quaid replied, “Well, yes. I mean, they … not in a … not in a sense where, you know, they’re going to come out and shoot me with a gun or anything like that. But, the way they’ve manipulated the system, the court system to have us falsely arrested and to make it impossible for us to operate on a daily basis in the most basic way. I mean, banking, owning a house, renting a house, renting a car. I mean, we cannot function.” He added, “I feel if things keep going the way they are and we don’t do something to expose these people, my wife and I will be out on the street and we will have nothing to eat, okay? That’s how bad it is.”

When asked why he thought that the people out to get him were connected to the deaths of Carradine and Ledger, Quaid said, “Well, they are star whackers.” He added, “I can’t believe that David would commit suicide. His wife recently has come out and said she doesn’t believe that … that she believes he was murdered. Heath was an athlete. He played Australian football. He was robust. I’ve had eight friends of mine who have either died mysteriously or had scandals surrounding them in recent years, and this is what I’m talking about when I [say] star whacking. I mean, it’s not killing somebody necessarily, it’s just creating a scandal or a mystery around a celebrity that discredits them.” He added, “And Heath, I think it was possible that he could have taken some tainted prescription drugs, yes.”

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  • SW

    Curses! Foiled again! I can’t believe he’s on to us!

  • Makeith

    If someone was trying to “wack” him, wouldn’t it be smarter to hide out and not let the world know where you are? Does he think that they can’t fly to Canada and finish the job?

  • T.C.

    This is really sad. I hope the poor guy gets help.

    • T.C.

      and just to be clear, I’m referring to help for the delusional (or possible personality) disorder, not for the “star whackers.”

  • Jack Nolte

    Oh, no, star whackers!! Run for your lives!

    Its a cool movie title, though. I mean who wouldnt go see Star Whackers.

    Sorry, Randy I have been a big fan of yours, but you lost your mind.

    • SW

      Except it sounds like a porn title.

      • Jack Nolte

        Nah. Its pure big budget movie title. Starring Lindsey Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, Speidi, Randy Quaid..

        If Tarentiono would direct this could turn out to be a new Pulp Fiction.

      • kad

        It does! Intergalactic sex with Randy Quaide!

      • Gen of Montreal

        @Jack Nolte I’d pay to see that crapfest. You should really pitch that idea to a studio!

  • jules

    Wait…didn’t he play this character in “Independence Day?” He may just save us all…

    • wendy23


  • Q.H.

    Why are any of us surprised here? How do you think Randy always got these movie roles playing mentally-deficient people? Because he really IS mentally-deficient, and now it’s visible to everyone.

    Star Whackers…wasn’t that an old Intellivision cartridge or something? Probably should have been.

    Randy’s seeking asylum? I think he means he’s seeking AN ASYLUM, because he obviously belongs there.

  • K

    I don’t think anyone thinks David Carradine committed suicide. Isn’t it well known that he accidently killed himself – auto-erotic whatever it’s called. They say that’s what killed Michael Hutchence from INXS too.
    It seems he’s blaming accidents on “killers”. Every crazy person loves a conspiracy theory. I used to answer phones at a company where a guy would call and tell me that people were using their cell phones to make his teeth explode.

    • kad

      Exactly. I don’t know what Carradine’s wife said, but clearly the man was into some freaky stuff that went too far.

  • ashy elbowz

    I think the gays are the ones out to get him.

  • R.Q.

    All right, you alien a$$holes! In the words of my generation: Up Yours!!!!!!!

  • Kiki

    He can’t make a court appearance, but he can make a scheduled interview? Half crazy, half full of crap.

  • Jay

    This better not turn out to be another Casey Affleck “documentary”…

    • Finch

      You may be on to something, Jay!

  • gigi

    Now…now…Let’s try to rationalize this whole “star whacker” thing. The Quiads might be onto something…. Haha! I’m kidding. They’re nuts!

  • phyllis

    I think it’s another way to try and get out of his court appearence he has missed. He really needs some mental help and i hope soon because he is a good actor. Why doesn’t his brother helping or does he agree with all of us. Sorry

    • Ana170

      Randy and Dennis have been estranged from some time, reportedly because Dennis and their mother don’t like or trust Evi.

  • RK

    Does anyone else think he is pulling a Joaquin Phoenix?

    • Ana170

      If so, he’s been pulling this for a long time. He’s been struggling for a few years now.

      • Herman

        You should find the digiatl version of this poster. Way cooler. Also, is it just me or have they been promoting this movie since like 1994? I swear, I’ve seen more production materials for this than any of the blockbusters to come out this summer.

  • cici217

    exactly what I was wondering. Has this all been a set-up for a reality series? It’s just too out there to be real.

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