'Life Unexpected': No back nine episodes, but is there hope for closure?

Life-unexpectedImage Credit: Richard Phibbs / The CWThe unfortunate news that Life Unexpected was denied a back nine order is still weighing heavily on my heart, PopWatchers, and as the show makes its way through the remainder of its truncated season (we only get 13 episodes!) the fear of an improper ending remains my biggest concern.

It’s clear that there is not enough time for the show to head in the direction I’d always hope it would go — which, of course, would have eventually ended with Baze and Cate back together. But in a statement (read it in its entirety below), executive producer Liz Tigelaar remained positive regarding the final episode of the season, calling it “a satisfying 13 episode arc.”

Yes, I know, that sounds like a definitive “thanks for the memories,” but don’t get ahead of yourself. It’s not over until someone says the word “canceled,” right? Well, Tigelaar seems to think so, adding: “If we’re lucky enough to do more, we’ll be ready.”

So keep the faith, PopWatchers, but also tell me: If 13 episodes is all we get, what would be the best possible ending?

Statement from Executive producer Liz Tigelaar:

“Obviously, like the fans of the show, we are totally disappointed with not getting a back nine. We had a great full season in store and we all want to keep these characters alive. We love our jobs! That said, we always knew it was a possibility and we wanted to tell a satisfying 13 episode arc which we think we’ve accomplished. Although we’re not doing an overhaul to try to rush to the end we’d always envisioned for these characters, we do believe that the last episode will conjure up all that great emotion that our show is known for, that it will be satisfying to the fans and, most of all, hopeful. More than just a love story, it’s always been a show about family and that’s what it will remain in the last episode of this season. If we’re lucky enough to do more, we’ll be ready. Thanks for all the love and support. The cast, the writers, the crew and I all appreciate it.”

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  • Loto

    What are they planning to air instead? Huh CW? What do you have up your grimy little sleeves to replace LUX?! This is frustrating. I really like this show and feel like it’s getting the shaft.

    • t.t

      they’re planning on airing a bunch of obese couples competing for money
      and thats not a joke its the truth
      how ridiculous is that?
      I mean after vampire diaries lux is the best show on the cw how could they cancel it

      • Jacob

        t.t. – Supernatural and Nikita are FAR superior than this show.


      • Brett

        Smallville – BEST show on the CW.

      • jthunders

        Uh, Supernatural is BY FAR the best show on CW. L.A.M.F

      • Carrie

        Yes, “Supernatural” & “Smallville” are most definitely superior.

      • lauren

        supernatural is the best show onthe cw by far! :)
        but it’s sad about this show..when they just wont let smallville or one tree hill go

      • lorna

        nikita is a joke. vampire diaries rocks, supernatural, this season has been eh. but lux is soo good.

    • JBD

      After the video the cast made, I started getting back into it and the second season is wayyy better than the first. It reminds me of the old WB, and how can you not love Dawson’s Creek and Roswell married? So if this gets canceled, I’m going to be really bummed. (which I guess is where it’s heading).

      • Summer

        My thoughts exactly. This had the tone and feel of classic WB, in a great way.

      • noelbelle

        I couldn’t agree more. This is the first WB show I’ve watched since the time when Dawson’s and Roswell were on.

      • Rosa schildbach

        Absolutly agree, old wb feel, of dawsons creek,,7th heaven,, the nice vibe.it was refreshing to go back to that feel.

  • APatt

    NOO!! Where am I going to get my weekly Shaun Sipos fix now???

  • Brina

    Isn’t his name Baze and not Blaze?

    • HR GIRL

      My guess is it was a spell check error.

    • Sandra Gonzalez

      My mistake! Thank you, Brina!

  • Lina

    Couldn’t they just be renewed with another 13? Chuck lasted seasons on just 13 episodes.

  • Glory

    “which, of course, would have eventually ended with Blaze and Cate back together.” (1st….ummm. think it’s Baze.) Anyhoo. This is one reason why, even though I watched the show, I couldn’t put my whole heart into it. I never wanted Cate with Baze. I loved her with Ryan. That and the fact that the 15 year old never learned lessons. It was like she was raising the adults. She never got called on crap she did.

    • Emily

      I loved Cate and Ryan, too. Unfortunately, they had to go and create all this drama between the two of them. I really like them together though. I hope they don’t end this season by rushing to put Cate and Baze together. That would suck.

    • Carm

      I also like Cate with Ryan. It seems as the only reason Cate and Baze would be together is because they are the parents of Lux. And that is not a good enough reason.

  • Fern

    I think she said “Blaze” because he’s on fi-ya!

  • DJ

    What CW doesn’t realize is that they have a good show with Life Unexpected nowadays. Sure it started shaky but now it’s now hitting really good story lines. I really hope the series doesn’t get canceled and I sure hope the season gets the closure it deserves.. I’m not sure about having Baze with Cate (not Blaze unfortunately), but I’m liking the relationship Baze has with Emma.

  • Diane

    I’m with Sandra: Cate & Baze forever! I personally think that’s what’s stopping LU from getting better ratings. Who needs this Ryan BS?

  • laura

    I really really like this show BUT now that Cate is married to Ryan .. hhmmmm the show does not feel to good for me. I would LOVE Cate and Baze together!!! Even when all they did when she was single was fight .. I would still want that then Cate MARRIED to Ryan!

  • JR

    I love this show!! so sad!!! good thing this article was written- I had no idea!! too bad Ausiello’s gone!!

  • Good Show

    It’s so frustrating that the CW does not give their new shows enough time or a good timeslot to develop an audience. Last year it was Privileged. Now this. It makes me not want to watch any of their new shows.

    • AL

      Totally agree. I loved Privileged last season, and I really like Life Unexpected. The new shows don’t get a chance to catch on, but they hang on to some of the older shows that should be put out of their misery.

    • Kris

      How can you honestly say the CW “didn’t give this show enough time” it had TWO seasons to develop an audience when most shows only get 5 episodes. You can blame a lot of people but the CW is not one of them. They tried to make this show work. They promoted it, renewed it when most networks wouldn’t have, and tried to develop an audience with a One Tree Hill crossover (OTH has a proven loyal fanbase). What more could they have done? Some shows just dont succeed. It’s sad but its true. Don’t blame the networks, blame the audience.

      • Rosa schildbach

        No comercial time, why? All the other new shows are advertised but not life unexpected, how unfair is that?part of the problem maybe….

      • mae

        “They promoted it” — OH REALLY??? I think most of the show’s promotion was done by the writers and cast. The online viral campaign was the biggest promotion boost this fine little series got this season!!!

    • Erin

      Don’t forget Veronica Mars, Everwood and Reaper!
      The CW has a tasteless history :( Seriously, how the hell does Dawn Ostroff still have a job?!?!

      • jthunders

        Oh, I am STILL ticked about REAPER getting! L.A.M.F

  • Shannon

    I don’t know that I really want Kate and Baze together – initially I did, but it seems like they’re moving past each other and I really like Kate with Ryan and Baze with Emma. If the show has to end (really hope it doesn’t), then I think the best possible ending would be for everyone to just be happy in their relationships (and this includes Lux and Eric – although he’ll need to quit his job in order for that to work).

    • ger

      The show lost me this week because of the creepy teache/student relationship. I don’t care how mature she is, and I don’t care how dreamy his is – it’s a high school student and a teacher. Eww, eww, eww.

      • Loto

        He’s only like 6 or 7 years older than her, if that. I’m not creeped out by this. If he were like a middle aged creepo then yes, but I know plenty of people who married someone where the afe difference was more than between them.

      • *lg*

        I agree with ger, the student teacher relationship is creepy. Yes they are not that far apart in age, but if they sleep together it’s still rape since she’s only 16! I mean come on, use your heads people. Also, the fighting between Kate and Ryan has got to stop. It’s the same thing every episode. Loved the show in the first season, but they’ve totally lost me now.

      • Rashida

        I completely agree. I hated that they got rid of all of Lux’s friends in stupid ways all for her to end up hooking up with a man too old for her. She is still 16 and she isn’t that grown up. She still goes around lying at every opportunity and sneaking around. How is that adult? I stopped watching when they got rid of Bug and brought on this teacher guy.

      • noelbelle

        I don’t like just cuz I kinda miss her juvenile delinquent ex-boyfriend. I don’t find it creepy at all, other than the fact that he looks way older than 23.

  • SLT

    Oh CW, you’re like the ‘Bad Boy’ that I keep coming back to. You suck me in when you pick up shows like Veronica Mars then cancel them abruptly leaving no satisfying ending. I come back for Privileged and get my heart broken again when that show only knows one season. And I knew that if I grew to LOVE Life Unexpected as I have, it would be ripped out from under me as well. I know you don’t have the big budget like the other networks. I realize that you need any ratings you can get to keep going but for the life of me, I can’t understand why you can’t give great shows a chance. It doesn’t always have to be about sex, drama and clothes. Life Unexpected has SUCH great heart and it saddens me that b/c there are no back 9 eps, this show will likely get yanked too. Maybe, if you give these shows a chance and promote them heavily like you do “Vampire Diaries” and “Gossip Girl” they’ll gain ground. You obviously have a fan base for this show. Don’t ignore us! Please pick this show up for a 3rd season and at least give us a little closure.

    • Loto

      Perfect description of my relationship with the CW.

    • Rosa schildbach

      I couldnt have said it better, thank you!!!

  • Liz

    Send a lightbulb!
    Ms. Dawn Ostroff
    President of Entertainment
    The CW Television Network
    3300 W. Olive Ave.
    Burbank, CA 91505

    • JED

      Thank you Liz. I’ve written already! I’m a 54-year old mother who loves this show – it
      s the rare show my 19-year old daughter and I enjoy watching together! CW – PLEASE don’t cancel!

  • marty

    If a show like Pushing Daisies can wrap things up quickly I think this show can do the same. The trick is for those behind the show to get out of denial about the show’s fate.

    • jthunders

      PUSHING DAISIES, another GREAT show prematurely cancelled. That & BETTER OFF TED. I am so bitter right now. L.A.M.F

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